The Oath (2018) s02e05 Episode Script


We're under a ton of pressure right now, so we're setting up a security business.
We have a backer who will front startup costs.
- Who? - The cartel.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] I need you as the face of this business because I can't get out from under this shit without you.
Steve thinks that you can be an asset.
You're willing to share information with my father? If I'm properly incentivized.
They trust you yet? They don't even trust each other.
It's about time I meet these people myself.
Start laying track for an intro.
The name Abigail Beach mean anything to you? She says you raped her.
I never raped anybody.
I'm not letting this go until I know the truth.
I'm filing for full custody.
Burn my house down, Victor, and I'll burn down yours.
You're just as dirty as I am.
It's from her.
G's makin' moves, and I'm losin' brothers.
Get rid of his ass, keep the peace.
[GUNFIRE] [GROANS] I know this kid.
Someone saw the shooting.
It was G.
- Get your hands up, G.
- So you takin' me in? Yeah.
I hear you like to talk.
So let's talk.
[HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING] [HIP HOP MUSIC CONTINUING] You almost brought the cops to our doorstep.
Overconfidence is a weakness.
Don't chance it next time.
Get the VIN swapped out, put it with the others.
Why are the Colombians here? They need a way to get their product into Vancouver.
You gettin' in the dope business? If the money's right, why not? [SIGHS] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [SIGHS] What? What the hell were you thinking, arresting G? I was thinking that he's a killer.
And I'm a cop, and it is my job to haul his ass in, Steve.
The charge won't stick.
And when he gets out, it's gonna make things worse.
What's worse than letting him gun down kids, Steve? Man, what the fuck are we? Listen, a turf war is gonna pull focus from what we're trying to do.
We who? Don't play stupid.
The Ravens.
I'm trying to get us to a safe place, and you, little brother, are screwing it up.
We are cops, Steve.
And we have forgotten that shit.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] I'm coming.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Can we talk? About? Us.
Yeah, can I come inside? OK, um I'm not gonna fight you over custody.
Why the change of heart? Guess I'm tired of fighting.
So, I can see Veronica away from Victor's house? - [LOURDES SCOFFS] - [RAMOS SIGHS] - Look, it's not what you think.
- Right.
Hey, I loved you.
I still love you.
Nobody got killed, did they? Not this time.
But what about the next time, or the time after that? Why you comin' at me? I had nothing to do with this.
- That's on G.
- G's in jail.
Shooters ain't.
When you gonna arrest them? When we can prove they did this? - You know they did this.
- Knowing ain't provin' because if it was, you'd be in the next cell.
How long you think you gonna be able to keep G on the inside? Hmm? It's a cover.
You know it.
Surprised he ain't out now.
Clinton, this has to stop.
Now, one of you you or G is going to lose.
Now, how many people gotta die before that happens? Huh? - This is my turf, man.
- Until it's not.
Back off, man.
Y'all really think that me giving up my corners my corners really gonna solve anything? [PASTOR GREG] Lives, son.
Lives lost, versus lives saved.
That mean anything to you? [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] But if they're sending mixed signals, how are we supposed to know what they want or don't want? You could try paying attention to something besides what you want.
That was a reasonable question.
That was a reasonable answer! [MICHAEL] Can we agree that it's a minefield for both parties? Doesn't have to be that way.
There's a retro solution: Get to know each other before you decide whether or not you want to have sex.
Fewer misunderstandings that way.
And less of a risk of something coming back to bite you.
It bites you anyway.
See, I got called by the Committee 'cause some girl complained I stared at her chest.
- [FEMALE STUDENT] Oh, my God.
- Did you? Hell, yeah.
She was, like, a 42D.
How are you supposed to look away? Sometimes I think we should limit this class to men since you're the ones who seem to need the education.
- [APPLAUSE] - Ooh, burn.
Can I help you? Yeah, I-I know it's late, but, uh, I had a meeting earlier with the building supervisor.
I forgot to give him something.
Him and his people around still? No.
Property's closed for the night.
Try again tomorrow.
Hands where I can see 'em! - What the hell's going on? - [SIRENS WAIL] Everybody chill the hell out.
I'm an off-duty cop.
When the place is secure, you can show me your badge, but until then, get your hands on the car.
We're clear up front.
Move around back.
[SOFTLY] Shit.
[SOFTLY] Shit! [CELL PHONE RINGS] Yeah, Pete? Hey, we got a serious fucking problem with this new venture of yours.
- [STEVE] What happened? - DEA.
From what my guys are saying, this ain't the only place they hit.
- How many? - All of 'em.
And they perp-walked Carl out of here.
He looked pissed.
Shit! Thought this side of the business was supposed to be legit.
It is.
I don't know why they hit the jobsites.
So what now? 'Cause those were my people that were swept up in these raids.
I promise, they're not stupid enough to incriminate themselves.
My lawyer will have them out by day's end.
What aren't you telling me? They also hit some money houses that only some of my father's top lieutenants were privy to.
What, so someone high up is feeding them information? Exactly.
I'll call Price, see if she can make some inquiries.
Yeah, I already called her.
She's not answering her cell.
Does that sound like a coincidence to you? - Where's your father right now? - Safe.
And until we find where this leak is coming from, I don't trust anyone.
Including you.
I wouldn't put it past Price to double-cross the cartel.
If it was her, what the hell's she got planned for us? It's not her.
She didn't know where Ignacio's money houses were.
[RAMOS] If it was her or wasn't, the DEA has their hands around the cartel's throat, and it's just a matter of time before our connection to them comes up.
He's right.
We need an exit strategy.
Yeah, smart move, letting her back into our world.
There's nothing we've done that they can pin on us.
Where are they? - Hmm? - They're here somewhere.
There's no one here.
As long as we keep our heads down like I been telling everyone to, we'll be fine.
Just because you say it out loud doesn't mean it's true.
I'll find Price and get the answers we need.
I need a drink.
[GROANS] - [STEVE] What the fuck? - I'm taxing the Ravens for what we're losing, 'cause that asshole arrested G.
[COLE] Aw, hell no.
[RAMOS] Back up! [GRUNTING] Crack that piece of shit, Cole! Step back! Come on, Cole! Roll over, come on! [EXERTION GRUNTS] Get him, Cole! [MAN] Yeah, punk! [INDISTINCT SHOUTS] Enough! Come on, come on! Get his ass up out of here! Don't come back.
Move! [CELL PHONE RINGS] - [RAMOS] Hello? - Pete.
Something's going on.
What are you talking about? I don't know, my dad seems nervous.
The people that he's meeting with are very angry.
And there have already been some fights.
It's not a safe place for Veronica right now.
Bring her to me.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] [RING] Price? She can't come to the phone right now, but maybe I can help.
Where is she? Carmen? Your brother has Price.
What are you talking about? He's running his own program, and Price is gonna help him do it.
No, no, no.
There's no way.
Did Ricardo know about each of the stash houses the DEA took down? Yeah.
Then do the math.
[SIGHS] My brother's an idiot.
Just never thought he'd do something this stupid.
Maybe he's not as dumb as you think he is.
I have to tell my father this.
Love you so much.
Love you.
- Love you.
- OK.
Daddy! You OK? Yeah.
[VERONICA] Bye! [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] It's good to finally have you home again.
It's a good thing Mom hasn't seen this.
Come on, it's not that bad.
Yes, it is.
Put your stuff away, I'll make you something to eat.
- [RAMOS] Wait, what? - Nothing.
No, you have that look in your eyes.
- What look? - That look! - No, unh-unh.
- Which one? I'm not doing it.
Ain't gonna fall for that.
There you go.
Are you sure? - [RAMOS GROANS] - [VERONICA LAUGHS] - [LAUGHING] God! - [VERONICA LAUGHS] It's better to sacrifice your rook than to lose a queen, Daddy.
[RAMOS] Yeah, right? I'm never gonna get this game, am I? You're OK, but you shouldn't let the other player pressure you into making a bad move.
How old are you again? [CELL PHONE BUZZES] You can answer it.
I don't mind.
Hey, didn't you just tell me not to let people rush me into making bad moves? Go.
Leave a message.
You good? Deal with him while I talk to Victor.
Victor [SPEAKING SPANISH] [STEVE] I'm sorry about all this.
If I thought there was a chance you were gonna get swept up in their shit, I never would have involved you, man.
I am a grown-ass man, Steve.
I knew what I was gettin' into.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Here's the thing: I trust you.
Those cartel idiots, not so much.
Yeah, I get it.
[CARL] Do you? Hey, look at me.
You know what your problem is? Even if I did, it's obvious you want to tell me.
You and your dad are the same.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, see, and you always think you're gonna win, no matter how bad the odds are.
You're right.
That's why I need someone like you, to tell me the hard truths, so together we can figure out a different way to win.
I've already paid my dues as far as the Ravens go.
I just want to go back and work the bar.
Carl, I'm dead fuckin' serious.
I want a way out.
Help me build this business into something legitimate.
When you say that, I honestly think you believe it.
But the truth is, you love the chaos of this world, and if I try to help you, man, you're just gonna pull me back into it.
How do you think your father's gonna react to this? I have no idea.
My father's a cruel man when he has to be.
But, when it comes to Ricardo, he's weak.
Fathers and their sons.
That ain't an easy relationship.
[CARMEN] Yeah.
Our fathers have a lot in common, don't they? [SCOFFS] Yeah.
None of it good.
You ever think about just breaking the cycle? I like to think I have.
Me too.
Yet here we are.
Your father's being babysat by the Indians? Until I know who's loyal to my father and who works for my brother, they're the only ones I can trust.
Let me get your cell phones.
Nothing that gives off a signal goes beyond this point.
Your father's orders.
- Give him your cell phone.
- And your gun.
[LOW] Son of a bitch.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I don't believe it.
I know my son.
He is a coward a violent one, but a coward.
He would not do this.
It's that ex-FBI agent, that woman you brought into our lives.
She's working with your son.
Not willingly.
Papa, por favor, listen to him.
Ricardo wants you dead.
I blame you for the damage she's caused.
Ricardo's the problem, not Steve.
Don't defend him on this.
I will talk to my son.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTS] [RAJIV] Get your ass in there! Move your fucking ass! Just keep walking! He followed you here.
He had this on him.
This man works for me? No.
He works for your son.
[PISTOL COCKS] He would have talked.
You shot him because you don't want to hear the truth, do you? That your son is a traitor.
- If that were true - If? If? Wake up.
Your son is at war with you.
What are you gonna do about it? I will talk to him, face to face.
That's a bad idea.
He doesn't seem like the reasonable type.
Listen, this place is burned.
- We need to move.
- Where? Colombia.
I will go home.
There are people there I still trust.
[COLE] You called, I'm here.
What's up? I know someone that witnessed the shooting.
Somebody who says it was G? Yes.
You gonna give me a name? It's a child.
[SIGHS] Shit.
Look, anybody who comes forward is dead.
We can't do that to a kid, Amber.
That's what I told him.
He wants to.
He idolized Barry.
Yo, what's up? Shit's going south, and you decide to take a personal day.
Calm down.
I got Veronica.
I need your head in the game, Pete.
[RAMOS] Hold on.
- Tell me what happens, all right? - OK, fine.
All right, what do you need? Carmen wants to move Ignacio.
Their family reunion turned into World War III, and Ricardo's behind the whole mess.
Why get involved? Let them handle that shit.
Nah, we're in too deep to back out now.
Meet me in an hour.
[COLE SIGHS] Got a minute? You got a problem? Yeah.
A witness that saw G kill Barry.
And why is that a problem? Now you can re-arrest that piece of shit.
Re-arrest? Got kicked out about an hour ago.
No charges.
So we gotta go get him? Want some company? I'm up for cracking some heads.
The witness is nine years old.
I don't want to put a target on his back.
Well, then, why bring up what you've got if you're not gonna use it? Do you ever think about what happened to us? Why aren't we cops anymore? Foster overthought that shit.
Look where it got him.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] It's not a good time, Pete.
I need you to do something for me.
Ravens business.
I've been called into the principal's office.
I'm about to go in right now.
Is Dani OK? [SCOFFS] I don't know what it's about.
Can I call you back? I need you to watch Veronica for a few hours.
Since when is babysitting Ravens business? Hell is breaking loose with the cartel.
Steve needs me to meet him.
Look, would it help if I call it a personal favor? We fucked once, now I'm your substitute wife? Look, if anybody should understand what it's like juggling work and a kid, it's you.
All right.
[GROANS] I'll call you after I figure out what's going on here.
All right, thanks.
Sounds good.
SCHULZ] Come on in.
Have a seat.
I didn't tell her.
Dani told her friend that men with guns broke into your house a few nights ago.
The story made its way to me.
Is the story true? Tell me what you heard.
Two men, south-of-the-border accents, threats, gunfire.
It was a misunderstanding.
Honey, could you wait outside? [SIGHS] The child is terrified.
Now, is she afraid of those men, or you? Our parents are dead.
There's nothing I wouldn't do for Dani.
That might be true, but you're dancing around the issue.
Do you want to lay out for me what you think the issue is? I would think it would be obvious.
I'm going to have the Department of Children's Services do a home check.
Seriously? The principal? I told my friend, not her.
We talked about this.
You're not supposed to tell anyone.
It wasn't normal.
People died.
I was scared.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] I'm sorry.
I know it's hard, but you should have kept your mouth shut.
[POP MUSIC PLAYING] [SHARP WHISTLE] You're a poor judge of character, you know that? What's wrong with showing you you're important to us? Well, you can't just buy me off.
We already talked about this.
This relationship you got with the cartel, it's gonna end badly.
I don't want to be one of the meat shields when it happens.
We're only using 'em until we get the company started.
Once we get big enough, we walk away.
No, wake up, they're not gonna let us walk away.
I think they will.
For this company to survive, I need someone I can trust running it.
We're gonna end up on the wrong side of this.
I don't want to go to jail again.
Who does? If we're gonna do this I mean really do this it's on my terms.
What are those? Pull back from everything to do with the cartel except outside security.
[CAR BEEPS TWICE] You wanna talk? Let's talk.
Hey, come on.
You made this? She did.
[SOFT CHUCKLE] I don't get to cook very often, sweetie.
There's not a lot in the fridge.
No shit.
It's mostly beer.
Watch your mouth! My dad's a terrible cook.
We eat out a lot.
My mom says he's dating.
Is it you? [SOFT CHUCKLE] Not like that.
- They're dating.
- Dani, so help me It's true.
[SOFT CHUCKLE] How do you like your school? It's all right.
Do you like my dad? [KNOCK ON DOOR] I do.
I should probably get that.
[CHRISTINE HUFFS] Mommy! - I missed you! - I missed you too.
[CHRISTINE] Brought a bag.
I met your mother in a bar.
We slept together once, consensually.
So now you remember? You had to dig for it? She filed a complaint.
You were questioned, investigated.
That's not something that, like, sticks to your mind? You blindsided me about something I spent years trying to forget.
I lied.
But about what? Remembering my mother, or raping her? Remembering her.
Being accused of something you didn't do is a horrible experience.
You dredged it back up.
Well, I was reflexive.
I'm sorry.
It was thirty-odd years ago.
I was I was in college.
Guys that age are walking hard-ons.
I-I slept with damn near any girl who was willing.
That is the issue here.
I'll take a polygraph test if you want.
Maybe a DNA test first.
No use saddling you with this if you're not the one.
Karen, if I'm your father, I want to know.
I did not rape your mother.
[HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING] [CHUCKLING] I gotta give you props for showing up here alone.
What's to stop me from killing you? You got it coming, messing with me like that.
You're not stupid.
Killing a cop's bad for business.
Cops are bad for business any way you look at it.
You called me.
So, what you want? Me, you and Clinton.
We get together and hammer out a truce, man.
He gonna give back his corners? Don't know till we talk.
It's easier just to shove his ass out.
There's a witness, says you pulled the trigger, G.
If you had a witness, I'd still be in jail.
- Bad bluff.
- Oh, it's not a bluff.
I just don't want to put this person in your sights, man.
I'd rather find a way to end the bloodshed without endangering hi this person.
Was that a-a-a him, or a her? Who is it? Willing to talk truce? No.
[IGNACIO] Ever been to Colombia? [STEVE] Can't say I have.
You wouldn't last ten minutes.
- You think so? - I know so.
Your heart is too soft.
That's a weakness where I come from.
[RAMOS] Is that right? [IGNACIO] You would survive, until you open your damn mouth.
[RAJIV] Heads up! [HECTOR] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! I'm not here to kill anybody! Now, we can do this any way you prefer.
Ricardo would like a word before you run back to Colombia.
[RAMOS] Hey, you already got what you came for.
Don't push it.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Ricardo wants him.
It's OK.
Everything will be OK.
Do as he says.
Hold down the fort.
If you don't hear from me in 24 hours, hunt this bastard down and kill him.