The Old Man (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


Hey, Grandma.
I already went to the pharmacy.
Mm-hmm. I'm on my way home.
I-I got the extra strength kind.
They didn't have the back pain kind.
Well, the the extra strength
and the "for back pain"
are the same stuff.
No, they they just sell it
in two different boxes.
Exact same stuff, Grandma.
just literally, physically,
chemically identical.
To make life interesting.
I don't know why. But
I-I got to-I got to run, Grandma.
Because there are people here,
and we're turning into a vaudeville act.
Yeah. All right, see you soon.
Excuse me, do you know
if the 118 came already?
Oh, no, it's late.
Can I-can I help you with that?
Yeah. Thank you.
I've been expecting your call.
Uh, well Yeah, hold on, please.
I'll catch the next one.
You do understand what it is I do, yes?
went to great lengths to make sure
I'd never be on one of them again.
I was offered your number. I took it.
I don't know why I took it.
I guess I figured it was okay
because there was no way
I'd ever be able to use it.
Why wouldn't you be able to use it?
The guy I wanted you to visit
I figured there was a good chance
he'd never be found again.
It's hard to disappear in this world.
You're giving this guy a lot of credit.
- Are you good at this?
- Beg your pardon?
Are you good at this?
I don't think you would've been
given my number if I weren't.
I don't think so either,
but I'd like to hear you say it
Yeah. I know what I'm doing.
What's happening?
Oh, we found the guy.
- You found him? Chase?
- I think so.
Older couple was stopped
at a roadblock yesterday.
Husband didn't have ID.
Wasn't red-flagged because
he wasn't alone.
Didn't fit our criteria,
but the boss man pulled it
from the low-priority pile.
The boss pulled it out?
Well, I'm not sure
why that surprises you.
They teach a class at the
academy about fugitive mindset.
Half the reading is about him.
Local branch tracked down
the police officers
that made the stop.
We sent over Chase's
Vermont driver's license photo.
We're waiting on confirmation,
but if it's a match, we move.
Nice of you to join us this morning.
Well, no one called me
about the early start.
Is that a fact?
I heard you made a move
on Agent Adams yesterday.
Oh, me? No, no, never happened.
Are you calling her a liar?
I don't like to use that word.
Maybe she was confused.
Sometimes I just I get curious.
Can't help asking questions, that's all.
And what'd she have to say
about your questions?
Oh, she told me to go fuck myself.
Probably should have known
I wouldn't get any answers
- from her, though, huh?
- Oh, I don't know.
When I was in your shoes,
sometimes I'd ask questions
to get an answer.
Sometimes I'd ask questions to see
what kind of reaction it got.
Sometimes I'd ask questions
and watch the billiard balls
bounce for a while
on the off chance one of them
led somewhere interesting.
That's funny. I'm trying to figure out
which one of the three
you're doing with me right now.
It's fun, isn't it?
You're digging around on a case
that is so very hard to know.
Just when you think you have it,
it'll turn on you.
Be very careful with
this story, Mr. Waters.
It bites.
It's him. Both officers, both confirmed.
Marty, tell Captain Leslie
he's got a full green light.
SWAT team's a go.
How long until they get there?
Two hours, give or take.
Getting details now.
That's too long.
We need 'em there sooner.
Someone make sure
the third floor is looped in.
Let's get a clock up on the screen.
ETA of SWAT's arrival on site, please.
And here I was worried
you didn't want this guy caught.
Congratulations, sir.
I'm happy to be wrong about you.
And Waters,
if there's something
you want to know about me,
don't harass my people.
Have some balls. Ask me yourself.
You still think I'm the one
you need to worry about.
Look, maybe I don't know
what story we're in right now
or why we're here or how it began.
But maybe I'm not the only one.
I got the guns.
Uh uh, probably, I got 'em.
might take a little while,
but I'm almost positive
that they're on their on their way.
The United States of
America has made it very clear
to anyone who will listen
that they have no interest
in helping me.
How is it that you're the only person
who can't seem to hear them?
It's possible sometimes
I only hear what I want to hear.
Why are you here?
I told you why I'm here.
I signed up to kill Russians.
This is the only place
they let you do that.
It is a big country.
You can do that anywhere.
Why are you here?
As long as the Agency
is backing your rivals,
it's gonna be an uphill struggle
for you to keep up.
All struggles are uphill.
That is why they call them struggles.
Not with my help.
I can get things for you
that you can't get on your own.
I can help you do things
that you can't do on your own.
Not for long.
Sooner or later,
the CIA will put a stop to that.
They already tried.
I am here against their orders.
And I am procuring supplies
for you without their knowledge.
Been fighting the Russians
for two generations.
This is the battlefield
where we finally defeat them.
The one who strikes the final blow
can't just be some stooge
the CIA thinks they can control.
Has to be someone worthy of the moment.
Been here longer than you know.
I hear what's whispered
about you in the hills.
You're the one it should be
when the dust finally settles here.
Who is that?
You hear whispering in the hills.
She is the one who whispers.
If you want to join us here
you will have to persuade her, too.
My wife.
There's a moment
when you know they're only seeing
the version of you
that they want to see.
And then there's another moment
where they realize
that they were wrong.
There's another version of you
in there somewhere.
Probably always was there.
And you just see it wreak havoc on them.
I mean, with my husband,
it wasn't all that surprising.
Before I said anything to him, I
I suspected that
he would struggle
with a version of a wife
who wasn't working
so hard to prevent his discomfort.
But with my son
That's the hard part.
To feel your kid
looking at you in that way.
In what way?
Like someone who
isn't worth the trouble.
- you know
- What time is it?
- 8:27.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
- I got to get to the bank.
They open at 9:00,
-and if I'm not there right
when it's open, it's
- You can't get anyone to talk to you.
- Uh
Before you leave, there's
something I need to tell you.
Yeah? What's up?
I got a message
from my contractor this morning.
Uh, he's had some things shift,
and now he's ready to start.
Turns out I need to be there
before he gets started, so
I think I got to go.
- Oh.
- So, I'd delay,
- but if I miss the window
- No, no. No.
I understand.
You want to come?
- What, to Montana?
- Yeah.
You're not joking, are you?
I don't think so.
I can't go to Montana. I
I have things to do here.
I had fun last night. Did you?
Yeah. Yeah, I-I did.
I don't know. It felt, uh,
more like the beginning than the end.
Here's what's gonna happen.
Uh, I'm gonna
I'm gonna go get some caffeine,
and then I'm gonna go to the bank
and yell at a stranger for two hours,
and-and when all of that is done,
uh, we'll come back here,
we'll make some lunch
and-and-and we'll
and we'll talk about it.
I'm-I'm-I'm not saying no.
I mean, who knows. It-it
could be fun for a few days.
I just have to deal with this now.
I can't do that.
- Can't what?
- Yeah, I
I won't be here when you
get back in a few hours.
I'm sorry, but I-I can't wait.
- You can't? Why can't you?
- Well, uh
Why can't you wait until lunchtime
to start a drive
that's gonna take three days?
Yeah, well, last night
you told that officer who stopped us
that I was your husband.
Why do you think you would've done that?
I don't know.
Why, uh, why did you lie to the police?
And why did you feel, you know,
that you needed to protect me from them?
They were looking for you.
Why were they looking for you?
Why were they looking for you?
Whatever nightmares that
you're imagining right now,
please understand it's not that.
This this is a political thing.
Uh, I fought in a war
that my country supported, uh,
against enemies
that my country condemned.
I did it
I did it on the wrong side of a border,
and it shouldn't have mattered.
But to the people it mattered to,
it mattered a lot. Uh
This is all ancient history, Zoe.
- Am I in danger?
- No.
Once we get on the road,
I'll fix all this.
Am I in danger from you?
No, Zoe.
No, no.
Look, you can come with me
or you can
walk out that door.
It'll be like I
you know, I was never here.
Like you were never here.
Well, you know, you
They might question you, but
You didn't do anything wrong.
Just tell them the truth,
that, you know, I lied to you
and then I was gone.
You lied to me.
You lied to me.
And then I'm left with the questions.
How fucking stupid must I have been
to not have seen this?
How fucking lonely? How fucking sad?
It's easy for you to say
there's no consequences.
There'll be consequences.
Just none of them will affect you.
I got to take this. This is my daughter.
No. No, I'm still here.
Yeah, I haven't left.
I know. I know time is short.
Well, because I would've
had to leave alone,
and I didn't want to leave alone.
As opposed to with her.
Oh, you know.
Think about that for a second.
I bet you can figure it out.
Why would you want to do that?
She wants to talk to you.
Please don't move.
Hi, Zoe.
My name is Emily.
I know how you feel right now.
I know because I'm probably
the only other person on Earth
who's felt it, too.
On my 18th birthday,
my dad sat me down, and he told me
that my world
wasn't what I thought it was.
Until then, it had been soccer, braces.
You know, summer camp.
But before that,
long before that,
long before I was born,
it had been a war
that ended very badly
and an escape that forced
my father and my mother
into hiding under assumed names
I couldn't breathe.
I was so frightened of him.
I imagined all the things he'd done,
the blood on his hands.
But I think the most frightening
thought I had in my mind was
how could I trust someone
who had hidden something from me
as important as a name?
And then my mother sat down beside me,
and she took my hand in hers.
And she said
"A name is just a name.
"A sound we make in his presence.
A breath of air."
What's meaningful
isn't what we call him.
It's what he is.
The good he did.
The suffering that he lessened.
The lives he saved.
So many lives.
Her life.
He freed her
so that one day, I would be free.
A name is just a name.
And if a new name is the price
to be paid for freedom,
for meaning, for purpose,
for finding a place
in the world to stand
and do something good
then it's a small price to pay.
My father protected me.
He protected my mother.
And I can hear it in his voice.
He wants to protect you.
He will.
If you want him to. If you let him.
Time is short, and I have to go,
and so does he.
So, go. Stay.
Either way.
I just needed you to know
who it was you had crossed paths with,
no matter what name
you happen to know him by.
Don't be here when I get back.
Zoe. Zoe! It's okay.
- It's okay? What's okay?
- Yeah.
- We're going
- I'm not going anywhere with you.
There's no time to argue now.
You're not safe here.
- I'm going to the police.
- I don't know
that you're safe there, either.
I'm not safe with the police,
but I'm safe with you?
It's a different thing now, Zoe.
I don't know who we can trust.
Get away from my car.
I can't let you go.
No, I need three miles. Hey, 15 minutes.
Is the UAV live yet?
Four minutes.
Oh, hello. Half day today?
- I had an errand to run.
- Ah.
- What kind of errand?
- Adams!
That kind.
Joe thinks I went to the fucking
movies this morning, or something.
I don't think they have movies
at 7:30 in the morning.
Actually, I don't really know
if they have movies
at 7:30 in the morning.
Last time I went to a movie,
I looked up the times in the newspaper
and bought a ticket at the little window
with cash.
Um, no, I-I was just
I just remembered
that the last time, uh,
I saw a m a movie was with Chip.
- Sorry.
- About what?
No, I've just been trying
so hard not to bring it up,
and then, of course,
I just walk right into it.
You think maybe not talking about it
just makes it worse?
Definitely doesn't make it
feel any better, does it?
You haven't been to the house
since it happened.
Once we dig ourselves out of
whatever the hell this is
maybe we can fix that.
Any news this morning?
Yes. Sally Singleton
and I had bagels at Abe's,
and I asked her
about our friend over there.
Told her I figured he must be wired in
to a top-tier rabbi
to get an assignment like this.
- Porter or Brady.
- That's what I said.
- You know, is it possible that Myers
- Everyone hates him.
Wh-What do you mean, "everyone"?
Literally everyone hates him.
You know how a four-year-old
asks a simple question,
and you give them an answer,
and then they ask, "Why?"
And then you answer it,
and then it's,
"Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?"
until the point where you're explaining
the nature of reality?
- Yeah.
- That's him.
Sally said, and I'm quoting,
"He's the nosiest motherfucker
in the history of the CIA."
Faraz Hamzad has all this leverage.
We are following his script.
And then an unqualified busybody
that nobody likes
gets put in charge of this op?
How does that make any sense?
It doesn't.
You don't seem too concerned about this.
Well, I can understand why you'd be.
That's how I taught you
to play the game. Like a cop.
- Mm.
- To a cop,
a puzzle is a thing to be solved.
But the other game,
the one that Chase and I played
when we were young
the one I'm starting to realize
we're playing again
that game has no rules.
Its puzzles have no solutions.
They just lead to other puzzles.
That's what makes this game
so interesting.
It's not for the faint of heart.
But it's a hell of a drug.
We've got a problem here.
There's a car leaving the target.
Can we zoom in?
Who's in it?
No idea how many bodies.
SWAT is still seven minutes away.
Follow the car.
Hang on.
Tree cover on the street,
it's hard to see.
- Shit.
- I'll ask ops to get closer.
You are here to help? All right.
What are you going to do for us?
Well, tactically,
- I can supply
- My husband
is a brilliant tactician.
- What are you going to do for us?
- I have intel
on Soviet unit strength
that the Agency
doesn't even give to ISI.
We know more about their unit strength
than ISI does, too.
What are you going to do for us?
I have four cases of M21
sniper rifles on their way.
Could you maybe use those?
If you can produce those guns
emphasis on "if"
maybe you can start
shooting Russian officers
from 200 yards away.
Maybe you can kill a few more of them.
Maybe you can even cause
a little chaos in their ranks.
But you cannot solve
our problems that way.
Our problems are
far more complicated than that,
and I fail to see
what use you would be to us.
Thousand yards.
I can start shooting
Russian officers for you
from a thousand yards away.
200 yards is for children.
What's going on, Marty? Come on.
- We need eyes.
- Ops, get back to me.
Ops, what just happened?
- May I have a word, please?
- Ops, we need eyes.
What's going on down there?
Somebody get me SWAT.
Oh, no, no, no, no. No.
You don't want to be here
for this. Trust me.
Okey doke.
Do you want to start or should I?
I'm not sure what you mean.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Faraz Hamzad
is getting anything he wants
from the U.S. government.
And when he finds out
that the U.S. government
just lost his man again,
heads are gonna roll.
I do not know exactly
what happened out there,
but after watching you
just so clearly intervene
and help Chase escape the first time,
I'm-a go out on a limb
and guess that today wasn't an accident.
I'm not gonna get left
holding the bag here.
I'm reporting this up the chain.
Call your wife. Call your lawyer.
You're in deep shit trouble.
"Faraz Hamzad
is getting anything he wants."
You're the second person
to tell me that this week.
- So?
- Why would anyone from Langley
choose you,
an unqualified busybody with no friends,
no network,
to lead an operation this important?
I could never make any sense
of it till right now.
No one at Langley chose you.
Faraz Hamzad did.
He asked for you himself.
Or someone just like you, at least.
Someone who would beat the bushes,
ask questions,
dig things out of the dirt.
I figured this was a revenge story.
Figured that Hamzad wanted Chase alive
so he could kill him himself.
But maybe Faraz Hamzad
wanted Chase delivered alive,
yeah, and wanted
the nosiest motherfucker
in the history of the CIA
to do the delivering
because Faraz Hamzad has questions
that he wants answered.
There's something he wants to know.
Tell me I'm wrong.
- Listen, if
- Don't bother.
I'm not wrong.
But what the hell
kind of questions does he have?
I know what started all this.
It's ugly, it's dangerous,
but there's no mystery to it.
What do you know?
30 years ago,
Dan Chase stole Faraz Hamzad's wife,
and I helped him do it.
That's it. That's the story.
That's why we're here.
30 years ago,
a woman living in the Hindu Kush
met an American,
started fucking him,
saw a chance for a better life
and easier access to a Walmart.
So she left her warlord husband
and followed the American back home.
And here we are.
But what is Hamzad hoping for,
that after all this time, he'll find her
and, what, just spirit her away?
She's been dead for years.
Either he's got
some serious smelling salts
- or
- Stop it.
This isn't getting us anywhere.
We're heading in the wrong direction.
Dan Chase profiles as a true believer.
Somebody who fights for causes.
A guy that absolutely,
at no matter what cost,
has to believe
that he is on the right side
of whatever fight he's in.
A guy like that,
the kind of woman that would follow him
halfway across the world,
their story is going to be
a lot more complicated than that.
And if you're right
and Hamzad is chasing answers here,
then we have to find out
what the questions are.
And the only way to do that
is to ask him ourselves.
Ask him him who?
Come on.
I'm supposed to believe that you
can't get a message to Hamzad?
Not can I. Why would I?
And what's the alternative
you go back there and admit you failed?
Or you don't fail
and the three of us
get Hamzad the answers
that he's looking for.
We put the genie back in the bottle
and everyone wins.
- Yeah.
- SWAT team is arriving.
They're about to enter the house.
Local PD is searching
for the car that escaped,
but the team's concerned
there might still be someone
- in the house.
- Why?
There's a bullet hole
in one of the windows.
Signs of a fight, maybe.
Go, go, go!
Watch your six!
He's good.
You know, if we're being honest,
I can't imagine a guy like that
will ever have to answer
for anything he's ever done.
It's just guys like that,
they just never do.
You, on the other hand
If you got secrets,
if you got things
you don't want out in the open,
tread lightly.
Because if he fucks me over again,
I'm gonna dig those things out
of the ground,
and I'm gonna use them
to hold you responsible.
- Delta Team, one clear.
- Copy that.
- Copy.
- Clear.
We're clear here.
Whoever was here, they're gone now.
Alpha one coming out.
I'm gonna get us
that meeting you wanted.
Careful what you wish for.
Just breathe, man.
Just breathe.
Mind if we join you?
Your English is good.
- Thank you.
- University abroad?
Or Kabul?
I'm not who you think I am.
Want to help your husband win this war.
That's it.
There's no other agenda here.
Do you believe me?
When I was seven years old,
my parents told me
we were moving to Ohio.
They were professors,
and they secured positions
at the university there.
I was weeks away from being
a little girl from Columbus.
I remember the pamphlets
on my father's desk.
The pictures of young people,
so full of hope.
I would stare at them for hours.
I wanted to be them.
Then came the coup here.
And plans changed.
And things got dark.
Next Americans I knew
were from the CIA,
working so very hard
to bend our war to their purpose.
That's when I realized
there's two kinds of Americans.
The kind so determined to be better,
there's no progress they believe
to be out of their reach.
And the other kind,
the monsters so determined to be right,
there is no violence
they believe to be unjustified
to secure their ends.
Until I know which kind you are,
I will assume the worst
and protect my husband from it.
I'm not who you think I am.
I'm no monster.
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