The Old Man (2022) s01e04 Episode Script



The easiest thing for me to do now
would be to apologize.
It's important for you to
understand why I can't do that.
That guy in your house
he was a professional.
Whoever hired him was
serious about putting
an end to me, and
And in my experience, that means
putting an end to anyone close to me.
That's that's you.
Keeping you alive and safe
that became the priority, Zoe.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
(SIGHS) I figured if you
wanted to yell at me
or scream or whatever, this
would be a safe place to do it.
We got a long drive ahead of us.
When you're ready to talk, we can talk.
There is
one thing I'm gonna ask you to do.
I'd like you to call your son.
The FBI is gonna knock on his door.
They're gonna ask him some questions.
He's gonna do fine, but he's
you know, he's gonna be concerned.
Now is the best time to, oh,
set the record straight.
This'll be the last time
you make a call on your phone,
to keep from tracking us, but at least,
you know, he'll know it's you calling.
When You know,
just tell him the truth.
That you're unhurt,
and you're being held against your will,
but you're safe and that
you'll contact him again soon.
Yeah. You use those words,
that'll prevent you
from being considered
an accessory to anything.
this is Jason. Leave a message.
this is Jason. Leave a message.

(SIGHS) You know, I guess we'd better,
get going.
JOE: Local PDs, negative.
Regional offices, negative.
Digital teams, that's interagency,
that's across the board, negative.
It's been 72 hours since law enforcement
had any signal on his whereabouts.
Dan Chase is gone.
And the woman McDonald?
No sign of her, either.
We made contact with her son.
She called him, but they didn't speak.
That was three days ago as wel.
We'll keep our ears open, but, um
Okay. Thanks, Joe.
ANGELA: Jaden? Or Caden, maybe?
HARPER: Brayden.
His father is the assistant secretary
of state for African affairs,
but that's
neither here nor there.
What happened? Was it bad?
Apparently, Brayden,
uh, took issue with Henry's
presentation to the class.
He came up to him afterwards and said
that you were not a credible hero.
(SIGHS) He said that the police
are just regular people.
That a lot of them do bad things,
and they get away with it,
and that Henry should be more sensible
in choosing who he looks up to.
Oh. Great.
Who did Brayden choose as his hero?
(LAUGHS): Oh, Jesus.
- Did Henry sound okay?
- Yeah.
I think he's fine.
He didn't tell me any of that.
He just tells you things?
I mean, I was around the house a lot.
I I babysat a lot.
When me and Lily were still
together, she used to say that
I was half his aunt,
half big sister, and half therapist.
Lily wasn't very good at math.
(SIGHS) Yeah, you were there a lot.
I should've been there a lot.
Well, that may be true,
but it's not like it's all on you.
You know, Chip could've made
more of an effort, too.
And you're here now.
When all you want to do
is crawl in a hole,
you're holding the world up
with both hands
and signing up to raise
a seven-year-old boy.
I'd like to see Spider-Man
try and pull that off.
So, I spoke to Joe.
We're officially reporting
it's been 72 hours
Chase's trail ran cold.
We're all set to meet with
Hamzad's attorney tomorrow.
She's gonna know we lost him.
That's gonna be
an interesting conversation.
You've got a good argument to make.
You can help them get what they want.
Once they understand how much
you know about Chase and his wife,
they're gonna see that they need you.
The wife why are you
so interested in her?
- What do you mean?
- When I talked about this
with Waters, y
you had a reaction.
Now she's on your mind again.
Is there something I'm missing?
There were three people involved
when this whole thing started.
You know, we keep talking
about the first two,
but this woman might be
the invisible man in all this.
Just seems like it might be
worth keeping an eye on her
until we figure out what we're missing.
Is there anything you knew about her
that might be a piece of an answer here?
I don't know.
I didn't know very much about her.
I was just aware of her.
Aware of the gravity she exerted
on objects around her.
What she made men do.
You know, it's late.
It's gonna be a rough day tomorrow.
We should get some sleep.
Do you mind setting
the alarm on your way out?
Sure thing.
- Good night, kiddo.
- Night.
ANGELA: Where are you?
Should be in L.A. tomorrow. You okay?
Can I ask you a question?
So, we have a meeting tomorrow
with this woman,
Nina Kruger.
She represents Faraz Hamzad.
Okay. Why?
The assistant director seems to believe
that all this is happening because
Hamzad wants some kind of information.
Something he thinks you know, that
he wants to know.
Wait, "we" have a meeting? Why "we"?
I'm going with him.
What for?
Don't you want to know what's
being said inside that room?
Uh, not if it means you being in danger.
Emily, he is desperate
and he has failed,
and I'm okay for him
to pay the price for it,
but I don't want you in the line of fire
when whatever happens to him
- Dad.
- happens to him.
- Stop.
- Oh, Em
My God. Okay.
So, how are you doing?
Are you holding up?
Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
- And Zoe?
- Uh, she's sleeping. She's fin.
I think she gets this is how
it has to be for a while.
Listen, can I say one more
thing about the other thing?
This isn't some kind of mystery, Em.
The truth is, at one point in his life,
Faraz Hamzad thought
Mom belonged to him.
He's got a grudge with me
for helping her
do something about that.
Everything else is a distraction.
You still there?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm still here.
So, what do we do about this?
Yeah, well, there-there
are people out there
who've got grudges against him as well.
Once I get to L.A., I can use my company
to get a man's attention
who has that grudge
and might be willing
to do something about it.
Stick with me, Emily.
We'll get through this.
I know.
I got to go. Drive safe, okay?
And, uh, give me a call when you get in.
All right, I will. I love you.
I love you, too, Dad.
I got you some stuff.
Thought you might need
some clothes.
I just guessed on those.
I'm Henry Dixon.
Henry Dixon,
he was an early investor
in an investment fund
called Corsair Finance,
which has done quite well
over the years.
you're Marcia Dixon.
Henry's wife.
We can change the picture
once we get there.
The signature, that's what's important.
I want you to learn it.
(SIGHS) And once you get it down,
I'm gonna transfer some
money to you using this name.
I'm going to compensate you.
Compensate you and then some.
A half a million dollars.
CHASE: Hey, Stuart.
Oh, the drive was uneventful.
Yeah, thanks.
Uh, just walking in now.
Yeah, the place looks great.
Yeah, thanks for, uh,
for doing the shopping.
I don't Yeah, I'm not
gonna be here for that long,
but, uh, appreciate
you thinking of me.
Yeah, actually, slight change of plans.
Mrs. Dixon decided to join me after all.
Yeah, I want to keep a low profile.
You know, I'm just here for
that short meeting with Zach.
Have-have you confirmed it yet?
Oh, terrific, lunch today, that's
Yeah, that's, uh
that's perfect, Stuart. What time?
That's exactly what I was hoping for.
What-what time?
And where?
Oh, all right, great.
Thank you very much, Stuart. Good work.
All right, I'll see you then.
Yeah, the last time
I was here was with her,
shortly after she was diagnosed.
(SIGHS) Yeah, I
I figured that she'd have access
to better care here, you know,
but, uh, it upset her too much.
Being someplace unfamiliar, someplace
you know, without memories of Emily,
so we went home.
HAMZAD: And the wise old man said,
"Language, by its nature, deceives.
"Cloaks the truth in darkness..
rather than illuminate it."
"Truth," said the wise old man,
lives only in silence."
When everyone is lying about everything
until they aren't saying anything,
then it's the truth.
It's possible you have missed the point.
Oh, no, I got the point. (CLEARS THROAT)
You are a little bit full of shit.
But in a fun way.
MIKE: The difference
between here and gone is
hardly any difference at all.
Few inches of Kevlar,
broken rib,
instead of a bullet in the heart.
You know, sometimes, I wonder
if we've been too good
at this for too long.
Maybe you might've forgotten
how it could all end
if we're not careful.
You think I'm unaware of my mortality?
I didn't say that.
I'm not careful, then?
You're not the one I'm worried
about not being careful.
What are you trying to say?
I'm saying either Morgan Bote knew
he was sending us into
a fucked-up situation
when he gave the guy
your phone number
or he didn't know.
I'm not sure which one is worse.
We need to know.
JULIAN: I'm calling to
conclude our conversation.
So, what's customary
in a situation like this,
where the work was unfinished?
Twenty percent.
That's fine. I'll see to it.
But this concludes
our conversation, yes?
I'd like to speak about
why the work was unfinished.
All right.
When I do a job, I plan for everything.
But I can't plan for what I'm not told.
You think I withheld something from you?
The target was on his way out the door.
What do you mean, on his way out
Packed. Ready to depart. Alert.
Did he know I was coming?
No, he-he couldn't have.
Did he know the police
were coming soon behind me?
Because either he's
the luckiest man in the world,
or someone on your end tipped
him off that something was coming.
I think you have a mole
in your operation.
I need to understand
how you didn't know.
Do you have any idea
who your mole might be?
KRUGER: Memorandum.
Date, September the 10th.
Subject, Harold Harper.
There are brackets here,
as this is just a template.
It'll be distributed to
several people on Capitol Hill
and across at least four agencies.
We are aware that
law enforcement has failed
to apprehend the subject
known as Dan Chase.
It has come to our attention
that Mr. Chase's escape
was aided and abetted
by the FBI assistant director
for counter-intelligence,
Harold Harper.
Through at least one phone interaction,
as well as further subversion of
and interference with
law enforcement's efforts.
I was authorized to send this
before Mr. Waters
contacted my office to say that
you may have something
to say worth hearing.
If that is the case,
I think you should say it.
I can get your client the
answers he's looking for.
In fact, I may be the only one who can.
What kind of answers do you imagine
my client is looking for?
HARPER: That's where
you're gonna have to help me.
I'm not sure yet.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Chase had a relationship
with your client
and with your client's first wife.
I was there. I observed it
from afar, but in real time.
So, I know as much
about this as anyone does.
If I knew what he was looking for,
I could very likely help him find it.
Mr. Harper, for ten years,
I have represented Mr. Hamzad's
interests in the U.K.,
the U.S., across all of the Americas.
I am intimately involved
in his interests,
in his family's investments.
I'm afforded access to his
most sensitive information.
And the idea that he's involved in
some kind of information
gathering exercise,
that there are answers
he seeks, for which
I don't even know the questions,
is not very likely.
Mr. Hamzad's concerns
will be communicated
to the necessary parties
by the close of business.
Good day.
Her name was Belour Daadfar.
KRUGER: Excuse me?
Hamzad's wife.
That was her name
before they were married.
Did you know that?
He met her in Kabul, in the city.
She wasn't much liked
amongst his inner circle,
But his love for her was so great,
his respect for her mind
so deep
that he considered her
his most trusted advisor
during the campaign against the Soviets,
until she betrayed him
and left him for the man
that we're calling Dan Chase,
but who, back then,
went by the name of Johnny Kohler.
He hasn't told you any of this, has he?
You know what he's allowed you to know.
But maybe I know some things
that go beyond that.
I know the things that happened
before it all went wrong.
I have insight.
Call him.
Tell him not to waste it.
In a couple of hours,
it'll be his morning.
Wait in the bar downstairs.
I'll find you.



What do you want from me?
Why am I apologizing to you?
I was kidnapped,
and now I am apologizing to you
for not doing a better job
of seeing to your needs.
Out loud.
Fuck this.
um, doesn't mean it's gonna
take the same amount of time
to get twice as hot,
if that makes sense.
Holy mother. All right.
- Let's take a temp.
Go in there.
Oh, my God.
Hold on.
That's better. Okay.
I was close to the bone,
and it was going to 125. (CHUCKLES)
- Hello?
- STUART: Mrs. Dixon?
Uh, sure.
Who is this?
It's Stuart, Mr. Dixon's assistant.
I just want to say if you need anything,
please don't hesitate to ask.
I know we've never actually me,
but we all consider you to be
family here at the company,
so, really, anything at all.
Mrs. Dixon?
Uh, no. No, I think I can
handle everything myself.
Thank you.
ZACHARY: You been waiting long?
CHASE: Yeah.
- Almost a half hour.
- (EXHALES) Sorry about that.
I had a call run long
with Sacramento. Just
You know how it goes.
- Mm.
- It's great
to finally meet you in person.
We're way overdue.
- Ah.
- You know, we have a connection,
actually, that you may not know about.
Oh, is that so?
My mother is Julia Lewis.
She was the receptionist
when the company first started.
Oh, how about that.
You know, my mom told me
when she got pregnant with me,
the managing partner
wanted to let her go,
but you stepped in and shut him down.
- Mm.
- A single mom in this city. (CHUCKLES)
Yeah, I'm sure there's a (SIGHS)
study somewhere that says
that I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for you.
So, listen, there's something
I'd like to talk to you about.
Of course. What's up?
Uh, there's a play I want to make.
Arslon Mining and Metallurgy.
Okay. What kind of play?
Well, equity investment.
Something that gets the attention
of their director general,
Suleyman Pavlovich.
Central Asian geological.
Can't say I'm super familiar with it,
but certainly worth a study.
Why don't we have the guys
at the end of the hall
do some research, put together
a presentation,
- and we can see
- I'd prefer to move
a lot faster than that.
About how much faster
would you like to move?
I could live with tomorrow.
Yes, Zach?
Uh, that's an awfully risky
position to take.
Do you have some information
you could share with me
- that might help me make sense of it?
- Pavlovich.
This is a guy
who has a lot of relationships,
a lot of history in the region.
I want a relationship with him,
and this is the way
I'd like to start it.
I know the first two big plays
the company made
were these big, wild swings
they may have even been your ideas.
Mm. Yeah, they were. Yeah.
And that's great.
And we wouldn't be here without them.
But money
See, money grows up, too.
It wants to be comfortable.
Gets picky about the company it keeps.
Hmm. Yeah, to be honest,
I wasn't looking for advice on this.
I want you to start putting
the wheels in motion, Zach.
Ooh, the turkey sandwich is really good.

You thought this would be a gift to him.
A bird left on our doorstep
to prove your loyalty to him.
Or maybe to demonstrate
something else to me.
Until this moment
he was so full of promise.
After it,
what a monster he will become.
So monstrous,
you and I will become monsters ourselves
in order to escape him.
That won't happen.
I don't have that in me.
If I ever loved you,
that was why.
I believed you actually believe that.
Suleyman Pavlovich.
The beginning of the end.
Don't blame yourself.
The world is full of monsters.
Sooner or later, we all take our turn.
Do you know what misophonia is?
- Huh?
- Misophonia.
Look it up.
"In which
"In which certain sounds
"trigger an emotional
and a physiological response
"such as anger, panic or mania.
Common sounds include"
- So right now, you're
- Yeah.
- Anger or
- That's the one.
Okay. You know what?
I'm-I'm just gonna say it.
This-this feels like a-like a
big moment for us.
Does it?
We've reached the stage where
we can confide in each other.
- Mm.
- So, takes years for some people.
It's a big milestone.
Maybe we're even past the point
of digging around
for dirt on each other
behind each other's backs.
Find anything interesting on me?
- Not really.
- Mm.
Did you find anything on me?
- Not a whole hell of a lot, no.
- Mm.
There is one story I heard, though.
But I hesitate to repeat it
'cause it lacks the ring of truth.
But I-but I'm gonna repeat it
'cause I-I'm just I'm curious,
and I got to know.
I heard you assaulted a supervisor.
Is it true?
What'd you do?
I punched him in the face.
- Was he eating almonds?
He kept calling me Freckles.
Now you lost me.
I never really knew my mom.
I mean, she was there. Every day.
All the time. But, uh
it just always felt like
a piece of her was
was missing.
Like there was another life
she had given up
in exchange for this one,
so she was always
So, I made an oath to myself
that I would never end up like that.
That I would find something meaningful,
and then I would work hard
until my fingers bled
to get good at it.
And I did.
And then here comes this motherfucker
who wants everyone to know
that he thinks it's so funny
that I don't seem like I belong here.
But I belong here.
So I just wanted him to know that.
You get in trouble?
I was terminated.
But you're still here.
Because five minutes
after I was terminated,
my supervisor's boss
threatened to walk out the door
right behind me.
- Your boss's boss.
- Mm.
Harold Harper?
KRUGER: I am fairly adept
at anticipating
how Mr. Hamzad will react
to a given piece of upsetting news.
What makes him frustrated.
What makes him angry.
What makes him
want to cause damage and pain
to whatever or whomever has upset him.
I assumed, when I called him just now,
I would get one of the above. Or worse.
His actual reaction was
somewhat more complicated than that.
In one hour, there will be
a plane prepared to depart.
If you want to further engage
on this issue,
you will be on it.
No No, no, no, no, no.
- No.
- HARPER: Hang on.
Is he confirming that
my assertion is correct
that he's after
some kind of information?
I don't believe
he's confirming anything.
You can't seriously be considering this.
(SIGHS) I'm not sure I understand
what it is exactly that I'm considering.
If I get on this plane,
he will engage with me, personally
- is this what we're saying here?
- KRUGER: Let me be very clear
about what it is I am saying
as I am authorized
to say this and no more.
If you are on that plane
when it takes off,
Mr. Hamzad will consider
this conversation ongoing.
If you are not,
he will distribute the memorandum
laying the blame at your feet
for everything that has transpired.
- CHASE: Hey, kid.
- Hey.
Hey, I'm just on the way back
to the apartment. What's up?
I just got out of the meeting
with the lawyer.
Faraz Hamzad
wants the assistant director
to get on a plane, and he's gonna do it.
A plane? To where?
We don't know where
or what for, exactly,
but it definitely proves the theory
that what Hamzad wants
out of all of this
- is just some kind of information.
Emily, please tell me
you aren't planning
to be on that plane with him.
I don't think I have a choice.
You absolutely have a choice.
No, I don't.
He's starting to get suspicious
about me.
Suspicious? Wh-What do you mean?
Oh, shit. Em, why didn't you
say anything about this before?
And if I abandon him now,
at this moment,
with everything that's at stake,
he's going to know that something's off
because that's just not
something that I would do.
- Not something who would do?
You? Or Angela?
I don't know.
I'm starting to forget
what the difference is.
I think I'm coming apart here, Dad.
Emily, listen to me, now.
- Here's what I want you to do.
Dump this phone,
burn whatever you have to and leave.
You know where to go.
Don't say it out loud.
Don't tell anyone.
And I'll meet you there.
Em, I'm not messing around her.
This is serious.
I've worked too hard for this.
I've sacrificed too much for this.
I'm good at this.
If I walk away now, then
then it just is all gone.
And then I'll have no idea
what the hell I even am at that point.
Emily, you know who you are.
Everything was fine.
I was fine.
Until I heard Faraz Hamzad's name.
Do you have a plan
for how to handle all of this?
Yeah, I do, I do.
And at the end of this plan,
is he still alive?
Because I don't think I'm gonna
be okay until he's gone.
I don't think I'll have any idea
who I am until he's gone.
So, please,
the sooner the better.
And in the meantime, I have to do this.
Emily, no.
- I love you, Dad.
- E-Emily.
WATERS: You understand why I can't
follow you onto that plane, yeah?
I've got people to answer to.
This is no longer within
a country mile of my assignment.
HARPER: No, I understand.
WATERS: All right, listen, listen.
I, uh
This is strange
and uncomfortable territory
I'm about to venture into.
I'm curious as a motherfucker,
but I do not get involved.
Right? Involved is
well, it's for people who should
take better care of themselves.
But this one
she is one of the good ones.
She would walk
into a burning building for you.
And for the life of me, I just,
I can't understand
why you would let her.
Do you have kids, Ray?
No. No, I do not.
One day, if you do,
when the time comes
for them to break your heart,
remember I told you this.
The moment you let them in
you were asking for it.
I ordered in.
Should we eat?
ZOE: How was today?
It's gonna be fine.
ZOE: Well, that's good.
Actually, it doesn't
sound all that good.
- Yeah.
- Sounds like it could have gone better.
Yeah, it could have.
I was about to apologize again.
What for? It's not your fault.
I know it isn't.
It's just a hard habit to break.
What's that?
It's a letter
from Marcia Dixon.
It's addressed to the
board of Corsair Finance.
(CLEARS THROAT) It gives notice
of her intent to enter
into divorce proceedings
against her husband.
What are you doing?
It doesn't sound like you've ever been
through a divorce before.
I learned a lot from mine.
I kept thinking that if
I understood the rules better,
I could protect myself.
Turns out that's not
what the rules are for.
But I think Marcia has
a little bit more leverage than I did.
If I understand the situation,
this letter would cause
a real mess at your company.
Audits, discovery.
The fear of what I might
ask for in a divorce.
The fear of what I might get.
So you'd just kind of be
"that guy" to them for a while.
The guy they keep at arm's length
unless they want to end up
in depositions, so
it would make it
almost impossible for you
- to accomplish anything there
- What the fuck are you doing?
I didn't send it yet.
I set it to send in two hours,
but I can log in and stop it.
Maybe you're right,
and I would be dead
if I hadn't come with you.
Or maybe you're wrong,
and this is nothing more
than a kidnapping.
Maybe it's both.
Either way, I'm here.
And from here, I see two ways forward.
I stay.
And I help you through this.
(CHUCKLES) You're gonna help me?
Yeah, I am. I think you need it.
Once upon a time,
I looked into the mirror
and I didn't know who I was.
I think you know what I felt.
I think you can't remember
what life felt like before that feeling.
And I believe your daughter.
I believe the guy she talked about
is in there somewhere,
and I would like to help him.
I never had anybody help me when I was
going through my experience,
and it nearly killed me,
and that was w-without having to do it
- while running for my life.
- Zoe.
Zoe, listen to me, I'm gonna be fine.
- This whole thing is traumatizing
- But-but if I do that for you,
then you need to acknowledge
that we're in this together.
You need to make a gesture to prove it.
What kind of gesture
do you have in mind?
Half of everything you own.
Transferred to my name.
Before 10:17,
or the email goes out.
What's two?
Well, two is that you give me
a reasonable amount of money
for the train wreck
that you've turned my life into,
and I stay silent in this apartment
-until it's safe for me to leave,
-Wh Whoa.
and then I will.
Theft. Fucking extortion?
What's this gonna cost me, huh?
Half of everything you own.
So it's not about money until you choose
- to make it about money.
- No, no, I said
that money is not just money.
What it always is
is a measure of discomfort.
H How badly do I want this?
How badly do I want to avoid that?
How much power do I have to make it so?
In this moment,
I want to amount to more
than just a complication in your story.
I want to know that
the next time we disagree,
I have the resources
to make you think twice
before threatening me
or throwing me in the trunk of a car
or looking at me the wrong way
to shut me up.
I want to be accounted for.
I have the resources to make it so,
so you will account for me.
Do you have any idea
the danger that
you're putting yourself in?
The danger that you're putting me in?
My kid?
You will account for me.

You have no idea
how different the game is.
- I imagined you were dead.
DAN: No. Just retired.
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