The Old Man (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


ABBEY: There are places
in our souls so remote,
no light can reach them.
And the truths that inhabit them
grow accustomed to the darkness.
They cannot fathom ever escaping it,
and they do not want to be disturbed.
A woman and her son
are walking down the beach
when a huge wave
crashes onto them,
and when it clears,
the woman looks down,
and her son is gone.
She falls to her knees, and
and she looks up to the sky,
and she says,
"Please, I'm-I'm begging you,
"I-I-I can't live without him,
he's everything to me.
"Whoever is up there,
whoever can hear me,
please send my son back to me alive."
Just then, she looks up at the horizon,
and an albatross
appears in the sky.
It follows a ray of sunshine
from the clouds onto the water,
and it dives under the surface,
and when it emerges,
the boy is riding on its back.
So, it flies to the beach,
and it gently deposits
the boy at its mother's feet.
And the woman looks at the boy.
And then she looks to the sky,
and she says,
"He had a hat."
(SIGHS) Seems a little soon
for dead kid jokes.
Was that supposed to funny?
Not "ha-ha" funny.
Well, what was it supposed to be?
Well, we haven't spoken
since the door closed.
We have no idea where we're going.
We have no idea when we'll get there,
or what we'll find when we do,
so I guess maybe I just thought
I'd start preparing us
for what happens when the door opens.
Well, I guess if Shecky Greene
is there on the tarmac
when we land, now we'll have an opener.
What am I to you?
Excuse me?
am I
to you?
We're just gonna do this right now, huh?
Well, I guess it depends.
Up until today, I would've
said you were someone
I considered to be a part of my family.
What changed?
You want me to say it out loud
or would you like to do it?
Hello, Emily.
How in God's name did this happen?
- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
There are safeguards
on top of safeguards to prevent
exactly this kind of thing
from happening.
- I don't know, exactly.
- You don't know.
My father asked me what I wanted
to do with my life.
It was 2002,
and I told him I wanted
to protect my country.
He said he knew someone
who could help.
Some guy who was a mentor to him
back at the Agency who could
pull some strings, he said.
Once I was in, I
never asked again.
That's just not how we work.
It was done. I just put my head down,
- and I did the work.
- You did the work.
Is that supposed to make
a difference, Angela
Jesus, I don't even know
what to call you.
You think I'm someone different
now than I was five minutes ago?
I think you've been someone different
as long as I have known you.
I think you've been lying to me
- for as long as I've known you.
- I have been
nothing since I've known you
but loyal to you.
And devoted to you.
And fucking determined to make you
proud of me.
I am still the same person.
I'm maybe more that person now
than anyone else I've ever been.
I'm sorry I lost my hat.
I must have taught you
more than I thought.
When faced with the reality
that you are guilty
of more crimes than I can count,
that you represent
maybe the most serious
security breach the FBI
has seen in recent memory,
you throw the first punch
and make me out to be the villain?
My honest-to-God question to you is:
Do you really think this was gonna work?
I suppose that,
for as long we're in the air,
you can claim to be
two different people,
and pretend that it's tenable,
but as soon as this plane lands,
you're going to have to make a choice
about which one of you emerges.
And then I'm going to have to
decide what to do about it.
ABBEY: There are places in our hearts
so inhospitable,
no sounds can penetrate them.
Hard and secret places
in which unspeakable things are stored.
Therein lies the unspeakable thing
out of which our life together was born.
Every time you think of me,
I feel the old ties pulling.
Every time you look at her,
you feel new ones growing.
She isn't you.
She still has a choice.

That's the Marcia login info.
Check the balance.
I trust you're able to divide by two.
ZOE: I don't understand.
What don't you understand?
You just said no.
Now you're saying yes.
I don't understand.
Money isn't a measure of anything to me,
except the ability to protect my family.
My daughter
she's in danger right now.
I just found out before I got here.
All I can think about
are all the ways that things
could go wrong, ways she can get hurt.
I had to do something about it.
I don't have time for this.
And once I leave, I'm not coming back.
I'm on a plane to Morocco
tomorrow, early morning.
- Morocco?
- Yeah.
What I don't W-W
What is happening?
Zoe, it's-it's a very long story.
Come with me, I'll tell you everything.
Come with me, please.

Why are we here?
What are you so afraid
that Russian is gonna say?
My name.
How would he know your name?
You are kidding me.
I would think out of anyone,
you would be able to understand.
That you're spying for the
Russians against your husband?
For my husband.
The Russians will leave one day.
I know it, you know it,
and the Russians know it.
Sooner or later, everyone will
realize the important question
is the one I have been asking
myself for over a year now:
Who rules when they're gone?
For some time now,
I have been feeding
information to the GRU
to undermine and weaken our rivals,
so that, when the time comes, my husband
will be in a position
to finish what we started
and lead this country forward.
I see it.
I mean,
if anyone here were to catch
even a whiff of this,
you'll hang for it.
So would your husband.
Probably me, too,
for whatever that's worth.
I know.
You have to tell him.
- I can't.
- Sure you can.
He's smart. He'll understand.
He might understand this,
but certainly not the rest.
I seriously doubt there's
something more difficult
to understand than this.
A few months ago,
I was visiting the wife
of a tribal elder
in a village I will not name,
in a valley I will not name.
And one late night we were alone,
and she confided in me a story.
A man had descended
from the mountains, alone.
He spoke no language she recognized.
He died on their doorstep
and they burned his body.
A few weeks later,
I heard from the Russians
that they had become aware
of a foreign prospecting crew,
Greek pirates.
This crew had found something
beyond their wildest expectations.
A mineral deposit of
unimaginable value.
- What kind of a deposit?
- A copper lode
that, alone, could alter
this country's economy.
And secrets buried beneath it.
Deep veins of lithium, uranium.
The Russians need it.
They just can't find it.
So, the Russians don't know where it is.
Do you?
That mine makes Faraz Hamzad
the next president of Afghanistan.
Why wouldn't you tell him?
It would make him king.
Which is why I cannot tell him.
He must prevail.
He must be the one to lead us
once this war ends,
but as the Faraz Hamzad I believe in,
the one you believe in.
Not like this.
Too much power, too quickly.
This kind of power
turn men against each other.
It turns them dark.
He isn't that kind of a man.
Eventually, all men break.
You are juggling chain saws, lady.
I'm pretty good at this,
and even I'm having
a hard time keeping up.
There are so many ways
this could kill you.
Which is why I can no longer
do it alone.
So, that's what this is about?
That's why Hamzad is after you.
I'm feeling that there's a
difficult conversation
that we should have.
Oh, fuck, what's that?
I am forging the name of this woman who
toyed with empires and
I'm not the Marcia Dixon
you planned for.
I am not built for this kind of thing.
Yeah, says the woman who just
separated me from half my money.
Well, that was different.
You don't get what you can do, do you?
Well, in my world,
you spend a lot of time
learning to find the cracks in things,
you know, fractures.
Fragile points in things
where pushing a little can change a lot.
It's a sense that you
work hard to develop,
an intuition for weakness.
Most people, you know,
they don't see the world that way.
No, we prefer to, well,
see things whole.
Taught to keep things whole.
Life's easier when things are whole.
I look at you,
I see a person who doesn't need to
look for cracks in anything. You
You just see 'em.
I think no one's
ever offered you any idea how to use it
or what it's for, and I think that
you can only ignore an ability
like that for so long
before it finds a way
to remind you it's there.
How can you say something like that?
How can you You barely know me.
Well, um, I barely know you,
but I know the game.
I know when someone's seeing the angles.
So, unless you're
a highly-trained operative
pretending to be a suburban divorcée,
I have to assume that this is
a natural ability you've got.
I am not a highly-trained operative
pretending to be anything.
Oh. Yeah. I didn't think so.
So, I'm here.
You want me to be here
because this is
curious to you
someone who has this ability?
Or I-I'm here, you want me to be here
because this is the only way
to keep me safe
from whoever's trying to kill you.
Or maybe I'm here
because I am someone
who can see the cracks in things,
and there's something
you're worried is broken,
and you just can't figure out where.
Why, is there something
that looks broken to you?
I don't know yet.
You want me to guess?
What you are asking of me,
it isn't possible.
- Why not?
- He's my father.
He raised me,
he gave me life.
You're my father, you raised me,
you gave me purpose.
You are each a part of
of who I am. I-I don't divide that way.
Sure you do. Everyone does.
We all do that.
Well, I don't know how to do that.
Okay then.
Let me make it simple for you.
Take me to him.
Do that. Lead me to him. End this,
and you will have made a choice
about who you want to be.
Fuck you.
Maybe I was wrong.
That I mattered to you in any way.
That I've ever
mattered to you in any way.
Because if I did, you would understand
how confusing this is for me.
And just how hard I am trying
to do the right thing.
Make a choice?
I mean, you're asking me to amputate
parts of myself
that are connected in ways
that I don't even understand.
And why?
So that you can trust me?
There are so many different ways
we could've gone about
having this conversation,
and you have succeeded in
choosing the absolute shittiest.
This isn't about my state
of mind. You're a criminal.
Well, I guess I'm in good company, then.
Or did you not send an assassin
to kill my father before
our SWAT team arrived?
And you know what?
I found a way
to be okay with that.
You helped my father escape
Faraz Hamzad,
and you didn't want
anyone knowing about it.
It's all in the game.
If the shoe was on the other
blah, blah, blah.
But you know what's
actually making it very difficult
for me to look you in the eye right now?
You knew that there was something
I had never told you about myself.
And you waited till we were all
under a spotlight with that lawyer.
And you said
my mother's name.
Her birth name.
Just to see if I'd react.
To see if you were right.
Do you know that that was the
first time I had heard her name
since she had told it to me
when I was a kid?
Can you imagine what that
would feel like if I-if I
sharpened Chip's name
and used it to cut you open
just to see what came out?
How would you like me to address you?
What difference does it make
what my name is?
It makes all the difference.
It's how you choose.
It what It's what keeps all of us
from having to juggle
all the different people
that we feel like we might want to be.
The name's the thing. You only get one.
It plants a flag in the ground
that-that says, "This is who I am.
Here is where I stand."
You protect it with your life.
When I'm gone, my name
is all that my family
will have left of me.
And the greatest threat to it
is the mole that I have apparently
been harboring for a decade.
You made that decision
for all of us.
And at this moment,
I'm not inclined to make you
feel better about it.

Where are we?
Just, uh
wait here.
Come on, guys.
Come on.


You know, in my experience,
it's polite to ask someone
before leaving them two giant dogs.
They don't know anybody else.
Wherever we're going, you don't plan on
coming back at all, do you?
What I'm good for
what I'm built for, is defending things
that need d-defending.
All the best things I've done in my life
have been in service of that.
Once I'm done with Hamzad,
both you and Emily'll be all right.
You know? And what happens to me, um,
happens to me,
that's-that's not important.
Both of you will be all right.
- MAN: Ray.
- Chief.
Listen, you're about to
get a phone call.
I want you to answer it
and I want you to do
whatever you're told.
Yes, sir. Uh,
may I ask who it is I'll be talking to?
Just want you to do
whatever you're told, Ray.
And I cannot stress this enough
don't question him, don't pry,
- don't
- Don't be me.
Yes, sir.
This is Waters.
BOTE: Mr. Waters, how are you?
I'm fine.
Mr. Waters, at this moment in time,
I believe you and I are fated
to mean something to one another.
You see, I need some help,
and I believe you're
the only person on earth
who can provide it.
I'm glad to hear that.
What can I do for you?
Harold Harper is missing.
I understand you were the
last to see him, is that correct?
Yes. Yes, sir, I believe it is.
Oh, good.
I'm putting together a small team.
I'd like you to be a part of it.
Please stand by,
and I will get you instructions
on where to go next.
Where were you hit?
I'm fine.
Where did the bullet
hit you?
You know that I'm a liar
when it suits me to be.
An apology from a liar
is no apology at all.
But I hope you will believe me
when I tell you this.
I'm very sorry
that I put you in that position.
I believe you believe that.
But I'm not really here for an apology.
I just need to know what happened.
I want to know
if you're apologizing because
you didn't want to tell me Harold Harper
had a mole in his office,
or if you couldn't tell me
Harold Harper had a mole
in his office because you didn't know.
Didn't know?
I put her there.
- Hold on.
Where are you going?
Mike was worried
that you were losing your marbles.
This is just you up to some shit
that I don't want to know.
- You're fine.
- If I were fine,
would I be sitting here
with you right now?
What do you mean?
I put the mole
in Harold Harper's office
because Dan Chase
asked me to.
I did the one thing you must never do
in this business. I
I tried to be a good father.
I'm sorry,
Dan Chase is your son?
More or less.
than less.
He and Harold both.
I broke the rules.
And I never wanted
anyone to know about it.
I don't think anyone
should've known about it.
But I should've known about it.
Well, now you know.
And now I'm gonna ask you
to help me clean it up,
so that no one else ever will.
Gonna ask you to do the one
thing a good father must
never, ever do.
I'm gonna ask you to hurt my sons.
Nine hours. East-southeast.
North Africa somewhere.
Hey, w-where the hell are we?
I think it's Tunis.
Does that mean anything to you?
Oh, it could be once I stopped here
on a Mediterranean cruise with Cheryl
for our 15th anniversary.
Or it could be the last place
your mother and father stopped
on their way from Afghanistan
to the United States.
If he looked for her,
this is almost certainly
where he lost her trail,
where she disappeared.
Though, what that matters now
I couldn't say.
Someone's coming.

ZOE: That's his house Zachary?
What are you gonna do in there?
Well, to get this meeting
I need with Pavlovich,
I need Zachary to authorize
this investment,
uh, open the door.
I asked him nice at lunch.
Now I just need to get it done.
You're gonna threaten him?
What if I went in there instead?
Wasn't Marcia Dixon
somebody to them, too?
Yeah. Why?
Well, you asked nicely,
you-you can't ask nicely again,
or you're weak,
but I could ask nicely,
or at least I could ask differently.
Well, sending my wife in there
i-isn't exactly gonna
make me look like John Wayne.
I think that's the problem, exactly.
You're not going in there
to get what you need,
you're going in there to
to force him to give it to you.
A little while ago
just for a second
you saw me as a threat to your daughter.
Just for a second.
And I didn't mean to be,
and I wouldn't want to be, but
just for a second,
I feared for my life.
Now, maybe it's-it's been a long time
since you've had to be that guy.
To use violence to protect
the people that you love.
But maybe
that's an urge that can
only be suppressed for so long
before it finds a way
to remind you that it's there.
And maybe, once it's out,
it for damn sure
doesn't want to be put back.
What would you say?
I don't know. Uh
- I might
- Well, he's risk averse
when it comes to money,
but he's not to rule-breaking.
You know, you could
Uh, yeah, you could tell him that you
you overheard me on the phone,
you think I maybe I might have some kind
of inside information on this deal,
and that, uh, you're concerned that, uh,
it's illegal, you know.
Um All right,
this is a real bad idea.
- No, wait, uh, wait here.
- Why?
Well if you fuck it up a little,
he slams the door
in your face, you know,
you fuck it up a lot, uh
Zoe. Zoe, wait
Oh, fuck.
- It's 11:00.
- Yeah.
- I'm dressed like this.
- Yeah.
How do I explain that to him?
Rich folks don't explain shit.
- Hello.
- Zachary?
Yeah. I'm sorry,
I didn't quite catch your name.
Uh, Marcia.
Dixon. We haven't met yet.
- I'm, uh, I'm Henry's wife.
- Uh, yeah.
- Hi.
- Right, of course.
- Pleasure to finally meet you.
- Likewise.
Um, so, listen, I-I'm, uh,
I'm sorry to bother you,
I know it's really late.
Yeah, a bit.
But there is something
I'd like to talk to you about,
and it's a little time-sensitive,
so I thought maybe it would be
better out of the office.
I'm happy to chat, but, uh, now is
not really a great time.
Of course, of course.
It'll only take a minute.
Tell you what,
why don't we connect
tomorrow over coffee?
I'll cancel a meeting. Cool?
- Yeah. Of course.
- Great.
- Okay.
- Night.
All right. Sorry to have bothered you.
Everything cool, Marcia?
I wasn't finished, Zachary.
ABBEY: Here we are again.
A closed door.
Something new preparing to emerge.
Something that will change
everything about you and I.
She can do it.
Not that door. You.
So much
stored away.
No one to confess it to.
I cannot be your confessor.
I don't belong here.
Held to you by
a whisper, a leash,
a sorrow.
I am your prisoner here.
When you are finally opened,
I cannot be the one to forgive you
for what spills out.
- must choose to do that.
Someone whole enough to choose.
I will miss you.
Maintenance records.
Passenger manifests.
- What the hell is going on?
- It's a test.
They want to see if I can find
the needle in the haystack.
You want to find something in here,
you have to be here to find it.
Find what? What are you looking for?
A flight from Karachi.
April of 1987.
The flight that your parents took.
You know that flight?
I arranged it.
When you exfil an asset from a hot zone,
you fly them out on an agency bird.
When things go so wrong
that you don't want anyone
at the Agency to know about it
that's when you have to get creative.
And this was a part of it.
What went badly?
He didn't tell you?
You can be a spy
or you can be a parent.
It's exceedingly difficult
to be both at once.
Your father
has always
that he could be whatever he decides
in whatever moment he decides it.
That's how all of this happened.
I'm sorry this is the hand
you were dealt.
You didn't deserve it.
KRUGER: Mr. Harper.
Azur Maroc Air. Flight 31.
That's what you wanted me
to find, isn't it?
So why am I here?
What else do you want to know?
On the manifest.
What were their seat numbers?
(SCOFFS) You mean, do I remember
what their aliases were
30 years ago?
Fuck. (SIGHS)
7A and 7B.
Is that all?
What else is there?
Haven't I proven that I know
what I'm talking about?
Isn't that what this is all about?
The memorandum detailing your guilt
will be distributed before end of day.
- I'm sorry.
- Hello
- Oh, fuck.
You were framed.
Targeted by a bad actor
from your past who had an axe to grind.
The U. S. government,
who you dedicated your life's service,
turned its back on you,
so you fought alone to unveil the truth.
And when you did, that government
welcomed you home with open arms.
What the fuck are you talking about?
That is the story that we will tell.
After Faraz Hamzad is dead.
My father's working on it right now.
I suggest we go find him.
And lend a hand.
You did good tonight.
Can I ask what you said to him?
I just asked for what I wanted.
Oh, you just asked, huh? Okay.
When-when you asked, I think he
saw an old man
telling him how to do his job,
but when I asked, I-I
Who knows what he saw, but
but that was his weakness.
And it was apparent to me,
and I pushed on it, and
- he gave in.
- He gave in.
Yeah, that must have felt good.
It did.
You know, where we're going,
weakness is a lot harder to find.
The weak are mostly dead.
You go, uh, bolting out
of the car like that again
because you feel you've
got something to prove
hell, because you think
you can save me from myself
you take a run at the wrong guy,
we both end up dismembered in a bathtub.
Well, good thing you're someone
who would never let that happen.
Yeah, good thing.
That isn't all you are, you know?
That isn't all you're built for.
A person who protects things.
A person who doesn't
want or need anything else.
A person who isn't even a person at all.
There's more than that.
There's other parts.
There's better parts.
And I see them.
I see you.
What is it?
The series of events that it
took to create this moment,
From where you and I started
before all this,
you know, to reach this point
I don't care.
However we got here, we're here.
And where I started,
before all this began,
I think
it maybe is a place that
I don't miss very much.
Do you?
Maybe that's why I'm here, then.
A reminder.
Of what it's easy to forget
when you're alone.
I may not be the partner
that you planned for.
I may not be the partner that
you would have thought you wanted.
But maybe I'm the partner that you need.
FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Mr. and Mrs. Dixon?
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