The Order (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Homecoming, Part Two

I warned you.
And now he has your Necrophone.
And now I have to desecrate your corpse.
Tell me, sister.
What do you want me to do? Show me your desire.
What? This is You are Pick a word.
Any word.
Cool? Devastating.
Hey, I'm only at G.
I'll be right back.
Hella cool.
You already said "cool.
" [SIGHS] [ALYSSA] What are you doing? I couldn't help myself.
You don't know what's in there.
You could've unleashed something.
- I just wanted to see.
- We had one job.
Get the case, take it to Edward.
If he wanted us to Oh, my God.
It's the Necrophone.
Pretend I'm a noob.
It lets you talk to the dead.
Like a Ouija board? You are a noob.
Whoever you summon must answer whatever you ask.
- This is how he's gonna find them.
- Find who? [CELLPHONE RINGS] Hello? Are you going to be predictable? [JACK] Who is this? [SISTER] In a little while, I knock on your hotel room door.
Marand? Renée? My sister is dead.
What's she saying? It's her sister.
Renée's dead.
So, will you be smart and return my property? Or will you be predictable and run? If you run everything you hold dear will be lost.
Yes, the girl will be dead, so will you and your grandfather Pete.
- Wait, how do you know - I see your future, your past everything.
So, for once in your life, make the smart choice.
[PHONE BEEPS] I don't understand.
The transference worked.
- She was healthy - Something went wrong.
Her sister said she's gonna kill us if we don't give her the Necrophone.
Come on.
Let's go.
We're not gonna talk about this? There's nothing to talk about.
We can't give it to her.
Get dressed.
[JACK SIGHS] [KNOCKING] [MALE VOICE] Jonas! Consider yourself relieved.
Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late, but come on, what else you got to do, huh? Don't be so pouty.
Holy shit.
[BRANDON] I think I'm gonna be sick.
Do not fucking puke.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
[GULPS] What kind of cancer did that lady have? This wasn't fucking cancer, you dumb-ass.
Then, what the hell? There's only one creature that targets a victim's heart like this.
A werewolf.
There are werewolves? You've seen a golem and this surprises you? How do you know they were werewolves? Because I I've seen one in a book.
I researched how to kill one for the Magus.
[KYLE] She thought it was a werewolf that was killing the pledges.
Come on.
I know what to do.
What about them? What about them, Brandon? Come on, let's go.
She can see the future.
Necromancers can only see versions of the future.
- Shadows.
- She sounded pretty sure.
- She's trying to freak you out.
- It's working.
We're not giving up.
She knew stuff, about my grandfather and Don't overthink it.
Excuse me? We need to get to the bus station or a train.
What's closest? Definitely the bus depot.
Or I can call you a cab.
She's probably listening to us in a crystal ball right now.
They're necromancers, they don't use crystal balls.
- [RINGING] - They use organs to define the future, - [RINGING] - not the musical kind.
- Oh, shit.
- [GROANS] Are you okay? [CRASH] - [MAN GROWLS] - [JACK GASPS] [SISTER'S VOICE] So predictable.
I told you to wait.
Now go back upstairs.
Alyssa, he's dead.
[JACK] Okay, if she can do that, we're screwed.
If she could kill, we'd be dead.
Maybe she likes to torment her victims.
- Either way, you're protected.
- Do you think Edward Coventry is worth your life? 'Cause I don't think so.
We are not failing this assignment.
It's time for some townie magic.
Come on.
[ENGINE STARTS] Did you really have to rope me into this? - I didn't have a choice.
- Who gets up at this hour? [DOOR OPENS] [KYLE] It's about time you showed up.
Yeah, sorry.
It's called a life.
- [GABBY] No thanks.
I'm on a cleanse.
- [KYLE] Not a request.
You're not my tutor.
Your tutor's dead.
- I thought you were kidding.
- I told you.
A werewolf killed him.
- Werewolves are real? - I know, right? Yes! Werewolves are real.
And there's one on this campus.
So, the three of us are gonna find it, kill it, and drag it back here.
This is Oculus Veritatis.
True Sight.
With this, you'll be able to see any shape-shifter's true form, no matter how good their disguise.
Like X-ray vision.
[KYLE] No, Brandon, not like X-ray vision.
You have to see skin to see their true form.
What happens when we find this thing? Do we shoot it? Do we get guns? Can I get an Uzi? [KYLE] Forget bullets.
Forget silver, okay? Werewolves are magic, and it takes magic to bring one down.
Shouldn't that knife be a little bigger? You're reconnaissance only, so don't worry about it.
Split up, find it, and then, text me.
What if it finds us first? Well, I guess you'll have to hope it kills you fast, Brandon.
Look both of you, 'cause this decision you make right now is gonna affect the rest of your lives.
The Order needs you.
So, you can step up and do this, or walk away and never come back.
Because you're either with us or you're nothing.
Make your choice.
[EXHALES] You're human.
What are you looking at? Don't do drugs.
Oh, shit.
You were supposed to be here.
You were supposed to come back.
[KNOCKING] Housekeeping.
[DOOR CLICKS] Should I try again later? No.
Now's perfect.
[SOUND OF METAL] - Ah! - [SQUELCH OF BLOOD] - [MAID GASPS] - [DOOR CLICKS SHUT] - [KYLE] Where is it? - In here somewhere.
You didn't follow it? Yeah.
I'm gonna go follow a werewolf.
It's True Sight.
To you, it looks like a werewolf.
To the rest of these morons, it looks like a human being.
Then you go and look.
Let's go! [VOICE] In this world, we made a choice [GIRL'S VOICE] Can I help you? [HAMISH] We talk about living our authentic lives.
[HAMISH] But how do we identify our true self? Is there some authentic Hamish that is the truest version of my consciousness? [SNARLS] If there is, I guarantee you, that guy still prefers his martinis stirred, not shaken.
[CHUCKLES] - Is my true self what I make of it? - [KNOCKING] Is my true self what I make of it, or am I just along for the ride and desperately trying to justify social expectations? - [DOOR BANGS OPEN] - [KYLE PANTS] Can I help you? - [SOUND OF METAL] - [HAMISH GASPS] [HAMISH GROANS] [CRASH] [KYLE THUDS] [SNARLS] That's it.
See you next week.
Then put me through to him.
He'll wanna hear from me.
When will he be back? Alyssa Drake.
A, L, Y, S, S, A.
No, just one Y.
Do you know when Edward will be back? Eddie still isn't picking up? Jack Morton - you're jealous.
- Of course not.
[LAUGHS] You are.
You're so jealous.
What's there to be jealous of? The guy's, what? A thousand? He's only in his forties.
It came up when I googled him.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] Yeah? [SISTER] Because of you, I have to be outside.
I hate being outside.
You're not making this easy for me.
Sorry to disappoint you.
What's she saying? Three times I've seen your future today.
And three times you've changed it.
No one has that much control over their destiny.
You're supposed to be dead already.
- What is she saying? - That we're supposed to be dead.
[SISTER] You're different.
What are you? Just a guy driving a girl home.
I'm just sitting here.
Put her on speaker phone.
Yes, put me on speaker phone.
Your future is hazy.
It's shifting.
I'm not used to that.
So how about letting us go? We'll give the Necrophone to Edward and when he's done with it, we'll bring it back to you.
I promise.
Edward murdered my sister.
And I can tell you don't like him either.
I knew it.
You're gonna listen to her? Jack, why are we fighting? We both want the same thing.
Or do you not want Alyssa to know your secret? Alyssa wants to know your secret.
She's just trying to freak you out.
[ENGINE STARTS] - [ENGINE REVS] - [TIRES SCREAM] [JACK] She's going the other way.
She can see the future.
I will get the hang of this.
The weirdest car chase I've ever been in.
How many car chases have you been in? [HAMISH GROANS] - [KYLE] Gabrielle, have you seen it? - No.
I did not sign on for monster slaying.
What the fuck did you think this was gonna be? Some kind of summer fucking-magic camp? [B] I thought it was gonna be better than this.
Oh, my God, I can't believe I miss Jack Morton right now.
At least that clown wanted to be part of The Order.
- At least he put in an effort.
- I make an effort.
Oh, my God.
Just shut up and cover the exits, okay? God! [HAMISH'S HEART BEATING] [FAINT SOUND OF CELLPHONE BUTTONS] [CELLPHONE CONNECTS] [CELLPHONE RINGS] [RANDALL SIGHS] What's up, Hamish? You know those Order friends of Jack's? Hot and hotter? Yeah, why? They know I'm a wolf.
They're hunting me.
Dude, what? How? I don't know, Randall.
How do you think a magical secret society would hunt a werewolf? I don't know.
Enchanted knives? [GASPING] That might explain why my wound isn't healing.
Wait, you're hurt? Where are you? I'll come get you.
Stay put.
One secret identity blown is enough.
- No, fuck that.
- No.
I need you to find a way to heal a magical wound.
On it.
[GROANS] [GRUNTING] [BRANDON] Gabby, this is the nearest door.
[GABBY] you should go one way and I'll go the next [FIRE BELL RINGS] - [MAN] Fire alarm! - [WOMAN] Seriously, again? - [MAN] Gonna grab my bag.
- [OTHER MAN] You don't get to.
We also need an engine that won't blow up on us.
She did this.
She murdered the car? Why not? It's gotta be easier than killing a person, which she also did.
We can put a stop to all of this.
This is what you signed up for.
- Is it cool yet? - Edward backed out of the plan.
He was supposed to cure Renée, and then - You saw her.
She was completely well.
- Until she died.
Why are you so quick to defend him? Why are you so quick to judge him? For all we know, it's Renée Marand who's chasing us and she's just pretending to be her own twin, she's messing with us.
All these conspiracies.
That's literally the first conspiracy I've pitched.
Why can't people just be people anymore? I mean, her sister's dead.
Maybe she just wants to talk to her.
That woman is not like you.
I mean, I understand why you would want to Talk to my dead mother? Yeah, I would.
But I don't wanna introduce you in person.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- But we're not giving it back.
- Okay.
It should start now.
I swear to you, I thought it just needed to cool down.
- Want me to carry that? - I've got it.
- I'm not gonna hand it over.
- Yeah, you're right about that.
I take it that's your car back there.
Are you kids all right? Yeah, it broke down.
Well you're heading the wrong way for help.
A whole lot of nothin' in that direction.
Hop in, I'll give you a lift.
Not a serial killer, if that's what you're thinkin'.
I don't even own a banjo.
- A ride would be great.
- No, thank you.
Remember that guy in the hotel? Actually, we're good.
- Is everything all right here? - Yeah.
She's fine.
I wasn't askin' you, son.
- Now, I'm gonna ask her again.
And I - [RINGING STARTS] [RINGING] And I'd appreciate [GROANS] [CRASH] [A] When is she gonna stop? I'm sorry I brought you into this.
Not your fault.
I wanted to be here.
[PANTING] [SNARLING] - [THUD] - Jack! - [CRASH] - [ALYSSA SCREAMS] [SISTER'S VOICE] You really should've seen this coming.
- No! - I did! [SNARLS] Jack! [COUGHS] [SNARLS] [ALYSSA] Jack, Jack! Ja Jack! [ALYSSA SCREAMING] [TIRES SQUEAL] Jack! Jack! - [ALYSSA GASPS] - [CASE CRASHES] [CELLPHONE RINGS] [JACK GROANS] [CELLPHONE RINGS] Listen, you fucking psycho! - Hey.
- Lilith? Sorry, wrong psycho.
Look, I can't talk right now.
[LILITH] Do you have time for Hamish being killed by your Order buddies? What? What are you talkin' about? The Order is hunting us.
They've some kind of magic and can see that we're wolves.
They saw Hamish, now they're tracking him.
Nah, that doesn't make sense.
How would they know to look for you? You stopped the transference.
You ate their hearts, didn't you? That's why Renée is dead.
That's why I'm in this shitstorm.
Oh, boo-hoo.
What's the matter, is your precious Order mad at you? I'm out in the middle of nowhere with a necromancer trying to kill me.
Yeah, well, that - actually sounds pretty bad.
- Look, I told you to leave it alone, but, no, you had to go full-on Kilith.
Guys, priorities.
Hamish is injured.
We need a Hail Mary here, Jack.
Look, there's a book in the sanctuary.
It explains how to heal magical wounds.
What's it called? I don't know.
It's brown.
I gotta go.
Maybe Jack was right.
Maybe we should've let that spell go.
Jack's a dick! [MALE VOICE] I think we should hang out.
Yeah, I can bring the costume.
[HAMISH SIGHS] Nice costume.
Wolf, right? [CELLPHONE RINGS] Listen to me, you fucking psycho.
[RENÉE'S SISTER] She's alive.
Let her go.
- Deliver the Necrophone.
- Don't do it, Jack! Don't trust her! Consider that proof of life.
Stay on the road.
You'll see us.
And whatever you're thinking of doing don't.
He's special.
Do you know why? Guess not.
Maybe that's why you're the end of him.
You don't know that.
You said it yourself, you can't see his future.
No, but I have seen yours.
And every version ends in tragedy.
Why? Ask Eddie.
The Grand Magus would never hurt me.
My sister used to get that same look in her eye.
Wouldn't let anyone speak a bad word about Coventry.
After he crossed her, she smartened up.
[SHARP RINGING] He's here.
[ALYSSA WHIMPERING] Jack! Why didn't you listen to me? He listened to his heart.
[KYLE] We had it cornered and you let it get away? Hey, don't blame him for your half-assed wolf hunt.
- Watch your tone.
- I don't answer to you.
Just because you're in doesn't make you untouchable, okay? They cut people all the time.
One girl, we got in together.
Then she screwed up real bad.
Now, she doesn't even remember me.
Lucky her.
You could be lucky, too.
Oh, there! There he is! Shut up.
Now, split up and go find it.
What? [HAMISH] Oh, God.
[BUBBLING] Is this supposed to be bubbling like that? That means it's working.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [COUGHING] [RANDALL] Hello? Hamish.
Come on.
Come on.
- Did you ditch them? - For now.
Let's get to the couch.
Here we go.
Go, Timber Wolves.
Where'd they get you? Right here.
Ah! [RANDALL] Oh! Oh, Jesus.
It even smells terrible.
Like vomit and sulfur had a baby.
[LILITH] Okay, just breathe.
- Randall, hurry.
- Yep.
It's supposed to work fast.
[HAMISH GROANS] How fast? [HAMISH PANTS] That's amazing.
Ah! [HAMISH COUGHS] Dude, thank you.
- Thank Jack.
It was his idea.
- Where is he? Off fighting a necromancer.
Actually, it sounds kind of fun.
- We should go help him.
- We need to deal with Kyle and his little death squad first.
Let's kill those assholes.
That's not gonna solve anything.
But we'll have killed some assholes.
We need to be smart about this.
The Order's looking for a werewolf.
Let's give 'em one.
Get it.
[SNARLS] Now, let her go.
Sister what would you have me do? Kill them.
All of them.
But beware of the boy.
His magic is strong.
I felt it.
Why? Because he's a werewolf.
What the fuck? Jack! That explains everything.
It's gonna be okay.
You're a What are you? I'm a Knight.
You're a monster.
Kyle? - Kyle? - What's gotten into you? That thing killed our people.
We have to take it down.
"Our people?" [GABBY] Or maybe Kyle was right.
Maybe the Order isn't for you.
That can't be good.
- What was that? - Please, be a deer.
Please, be a deer.
Oh, shit! [SNARLS] - [GABBY SCREAMS] - [WOLF ROARS] - [SOUND OF KNIFEBLADE] - [THUD] [BRANDON] Holy shit! You just killed a fucking werewolf! [LAUGHS] We win! [BRANDON WHIMPERS, LAUGHS] Kyle? [VERA] You knew about a werewolf attack, you used unsanctioned magic, you went on a rogue hunting spree, and you failed to report any of this to me why? Silence.
- Explain.
- Kyle was my superior.
I had to obey him.
Did you ever think he might be making a mistake? Like, literally all the time.
And yet, you did as you were told.
Yes, Magus.
What is it, Ms.
Dupres? I think there are more out there.
Put that knife back in the reliquary, and then assemble a team and get over to the church.
I want you to clean up the mess from the Elemental Transference.
- At once, Magus.
- Can't take one fucking [DOOR SLAMS] [BRANDON] Did you see the way Gabrielle took Kyle down? She's vicious.
[LILITH] She's an idiot.
Yeah, she's a "vidiot.
" - Did I miss it? - Nope.
All good.
This look great.
What is it? - "Forever Young.
" - Just for hide returns.
How long does this take? It's hard to say.
Some return home faster than others.
- Do I have to wait to drink this? - I'm not.
[CRASH] Oh, shit! I'm never gonna see one.
- I hope you're right.
- To cannon fodder.
It's too bad Jack wasn't here.
- Ooh! - "Too bad Jack wasn't here.
" Hey, shut up.
Hey, this is just a negroni.
Where'd you get that truck? Who's the girl? There's a case in the cab.
Grab it.
- What's the case - Stop asking so many questions.
Come on, she'll be fine.
You wanna tell me about it? Pops, I don't even know where to begin.
Why don't you start with the case? Holy shit.
Holy shit.
I know.
Say her name.
Chloe Morton.
[RINGING SOUND] Dad? Chl Chloe? Daddy? [SOBS] Oh, God, Chloe.
Don't cry, Daddy.
Is Jack there? Yeah, Mom.
I'm here.
Oh, sweetie.
I miss you.
I miss you too, Mom.
Chloe? Where are you? I'm here, Daddy.
I'm always here.
Are you at peace? No.
I'll never be at peace.
- Not until we're together again.
- I miss you so much, sweetheart.
Not you.
I loved him.
I could've been with him forever.
Honey, no.
That's what I wanted.
It's the only thing I want.
What did he do to make you like this? He's magic.
All this - fucking magic! - [SMASHING OF GLASS] No! Alyssa! Subtitle translation by: Metia Bethell