The Order (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Undeclared, Part One

Alyssa, wait! - Stay away from me! - Please, Pete doesn't know.
- That you're a werewolf? - Shh.
When were you going to tell me? Were you going to tell me? I was waiting for the right time.
- The right time was before we made out! - It's not contagious.
- Not the point.
- Alyssa, I would never hurt you.
How'd I know that? I left my werewolf book at home.
At least you have one.
- Meaning what? - Meaning I - never asked for any of this! - You think I did? I almost died today.
But you didn't.
Look, I saved you.
But you were more concerned with protecting your secret.
Why? Because I thought you would be mad at me.
I am mad at you! Because you could've handled this a million different ways.
Instead, we almost got killed, and your stupid grandfather wrecked that Necrophone before we could even use it.
And now I have to go tell Edward that we failed.
Oh, I'm sure Edward will be just fine.
Again, not the point.
No, the point is, he wasn't on the front lines with us, was he? He's safe in his mansion while we're off risking our lives to get what he wants.
He doesn't give a shit about you.
So why do you care about him so much? This is not about Edward or me.
You, Jack, are the liar.
You, Jack, are the surprise werewolf! - Stop saying that.
- Werewolf.
I fucked up.
I'm sorry.
Okay? Yeah.
A half-hearted apology cures everything.
I'll just tell Edward that you're sorry.
What are you gonna tell him? About what? About the Necrophone? About you? [BANG] [SMACK] The best way to get over someone Please, don't finish that sentence.
[PETE] Look, sport.
You're young.
Girls will come and go.
Not like Alyssa.
I say good riddance.
She's on the wrong team.
She's one of them.
You don't even know her.
She's been the best part of this whole shit storm.
She distracted you.
She sucked you in.
- It's time you got out.
- You're the one that wanted me to join.
Now I see what it's doing to you, I want you to quit.
You don't know a damn thing about what I'm going through, Pops.
[PETE] We'll find another way.
One that doesn't involve you sleeping with the enemy.
You don't care about how I feel.
You just want me on side, doing whatever you say.
Maybe I just wanna go to college and be a normal student.
Look, I get it.
You're tired.
You're frustrated.
Take a break.
- Let me see if I can fix the damn thing.
- Yeah.
Get it fixed.
Stick to the mission.
Stay on target, 'cause God forbid things don't go according to your plan.
We're supposed to be on the same team here.
We're not a team.
I'm your good little soldier boy.
Jack, get back here! Jack! - Ah! - [SMACK] Huh.
Trust me, as long as you go in after me, whatever you did will seem tiny.
I'm not in trouble.
Yeah, I was the one who found out Kyle was a werewolf.
Kyle was a what? Werewolf.
Don't worry.
He's been dealt with.
They'll probably give me a medal.
They don't give out medals.
Well, they could start.
So, why are you here? I'm here because Jack Morton screwed up.
And since I outrank him, I get to answer for his mistakes.
Yeah, he seems cool at first, but he's kind of a loser.
He's not a loser, he's just He's complicated.
You might wanna get your shit together before you go in there.
But don't let some townie get in the way of everything you've worked for.
Thanks for the advice.
Always happy to help the less fortunate.
Miss Drake.
I trust you have what the Grand Magus is waiting for.
I don't, but I can explain.
Oh, good.
An explanation is much better than a rare magical artifact.
Come on in and tell him then.
Miss Dupres, I'll be with you shortly.
Hey, Alyssa? Good luck.
Hey, Acolyte? Clean this room.
You heard the Medicum.
Get to work.
[SIGHS] [DOOR BANGS] [VERA] Now, Acolyte! [SIGHS] I told you to leave me alone.
You didn't, actually.
I can't believe you didn't tell me about Kyle.
That he's a total idiot? Pretty sure I told you that.
That he was a werewolf.
Kyle's a werewolf? Wait, did you say "was?" Yes, was.
Past tense.
The Order killed him.
- 'Cause he was like you.
- I didn't know he was like us.
Us? - So, there are others? - Shit.
- Alyssa - Did you frame him? Is that it? Was it some messed-up jealousy thing? You seriously think I'd kill someone out of jealousy? I don't think I trust a word you've said to me.
You know what? When you wanna talk, we can do that.
But for now, I'm going.
- I want my thing back! - No one's stopping you.
[VERA] "Put the knife away.
" I can't think of a simpler request, but you decided to keep it? I did, Magus.
Because you think there are more werewolves and you're, what, afraid? Yes.
Well, that clears things up.
When I was hunting alongside Kyle, we saw a wolf.
Which means there's another one out there.
And I wanna find it.
Gabrielle Dupres werewolf slayer.
When you had True Sight, did Kyle appear to you as a wolf? No.
He looked like normal.
Perhaps he tampered with the potion, or he had someone help him.
Either way, we don't need to trust our eyes.
I do need to know how this happened.
When he turned, why, and most importantly, who else knows? Do you think you can handle that? Yes, Magus.
You keep it quiet, but I need answers.
But what if people lie? What if they don't talk? You're a smart girl.
I'm sure you could find some way to convince them.
[DOOR RATTLES OPEN] [LECTURER] So, like a good husband, Orpheus follows Eurydice to Hades to try and save her.
Yeah, Orpheus was a fool.
Interesting point.
Counter? It's romantic.
Chasing your dead wife to Hell? If that's not true love, then true love doesn't exist.
He wasn't in love.
Go with that.
He felt obligated.
And what did Eurydice do to earn his sacrifice? Nothing.
Not to mention, she just took off to go dancing with the nymphs without even so much as a goodbye.
[JACK] So, Orpheus wastes all of this time and energy going after her to try and justify their relationship.
And then he finds Facebook pics of Eurydice and her ex drinking caipirinhas in Costa Rica.
Just like magic.
Did I miss that part? Even if he got her back, things could never be the same.
So, did any of it ever really mean anything? [BRANDON] So you wouldn't even try to save the person that you love? I'm saying that at a certain point, you have to live your own life.
Make choices for yourself and not everybody else.
Congratulations, Councilor Stone.
You finally came to your senses.
Forgive my hesitation, Magus.
I just needed to consider whether the promotion was a benefit to me or The Order.
To Vera.
Serious as a heart attack.
Now that the council's complete, we have some business to attend to.
Renee's death has derailed my plan.
Two of our disciples were almost killed, and the Necrophone was badly damaged.
It's a long shot, but we may be able to salvage it.
Magus, if I may? I've conferred with others on the council, and there are grave concerns about your pursuit of the Vade Maecum Infernal.
With the Vade Maecum, we can create a sustainable way of life.
We can feed the hungry.
We can cure cancer.
Let me be more specific.
What we're wondering is, "What's in it for you?" Are you questioning my intentions? Isn't that the purpose of this Council? To act as a safeguard.
Your job was to ensure the Grand Magus got the Necrophone.
My job was to perform the Elemental Transference.
- [HEMMINGS] And you failed.
- Well.
Our spell was interrupted by a werewolf.
Are you sure it was a werewolf? Two of my Acolytes saw it.
[FEMALE] Magus, I've been looking into the history of the Vade Maecum, and there's anecdotal evidence that restoring the incantation can somehow The book summons werewolves.
Really, Vera? Are you suggesting that we put our heads in the sand over one sighting and some stories? I am suggesting the council temporarily rescinds its support for your pursuit of the Vade Maecum Infernal.
Until we can be certain that the risk is worthy of our efforts.
You all feel this way? Not all.
Tomorrow morning.
I'll come to your house.
We'll talk.
I look forward to it.
[RANDALL] Goddammit, Hamish.
Get it out, Hamish! - [JACK] Kyle is a dead werewolf.
- No "hello?" - Rude.
- [LILITH] Where've you been? I told you.
I was being hunted by a necromancer.
- Oh.
- Oh? She could see the future.
She had an army of dead bodies and she was trying to kill me! - Did she get you? - No, she didn't get me.
- [PLONK] - Ha! Damn.
Good one! I got stabbed, you know.
Magic blade.
- I know.
- Wound would not heal.
Thanks to your magic douche-posse.
They're not my magic douche-posse.
- And I told you how to fix it.
- You told us to read a book.
You said, and I quote, "It's brown.
" So, thanks for that.
[JACK SIGHS] I can't tell if you guys are mad at me or not.
We're just happy you're home.
[LILITH] Ha! Suck it! Three in a row.
Damn it, Hamish.
[JACK] Well, for what it's worth, it doesn't sound like The Order has any idea who's a wolf, or how many there are, so we might be safe.
So, what was this Magical Misery Tour all about? Coventry sent us to pick up this device that lets you talk to the dead.
Alyssa said it would help him find someone, but she didn't say who.
Does it work? Who'd you call? Your mom? If it was her, not a version I wanna remember.
Is that why you look like someone killed your dog? That, and I'm pretty sure Alyssa hates me.
I think he actually cares.
- Genuine heartbreak face.
- Hey, man.
- We've all been there.
- You've all lost a girlfriend after being hunted by a necromancer for a magic phone that calls dead people? Yes.
Metaphorically, yes.
Fear not.
The Knights of Saint Christopher have a foolproof cure for a broken heart.
Day-drinking! [JACK] This seems like your solution for everything.
To Kyle.
- Fuck them.
- Nope.
- Not toasting that dickleak.
- Guys, he was a Knight, even it was only for five minutes.
And he sacrificed himself for us.
That was cannon fodder.
Come on.
We're a brotherhood.
Gender neutral collective.
Thank you.
To Kyle What's-His-Douche.
- Long the road and short the life.
- Cheers.
[RINGING STARTS] [RINGING] [LILITH] Magic? We just sat down.
[BRANDON] Should we? We should keep a low profile, at least until we know how they were hunting us.
No unnecessary transformations.
Understood? Why are you looking at me? Fine.
[DOOR CLICKS] [MALE VOICE] See, I told you rich assholes drink beer.
Ha ha! Found my landing screw.
Get me a beer.
This is never good.
This is kinda cool.
Are you a doctor? - No.
- Let me buy you a beer.
- I don't drink.
- Really? All right then, hey.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- She doesn't need saving.
- I know.
[MALE] I just got paid.
My friends are over there.
Let's buy you a drink.
It'll be all right.
That was my beer.
Hey babe, what'd I miss? Hi.
Randall Carpio.
- And you are - Not buying your boyfriend act.
She just told me she doesn't drink.
[GIRL] How about you both just leave me alone and let me finish my work? Unless one of you knows how to test pharmacological reaction times on adverse psychotropic mood elevators.
Oh, I mean, I'll leave that one to you.
You could try a radioactive tag and check cortex distribution levels using a PET scan.
- You can stay.
- Yes.
Bye! Bye-bye.
- Hi, I'm Randall.
- Hi.
- And you are? - Ruby.
- It's nice to meet you, Ruby.
- Nice to meet you.
You got called in by the Magus, too? I legit can't think of what I did wrong.
You're not here to see the Magus.
You're here to see me.
- But I just saw you in chemistry.
- I need help, Brandon.
I need someone I can trust.
You got a kind of an intense vibe going on.
Are you off gluten again? Remember when you said you wanted to use Kyle's death to our advantage? - Did you get us out of cleaning duties? - Even better.
But I can't tell you until you pass a test.
What kind of test? It's easy.
I ask you questions and you tell me the truth.
I always tell you the truth.
Then you have nothing to worry about.
A wire stripper.
A wire stripper.
Ah, got ya.
Hey! What are you doing here? You have something of mine.
I want it back.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't make me magic it away from you.
Proving you're as evil as I think you are.
If I don't return it, even in pieces, some people might come looking for it.
And you don't want them finding it anywhere near you or your grandson.
You want it back? You wanna keep him safe? Then I want Jack out of The Order.
- So, tell him yourself.
- I tried that.
He won't listen.
Which is why you're gonna convince him.
Once you do, you get your phone back.
You sound like my dad.
Your dad must be a smart man.
We have a deal? - Deal.
- Good.
Now, get off my land.
There, see? That wasn't so bad.
[BRANDON SHIVERS] And you? Super-brave.
[BRANDON WHIMPERS] What is that thing? It's just a glove that burns your soul when you lie.
And now, I know you'll always be honest with me.
What is this for? We are going to cleanse The Order of liars and traitors and werewolves.
- Oh, my.
- And you get to be my assistant.
You're welcome.
It sounds like an inquisition.
And you sound like a man who's trying to hide something.
Hey, no, no.
We're good.
Whatever you want, you're the man.
[GULPS] The woman.
Yeah, no, I love dogs.
Every time I see a dog, I'm like, "It's a famous it's like a famous person.
" that show, but she's in high school, and her and that guy from that robot show, they're killing people, but it's funny.
- It doesn't even sound real.
- [LILITH] No, it's real! I swear! It was him.
Keep your hands to yourself, bitch.
Oh, I'm the bitch? You're gonna look real cute when I turn that wallet chain into a leash and make you roll over.
Let's all take a breath.
You know there's only one way this plays out.
She insults you, then I try to talk everyone down, but you get insulted by something I say and threaten me.
She'll insult you again, and you'll do something stupid like swing at me.
She punches you, your pals step up, the whole place jumps off, and someone calls the cops.
So, what if instead of all that, we buy you guys a round and call it a night? Call me stupid again, dumbass.
You know, aggression is a sign of a micropenis.
[JACK] Did you hear that? Micropenis.
- [WHACK] - [CRIES OF SHOCK] - [CRASH OF GLASS] - [LILITH SCREAMS] - [CRASH] - [THUMP] - [LILITH GROANS] - [THWACK] - [GROANS] - [THUMPS] - [SNARLS] - [YELLS] - Lilith, no! - [LILITH SNARLS] Well, that's boring! Aren't those your friends? You leave 'em alone for five minutes.
- [SHOUTING] - [SMASHING OF GLASS] - You want to get out of here? - I thought you'd never ask.
Who do you think you are, summoning me, Acolyte? Okay, first of all, your hair looks so good today.
I asked you a question.
Selena, you don't ask the questions anymore.
- That's my job.
- Says who? Says the Temple Magus.
And me.
- And this.
- You should really sit down.
Tell me about Kyle.
What do you wanna know? Did you know he was a werewolf when you guys hooked up? - Was his junk all weird? - It was one date.
He felt me up, I lied about my period, and that was it.
Kyle has a thing for fresh meat.
I'm surprised he didn't take a run at you.
I can be a little intimidating.
You wanna know about Kyle? I'm not the person you should be talking to.
So, give me a name.
- You wanted to talk? - I do.
It's a little early.
Not that I'm complaining.
Well, now it's a breakfast drink.
Do you have glasses? [EDWARD] Veritas.
The goddess of truth.
Seriously? You want my support? Then, you will take your medicine and give me a few hours of honesty.
At least you didn't bring that damn glove.
[POP] Here.
This won't hurt a bit.
Oh, I will if you will.
It's only fair.
Told you it wouldn't hurt.
In my experience, the truth always hurts.
What should we talk about? [JACK] Alyssa! Alyssa! Listen, about last night.
I'm really sorry for texting you so much.
- I was drunk.
- No, really? It was that obvious? I think my favorite was a pizza emoji followed by a ghost emoji followed by an eggplant emoji.
- What does that even mean? - [PHONE BEEPS] - - Don't text me anymore.
I won't.
I promise.
I just, I wanted to ask if you If I what? [PHONE BEEPS] I assume you didn't tell anyone about what happened with the Necrophone or what I am.
I lied to the Grand Magus for you.
- So thank you for that.
- [PHONE BEEPS] I'm a liar.
[PHONE KEEPS BEEPING] You see how annoying that is? I got that all last night.
Alyssa, I'm sorry you had to lie, but if keeping my secret is too much of a burden, then don't do it.
I have to, Jack.
- Because I don't want you dead.
- [PHONE BEEPS] - I'm not a monster.
- Hey, neither am I, honest.
All the people that I've killed have either been accidents - or to protect you.
- Accidents? Plural? How many are we talking here? Technically, I didn't even kill them, it was Silverback.
Who's Silverback? It's the name of the werewolf that I turn into.
- [CELLPHONE RINGS] - [JACK STOPS CALL] Jack I'm worried about you.
It's like watching someone be torn in two.
I thought it would look like really well-executed multi-tasking.
You need to figure out who you are.
Maybe The Order isn't right for you.
You sound like my grandfather.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] Just answer.
- It doesn't matter.
- It does matter.
Randall? Not since last night.
I'll be right there.
- Anything from Randall? - Nothing.
None of the bar staff remember seeing him after the fight.
- What about that girl he was with? - No one knows her.
Did you try his phone? - First thing.
No answer.
- Maybe he was asleep.
I suppose your magic phone is gonna work where mine didn't? [RANDALL'S RINGTONE SOUNDS] I heard the sound of magic this morning.
- Me, too.
- It woke me up.
Lilith and I will check his usual hangout spots.
Jack? I'll check the temple.
Make sure he's not there.
[DOOR BANGS] [MALE] Is this gonna take long? - You have somewhere you'd rather be? - I'm late for class.
[GROANS] You're not being honest with me.
I lined up a Tinder, okay? [GASPS] What the fuck was that? Your BFF, Kyle was a werewolf.
- And he wasn't the only one.
- All I know is it's not me.
Did you ever see Kyle and Alyssa together? Of course I did.
They dated for, like, three months.
And did they do anything suspicious? They wore matching sweaters one time.
They said it was an accident, but I didn't buy it.
- Disgusting.
- But it's not Alyssa.
She's a girl scout cookie.
She let Jack keep his memory.
She wrecked the Elemental Transference.
She screwed up with the necromancers.
Everywhere she goes something goes wrong.
Yet, you're sure it's not her? You'd swear to that? I'm not sure.
Now, we're getting somewhere.
[VERA] Did you know that the Vade Maecum Infernal attracted werewolves? No.
And boring.
That's your big question? Why don't you ask something exciting? Like have you ever thought about sleeping with me? Sleeping, no.
Fucking, yes.
I have thought about you naked ten times since you walked in here.
- Stop.
- Actually, eleven now.
- Twelve.
- This is not going how I planned.
You You've always been fascinating like that.
Come on, I'm difficult, I'm driven, I'm impatient.
I think I'm smarter than everyone else, which is clearly not the case since I'm in here doing this.
All I can think is how I shouldn't tell you that I'm afraid you might be pure fucking evil.
- Evil? - Aha.
- Selfish and dangerous? - Aha.
You know, when I was younger and I first had power and money, I used to use women and betray my friends.
What changed? I fell in love.
I liked Sophia.
She kept you in line.
Oh, God, you're not bringing her back to life, are you? Don't bring her back to life.
That's so messy.
You think that's why I want the Vade Maecum? Apparently.
Well, Sophia is dead.
And even though the Vade Maecum could, no magic could change that.
You'd understand if you ever lost someone.
I had a daughter when I was sixteen.
- Where is she now? - Dead.
- Then you understand.
- I do.
I'm also thinking about you naked right now.
Oh! This stuff is so strong.
Sophia Coventry.
[WHOOSH] [SOPHIA] Who is this? Sophia I need to ask you questions.
About your husband.
Edward? Is that you? It's someone else.
There's no light.
I can't see.
Where's my son? Where's Maddox? I don't know anything about your son, except he has a brother.
My grandson.
And your asshole husband killed my daughter.
And I'm betting he killed you, too.
I was the price he had to pay.
- So, how do we stop him? - You can't stop him.
Where's my son? How do I stop Edward? He's a good man, but he wants power more than he wants to be good.
Yeah, I know that already.
Now, listen.
- My boy's in the Order - It's too late.
Too late.
We have a plan.
I'm looking for an inside track.
It's The Order, you've already lost.
Lost? What do you mean, lost? If The Order has him, he belongs to them.
How How do I stop him? How do I stop Edward? How do I save my grandson? Save my son! Before it's too late, before he kills them both.
You need to stop.
Stalking only works in the movies and it shouldn't.
This is a coincidence.
I promise.
Why are you here? This is what I'm talking about.
Everything is a secret with you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've been summoned, so I think The Order took my friend.
I think someone there found out he's a werewolf, and they have him.
Who is it? That's what I thought.
It's not The Order and the Knights that are tearing me apart, it's you.
Look you can't see who I really am.
You think I'm some kinda monster.
Well, you are.
Maybe it takes monsters to police monsters.
You've never even tried to understand what it is we do here.
You got some vendetta against The Order which I I can't understand because you wanted so desperately to join it.
I am grateful to The Order because it brought me to you, but that does not mean that it's perfect.
I know.
Because it's just people.
So, you can forgive them, but not me.
Just go.
Leave The Order, be with your little pack.
Go Go kill people and hurt them and lie.
At least they have my back.
- I saved your life! - And I saved yours! I told you to take the Necrophone and go! - You didn't listen! - She would have killed you! Excuse me? I'm totally sorry to interrupt this whole drama, but you both need to come with me.
Not now, Gabrielle.
- I have the authority to bring you - That's enough! - Now listen, Acolyte.
- No, you listen! You stuck up, beautiful blonde Medicum! I am Gabrielle fucking Dupres.
I kill werewolves, punish the guilty, and I am the law.
So, I'm gonna tell you one last time.
You and your trailer park boyfriend need to get to the goddamn temple now before I get mad.
When Maddox was born I was terrified.
I hadn't planned on being a father and I didn't wanna bring a child into a world so dark.
What changed your mind? The Vade Maecum.
Just the idea, the thought of what this spell could mean for humanity.
It gave me hope.
We can change the world, we can make everything better.
[VERA] Is that why you want it? No.
Tell me why, truly.
Sorry, just did you say peanuts? Maddox is allergic.
Even the slightest trace could kill him.
Edward, do you believe in fate? Not usually.
Why? My daughter died of anaphylactic shock at seven months old.
So, here.
- Let's get those peanut motherfuckers.
- Where did you find this? A safety deposit box in Washington.
Vera, I could I could kiss you.
You could.
But we won't.
[JACK] Is it just me, or is this weird? - [DOOR OPENS] - [ALYSSA] This is weird.
- [DOOR BANGS] - [BRANDON] Silence.
[JACK] What is that? [BRANDON] It's called "The Glove of Truth.
" [GABBY] No, it's not, Brandon.
Just shut up.
All you need to know is that if you even think about lying to me this glove will make you wish you were never born.
Eenie meenie miny moe.
Looks like you're the big winner.
I told you to get your shit together.
You should've listened.
What do you know about werewolves? Nothing.
[SCREAMS] [MALE CLEARS THROAT] [SCREAMS] I'm sorry, but that's not what the glove says.
- Gabrielle, listen to me.
- You'll get your turn.
Tell me about Kyle.
- We only dated a few months.
- Gross.
And did you know he was a werewolf when you dated? No.
- When did you know? - When you told me.
And if you'd known he was a werewolf, would you have said something? Of course.
[SCREAMS] Let her go! Looks like we have a werewolf lover on our hands.
Where were you when I killed Kyle? I was on a mission for the Grand Magus.
We both were.
Why did you sabotage the transference spell? It was me.
You can ask the Grand Magus.
I already confessed.
You're a werewolf.
- Admit it! - I'm not! I swear! - So, tell me who is! - No! [SCREAMS] You can't plead the fifth.
[SCREAMS] [SNARLS] [ROARS] [SCREAMS] - No! - Who are you trying to protect? Nobody! - [JACK GROANS] - [STEAM WHISTLES] - [VERA] Enough! - Ah! Reliquary.
[GABBY] I was only doing what you asked.
And Morton is hiding something.
- You let her do this? - Jack.
That is seriously fucked up! Watch your tone, Mr.
Watch my tone.
I fought so hard to get here.
With you.
Because I believed in The Order.
I thought you were all about loyalty, but instead you turn on each other in times of fear.
If that nightmare out there is how you protect this Order, then I'm out.
Me, too.
- Brandon! - This is messed up.
And you're kinda being a bitch right now.
- Shut it down, Acolyte.
- But But the werewolf.
You know, Mr.
Morton is right.
[CLANK] We are better than this.
[DOOR OPENS] Where does it hurt? Pretty much everywhere.
How did you stand that? Werewolf.
Must be nice.
You didn't have to protect me.
You didn't have to save me.
I would go through hell for you.
You shouldn't.
Can't help it.
How can you be the best person we've got, and the person who wants to tear it all down? I don't know if I'm either of those people.
[ALYSSA] You need to choose a side.
What if I can't? I don't know how to be with you.
But you wanna be? Hey, champ.
What's up? Made a snack.
Want some? - What is it? - Peanut butter and jam.
- Chunky? - Of course.
What's that? This is a magical charm and it lets you tell people exactly what they wanna hear.
For real? Would I lie to you? I can't do this.
Lil, we have to.
He's not in the gym, he's not in class, he's nowhere.
It doesn't mean that he's dead.
- Doesn't mean that his hide came home.
- I know.
So, let's be sure.
[SIGHS] Okay.
So, then where is he? Hello? Can anyone hear me? I think there's been a mistake! This door won't open, and I am very hungover! [BANGS ON DOOR] Hello? [BANG] [LOUD BANGS] Hey! Hello! Okay, okay.
[SNARLS] - [SNARLS] - [CRASHES ON DOOR] [CRASHES ON DOOR] - [BANG] - Hey! Doc, what is that? It's a werewolf.
[ASSISTANT] Ah, jeez.
[RANDALL BANGS ON DOOR] [ASSISTANT] What are you gonna do? [DOCTOR] I'm gonna figure out how to make more.
Subtitle translation by: Metia Bethell