The Order (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Finals, Part One

Almost there, Alyssa.
Three out of the four sections.
There's no cover.
I present you with the single most powerful incantation ever recorded and you focus on the binding? I'm sorry, Magus.
You're right.
It's It's an amazing feat.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations to us both.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, and I won't forget that.
Even in its incomplete form I've learned so much.
The book wants to be whole, it wants to be one.
It's been looking for me as much as I've been looking for it.
You talk about it like it's alive.
It is, in its own way.
And once I pledge my loyalty to the book it will make itself whole.
It's a binding contract.
I need you to be the witness.
You want me to to cut off my finger? Your thumbprint will do.
Is this a contract with the Vade Maecum or with you? Both.
And so we begin.
The Vade Maecum will draw the missing piece to it like a magnet.
The rest of the book can be summoned from anywhere, so keep your eyes open.
I will.
I know you will.
- Well, that was intense.
- It's probably Edward.
And Alyssa, off making sweet, sweet magic together somewhere.
I meant that in a literal sense.
I don't want to talk about this anymore, okay? Mm.
Know what? I just don't understand why she can't see what a monster he is! Because your monster is her idol.
You can't tear someone's idol down for them, they have to do that themselves.
- The Hamster's right.
- Don't call me that.
I'm no fan of Coventry's, but objectively, he does have a high bang-ability factor.
- You're talking about my girlfriend.
- Ex-girlfriend.
- And my dad.
- He's not your dad.
He's some guy who dumped his seed into your mom and took off.
- Whoa! - You got a better way to describe it? - Biological father? - Mm.
Sure, that works.
Maybe Alyssa's right about you quitting The Order.
It's not that easy.
Remember what happened to Lilith and her memory? - I don't.
- If I'm lucky, that's all they'll take.
Knights, we have a new project.
Find a way to restore Jack's memory.
We can test it out on Lilith.
- I don't want my memory back.
- Lil, it would be so cool.
What if you find out you can shred the electric guitar? We could start a band.
Randall and the Werewolves.
- Why don't I get top billing? - If you have to ask, that's why.
I can deal with the shredding.
I just don't want to live in any world where I was besties with Alyssa Drake.
- That was annoying.
- And longer than usual.
- Maybe we should check that out? - It's been a long night.
Get some rest.
Whatever it is, it can wait.
Go inside and pack.
You're done here.
- This isn't a debate.
- You're right.
I'm staying.
We had a plan.
- And it was a good one.
- No, it was a long shot, Pops, okay? And now you're letting some girl fuck it all up.
No, we broke up.
Okay, let's get some breakfast.
- Maybe we can still salvage this mess.
- Pops! My life is really complicated right now, and I'm trying to sort some stuff out.
You're eighteen.
How complicated can your life be? - Do you really want to know? - Yeah.
Why don't you show me, champ? Show me and your mother just how complic What the ever-loving fuck? - What have they done to you? - The Order didn't do anything, Pops.
Remember that werewolf I was hunting? Well, it turns out he's part of another secret society, The Knights of St.
Christopher, and I've basically been working as a double agent for them.
Okay? Is that complicated enough for you? You'd rather fight The Order with a bunch of werewolves than your own flesh and blood? That's your take-away from this? How does that even matter, as long as we take down Coventry? Right? Yeah.
Well, then Do you at least have a plan? Coventry is searching for something.
And I'm trying to figure out what it is.
God, unbelievable.
You You've got fangs, you've got claws and you still don't know what to do.
- What the hell's wrong with you? - I don't know, Pete.
Maybe I don't want to kill people.
Maybe I'm fucking tired of everyone else telling me what to do.
Yeah I guess it's your choice.
Nothing was ever my choice.
Hemmings is dead.
There was a fire at his lab.
At least he died doing what he loved.
The fire was magical and used to cover up the fact that he was murdered by werewolves.
- Oh.
- It also destroyed several manuscripts and artifacts from this reliquary.
Items Hemmings took without my permission.
And there's only one way he could've done that.
Or Edward granted him access.
Hemmings was working for the Grand Magus? What do you think he was doing? I'll tell you.
Hemmings was trying to protect the temple and its disciples.
And yes, I empowered him without consulting the Gnostic Council.
Time was of essence.
It's a phone call.
With a conference line, and someone's always late.
He's not wrong.
We have a werewolf problem that won't go away.
So, you admit that you knew about it.
Well, you make it seem like I have something to answer for.
You weren't capable of dealing with the situation, so I asked Hemmings to find a way.
That does sound reasonable, Vera.
The Gnostic Council exists for the welfare of the entire Order.
Oh, absolutely.
Which is why I'm here to tell you that I have initiated the Vade Maecum Infernal as approved by this Council.
- You've restored the book? - Almost.
As it turns out, the Vade Maecum is all that I need to destroy these pests.
And until then? We need to do everything we can to keep the werewolves away from the temple.
You were right, Kepler, the book attracts them.
It's time for action.
I want to build our new future.
I trust I have the Council's support.
Of course.
The incantation will be our crowning achievement.
I know.
I thought you were working on recovered memory spells.
We did.
Now, we're relaxing.
A previous Tundra, the most brilliant of the Knights, wrote about it in one of the journals - and this Tundra found it.
- So, now you can quit, get wiped, and then we can reboot you.
You're sure it works? It worked on Lilith.
We told each other everything! Mm, she's particularly enjoying the Alyssa memories.
I'm going to do it.
- You're kicking magic to the curb? - I am quitting The Order.
It's about time.
I told her everything! We braided each other's hair! It's funny, I always thought the temple was under the reference library instead of this haunted house, which makes more sense, you know, metaphorically.
I remember when getting into The Order was all I ever wanted.
Now, I'm just walking away from it.
Priorities change.
Yeah, I guess.
Now, get in there and lose your mind.
Don't worry.
I've got your back.
- What's going on? - Some Armageddon spell.
- Are you kidding me? - I'm editorializing.
It's something huge and world-changing.
We're destroying - the Fatty Mason Internal.
- The Fatty what? Is this for the Grand Magus? Would I be down on my hands and knees for anyone else? Twenty bucks says yes.
Brandon? Have you finished? Is it immaculate? Yes, Medicum.
Then get changed, it's time.
Everyone get dressed.
Yes, Medicum.
You can't be here right now.
You should be happy to see me.
I'm here to get hit with the amnesia dust.
You want to quit? Right now? Yeah.
Anything to help me forget what I saw last night.
What are you doing in there? You'll contaminate the ceremony.
All this for Edward? The Fatty Mason? It's called the Vade Maecum.
- What's that? - What did you see last night? You, climbing into Coventry's midlife crisis.
Why don't you say what you're thinking.
Go ahead.
My mother is dead because of your your hero.
He's my mentor.
Oh, fuck, come on.
And fuck you for thinking anything else.
Well, we both get what we want if you do what I ask.
And trust me, it'll be the last thing I'll ever ask you for.
Why don't you just leave now? You'll be kicked out for skipping the ceremony.
Win-win for both of us, so I think that you should Jack.
Jack! Jack, you can't go Jack! It's like it stung me.
You need to get out of here.
Right now.
Is everything all right, Alyssa? Alyssa? You're the worst Acolyte ever! First, you're late, then you tell me you're sick? - Pretend that you're sick.
- Oh, that won't be hard.
What were you thinking? You could've sneezed on the altar in an incantation! You'd ruin everything! Randall! Something's wrong.
Did you wipe too much of his memory? Does he think he's a baby? - Hey.
- No.
What happened to you? It's Silverback.
Something's wrong.
He's fighting me.
You need to get him out of here.
Hurry! Have I taught you nothing? I'm drinking to forget.
At least let me garnish it.
Guys, something's wrong.
Something's wrong with Jack.
My skin, it's on fire.
Guys, guys, look.
That's Silverback.
Who did this to him? Was it that bitch, Alyssa? Whom I loved, once.
Like a sister, you perverts.
What were they doing at that temple? They're preparing for something called the the Vade Maecum.
Oh, fuck.
I really wish you hadn't returned my memory.
- Guys? - Jack! Finally! Amir? What took you so long? I've been waiting here for an eternity.
But you're - you're dead.
- I'm dead.
I know.
I know everything, actually.
I know about The Order's magic, I know you're a werewolf, I know your dad is a total choad.
Okay, stop! What's happening here? Where are we? This is the afterlife.
So, you're a ghost? Yeah.
Or a spirit, I don't know.
I'm a little shaky on the terms, but Are you saying that I'm dead? I'm saying we should go get a drink.
Clean this.
Miss Drake, I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Of course not, Magus.
You have been with him since the beginning.
He trusts you, which means now I have to trust you, which is not ideal, but here we are.
Now, tell me.
What is happening to the Grand Magus? He's bonding with the book.
He says they're becoming one.
- I think it's changing him.
- Of course it is.
Starting prematurely was dangerous.
There's no way he's in control of it.
He's just tired and worried.
This is his life's work.
Don't do that.
You are far too smart to act so stupid.
He's the Grand Magus.
That means we're supposed to serve him, no matter what.
We serve The Order.
Not Edward Coventry or his ambition.
Maybe you're enjoying your access a little bit too much to see what's actually happening.
The next incantation starts in 15 minutes.
Be ready! Yes, Magus.
You've been mixing that stuff all night, isn't it ready yet? Do you want it made fast, or made right? Sure you know what you're doing? You're the one who found my stupid memories, so shut up and let me use them! This potion will cure him, right? No, but it should buy us time to figure out what is happening.
Pour this into that and shake it.
I remember when you'd have broken my arm for even suggesting we do magic.
I'll break it if you don't shake faster.
So, how could a spell book do this to him? I already told you.
The Vade Maecum isn't just a spell book.
It gives you absolute control over magic.
No sacrifices, no potions, no spells.
It's like you literally become magic.
Then why doesn't everyone do it? One book, one person.
That's the deal.
We should be ready.
Sit him up.
All right, Jack, up we go.
Up we go.
Up we go.
Here we go, buddy.
Oh, shit.
- There you go.
- Okay.
Sippy time.
- That's good? Yummy.
- Good stuff.
And swallow.
I think it's working.
Guys, I hate to sound so pre-med, - but that looks like tissue rejection.
- Then what do we do? We have to remove Silverback.
The only way to get a hide off a knight is by death.
That's the rule.
And it's not like us to ever break a rule.
It's not our call.
Okay, fine, let's just ask him then.
Jack, buddy? You want us to save your life? I'm taking that as a yes.
Who are you calling? His grandfather.
He deserves to know what's happening.
Jack, your nose is bleeding.
I'm not dead? My bet is you're dying.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
Oh, that's terrible.
Tastes fine to me.
So, how long have you been here? All I know is that one minute I was being murdered by your roommate, and the next I was here.
- Wait, you remember your own death? - Yeah.
I told you.
We remember everything.
Who's we? We.
Drea? Weston? You're here, too? I told you he asks too many fucking questions.
Ignore him.
He's bitter.
The afterlife is a college campus.
Of course I'm bitter.
The afterlife is wherever you want it to be.
I don't want to be here.
- I like it.
- Yeah, I bet you do.
I was always really looking forward to college.
They say it's where you meet your true friends.
Or your best enemies.
Wait, what? Alyssa? He's been tutoring you for how long and you still haven't learned - a single incantation, huh? - Kyle, what if someone hears you? Whatever.
I'll just wipe their minds with little obfuscation powder.
Who cares? Hey! - Get off her! - Ignore it.
They're not really here.
You get used to it.
Used to what? That wasn't actually Kyle and Alyssa.
It's just a memory.
You were probably thinking about her.
I was I was remembering what she said to me the day I kicked Weston's ass.
Oh, my God, I was hungover.
Do you wanna go again? Leave him alone.
So, there you go.
You were thinking about her and she appeared.
So, do you always think about your girlfriends with other dudes, perv? I didn't know Alyssa when she was dating Kyle.
I wasn't even at Belgrave.
That's not my memory.
Where you going? Magus? Come.
We're ready for the next incantation.
Your hand.
Have you seen anything yet? Any signs of the last section? No, Magus.
But I have to admit, I don't know what I'm looking for.
You'll know when you see it.
Just expect the unexpected.
Maybe if we slow down a little, give the book a chance to summon itself? We're on a clock.
The final incantation has to be performed within three days.
Should we stop? The Vade Maecum Infernal doesn't offer second chances.
If I don't complete it, it will finish me.
The last part will come.
It should already be here! Someone must be blocking it.
Vera, twisting her little knives against me.
Asking too many questions.
She's not loyal.
I thought you didn't want unquestioned loyalty.
Within reason.
I want you to take care of her.
I'll talk with her, I promise.
Did I say talk? Take her to my house.
Tell her I want you both to escort Maddox here.
She knows he's a requirement.
Requirement? And when you return, I want that blade covered in her blood.
Magus You're wrong about her.
You'll know soon enough, Magus.
I see your hunger, Gabrielle Dupres.
It's bigger than you are.
Should we move him to the couch, or Jack! Jack! Where is he? - Mr.
Morton, I'm Hamish Duke.
- Jack! Jacky-boy.
Pops! It's Pops, buddy.
I'm here.
- What's wrong? - I don't know what you know, but you're gonna need to brace yourself.
He's a werewolf, and he's been fucked up by magic.
He knows quite a bit.
Tell me everything.
Jack went to the temple to quit The Order.
They were preparing for a spell.
Somehow it infected him.
- When he came back, he was like this.
- Oh, God.
We think his hide is trying to separate from him.
That's all we know.
We gotta get him to a hospital.
Doctors can't help him.
Oh, God, no! Look, Jack's Grandpa.
Jack's body is under attack by his hide.
He'll never heal as long as it keeps pulling off and reattaching.
His hide? What? It's what makes us werewolves.
We may be able to save him, if we can remove the hide.
So So if you pull it off, that's good, right? I mean, he won't be a werewolf anymore? You don't know.
We do know that doing nothing is killing him.
Do it.
I've seen the Grand Magus doing superlative work today.
He's under a lot of pressure.
Did he happen to mention to you why we're fetching his son so early? He wasn't in the mood for questions.
Silence, subservience, and observance.
You're certainly nailing two out of three.
He's always encouraged me to speak out That's worked a treat.
Here you are, going to get his son to be sacrificed.
Oh, yes.
Sacrificing Maddox is the price that the Vade Maecum demands.
His son? And his humanity.
No, we're not that.
I know we're not.
Do you? You're the one who gave him the book.
The Vade Maecum's success rate is abysmal.
You were hoping he'd fail.
Odds were in my favor.
Not anymore.
I'll move when I'm ready! Okay.
Now what? We wait.
Next time it breaks through.
Now! I take it back! This is more like a birth than tissue rejection.
On what planet is this like a birth? Guys, there's something written inside of it.
I got it.
I got it.
Oh! No.
You know magic.
Bring him back.
We can't.
I'm sorry.
We can't resurrect the dead.
First, my Chloe.
And now, Jack.
Morton, wait.
I can't move it.
What should I do? Huh.
This is 100% not what I expected when you said Bone Room.
Oh, Alyssa told me about this place.
She was in the mind of a sleeping corpse.
That makes sense.
This is where she got the second part of the Vade Maecum.
This isn't my memory.
It's Alyssa's.
And if she's not dead, that means we're inside of a living memory.
Amir, this isn't the afterlife, it's more like the collective unconscious.
Oh, cool.
- I'm a bit of a socialist myself, so - No.
Dude, Carl Jung? Come on, man.
This is Psych 101.
I missed that class on account of being dead.
Oh, shit, you're right.
Ah, okay, sorry.
Collective unconscious is basically all of human experience in one place.
It's like this big pool of memory that we can all drink from.
You should never drink from a pool, right? What? No, I'm saying this is the pool.
We're in it right now.
And every living person, all of their memories, everything they know is here.
So, that explains how I know you're a werewolf, and that your roommate killed me, and your nickname in Boy Scouts was Pee Pants.
That was one time, okay? It was because Tyler punched me in the dink.
I couldn't control it.
It just it came out.
Come on.
You can't help him anymore.
I think this writing is part of that Vade Maecum you were talking about.
You found something? This is the journal of Grafton Davis, also known as Alpha.
Alpha? There was another Knight? Apparently.
The journal only goes up to the late '50s and then it just stops.
That's around the last time Silverback was in action.
Does he explain why Jack's hide was acting like the carpet in Aladdin? I think so.
Grafton recruited a guy by the name of Jurgen Sawyer.
At first, Sawyer was a perfect Knight.
Then he learned about the Vade Maecum Infernal.
And get this.
It's our responsibility to keep the thing in pieces.
We are doing a bang-up job.
Sawyer became obsessed with the Vade Maecum.
Because he was a Knight, he was able to track down all the pieces.
Sawyer was the first person in centuries to restore the book.
Let me guess.
Sawyer was Silverback.
Grafton and the Knights tracked him down and tore the Vade Maecum apart, just as he was about to complete the final incantation and become one with the book.
If Sawyer was bound to the book Then the book was bound to Silverback.
That's why the page got stuck to the hide.
Silverback wasn't hibernating for the last fifty-odd years.
He He was in a time-out.
We were supposed to keep Silverback from bonding with anyone, instead, I let him escape.
Guys, I fucked up.
We all did.
We had one job to do and we failed.
"Et a quattuor angulis terrae atque quattuor plagis maris " Maybe we shouldn't recite the evil words from the demon book? Whatever she's doing, it's calming Silverback down.
We should put him away.
I'll take it downstairs.
Do you want help? Pretty sure I can lock a wolf hide in a box.
Oh, shit.
How the hell did I get here? You furry bastard, you did this.
Lilith Bathory.
Do you believe in destiny? You memory-stealing son of a bitch! One of my new powers is controlling your power.
And I I just rooted your feet to the floor.
You know, I always regretted expelling you.
You had so much potential.
But now I wonder if it was meant to happen? Because it's given us this moment together.
Let me go, and I'll give you a moment you'll never forget.
Thanks, but I'm gonna save you and your friends.
I'll need someone to practice my power on.
Just as soon as I complete this book.
Well, you were right about one thing.
What's that? He was a perfect choice for a Knight.
He was okay.
Lilith! What do we do now? According to one of the journals, we should eat him and absorb his warrior spirit.
Or we could bury him.
Sounds good to me.
Lilith! Lilith! It's empty.
Yes! Why are you doing this? You know what that book is.
It's the opportunity of a lifetime.
You're trading your humanity for what? Unlimited magic? I know.
It's a hell of a bargain.
It's a deal with the devil.
Oh, stop being so melodramatic.
Magic isn't good or evil, it just is.
The world needs a reboot.
Who better to push that button than me? You monumental narcissistic asshole! This is the temple? This is really cool.
Sorry you died before you got the chance to see it.
I mean, you did try to warn me.
I just had to have a celebratory beer.
Ha, I'm a Degrassi episode on the dangers of underage drinking.
He completed the book.
I've been working my whole life to try and bring him down and the son of a bitch still comes out on top.
Yeah, it sucks.
I mean, I was murdered, but I know how to stop him.
I gotta get out of here.
You you can't.
You're dying.
You might already be dead.
Amir, I have to save my friends and maybe a whole bunch of other people! Don't you get it? If you wanted to be out of here you'd be out of here.
You're saying I want this? Well, you did tell Pete you'd never made a decision before.
One, stay out of my memories, and two, I don't wanna die.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die! Oh! Fuck, that hurts! Hello! Jack! Jack, you're alive! I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm just so happy you're alive.
Oh, shit.
Jack, you were just dead, you should probably rest.
No, we're out of time.
I saw Lilith, she was in my dream or the afterlife.
- I don't know which one.
- Dude, you're not making any sense.
Lilith is gone.
And she took Silverback.
She's at the Temple.
Coventry has her.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
I was in his memory.
We need to get into that temple.
Jack's not going anywhere in his condition.
I'm fine.
- Just give me a minute.
- Yeah.
Without Silverback, you're going to have to heal at human speed.
No, we don't have time.
Maybe there's another way.
Hey, Cannon Fodder what do you say you and I go fight some evil magic? Nope? Duh It should be jumping in to me by now, shouldn't it? Okay, you told me Cannon Fodder picks anyone who gets close to it.
It usually does.
It sure worked with Kyle.
Maybe it's because I'm still bonded with Silverback? The journals never called him Cannon Fodder.
He's Midnight.
Grafton Davis called him the noblest of the Knights.
- Who? - He's another Knight.
And according to Grafton, Midnight would always be the one who would Who would what? Sacrifice himself.
Midnight, please.
We've got work to do.
I know the risk.
I accept it.
You and your fucking Daddy issues.
What are you doing here? - Edward has the book.
- The Vade Maecum, I know.
Let me finish.
He has the whole book.
We have to get you out of here.
He used an Acedia incantation on me.
I can't reverse it.
I can.
Come on.
Ipsa liberetur.
Do you know where the book is? He's been carrying it around like it's his baby.
Are you out of your mind? You're not leaving without the Vade Maecum.
Now, when Edward arrives, wait for my signal.
Make a break for it.
I'll grab the book.
This is a terrible plan.
- Do you have a better idea? - Several.
I was starting to worry.
It's harder to hide a body than I thought.
I know.
Is there blood on the blade? Like you asked.
Did Vera struggle? She did.
Did you? Why do you think it took so long? Thanks for the shirt.
I wear it better.
We need to talk about a plan.
Go to the temple, get Alyssa and Lilith, stop the ceremony, and destroy the book.
- That's not a plan.
It's an end goal.
- I love it.
We're not going in there guns blazing.
- Coventry will take us all down.
- Then we go in guns not-blazing.
But we go in.
Long is the road and short is the life.
- Okay.
Let's do it.
- Shit.
- Are you kidding me? - What? He thinks I'm dead.
I need to let him know I'm all right.
Oh, shit.
Where are you going, Jack? Jack! Jack! So much for plan A.
Alyssa! Hurry! Leave it! Pops.
Jack? No! Don't.
It's too late.
I offered you a front row seat to the greatest moment in history and you betrayed me.
He's too strong.
He's too strong.
It doesn't matter.
Neither do you.
Or your friends.