The Order (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Finals, Part Two

1 [RANDALL] Why didn't he kill us? [HAMISH] He's saving us for target practice.
- We should probably - Give him some space.
Great idea.
- I was thinking more like a group hug.
- Nope.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR SHUTS] Why was he there? What was he thinking? He was trying to save you.
Jack just just forget the Tao of Pete for once.
[TRUCK DOOR CLICKS] Pops was the only family I ever had.
And now he's gone.
If you go back there you'll die.
Well, as long as he dies first.
[ALYSSA] Why does it have to be revenge? [JACK YELLING] Why are you trying to protect him? [ALYSSA GASPS] [JACK SNARLS] - [FAINT RINGING SOUND] - [JACK BREATHES HEAVILY] I'm sorry.
I'm trying to protect you.
There's another way to stop him.
There's got to be.
We'll find it together, okay? I'm not getting out of this truck until you do.
- I'm so sorry about your grandfather.
- Let's just - not talk about it.
- [HAMISH] Okay.
Let's talk about Lilith.
Where is she? She wolfed out and distracted Edward, bought me time to escape.
And then? [ALYSSA SIGHING] I don't know.
I'll check her hide locker.
[DOOR SHUTS] What were you thinking? We had a plan.
Alyssa was in danger.
I had to help.
That alright with you? No, because you keep doing whatever you wanna do, and people end up dead.
[DOOR OPENS] - Lilith's hide isn't there.
- Or missing, just as bad.
The point is, how many more people need to die because of you? Only one more.
Look, Jack [JACK] I know we have to focus on killing Coventry.
We have to rescue Lilith.
What we have to do is get that book away from Edward.
I don't recall our last Marvel team-up working out so well.
The book is key to everything.
And right now, Edward is at his most vulnerable.
You sure about that? He needs to complete the final sacrifice before the Vade Maecum will bond with him.
What's the final sacrifice? His son.
[JACK] His firstborn son.
You know what we need to do to beat Coventry? Absolutely nothing.
[ALL] What the fuck? [CROW CAWING] [DOORS BANG SHUT] Grand Magus.
Kepler, why are you here? Because you summoned me.
Why do we keep the Gnostic Council around? I like to think of us as The Order's voice of reason, Magus.
Do you think Vera considered herself the voice of reason when she conspired to take the Vade Maecum away from me? [KEPLER] I assure you, Magus, I knew nothing about Vera's intentions.
You're telling the truth.
I am, Magus.
I am telling the truth.
If I had known anything, I'd have come to you immediately.
Quit while you're ahead.
[EDWARD] Hemmings is dead.
Vera betrayed me.
That leaves me with you.
Yes, Magus.
Thank you.
The werewolves are circling.
They're trying to take the Vade Maecum away from me.
It's your job to stop them.
Do you understand? [EDWARD] Send some disciples to my house to get my son.
I want him here with me.
[KEPLER] At once.
And Kepler I'm going to dissolve the Gnostic Council.
Not literally.
Thank God.
You're welcome.
- [RANDALL] Dude.
- [DOOR SLAMS] We cannot leave Lilith in there.
You heard Alyssa.
Lilith made her choice.
She sacrificed herself for your girlfriend and you're gonna thank her by leaving her there? We both know she can take care of herself.
It doesn't mean she should have to.
I thought we gave our lives to the cause? Yes, but the oath doesn't say anything about abandoning our friends.
She shouldn't want my help anyways.
I'd probably just get her killed.
Good luck talking any sense into him.
Nothing? - That's your big plan? - That is my plan.
I can't believe you're just gonna run away.
I'm not running, I'm lying low.
And when Edward fails to pay the final sacrifice You mean as soon as he murders your little brother.
He's not my brother.
Okay? Keep telling yourself that.
You know what, it's Eddie's turn to feel what loss is like.
Now give me my fucking keys.
[KEYS RATTLE, THUD] [CROSSING BELL RINGS] [TRAIN HORN HONKS] Come on, Pops, where did you put it? Come on.
[CHAIR RATTLES] Please, tell me you fixed it.
Damn it, Pops! Why do you have to make thinks so fucking hard? [SNARLS] - [RISING SOUNDS] - [CRASHING ON DOORS] [SNARLING] This is as bad as Jack's idea.
- I think it's great.
- That's because you suggested it.
- [RANDALL] You love it.
- [HAMISH] I said it has potential.
[ALYSSA] Abduct Maddox and trade him for Lilith? We get Lilith out of The Order's clutches.
Edward sacrifices the wrong son, the Vade Maecum fails.
It's perfect.
It's murder.
At best, it's depraved indifference to human life.
- I always forget you were pre-law.
- My father doesn't.
- I can't be a part of this.
- You don't have to do anything.
Just tell us where Edward lives.
And how do I know you won't kill anyone else? - [RANDALL] We promise.
- We promise not to kill anyone else.
I don't believe you.
- That's probably for the best.
- Yeah.
We were lying.
The Order isn't evil.
We'll have to agree to disagree.
I guess I should leave, then.
You probably should.
Why are you here? I just came to see how your "doing nothing" plan was working out.
Oh, it's a lot better than your "sacrifice Jack for a brother he doesn't even know to try and get a book that can't be destroyed" plan.
I didn't come here to fight.
We both know nothing good comes from talking to the dead.
At least I could have apologized.
- For what? - For turning my back on him.
We had a plan.
All I had to do was stick to it and we wouldn't be in this mess.
But I had to go and try to be a fucking hero.
- It's not your fault he's dead.
- No.
It's yours.
Don't do that.
Don't push me away.
[JACK] We both know I'm better off alone.
You tried to tell me that and I should have listened.
Well, I was wrong.
Are you saying that because you believe it, or because you need help? Honestly, a little bit of both.
We can save Maddox.
- I don't care about him.
- Yes, you do.
How do you know? Because compassion is in every decision you make.
Yeah, well compassion can go fuck itself.
I wish I didn't care.
I wish I had never been accepted into The Order or met you or the Knights.
You know, maybe then, I would have a life.
Instead of wondering who's gonna die next because of me.
You should go.
I mean, Midnight doesn't really deal with emotion that well.
Look, if I change, I may hurt you.
Even if I wanna save that kid there's no way I could take on Edward alone.
You're not alone.
I can show you.
No, he won't kill you.
Yes, he promises.
Just tell them that you won't kill him? - Who is it? I won't kill you.
- Just say it.
Who? - Are you kidding me? - She's on our side.
She's on her side.
Remember what you promised.
This is the part where you buy me a drink.
Single barrel.
At least your grandfather had some taste.
It certainly wasn't in interior design.
Insult my grandfather again and see what happens.
- Mind your tone, Acolyte.
- Go fuck yourself, Magus.
- Well, this is a waste of time.
- It isn't.
- Yeah, it is.
She's right.
- No, she's not.
- I apologize, Magus.
- Just get to the point, Ms.
Okay, let's just say for a second that we all agreed that destroying the Vade Maecum is our first priority.
It's not.
Would Nephilim's Tears do the trick? Oh, you took advantage of your time in the reliquary, I'll give you that.
Er Nephilim's Tears? [VERA] It's a potion.
It removes enchantments from magical objects.
Like a paint stripper for magic spells? Yes, sure.
Just like that.
It's also impossible to make, even if I did have my reliquary.
So Why's that? Because Nephilim's Tears require the blood of Son of a bitch.
She means werewolf.
You're the one who's been trying to dismantle The Order.
I can't believe I fell for your speech! I don't care about The Order.
- You've made that clear.
- All I want is Coventry.
- Why? - Because he's my father.
And And my mother and my grandfather are dead because of him.
We'll still need a reliquary.
I can get you one.
[DOOR CREAKS OPEN] My God! This is the Eighth Book of Solomon.
This is the eye of Apollo.
This is my monkey's paw! [JACK] Not anymore, it's not.
[ALYSSA] Do they have what you need to brew the Nephilim's Tears? It will do, I suppose.
Okay, great.
Let's go.
I need werewolf's blood.
You'll get it when we return.
What if you don't return? What if your friends return first? Mm I'll let 'em know you're here, okay? It's all good.
I said I'd work with you, I didn't say I trusted you.
- You're sure they won't kill her? - Not at all.
- You should text them.
- You're right, I should.
[JACK SIGHS] - - [CHUCKLES] - It's all good? - Oh, yeah.
[JACK] Maddox! [ALYSSA] Maddox Coventry! He's not in here.
[SOUND OF FLIES BUZZING] Tell me this wasn't Hamish and Randall.
And don't lie.
Well, I can't do both.
[ALYSSA] Oh, my God.
What were they thinking? - We have to get to the Den, now.
[EDWARD] Kepler, tell me you have Maddox.
I'd say that's impossible, since those disciples are dead on my floor.
Yes, I'm sure.
Werewolves killed them.
Your son is safe.
[KEPLER, ON PHONE] Magus? - But you won't find him.
- [KEPLER] Magus? Not in time.
Oh, you're playing a dangerous game, boy.
- [KEPLER] Magus? - Not a game.
A deal.
Where are your friends? Where is the Grand Magus's son? Take these chains off me and I'll tell you.
I'd rather you couldn't turn into a werewolf right now.
Where are your friends? I don't have any friends.
No surprise there.
- Poeniatur flagellis! - [RINGING] [LILITH GASPS] Oh, you're so lucky I can't wolf out right now.
You're trapped.
You're powerless.
The only logical course would be to tell me the truth.
Your pantsuits are cheap, and I'm gonna rip your fucking heart out.
- Detorqueantur intus! - [RINGING STARTS] - [LILITH MOANS] - [RINGING SOUNDS] - Tell me what I want to know! - [RINGING] - [LILITH GASPS] - [RINGING] Go to hell! [RINGING FADES] [GABBY] Councilor.
May I? I'll get you your son.
I'll bring him to you at the temple.
You'll have your sacrifice and my surrender.
And in exchange? You don't kill my friends.
- That's too easy.
- There's nothing easy about it.
But I would do anything to save my friends.
Well, that's quite the sacrifice.
Why? [JACK] The fact you don't know is why I've hated you my entire life.
But I can't live with all this hate anymore.
So maybe if I give you what you want, you won't slaughter everyone I care about.
So, a final request from a dead man, then.
You have my word.
- We'll be going, Miss Drake.
- [RINGING] - You said I have your word.
- Oh, you can have her back as soon as I've completed the Vade Maecum.
Until then, she's my witness.
Jack don't do this.
Can you bring my son to the temple by eleven thirty? Trust me, boy.
You don't wanna be late.
Answer the question.
Where's the rest of your pack? Fuck you! [GASPS] Don't flatter yourself.
[LAUGHS] [LILITH] You call this an interrogation? Your fancy chains may block me from transforming, but I'm still a werewolf.
I can do this all day.
[PANTING] How many more of you are there? [HISSING] Sixty nine.
- [HISSING] - [LILITH SPITS] Acolyte, enough.
When are you idiots gonna get it through your head that there's no way you can kill me.
You don't have the magic for it.
Or the balls.
That's where you're wrong.
[SOUND OF KNIFE BLADE] I killed a werewolf with this knife.
And I'll kill you if you don't tell the Councilor what she wants to know! - [BOOM] - [KNIFE RINGS, SLASHES] Thank you.
- Deleatur.
- Oh, sh [SCREAMS] [RATTLE OF CHAIN] Rebel girl You are the queen of my world Rebel girl, rebel girl I think I wanna take you home I wanna try on your clothes, oh Turn the page.
- I'm not done yet.
- Hurry up.
- I can read at my own pace.
- [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR SLAMS] - [LILITH] A little help? - Lilith! Thanks for the rescue op.
I really appreciate your concern.
We've been working on a plan.
Hamish! Who's she? - Is she gonna die? - No, she's not going to die.
Keep reading your comic book at your own pace.
- It's Edward's kid.
- You abducted his kid? As a bargaining chip.
- I'm a bargaining chip? - [DOOR CLICKS] For God sakes.
Dormitum dimittatur.
Never tell a hostage they're a hostage.
Magus, wipe anyone else's memories lately? Several.
Beats killing them.
- [LILITH] Why is she here, anyway? - Helping us fight Coventry.
I'm putting him in your room.
- [LILITH] In exchange for what? - Just a little blood, not that it seems like you have much left.
She's hurt, and it's not healing.
I think it's the same knife they used on Hamish.
That's an enchanted blade.
Any cut will be fatal.
You can fix it though, right? Of course I can.
We can't trust her.
You really don't have much choice, Ms.
- I always hated you.
- I don't recall caring.
Do you want me to save your life or not? [LILITH SIGHS] [CRACKLING SOUND] Restittuatur.
You're welcome.
Not bad.
We have company.
[KEPLER] She's inside.
I told you this would work.
Surround the house.
No one gets out alive.
[MALE VOICE] You heard her, let's go.
Except for the Grand Magus's son.
- What are we doing here? - Whatever The Order tells us to.
You want us to kill them? You got a problem with that? You don't? - I did not sign up for this.
- [CLINK OF METAL] - [GABBY] Brandon! Come back here! - We'll deal with him later.
You got that right.
[UNLOCKS PHONE] What's he say? He wants us to protect Maddox.
[HAMISH] They're circling the house.
What are they up to? Knowing Kepler, something unoriginal.
[VOICE OUTSIDE] Inflammetur! [VERA] Like that.
Protegatur locus hic.
How long is that gonna protect us? Long enough for us to deal with them.
You're not ready.
[LILITH] And you're in no position to tell me what to do.
- [RANDALL] Whoa.
- [LILITH GASPS] But I'm choosing to take a second to recover.
- [HAMISH] Keep an eye on her.
- Two minutes, then I'm tagging in.
- We won't need two minutes.
No killing.
- [HAMISH] No promises.
- [LOUD WHOOSHING FROM OUTSIDE] - [WOLF HOWLS] [LILITH SIGHS] Was she always so bossy? From what I remember, that's her trying to be nice.
I can't believe you abducted a kid for me.
- [WHOOSHING CONTINUES] - Yeah, me neither.
Turns out, I would do anything for you.
- [GLASS SHATTERS] - [WEREWOLF SNARLING] - [SNARLS] - [VERA] I said no killing! - Get out of here.
- Lilith.
[CRASHING] When you disappeared and I thought you were dead, I I realized something.
Hold it.
- Stop.
- What? Don't do what you're about to do.
- But - No.
No, I like things the way they are.
I like thinking that you're an idiot.
I'm not an idiot.
And apparently, I'm attracted to idiots.
[MAN SCREAMING] - You think it's been two minutes? - Let's go.
Hey! So, did we did we miss the fighting? - Just a little.
- And I have a potion to finish.
- I need werewolf blood.
- Not it.
Not it.
- Would you be so kind.
- Yeah.
I am an idiot.
I know.
Are you smiling? No.
Fuck you.
[BIRDS TWEETING] [SNAP] Sorry about that, bird.
[SNARLING SOUND] Jack! It's me, Clay.
First rule, don't kill me.
I couldn't kill you, even if I wanted to.
You made me.
I could never hurt my creator.
[LAUGHS] You have a lot to learn about family relationships.
[JACK] The last time I saw you was in that weird church.
You look taller.
- A lot's happened since then.
- Not for me.
I dismantled that lady, but then after that, nothing.
Not even darkness.
It was like, one second I was there, the next second I was here.
Do you think that's what death's like? Nothing? Death is like a dream, Clay.
It's a collection of memories and fantasies blended together into a singular place.
There's no anger, no obligation, just contentment.
- You sound so high.
- No! Clay, I need your help to destroy The Order.
- Will I have to kill anyone? - Maybe.
- Okay.
So, what's the plan? - We'll go to that weird church, I'm gonna stop my father from completing the Vade Maecum.
[CLAY] That's it? That's not really a plan, that's more of an end goal.
Your boy running late.
Always disappointing to find out that you can't trust someone.
I was thinking the same thing.
I see what you did there.
[LAUGHS] You think I'm a monster, don't you? [ALYSSA] You're the one about to sacrifice his own son for personal gain.
Jack Morton is bringing Maddox here to save your life.
So, that's how you're gonna justify it? How do you justify asking me to kill Vera? I don't.
I gave you a task.
You failed.
The fact that you are alive is an indication of my benevolence.
You can drop the merciful God routine.
I'm not buying it.
You shouldn't.
[DOORS BANG SHUT] Jack, you shouldn't have come.
Did you forget something? You wanted me to bring your firstborn son.
Here I am.
Alyssa, tell him.
No, Jack, he'll kill you.
[JACK] If you don't tell him the truth, he'll kill both of us.
Is Jack Morton my son? No.
[TING] You're lying.
Why didn't you tell me? - Would it have made any difference? - No.
Let's go, son.
The clock's ticking.
Let Alyssa go.
You promised.
She stays to bear witness.
I can't watch you kill him.
You will, or so help me, I'll pluck your eyes out.
There's more than one way to make you see.
Don't worry.
I won't feel a thing.
Jack Morton firstborn of Edward Coventry have you come willingly? Yes.
Let it be known.
[FAINT RINGING] Sanguinem do ut des potentiam! [SCREAMS] No! All of you, leave.
It's not working.
- [EDWARD GASPS] - [ALYSSA] Stop! - [EDWARD GRUNTS] - [ALYSSA SOBS] [SOUND OF METAL] [EDWARD GASPS] Why isn't it working? - [PAPERS RUSTLE] - [DOOR OPENS] [MALE VOICE] Probably because you sacrificed a golem.
Jack! [JACK] You were right.
Sometimes the aggressive game is the wrong tactic.
- [CELLPHONE BEEPS] - No! I killed you! You lied to me! Whatever happens next is on you.
[EDWARD GRUNTS] Let's be clear.
Whatever happens next is on you.
I'll see you in hell.
You have the potion? [VERA] That's highly volatile.
[EXPLOSION OF FIRE] [VERA] I'm not sure what to do with you, Mr.
On the one hand The Order owes you a great debt.
And on the other, you are seditious, untrustworthy, and a werewolf.
I don't know whose side you're on.
My own.
Ah! Independent, as well.
That's a character trait most secret societies try to avoid.
Well, it doesn't make me your enemy.
I took a chance on you once.
Now I'm wondering if it was the right call.
Maybe I'm not your call to make.
If you had your choice, what would you do? I wanna be a disciple and a Knight.
That's not the way this world works.
Well, I've seen how the world works, and I've seen what it does to people.
Oh, and you wanna change it.
I've heard that speech before from your father.
- I'm gonna be - Be different? [LAUGHS] Yes.
I have heard that one as well.
Are we done here? As long as you remain a member of this organization, you will treat me with the reverence that I am due.
My apologies, Grand Magus.
You're lucky I like you.
[CHUCKLES] You like me? Isn't it obvious? [DOOR RATTLES] Just remember, Mr.
The choice you refuse to make is the one that will be made for you.
[DOOR RATTLES CLOSED] Easy on the bitters.
We're not farmers.
- [BANG] - Whoa! You're not getting rid of that, are you? Take a look.
[RATTLING] Silverback? [CHEST CLUNKS OPEN] But I thought the Nephilim's Tears destroyed him.
When the potion destroyed the book, it freed Silverback from his bond with the Vade Maecum.
He's good as new.
All he needs now is a champion.
If anything, I think he needs some rest.
- But Midnight - Is starting to grow on me.
Besides, I've died enough this week.
[HAMISH] So what should we drink to? - Victory.
- Survival.
- How about to family? - Lame.
- I don't know you.
- To family? When did we turn into an episode of This Is Us? Okay, someone pick something else then.
- Hamish? - Fuck it.
Let's just drink.
[JACK] Hey, I heard you guys kissed.
[JACK] Hey, Mom.
Hey, Pops.
So, it's done.
Coventry's gone.
But I guess you already know that.
I gotta tell you, it's kind of weird.
I'm not sure what's gonna happen next.
Not sure what I'm supposed to do.
[ALYSSA] Whatever you want.
Sorry I'm late.
How'd it go with the Grand Magus? She promoted me to Magistratus.
That's great, isn't it? [CHUCKLES] Well there is the high mortality rate.
I think you'll be okay.
[LIGHT CHUCKLE] It's a lot more responsibility.
A lot less time for us.
Alyssa, after what we just went through, a promotion is nothing.
Hey, we can make it work.
What if we can't? We live in two different worlds.
I'm with The Order, you're with the Knights.
- I'm still with The Order.
- For how long? What happens when we find ourselves on opposite sides? Again.
You talk about it like it's inevitable.
We'll deal with it if the time comes.
Okay? Until then, I I think we deserve a bit of a break.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
I know.
[BOTH LAUGH] Now, on that note, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime? - Like on a date? - Yeah, I was thinking dinner, a movie.
We go fight a golem, if Clay's available.
I'll have to think about it.
- Can I get back to you? - Yeah, sure.
No pressure.
You can let me know whenever you want in the next ten seconds.
Ten, nine, eight, seven six [ALYSSA WHISPERS] I love you.
- I love you, too.
- [POOF] [THUD] Lay a whisper On my pillow Leave the winter On the ground I wake up lonely And there's a silence [MUFFLED LAUGHTER] In the bedroom And all around Touch me now I close my eyes And dream away [MUFFLED KNOCKING] It must have been love But it's over now [WHOOSH] It must have been good But I lost it somehow It must have been love [INDISTINCT CHATTER] But it's over now - [MAN] Watch your back.
- It's where the water flows - Take this box to my office.
- Yes, Magus.
Dupres consider this your second chance.
Thank you, Magus.
And your last.
That I'm sheltered By your heart Inside and outside I've turned to water Like a teardrop In your palm And it's a hard Winter's day I dream away It must have been love - [SNAP] - [EXPLOSION OF FIRE] It was all that I wanted Now, I'm living without It must have been love Hey, you could've banged your head.
Are you all right? Uh Yeah, I'm I'm I'm, uh I, uh I guess I just got a little light-headed.
I'm not surprised.
I mean, after all, your grandfather just passed away.
Um My grandfather.
From a stroke.
You were just telling me before you passed out.
Are you sure you're gonna be all right? Yeah, I'll be fine.
[ALYSSA] Okay.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Well I'd say have a good day, but [JACK] Yeah.
You, too.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Hey, I'm sorry for yours, too.
Thank you.
[JACK] Hey, what's your name? What's my name? [THUMP]