The Orville (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

Gently Falling Rain

I was born in a time of dreams.

We were pure of spirit
and devout in our beliefs.

The blessings of Avis
were showered upon us
and brought our greatest hopes to life.

But now we face a looming nightmare.

We brought this nightmare upon ourselves
when we placed our fate
into the hands of a false prophet.

Supreme Chancellor Korin
has turned his back
on everything we hold sacred.

At this very moment,
he consorts with our enemies
a thousand light-years away,
negotiating a treaty
with the Planetary Union,
a treaty that will
imperil our civilization.

The Chancellor would have you believe
that this treaty protects us.

But in truth, it weakens us.

It demands we surrender our divine right
to expand our territory.

It forces us to protect other worlds
at the risk of our own
to spill our blood,
to expend our
resources for their benefit!
If this treaty is ratified,
what will they demand next?
More of their ships in our space?
Their politicians
interfering in our affairs?
The inevitable erosion
of our ideals and our identity?
Where will it end?
When you go home to your children,
will you tell them you chose
to destroy our future?
Or will you tell them
you have reclaimed our dreams
and placed your trust
in the word of Avis?
A word which declares
that Krill comes first!
Place your faith in me
as your Supreme Chancellor,
and I will end this madness!
And those responsible
will pay for their treason!
The sun will come out tomorrow ♪
So you gotta hang on till tomorrow ♪
Come what may ♪
Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪
I love ya tomorrow ♪
You're only a day away ♪
Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪
I love ya tomorrow ♪
You're only a day ♪
A ♪
Way ♪
Did you enjoy your evening
on Broadway, Chancellor?

However, the repeated
prophecy of the orphan child
was, quite haunting.

"The sun will come out
In our culture, the sun
is a symbol of suffering and death.

Yes, in retrospect, "Oklahoma!"
might've been a better choice.

The performance depicted a time
of tremendous
hardship in your history.

For how long did
your world endure this catastrophe?
The Great Depression.

It lasted over a decade.

Sadly, those kinds of societal collapses
used to be pretty common.

It wasn't until we advanced beyond
the need to buy and sell things
that our world became
a more stable place.

The Merchant Class is the backbone
of our civilization.

And our society has been stable
for tens of thousands of years.

What you lack is divine guidance.

All things considered, I'd say
we're doing pretty well these days.

And yet,
in the face of the Kaylon threat,
you come to us begging for salvation.

Well, with all due respect,
I wouldn't exactly call it begging.

There's a clear
and obvious mutual advantage here.

The treaty is not just
for our advantage,
but for yours as well.

The Kaylon threat
The Kaylon will be defeated.

Our fighting forces are unequaled.

Our combined forces will ensure success.

When the threat is existential,
one cannot afford a margin for error.

A toast.

To our combined forces
and the salvation of all our worlds.

It's been a pleasure hosting you,

Perhaps one day
a Union delegation can visit Krill.

We would be most pleased
to return your generosity.

Once the details are finalized,
I propose we sign the treaty
in our glorious
capital city of Dalakos.

And we will celebrate my re-instatement
as Supreme Chancellor.

It would be our great honor.

I've, been meaning
to ask about that, if I may.

You seem very certain of your victory.

My opponent is a divisive figure
who exploits fear and ignorance.

She has a devout following,
but it is insignificant.

Our projections show
that Chancellor Korin will prevail.

Once the people of Krill
see you for themselves, as I have,
they will understand you are not
the soulless monsters
my opponent would have them believe.

Well, at the risk of getting us
all drunk on toasts,
here's to your victory, Chancellor.

And to a new era of long-lasting peace.

Hear, hear!
Aww, man, y'know,
that makes me miss your moustache.

Oh, my God, you had a moustache?
Oh, yeah, it was amazing.

I thought Moclans
didn't grow facial hair.

Doctor Finn was able
to stimulate growth.

What about the Hippocratic Oath,
"First do no harm"?
Wait a minute, how is that harm?
It's a moustache.

She's got us there.

Whoa! Commander,
you might wanna pace yourself,
we're only in the 1800s.

Eh, don't worry about me, I'll make it.

Have you been through
the whole simulation?
The pub crawl through history
is a classic in my family.

My dad once made
it from ancient Greece
all the way to the Water Wars.

I've gotta say, I've never
understood the "pub crawl.
We're here, we're drinking.

The booze is gonna be
exactly the same at the next place.

Let's just stay here,
we're enjoying ourselves.

Here's to your promotion.

Lieutenant Commander Keyali.

- It's got a nice ring to it.

- Thanks, John.

Best part is, I don't have
to call you "sir" anymore.

That's fine by me.

Kinda like hearing you use my name.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Wouldn't mind hearing it
more often, actually.

Are you trying to tell me something?
Oh, my God.

This town will not accommodate
the numerical totality
of our combined mass.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Bridge to Captain.

Go ahead.

I have Admiral Halsey
on a priority-one channel
for you and Commander Grayson.

We're on our way.

So this is actually happening?
Like it's a done deal?
Everything but the ink.

The last few outstanding points
were finalized about an hour ago.

Admiral, I gotta say,
congratulations to all of you.

This This is huge.

Well, you and your crew should
congratulate yourselves as well.

The Orville played a critical role
leading up to this achievement.

I'm proud of you.

Thank you, sir.

The treaty signing will take place
in Dalakos in one week.

On Krill?
President Alcuzan has been invited,
along with Senator Balask and myself.

And I've requested The Orville
for transport duty.

You'll be among
the first Union officers
ever to set foot on Krill.

Sir, this is
This is amazing.

We're so grateful.

Don't be, you've earned it.

You'll head back to Earth immediately
to pick up the delegation.

Saddle up, you've got a long ride.

Halsey out.

- Oh, my God.

- This is unbelievable.

- You know what the best part is?
- What?
He had no idea we'd been drinking.

- This is a good day.

- It is a good day.

Ah! Captain Mercer.

It's so good to finally meet you.

The privilege
is all mine, Mr.

And you must be Commander Grayson.

I've heard great things
from Admiral Halsey.

We both admired your father very much.

Thank you, Mr.

I know he felt the same.

Well, I appreciate the honor guard,
but, uh,
you didn't have to go to the trouble.

It's no trouble, sir.

This is my Chief of Security,
Commander Talla Keyali.

Your team is impressive, Commander.

Thank you, sir.

It's not every day I get to show
them off for a group like this.

If you're ready to get settled,
we'll show you to your quarters.

Ah, wonderful.


Before we get underway,
there's something you should know.

About the election.

What is it?
What they call a treaty,
I call a capitulation of cowards!
Their Union is a patchwork alliance
of hundreds of species
that long ago surrendered
their identities to this
this social collective
that rapes them of their purity.

Would you let them do the same to us?
Make no mistake.

The outstretched hand of welcome
will quickly become
the fist of oppression.

We must kill this treaty
and reclaim our rightful place
as the dominant force in this galaxy.

After you released Teleya to the Krill,
she quit the military.

Several months later, she reemerged
as part of a small but vocal opposition
to the Krill establishment.

It didn't really gain traction
until the Krill started talking
about a treaty with the Union.

That's when Teleya's rhetoric
started to resonate.

More and more people
began to take her seriously.

Her personal story,
the so-called massacre
of her brother and crew,
helped her reinvent herself
as a sort of folk hero.

She's been gaining
popularity ever since.

Does she have a chance in the election?
It's our understanding
that Chancellor Korin
maintains a wide lead.

But for some, his embrace
of the treaty makes him look soft.

To the more radical demographics,
his comparatively moderate
administration seems out of touch.

So what you've got
is a political vacuum.

A political vacuum
is a dangerous thing.


If no one fills it with hope,
someone will fill it with fear.

Regardless of the outcome,
we have to assume Teleya
will do everything in her power
to undermine the alliance.

I thought we'd made progress
Ed, you know her better than any of us.

If there are any insights you
could provide as far as her thinking,
her vulnerabilities,
it would be very helpful.

I promise you, you will achieve
nothing by this demonstration.

There will be no additional funding
for the Uvok Province!
Come in.

- Hey.

- Hey.

I was just checking to see
how you're holding up.

I owe you an apology.

For what?
You objected to my releasing Teleya,
and I ignored you.

I just
wanted to believe that I had
reached her on some level.

You can't blame yourself
for what Teleya believes.

Look at this.

Chancellor Korin gave us limited access,
to the Krill informational network.

The people of the Uvok Province
have repeatedly shown themselves
to be blasphemous degenerates,
unworthy of our aid!
By assembling in this place,
you show yourselves
to be as disloyal as they are!
You will regret what you do here today!
A few minutes after this, the
protestors were gassed with helocine.

Eleven people died.

My God.

This is the guy we want
to sign a treaty with?
You know what the real problem
with this event is?
It never happened.

It's completely fictitious.

And there are countless other files
that show all kinds of scenarios
where Chancellor Korin
oppresses his people.

There are even some from the other side
designed to discredit Teleya,
although they're not that different
from her actual speeches.

How can you tell the difference?
Sometimes I can't.

I asked the Chancellor, and he said,
they call it "influence operations.
They have computers
generating thousands of
these things every second,
trying to stoke outrage.

Even the angry crowds are phony.

What do you make of it?
As far as the election goes?
I don't know.

Teleya is inexperienced.

She's a populist, not a politician.

She's running on rhetoric and fire.

So the Chancellor
thinks that he's still a lock.

He says he trusts
his people to follow the will of Avis.

You never want to underestimate
a populist movement.

Emotions can be
more persuasive than thoughts.

You think any of this
will affect the treaty?
Battle plans are only perfect
until the fighting starts.

I gotta believe that,
some version of that,
holds true for peace treaties.

We're approaching Krill space, Captain.

Drop to sublight.

Aye, sir.

Three Krill battlecruisers
are closing on our position.

They're signaling us to follow them.


Matching speed and heading.

The planet is enveloped
by cirrostratus
and cumulonimbus cloud layers.

Average surface temperature
is five degrees above freezing.

That's going to be a bumpy entry.

Your navigator will have to be alert.

I think you'll find Ensign Burke
is pretty quick on the draw.

I promise I'll get you there
in one piece, Senator.

Captain, the shuttle has been
cleared for departure.

We'll see you soon.

Go make some history.

Approaching ionosphere.

Sir, I'm gonna be feeding you
the course corrections pretty quickly.

This atmosphere is gonna kick
our butts a little,
but I'll try to keep us
out of the roughest air.

Very good, Ensign.

I'm happy to take the helm if you want.

You're asking if I'm as
sharp as I used to be?
No, sir, not at all.

When I called you from Earth,
I knew you and Kelly were drunk.

Point made, sir.

Shuttle's yours.

Brace for entry.

"Night falls fast,
today is in the past.
What is that, sir?
It's from a poem.

Okay, here we go.

It's about to get bumpy, folks.

How dense is the full cloud cover?
About 80 kilometers.

We've lost sight of our escorts.

I have 'em on lateral scans.

They're on us like glue.

All right, this is it.

We'll see you soon.

Yes, sir.
I'll be here.

You know, Ensign
this is history in the making.

Perhaps you'd like to
join us as an observer.

If your Captain has no objections.

None, Admiral.

Very well.
Come on.

Who's this guy?
That's Avis, the Krill deity.

Looks like a lotta laughs.

President Alcuzan.

This is truly an historic occasion.

Your gracious invitation honors us,

Please, join us for some Kahspid cider.

A Krill delicacy.

Alien delicacies.

Always a crap shoot.

- Wow!
- Mm.
That's fantastic.

My God, could we get a case of this?
We take great pride
in our Kahspid crops.

I will have some sent to your ship.

Your timing is excellent.

Several districts have yet to be
counted, but we remain confident.

Tonight, we will all have reason
to celebrate.

Come, please.

What is your opinion of our city,
It's amazing.

The view was incredible
from the shuttle.

I hope we get to see more of it.

If I may propose a toast, Chancellor
To the treaty.

And to the future.

What's that cluster of lights?
The Grand Marketplace,
our center of commerce.

Merchants from every corner
of the planet can be found there.

Chancellor, I am sorry to interrupt,
but the final districts
are reporting their outcomes.

The situation has changed.

What's going on?
She has prevailed
in the last seven districts.

But you're still ahead, right?
What's happening?
The final districts are
being counted now.

The Chancellor is winning,
but only by a small margin.


This is
not possible.

We have lost the Katal District.

And the Garathon is turning as well.

Chancellor, we cannot win without them!
Several districts have yet to report,
but they will have no bearing
on the final outcome.

The Circle of Clerics have conferred,
and they are prepared
to sanctify Teleya,
as the Supreme Chancellor of Krill.

When sanctification is ratified,
the anointing ceremony will commence,
and all citizens
Notify the Circle of Clerics
that they must suspend
their judgment immediately.

We intend to challenge this result.

They are unlikely to reconsider.

They will do as I say as long
as I am still Supreme Chancellor.

Clearly, our projections were flawed.

But close elections
are not unprecedented.

When the margin of
victory is this narrow,
a challenge is always honored.

And I am certain that once
You will come with us.

What is the meaning of this?!
We have orders for your arrest.

Arrest? For what?

Whose orders?
Supreme Chancellor Teleya.

You will come with us.

This is heresy!
Teleya has not sworn her oath!
She has no authority!
I am Supreme Chancellor!
This is not an election, it is a coup!
Pakor, contact the Circle of Clerics!
Our fate belongs to Avis now.

Let me go, you fools!
The people have
We are observers here.

You have no right to detain us.

- Mr.
- Are you all right?
Help him!
Take them.

One of the Krill vessels
is locking onto us
with a tractor beam.

- Hail them.

- They're already hailing us.

Put them through.

This is Commander Kelly Grayson.

What the hell are you doing?
The treaty has been nullified.

Supreme Chancellor Teleya
has called for your imprisonment.

I'm sorry, what?
Surrender your vessel
and prepare to be boarded.

Contact the landing party.

I'm trying.
No response.

I demand to speak with Captain Mercer.

Surrender now.

You will not be warned again.

- Any word?
- Nothing.

Bortus, I want you
to lock onto their tractor emitters.

- Stand by to fire on my command.

- Aye, sir.

- Bridge to Engineering.

- Lamarr here.

John, execute Directive 21.

Sir, please confirm.
Did you say 21?
Have Dr.
Finn assist you.

Do it now.


Go to red alert.

Targeting scanners are locked.

Weapons standing by.

Gordon, get ready to haul ass.

You got it.

They have activated
their docking clamps.


- We're clear!
- Evasive maneuvers!
Full power to the deflectors!
Hard about, return fire!
Port deflectors are failing!
Torpedo launchers are off-line!
John, what's your status?
Almost ready, Commander!
- How close is "almost"?
- Two minutes!
I can't shake 'em!
Sir, what if we tried
an expanding helix maneuver?
- Never heard of it.

- That's because I just made it up.

Do it.

Krill fighters in pursuit.

John, we're about to lose deflectors.

It's now or never.

Directive 21 clear, Commander.

Gordon, take us to quantum.

- Hail Avis!
- Hail Teleya!
The Anhkana teaches
us that a battle is not won
until the last enemy is vanquished.

We have achieved a great victory today,
but an enemy remains in our midst.

Look into the eyes
of the people you have betrayed!
You are a traitor to your world
and a heretic in the eyes of Avis.

Do you wish to beg for mercy?
Then it is my duty as Supreme Chancellor
to see that justice is done.

He is not the last of our enemies.

I have learned that
the President of the Planetary Union
and his delegation
have been apprehended.

They too shall face justice!
We need to speak with Chancellor Teleya.

Or whoever the hell is in charge.

You can't just hold
us here indefinitely.

At least let us contact The Orville.

You've got the President
of the Planetary Union in here.

Do you want to be held responsible
for starting a war?
How about a cup of coffee?
Commander Grayson must be aware
of our situation by now.

She'll contact the Union.

Assuming The Orville
hasn't been captured.

I'm sorry, Ensign,
we never should've brought you along.

there's no way this doesn't mean
a declaration of war with the Krill,
They've abducted the President.

There's your answer.

If there's a drawn-out conflict,
it'll weaken our resources.

We can bet the Kaylon will seize
the opportunity to attack.

What then?
We'll find ourselves fighting
a two-front war.

Of course, so will the Krill.

We need each other,
whether they understand it or not.

We have to get them to see that.

It's too late.

Captain Mercer.

You will come with us.

What about them?
Just you.

Go with them.

We can't do anything from in here.

You may go.

So silent.

Nothing to say, Captain?
Looks like you're an uptown girl now.

Billy Joel.

I guess
congratulations are in order.

Thank you.

Captivity notwithstanding
it's nice to see your face.

You should feel validated.

Your faith in me
has made this victory possible.

How so?
If you had not released me,
I would still be in Union custody.

I let you go because I believed
we'd found some common ground,
not so you could drive a deeper wedge
between our two peoples.

There was never a common ground.

You were merely too stupid
to resist a false seduction.

Well, movie night was fun,
but that's not what I'm talking about.

Teleya, we share a common enemy.

if the Kaylon attack us again,
we're gonna need each other.

Our military has developed
new and more powerful weapons.

Our fleet is stronger than ever before.

An alliance with outsiders
is no longer necessary.

About half your population disagrees.

Korin had a lot of support.

Korin's influence
has diminished considerably.

Ask him yourself if you would like.

You will find him
in the center of the Capitol Square.

Or at least his head.

You killed him.

Most men who lose their
heads tend to die, yes.

How could you do that?
Teleya, that's not who you are.

A year later, you still cling
to an illusion I created.

you really must find yourself a
what is your word for it?
A girlfriend.

- You murdered a man.

- I purified the soul of our world.

Well, if that's the way you see it
then I guess you're right.

I was too stupid.

Praise Avis, his eyes are finally open.

So, is that why you brought me here?
To remind me what an idiot I was?
I brought you here to see for myself.

To be sure it was really you.

I promised my people
the blood of the Union contingent.

What are you saying?
You and your colleagues
are to be executed in the morning.

So you want me dead too?
I did not know you were
part of the delegation.

I let you go.

I'm asking you to do the same for us.

Now, you may not want a treaty,
but do you really want to start
a war with the Union?
Take a look around you, Captain.

I now command the full might of Krill.

It is you who should be asking yourself,
is the Union prepared for war with us?
There's an old Earth verse
that describes a traveler
who comes upon the ancient ruined statue
of an Emperor,
inscribed with the words,
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings.

Look upon my works, ye mighty,
and despair!"
Only there's nothing left beside it
except empty desert.

Hubris has a way of coming back
to bite you in the ass.

Our time in this realm is finite,
Captain, as you will soon learn.

One can live it in
the light of command,
or, in the darkness of servitude.

I choose the way of Ozymandias.

Take him back to his cell.

The execution will proceed as planned.

- Teleya, listen to me! You can't
- Goodbye, Ed.

I am glad we had
the chance to talk one last time.

What do you call it "closure"?
Put this on.

- What for?
- Do as you are told.


Commander, I'm getting
a response to our hails.

About time.
Put it through.

Hello, Commander Grayson.

I apologize for the
delay in contacting you.

As you can imagine,
I have been quite busy.

Where are my people?
Your people?
They are my people now, Commander,
prisoners charged with conspiracy
to subvert the government of Krill.

We both know that's a lie.

Let them go before you make
a bad situation worse.

Or what?
You will take them by force?
That would end badly for you.

Return to Earth while you still can.

You know goddamn well
I'm not leaving without that delegation!
You are becoming emotional, Commander.

But then that was always the concern,
was it not?
That your feelings for Ed
would impair your ability to make
the proper command decisions?
And what would you know about that?
More than you realize.

He told me many things about you.

Then you also know
I don't back down from a fight.

Ed is gone, Commander.

Perhaps you should do what you've
done before when this happens:
run to the arms of another.


And if you re-enter our space,
I promise,
you will never see home again.


Back us off toward the border.

- But, Commander
- Do it.

Aye, sir.

Get me Union Central.

We've got the fleet on high alert,
and we're sending every available ship.

Sir, has the Union acknowledged
a formal state of war?
Yes, it has.

what's the status of Directive 21?
Still in progress, sir.

It's gonna need more time.

I wouldn't put all our chips on it.

Then our best option right now
is to mount a military rescue,
extract the delegation,
and withdraw as quickly as possible.

How soon can help get here?
The first contingent of ships
should arrive at the Krill border
in under two hours.

I know we were all
counting on this treaty.

But for now, let's just stay focused
on getting our people home.

Perry out.

Where are we going?

Do'maflach! Do'maflach!
- What does he want?
- Keep moving.

Maybe you should just buy some meat.

- Do not speak!
- Ehh!
- You will come with us.

- Who are you?
All will be explained.

Now move!
Where is she?
What's going on?
What is this all about?
She is yours.

- What do you mean?
- She is your daughter.

- What?
- You had
an intimate relationship with Teleya.

Yes, I did, but
You are her father.

That's Teleya's daughter?
Why is she here?
Teleya feared that if anyone
learned of the child's existence,
it would lead to scandal
and destroy her political ambitions.

She provides for the girl's needs
but has no contact with her.

I have been the child's caretaker
since the day she was born.

You can see
She is half human.

Does she know about me?
She does not.

It is best that way.

Can I talk to her?
Hi there.


What's your name?

That's a pretty name.

What's yours?
I'm Ed.

That's a funny name.

You look funny.

I get that a lot.

You have a nice house.

Thank you.

- Do you like it here?
- Yes.

Do they take good care of you?
I have my own room.

I have lots of toys
and I get to eat whatever I want.

Sounds pretty good.

I don't know how.

It's easy.
I'll show you.


You know, you're really smart.

She is quite extraordinary.


Yeah, she is.

Do you feel shame?
No, why would I?
Some would look at Anaya
and see an abomination.

I see a beautiful child.


We are part of a coalition that believes
that a treaty with the Union
is still possible.

Given the outcome of the election,
it would take a miracle
to make it happen now.

Anaya could be that miracle.

What do you mean?
You must show the child to all of Krill.

Her mother will no longer
be able to deny her existence.

You want me to
embarrass Teleya in order to bring down
her government, is that it?
That would accomplish nothing.

Someone else like her
would eventually take her place.

There is always another Teleya.

You must persuade her to stand up
with you and acknowledge the child.

Some of her supporters
will feel betrayed,
but others may reconsider
their hostility toward the Union.

Anaya could become
a powerful symbol of coexistence.

She might turn the tide toward peace.

First off,
Teleya and I are not exactly
on the best of terms right now.

Did you know she
decided to let you live?
- What?
- That is why she released you.

We have an informant
in her security detail.

The guards had orders
to take you back to your ship.

Evidently, Captain,
she still cares about you.

I'm gonna need a
ride back to the capital.

Goodbye, Anaya.

It was very nice to meet you.

Admiral Ozawa is hailing.

Put her through.

- Status report, Commander.

- No change, sir.

Then we prepare to go in.

We'll avoid a firefight if we can,
but if the Krill refuse
to release our people

Set a course for Krill, maximum speed.

With pleasure.

Leave us.

Explain yourself!
You were gonna let me go.

You stupid fool!
Why did you come back here?
Why did you set me free?
You freed me once.

I was simply repaying the debt.

I do not wish to kill you.

I've seen Anaya.

Our daughter.

I've seen her.

- I've talked to her.

- You have been deceived.

Oh, I don't think so.

she's amazing.

She even looks like you.

I can't even imagine how difficult
it must've been to give her up.

The child is not of pure blood.

She will have a better life,
away from the scornful
eyes of the public.

What is it the Anhkana teaches?
"With every child, a new world is born.
"Gently Falling Rain.
That is what it means "Anaya.
The name I gave to her.

It's beautiful.

We should be celebrating her.

We should be standing with her,
side by side
- No.

- showing the entire galaxy
- that we can all coexist.

- No.

- She is living proof of that.

- No.

- We created a life together, Teleya!
- No, no, no!
Then what did you have her for?
What did you have her for,
if you were just gonna
keep her locked away,
- like some kind of criminal?
- Oh!
How human of you to ask that question.

But then you terminate life
with abandon, do you not?
Would you like to see what happens
to those who commit
such murderous acts on Krill?
- Supreme Chancellor!
- No, please.
Continue with your work.

With gratitude, Chancellor.

Who are they?
Parents to a child who will never be.

They were caught after
terminating a life in the womb.

Those who do so are brought
to a facility like this one.

Their DNA is extracted,
and a genetic profile is used
to create a simulation
of the child that could have been.

So they may see the
life they have destroyed.

Are you my mother?
I would have loved
so much to be with you.

I wish you had not sent me away.

Jesus Christ, Teleya.

Is this the kind of world you want
your daughter to grow up in?
Our daughter?
Take Captain Mercer back to his cell.

I have promised you
the blood of our enemies,
and you shall have it!
These are the co-conspirators
to whom Korin the traitor
was prepared to
relinquish our sovereignty!
Liars and demons all.

Enemies of Avis.

Today, they will know justice!
Talla, open a channel to Krill.

- Anyone in particular?
- General frequency.

See if anyone answers the phone.

You're on, sir.

This is Commander Kelly Grayson
of the starship Orville.

As you can see, I'm back,
and I've brought a few friends.

release our people,
and we will leave peacefully.

What is your response?
Which of these creatures
shall be the first to taste the blade?
Launch all forces to intercept.

Obliterate them.

Their planetary defense system
has been activated.

Multiple Krill vessels
are closing on our position.

That's our answer.
Go to red alert.

Battle stations.

It's not too late to stop this.

My dear Captain
I am just getting started.

This one!
What's going on? Who are you?
Reporting for duty, sir.

- Commander Lamarr?
- At your service.

- Directive 21.

- You know it.

You've lost some blood,
but you're gonna be okay.

Microdermal makeover.

Trust me, Mr.
I'm much better-looking in person.

You're a welcome sight to me, Doctor.

Everybody hang on,
we're not out of this yet.

Isaac, anything?
Commander Lamarr
has activated his transponder.

They are moving away from the capital.

- Where's your shuttle?
- Bearing 3-7-5 mark one.


- What's wrong?
- The nav system just went out.

You do know where you're going, right?
- I mean, this kind of looks familiar.

- Oh, boy.

It's okay,
we got a navigator right here.

Help me out, Charly.

- There! Make a right!
- You sure?

- Ow!
- Easy, John!
Okay, yeah, that's it.

Commander, I am tracking the shuttle,
400 kilometers and closing.

Well, that doesn't look good.

The shuttle
has sustained heavy damage.

- What's their position?
- Bearing 121 mark six.

Lay down fire and get
us into docking range.

Open the bay doors.

They're secure!
Grayson to Ozawa.

We have the delegation.

I suggest we get the hell outta here.


disengage and retreat.

- Set a course for Earth.

- Aye, sir!
I'm pleased to report
that President Alcuzan
is going to make a full recovery.

He plans to address
the Union Council later today.

It was all looking
so hopeful just a few days ago.

There is
One card left to play.

If we want to.


Revealing her could force Teleya's hand.

she didn't ask to be
born into the eye of a storm.

And I gotta be honest,
I'm not so sure Teleya
wouldn't make her disappear
just to protect the regime.

You really think she'd
be capable of that?
I thought I knew her.

I don't.

She's your daughter.

The President is leaving it up to you.

Tell him thank you.

It's very possible
that I'll never see her again.

Well, that'd be a shame.

I always thought you'd make
a terrific father.

sad we never got that far.

Me too.

It's almost like yesterday was one life
and today is another.

And everything's different
on this side of time.

Yeah, it is.

At least you know she's in a safe place
and well cared for.

I miss her.

Is that weird to say?
I only met her once.

I don't even know her.

And I miss her.

The treaty is dead.

But we have to find a way
to preserve some kind of peace.

For Anaya.

You wanna have breakfast with me?
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