The Orville (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

A Tale of Two Topas

They've finished scanning
the fifth chamber, sir.
Requesting permission to proceed.
Nothing yet, huh?
Not even a stick figure.
Just a whole lotta empty walls.
Charly's mapping it all, but
Buried treasure would be more fun.
Pretty much.
Well, tell them
they're good to keep moving.
Will do.
- What are you doing?
- Hm?
I see you walking around all the time
with that datapad lately.
You writing a novel?
No, uh
it's for Anaya.
I've been writing letters to her.
To Krill?
How the hell are you getting through?
Well, I don't actually send them.
I just figure that
Someday, if I do see her again,
they might be something
she'd wanna read.
Since I'm missing her life now,
she can, go back in time,
and feel like I was there.
You know
after all these years,
you're still able to surprise me.
We've found something!
You've mapped all this, right?
I'd hate to get lost.
Just follow the bread crumbs,
you'll be fine, sir.
Lieutenant, what have you got?
Captain. We have detected
a large chamber beyond this wall.
Based on Ensign Burke's
cartographic index of the chambers
we have discovered thus far,
it is possible we have found
the primary burial vault.
Can we get inside?
Hemblicite tombs
are notorious for booby traps.
According to our scans,
this thing is rigged
to kill anyone who tries to open it.
Well, so how do we breach it?
I would suggest you step back
against the far wall.
It is now safe to proceed.
You, uh, got
a little something right there.
Scan is complete.
Uploading data for carbon analysis.
How old is this stuff?
The oldest artifacts date back
around 70,000 years.
My God. When did they die out?
The Hemblicite Empire
fell about 50,000 years ago.
They were kinda similar
to the ancient Egyptians.
They used to bury their kings
with all kinds of tools,
and jewelry, and things that they
could use in the afterlife.
Lucky for us.
Man, you said archaeology was a hobby.
You sound like an expert.
It's interesting stuff.
I don't do anything half-assed,
I can see that. What's this thing?
It's called a jiktal.
It's a razor for facial grooming.
You still have to shave
in the afterlife? That sucks.
Well, this is all
undeniably fascinating,
but I'm at the end of a 12-hour shift,
so if you're good here,
I'm gonna take off.
No problem,
we'll see you in the morning.
Return fire!
Sir, the Kaylon have disabled
our forward targeting scanners!
Implement source redirect
from the navigational array!
Fire all torpedoes!
Evasive maneuvers! Hard to port!
Kaylon are countering!
Deflectors are gone!
Divert power from life support!
End simulation.
Come in.
- Commander.
- Topa.
Am I interrupting?
No. I have exceeded
my allotted time.
I apologize.
It's all good, no big deal.
Were you running the command program?
Is that not permitted?
No, it's fine,
there are no restrictions.
You just don't usually see people
your age using it.
I have yet to master its intricacies.
Well, it's not easy,
that's the whole point.
How far have you gotten?
The Kaylon destroy my ship
seven minutes into
the battle every time.
Believe it or not,
that's a long time for a beginner.
Is this just for fun?
I was thinking
that when I am old enough
Commander, I am interested in taking
the Union Point entrance examination.
You are?
Topa, that's great.
Have you told Bortus?
Yes. He has given his blessing,
but he has warned me
of the difficulty involved.
It's a mountain to climb for sure,
but the fact that you're
challenging yourself like this
shows the right initiative.
If you're serious about it,
and, you want to get an early start,
I'd be happy to give you some guidance.
That is very kind of you, Commander.
How about we find a couple of days
this coming week,
and as long as it's
all general clearance,
you can shadow me,
get a sense of what service entails.
I would be very grateful.
Okay, we'll set it up.
Thank you, Commander.
Come in.
Topa. You're early.
I apologize, Commander.
No, don't apologize, it's fine.
We can get a jump on the day.
Come on, let's go.
First up on the schedule: daily rounds.
They can be kind of boring,
but a vessel this size
has a lot of moving parts.
Someone needs to make sure
that the ship's left hand
knows what the right hand is doing.
That includes things like
power allocation requests,
status updates,
and most importantly, basic morale.
They like to know
you're paying attention.
Good morning, Commander.
Good morning, Lieutenant.
Also, with so many different species
working on the same ship,
the occasional culture clash
is inevitable,
and all those headaches
fall under the purview
of the First Officer.
All right, thanks.
Commander. Thanks for coming by.
No problem, Biggins, what's up?
Oh. Yeah.
I've never worked
with a Belkarian officer,
but Commander Keyali told us
to be prepared.
Well, we wouldn't be the first
to have to navigate it.
Did you talk to him?
He insists he's within his rights.
Hey. Lieutenant Bolobar?
Ensign Bolobar, sir.
Ensign, right.
I couldn't remember
without the, uh shoulders.
Which is a good segue, actually.
I'm gonna have to ask you
to put on a uniform.
In the Belkarian faith,
to wear clothing on
the first day of the month,
is considered an affront,
to the work of the Spirit Lord.
I have explained this
to Lieutenant Biggins.
Yeah, I heard.
Ensign, you must know a uniform
is a basic requirement
for service in the fleet.
What about Lieutenant Unk
in engineering?
He does not wear a uniform.
Unk is half the
size of a shuttlecraft.
He'd have to wear a tent.
The Union is supposed to respect
all cultural traditions.
True, but that works both ways.
Look, I don't want to disrespect
your religion,
but maybe there's a sensible compromise
between your faith and Union protocol
that would satisfy everyone involved.
What do you suggest?
Put some pants on,
and we'll call it a day.
Very well, Commander.
Hey, Commander,
sir. Top of the morning.
- Hi, Yaphit.
- Commander, I'm glad you're here.
We're gonna need clearance,
for an extra 15% power allocation,
to purge the neutron filters,
in the dysonium matrix this afternoon.
No problem.
By the way, hope you don't mind,
Topa's shadowing me for a couple days.
Little pre-prep
for the Union Point entrance exam.
Aw, for real?
Wow, Topa, that's really cool.
I believe I would like to do
what Commander Grayson does.
I haven't told him
how much day drinking that requires.
Ha, ha! Good one, Commander.
Hey, I just want you to know,
we always enjoy your visits down here.
Thanks, Yaphit.
Just for your own education,
that's called ass kissing.
"Ass kissing."
Will it be on the entrance exam?
No, it won't be.
I know a lot of this seems pretty dull,
but Union service is
as much about mundane busy work
as it is about adventure.
No, it is not dull.
I want to know everything.
Yeah, you say that now
If I can ask, Commander,
why did you choose to join the Fleet?
I was always someone who was
comfortable with responsibility.
I was usually the one who volunteered
to watch the younger
kids on a field trip,
or captain the soccer team.
And I liked the satisfaction
of helping other people succeed
at their jobs.
I knew a command position in the Fleet
would mean a long,
slow climb through a system,
but I also knew it would be worth it.
What about you?
Why do you want to join?
Ever since I was a young child,
I have always felt
As if the person I am
today is a bookmark.
A placeholder,
until I discover who I am.
I have not found the answer at home,
so perhaps it is out among the stars.
You've felt this way for some time?
I once heard Dr. Finn say that,
"If you wake up in
the middle of the night
"and there is nothing to keep
you from falling asleep again,
it means you are happy."
I think that maybe
I am not happy.
You don't sleep well?
I always feel as if
There is something wrong with me.
But I cannot tell what.
Lieutenant Malloy says
many people my age feel this way.
Perhaps it is normal.
Lieutenant Felina's doing much better
after the neural regeneration therapy,
so I'd say it's safe to put her back
on limited duty.
All right, I'll have Kelly
put her back on the roster.
How's Isaac doing?
As far as I can see, remarkably well.
Ever since the suicide attempt, the
crew's softened a little toward him.
The power of compassion.
Even Charly?
Come in.
- Hi, Commander.
- Hey.
You guys busy?
No, we were just wrapping up.
- What's going on?
- What's the latest with the dig?
Union Central is
sending a science team,
to take over the excavation.
Aw, just when it was getting good.
Well, they'll be here in a week,
so enjoy it while it lasts.
Have either of you
spent any time talking
to Topa recently?
I haven't, no.
No. What's up?
I'm worried about him.
What's the matter?
I think that, at some point,
possibly soon
the person he is and
the person he was
are going to collide with each other.
Has he said something to you?
In a general sense, yes.
He's struggling, emotionally.
He's confused.
He knows
He knows there's
something different about him.
Oh, boy.
Why don't you have him
drop by my office?
He and I can have a talk,
and it will allow me
to do a casual evaluation.
It might be a little early for that.
He confided in me and it's
possible he could see that as
a breach of trust at this point.
I just
I need guidance.
When he tells me this stuff,
I feel like a horrible person.
I feel like I'm
lying to him with my silence.
There are times there are
times I want to scream it out loud,
"You were born female.
You were altered
without your knowledge."
And then just
let him decide for himself
how he wants to handle it.
I think
it may be time to talk to Bortus.
- Hey, guys.
- Commander.
Please, sit.
I don't mean to interrupt your dinner.
Have you seen Topa? He is late.
I have him helping Ensign Burke
with the recalibration
of the navigational array.
Part of his exam prep.
We both appreciate the time
you have spent with him.
It's my pleasure.
Please, join us.
Have some Kolp.
- Is that the
- It is the green one.
Listen, I have to confess, I had a
I had an ulterior motive for
putting Topa to work at dinnertime.
There's something I want
to talk to you about.
What is it?
I understand that it's inappropriate
within your culture
for me to bring this up, but
have you two ever
discussed telling Topa?
About his origins?
You are correct, Commander.
It is entirely inappropriate!
How dare you enter our home and
We have discussed the matter
on several occasions, and we feel
We do not feel the time is right.
And that's your decision,
of course, you're his parents, but
if I can offer
an outsider's perspective,
I think there may be
some residual damage
that could have had a ripple effect
down through the years.
This kid is unhappy.
All children are unhappy.
He will outgrow it.
I don't want to betray his confidence
if he hasn't said anything to you,
but he thinks there's something
wrong with him.
- What?
- He doesn't know.
Look, everyone at this table is
aware that we're talking about someone
who was surgically altered
without their knowledge or consent
you have overstayed your welcome.
You may go now.
Please. Talk to your son.
I apologize for
disturbing your evening.
- Klyden.
- No!
She could be correct.
She is a female!
With no understanding of our culture!
If Topa is struggling
If he is struggling,
it is insignificant,
compared to the struggle he would face
if he were to learn the truth!
It occurs to me
that in all the time
we have been together,
I have never once known you
to be uncertain.
Of anything.
Tell me,
what is it like to be so wise?
You are mocking me.
You invite it.
Do you know how much pain
I would have been spared
had I not discovered
that I was born female?
I would never, ever force our son
to endure such a life!
I love him with all my heart! Do you?
- Of course, I do!
- Then listen to me!
Bortus, I would give anything
to be ignorant of my beginnings.
Topa may never be happy
but unhappiness is better than despair.
Come in.
Hey, there you are.
We were scheduled for 1500.
I am sorry, Commander.
Requirement number one
for a Union officer.
will not be able to
continue the training.
Why not?
My father has forbidden it.
He has told me that if I wish to
resume, I can ask the captain.
But not you.
Topa, I'm
I'm so sorry.
I have great respect for the captain.
But it is not the same.
I feel
a connection with you.
Perhaps you could talk to my father
and change his mind.
I don't know that talking
to Klyden will do any good.
You could try.
this hurts me more
than you can possibly imagine,
but you have to believe me
when I tell you that I
am powerless here.
As much as I hate him
As much as I hate his answer
he's your father.
I do not want to give up.
If I could someday be like you
have a noble purpose,
to inspire people
to become their best selves
perhaps I would not feel so sad.
Hey there, Topa.
Hello, sir.
Oh, you don't have to call me
"sir" until you're wearing a uniform.
You wanna see something cool?
We're using a combination
of DNA fragments,
embedded in the artifacts,
along with sculptural renderings,
to reconstruct an approximation
of the Hemblicites' appearance.
Up till now, nobody knew
what they looked like.
But thanks to modern science,
we can make a good guess.
You wanna see?
Pretty amazing, isn't it?
You're looking at a
race that's been dead
for tens of thousands of years.
Please excuse me.
Hello, Topa.
What is it like? To be dead?
It is the opposite of being alive.
When you deactivated yourself
what did it feel like?
I was deactivated. I felt nothing.
Were you
unhappy when they brought you back?
I am incapable of happiness or misery.
May I ask the purpose of your inquiry?
I was
just curious.
Come in!
Isaac. Hi.
Hello, Commander.
I apologize for disturbing you.
No, it's fine. What's up?
It is my understanding that
a visit to a crew member's quarters
during off-duty hours can invite
speculation regarding intent.
If you wish,
I will send a ship-wide communique,
assuring the crew,
that this was
not a romantic or sexual encounter.
I I would just not say anything,
it's all good.
What can I do for you?
Topa came to the
astrophysics lab to speak with me.
He had many questions,
regarding my attempt
to deactivate myself.
What kind of questions?
He wished to know
what it was like to be dead.
What else?
He asked if I was
unhappy to be revived.
I see
I am aware that Union medical protocol
recommends disclosure of this variety
of information to a superior officer.
It does. Thank you for telling me.
Good day, Commander.
I should not be speaking to you.
It's okay,
we're not talking about work.
You're still technically
obeying your father.
I just
wanted to see how you were doing.
- I am fine.
- Yeah?
You know, if there's ever
anything you needed to talk about
just as a friend
I'm here. Always.
Thank you, Commander.
I will be all right.
Sometimes, when I'm feeling low,
or just a little unsure of myself
I have a slice of Kimbok.
Moclan Opsadda cake.
Yeah. Usually makes me feel
a whole lot better.
Perhaps I will have some later.
There are several different
Kimbok recipes on file.
You should search the database.
I'm sure you can
find one to your liking.
If you look hard enough.
Inquiry. Show me "Kimbok."
How many recipe patterns
for Kimbok are on file?
There are
41 recipe patterns for Kimbok.
They are available for
replication at all food synthesizers.
Are there any other files
containing the designation "Kimbok"?
There is one file.
Designation Kimbok33.
Dated Union Standard 7352417.
May I see it?
The file is password protected.
One piece of Kimbok.
Incoming message.
Access file Kimbok33.
Password Gomaskah 488.
Password verified.
- It's your own fault.
- I know that.
I just
he said he had another human friend
who could tolerate it.
I've never met a single human
who could eat a Baliddian tart
without some kind
of horrible allergic reaction.
Well, I won't do it again.
For God's sake, you're a grown man,
you should know better.
It just looked super tasty.
All those little green sprinkles
and whatnot.
Doctor. I need to talk to you.
Run this over your
face for three minutes.
What's wrong with him?
He's a child with no self-control.
How can I help you?
I need to talk to you about Topa.
I need you to tell me
if I've done a bad thing.
Klyden. How was your game?
We did not play. Topa never arrived.
That is odd.
He has never missed a Grand Latchkum.
Inquiry. What is Topa's location?
Topa is currently in crew quarters.
Topa. Where have you been?
I waited for you in the simulator.
Are you all right?
Was I born female?
- Topa
- Answer me.
How could you
possibly ask such a thing?
Answer me.
Of course not!
where did you get that?
Does it matter?
Was it Commander Grayson?
Tell me the truth.
Was I born female?
Why did you not tell me?
It was for your own well-being.
We wanted to protect you.
Were you ever going to tell me?
We did not know.
It did not appear to serve a purpose.
You have been lying to me.
My entire life has been a lie.
Topa, you were born malformed,
it is true,
but the doctors made you well!
You are male now! That is all that
I may appear to be male
but what is inside me still exists.
It is why I have felt the way
I have for so long.
My body has been screaming to me
that I am someone else.
I am
I am sorry.
To leave you as you
were would have been
Moclus has taught me,
you have taught me,
that to be female
is an aberration of nature.
I have heard the lesson clearly.
Moclus is an imperfect society.
- What is taught
- Bortus, you cannot
Klyden, you will be silent!
We love you.
For everything that you are.
And were.
Come in
How dare you!
Is there something
I can do for you, Klyden?
If we were on Moclus,
I would be within my rights,
to break your little neck.
Well, we're not on Moclus,
but you're welcome to try.
No? Then I suggest you back
the hell away from my desk.
My son is in emotional ruin
because of you.
I told him to have a slice of Kimbok.
- That's all I said.
- You gave him the password
for the trial records!
- No, I didn't.
- You are a liar!
I pointed him
in the right direction, yes, but
Who are you to decide
what is best for my child?!
- Somebody has to!
- My son was content!
Your son was miserable!
You wrecked that kid the second
you walked into that courtroom,
so do not try to pin
this bullshit on me!
I remember when we were
in the Kandar system.
You were worshiped as a god
by the planet's inhabitants.
Perhaps you still believe it yourself.
Perhaps that is why you chose
to play god with my family.
I played god?!
Klyden, that kid
has been crying out for help,
and you've been burying your fat head
in the sand,
because the truth
doesn't fit in with your
backward worldview!
Now, I may have overstepped,
but somebody needed
to start paying attention.
Because that child is in trouble.
And no matter how much
it hurts you to know it,
underneath that manufactured exterior,
Topa is still female.
I'm gonna use my imagination
and pretend that didn't just happen.
And then I'm gonna let go,
and you're gonna get
the hell out of my office.
And if you ever try to strike
an officer again,
I'm gonna break your goddamn
arm off and mount it on my wall.
You hear me?
Do you hear me?
Come in.
I am sorry to intrude, Commander.
No, please, come on in.
I require your help.
Of course.
Topa will not speak to Klyden,
or to me.
I know.
If it means anything,
Claire's been able to talk to him.
It's a good sign,
at least he's opening up to someone.
It may just take some time.
Sit down, please.
I am so sorry I caused this.
I just saw this kid
in a place of such despair, and
I was only trying to help him.
But the fact is, I was way out of line.
It wasn't my place.
You are not responsible.
I was the one
who led him to the Kimbok file.
I gave him the password.
I was on the bridge.
Commander Keyali was occupied,
and I was monitoring
the security station.
There was an alert,
that someone was attempting
to access a coded file.
I saw that it was Topa.
I sent it to him.
You wanted him to know.
happened in the moment.
It was not premeditated.
Have you told him?
No, no.
But I do not
I do not know how to help him!
How's the patient?
Well, the good news is,
I'm not worried about self-harm
at the moment.
Regardless of the psychological
upheaval caused by this discovery,
I genuinely believe
you did the right thing.
I wish I had your confidence.
It was a reckless move.
Well, that's why
the most important
thing we can do right now,
is listen.
Topa is going to have to guide us.
Can I go in?
You knew.
I wanted to tell you a lot sooner.
I just
They're your parents.
I did as much as I dared.
I wish I did not know.
Oh, Topa
I'm so sorry.
No, I do not mean what I say.
I'm still here.
If you need someone to talk to,
day or night.
What do I do?
You're the only person
who can answer that.
But however you
choose to process this
I'm on your side.
I know many females.
But they are all from other worlds.
You Commander Keyali
Dr. Finn
but no Moclans.
I wish
I could meet a Moclan female.
But my father would never allow it.
Maybe he doesn't have to.
Access all audiovisual data pertaining
to file designation Kimbok33.
Reference logs beginning
at time index 8490.5.
Integrate, and create simulation.
Simulation ready.
Begin simulation and hold.
Is that
The writer the Moclans knew
as Gondus Elden,
before she revealed she was female.
This is the courtroom
where your fate was decided.
I read about her in the Kimbok file.
But it did not describe her appearance.
Her face appears so wise.
Wait till you hear her speak.
Resume simulation.
When I was born, long ago,
my parents made the choice
to allow me to remain female.
They believed that to have me
altered would be an offense to nature.
So they took me far
up into the mountains
and built our family
a home in seclusion.
They taught me to think.
To read.
To wonder.
They taught me to
love the person I was.
When they passed, I remained.
I had planned to die up there.
But that is no longer possible.
The tribunal must not be allowed
to take from this child
the gift that I was given.
So I present myself to you
as a woman without regret.
I am happy.
What is it?
I am female.
This is preposterous!
Do you have any idea
what you are suggesting?!
Look, this kid has been
at the center of a cultural cyclone
since the day she was born.
It's about time that we all
stop trying to decide who she is,
shut the hell up, and let her tell us.
He does not understand
what awaits him!
Really? You've been telling her
since she was a young child
that females are garbage.
She's well aware, Klyden.
Stop using that word!
And she's still
standing by her decision.
Seems like she's
pretty sure of what she wants.
Bortus. What do you think?
I believe
that Commander Grayson is correct.
Topa has the right to decide.
Bortus, have you lost your mind?!
Claire, is this an issue
of personal identity alone,
or has Topa?
Topa has asked me
to reverse the procedure, yes.
She wants her physical body
to represent its origins.
And obviously that's possible.
It is possible, yes. And very simple.
You are a doctor!
You must realize that Topa is
too young to make this decision!
Are you hearing yourself?
are you completely oblivious
to the hypocrisy of
what you just said?
He is an adolescent!
- She was a baby!
- Doctor.
Is there any psychological risk?
Under normal circumstances,
I couldn't do what's being asked
until the child reached adulthood,
but, to be blunt,
Topa's history makes it all a wash.
It's impactful either way.
So, in my professional opinion,
the tipping factor
should be the wishes of Topa herself.
And there's a very reasonable argument
that we'd simply be restoring
what was taken from her.
It is immoral, and it is illegal!
On Moclus. We're not on Moclus.
- I forbid it!
- It's not up to you.
- I am his father!
- And so is Bortus.
Where medical issues are concerned,
Union law states that if a child
is not of legal age
to make the decision on their own,
it requires the consent
of at least one parent or guardian.
Doesn't require both.
If you do this
I will leave you.
I swear it.
And I will not even give you
the dignity of the sword.
There is another factor
that we have not discussed.
I know.
Even with Bortus's consent,
it may not be that simple.
You should know that this is not
something we take lightly.
The Union council conferred
with the Admiralty
for no less than nine hours
on the subject.
But it is abundantly clear
that this would deeply imperil
our relationship with the Moclans.
With the Krill treaty in ruins and
the Kaylon waiting at our doorstep,
we just can't take the risk.
Therefore, Dr. Finn,
it is my unhappy duty to order
you not to perform this procedure.
Excuse me, sir.
We have checked every legal box.
Topa has requested it.
Bortus has consented.
Everyone involved
is within their legal rights.
Civil law permits it, you are correct.
But you're on a Fleet ship
with a Fleet doctor.
We can't allow it.
Sir, I understand the danger, but
how the hell much longer
are we going to let this go on?
I mean, you are basically
allowing the Moclans
to dictate human rights policy
for the Union.
I don't want this to drag on
any more than you do, Captain.
You don't think I
hate making this call?
But we're desperately trying
to save lives here.
Without the Moclans, we become
utterly vulnerable to the Kaylon.
This procedure won't help Topa
if she's dead.
Can we speak to Rechik?
Rechik wanted to be in this meeting
along with the two other
Moclan councilmen.
I told him no.
Trust me, I'm doing you a favor.
This issue is a lightning rod
for the Moclans.
The trial was
a defining moment that, to them,
reinforced their cultural foundations.
I'm telling you, I have been
doing this job a long time.
If we defy their custom
and invalidate that verdict
by allowing a Union medical officer
to do this,
the Moclans will be humiliated,
and trust me, they will walk,
and billions could die as a result.
Would the Moclans
really want to cut ties
and face the Kaylon alone?
Want is irrelevant.
They'd have no way to save face
if they didn't.
Admiral. You have children, don't you?
If Topa was your child,
how would you explain this to her?
That we're forcing her to spend
the rest of her days
living a lie to protect
the political status quo?
If Topa wants to leave the ship and
have the procedure done elsewhere,
we have no jurisdiction.
She would not succeed.
The Moclans would pounce on her
without Union protection.
She'd be captured
and sent to prison in a heartbeat.
Captain, I empathize with all of you.
Please believe me.
But our hands are tied.
I'm very sorry.
My God.
How are we going to tell her?
I will speak to Topa.
if it is not too difficult
I'll come too.
It is not fair.
No. It is not.
Haven't they done enough?
When does it stop?
When do I get to decide
how to live my own life?
It will always be decided for me.
By other people.
I hate this universe.
Topa. This isn't over.
We're going to keep fighting it.
- How?
- We'll find a way.
Do not bother.
If they insist that I am male,
then that is what I will be.
May I go now?
- If there
- May I go?
Of course.
Boy, you really did a number
on yourself, didn't you?
Yeah, I was just careless.
Good news is, we've covered
the last of the catacombs.
Okay, try standing up slowly.
Thing of beauty. Thanks, Doc.
Captain, we've hit the end
of the line down there.
It's all been mapped out
for the science team,
so there shouldn't be any surprises.
I can have a detailed chart to you
- by the end of the day.
- Good work.
You can prep the
shuttle for departure.
Aye, sir.
What's the latest?
All cleared, sir.
We've de-fanged almost
every booby trap in the place.
There are a few we can't get to
without damaging the architecture,
but I'm working with Charly
to place markers on the map.
All right, start rounding up the team.
Sir, if I can ask how's Topa?
Not good.
Will you tell her that the entire crew
is pulling for her?
Captain I had a thought.
What is it?
What if
What if I resigned my commission?
Admiral Howland says
that a Fleet medical officer
can't do the procedure.
Then I won't be a Fleet officer.
I'll be a civilian doctor.
Claire, that's
very noble.
But you've dedicated
your entire career to the Fleet.
It's not like you can do that
and just jump right back in.
Your professional life
as you know it would be over.
Not to mention, you'd probably
become a target for the Moclans.
But it would give the Admirals
plausible deniability.
And the Moclans could
remain in the Union,
and still save face.
Again, technically.
It may be enough.
this would have to be
entirely your decision.
Every member of the crew would have to
be able to claim,
honestly, under oath,
that they did not aid or witness
the procedure.
Claire. Are you sure
you really want to do this?
You'd be saying goodbye to the Orville.
We're talking about Topa's life.
I think it's a fair trade.
So I won't be a Union officer.
I'll be okay.
Excuse me, Doctor.
I am not a Union officer.
I have never been commissioned.
I came to the Orville as an emissary.
That designation has
never been altered.
What are you getting at?
I could perform the procedure.
I am quite capable.
All required medical data is
available from the ship's computer.
I could upload it to my core memory,
along with any additional
specifications you
may wish to include.
Isaac, you're not a doctor.
I am an artificial life form
capable of executing complex algorithms
demanding extreme physical dexterity.
For me, there is no difference
between performing surgery,
playing a piano concerto,
or re-aligning a scanner array.
In effect, I can indeed be a doctor.
He's right.
I am officially ordering you
not to interfere.
Which means if you did this,
you would be doing it on your own.
Without my knowledge,
and without the knowledge of any
crew member aboard the Orville.
I understand, sir.
It would be
unfortunate if a member
of the crew visited sickbay
during that hypothetical window.
I've got an idea.
All hands, this is the captain.
I'm pleased to inform you,
there will be a very special
performance this evening,
in the shuttle bay.
As many of you are aware,
our second officer, Commander Bortus,
also happens to be
a very gifted singer.
He has not thus far graced us
with his talents,
but tonight at 2100 hours,
he will be performing selections
from the musical repertoires
of 16 different Union planets.
If you'd care to attend,
please submit a notification
to Commander Keyali.
Damn. You're a hot ticket, Bortus.
I will be sure to bring my,
what does Lieutenant Malloy call it?
My "A" game.
There ya go, buddy.
Looks to me like
we may have a full house.
Thank you.
This song was taught to me by Dr. Finn.
She says it is one of her favorites.
That key is too high!
There was a boy ♪
A very strange enchanted boy ♪
They say he wandered very far ♪
Very far ♪
Over land and sea ♪
A little shy ♪
And sad of eye ♪
But very wise ♪
Was he ♪
And then one day ♪
A magic day he passed my way ♪
And while we spoke of many things ♪
Fools and kings ♪
Please come with me.
- Why?
- I am here to help.
Please disrobe
and recline on the medical bed.
Is there some difficulty?
Isaac, I'm
I'm afraid.
Do you wish to abstain
from the procedure?
No. I want it.
are you sure I will be all right?
I am quite certain.
Our time is finite.
Please disrobe.
I wish Dr. Finn was here.
Dr. Finn is unable
to perform the procedure.
I would not be so nervous.
You are referring
to what Dr. Finn calls
a "bedside manner."
I will make sure that you are safe.
You do not need to be afraid.
Topa! What are you doing?!
- Papa
- You will come with me at once!
Get out of my way, Kaylon.
I am afraid that will not be possible.
I will not permit you to disrupt
the procedure.
I forbid you to do this!
You will destroy him!
That is inaccurate.
He will be altered physically,
but he will remain a fully functioning
biological organism.
He will be a monstrosity!
That is also inaccurate.
I surmise your capacity to reason
has been compromised
by your cultural indoctrination.
This is to be expected. Please depart.
Are you ready to begin?
Walk on, walk on ♪
With hope ♪
In your heart ♪
And you'll never ♪
Walk ♪
Alone ♪
You'll never ♪
Walk ♪
Alone ♪
The USS Newton has assumed
synchronous orbit, Captain.
Science teams are requesting
permission to begin
offloading the artifacts.
Permission granted.
Captain, I'm receiving a message
from Admiral Howland.
She's arrived aboard the Newton.
She'd like to meet with you and
Commander Grayson in your office.
Do you have difficulty understanding
simple speech, Captain?
No, sir.
- Do you, Commander?
- No, sir.
Yet, for some
completely mystifying reason,
my crystal-clear orders
were blatantly disobeyed.
I take full responsibility
You will speak when spoken to,
Captain, do you understand me?!
Yes, sir, Admiral.
You seem to think that
your personal judgment is more sound
than the judgment
of the entire Union Council.
That is a staggeringly
arrogant point of view,
wouldn't you say?
- Yes, sir.
- What's that?
Yes, sir!
You ignored a decision
handed down by your superiors
and committed an act
of outright disobedience,
thereby jeopardizing an alliance
that is one of our only barriers
against annihilation
from an outside force!
We were unaware the procedure
was occurring, sir.
then that makes you insubordinate,
and incompetent, doesn't it?
Yes, sir, it does.
The Moclans are understandably furious
about this flagrant disregard
for their culture.
However, they have decided
that the time is not right
to withdraw their Union membership.
In addition, the fact that a Kaylon
performed the procedure
has further heightened
their resolve to restrain
and vanquish the Kaylon threat.
Some would say that makes
your actions commendable.
Well, I say you just got lucky.
And if either of you ever again
step out of line,
and I mean so much as a wrinkle
in your uniform
or a blemish on your shoes,
you are finished!
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, sir.
Please, extend my best wishes
to the Moclan girl.
Klyden. You do not have to do this.
Papa. I had to.
I could not live my life
the way you wanted me to.
It would have been a lie.
Have you no room in your heart
for tolerance?
What inner fulfillment are you enjoying
from this devotion to tradition
that is so potent
it drives you from your family?
I love you.
I wish you were never born.
Listen very closely to me.
You are perfect.
- Hi.
- Hello, Doctor.
You've been pretty reclusive lately.
Since the Hemblicite artifacts
have been offloaded to the Newton,
I have had the opportunity
to analyze the accumulated data
in more detail.
It is quite illuminating.
You know
you did a good thing, Isaac.
I am aware of that.
Topa is very grateful.
Maybe that means something to you?
It does not.
Of course.
I did not perform
the procedure for Topa's benefit.
I-I don't understand.
We are both aware
that my presence on the ship
is a disruptive element.
The crew is not fond of me.
This is understandable.
Given their affection for Topa,
I reasoned that by assisting her,
I could improve my standing
aboard the Orville.
This would increase crew efficiency
on occasions during which
they must interact with me.
And maybe they'd
like you a little more.
That is also possible.
you are the most honest man I know.
You want to have dinner?
Very well, Doctor.
Grayson to Topa.
Yes, Commander?
We're about to leave orbit.
I was wondering if you'd like to sit
in the command chair for departure.
I would like that, yes.
Report to the bridge, on the double.
Yes, sir.
Have a seat, Captain.
All departments show green, sir.
Course plotted and laid in.
Ready for departure.
On your order, sir.
Engage quantum drive.
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