The Orville (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

Twice in a Lifetime

And I tried to write a symphony ♪
But I lost the melody ♪
Alas I only finished half ♪
And finish I suppose I never may ♪
Anyway I love you ♪
That's all I have to tell you ♪
That's all I've got to say ♪
That's all I've got to say ♪
That's all I've ♪
Got to ♪
Say ♪
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
- C'mon, one more!
- No, no, no. No, that's it.
That's it, I can't.
I can't, my fingers are too fulla beer.
They barely work as it is.
- Well, finish the job.
- Thanks, man.
this is why I love hosting parties
'Cause you can drink.
You don't have to go anywhere.
- Cheers.
- Cheers!
- Hello, Ensign.
- Hello.
May I speak with you for a moment?
Sorry, busy having fun.
Rough burn, man.
I have been attempting to converse
with Ensign Burke for some time.
However, my overtures have been
largely declined thus far.
Yeah, that's going to be
a tough one, Isaac,
and I don't have to tell you why.
My command of the nuances of discourse
would seem to be deficient.
Ah, don't beat yourself up.
It is an elusive skill.
How does one begin a conversation
with a biological life form?
L-Like in general?
There's no simple answer to that, but,
I guess a good place to start
is to ask the other person
about themselves.
People like it when you take
an interest in their lives.
Please clarify.
Well, it could be anything.
Ask them do they play any sports,
what kind of music do they like?
What are some of their hobbies?
Give them a compliment
on their haircut.
Whatever you could think of.
It's really not that hard
once you get the hang of it.
Hey, Gordon, what's this?
It's a
- It's a cellphone.
- A what?
It's a communication device,
from the early 21st century.
Is it real?
Nah. It's a replicated version
of a real one they found
in a time capsule on Earth.
Belonged to a woman
named Laura Huggins.
Here, I'll show you.
Is that her?
She was really pretty.
She was, yeah.
You know, you can learn a lot about
the people of that time period,
from one of these things.
I learned a lot about her.
Had the computer replicate this
as a
Sort of memento.
To keep her in my thoughts.
You talk like you knew this girl.
Kind of feel like I did.
Want to take a selfie?
A what?
Something I learned from Laura.
Thank you for the invitation
to your party, Lieutenant.
I must be going.
Oh, here, wait, before you go.
Get in this.
Okay, everybody, big smiles, okay?
Big smiles.
Here we go.
Essentially, it's two major
breakthroughs for the price of one.
And I mean major.
First off, the projection radius
of the field
is about three orders
of magnitude greater
than Dr. Aronov's original device.
Which means what?
Which means
the temporal field expansion
could theoretically
encompass an entire ship.
That's a significant upgrade.
Hey, man, what's goin' on?
We were supposed to have lunch.
Ah, sorry, man, I got sidetracked.
Well, we doin' it?
I can't. I'll owe you one?
All right, well, I'm starving.
You said there were two breakthroughs.
Egg salad sandwich.
We have managed to increase
the temporal resolution of the field.
In other words,
we can tune the field down
to the exact millisecond.
Oh, Gordon, can I borrow your sandwich?
Now, in ten seconds,
I'm going to send this sandwich
exactly ten seconds into the past.
- Where'd that come from?
- The future.
Now watch.
You just sent that sandwich
into the past,
and that's why it appeared
ten seconds ago.
- Boom.
- Well, why wouldn't you just keep it?
Then you could have
two sandwiches instead of one.
If Commander Lamarr
had not followed through
with his intent
to send the sandwich into the past,
it would have caused
a temporal paradox.
In which case an entirely new universe
would've branched off from this one,
all because of a sandwich.
Makes your head hurt.
Hey, wait!
I got an idea!
Can you send that
three months into the future?
Yeah, why?
Because three months from now,
it'll appear,
and that'll be a nice surprise.
Aw, I'm excited.
I can't wait to eat that sandwich.
Well, as novel as this is,
it also means the Aronov device
just became a lot more potent.
The Admirals should be notified.
It's undeniable they've achieved
something extraordinary,
but I have to admit,
I wish they hadn't.
March of progress.
Can't stop it.
The weaponization of time travel
has always been the
unthinkable horror.
If the Krill or the Kaylon
ever achieved it,
they could skip the
galactic brinksmanship
and simply destroy the Union
at its inception.
How do you want us to handle it?
I'm going to recommend
the immediate dispatch of a convoy
to escort you to the maximum
security research station
on Sabik Three.
You'll transfer the device
and all data over to their care.
John's gonna weep.
He's losing his favorite toy.
That toy is gonna be
a hell of a lot safer there.
I'll contact you soon.
Perry out.
Captain, we're being hailed
by the California.
It's Admiral Ozawa.
Put her on.
Go ahead, Admiral.
Captain, we've been hailing
the station
for the past five minutes,
there's no response.
- Talla.
- Doing it now.
Hailing on every channel.
No answer.
I'm ordering all ships
to increase speed to maximum.
We'll stay with you.
Ozawa out.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Life signs?
None, sir.
They found out we were coming.
A convoy of Kaylon ships
is dropping out of quantum.
- Evasive maneuvers, pattern beta!
- Aye, sir!
Deflectors down to 50%!
Full auxiliary power!
Kaylon interceptors in pursuit.
Gordon, pattern delta five.
Aye, sir!
Navigational array is offline.
Explosive decompression
on decks E and F.
Sir, incoming message
from Admiral Ozawa.
Put her on!
All ships!
We're taking heavy losses!
I'm ordering a full retreat,
bearing 1-6-7 mark 12.
We'll try to lose them
in the Veil nebula.
- Gordon!
- On it!
Tractor beam has locked on!
Full reverse power.
No effect!
- Hail the Kaylon!
- Hailing!
You will surrender the device.
Back off now
or we'll destroy it ourselves.
You will surrender the device
or you will die.
Prepare to be boarded.
Talla. Go to the lab.
Destroy the Aronov device.
Oh, god, hang onto something!
- Talla!
- Medical team to the bridge!
Ed, I'll go.
- Do it, go! Charly, take the helm.
- Aye, sir!
- You sure you're all right?
- Yeah, I'll be fine.
Captain, Kaylon vessel
is activating docking clamps.
I can't shake us loose, Captain!
- Options!
- Sir.
A forced overload of the deflector
array could disrupt
their tractor beam.
Mercer to Lamarr!
We're gonna use the quantum core
to overload the deflectors!
On Isaac's command!
Aye, sir, rerouting power now!
Core output 60%.
Core output 76%.
Core overloading.
- We're loose!
- Get us out of here!
Bortus to Captain.
Still no sign of the Kaylon.
It is possible they have given up
their pursuit.
All right, keep me posted.
Mercer out.
And it's not possible he was
injured during one of the blasts?
On his way back to the bridge?
I've done a full scan.
If he hit his head and
took a fall somewhere,
I'd know about it.
Captain, these magnetic impedance
readings, they don't add up.
What do you mean?
Well, the residual energy signature
makes it look like the Aronov device
has been running at full power,
but it hasn't been activated in days.
Could there have been
some sort of overload?
You mean could he have been
vaporized by a power surge?
No. No way.
The scans would pick up
any organic residue.
There's nothing.
Well then where the hell is he?
Bridge to Captain.
Go ahead.
We are being hailed.
By who?
By Lieutenant Malloy.
Where is it coming from?
The message appears
to have originated from Earth.
However, it is encoded
on a sub-quantum carrier wave,
calibrated to 3.7 times
the speed of light.
At such a velocity,
its time of transmission would be
approximately 400 years ago.
So it was calculated to reach
the Veil nebula from Earth
at exactly this point in time.
There is some degradation,
however the message is largely intact.
Malloy to Orville.
I'm sending this message to you
from the year 2015.
I've been here for six months,
and I'm
in case it reaches you.
I've encoded my temporal coordinates
within this message.
Uh I'm trapped here.
if you can.
I know it's a long shot,
but if you're able send help.
I miss you guys.
End transmission.
Gordon Malloy.
Pilot and flight engineer
for a private charter airline.
Died in Pasadena, California,
July 12th, 2068.
How did this happen?
Well, we think we know,
because in fact,
we've seen it before.
As you will recall,
when Commander Grayson's younger self
was transported to our time,
we were able to confirm
that human cognition
played a role
in the temporal displacement.
We think we're looking
at a similar explanation here.
The other night at the party,
Charly was asking Gordon
about the cellular
phone in his quarters.
Got him talking about Laura.
Now, we're still
just beginning to understand
the relationship
between temporal theory
and observer perception,
but the short of it is,
Gordon was close to the Aronov device
when we overloaded the deflectors.
The burst of energy
from the quantum drive
amplified the temporal field
before it collapsed,
and he got caught
in the displacement wave.
I might be off base, but my bet
is that his subconscious
picked that destination point:
the early 21st century.
So he's trapped in the past?
He was.
According to these records,
he lived and died back there.
So if that's the case,
it must mean we
weren't able to save him.
She is correct.
We have already failed.
Not necessarily.
See, that's where
temporal mechanics gets muddy.
It's all in flux.
Our behavior is, as yet, a variable.
Until and if we make the attempt
to rescue Lt. Malloy,
we are existing in a superposition
of several possible timelines.
Then he can be rescued.
But why is there any record
of him at all?
He knows the law.
If you find yourself
displaced in time,
you make yourself
as invisible as you can.
You do everything
in your power not to interfere.
Now that, I can't answer.
Is it possible for us to go back
and get him?
With the upgrades to the Aronov device
and the temporal coordinates
Gordon sent us in the message,
we got a shot.
But it's gonna put a hell of a strain
on the quantum drive.
He's calling out to us from the past,
asking for our help.
And temporal law compels us to try.
Mercer to Lamarr. Report.
Ready here, Captain.
Temporal coordinates
have been encoded and locked.
Initiate sequence.
All power couplings are linked.
ramp up the dysonium injectors.
Take us to 100% flow-field density.
Doing it.
Quantum core is at maximum output.
Isaac, what's your status?
I will require additional power
to increase chronon energy levels.
Lamarr, give Isaac
as much as you can spare.
Diverting auxiliary power.
Temporal field is weakening.
The core's destabilizing!
All sections reporting
structural integrity alarms.
Captain, we're hitting the ceiling
down here!
- Isaac!
- Stand by.
Commander Lamarr,
transfer emergency power reserves
to the quantum core on my mark.
Three, two, one,
Isaac, talk to me.
Captain, I believe,
we have successfully
made the transition.
Let's find out.
Ensign Burke, set course for Earth.
Aye, sir.
Sir, I'm picking up
old-style communication signals
on multiple radio frequencies.
It looks like
we've arrived in the right century.
Electromagnetic screens?
We are undetectable
to their surveillance technology.
Let's play it safe.
Keep us on the far side of the moon.
Lamarr to bridge.
Go ahead.
I got some bad news.
The time jump ate up
the last of our dysonium reserves
before we reached the temporal
coordinates Gordon sent us.
- We didn't quite make it.
- What do you mean?
Talla confirmed this
is the 21st century.
It is, but our target date was 2015.
We came up a little short.
According to our astrometric scans
we're in 2025.
So, Gordon
From Gordon's perspective,
he's been here for ten years.
I don't suppose we can try again.
Sir, without dysonium,
we can't get back to
our own time from here.
Then we'll just have to
go down there and get him,
worry about how to get back later.
Captain, in the early 22nd century,
deposits of dysonium were
discovered inside Earth's mantle.
However, at this current point in time,
they remain untouched.
I believe we may be able
to extract a sufficient quantity
using a remotely directed
geodetic probe.
All right. Kelly and I will
go after Gordon, bring him home.
John, you'll get the dysonium.
Make every effort to avoid
Captain, I'm not trying
to shirk duty here,
but we just put this ship through hell.
Alright, there are about
a thousand systems on board
that need to be inspected
and repaired just to stay afloat,
including life support.
Well, is there anyone on your
engineering team who's up to it?
There's one guy who could do it
a hell of a lot faster
and more efficiently than I can.
You're lookin' at him.
Commander Lamarr is correct.
I am able to direct a geodetic probe
with greater precision
than a biological.
However, its course will need
to be plotted in real time
with the proper adjustments,
to ensure minimal
geological disruption,
now, and in the future.
You make a wrong turn,
you could displace a fault line
that causes an earthquake
20 years in the future.
You basically gotta drill
while you're calculating trajectories
in multiple dimensions.
I will require the
assistance of Ensign Burke.
I'm gonna ask
a pretty basic question here.
How the hell is Isaac
supposed to walk around
21st-century Earth?
Navigation and flight controls
are on-line and ready for launch.
Cloaking system is standing by.
Looks like there's
a lot of air traffic down there.
Reporting for duty, sir.
I still say this is a bad idea.
Those things screwed us
on that Krill ship.
It's our only option.
Come on. Let's go.
All set for departure.
Take us out.
I have accessed their airspace
control network.
Uploading locations and flight vectors
for all air vehicles
within a 1,000-kilometer radius.
Great. At least we won't hit a plane.
Do you play any sports?
Okay. We all know
we're threading a needle here.
Avoid any unnecessary
temporal footprints,
but complete the mission at all costs.
Simple as that.
All right, let's go.
You want those TKS panels
installed in the Hawker?
Yeah. If it's good to go by tomorrow,
we can put it back in service
by the fifth.
Got it.
Hey, Gordo, you expecting clients?
No, why?
My god.
How are you?
I can't believe this is happening.
You're here.
You're actually
You're actually here.
Yeah. About ten years too late.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, yeah.
I just I can't believe it's you.
I'm so sorry it took us so long.
I just never expected
to see you guys again.
Well, we're here now.
And we're gonna try and make it home.
Can we take a ride?
Somebody already
had "Orville" with an R.
I was so pissed.
"O-ville" was the best that I could do.
Sounds like a shitty band.
What's that smell?
Oh sorry, Right Guard.
I was late for work today,
I had to get ready in the car.
Accidentally popped the top off
the can. It sprayed everywhere.
Seems like you've
acclimated to this century.
Yeah. Y'know, this time period
gets a bad rap,
but there's a lot to like about it
if you look hard enough.
Like what?
Well, you know, it's like
watching your little brother
make a bunch of stupid mistakes.
Yeah, he's an idiot now,
but you can see him learning,
and growing,
and you know that someday
all those mistakes
are gonna turn him into a smart guy.
That's pretty forgiving,
when you think about what
these people left us to clean up.
I guess I've always had
an attraction to this era.
And over the years,
I've gotten comfortable here.
You know, when no one came for me, I
had to make peace with the fact
that this was home now.
I didn't even know if the Orville
survived the battle with the Kaylon.
Look, Gordon, I can't imagine
how hard this has been for you.
But, Jesus Christ,
you're a Union officer.
And I wouldn't be doing my job
if I didn't point out
Please, please, don't say it, please.
Temporal law. Stay invisible.
Don't interact with anyone.
If we make it back,
you're gonna have to answer for this.
You know that.
I'm not going back with you.
- What?
- What do you mean?
Come inside.
- Hi, baby. Hi.
- Hi.
Oh. Who are your friends?
- This is Ed and Kelly.
- Hi.
This is my son Edward,
and my wife Laura.
I believe I have located
the nearest dysonium deposit.
It appears to be six kilometers
below the crust.
Can you get a lock
on the optimal drilling site?
I believe so.
Increasing scan resolution
will take a moment.
What kind of music do you like?
There is a suitable bore site 23.7
kilometers from our present position.
That's a good hike.
We could use some transportation.
I have an idea.
Two of those, please.
Damn. That's straight bourbon, honey.
Yeah, and I'm from Texas.
Is this your boyfriend?
Oh, my god, no.
I mean
no, this is my
I'm Sam. This is RJ.
I'm Charly, this is Isaac.
A pleasure to meet you.
What are some of your hobbies?
So listen, you, uh
you got a couple bikes out there?
Two Screamin' Eagle V-Rods.
Ooh, yeah, those are beauties.
I, um, don't suppose you'd let us
borrow them for a few hours?
Your sister's got some big ol' balls
on her, doesn't she?
Negative. Her anatomical construct
is comprised of
So tell me
who's the strongest guy in here?
That would probably be, uh me.
He's fulla shit. It's
Richie over there.
Okay. How about this:
If my brother here can beat Richie
in an arm-wrestling match,
you give us your bikes.
- Are you kiddin' me?
- Is it a bet?
Well, what do we get if you lose?
I lose
you choose.
Try to make this believable.
Understood, Ensign.
Don't call me never mind.
On my mark.
Oh, no, I am losing.
It would appear
this is not one of your hobbies.
Better luck next time.
So, I was singing at this little pub
back in New York,
and one night this awkward
kind of dorky guy walks in
- Oh, come on!
- And
And he's all alone,
and he's clapping louder than anyone,
so obviously you know
what my first thought is,
weirdo loner, creepy guy
who's probably gonna ask
if he can buy me a drink.
- Which of course I do.
- Which of course he does.
And so I'm like
Dad, can I have some more juice?
Of course you can, pal.
Do you want my help?
No, I got it.
So, I'm like, you know,
ten seconds away
from blowing him off
and walking to my car,
and then he starts talking
to me about my music.
it was so immediately clear that he
got it.
You know, he was really hearing
what I was trying to do up there
and-and, understood,
why it was the most
important thing in my life.
You know, a lot of guys
had come to my shows
and thrown out compliments
trying to score, but with him
I had no intention
of having sex with her.
I thought she was ugly, really.
- Stop. Let me finish.
- Okay.
He just really cared
about getting to know me.
You know, and so I thought,
hey, not my usual type, but
what the hell, give it a shot.
I had just broken up
with this guy Greg,
and the last thing that I wanted was
another douchebag
- But she went out with me anyway.
- That's right, yeah.
Look at us. Seven years later,
that douchebag is my husband.
I'm her douchebag.
Well, this is a very delicious lunch.
Thank you.
So, how long have you been in aviation?
- Five years.
- Ten years.
- Seems like five, doesn't it?
- It does.
That's why I said five
'cause it seems like it.
But yeah, ten years.
And Gordon tells me that
you work out of the Boston area.
You must be Sox fans.
Yeah, yeah, I mean,
it gets cold out there,
so socks are, um
Socks are important.
Hey. Bortus is asking
for a shipwide status report.
- How we doing down here?
- Uh, slow but steady.
Would you hand me
that phase modulator?
You think we're gonna be able
to make it home?
Well, Orville's a tough ship.
If Isaac and Charly
get the dysonium, she'll make it.
What's wrong?
I tweaked a muscle in my upper back.
Acts up sometimes.
I've been meaning to see Dr. Finn,
I've just been so busy.
- Where?
- Right shoulder?
Want me to see if I can get at it?
That's very nice, but I've tried.
With a Xelayan?
Well, no.
Okay, take a stab at it.
Holy shit.
Hang on, I feel it.
Oh, my god
Oh, my god.
- Yep.
- Ahh!
- Sorry, did that hurt?
- No. No, no. Keep going, keep going.
Wow, how long you known how to do this?
I don't know how to do this.
Ahh! Whoo!
Ahh! It's like a 50 G-force,
completely focused and controlled.
Oh, my god!
Ahh, you gotta be kidding me
with this shit.
Yep, there it is.
Got it.
Can we talk now?
Yeah. We can talk.
Look, I understand
that you got a raw deal, I really do.
But I want to hear a goddamn
good explanation
for what's happening,
because the way I see it,
we oughta haul your ass
back to the ship right now
and throw you in the brig.
- Shut up.
- Excuse me, Lieutenant?
No. No, I'm not your lieutenant.
I'm not your helmsman,
I'm not your crew.
I'm Gordon Malloy,
- and this is my house.
- Gordon.
You're guilty of about
50 counts of temporal contamination.
You broke the law, and god knows
what the consequences
Screw the law!
I spent three years obeying the law.
I hid in an abandoned cabin
in the woods of Connecticut
and I did my goddamn duty.
I stayed invisible. I didn't see
anyone, I didn't go anywhere.
You know what I ate?
Animals. Yeah.
I was holding my
weapon when I got sent
back, and I used it to kill animals.
You wanna talk about breaking the law?
Here it's no big deal, but in our time?
I'm a serial murderer, folks.
You know what that does to your head?
So after three years,
I said the hell with it.
Temporal law can blow me.
Yeah, looks fine on paper,
but the Union has no idea,
what it's like to be trapped, no idea.
So I went looking for her.
And I found her.
And I made a life for myself.
And I will not let you
make me feel like shit for doing it.
I'm a human being.
We're social creatures.
Without each other, we die.
Was I supposed to die?
To protect the timeline? Yes.
Maybe this is how
it's supposed to be! Who's to say?
Who's to say I shouldn't be able
to do whatever I want?
Oh. Seems you really have
acclimated to this century.
When you joined the fleet,
you took an oath to the Union.
You're here.
You're here. Which means
the Union still exists in the future.
If anything was gonna happen,
it already happened.
- That's how the physics works. No.
- No.
- The timeline is okay.
- You're deluding yourself.
Nobody really understands time travel.
According to Isaac,
it's all still in flux.
He says observer interaction
is still a variable,
and until we act, one way or the other,
all timelines are possible.
How do you know that your son
won't grow up to start a war
that could delay
or even prevent Union emergence?
Or maybe, maybe one of
his descendants helps create it.
Or maybe even gives birth to you.
Or to me.
That's my point.
Gordon, without knowing,
we can't interfere.
We don't have the wisdom,
we don't have the foresight.
You may have done irreparable damage
already, we don't know.
But the longer you're here,
the greater the risk.
According to Isaac, we're existi
Oh, yeah, and Isaac's
always been trustworthy, hasn't he?
- Oh, Jesus, Gordon, come on
- What?
What? He helped the Kaylon
kill thousands of people.
That we know for sure.
So a verifiable crime is less serious
than a hypothetical one?
Nice priorities.
You have to come with us.
Forget it.
You sent that message.
You wanted us to come take you home.
We're here.
Ten years ago I wanted it!
More than anything in the galaxy.
But not now.
You took too long.
And I'm happy here.
I think you need to go.
That's the truth. All of it.
My god, say something.
I know.
I know.
Somehow I think I've always known.
There's just something
about you that's
It's this energy that surrounds you.
How you see the world.
The way you are with me.
Even when the pandemic came
you knew.
When everything around us seemed
like it was falling apart
you told me it was gonna be okay.
And you know what?
I believed you.
you know.
Don't you?
And it
it doesn't change the way you feel?
About us?
You mean because you've been
lying to me our entire life?
Laura, if I had told you
It would've been useless.
Well, would it?
I honestly don't know.
I suppose that's why
it was meant to happen now.
When I was ready to hear it.
And I know it's the truth.
I fell in love with you
three centuries after you were gone.
Where do we go from here?
They want to take me back.
what do you want?
I want you.
The entry point coordinates
are directly beneath that structure.
Come on.
We're in luck. It looks vacant.
Excuse me.
Hi. I'm Nancy Weber.
This is my listing.
- Hi.
- Are you interested in the house?
We, um
Yeah, we're we're interested.
Don't tell me. Young couple
looking to buy their first home.
You you guessed it.
Well, you picked a good one.
The house, I mean.
Although the guy is pretty cute too.
So cute.
Come on in.
You going for a hike?
- A hike?
- The backpack.
Yes, we are.
This afternoon.
So how long have
you two been a couple?
Oh few years.
Right, honey?
Affirmative. Our pairing
has flourished for some time.
Well, this is the main living area.
Plenty of room for
just the two of you,
or if you're looking
to start a family.
I'm assuming you don't have kids yet?
Insemination has yet to occur.
Jesus Christ.
Is there a, um, basement of some kind?
Yes, there is.
Could we see it?
Of course.
The previous owners
used this primarily for storage,
but with a little work,
it's a perfect space
for a game room or an office,
or even a small home gym.
The house is really great,
and the price is fair.
Could we have a moment alone
to discuss it between ourselves?
Absolutely. Take your time.
And I really think
you're gonna love it, trust me.
Okay. We have to do this fast.
The dysonium deposit
is bearing 0-0-6 mark 17,
relative to the geometric center
of the Earth.
Once the device is active,
we will need
to continuously adjust the trajectory
in order to avoid
petrological disequilibrium.
You mean don't crack the egg.
A crude analogy.
All right, let's fire it up.
The geodetic probe
has entered the crust.
Descending at 56.7 meters per second.
Tectonic stress is rising.
I see it. Rotate descent vector to
bearing 0-0-7 for eight seconds, now.
Rotating vector.
A pressure gradient is shifting
in a nearby aquifer.
Pull back 20 meters
and redirect laterally.
The gradient has stabilized.
Tectonic stress is nominal.
Redirect, bearing 0-1-1 mark 12.
Density transition confirmed.
We have breached the mantle.
Okay. Now we wait.
I like your hair.
Okay, what the hell are you doing?
Please clarify.
You've been asking
all these random questions,
like, "What music do you like,
what sports do you play?"
You're acting totally weird.
What's going on?
I am attempting to initiate
a conversation with you.
Why? If you have something
to say, just say it.
Don't dick around
with all this small talk.
Very well.
During my observations
of biological customs,
I have seen many instances
of recognitional declaration
when one individual
performs a service for another.
The humans call it a "thank you."
I never said "thank you."
For my reactivation.
In effect, you saved my life.
Yep. Sure. I guess I did.
Thank you.
The appropriate response is,
"You are welcome."
Yeah, well, let's skip that part.
I do not understand.
Do you not wish to avail yourself
of my thanks?
Isaac, I was doing my duty.
And I can promise you,
I didn't like it one bit.
I was separating my job
from my personal feelings, that's all.
I see.
You still harbor negative
sentiments toward me.
We have to work together. Every day.
But that doesn't change what you did,
and who I lost because of it.
Does your machine brain
have any concept of what love is?
I do not understand.
Well, I'll help you.
Amanda wasn't just my best friend.
I loved her.
And I never got to say it to her.
She was someone I could've seen
spending the rest of my life with.
And I have no idea if she felt
the same way.
I waited too long to ask.
And then she was gone.
You took her life,
and by doing that, you took mine.
Or what mine could've been.
So yeah.
I still harbor "negative sentiments."
Nonetheless I thank you.
Extraction complete.
The plasma drill has been deactivated.
Okay. Let's seal it up, quick.
Let's get outta here.
So, what do you say? Is it home?
We just broke up.
What did you think the words
"pay per view" meant?
I never thought about it.
I thought it was
like some foreign expression
like "a la carte" or "in escrow."
- Well, it is not.
- Oh, man!
Ah, so, what's your good news?
Oh, I got fired.
Whatever you think you're gonna do,
you can forget it
and get the hell out of here.
- Gordon
- I said get out!
Gordon, what's going on?
- They're here to take me away.
- What?
You can't stay here, and you know it.
Then you should've gotten
your goddamn dates right
and shown up ten years ago!
- I'm not leaving!
- You don't have a choice.
What you're gonna
haul me outta here by force?
If I have to.
All right. I'll go.
We all will.
I'm sorry, Gordon. No.
I'm not leaving here
without my family.
Daddy, what's wrong?
It's okay, honey.
What, are you gonna kill us?
No. Just a heavy stun.
And when you wake up, we'll be gone.
And we will disappear
so deep into this world
that you won't have a prayer
of finding us again, ever.
So you have two choices:
The door or the floor.
Take your pick.
Gordon, you know
what you're doing is
Isaac to Captain Mercer.
Go ahead.
We have secured the dysonium,
and we are returning to the shuttle.
Acknowledged. Mercer out.
All right. We're bringing you home.
I don't think you heard me.
I told you I am not
From 2015.
Farther back down the timeline,
you're there,
asking for our help.
It's a ten-year jump.
We'll make it.
No. No, no, no, you can't.
Gordon, what does he mean?
He means going back for me.
Ten years in the past.
- No, what about
- Us?
There won't be any us.
No us, no Edward.
No baby.
What kind of people are you?
I'm so sorry. But this reality
was never supposed to exist.
Our reality? My son's? My baby's?
You're saying they won't exist?
I don't know.
That's the reason it's
illegal and immoral,
to play god with history.
Who's playing god?
The only one playing god here is you.
Is it illegal to erase people
from existence?
Because I call that murder.
Goodbye, Gordon.
We'll see you soon.
Ed! I'm begging you
please don't do this!
Please don't take my family away!
Jesus Christ,
if you have any shred of decency,
please don't do this!
What's going to happen?
Daddy, are we in trouble?
No matter what
I will always love you both.
Do you understand?
This family
is stronger than time.
And no matter what happens
no one can take that away from us.
I believe you.
Mercer to Lamarr. What's our status?
We managed to extract
about eight kilos of dysonium
from the geodetic probe, Captain.
Will that be enough?
It'll be tight, but yeah, I think so.
The revised temporal coordinates
have been encoded and locked.
Let's try this again.
Open the dysonium injection valves.
Power couplings are linked.
I am initiating the temporal field.
Core is stable.
Full power in five,
four, three, two
Stand by, Captain.
It's not a bull's-eye,
but we're close.
Gordon arrived about a month ago.
All right.
Let's bring him home.
Ahhh, man.
It is good to be back.
It's good to have you back.
I'm glad we
I'm glad we made it.
I never doubted you for a second.
We'll talk about it later.
It's completely shot.
Fried from the inside out.
Can you repair it?
If we had six months, maybe.
This isn't a quantum drive
we're talking about.
This is cutting-edge
temporal technology.
Maybe if Dr. Aronov himself were here,
he could speed it along,
but he's not going to be born
for another three
and a half centuries.
Well, we don't really
have a choice, do we?
If it takes six months, so be it.
We have to try.
Can't just fly into
the future without it.
I am a goddamn idiot.
What do you mean?
That's exactly what we do.
We need the Aronov device
to travel to the past, yeah?
But if we wanna travel to the future,
we got a built-in method right here.
We've had it the entire time.
Whenever we're using
the quantum drive,
we're moving faster than light.
But the quantum field creates
a bubble around the ship,
isolating us from the normal
spacetime continuum.
Otherwise, we'd be subject
To Einsteinian relativity:
time dilation.
The closer we get
to the speed of light,
the faster time passes
outside the ship.
Well, don't you see?
We just shut down the field.
The very thing it's
supposed to prevent,
we just allow to happen.
We push the ship as close as we can
to the speed of light
and let Einstein take care of the rest.
Without the field in place,
such a speed would put the Orville
at high risk of collision.
Even a particle of interstellar dust
could compromise the hull.
We reroute every last drop
of available power to the deflectors.
Even life support.
Hell, the whole trip won't take
but a couple of minutes.
There's a star, Alpha Tucanae,
about 200 light-years away from Earth.
Charly plots a course that avoids all
gaseous nebulas and interstellar dust.
If we travel at 99.9999%
the speed of light,
we'll get there and back
in just a few minutes.
But on Earth,
400 years will have passed.
Precise calculations will be required
to ensure
our arrival time is accurate.
Yeah, the math'll be your job, buddy.
Enjoy that.
So, what do you think?
Do it.
Status, Ensign?
Course laid in, sir.
Helm has been re-calibrated
for relativistic velocity.
Everyone buckle up.
Bridge to Lamarr. On your mark.
Acknowledged, Captain.
Gordon. Engage quantum drive.
Hard to believe we're watching
decades pass out there.
Approaching Alpha Tucanae.
- John?
- All clear.
Two hundred years down, 200 to go.
- Course set for Earth.
- Bring us about.
Aye, sir.
Lamarr. On your mark.
Engage main drive.
Lamarr to bridge.
Gordon, switch to computer control.
Implement Isaac's presets.
Take us home, baby.
Approaching Earth.
That's more like it.
Union Central is responding, sir.
We have permission to dock.
I don't even know what to say.
It must have been the hardest thing
you've ever had to do in your life.
Yeah, that's an understatement.
I just
I can't believe I
would be that selfish.
I mean, to risk the timeline,
to threaten you
You were tested to a degree
that none of us have ever been.
Who's to say that we
wouldn't have done the same?
A family does powerful
things to a person.
I know that
there's nothing
that's gonna make you feel better.
But for what it's worth
you did the right thing.
As hard as it was,
you put your duty first.
you're right. I don't feel better.
There are two children
who will never be born.
And a future that will.
Hey. How long has it been
since the three of us did this?
Long time.
Just like the old days.
In the old days,
we would have finished
off that bottle and drained two more.
Yeah, well, we were younger.
You're right. Let's try for three.
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