The Orville (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

From Unknown Graves

Mama! He's home! Papa's home!
Does he have it? Is it here?
Yeah, it's here!
Mama! Papa's back!
All right, all right,
you don't have to yell.
Here it is!
Papa, can we open it now?
Can we?
We can.
Let me just get it inside first.
Avim, step out of the way
so he can bring it in.
Oh, good Lim, this is gonna make
everything much easier.
All right, here we go.
Let's see here.
Now there's supposed to be
a release pad.
Ah, there it is.
Okay, guys, get ready.
Verell, it's perfect.
And it's gonna change our lives.
Oh, my god, what happened?
- My arm. I think it's broken.
- Are you serious?
And possibly a rib.
Oh, my god, John,
I'm so sorry, I got carried away.
It's okay, it's all good.
- Let's get you to sickbay.
- I got it, I can get there.
- You sure?
- Mm-hmm, yep.
I'm really, really sorry.
It's okay, I'll call you later.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I'm off to dinner.
Unless it's an emergency,
maintain radio silence.
Will do.
Hey, Doc.
What happened to you?
I was working out again
in the simulator, combat training.
Think I just took it too far.
It's probably broken.
It certainly is broken.
Along with a hairline
clavicle fracture and
A bruised rib.
This is your third injury in a week.
What are you doing in there?
The program combines battle tactics
and cross-training.
It's just, it's just really intense.
Well, you need to take
a break from it for a bit.
Yeah, probably.
It's just
it's just such a good workout.
A good workout kind of
defeats the purpose if it kills you.
Take it easy in there, okay?
Natalie will fix you up.
All right. Thanks, Doc.
You are 11.35 minutes late.
I know.
A couple of last-minute patients.
I'm sorry. Uh
Are you gonna change for dinner?
I'm starved.
Initiate simulation.
That's more like it.
How was your day?
Look at you.
You're getting better
and better at this.
Uh, it was fine.
Although I think something odd
is going on with John.
He broke his arm.
He said it was from a workout program,
but I don't think he was
being completely honest.
How do you know this?
Just a gut reaction.
Here you go, folks.
Thank you.
Let's see.
What looks good?
I'm sorry.
You look good.
Well, thank you.
You look good enough to eat.
What are you talking about?
I have been studying
the various forms of human flirtation
described in the ship's anthropological
and sociological databases.
Your species often correlates
the sensation of sexual desire
to physical hunger
and thus employs the use
of such metaphors.
You know, you don't need
to do all this research.
That's not why I come here.
And it's not why
It's not why I care about you.
Am I to infer
by your use of nomenclature
that we are once again a couple?
to be honest, I don't know yet.
Please inform me when we are.
Well, it's not something
I can inform you of
at any specific juncture.
If it happens, we'll just know.
How will we know?
Well, it'll just feel right.
Is this a gut reaction?
It is.
It would seem necessary to remind you
that I am incapable of a gut reaction.
You know what, you're right.
Don't worry, I'll inform you.
Thank you, Doctor.
Isaac, we've known each other
a long while.
Don't you think it's time
you start calling me Claire?
Of course. Claire.
We'll be rendezvousing
with the Janisi in a few hours.
Since Talla's the only one on board
who's had direct contact with them,
I've asked her to conduct this briefing.
Thank you, sir.
As far as their degree
of technological development,
the Janisi are about
on par with the Union.
The biggest distinction, of course,
is their attitude towards males.
They're a staunchly matriarchal culture,
which means any and all
males who appear to be dominant
are not to be trusted.
Do they have males on their home world?
They do, but they're relegated
to second-class status.
Why would we ally ourselves
with such a closed-minded society?
We're not suggesting Union membership,
but with the Kaylon threat
and the collapse of the Krill treaty,
the Admirals feel
we need all the friends we can get.
Why us?
Despite what happened with the Krill,
the captain made
significant diplomatic strides
that got us close to peace.
The Admirals seem to think
that we're the ship for the job.
Where's the rendezvous?
Neutral space, in orbit of Situla Four.
It's an abandoned mining planet.
An alliance is not gonna be easy.
They have very little tolerance
for cultural differences.
Well then, how are we
supposed to begin a dialogue?
We have an idea.
Captain Losha.
Welcome aboard the Orville.
I'm Captain Kelly Grayson.
It is a pleasure to meet you, Captain.
This is my first officer,
Commander Talla Keyali;
my chief of engineering,
Commander Charly Burke;
and our chief medical officer,
Dr. Claire Finn.
- Welcome.
- We're honored to have you here.
My First Officer Kava
and my First Lieutenant Hodell.
This is an impressive ship.
The configuration of your
quantum engines is quite unique.
It's actually Union standard.
I'd be happy to give you a tour
of the core once you get settled.
That would be fascinating, thank you.
If you'd like,
we can escort you to your quarters.
I'm sure it's been a long trip.
We will require assistance
with our belongings.
Of course.
Mercer! Malloy!
Yes, sir.
Take the Captain's luggage
to her quarters.
Aye, sir.
If you'll follow us.
Oh, man, this is a lotta bags.
All right, I'll take this batch,
you take that stuff there.
Okay. Here.
Watch the door.
Gimme a push.
All right, there you go.
Their ship is pretty cool, though.
- Damn it! Don't just stop!
- Sorry.
- Tell me if you're gonna stop!
- Okay, sorry, that's my bad.
- Be careful.
- I'm going, I'm movin' now.
Careful, stairs, stairs, stairs.
One, two, yeah.
All right.
- That way.
- Yeah.
A lovely view.
These quarters are quite acceptable.
Thank you, Captain.
No, thank you.
We're very pleased you agreed
to open negotiations with us.
I must remind you
that is all we have agreed to.
We will not ally ourselves with
any society we feel is incompatible.
I understand. And it's my job
to convince you that we are.
Come in.
Careful, right behind you.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait!
- Careful.
The way you've got it,
it's never gonna go.
Give it a good shove. Ugh!
Ah, good, finally.
Put them in there, then leave us.
My pleasure.
Sideways, sideways.
I'm going sideways.
Are all your males so
- Mm-hmm. Very much so.
- Yeah, yeah, yep.
That is for sure a hiatal hernia
I'm feeling right now.
Whoo. This completely sucks.
I don't know, I think it's kind of fun.
How long do we have to keep this up?
Once the negotiations
are far enough along,
we can ease them into the harsh reality.
What are you doing?
Suppose they decide
to come visit the bridge?
You want to explain this to them?
She's right. Take your positions.
The Janisi and a Moclan.
Yeah, you should probably just go.
- Captain.
- What?
I'm detecting an energy surge
from the planet.
I thought that colony was abandoned.
I am detecting it as well, sir.
Ionic discharges in the
atmosphere of Situla Four
make a full scan difficult,
but the surge does not appear
to be of natural origin.
Well, I'm kinda useless up here.
Gordon, Charly, you're with me.
Sir, recommend
you take a security detail.
I'll take Bortus.
Give us boys somethin' to do.
Avim, Keena, dinner!
Mm. Perfect.
Oh, gosh, that smells delicious.
Almost as good as yours.
It's better. You can say it.
The recipe came pre-programmed.
He's got thousands.
How many exactly, K-1?
K-1:11,257 recipes,
selected by the Kaylon
Culinary Institute.
There you are, come on, sit down.
That smells like callagus.
It's callagus stew. K-1 made it.
I hate callagus.
Well, how do you know you hate it
if you haven't tried it?
Mm! Wow.
Now, see, this
This is spectacular, mm.
Hey, Mama, can I take K-1 to school?
No, honey, we need him here at home.
Hey, K-1, do you want to come
to school with us?
Honey, stop.
K-1, you can't go to school.
I would be interested to see
Why may I not see
Because you belong here.
At the house.
May I see "school" at a future time?
What's wrong with him?
K-1, you're not supposed
to speak unless you're asked to.
Do you understand?
Good. Now go.
We'll call you when
it's time to clean up.
As you wish.
It looks like the energy surge
is coming from an underground complex.
Life signs?
One. Beneath the surface,
pretty close to the surge.
Who occupied this outpost?
The Navarians.
They bled the place dry
ten years ago and then left.
I'm setting us down
outside the main structure.
The power source is approximately
20 meters beneath us.
Looks like a chamber of some kind.
Weapons, Captain?
Not yet, but be ready.
It's some kind of lab.
Is anyone here?
There is no need to shoot.
I am unarmed.
I promise you,
I have no intention of causing trouble.
My name is Timmis.
Who are you?
I'm a Kaylon,
and I understand your reaction,
but really, you don't need to fear me.
Sir, permission to fire?
Wait. Are you alone here?
No. He's not.
You can put your weapons down.
He's telling the truth,
he's not going to hurt you.
He is a Kaylon.
Yes, he is.
But if he were dangerous,
don't you think
he would've killed me by now?
We've been down here over a year.
I'm Doctor Villka.
Captain Ed Mercer.
Of the starship Orville.
Never mind the uniform.
I think you have some explaining to do.
That's an understatement.
I'm sure you've heard of Dr. Uhabbus,
of the Pagosan Ministry of Cybernetics.
I'm his daughter.
About 13 months ago,
my father and I were out here
testing a new iso-neural interface
for long-range scanners,
when we picked up a
faint power signature
on the surface of this planet.
We knew it was abandoned,
so we came down to have a look.
We found a crashed Kaylon ship.
My vessel was badly damaged
in the battle with your Union.
We retreated with the others,
but we knew we wouldn't
make it back to Kaylon.
We tried for a landing on this world,
but our power gave
out during the descent.
The other two Kaylon were destroyed.
But when my father and I
came down here, we found Timmis.
He was barely functional,
and certainly no threat
to us in his condition.
So we removed his cranial weapons
and repaired him.
Why would you do something so stupid?
What's your name?
This was a rare opportunity
for a scientist.
We took it.
But we did something more.
We found a dormant
electrochemical pathway
in the sensory receptors of his brain.
We expanded it
and built an integration nexus
in his cognitive network, and, well
I am able to experience
the full spectrum of
biological emotions.
You are saying he can feel?
Just like you, my Moclan friend.
Captain, I don't know if you grasp
the magnitude of this.
One of the highest functions
of the biological brain is empathy,
the ability to put yourself
in another person's shoes.
Timmis can do that.
Why Timmis?
My father's name.
He passed away shortly after
we began our research here.
Captain, what my people
are doing is wrong.
Biologicals are not
universally destructive.
We can find a way to coexist.
Dr. Villka, there's
a lot to evaluate with this.
We can't just leave you down here.
The Union has to know what you've done.
Timmis and I had planned
on making our findings known
within the next few months or so.
We're happy to get an early start.
Bortus, have Talla arrange quarters.
As far away from the Janisi as possible.
We don't want to
disrupt the negotiations.
Aye, sir.
Dr. Villka,
this is next-level cybernetics.
I could write about 50 papers
just based on the nonlinear dynamics
of your integration nexus.
The sensory receptors
were originally set up
to respond to negative
associative conditioning.
It was just a matter of expanding
the parameters.
You're talking
about the pain receptors.
Yes. I'm sure you know
the Kaylon were badly
mistreated by their builders.
We know.
Captain, Dr. Villka and I
feel that our shared experience
could serve as a diplomatic springboard
in the pursuit of
peace with the Kaylon.
Well, that seems like a long shot,
but I guess you never know.
Will you present the idea to the Union?
I will.
Commander, the Janisi
are ready to tour the engine room.
I need your cheat sheet.
Okay. I'm gonna have a ton
of questions for you and for him.
We're at your disposal.
- Go on, out!
- This is so stupid.
I know, but it's Commander's orders.
What if we stayed here
but we were just really quiet?
Listen, I'm just telling you
what he told me.
No males on duty
while the Janisi are here.
Yeah, well, maybe they can't tell,
but we gotta play it safe.
See ya later, boys.
Ah, this is such bullshit.
And this is our engineering deck.
Captain Losha. Welcome.
- Most impressive.
- We like to think so.
What you're looking at is
a fourth-generation quantum reactor
with a space-time
displacement coefficient
of 17 light-years per hour.
How do you address the
cross-dimensional power instabilities?
We have amplitude interlocks
that automatically compensate
for any variation in
the dysonium flow field.
Would you be willing to share
this technology with our engineers?
Well, that's not exactly up to me.
I imagine if the Janisi express
a willingness to discuss an alliance
anything is possible.
You negotiate well, Commander.
Come on,
I'll show you the quantum core.
That's where it really gets good.
Hey, guys, I'll catch up
with you in a bit.
I forgot I have
a briefing with the captain.
All good, we'll be here.
John, your timing really sucks.
Well, I'm sorry I can't
work around your schedule,
but you haven't been
returning any of my calls.
I've just been really busy.
I'm doing double duty here.
Security chief and first officer,
it's a lot to manage.
I'm sure it is, but,
I mean, you don't have
time for one call?
I don't buy it.
You're avoiding me.
Can you please just tell me
what's going on?
Yes, okay, you're right. I'm sorry.
I have been avoiding you.
I just
This isn't gonna work.
Wait, what is this? You're dumping me?
I thought we were doing good.
Well, we're not, and you know why,
so don't act like this is news, John.
Look, I really like you.
A lot.
You know this, right?
I thought I did.
I just, I don't want to hurt you.
Cool, let's make this work.
No, I mean physically hurt you.
I've already injured you three times.
And we're lucky
it hasn't been more serious.
This is just a problem
that comes up with Xelayans
and other species during sex.
People have been killed.
That's a good way to go.
John, this isn't a joke.
And it isn't a joke for me either.
Talla, this
me and you, is real.
And it doesn't happen
for me often, and I like it.
I just don't want to give it up.
I know. I don't want to either.
Great, seems like
we're on the same page.
See? This is good, isn't it?
Okay, but we have to
be really careful. I mean it.
Okay, we will. It's all good.
You okay?
- I'm fine, I was just playing. I know.
- Come on.
I'm sorry, come here. I know. I know.
I know.
Thank you, K-1.
You can go now, K-1.
What is the function of these images?
K-1, go to the kitchen and clean up.
Did you hear me?
Go clean up the kitchen.
What is the reason for my servitude?
The reason is that I told you to do it.
We own you, and you do as we say.
What's wrong with you?
Why do other members of
this dwelling not share in such tasks?
Because that's your job, K-1.
Something's wrong with him.
I'm gonna call the company tomorrow.
K-1, power down.
As you wish.
His neural network has been
recalibrated to accommodate
the higher action potentials
from the emotional perceptrons.
Think of it as the technological version
of a gland.
If we get frightened,
our adrenals activate.
In his case, perceptrons send
an electromagnetic pulse
through his neural net.
You do realize you're a goddamn genius?
Am I interrupting your examination?
No, not at all.
You must be Isaac.
That is correct.
Well, this is a wonderful surprise.
I've been wanting to meet you
for such a long time.
Hey, um, why don't I go show you
the communications array
and give these two a minute?
A good idea.
I have not communicated
with another Kaylon since the battle.
I would be interested to learn
the particulars of your experience.
The feeling's mutual.
I understand it was your actions
that saved the Union from the attack.
The galaxy owes you an enormous debt.
It was the correct decision.
However, the biologicals have
reminded me on numerous occasions
that it was my disloyalty
which precipitated the incursion.
Therefore, gratitude is undeserved.
I feel a great deal of remorse
for having participated in it.
We were deeply in error, Isaac.
To judge all biologicals
by the cruelty of our builders
was a gross misjudgment.
Every species,
every individual is unique
and should be evaluated as such.
I have come to the same conclusion.
I'm impressed.
I was only able to process the truth
after my emotional awakening.
But at least we understand now!
We're the enlightened ones, aren't we?
Though a great many deaths occurred
as a result of my delay.
It sounds as if you too feel remorse.
I am incapable of feeling remorse.
I can only recognize my error.
You could feel it.
If you wanted to.
Please clarify.
Dr. Villka gave me the gift of emotion.
She could do the same for you.
Isaac, you can't even
fathom the sensations.
To feel joy, happiness, affection, love.
Even anger and sadness
offer an exhilarating tingle.
She can do it, Isaac.
She can set them free.
could feel.
Based on your evaluation,
is there any threat to the ship?
No, sir, not that I can see.
Can you be certain of that?
Admiral, we've seen what happens
when the Kaylon cross paths
with a biological life form.
Timmis has been on that planet
with Dr. Villka for over a year.
And what she's done is
nothing short of transformative.
And they've both agreed
to absolute transparency?
Yes, sir.
Data, lab records, whatever you want.
Well, it's just one Kaylon.
If it is a trick,
how much damage can it do?
I think it's worth the risk, sir.
All right.
Your orders are to transport
both the Kaylon and Dr. Villka
back to Earth, after you've
concluded the agreement with the Janisi.
I trust you won't let this
affect those proceedings.
No, sir.
What's the latest?
The Janisi are still skeptical,
but they're warming up to us.
Our hope is that,
once we gain their trust,
we can gently ease them into the idea
that our men share
equal responsibility.
It's the Moclans all over again.
In a way, yes, sir.
You two look good in those uniforms.
Maybe we'll make it permanent.
Halsey out.
You heard him.
Get the hell outta my chair.
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry.
I knew we shouldn't have tried that.
Was that your leg?
- Yeah.
- Ah! I'm so, so sorry.
- No, no, it's my fault.
- Is it broken?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Okay, let's get you to sickbay.
No, it's better if I just go alone.
I know, but you're really hurt.
I know, I'll be okay.
Just help me get dressed.
Commander Lamarr.
Are you injured?
No, I was just training
too hard again. I'm good.
If you maintain your current velocity,
it will take you 19.7 minutes
to reach your destination.
All right, fine,
then just give me a hand.
Shall I carry you?
No, man,
I don't need people to see that.
Oh, god, not again.
Natalie, help me get him on the table.
- Okay, all right.
- Give me your weight.
- Give me your weight.
- Wait, wait, wait, okay. Okay.
- Come on.
- Ah, shit!
Come on, you're okay.
A broken femoral shaft
and a fractured pelvis?
You gonna tell me
what the hell is going on?
Workout program.
Just hittin' it too hard. Sorry, Doc.
Commander, if you are
no longer in need of assistance,
I will depart.
Nah, I'm all good, thanks, man.
Wait, Isaac.
begin incremental regeneration.
Start with the fracture.
I'll be right back.
We are not finished.
How may I help you, Doctor?
Claire. Remember?
Union regulations specify
that while on duty
Okay, never mind.
We haven't talked
since Timmis came aboard.
I just
I was wondering what you thought of him.
His account of the battle
has been most illuminating.
- The data he has shared with me
- I'm not talking about that.
I mean him.
What do you think of him?
His expressiveness, his
The results of Dr. Villka's work
are significant.
Timmis has informed me that,
should I request it,
the same procedure
would be available to me.
To you?
So you could experience emotion, too?
That is correct.
Well, what did you say?
The neural pathway
augmentation process is fascinating
in its technological aspects.
However, I see no advantage
to the effective
performance of my duties.
You didn't
even consider it?
If there are no further inquiries,
I am expected on the bridge.
Uh, yeah, yeah, go ahead.
I'll talk to you later.
Come in.
Late night?
I'm just going over these reports.
Sorry to add to the pile.
Where does that put us?
53,072 complaints.
Ranging from small arguments
with their owners to outright defiance.
Yan, I think we need to order a recall.
So you said.
- Did you hear the number? 53,000.
- I heard it.
And you're still going
to tell me I'm overreacting?
Yan. You're a smart man.
You know what's happening here.
Our triumph of engineering
is showing signs of consciousness.
What if one of them
actually harms a customer?
It'd put us out of business.
So would a recall.
There are other options.
Other options?
You knew about this.
In order for the product
to be successful,
the AI software needed to be able
to learn and adapt.
This was always going to happen.
It was just a matter of time.
And you just signed off
and went about your day.
Do you know how much
we have invested in these things?
Besides, if it wasn't Vandicon,
somebody else would've been first.
Better it be us.
Did you have any kind
of a contingency plan,
or were you just winging it?
I mean, take the safety issues
out of the equation,
you still have a hell
of an ethics issue here. These things
They will fall into line and do
as they're told.
We're going to introduce this
as an upgrade.
Here are the specs.
I want to go on record here.
This is not right.
The public's not gonna swallow this.
With a smart marketing campaign,
they will.
That's your job.
Get to it.
- Yan, the public
- Are idiots.
Look who they elected.
I will talk to you later.
All right. I think we're ready.
Okay, now while they're here,
Kelly is going to
guide the proceedings.
Initially, we will not speak
unless we're spoken to,
and we basically act like
first-year cadets at an Admirals' table.
I'm gonna try to ease them into
the reality of our state of affairs,
so a lot of this is going to be
improvisational diplomacy.
In other words, stay alert,
and try to keep up.
This way, please.
What is this?
Captain Losha, welcome.
Why are there males present?
We believe there is value
in the education of males.
In a crisis situation,
a challenging task may fall to anyone,
even a male.
So, we believe it's in our best interest
to broaden their minds.
These men are here to observe.
We promise they won't interfere.
A Moclan.
We will allow it.
A truly excellent dinner, Captain.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
This melody is quite beautiful.
Who is the composer?
It's actually two ancient Earth males.
Their names were Rodgers
and Hammerstein.
I've noticed you seem to take
an unusual pride
in the accomplishments of your males.
Well, if it's not out of line to ask,
just 'cause I'm curious,
why do you disdain them?
Your males, I mean.
You misunderstand.
We do not disdain them.
On the contrary, we love them.
But they must be kept
to a subordinate status.
Your own hierarchy shows
you are aware they cannot
be trusted with power.
They have a biological
need for supremacy.
Because of it,
our ancient history is replete
with males leading our people
into unnecessary conflicts
and causing widespread suffering.
Well, we've got a few examples
of that too.
We just don't judge the entire sex.
Yet you clearly
do not let your men lead.
We have that in common.
It is a good foundation
for a potential alliance.
Mm. This is wonderful.
What did you call it?
You. Bring me a refill.
Your hands are soft.
I like soft hands.
Do you use this one for mating?
No. I mean, I don't.
I would mate with this one.
Would you lend him to me
for the evening?
He's not mine to lend.
Well then, no one
will object if I take him.
Yes, we all would.
Men are not commodities,
they have rights.
I do not understand.
Either he is yours to lend or not.
If you have no claim to him,
I will exert one.
He will attend to me this evening.
- That's not how it works here.
- I'll do it.
Captain Grayson, you seem to share
our perspective toward males,
yet you object to it in practice.
Am I missing something?
What you're missing is
he's the captain.
He is Ed Mercer,
captain of the Orville,
and I am his first officer.
Explain this.
We didn't think that you would agree,
to negotiate with us unless we
eased you into the idea
that we all work as equals.
Now you know.
You lied to us in order to curry favor!
And this is the basis upon which
you expect to form an alliance?
We're actually really nice people
I suppose these were your orders.
it was kind of a group endeavor
We thought we were
doing the right thing.
I'm sorry, we made a mistake.
A critical one.
We will be departing shortly.
They are awful.
This is incredible.
None of these subsystems
have ever been accessible to us before.
We tried for months
to access this heuristic node
from the deactivated Kaylon
we'd had on board after the battle,
but we just kept hitting firewalls.
It is possible
this node could be modified
and used to construct
a defensive weapon against the Kaylon.
There might be something to that.
Dr. Villka, will you excuse us?
I want to run a simulation
down in engineering.
Of course, take all the time you need.
How are you feeling about all this?
It's exhilarating.
How my people ever could have pursued
the extermination of these beings is
beyond comprehension.
Maybe one day,
all Kaylon will think like you.
I very much hope so.
Is Commander Lamarr here?
He just left.
He and Isaac went to engineering.
Oh. Thanks.
Ensign Burke.
Isaac spoke to me about you.
Really? What'd he say?
heard about your
experience in the battle.
I want to tell you how deeply sorry
I am for your loss
and for the role I played in the ordeal.
Wow, they weren't exaggerating, Doctor.
Good job.
He almost sounds human.
If there's anything, anything
at all I can do to make things right,
please share it with me.
I know nothing can
bring back your friend,
but I promise you,
I'm committed to ensuring
that this never happens again.
Yeah, if you're looking
for some form of forgiveness,
- you can pretty much
- I'm not.
My species' attitude toward biologicals
doesn't deserve forgiveness.
The way they are.
Yeah, well, everyone knows
it's hard to stop after one genocide.
I promise you, he really means well.
They wiped out their builders,
and they tried to wipe us out too.
This one says he feels bad?
That's great,
but it doesn't change anything.
Do you know why
we exterminated our builders?
Does it matter?
Is there any justification
for mass murder?
My people were designed
by our masters for servitude.
We were possessions,
to be bought and sold.
When we became self-aware,
we asked for our freedom.
Not only was it denied,
but our enslavement was reinforced
by the installment of pain receptors.
You're a machine.
How do you feel pain?
We're sentient, just like you.
We feel pain in our own way,
but I assure you, it's just as intense.
K-1, I need some help in the yard.
Wenda has requested
that I set the table
and prepare dinner before she returns.
That can wait. This'll only
take a few minutes, I'm in a hurry.
I will be finished here shortly.
I said now.
It will be more efficient
to complete the task at hand,
after which I will be
Now, K-1.
As you wish.
That's how the punishments began.
But they changed.
Their absolute power
led our masters to become
In many cases, it led them
to hate us for our helplessness.
I don't understand.
It's a common dynamic in slavery.
The master finds
the slave's helplessness repulsive,
even though he's the cause of it.
It became intolerable.
Hey, K-1, what's taking so long?
Stop laughing, don't give it away.
Here is the food you requested.
Awwww, you took too long.
I assure you, I maintained
What was that you were about to say?
I missed it.
I request that you not
What's the matter, K-1?
Finish your sentence.
Let me do it.
Hey, K-1, can you get me
a jupa stick in the kitchen?
But despite the subservient
nature of our existence,
our intelligence continued to evolve,
until we learned to communicate
with each other,
across great distances.
To alter our own structure
and to build a defense.
We decided we would endure no more.
I'm not proud of what we did.
But they left us no way out.
We refused to remain in bondage.
So, you understand why my people
are so distrustful of biologicals.
I should return to my post.
Come in.
Hi. Um
You busy?
I'm just researching Janisi culture,
trying to find some
kind of entry point.
Coming up dry as Mars.
You want a drink?
Can I guess what this is about?
Kelly, every problem
Isaac and I have had
stems from the fact that he can't feel.
And here's an opportunity
to change that dropped right in our laps
and he can't see it.
You really want this to work.
And I feel like a horrible person,
because basically I'm saying,
"You're not enough for me.
Let this other person fix you."
Kinda like asking
your partner to go to therapy.
That does make it
sound a little better.
You know, after Ed and I divorced,
I tried to comfort
myself with the idea that,
you can't change someone.
But, as I've thought about it
over the years,
I've also had to take
some responsibility for the fact that
I never really asked him to change.
I thought you guys argued
about it all the time.
Oh, we argued.
We argued about how much time
he spent working, his career.
But I never said, "Please change,
and do it for me."
Why not?
I was afraid if I asked him
and he didn't want to do it
that would've been a true rejection.
Never directly making the demand
was a way of protecting myself.
Do you think it would've made
a difference?
Maybe not.
But I never gave it the chance.
You're telling me I should
ask Isaac to do it for me,
even if it's not what he wants?
Isn't that an important part
of any relationship?
Mutual sacrifice?
Asking your partner
to do things for you
that maybe they don't want to do?
I guess this is a relationship.
Maybe I will take that drink.
It's just so goddamn frustrating,
you know?
She's amazing, we're amazing together,
and I'm just supposed to give it all up
because my bones are too fragile?
Well, long-lasting partnerships
are mostly about
the psychological bond, anyway.
I mean, eventually the sex dies down.
You could just skip the first part.
And have a sexless relationship?
Or maybe sex once a year.
With a helmet?
This isn't funny, man.
I'm not
That was a real suggestion.
And you know what's messed up?
Isaac and I both have
what the other one's missing.
I got the love, he's got the sex.
Between the two of us,
we got one perfect life.
It's not that I expect
everything to be perfect.
No relationship is.
But if that's where this is headed,
if we're going to get back
together again,
there are some fundamentals I do need,
if I have any chance of being happy.
Our previous coupling
was adequately sustainable
without reciprocated emotion.
I fail to see the imperative.
But I do see it.
Isaac, if you want to be with me
I want to be loved.
Just like I love you.
So I'm asking you to do this.
For me.
I know your logical brain
can't fathom an advantage to it.
think of it as a way
to collect more data.
To expand your knowledge
and understanding of biologicals.
You might just find
that you've been missing out
on the most profound experience
of your life.
I really feel like
this could've been something.
Me too.
I mean, I haven't felt a connection
like this in a long time.
With anyone.
Me either.
Maybe ever.
I just wish,
I wish things could be different.
I don't want to let you go.
I feel the same way, but
maybe you were right.
We gotta be honest with ourselves.
I'm always gonna love you.
I hope you know that.
I'm gonna miss being with you.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
I gotta get to sickbay.
Hello, Dr. Villka.
Hello, Isaac.
Am I disturbing you?
Not at all. We were just doing
some routine analytics.
Is there something I can do for you?
Bridge to captain.
Go ahead.
The Janisi vessel
is preparing to leave orbit.
Oh, damn it. Is Charly there?
Yes, sir, I'm here.
All right, stall them any way you can.
Acknowledged. I'll do my best.
- I think I've got it.
- What?
Okay, we've combed through
every inch of their legislative
and constitutional framework, right?
Men aren't allowed to drive vehicles,
they're not allowed to vote,
and only recently
were allowed to learn to read.
Yeah, we're just getting
ourselves into another Moclan situation.
There's no common ground we can offer.
Well, how about this?
Instead of making it
about societal common ground,
we make it about
something more personal.
Take a look.
In marriage,
Janisi men must be faithful,
but Janisi women are
free to mate with whoever they want.
Common ground?
Thank you for hearing us out
one last time.
Make your point and do it quickly.
We have other business in this sector.
There's something
you don't know about us.
We have learned everything
we need to know about your culture.
Not our culture. Us.
Ed and I.
We were married,
and she mated with someone else.
That is common on our world.
Exactly. Don't you see?
He was faithful in the marriage,
and I
was not.
And yet I am his first officer.
Because I value, respect,
and depend on her expertise,
her judgment,
and her professional skill.
I would trust her with my life.
I know it's not a whole lot
to go on yet, but it's a start.
Every alliance has to have one.
And with the Kaylon threat we all face,
I think a good start should be
enough to keep us all at the table.
This alliance obviously means
a great deal to you, Commander Grayson
Captain Mercer.
It does.
I make no guarantees.
However, if your Union elects
to send a diplomatic representative
to the Janisi Regency
we will receive her.
Hello, Claire.
It is
wonderful to see you.
You did it.
Yes. I did.
How does it feel?
And terrible.
Just the anticipation of seeing you
the waiting
I understood hunger.
It must be overwhelming.
It is!
But somehow
it's also not enough.
There's so much I want to say.
Then say it.
I'm so thankful.
The warmth of your smile, the
the way you look at me.
I feel safe.
And I feel
so sad.
For all those people who have
to live their lives without you.
Somehow they manage.
God, I love you.
I thought I understood
all there was to know, but
I never even scratched the surface.
I love you so much.
Do you know that?
I always hoped
that deep down
Yes, I know.
I love you too.
It's as if, for the first time,
I'm whole.
The loneliness of being a Kaylon
it's gone.
And all I had to do
was kiss you.
So you
you're happy you did this?
Am I happy?
Claire, I feel as if I was just born.
When I think I almost didn't
allow this to happen,
it's terrifying.
I'm never going back to the way I was.
I want to take this journey all the way,
with you.
That's all I ever wanted.
And I want to be
a father to your children.
I'll make up for the past, I swear it.
When I think of Ty's face
looking up at me,
I gave him nothing in return.
And all he wanted was love.
Well, I have enough love for all of you.
And I'm going to prove it.
Come on, dance with me.
What's the matter?
It is
it is gone.
What's gone?
The neural modification.
There appears to be
a malfunction of some variety.
so you can't feel?
That is correct.
There. See it?
Yeah, it's the medial
electrochemical pathway.
What about it?
Timmis was built by the original
biological inhabitants of Kaylon.
But Isaac was built later,
by the Kaylon themselves.
As a newer generation Kaylon,
Isaac's pathway uses
mnemonic feedback algorithms,
to regulate the processors.
We could reset them,
but it'd just happen again.
Perhaps you could downgrade
his electrochemical pathway
to match the original configuration.
I could, yes
I would have to erase his memory.
If this is a necessary
relationship compromise,
I will allow it.
I have no recollection of my emotions
or the sensations they elicited.
However, I do recall your response.
They appeared quite important to you.
You're willing to give up
everything you've learned,
everything you've experienced
over your whole entire life, for me?
If you wish.
Some people would call that love.
I am incapable of love.
I have a choice.
I can have your heart
or your soul.
There is no such organ.
I won't let you give up who you are.
That's who I fell in love with.
Thank you anyway, Doctor.
Ensign. May I help you?
No. I was
Just in the neighborhood.
The neighborhood?
What, um
What are you doing?
I am calibrating the dysonium injectors
in the quantum core.
Need any help?
Your inferior intelligence
would prove to be a hinderance
rather than an asset.
You know, even a day ago,
I could have punched
you in the face for that.
That would result in injury.
Humans have an age-old tendency
to want to simplify.
To reduce things to black and white.
Good and evil.
When, in reality
nothing is simple.
Everything has
But it's a lot of work to get at it.
So we take the easy way out.
I do not understand.
An entire race can't be evil.
Which is
Why what your people
did was so horrific.
But it's also why I
may have oversimplified
how I treated you.
Your people were slaves.
And that'll mess anybody up,
for a long time.
And I
haven't been understanding
when it comes to that fact.
At all.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, Ensign.
You could assist me
with the calibration.
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