The Orville (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

Midnight Blue

I am sorry to be late.
No worries.
Here, your Opsadda.
Thank you.
Everything all right?
There are days when
I would rather confront
a fleet of Krill battle cruisers
than parent a child.
What's going on?
I believe Topa
is infatuated with a male.
Ahh, she's got a crush on a boy.
I have questioned her,
but she refuses to discuss
the details of the matter.
She frequently locks
herself in her room
and does not emerge for hours.
Girls can be shy
about this kind of thing, Bortus,
especially with their fathers.
Well, it can feel
a little embarrassing at times.
Or at least very personal.
Klyden was more adept
at speaking with Topa
regarding personal matters.
It has been difficult
now that he is gone.
Maybe Topa would be more comfortable
talking with another female.
Then you will speak to her.
Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait, hold on!
Topa holds you
in the highest regard, Commander.
She considers you a mentor.
I'll see what I can do.
Not now, Papa!
- What?
Commander Grayson.
It's okay, you don't have to get up.
Can I come in?
Yes, of course.
I'm running a new
tactical simulation tomorrow.
Atmospheric Combat.
And I thought you might like
to come along,
maybe even make a jump or two.
Would be very exciting, sir.
Thank you.
- Simulator two, 1800 hours.
- I will be there.
You know, Topa
It's been a really
overwhelming year for you.
And you have handled it all
with a poise and a hardiness
that some people
twice your age wouldn't.
But I want you to know
you don't have to do it alone.
You can always talk to me
about anything that's on your mind.
How do you know if a boy likes you?
sometimes it's not so easy to tell.
Guys don't always
express their feelings.
Is there someone that you like?
And have you told
this person how you feel?
I have not.
What if he does not like me in return?
Hmm. That's always a possibility.
What is it you like about him?
He is funny.
He is warm.
We share many interests.
Well, then I'd say there's
a pretty good chance
he might like you back.
You're a very special girl.
If I were you,
I'd tell him how you feel.
My mom's like, "Why don't you
get him a job on the Orville?"
And I'm like,
"Why should I go out
on a limb for this guy,
just because you dropped
the ball when we were kids?"
- I mean, he is your brother.
- Yeah, but he's a drunken screw-up.
And I don't wanna
put my ass on the line
if he's gonna
make me look like a schmuck.
Oh, hey, Topa.
Oh, hey, Topa, how are ya?
Good. How are you?
No complaints.
What's goin' on?
I would like to
I would like to ask you if perhaps
we could eat a meal together.
Oh, sure. What's up?
You need advice on something?
No. I
Is everything okay?
I think of you often.
I like you.
Well, I like you too.
- You do?
- Sure, why wouldn't I?
I enjoy spending time with you.
You are a male, and yet you possess
many prominent female traits,
which I find appealing.
Could we
Have dinner?
- Ohhhhh.
- Yeah, there ya go, Sherlock.
You know, um
Topa, I think you're an amazing person.
And, um
You're like You're like
the little sister I never had.
Yeah. Like family.
I'm always here for you,
and if you ever have a problem
or something doesn't go your way,
you know that I'll
always have your back.
Thank you.
I Should go now
or I will be late for school.
Good, good.
No, school's important.
Learn a lot!
Hey, you know she's
way too mature for you, right?
Not listening, not laughing.
I think it's cute.
You're an attractive guy, she sees it.
End of conversation, later.
He's attractive, right?
Eh, looks better goin' than comin'.
It's been almost a year,
since the Union granted
protective status to Heveena,
and her colony of Moclan refugees.
Per the agreement, the Union Council
and the Moclan government
are each entitled to conduct
an annual inspection of the colony
to make sure both sides
are abiding by its terms.
Due to the Orville's history
and familiarity with the colony,
I've assigned Commanders Grayson
and Bortus to represent the Union.
What are we looking for exactly?
Any sign of interference
from the Moclan authorities
threats, harassment, surveillance,
any act of aggression,
no matter how small,
that would violate the agreement.
And if I may ask,
who are the Moclans sending?
Their inspection team will be led
by a high-ranking intelligence officer,
Commander Kodon.
Keep in mind,
they still regard Heveena
with a great deal of suspicion.
They'll be looking for any indication
that she's broken her word
to stop smuggling
newborn females off Moclus.
When are we expected?
In two days. You'll take a shuttle,
which will rendezvous
with one of their shuttles
in orbit of the colony.
Captain, you're aware
of the tension that exists
between Moclus
and the rest of the Union right now.
They're our strongest ally
against the Kaylon threat,
so we can't afford to do
anything that might make things worse.
Do I make myself clear?
We'll be very careful, sir.
Report back as soon
as you've completed your inspection.
Halsey out.

You know this is
a diplomatic mission, right?
The Moclans will no
doubt bring weapons.
I've reviewed the inspection
protocols. Sidearms only.
Papa, is it true?
Are you going to visit the sanctuary
where Heveena lives?
May I please go with you?
I would love to meet her.
Commander Grayson and I
have important duties to perform.
It would not be appropriate.
Please, Papa.
there will be Moclans present
who are hostile to all females.
I will not subject you
to their ignorance and ridicule.
Y'know, Bortus,
she's never had a chance to
meet any other Moclan females.
This could be a life-altering
experience for her.
Do not know.
We'll look after her. She'll be fine.
You do not need to look after me.
I can take care of myself.
If the captain approves,
you may join us.
Thank you, Papa!
I love you!
But you must be on your best behavior
and follow my instructions.
I will.
I am going to go pack!
It is so beautiful.
Scans show the Moclan shuttle
on the surface.
They were supposed to meet us in orbit.

Remain here for the moment.
Commander Kodon.
That is correct.
I'm Commander Kelly Grayson,
and this is Lieutenant Commander Bortus.
It was my understanding,
that we were conducting
this inspection together.
We arrived earlier than expected.
Rather than waste time,
we decided to proceed with our survey.
It appears the colonists are
in compliance with the agreement.
You may begin your inspection.
Well, thank you
so much for your permission.
Have a safe trip home.
We will remain here,
to ensure the Union does
not violate the agreement.
But stay out of our way.
Who is this?
My daughter.
No new females are permitted
in the colony!
It is a violation!
She is an observer.
She will return to the Orville with us.
The agreement allows females
to be part of the survey team.
It doesn't specify the species.
Disgusting creature.
Let's go.
Commander Grayson, Bortus,
we are pleased you have finally arrived.
Osaia. It's good to see you.
I hope Commander Kodon
behaved himself in our absence.
It is wise to behave oneself
when one is outnumbered.
He did so.
And this must be Topa.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
Come. Heveena is waiting for you.
Heveena. Our visitors
from the Union have arrived.
Commander Grayson.
It's so good to see you again.
You too.
Commander Bortus.
Please forgive me. [LAUGHS]
The voice of Dolly Parton
inspires me while I am writing.
What a joy it is to
see your faces again.
You seem well.
All things considered,
we have no complaints.
Our community is healthy and safe.
This is my daughter, Topa.
I have read every one of your books.
My favorite is Mountain of Solitude.
It is an honor to be in your presence.
I promise you, Topa, the honor is mine.
Your story is an inspiration to all.
You soldiered through the storm
of a repressive system
that smothered your identity
and emerged into the sunlight
as the woman you were meant to be.
I have seen you in simulations, but
I always wanted to meet you in person.
Well, I hope the real me
won't disappoint you.
You have chosen a fine time to arrive.
Tonight, there will be
a double full moon,
which means the luminites
will be swarming.
After your survey is complete,
please join us for the evening meal.
And you can see them for yourselves.
Can we, Papa?
We look forward to it.
With your permission,
we'd like to tour the grounds,
run some scans,
speak to some of the colonists.
Our community is open to you.
And if Topa wishes, she is welcome
to spend the afternoon with me.
I am sure we have much to talk about.
That is most generous.
We'll see you soon.
Yes, Commander.
Osaia, please.
Come. Join me in my writing nook.
I imagine you have many questions.
That is
Dolly Parton.
Your captain opened my eyes
to her greatness.
She is a visionary.
Everyone in this colony
derives strength from her example.
I learned of her from your newest book.
We think of her
as the voice of the revolution.
I want to know everything
about your revolution.
Our revolution.
And I'm pleased to hear that.
I would also
like to thank you.
For what?
For speaking on my behalf
at the tribunal,
when I was too young
to have a voice of my own.
Your gratitude is misplaced.
I failed you.
It just
took a little longer.
Those are our
visitors from the Orville.
So, what do you think so far?
It is even more wonderful
than I imagined.
Can we stay longer?
The Orville is expecting us
in the morning.
we will return someday.
Anyone seen our cheery counterparts?
I believe they returned
to their shuttle this afternoon.
Well, that's some good news.
Could you pass the hot sauce?
You have the palate of a Moclan.
Ha, side effect
of hanging with this guy.
Are you
No, Bortus and I are just friends.
We work together.
Papa, I want to go watch the luminites.
Very well.

They're quite beautiful, aren't they?
Yes, very.
They are red, yellow, green, pink,
orange, and white.
And every now and then,
you will see a blue one.
They are extremely rare,
but they bring very good fortune.
What is it?
A gift for you.
We collect lava stones from the beaches.
Over thousands of years,
the ocean waves polish them smooth.
A clash of fire and water, given time,
can produce great beauty.
You said that you wanted to know more
about the story of our revolution.
What if I told you
that you could play
a very important role in that story?
What do you mean?
Like the blue luminite,
you are also extremely rare, Topa.
And you are in a very unique position
to help our cause.
What I am about to tell you
must remain between us.
You cannot tell your father,
or Commander Grayson, or anyone else.
If that makes you uncomfortable,
I understand.
We will say goodnight now
and always remain friends.
I want to help.
I will tell no one.
What is it?
We have reestablished
our underground network
to rescue female infants from Moclus
and bring them here to safety.
Does that not violate the agreement?
It does.
If Moclus found out
They would destroy this colony.
Which is why our efforts
here and on Moclus
must be tightly coordinated.
We have no reliable way of communicating
outside the nebula,
so all contact
from those wishing to flee Moclus
is being done by messengers.
It is slow and very inefficient.
If we had access to a Union starship,
one with an advanced
communications array
we could save so many more females,
with greater speed.
But we would need someone on board
who is loyal to our cause.
Someone like you, Topa.
What would I have to do?
It is very simple.
From time to time,
you will receive an encrypted message.
You will relay that message
to our contact on Moclus.
These messages will be transmitted
on quantum frequencies
known only to you
and the others involved.
You would be protecting the lives
of countless innocent females,
helpless infants,
as you once were.
Their story is your story.
I will help.
History will remember you
as a hero to your people.
Who must I contact?
I have never believed in fate,
but I do believe we can forge
a common destiny.
we will accomplish great things.
I will not disappoint you.
Thank you.
Let me go!
Let me go!
It is done.
The book is a fictionalized account
of the rise of Beldus,
the ruler of the Movav continent
in the Seventh Age.
The characters are my own,
but the historical events are real.
It sounds very interesting.
Well, honestly, I could listen
to your stories all night,
but we should probably
get back to the Orville.
Oh, of course. I understand.
Where is Topa?
Well, she was just
watching the luminites.
Perhaps she returned
to my writing nook.

MOCLAN: No, nothing yet.
- KELLY GRAYSON: Anything?
- No.
I have walked the entire perimeter
and checked the main hall.
Could she have wandered off
into the jungle?
She knows better than to venture off
on her own in a strange place.
Topa was wearing this.
We have searched everywhere.
Topa is no longer on the island.
The Moclan shuttle is gone.
They must have taken her.
Why would they take Topa?
I do not know.
There can be no other explanation.
GRAYSON: Heveena,
you were the last one to see her.
Did she say anything at all
that might give us some answers?
Not that I can remember.
We talked.
I gave her the necklace
That was it.
We need to contact the Orville.
What the hell
Launch thrusters won't power up.
Someone has severed
the plasma injectors.
And the communications array
has been disabled.
Son of a bitch.
I'm gonna reconfigure
the launch controls
to take off using the main engine.
This could be a little rough.
The array has been depolarized.
It will take several days
to repair the damage.
Topa may not have several days.
I'm tracking the ion trail
from the Moclan shuttle.
It's dispersing fast,
but there's still enough to follow.
We've got a choice:
head back to the Orville,
or try to find Topa ourselves.
All right.
Let's do it.
Where are you taking me?
Why am I here?
I don't understand.
My father will be worried.
Please let me contact him.
Do females always talk this much?
You have no right to keep me here.
I have done nothing wrong.
Listen to her mighty roar!
Shall we let her go
before she grows truly angry?
I want to talk to my father.
I want to go home.
[MOCKING] "I want to go home!"
Tell me, little worm,
were you this impotent
before they cut off your kla'fash?
Speak again and the next thing
you lose will be your tongue.
Any word?
We've hailed the shuttle on
multiple frequencies, sir. No response.
Could the nebula be deflecting
our signals?
ISAAC: I have compensated
for all sources of interference.
Charly, set a course for the colony.
Sir, if we go in there,
we'll be violating the agreement.
I'm aware of that, Ensign.
Lay in the course.
Aye, sir.
Do you have any idea where
they might have taken Topa, and why?
I wish I could tell you, Captain.
Did they say or do anything suspicious
before Kelly and Bortus arrived?
Other than act extremely rude, no.
I'd like permission to
take a security team
down to the colony to investigate.
We should also run some
DNA scans on that necklace,
see if we can
find out exactly who took her.
Do it. And keep trying to raise
Kelly and Bortus.
Aye, sir.
As captain of this ship,
it's my responsibility,
to know about everything
that happens on board.
It's a rare day when something
unexpected occurs
and I don't have a clue to the reason
especially when it concerns the safety
of my crew and their families.
As the leader of your colony,
I would expect that
you feel the same way.
Of course.
So you can understand why I find it
just a little hard to believe
that you have no inkling
about what happened to Topa.
No theory, no suspicion?
Not even a guess?
If we have any hope of finding her,
we need to understand
why she was taken.
Now, I could be wrong, Heveena,
but I think you're holding back.
And if I'm right, I need to know,
because Topa's life may depend on it.
There is more than one life
at stake here, Captain.
Thousands of lives hang in the balance.
What do you mean?
I violated the terms of the agreement.
Newborn females are once again
being relocated from Moclus.
I asked Topa to help in our efforts
and she agreed.
Help how?
By acting as a link
within our communications network.
I shared critical information with her.
Somehow, Commander Kodon
must have discovered this
and taken her for questioning.
What exactly does Topa know?
The name of our primary contact
on Moclus
and the quantum frequencies
that we use to encrypt messages.
What the hell were you thinking?
I beg your pardon?
How could you put her in
that position? She's a child!
She is also a victim of Moclan bigotry!
I gave Topa the opportunity
to protect her own life as a female,
and to protect
the lives of all the others!
It was her choice!
Oh, Jesus Christ, Heveena, what
the hell did you expect her to say?!
She worships you!
She would do anything to please you,
of course she's gonna say yes!
I am as concerned about Topa
as you are, Captain.
But I do not regret enlisting her help.
Our struggle for equality
has always demanded risk
and, if necessary, sacrifice!
I respect your struggle.
I really do.
But don't advertise tactical opportunism
as pious morality,
because that's when you lose me.
- Mercer to bridge.
Get me Admiral Halsey.
The Moclan government
is denying any knowledge
of Topa's abduction or her whereabouts.
We found traces of her blood
on the necklace,
along with DNA from a Moclan male,
and it didn't come from Commander Bortus
or anyone in the colony.
I'm afraid that's all circumstantial.
I'd like to question Commander Kodon
and his inspection team
and take samples of their DNA.
You know we can't do that
without probable cause.
We're on shaky ground
with their government as it is.
Yeah, you know, it seems like
we're always on shaky ground with them,
doesn't it?
Always bending over backwards
to accommodate their bullshit.
Mind your tone, Captain.
I'm sorry, sir.
What do you suggest?
The best option is for Heveena
to testify before the Union Council.
She would have to admit
she's been violating the agreement
and that she enlisted Topa,
to help them continue
their illegal operations.
That would demonstrate a clear motive
for the Moclans to abduct Topa,
and we'd have cause to launch
a formal investigation
with all the power
of Union law behind us.
If I do as you ask,
the Moclan government would not hesitate
to invade our colony
and arrest everyone in it.
We would do everything possible
to prevent that from happening.
I am very sorry, Admiral.
But my answer is no.
- Heveena
- You will not change my mind, Captain.
And if you do take this matter
before the Council,
I will deny everything.
It goes without saying
that I am profoundly
disappointed in your decision.
I'll continue to work
the diplomatic channels.
If you hear from Commander Grayson,
let me know immediately.
Yes, sir.
I'd like you to stay
on board the Orville
until Commander Keyali
completes her investigation.
In case we have any more questions.
If you insist.
The ion trail is dissipating.
I am extrapolating their trajectory.
They appear to be on course
for the Zonari System,
six light-years away.
According to the database,
there is only one planet in that system.
Then that's where we're headed.
What can I do for you?
The Captain has asked me
to escort you to Simulator One.
For what reason?
There's someone he wants you to meet.
If you need anything,
I'll be right outside.
What is this place?
Oh, there you are! Welcome!
Come on in, don't be shy.
By the gods!
Oh, come on, don't you bow to me.
I'm not all that.
I'm not even sure I'm all there.
I am so glad to finally meet you,
I have heard
so many good things about you.
No. You are not real.
This is an illusion.
And I know what Captain Mercer
is trying to do.
Well, I have been programmed
from a whole mess
of historical records and data.
And I might not be real,
but I'm still all Dolly.
Oh, come on, sit, take a load off.
I have been hearing
that you have just got
the weight of the world
on your shoulders, girl.
You wanna talk about it?
Because they tell me
that I'm a pretty good listener.
It is complicated.
Oh, what's gnawin' at you?
I put a young girl's life in danger
to achieve a greater good.
I have been given a chance to save her,
but to do so would put
many more female lives at risk.
Well, mmm
that is complicated.
Do you know where you are right now?
You're in the Smoky Mountains
of Tennessee.
I was born and raised in a cabin
pretty much like this one.
As a matter of fact,
your computer didn't do a half-bad job.
I like to come out to this neck
of the woods every now and again
to kinda clear my head
and do some hard thinkin'.
I was also raised in the mountains.
Another mountain girl!
I knew there was
some reason I liked you.
I lived there for most of my life.
There are days when I miss the solitude.
You know, when I was a little girl,
maybe six or seven years old,
I accidentally cut three of my toes
on a broken mason jar.
I mean, they were cut bad,
almost falling off.
Course we lived miles
from the nearest doctor,
and we were real poor,
so my mama had to be very resourceful.
So you know what she did?
She used cornmeal to stop the bleeding,
and she used kerosene for antiseptic,
and she took her sewing needles,
and she sewed
my little toes back together.
Course my daddy and my brothers
all had to hold me down.
But it worked, they healed,
and I'm still walking around today,
on my little tippy toes.
I fail to grasp the meaning
of this parable.
Oh, it don't mean nothin'.
It's just a story.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
My mama knew somethin' needed
to be done right then and there.
If you do the right thing
in the here and now,
the future has a way
of taking care of itself.
Well, at least
that's what my mama taught me.
Do you mind if I, uh, play a little bit?
I would be honored.
I am a great admirer of your poetry.
Oh, I'm not sure I'd call it poetry.
It's just some songs,
but I like doing it.
I've chased after rainbows ♪
I've captured one or two ♪
I've reached for the stars ♪
I've even held a few ♪
I've walked that lonesome valley ♪
Topped the mountain ♪
Soared the sky ♪
I've laughed and I have cried ♪
But I have always tried ♪
I've always been a dreamer ♪
And dreams are special things ♪
But dreams are of no value ♪
If they're not equipped with wings ♪
So secure yourself for climbing ♪
Make ready for the flight ♪
I will give my
testimony to the Council.
You'll make it if you try ♪
So try to be the first one ♪
Up the mountain ♪
And try to be the first ♪
To touch the sky ♪
Set course for Earth.
And try to be the one ♪
to make a difference ♪
Try to put your fear ♪
and doubt aside ♪
And try to make the most ♪
of every moment ♪
'Cause if you never try ♪
you never win ♪
So try each day ♪
to try a little harder ♪
And if you fall ♪
get up and try again ♪
Try and try and try ♪

Do as you are told and you might live.
You must be exhausted.
Please sit down.
Are you thirsty?
Drink. It is only water.
Where am I?
I will be the one
asking questions today.
And my first question is this:
Why do you think you are here?
I do not know.
I believe you.
And I can see that you are frightened.
This must all be very confusing for you.
So I will tell you why you are here.
And then you will answer my questions.
And when we are finished,
you will be taken home.
You are a female outcast,
conspiring with other females
to undermine the moral foundations
of Moclan society.
Your leader, Heveena,
has been secretly communicating
with a traitor on Moclus.
We have reason to believe
that you know his identity.
Is this true?
I do not know
what you are talking about.
I will ask you once more.
What is the traitor's name?
I prefer not to harm you.
But I will.
Now, tell me his name.
BORTUS: This world is desolate.
There are several structures
inside a large canyon.
I am detecting multiple life signs,
all Moclan.
Let's get a closer look.
Engage cloak.
There's no record of this outpost
in the Union database.
I'm taking us down.

You know you disobeyed orders
by bringing these weapons.
Well done.

Priority-one message
from Admiral Halsey:
the Council has convened
and they're awaiting your arrival.
Tell them we're on our way.
You have the bridge.
Permission to join you, Captain?
- What for?
- Topa's
kinda like a little sister.
I have a personal investment
in her safety.
All right, come on.

I make this confession
not because I believe
what I have done is wrong,
but because a child has gone missing.
I am doing what must be done
here and now,
no matter what the future may hold,
and I stand ready to accept
whatever judgment this Council renders.
I offer my confession with the hope
and expectation that this Council
will launch an immediate investigation
into the whereabouts of Topa
and work to secure her safe return.
Based on Heveena's testimony,
and the physical evidence,
provided by the
Orville's Chief of Security,
this Council believes
there is sufficient basis
to begin a formal investigation.
We request that Commander Kodon
and his inspection team
appear before the Council
with all due haste.
And what of her crimes?
She is the one who
should be investigated!
She makes the outrageous claim
that we have abducted a child
when, in fact she,
admits to stealing infants,
and smuggling them as contraband!
We have every intention
of addressing Heveena's actions,
but at the moment our priority
is the safe return of the missing child
and her guardians.
This Council has no valid reason
to conduct an investigation
of my government or any of my people!
You have no facts and no evidence!
Only the word of an admitted criminal.
The only fact presented here today
is that she violated the agreement.
Arrest her!
Or you are all complicit in her crimes!
There is an entry point
2,000 meters ahead.
If we stay within the canyon,
we will remain out of
sight until we reach it.

- That was stupid.
- Are you injured?
My shoulder.
You have torn a ligament.
It will heal shortly.
I'm sorry, Bortus.
It was an accident.
That's not what I mean.
This is my fault.
I talked you into taking Topa with us.
You knew it was a risk,
and I pushed you.
You cannot blame yourself
for what has happened.
Should've just minded
my own goddamn business.
I have never told you how much
I value your presence in Topa's life.
It has been difficult for me
since Klyden left us.
And I do not believe I would have
succeeded without your assistance.
You are
a part of our family.
Topa is very special to me.
And you to us.
The ligament has healed.
All right.
Let's go get her.
Please stop!
I don't know anything!
The wound is the place
where the light enters you.
Let it illuminate
your path to the truth.
I'm telling the truth, I swear!
You have been brave, Topa.
Foolish, but brave.
Do you know what this is?
It's a Krill instrument of persuasion.
I spent many years
trying to acquire one.
Depending on the setting,
it can cause either minor discomfort
or unbearable agony.
And in extreme cases,
permanent neurological damage.
- Please!
The name.
While your mind still functions.

The name!
Bortus! Biosigns.
This way.
Please! Please, I'll tell you!
I am listening.
She has given the name.
And the encryption frequencies?
Yes. We are finished here.
Kill her.
Dump her body in Sha'var Canyon.
Touch her and you're dead!
It is all right, Topa.
We are here.
You are safe.
Did you do this to her?
Come on, we gotta get her
back to the shuttle.
Commander, stand down!
Stand down, that's an order, now!
Let's go.

Launch thrusters are still down.
Topa. You will need to hold on.
Here we go.

We are taking fire!
They're hitting us from above!
I can't gain altitude!
We can't outrun 'em.
We're going to have to engage.
Those are O'kta class fighters.
Highly maneuverable,
but they have a weakness.
Drop behind them
and target their exhaust ports.
We're clear.
We have no intention of cooperating
with this fraudulent
and reckless investigation!
The Council has made its decision.
We reject that decision.
I'm afraid that's not how it works.
With respect, Ambassador,
every member of the Union
must abide by its rulings.
Since when has any
member of this Council
shown us the slightest respect?
You chastise and demean our culture
at every opportunity!
This is not
a referendum on your culture.
We're simply trying
to find a missing child.
Then investigate
your Moclan female accomplice!
She was the last one to see the girl.
How do we know she's telling the truth
about her disappearance?
There is the physical evidence.
It proves nothing!
You are grasping for reasons
to blame Moclus!
Ambassador, look at the circumstances.
If our positions were reversed,
you'd be demanding answers too.
These are difficult times
for the Union, Senator.
Do you really want to provoke
your most important ally?
Think of the consequences.
Could the Union survive
a full-scale Kaylon attack
if its weapons supply chain
was suddenly interrupted?
Do you have something to say, human?
Look, I know I'm not
supposed to talk here,
and I'm probably gonna get
but somebody's gotta
call out these assholes!
- Gordon, don't
- Every time they cross a line,
we let it go because we're scared
to fight the Kaylon without them.
And every time we compromise,
they still act like they're the ones
gettin' the shaft!
That's enough, Lieutenant!
You treat people like garbage,
and then when you get called on it,
you bitch and you moan that we're not
respecting your "beliefs"!
- Well, screw you and your
- Gordon!
It is time to put an end to this farce.
We will address the assembly.
I have conferred with my government.
And we will no longer abide by the terms
of our previous agreement.
Heveena's illegal actions
have annulled all restrictions.
Furthermore, we demand a formal apology
by this Council for allowing
this travesty in the first place.
You proposed this compromise,
Admiral Halsey.
We have abided by it.
Heveena has not.
If anyone in this chamber,
can credibly dispute the
legality of our position,
let him stand now!
Oh, my god.
We rescued Topa from a
secret military installation
in the Zonari System.
It's a Moclan black site.
She was taken there
and tortured for information.
There is no such place!
We have scans of the entire facility,
She refused medical treatment
so that everyone here
could see for themselves
what the Moclans did to her.
My daughter is fortunate
to be alive.
They planned to murder her.
Members of this Union
planned to kill my child.
You are liars.
And you are butchers.
And you must answer for your crimes!

90-proof blend?
- I thought you might need it.
- You're the best.
Just don't breathe on the Admirals.
I am truly sorry.
I do not expect you to forgive me.
That is a reasonable expectation.
The Council has taken
a provisional vote.
It was unanimous.
Moclus has been expelled from the Union.
So what's next?
The vote still
has to be ratified, but
when it is, it'll be a messy divorce.
Ship deployments, crew reassignments,
shared military assets,
and at least a dozen battle groups
under joint command.
A lot of ties to sever.
And it goes without saying,
this will be a major blow
to our defensive posture.
We're now much more vulnerable
to the Kaylon.
What about the colony?
The Union has voted to recognize it
as a sovereign state
and to place it under our protection.
Effective immediately.
Physically she's going to be fine,
but she's been through
a terrible trauma,
especially for someone so young.
She'll need counseling.
I understand.
When may I take her home?
I want to run a few more tests,
and then she's all yours.
There's someone here to see you.
When the Captain told me what happened,
I boarded the first transport
I could find.
May I speak with her?
Lie still, Topa.
You need to rest.
you came back.
How are you feeling?
Better now that you are here.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
The last time I saw you,
I said some very hurtful things.
I regret my words.
I understand, Papa.
It's okay.
It is not.
were almost lost.
Because of people who believed as I did.
I thought I hated you.
But even then, I never wished you harm.
I simply
did not know how to live with you.
[SOBBING] I allowed a lifetime
of prejudice
to cloud my judgment.
That must change.
I must change.
I want you to know
that I accept you, Topa,
exactly as you are.
And I am proud
to call you my daughter.
I love you, Papa.
I love you too.
How is your teepok?
It's as delicious as I remember.
I am pleased.
I will prepare it for you
whenever you like.
Come in.
Hey. Sorry to interrupt.
Just wanted to let you know
we'll be leaving orbit soon.
And I also wanted to say
welcome back, Klyden.
Thank you, Commander.
I take it you've decided to stay?
We have renounced
our Moclan citizenship.
Our home is here, now.
Bortus has told me
of your heroic actions.
Thank you for saving my daughter's life.
Bortus and I make a pretty good team.
I'll let you get back to your meal.
Would you like to have dinner with us?
He made teepok soup.
It's spicy.
I do like spicy.
Then please.
Sit with us.
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