The Orville (2017) s03e09 Episode Script


Chancellor Teleya,
the Moclan delegation has arrived
and awaits the honor of your attention.
Show them in.
Welcome to Krill.
Thank you for receiving us, Chancellor.
We do not get many visitors.
I can only assume you have come
with good reason.
That is for you to decide.
I am told that Moclus has been
expelled from the Planetary Union.
It was inevitable.
The Union imposes its values
on other cultures
while refusing to confront
its own hypocrisy.
A governance of elitist fools.
On that we agree.
Moclus and Krill, however
have much to offer one another
in these dangerous times.
We have confirmed reports,
that the Kaylon are
amassing thousands of ships.
The pattern of deployment suggests
they are preparing to launch
a full-scale invasion.
I am aware of the threat.
The worlds in closest proximity
are Vikarris and Xelayah.
They will likely be the first targets.
And when those worlds are reduced
to ashes, who will be next?
You propose an alliance.
What exactly do you offer?
Moclus was the primary manufacturer
of armaments for the Union.
What we provided them
can be provided to any ally.
And what do you expect in return?
The protection of your superior fleet.
Our two great militaries would ensure
a formidable defense
against the Kaylon.
And any other union
of militaries who may oppose us.
Who would lead this alliance?
Naturally, we would.
On what basis?
You are a female.
Any other arrangement
would be offensive.
How surprising that the Union
revoked your membership.
I must admit, however,
that I admire your hubris.
To enter the dominion of a foreign power
and suggest the wholesale submission
of its entire
military-industrial complex.
There is a phrase I once heard uttered
by a human helmsman
aboard the Union ship Orville:
"You have got balls."
It is the only acceptable arrangement.
I will consider your proposal
for alliance under one condition:
a partnership of command.
I will need to
consult with my government.
Your weapons may be superior,
but as tacticians,
you leave much to be desired.
I have studied your battle strategies.
They are blunt and maladroit.
You lack the cunning
and intellect of the female mind.
I will provide this.
All command decisions
will be shared equally.
Or there will be no alliance.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, Chancellor.
I await your decision.
Defensive line is moving into position.
Nineteen Kaylon ships
just dropped out of quantum.
Ten million kilometers and closing.
General quarters.
All hands, battle stations.
Bridge to Engineering.
What's your status?
The device is drawing
steady power from the quantum core.
It'll be fully armed in about two
minutes, sir.
Isaac, prepare to initiate
on my command.
Yes, sir.
Captain, another 42 ships
just dropped out of quantum.
Jesus, they're all around us!
Charly, how soon?
About 30 seconds, Captain.
Signal all ships to tighten formation!
Aye, sir!
Device is fully armed, sir.
Isaac, initiate.
Isaac to bridge, were we successful?
Yes, Isaac.
You could say that.
You two have done
a great service for the Union.
For the first time in over a year,
we can all breathe a sigh of relief.
The combination
of my superior intellect
and Ensign Burke's capacity
for multi-dimensional visualization
was sufficient
for the development of this technology.
We worked together.
Yes, but how did you
accomplish it so quickly?
"For great achievements,
two things are needed:
a plan, and not quite enough time."
- Churchill.
- Leonard Bernstein.
Can this device be used
on a larger scale?
The radius of destruction is limited
only by the amount of power available.
The Orville's quantum
core was sufficient
to destroy all Kaylon vessels
within a radius of
ten million kilometers.
So in principle,
it could go even farther.
Yes, sir.
Given a sufficient power source,
the range would be unlimited.
And none of our ships or people
would be affected?
No, sir.
Isaac and I discovered
their Achilles heel
by studying the Kaylon
the Orville found on Situla Four.
Every Kaylon and every one
of their ships is connected
through a synchronization matrix.
That's how they coordinate
all their actions,
even across light-years of space.
And that's how you got inside
the Kaylon network?
The device uses quantum energy
to trigger a feedback loop
in its interlink chain.
Basically, it turns the relays
into a row of dominoes.
Knock one down, they all go down.
After the initiation sequence
is transmitted,
it cannot be countermanded.
And what about you?
Why weren't your systems damaged?
I am no longer connected
to the synchronization matrix.
This is better than we ever
could've hoped for.
Our priority now should be
to build a quantum core
that can maximize the weapon's range
and eradicate the Kaylon
threat completely.
Yes, sir.
We can get to work on your order.
Uh Well, now wait a second,
with all due respect,
we're being very cavalier
about this, aren't we?
I mean, you do realize what you're
talking about is is genocide?
Isaac was tasked with
developing a weapon,
that could defeat the Kaylon.
He exceeded our expectations.
We'd be fools not to use it.
And is it really genocide
if our only objective
is to prevent them
from killing every
other living species,
including us?
Admiral, we've seen first-hand
that the Kaylon
are capable of change and growth.
Our experience with Timmis
Yes, I read your report about the
emotive Kaylon.
It proves they can evolve.
It proves nothing.
That Kaylon didn't evolve on its own.
It was modified by a cyberneticist.
And correct me if I'm wrong,
but it didn't work with Isaac here.
That is correct.
My capacity to experience emotion
was only temporary.
Captain Mercer, if you think
that we can enlist and train
an army of cyberneticists to
teach empathy to ten billion Kaylon,
I'd love to hear your plan.
Look, all I'm saying
is that we have created a weapon
of unparalleled destructive power.
And I just think that before we go
cracking eggshells with a sledgehammer,
Need to consider
the moral implications.
I agree this is an unprecedented
situation with profound
ethical questions.
But how we proceed
won't be decided in this room.
It's a matter for the Union Council.
Until they make a determination,
there's nothing more to say.
You're kidding me, right?
What is there to even talk about?
I mean, it's just a big decision.
How is it a big decision?
They want us all dead.
We want to stay alive.
That's a pretty basic equation.
It's us or them.
Yeah, I know the Kaylon
got a raw deal back home,
but I gotta say, I agree with Charly.
Plus the fact that we're sitting ducks
since we kicked the Moclans out.
Look, Charly, don't get me wrong,
as an engineer, I am blown away
by what you and Isaac
were able to do here.
But I also understand
why people are taking a minute.
I agree. We're talking about
exterminating an entire species.
I can't think of anything that runs
more contrary to Union values.
And let's be goddamn clear
about the motive:
are we doing this to save ourselves,
or is this revenge?
My dad used to say,
"Revenge is for children and savages."
Yeah, well, he never
had his leg cut off.
- Oh, come on, man!
- It's a joke.
- It's not funny.
- Sorry.
Look, I know Isaac's your best pal,
so maybe you're a little biased
Hey. Watch it, Ensign.
I gotta get back to duty.
If we'd had this weapon
a year ago and used it,
Amanda might still be alive.
We built it, we tested it, it works.
Let's wipe 'em off the face
of the galaxy.
That was the most heated session
I've ever witnessed,
but the Union Council
has reached a compromise.
They've decided we
should use the weapon.
As a deterrent.
Meaning what exactly?
According to Napoleon, the whole of war
is to frighten your enemy into
submission, ideally without fighting.
He was a tyrant,
but he was accurate on that point.
We will travel to Kaylon
to reveal the nature of the device
and our willingness to use it.
They saw what happened
to their invasion force at Xelayah.
If nothing else,
the Kaylon are logical beings.
It should persuade them
to accept an immediate
and absolute cease-fire.
And if they refuse our terms?
We're authorized to use the
weapon again to make our point clear.
Captain, we're approaching
the Kaylon system.
Go to Tactical Alert.
Five Kaylon vessels
on an intercept course.
Bridge to Engineering.
Everything ready?
We're at full power.
Stand by to initiate on my command.
Hail them.
Channel open.
This is Admiral Thomas Halsey
of the Planetary Union.
We are here on a mission of peace.
I wish to speak with Kaylon Primary.
They are powering weapons.
We're armed with the weapon we
deployed during our last confrontation.
Stand down
or we will be forced to use it again.
Engineering initiate.
Proceed to Kaylon.
With pleasure, sir.
Engineering, initiate.
Sir, we are being hailed.
Let's hear it.
This is Kaylon Primary.
We will receive you.
Transmitting landing coordinates.
Got 'em.
Stand down Tactical Alert.
Take us down.
Kaylon Primary.
That is correct.
You look better than the last time
we saw you.
A Kaylon's neural matrix
can be regenerated indefinitely.
An advantage biologicals do not have.
State your demands.
Our demands are simple.
End your campaign to exterminate us.
Stop your attacks against our ships
and our worlds.
Recall your vessels and cease
all further weapons construction.
We will place monitoring stations,
inside your territory, to
verify your compliance.
Do you intend to enslave us?
Of course not.
We're not here to conquer you.
We just want to end the violence
and establish a basis
for peaceful coexistence.
How do we know this is not a deception?
We could've killed every one of you
without warning.
We didn't.
Because we're not the monsters
you think we are.
We believe the quality of mercy
is mightiest in the mightiest.
Regardless, deception or not,
you don't have a choice.
Trust us, or be destroyed.
It's a simple binary decision.
We have no defense against your weapon.
Therefore, we will
surrender to your demands.
It may not seem like it now,
but one day you'll realize
that you've made the right decision.
We will find a weakness in your weapon.
Trust me,
it's a bad idea for you to go looking.
Any attempt to disable the weapon
will immediately activate it.
There is always a weakness, Isaac.
Your existence is proof of that.
I'll inform the Union Council
that you've agreed to our terms.
We'll work out the details
of the armistice in the coming weeks.
I imagine we'll be seeing
each other again soon.
Through the corridors of sleep ♪
Past shadows dark and deep ♪
My mind dances in leaps ♪
And confusion ♪
I don't know what is real ♪
I can't touch what I feel ♪
And I hide behind the shield ♪
Of my illusion ♪
So ♪
I'll continue to continue ♪
To pretend ♪
My life will never end ♪
And flowers never bend ♪
With the rainfall ♪
- No matter if you're born ♪
- Ooh, ooh ♪
- To play the king or pawn ♪
- Ooh, ooh♪
For the line is thinly drawn ♪
'Tween joy and sorrow ♪
♪So my fantasy ♪
Becomes reality ♪
And I must be what I must be ♪
And face tomorrow ♪
So ♪
I'll continue to continue ♪
To pretend ♪
My life will never end ♪
And flowers never bend ♪
With the rainfall ♪
I told you this gal could sing, right?
Hey, listen,
I just wanna congratulate this crew
on the key role you all played in this.
I would say this may be
the single greatest step
toward the cause of galactic peace
in our lifetimes,
and you should all feel
insanely proud of yourselves.
Even Gordon.
Thank you, thanks a lot.
So, this is a rare bottle
of very old rum from the 21st century.
My dad told me it was only to be opened
for the most special of occasions.
And if he were still with us today,
I think he'd give this
one the thumbs up.
So, here's to you, Dad,
and let's get hammered.
- Yeah!
- Cheers!
Kel, this place is so beautiful.
God, I'd wanna spend all my time here.
Forget space.
Yeah, my dad left it in good condition.
Ed and I used to come
here during the holidays.
When we were married.
It's been a while.
I miss it.
Yeah, I bet.
I told you, you are doing it wrong!
I am doing it exactly as I was shown!
That is hardly possible,
because we have not
yet penetrated the shell!
Do not shout at me.
I will access the interior meat.
Bortus, you need some help there?
There ya go, buddy.
Thank you.
Now we look like fools.
Why is that part
of the sky glowing green?
It is a phenomenon known
as the Aurora Borealis.
When charged particles from the Sun
collide with the planet's atmosphere,
the air molecules are
induced into a higher energy state.
I have never seen such beauty.
The Earth's full of surprises, huh?
Hey, Isaac, show her the Big Dipper.
An asterism
in the Constellation Ursa Major.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine, sir. Thanks.
You know, you and Gordon
should do another song.
Maybe later.
You know, we should've wiped out
the Kaylon when we had the chance.
You think so?
I think we're making
a huge mistake, yeah.
Well, I know you're not alone.
Captain, do you honestly think
they can ever be trusted?
I think we need to give
the armistice a chance.
Then you must think I'm a lousy person.
No, I don't.
I think you're a hell of an officer
who's made tremendous strides
since you came on board.
I know it hasn't been easy.
It's not that I think they're
all evil.
Timmis proved they can change and
so did Isaac.
But the rest of them, I mean
it's not like we helped them toward
some "great moral awakening."
We forced their hand.
What if they find a weakness?
I mean, that's it. We've blown
our only chance to save ourselves.
Well, it's a fundamental tenet
of Union philosophy
that we don't kill unless we have to.
We didn't have to.
I just hope those
high-minded morals don't kill us.
Sub-Level 32.
Can I help you?
I have orders to transport
the device to another site.
We haven't received any new orders.
That's strange. You should have
received them an hour ago.
Check your security logs.
We don't have much time.
Team Echo here.
We've accessed the device.
On our way to you.
Hey. Good morning.
Hi there.
Didn't want to miss the sunrise.
Wow, that is really beautiful.
The sun rising on a new era, isn't it?
Sure seems that way.
You know, ever since
we lost the Moclans
I've had this pit in my stomach
about the Kaylon.
Wondering how much time we have left.
When are they coming for us?
And now
it's all over.
So what are we gonna stress about?
Today? Hangovers.
Ugh. No kidding.
It's mornings like this
I'm jealous of Talla.
- No liver?
- Yep.
Yeah, we were born on the wrong planet.
- Admiral, hi.
- Is Ed with you?
He's still sleeping.
What's going on?
Wake him and gather your team.
The device has been taken.
You are late.
Was there a problem?
Nothing I couldn't handle.
And the weapon?
It's in the shuttle.
Secure it.
I see you've found a new friend.
Friends are scarce these days.
Well, that's what happens
when your government sanctions
kidnapping and torture.
True to his ethics
even as he commits treason.
What a noble creature.
This is not treason.
Quite the opposite.
I believe in the idealism of the Union.
But my compatriots
have made a grave mistake.
Sooner or later, the Kaylon
will figure out a defense
against this weapon,
and we will lose our tactical advantage.
The Union won't do
what needs to be done.
I know you will.
If this weapon is
everything you profess, Admiral,
I can promise you
the swift extinction of the Kaylon.
The device does not come
with an instruction manual.
At the moment, the only ones
who know how to use it
are Isaac and Ensign Burke.
I wish I could help you there.
Your scientists are just gonna
have to do some reverse engineering.
A facility has already been prepared.
Well, then there's nothing more
to be said.
And what does a Union Admiral
do with himself
after the illegal bestowment
of such largesse?
Go back to Earth.
And turn myself in.
He will inform the Union
of our alliance.
They will learn soon enough.
It will strike fear
into the hearts of many.
It will.
But there is no need
to rush the revelation.
I spoke to the guards
on duty last night.
There was no forced entry
beyond this point.
Whoever did this
had fleet-level command codes.
You can stop searching.
At 2300 hours, an unscheduled shuttle
left the dockyard
on a heading for Krill space,
under this authorization.
My god.
He didn't report in this morning
and no one can find him.
There's your fleet-level codes.
Why would he do this?
I didn't want to believe it either.
But Perry's view of
the Council's decision was no secret.
He's always been
a healthy voice of dissent
among the more progressive
elements of the Admiralty,
but who the hell would've thought
he'd throw his whole life away
to defend it?
If his intention is to try
and use the device
We need answers.
We're approaching
the shuttle's projected coordinates.
Drop to sublight.
I am detecting carbonate
and metallo-silicate particulates.
Space dust?
Or debris.
Scans indicate traces
of Union alloys, as well.
And residual weapons signatures.
What kind of weapons?
They appear to be Krill
and Moclan.
Isaac. Verify scan.
Data is accurate.
Oh, Jesus.
An alliance?
Molotov-Ribbentrop all over again.
It was only a matter of time
This is bad.
This is really bad.
Perry was delivering the device
to the people he knew
wouldn't hesitate to use it.
But they don't have Isaac and Charly.
How do they expect to figure it out?
They will seek Dr. Kalba.
He is a weapons expert of great renown.
Many consider him
to be the most brilliant
Moclan scientist who ever lived.
If I had acquired the device,
I would take it to him.
He is the director of a research
outpost on Draconis 427.
Moclus may have closed the facility
since their expulsion from the Union.
If not, that is where we will find him.
Set a course, best possible speed.
Please tell me our jamming systems
are going full blast.
However, I would not
recommend we remain here long.
Given the number of battleships
in orbit,
I'd say there's something
important down there.
The facility is operational.
I am detecting
a substantial power source.
What kind of power source?
It appears to be a quantum core.
One of the largest I have ever seen.
Captain. If the core's big enough,
it could extend the weapon's range
by thousands of light-years.
Everything they'd need to wipe out
the Kaylon.
We're gonna need some help.
Is this your concept of humor?
Unfortunately, no.
Then your carelessness has jeopardized
our continued existence.
You must recover
the weapon immediately.
God, you know, there is so much
irony in that, but I'll stay focused.
If the Krill and the Moclans
have joined forces,
it means the balance
of power has shifted.
In open warfare, the Union Fleet
wouldn't stand a chance.
You are proposing an alliance.
We've already spoken
with Union Central.
They're prepared to send
every available ship.
With you on our side,
we can devise a battle plan
to break through their defenses,
infiltrate the outpost,
and recover the device.
But we need to act fast,
while we still have
the element of surprise.
That is, assuming you're with us.
Given your evident incompetence,
we may be better served
to retrieve the weapon on our own.
Works for me.
If the weapon has been armed,
you will require the
presence of myself,
or Ensign Burke, to disable it.
What'll it be?
Once again,
you leave us with no alternative.
We agree to this
temporary alliance.
I'm pleased to hear it.
We'll be transmitting
rendezvous coordinates.
Don't be late.
Welcome aboard the Orville.
If you'll follow us,
we'll escort you to the conference room.
We are familiar with its location.
As you recall, we occupied this vessel
during our previous encounter.
I do.
And as you recall, we kicked your asses.
Come on.
How do you intend
to retrieve the device?
The quantum core is located 500 meters
inside the southeast perimeter.
the chamber is deep underground,
and heavily fortified.
If we can penetrate the interior,
Isaac and I can scan
for the location of the device.
It shouldn't be too far from the core.
The question is, how do we get in?
There is an emergency tunnel
that connects to the surface.
I believe that is the best option.
In order to get the ground team
down there unnoticed,
we'll need a big distraction,
which means
engaging their ships in orbit.
A squadron of Pterodons
will provide cover for the shuttle.
Once inside,
we'll locate and extract the weapon.
And if extraction is not possible?
Then we'll have to destroy it.
Lamarr and Malloy will be
heading up the Pterodon squadron.
I'll be leading the ground team
along with Isaac, Ensign Burke,
and Commander Keyali.
The combined Union and Kaylon fleets
will engage the Krill and the Moclans
as long as we need to.
Any questions?
I will accompany the ground mission.
I had assumed that you would
be leading the Kaylon fleet.
Kaylon Secondary
will command our forces.
We already have one Kaylon.
We don't need another.
On the contrary.
Isaac has proven
he is not to be trusted.
We trust Isaac.
We don't trust you.
You misplaced the weapon once before.
I intend to ensure
it does not happen again.
You follow every one
of Kelly's orders to the letter,
or she's authorized to shoot you.
Got it?
Just stay on my good side
and you'll be fine, hon.
Very well.
Captain. Ships approaching.
What ships?
Union vessels, heavily armed.
Show me.
Alert the fleet
and notify the Chancellor.
Assume battle formation.
Lock weapons.
Ninety seconds to drop zone.
Deflectors are holding.
Maintain course.
Mercer to ground team,
stand by to launch.
Ready and standing by.
Three Union ships have been disabled
and are breaking off their attack.
This will be over quickly.
Another wave of ships,
closing rapidly on all vectors.
Sir they are Kaylon.
Avis help us all
Ground team, move out.
Engage cloak.
Here we go.
Mercer to Lamarr. Shuttle is away.
Yes, sir.
Group leader to all pilots.
Time to fly.
It's about time we give
these things a real shakedown.
Group leader,
shuttle is following your course.
Entering upper atmosphere.
John, we got Krill
and Moclan fighters in pursuit.
Group leader to squadron,
enemy incoming.
Protect the shuttle at all costs.
Acknowledged Acknowledged
Acknowledged Acknowledged.
Bogies at three o'clock!
Come on!
- Got him!
- Double boom.
We're at 10,000 meters.
Steady as she goes.
Murphy, they're right on your ass.
- Pull up!
- Copy!
7,000 meters.
We are losing main power.
We have to get outta this cross-fire!
I can't, there's nowhere to go!
I need emergency power
for the landing thrusters.
If we do that, we're gonna
lose the cloak. They'll target us.
It's either that or we crash!
What about the egress packs?
All right, let's go.
Group leader to Kaylon,
get your shiny asses down here.
We need reinforcements.
At our current altitude of 5,000 meters,
we will need to
achieve terminal velocity
before we initiate reverse thrust.
Just hit the button
before you hit the ground.
Good luck.
Sir, the shuttle has been destroyed.
John, what's happening?
They bailed out in time, Captain.
Maintain suppressive fire.
The access hatch is sealed.
Outta the way.
I've got it.
The quantum core is about
900 meters to the northwest.
- Charly?
- There are multiple access routes.
Fastest one will get us there
in about six minutes.
Lead the way.
There's gotta be another way in!
There's another set of tunnels
50 meters to the south!
It's the long way around,
but it'll get us there.
Go! Take Isaac! We'll catch up!
How much longer?
Once the arming sequence begins,
it will take the device
approximately eight minutes
to draw sufficient power
from the quantum core.
And then?
Then it will initiate.
Our transmitter array
will propagate the signal.
Good work.
the facility has been breached!
Deploy all defensive units
to the access points.
Dr. Kalba, when I return,
I expect every Kaylon
within 10,000 light-years to be dead.
I will do my best, Chancellor.
Bring the array online.
The outpost is powering
its transmitter array.
Mercer to Malloy!
Any chance you can do some damage
to those transmitters?
We got a whole division
of Krill up our ass,
but we can sure as hell try.
Malloy to Lamarr.
Permission to reconfigure weapons
for short-range ground strikes.
Go to it!
Keep moving! I'll cover you!
Strike team approaching target!
Three Krill fighters in pursuit.
900 meters to transmitter array!
Aim for the support pylons.
Damn it! The shielding's too tough.
We're gonna have to find
another weak spot.
Gordon, watch your back!
I see him!
Tailgating bastard!
He's still on me!
Hang tight, I'm comin'!
Aw, come on!
Whenever it's convenient!
Workin' on it!
Ah, come on.
Just let me shoot you!
If you want to draw another breath,
you will order your
people to stand down!
This will be your only warning.
All right, but I need my comscanner.
Very slowly.
Quantum core's at full power.
Beginning countdown sequence.
Secondary target acquired.
Moclan bogies at your six.
500 meters to target!
Krill fighters dead ahead!
Ah, shit! Break, break!
Subsection 22-alpha just went offline.
Bypass that section.
I will compensate.
Engage countermeasures.
Group leader to squadron,
break off now! REPEAT: break off!
Captain, it's no good!
The transmitter is too heavily defended!
We had to withdraw!
Move away from your consoles.
Are you Dr. Kalba?
You will
terminate the countdown sequence,
I I cannot.
Why not?
The firing armature is interlocked
with the quantum core.
It cannot be uncoupled.
You are too late.
He is correct.
You need to shut down the core.
That would take hours.
There are multiple fail-safe
encryptions in place.
We'll see about that.
You're really starting to piss me off.
Your passions are easily roused.
This is what cost you your marriage,
Not gonna work.
You need emotional balance.
And you need a dermatologist.
The weapon
will initiate in 5.3 minutes.
Every time we decrypt a fail-safe,
another one locks in.
We're not gonna make it.
What are you doing?
Thinking four-dimensionally.
Special talent.
I do not understand what
Shut up and let me work.
Why did you not terminate him?
It was not essential.
You could learn something from Isaac.
A gift for Avis.
Took you long enough.
The weapon is gonna initialize
in three minutes.
I can't disable it,
and I can't shut down the core.
I'm trying to trigger an overload.
That would effectively
destroy the quantum core,
and the weapon.
Do not be a fool!
- They will kill us all if you
- Get her out of here!
- Can you do it?
- I think so.
Only problem is, when this thing blows,
it's gonna take out the entire outpost
and a good chunk of the planet with it.
You should go.
Charly, we're not leaving without you.
Set up a timer delay.
- It's not that simple.
- We'll figure out another way!
- There is no other way.
- I'm giving you an order!
I have my orders, Commander.
My orders are to disable this weapon
by any means necessary!
Unless you're
countermanding those orders,
step away, and let me do my job.
You have two minutes!
Get out if you can.
Where's the nearest shuttle?
That way!
Captain, I am detecting a power surge
inside the outpost.
It is the quantum core.
Grayson to Orville!
Signal all ships to retreat!
Get the hell away from this planet!
I'm here, Amanda.
Aft view.
Sir, a Krill shuttle is hailing us.
Put 'em on.
Shuttle to Orville.
Permission to dock.
Kelly, what happened down there?
We couldn't disarm the weapon.
We had to destroy it.
Where's Charly?
we couldn't bring her home.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Teleya's in Sickbay.
After Claire's done with her,
Talla's gonna take her to the Brig.
You should be in sickbay, too.
I'll be fine.
So, what happens now?
Do you depart peacefully?
Or is this battle not over?
An inquiry has been put to you.
The biological
terminated her existence.
To save you.
Please clarify.
There's nothing to clarify.
I just answered your question.
This reasoning is unsound.
Please explain.
She sacrificed herself
so that the Kaylon could live.
Why would she do this?
Because these biologicals
are not as our builders were.
It is what I have attempted
to communicate.
They are worthy of preservation.
They are
my friends.
Perhaps we have been
incorrect in our assessment.
She hated you for what you did.
And she still gave her life for you.
You're goddamn right you're incorrect.
Bad pennies will keep turning up,
won't they?
You have no right to detain me.
If we hadn't stopped you,
you would've committed genocide.
That's all the right I need.
I just wanted to let you know
we're taking you back to Earth.
You did not have to come here
to tell me that.
I can't protect you this time
and I have no desire to.
But there's someone you seem
to have forgotten about.
Anaya is in safe hands.
You'll be tried for war crimes.
After that, I don't know
what's gonna happen to you.
But she needs a home.
I can give her one.
Release me, and I will arrange it.
Jesus, you are contemptible.
And you are a sentimental fool.
I'm sentimental because I care
what happens to our daughter.
Is that what you're saying?
You can't just leave her alone!
The fulfillment of a divine purpose
eclipses all family bonds.
One day, Anaya will understand this.
And as long as I am a prisoner,
I promise you will never see her.
If you choose to accept
joint ratification of an alliance,
we are prepared to offer Kaylon
a provisional seat on the Union Council,
where you will have a tempered voice
in the enactment of policy.
Eventually, if you behave in good faith,
and if the Council sees fit,
you may be offered
full membership into the Union,
should you so desire it.
It's an opportunity
to help shape the future,
not just for your world,
but for thousands of others.
In return, we will expect
a full defensive commitment
against the newly formed
Moclan-Krill alliance.
We have reviewed
the organizational structure
of your Council
and its history of deliberations.
What you call
"representative democracy"
is a most inefficient
form of governance.
But the one thing
you can say for democracy
is that all other forms
of government are even worse.
Over thousands of years
and on countless planets,
it's the best system
anyone's ever come up with
to ensure the strong
don't dominate the weak.
At least not for long.
We accept your terms.
We are gathered here,
in remembrance, of a fallen shipmate.
One who left us far too soon.
Ensign Charly Burke,
will receive the Union
Medal of Valor posthumously,
for her unwavering sense of duty
and for the ultimate sacrifice
in the pursuit of peace.
can bring her back.
But we can acknowledge our debt
to an outstanding Union officer
and an extraordinary human being.
Who would like to speak first?
I wish to speak.
Dr. Finn assisted me
with the construct of my statement.
However, the substance is my own.
I presume it will be adequate.
Ensign Burke loved pancakes.
She consumed them with butter
but no syrup
and was indifferent to the addition
of berries or other condiments.
As a child, pancakes
were her favorite breakfast.
I served with Ensign Burke
for 257 days,
17 minutes, and 49 seconds.
And yet, my understanding
of her remained incomplete.
She had an impressive brain
for a biological.
She perceived the universe
in ways others could not.
Ensign Burke regarded me as an enemy.
Yet despite her animosity,
she chose to save my life
when no one else was able.
And in the final
seconds of her own life,
Ensign Burke substantiated
for all the galaxy her true nature.
One of integrity and selflessness.
And in her sacrifice,
she inspired the enemies of the Union
to become friends.
Her existence was brief.
But, much like the first domino
in a succession,
her impact will be felt,
far into the future.
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