The Other Two (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Chase Turns Fourteen

1 Aw, so cute.
Cary, lean in.
Brooky, hold Chasey so he doesn't fall.
Now, let's get that bottle out of there.
We don't want that bottle in the photo.
Okay, say cheese.
Aw, hell yeah, you guys are killing it.
That is so fucking hot.
And, uh, let's get that bottle in there.
Need that bottle in the photo.
- Okay, say Voss.
- ALL: Voss.
Okay, great, and now one with just my two stars, Brooky and Cary.
Okay, great, and now one with just my two stars, Chase and the water.
Oh, that's perfect.
This is going right in a frame.
Can we get the other two out of frame? A little further.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep go All this dirty money in the city Can you believe that this is a birthday party for a 14-year-old? I know, my 14th birthday party was gumball-themed.
We just, like, ate different gums.
This is way better.
That actually sounds so nice right now.
Oh, did I tell you that that Jeremy guy's coming? Wait, the drama teacher from Jersey? Yeah, he's in the city.
I spent, like, literally all day preparing.
- Your butt? - Yeah.
I haven't eaten in 12 hours.
I'm fucking starving.
Can you promise he's gay? This isn't another roommate situation.
Yeah, no, he's he's definitely gay, and I'm really excited about this because, like, when we first met, I was all depressed about my career, but now I'm I'm definitely gaining traction.
Well, your bouffant is certainly blonder.
- Tionna, wait.
- I am waiting.
You're not waiting, you're walking.
Oh, my God, who are all of these people? I gave Streeter the smallest guest list.
I gotta go find him.
All right, I'm gonna go, uh check my butthole in the bathroom, I guess.
Hey, Brooke! Excuse me? What is that? Where did you get that? They just had it over here for me.
No, give me that.
Give it.
Absolutely not.
You're not drinking alcohol tonight.
You're 14.
Plus you're contractually obligated to drink Voss.
[bass-heavy music] - Mom.
- Cary.
There you are.
Do I have your permission to have fun tonight? What? Well, as you know, this is my year of yes.
Very aware, yeah.
And I don't want you and Brooky to be mad.
Why why would we be mad? It's a party.
Okay, good.
I took Molly.
- What? - Mona gave it to me.
Hi, I'm Mona.
- Hi.
- I effing love your mom.
Mona said that I deserved it because I've worked really hard and I've raised three children and I deserve it.
Well, you're still raising one.
Don't worry 'cause, it was, like, a super small dose and she can handle it 'cause this lady's a rock star.
Mona, I want to go over there.
Okay, let's go.
[giggles] Hey, yo, who the queen round here? Streeter, Streeter.
Who are all these people? Whee are any of our friends? Parties aren't about friends, Brooke.
They're about making sure strangers know that you had one, and that's why I invited all of New York's hottest daughters.
Look here, there's Esther Lay, the chip heiress, and Tiffany Glad, trash bag heiress.
Natalie Kleenex, she's not a daughter.
She's just rich.
Okay, well, she's someone's daughter.
Oh, hey, can you do me a favor? Can you tell Chase to meet me downstairs in, like, ten minutes? I have a present for him outside that I think he's wheely gonna like.
[cheering] What up, guys? I just want to say what up.
You know, way back when I was 12, I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life, - but now, here I am.
- [cheering] It's been a long, hard journey, almost six months, and I couldn't have done it without every single one of you.
[cheering] Make sure to hashtag Voss water on all your pictures - and I'll like them.
- Hello? Hey, Brooky monster, hey, they're not letting me in.
- Wait, you're here? - Hell yeah, I am.
It's Chase's birthday.
Little dude's becoming a little man.
Ugh, fine, I'll come get you, but I can't hang out, okay? I'm working.
And now my mom, the original dreamer, would like to say what up.
Nope, nope, no.
No, uh, no, she can't make it up here right now.
Uh, she's shy.
But you all know me.
I'm ChaseDreams' brother, CaryDreams.
[cheers and applause] Gay brother! Thank you, thanks, thank you, yeah.
And, you know, I know I'm not as good of a singer as he is, but I just wanted to say, um, Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birth Surpr oh, it's just Brooke.
Hey, is Chasey coming down soon? 'Cause I'm illegally parked.
You got him a car? - Yeah.
- He's 14.
Hey, well, everybody's gonna get him a car when he's 16.
Oh, whoa, sick ride, baby.
I got it for Chase.
I think he's wheely gonna like it.
You know, 'cause of the wheels.
- [laughs] - Hi, Lance.
This guy's with me, Brooke Dubek.
Sorry, you're not on the list.
Oh, family doesn't need to be on the list.
- I know that 'cause I made it.
- It doesn't matter.
If you're not on the list, you have to go in standby.
- With the losers? - [scoffs] Thank you so much for coming.
It's so good to see you.
You're so tan.
Did you go on vacation? Oh, no, I went on "Watch What Happens Live.
" - You did? - Yeah.
It was stupid but, you know, it was cool.
God, this party's crazy.
Your brother's gotten so huge.
My students would die if they knew I was here right now.
I can get you a picture with him if you want.
Oh, um Or with Esther Lay.
I just met her.
She's really, really nice.
I mean, it's weird that she's here, but, you know, it's helpful to know people like that.
Why, is she a director? No, she's a chip heiress.
Supris ah, damn it.
Hey, uh, is ChaseDreams still up there? Because I got him a present.
- I think he's wheely gonna - [horn honking] Hey, go around.
Just go around me! Can't believe I'm in line for a party that I planned.
I know what could cheer you up.
Check out my new shoes.
They're dry-erase, so you can make 'em any kind you want: Nike, Adidas, red.
Right now, they say, "Happy birthday, Chase.
" Actually, they say "Hap irthda, Cha.
" I ran here.
Yeah, someone named @CaryDreamsFeet started following me, which is so weird because my feet are fine.
You should get the foot filter app.
Yeah, it really smooths out your feet and toes for pics.
Oh, that's a good idea.
I'm Jeremy, by the way.
Oh, sorry, that's Jeremy.
[gasps] Hi, you're Jeremy? Yes.
- Are you really gay? - Yes.
[gasps] Cary, this is so good.
Thanks, Mom.
Mona, I wanna go over there.
I love gay guys.
So you been DVRing "RHONY"? No, Lance, I'm a businesswoman now, so I don't have time for "Real Housewives of New York.
" That's why I DVR.
Okay, two more.
Oh, thank God.
I have to pee so bad.
Oh, ow.
Remember to send Chasey down.
I don't want him to forget about me tonight.
Or whatever.
Why is the women's line so long? It's like, use the men's.
That's what it's for.
See, totally empty.
[gasps] - Oh, Chase.
- Little man.
[moans] God, he looks like shit.
Do you think anyone saw him? No, we took him out the back, B.
No one will ever even know he left.
Any minute now.
This is ridiculous.
I was downstairs for 30 minutes and he got this wasted? You know, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that's looking out for him.
What about Care? I mean, yeah, he's great, he's just he's a little orange right now.
You mean like tan? No, like orange inside.
[both laugh] I think he's just going through something.
He's not the only one.
I didn't see my mom once tonight.
Like, where the fuck was she? Girl, you are loving these nuts.
You mom is my friggin' spirit animal right now.
Very cool, Mona.
Wait, I have to tell you what happened this week.
I joined a gym, as you can see, and my first morning on the treadmill, one of my students got on next to me.
- No.
- Yes.
I was too embarrassed to let him see me run, so I hid in the locker room and watched clips of dogs feeling guilty on my phone.
The same thing just happened to me.
I had to start working out 'cause I was on "Watch What Happens Live.
" Yeah, you mentioned that.
Yeah, I mean, like, it was stupid, but, you know, some people said I was good on it.
Well, I can't wait to watch it.
Oh, I could pull it up right now.
- Oh, um - Just yeah, I mean, just Just yeah, okay, here we go.
It's still loading.
Still loading.
I think it's taking a long time 'cause I'm downloading that foot filter app.
I can't believe Chase's first time getting drunk was in a club.
I just wanted him to have a typical teenage experience, - like mine.
- What was yours? I got wasted on a thing of peach schnapps under my bed and my mom found the bottle and grounded me and then I told her I wished she was dead and we didn't talk for a month.
Chase'll never get that.
What, don't worry, cook Brooke, he'll have plenty of firsts.
Maybe he'll lose his V-card the way you did.
To the drummer from Snow Patrol? Ew, Lance.
- [vomits] - Ew, Chase.
[tires squeal] Out, everybody out.
No, sir, we're about to get on the bridge.
I don't care.
Out! All right, it should load better out here.
Surpri oh, God damn it.
- Streeter? - God damn it.
Did you get Chase a car? Yes, I got him a car, and it's a great deal too.
He only has to say Chevy Camaro in his next three songs.
- Uber for Jordan? - Uh, what? Uber for Jordan.
I'm Jordan.
This isn't an Uber.
Sorry, I don't like it when the drivers talk to me.
Yeah, this is good.
You're cute.
Yeah, thanks.
Should we go back inside? Oh, no, was it was it weird that I made you watch that? Yes.
Okay, uh, well, we want to go back inside.
You're not on the list.
Try gay brother.
[laughs] That's crazy.
Then I dated a guy who was only into me 'cause I was Chase's sister.
He wanted to do it to "Stink.
" - Same thing happened to me.
- What? Yeah, this girl wanted to sleep with me just 'cause I used to date Chase's sister.
Ew, how did she even find you? His fans can find anybody.
Bunch of 'em followed my mom too and her friend Connie.
- You know Connie.
- Aw, how is Connie? She's a riot.
Hey, did he puke on my back at all? Um, oh, barely.
Well, a lot.
He puked a lot.
Yeah, I could feel it.
[cash register dings] Sorry we couldn't get back in.
It's okay.
I, uh, came here to spend time with you.
I don't care where.
I feel bad I didn't say good-bye to Esther Lay.
Yeah, I'm sure she's fine.
What's wrong? Not hungry or? No, I just wasn't eating in case we and I was the, you know.
Oh, yeah, oh, no.
I wasn't gonna eat in case I was the Well, one of us can eat the pizza, right? Right, yes.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I mean, um I'd prefer to eat the pizza.
Oh, really? Yeah, but if you want to eat No, no, you can eat the pizza.
- Okay, I can, great.
- Uh-huh.
- For tonight.
- Okay, cool.
[chuckles] I feel like I should DM Esther Lay good-bye just so she doesn't think I'm rude, right? I don't want her mad at me or anything.
Yeah, sure.
Whoo, we're going on a ride now! Hey, I know him.
Oh, my God, you're high.
That's an Uber driver.
This is not an Uber.
There's a bow on it.
Hey, can we just go back to your place and have sex? Oh, now? - Yes, great, good, yes, okay.
- Yeah, good, uh-huh.
What is happening? And my roommate actually sucks, so could we go to my brother's place? I know that's weird, but they won't be back for hours.
- O-Okay.
- Great.
- Your brother's place, great.
- Yes.
I love you, Streeter.
And I love Chase.
He's like a father to me.
That's nice.
I know everyone laughs at you, but not me.
I think you're great.
- Whoo, we're going so fast.
- Whoo! - Everyone laughs at me? - Whoo! Okay, I'm very much starting to get mad.
Can we just go? You know, mad respect to Justin, but I do not get "The Leftovers.
" I think you just have to keep watching.
Cary says it picks up.
What season are you on? I just finished the third.
Oh, then you just don't like it.
Damn, but I love to like things.
Aw, I know you do.
You just put him down by the motorcycle.
Think he's gonna puke again.
He should probably be by a toilet.
Yeah, well, the motorcycle is a toilet.
Damn, for real? I got you, bro.
This place is exactly what my house is gonna look like when I'm rich.
Wait, is there a 7UP hot tub? No.
Okay, it's almost what my house is gonna look like.
[loud thump] Cary? [clears throat] What are you doing here? Oh, um, sex? [whispers] Hell yeah, Care.
That's what I'm talking about, Care.
Thank you, Lance.
Okay, well, we're here because Chase got drunk and has been puking his guts out.
- He did? - Yes.
Where was Mom? You'd think if your husband was a full-blown alcoholic, you'd be more protective of your kid in the club.
What? Oh, shit.
Nothing, buddy.
I was just joking.
Hey, come on, man.
Why don't we get you back to your motorcycle? Whoa, I like your shoes.
[chuckles] Thanks, homie.
- Hello, I'm home now! - [laughs] She's home.
Mom, what are you doing here? I'm riding a horsey.
Shh, it's just Streeter.
[laughs] It's just me.
I'm not a horse.
What are you guys doing? You laughing at me? What? No, why? N-no reason.
I was just checking.
Wait, is this Justin Theroux's house? Why is my night so random? - Who are you? - I-Isn't it fancy? My bedroom is a swimming pool.
This place has a pool? Are you playing? Come on, man.
The hits just keep coming.
- Lance.
- Mama D.
What is going on with Mom? Is she drunk too? No, she's on Molly because she deserves it? What? Welcome to our house.
It's better than our old house because my husband died there and that made me very sad.
Mom, are you okay? But now I'm very happy! And now I'm very tiny.
And now I have a secret for you.
What did she say? That she wants to go over there.
So why did we stop here? Mom, what you doing over here? Oh, my kids, I love you so much.
Just know that I will always be here to protect all of you.
Oh, really, Mom, all of us? What do you mean? Okay, well, you know that I'm Chase's assistant, right? - I'm not his mo - Brooke, maybe not right now.
Hey, what are you guys talking about? You, haha, laughing at me? You know, my shirt and my hair and all this? 'Cause I'm in on it.
No, we're having a family moment.
I have so many nuts in my purse.
Who put all these nuts in here? What, you did, you friggin' psycho.
Oh, my God, that lady is a friggin' psycho, - but I love her so much.
- Oh, crap.
I gotta go save Chase.
Yeah, and I should walk Lance out.
I got nothing to do.
Hey, sorry, Jeremy, I don't think now's the best time for a photo.
What? I just he's feeling kind of sick so I wasn't asking for a photo.
He was just bringing me water 'cause you guys were talking.
Oh, sorry, I just I knew you wanted a photo with him for your students.
I mean, I guess I guess I could take one with you.
What? It's just 'cause, you know, they might weirdly know who I am because of I actually think I'm gonna go.
What? I'm just feeling a little tired.
Okay, yeah, no, cool.
Cool, yeah, all right.
I'll walk you out.
Feel better.
Hey, thanks for all your help tonight.
Of course.
You know I got you, girl.
Um, and as a thank-you, you can tell me what's been happening on "RHONY.
" Oh, hell yeah.
Okay, so on the last ep, they all went to the Catskills and Ramona fell in the fireplace and they showed her whole butt.
They didn't blur it? No, I think it's 'cause it didn't really look like a butt.
[laughs] Hey, is everything okay? Yeah, I just I'm just not sure if I'm into this whole new vibe.
What do you mean? Is this 'cause of the picture thing? - No.
- 'Cause I I just, uh I know I don't know you that well, but it feels like you a month ago would make fun of you now.
- Oh, yikes.
- I just It feels like you don't really know who you are right now.
Um, okay.
Uh, I'm I'm sorry? I I guess you could have eaten the pizza.
- Okay.
- I I I'm sorry.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
All right, I'm gonna bounce.
Uh, but if you want to watch the "RHONY" reunion, let me know.
But, heads-up, it's six nights.
Okay, cook Brooke, I'll see you later.
["Visions of Gideon" by Sufjan Stevens] I have loved you for the last time Is it a video? Is it a video? For the love, for laughter I flew up to your arms Is it a video? Is it a video? For the love, for laughter I flew up to your arms Is it a video? Is it a video? Cary.
Cary? Just give him a second.
He's doing "Call Me by Your Name.
" Oh, you know, I never saw that movie.
Yes, you did.
We went with Cary.
Remember, he sat facing us while we watched it.
Oh, yes, that's right.
Aw, they're so cute.
You know, Cary just had his 14th birthday party.
It was gumball themed.
It was gonna be dinosaurs, but Target had a lot of gumball stuff so But, hey, everybody loves a gumball, right, Chasey? Ugh, he just threw up on me.
Seriously where is the bathroom? The bathroom is downstairs.
- It is downstairs? - It's downstairs.
And it's good for both? - Yes, there's both.
- Okay, great.
Bye buddy.
Did he mean both pee and poop? Hey everyone, welcome to "The Other Show.
" We're talking about episode eight today.
And we are joined by Drew and Helene, as always, and Josh Segarra, who plays Lance.
- What's up guys? - Yeah! - Hello! - What about us? Hi, hello.
I didn't know if I was allow to stand up in the I was so stressed to high five on camera.
[laughter] Whoa! Sick ride, baby! I got it for Chase.
I think he's wheely gonna like it.
You know, 'cause the wheels.
[Lance laughs] Hi, Lance.
Now, you guys knew each other? We've known each other for like a decade, yeah.
Not super close, but man, we've been buddies ever since, man.
[Chris] Just from the theatre world, right? - 'Cause you do Broadway too, yeah.
- Because we do the theater, Josh and I know each other.
Our show has so many Broadway people in it.
Like really trained people.
- And Drew.
- And then Drew.
- Of course.
- And Drew.
I've never seen a stage.
He's never seen a Broadway show, you've never gone Don't like plays.
I hate 'em.
You saw Angels in America Part One.
- [laughing] Yes.
- Did you see the second part? - I still haven't seen it.
- He came to set and was like, "I'm gonna go see the second part," we were like, "Mm-hmm.
" Still hasn't seen it as if it's running and it's a possibility.
[Drew laughs loudly] - What are you doing here? - Oh, um - Sex? - Hell yeah, Care.
That's what I'm talkin about, Care.
Here's a weird thing we just remembered is that you auditioned for like a thousand different roles, didn't you? - I did.
- Sorry.
No way, that was awesome though! Those are days that actors remember.
You kidding me? Now that it worked out this way.
- Yeah.
- I remember that day for sure.
I read three different parts.
- I kept going - Do you remember it? Uh-uh, it was the flight attendant, then it was the roommate, and that was hilarious 'cause now I know what happens.
And that's super fun, right? Imagine that all the time and that would've been very fun, buddy.
- [laughing] - Then they said, "Hey man, you wanna come play with this one?" I said, "Heck yeah, I love this guy.
" And it was awesome, man.
We basically had to make it fit you better.
So we spent a little time with you, started hearing the words you said.
Like "Oh, hell yeah.
" - [laughing] - And that became a part Your voice became a part of the character.
I don't know why you're lying on camera, Sarah, because we all know that Lance is your spirit animal.
Lance has lived inside of you for years.
Once I found it, it really came I remember going up to you on set on night and saying "Can you say, "Oh hell yeah," here? - and you said, "Oh, hell yeah.
" - [laughing] No! Gimme that.
Give it.
Absolutely not.
Not drinking alcohol tonight.
You're 14.
Plus you're contractually obligated to drink Voss.
What did you do for your birthdays when you were little? So in Orlando, where I grew up, for many years we went to this resort.
So I remember, it's either my 13th or 14th, and I remember men, just beautiful men, in Speedos.
And I remember this pool being like, "This is the best!" An arcade, they had WrestleFest, the video game.
They had an indoor pool, outdoor pool, but men! So we go to the top of the slide, and I meet two men! Gorgeous men.
And I say, "Guys, what's going on here, man?" And it's the first time I learned what Pride was.
Pride is the weekend of June, and they were holding Pride at that resort.
And I was also having my birthday.
So for your 13th birthday you went to Pride.
Pride at a pool with a slide, an arcade.
- That's great.
- And I made some of the best friends.
Wow! - We grew up differently.
- [laughing] Hey, did he puke on my back at all? Um Oh.
Uh, barely.
Well, a lot.
He puked a lot.
Yeah, I could feel it.
This is the episode where these two characters reconnect, Brooke and Lance.
And we really, when we were writing it, we were just like, what are Almost leaning into the rom-comness of it.
A little bit of like What are these iconic places we can put them in? One of them was on the bridge.
- On the Brooklyn Bridge.
- Yeah.
And so we had to shoot We had to like sh shut down small part of the bridge and like redirect tourists who were very eager to see who was shooting and then they didn't really care.
- [laughing] - We gotta be honest.
They liked Case though.
- Case got stopped many times! - Case got recognized.
Case would get stopped sometimes.
A couple times filming, people would come up to me and be like, "Who's filming over there?" - And I'd kind of be like, "Uh, me.
" - [deep voice] Me.
[laughing] "Hi, it's me.
" To take it down, you sort of think like, "Oh, I wanna be on a tv show.
" And then you're closing off parts of the Brooklyn Bridge.
You're there waiting for the sun to go down, and you're like, "Whoa!" - It was crazy.
- That was such a special like The scene watching those characters have separated from each other.
You watched him help your little brother, and that is, like, I think something a lot of us can relate to with past relationships - is they become a part of your family.
- Of course.
Well, it's like you I think that she thought that her life was gonna be this big thing, and then she you know, is faced with this person who is a part of it, and she's like, "I don't need this.
" Then realizes how important those simple things are - and that kind of a connection.
- Yeah.
And not to be too dramatic 'cause this is a comedy thing, but we did talk about, 'cause we both have a parent who died, and we talked about relating to having an ex that knew our parent.
And then being like, we're breaking up with them, but you still feel a connection because you're like, they knew me when I was then or they knew them.
- And they were there with me while - So it was like a homeliness.
that was happening.
So we kind of liked that about your character in the season.
That you're introduced as a dummy, or introduced as a comic relief, - or as like a this guy.
- Yeah.
But humanizing him throughout and seeing that he is like a solid person, he is like a rock and he is like - feels like home.
- Home to her.
Yeah, and it's even like on the bridge, he says something about his mom's friend's Connie.
- And like, you know - Yeah.
- Those are kind of easy connections.
- You just know there's a shorthand.
That you know who Connie is, yeah.
Yeah, in the middle of laughter you see two people connect.
You know, taking care of their younger brother.
- You know - Totally.
You know, it's very easy to kind of stay on the surface of stuff, but you get down to it, that's why this thing is cool.
- That's why I'm happy to be here.
- That's nice.
That's nice.
Hell yeah.