The Other Two (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Chase Performs at the VMAs

1 Can I ask you a question? Is this the worst night we've ever had? Well, I mean, it was cool that Chase got to perform at the VMAs.
Too bad it ruined both of our goddamn lives.
- [glass shatters] - Oh.
Wait, why'd you throw my beer? Because I'm drinking mine.
[string music build-up] Oh, my God, the VMAs.
This is so glamorous.
Oh, I wish your dad was here to see Chase's big night.
Yeah, I know.
Me too.
Oh, hi.
Are you performing tonight too? Oh, no.
I'm just the sound mixer.
Well, don't worry.
I'm sure you'll be on the show someday.
Um, Mom, how are you doing with Dad after all the plane stuff? Oh well, I'm okay.
Everyone's been very supportive.
People keep telling me I'm an inspiration.
Well, that's good.
You are.
Now I'm not just the mother of three kids.
I'm the mother of a movement.
- Oh boy.
- Where is Cary? - The show's already halfway over.
- I don't know.
I thought he was getting out of work at 10:00.
[classical music plays] Sorry.
Just trying to help.
Peas can be so tricky.
Hey, guys! Guess who we just met in the hallway.
- Kelly Clarkson! - Oh, I love Kelly.
You know, I lost my virginity to "Behind These Hazel Eyes.
" - Is that long enough ago? - Who say what? Oh, I forgot to give her my email.
Hey, Brooke.
I'm glad you're back.
I need your help to smear some mud all over Chase's body.
[laughs] You can get his butt.
- Ew.
What? - Okay, fine.
- I'll get his butt.
- No, I mean why are we smearing mud all over him? Well, you know how Chase is singing "Stink" tonight? Yeah, a simple, stripped-down version of "Stink.
" Yeah, well this morning I had a different idea.
How about instead, the whole performance is pig-themed and Chase is dressed like a stinky little piggy? [laughs] Chases likes the idea, right? - Don't you buddy? - I guess.
This is Chase's first live performance.
We all agreed that he should do something simple that shows off his voice.
Then how do we get PigDreams to trend? We don't.
We're not doing pig stuff.
Okay, jeez.
All right, give me a second.
Excuse me, ladies.
It looks like we're not gonna need you anymore.
- ALL: What? - I'm sorry.
Or should I say "sow-rry.
" [laughs, snorts] God, Streeter, can we just stick to the plan? We want Chase to be taken seriously tonight.
I hear you, mama.
Loud and clear.
Let me just show you one more idea.
[grunts] Radio City, please, and I'm kind of in a hurry.
You got it.
I used to feed my cat generic cat food.
- I didn't think she noticed.
- Oh, no.
But guess what? After she had a big meal, - my friends sure would.
- [all laugh] [deep laugh] [deep voice] Great party.
[record scratches] - [cat meows] - [sighs] Then I found Nature's Grain! Not to brag, but my client is in that commercial.
[TV continues indistinctly] - Skip? - Cary! Streeter, is he changed yet? He's on in 15 minutes.
Okay, uh, Brooke.
I know you didn't want him to be a pig, and I gotta say [snaps] I think I delivered.
[laughs] Chase.
- Ah! - What the hell is this? Well, you gotta see him with the backup singers.
All together they're gonna spell "stink.
" Actually they're gonna spell "tink" because there's only three of them.
Streeter, no! Why does he need all this bullshit all of the sudden? If he wears something crazy, it's all anyone will talk about.
Hey, guys.
Just wanted to let you know, Chase is up next, right after Katy Perry.
Oh, shit.
We have to hurry.
Oh, wait.
Is she doing music or comedy? - Comedy.
- Oh, okay.
- So we have a while.
- Okay.
Let me run one more idea by you, and I think you're gonna like it because it's way more subtle.
That's what we want.
Okay, great.
Let's go build it.
- [car honks] - What the hell are you doing driving a cab? You're supposed to be my agent.
I am, Cary! Just this morning I was talking to JJ Abrams about you.
- You were? - Yes! I was taking him to the airport.
I couldn't shut up about you.
[under breath] Oh, my God.
Listen, Skip.
Do you know where I'm headed right now? The VMAs.
You're performing at the VMAs? Wow! I guess I'm a better agent than I thought I was.
No, Skip, I'm not performing at the VMAs.
My brother is, and in the same time it took him to book that, I've had one fart commercial air and I'm doing like a weird straight voice in it.
I just I can't have you represent me anymore, all right? You're fired.
It's actually a couple more blocks.
You said this was gonna be more subtle! I did, and it is! He is wearing a literal birdcage full of birds.
- But not real birds.
- Oh, my God.
How am I an assistant and you're a manager? - I should be a manager.
- [bird tweeting] I think there is a real bird in here.
- What do you wanna wear? - Ah You wanna wear one of these new ideas or what we picked out last week? I guess what we picked out last week, but can I wear my own shoes? Sure.
You can wear whatever shoes you want.
This is a bad idea.
I've been thinking about this.
- Let me tell you what - Ah, ah! Ah, ah! - [yelling] - Streeter! - Let me tell you - Streeter! Wouldn't a good manager listen to what his client wants? Just let him go out there and sing.
- He's a singer.
- Okay! Whatever you want, girl boss.
- Don't call me that.
- [phone buzzes] Okay, Cary's almost here.
Can you just go out and let him in? Sure thing.
Actually I do need to speak to him because I have some news that will change his [sneezes] Excuse me.
[sputters] I have some news that will - Go! - All right, all right.
[indistinct chatter, cheering] It's Cary! We love you, Cary! Oh-ho! Cary! Cary, welcome to the VMAs.
I think your cab driver cuts my hair.
Yeah, no, I'm sure he does.
Sorry I'm late.
I got stuck at work.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Hey, before we go in, I got something that's gonna cheer you up.
You know how your brother's a big huge singer? Um, yes.
Well, apparently he's such a huge singer that he gets to be an actor now too.
- [laughing] - What? Yeah.
Netflix wants him to do a movie.
He doesn't even have to audition or anything.
[laughing] Yeah.
How is that supposed to make me feel better? Oh, God.
Aren't gay people supposed to be smarter? Isn't that the trade-off? Cary, you get to be in it too.
- What? - Yeah.
- Are you serious? - [laughs] Yeah! Apparently they're doing a "Freaky Friday" remake but with brothers.
They were gonna call it "Bro Swap," but then there was a gay porn called that.
And then they were gonna call it "My Brother's Inside of Me," but there were like a thousand gay porns called that.
So now it's just "The Untitled Brothers Switching Bodies But Not In A Sex Way Project.
" Oh.
Oh, my God, this is this is crazy.
I didn't even know Chase wanted to act.
Neither does he so don't tell him because I want it to be a surprise.
This is like the best news ever.
- [laughs] - Thank you, Streeter.
Oh, I'm getting a hug and everything.
All right, let's go inside because Chase is about to go on soon.
Cary! Tell Chase hi! - And Brooke and Pat! - I will.
God, they really do know all of our names.
I know.
But he didn't say my name.
Hey, guys, 60 seconds back from commercial.
Look at him out there.
He's so handsome.
I know.
I don't know what Streeter was thinking.
- Brooke.
Brooke, hey.
- Cary! Oh, my God.
This is so cool.
Oh, my God.
I thought you were gonna miss it.
I know.
You're not gonna believe this.
- I'm gonna be in a movie.
- What? - You are? - Yeah.
With Chase.
You wanna do that? Yes, it's like a big part in a real movie.
Anna Kendrick plays our mom.
Debra Messing plays our grandma.
Oh, Debra.
I know I wouldn't have gotten it without Chase, but so what? I think I can be really good in it.
Cary, that is so good! Aw, my little baby rode the wave.
- 15 seconds.
- Oh, hell yeah, Chase! - Hell yeah! - Lance? - What are you doing here? - CookBrooke.
Chase wanted to wear my shoes tonight.
- Didn't he tell you? - Whoa.
Damn, Daniel.
Okay, guys, five seconds.
- Three, two - [cheers and applause] [dramatic whooshing] And now, performing live for the first time ever, give it up for ChaseDreams.
[cheers and applause] [piano plays softly] [chorus] Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man Bake me a party as dope as you can [echoing "can"] [off-key] Been a lot of places Partied in Miami, Argentina, and Ibiza too Never leave the dance floor Always find me sweatin' till the morning With my whole DreamCrew We dance all day, dance all night Dancing till we don't smell right [echoing "right"] [lengthy off-key singing] Dancing till we stink Ain't a party till you reek So dance until you stink Make your jeans smell for a week Dance until you stink, stink No need to drink Just dance until you stink, stink Even the walls should stink Never take a shower Oh, my God, that was so rough.
I just realized I've never heard him sing live before.
Who let him do this? He was not ready to do this! - What is Twitter saying? - Um, that we're fucked.
Every tweet is bad.
- Oh, no.
- The Burger King account is, like, ripping him apart.
My son is a good singer, okay? He just doesn't have an ear for music.
- So what? - I'm gonna go check on him.
And I'm gonna go yell at that sound mixer lady.
This is her fault.
If she wasn't trying so hard to get on the show, maybe she would have done her damn job.
- Lance, let's go.
- Why am I a part of this? I don't get it.
Why is nobody making fun of Iggy Azalea? Her voice sucked too.
You just couldn't tell 'cause she was singing from the inside of a giant butt.
Oh, wait.
Is that why you wanted Chase to dress like a pig? Bingo, mama.
You see, for some singers, it's all about smoke and mirrors.
I love Chase, but he needs a lot of smoke [laughing] and a lot of mirrors.
Oh, my God.
I am so sorry I didn't trust you.
I was just so mad that you weren't listening to him.
Well that's what good managers do.
They don't listen to their clients.
Oh, well, let me be the first to say that you are - an excellent manager.
- Oh, thank you.
I actually think you'd make a pretty good one yourself.
- You do? - Yeah.
Even after tonight? Why? Well, earlier tonight you screamed "I should be a manager!" even though you have absolutely no managerial training or experience, and that is how every great manager gets their start.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? Well, you clearly care about Chase and I could use a little bit more help with the DreamTeam.
Especially, uh, now.
So you in? - What, like be a manager? - [laughing] Yes! Oh, my God, yes! Thank you! Streeter, thank you.
I mean And I promise I'll make up for tonight.
Hey, should I make us DreamTeam jackets? No.
[indistinct chatter] Cary! Hi, Cary! What are you doing? You like my sign, Cary? You're my favorite! Cary, you're my favorite! [soft music] Hey, buddy.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
- Hey, Cary.
- Jesus Christ! Oh.
What is this mask? I have to wear it whenever I'm outside now.
Streeter says if I don't, the fans will try to fuck me.
Oh, my God.
Well, I just, um, I just came over to say great job on your song.
Yeah right.
Is everyone mad at me? Mad at you? No, no.
We're all so impressed by you.
- Really? - Yes.
You know, like, every day.
I never could have handled being this famous when I was 14.
And trust me, I, uh I really wanted to, like really wanted to be.
I'm just not having any fun.
What? [chuckles] Your life is so fun.
I guess.
Well You can always talk to me and Brooke about anything, and we will always listen to you, okay? Besides, I know for a fact you got some pretty fun stuff coming up.
Let's just say you might get to work with your favorite actor.
- Logan Paul? - No.
- No.
- Jake Paul? No, act you know what? Never mind.
- [cheering] - Hi.
BrookeDreams! Hi, Brooke! Hi.
Thank you.
- Lance! Hi, Lance.
- What up, bro? - [cheering] - I love you, Lance! [throwing voice] We love you, Streeter.
[normal voice] Oh! I love you too! Streeter! Streeter! ALL: Streeter! Streeter! Streeter! Streeter! Manager? Damn, B.
You are a badass.
[both chuckle] Your shoes were on TV, so are you! We're just two badasses in the city.
[laughs] Yeah.
Hey, um I know things got kind of bad between us.
You know, I think we just needed time apart to - chase dreams.
- [chuckles] But being away from you [clears throat] God, I wish it was snowing right now.
Um, it's made me realize how much I want to be with you.
I'm ready.
To come home.
What? I don't think we should do this.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm ready to be together now, so we are.
I just feel like I've been doing pretty well on my own lately.
[scoffs] Well then why'd you let me say all that gross shit about "coming home?" Sorry, Brooke.
I'm sorry.
I [scoffs] Brooke, I love you, but I just can't.
[laughs] I want to make a toast to Chase on his big VMA performance no matter what Burger King says.
- No.
- Where is Chase? Oh, uh, he's over there talking to Michael Che.
The grind never stops.
But Chase isn't the only one I'm proud of.
To my CareBear, who's gonna be in a big, fancy Hollywood movie with Chase called "Debra's Missing!" Nope.
Uh, it's not called "Debra's Missing.
" It stars Debra Messing, but thank you.
And Brookey, little Miss Manager! To think that six months ago, I would cry myself to sleep so worried about you, but look at you now! Aw, thanks, Mom.
Always great at toasts.
Pat, why don't you tell them your big career news.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
It's nothing.
Tonight is about my kids.
Oh, wait, where's Lance? I wanted to toast his shoes.
Oh, um He couldn't make it.
Aw, that's too bad.
Is everything okay? What? Oh.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
Hi, can I get a card for the table? Oh, you can just put it under Billy Eichner.
- Of course.
- Actually, no.
I'm a proud, single businesswoman.
You can put it under Brooke Dubek.
- Of course.
- Actually, no.
Guys, it's really busy tonight.
I love this family.
And I hope to always be a part of it.
So take this and put it on my card.
Of course, Mr.
Your name is Streeter Peters? Yes.
[both laughing] - Hey, guys.
- ALL: Chase.
Hey, buddy.
What's going on? I'm glad you're all here because I've been thinking and I have a big announcement.
All this singing stuff has been really cool, but this fall I'm gonna go to college.
- What? - College? [dreadful choral music] [heart thumping rapidly] - Streeter.
[snaps] - [knife clatters] I am oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
[laughing] I, uh I thought he said he was gonna go to college.
- I did.
- [laughs] Ah! I was talking to Michael Che about what's next for my career and he said maybe I should go to college.
So I think I'm gonna go.
Okay, so you're just not gonna be a singer anymore? I guess not - 'cause I'd be in college.
- [groans] Well, I think that's great, honey.
Yeah, yeah.
So do I.
I think it's great.
I think it's great.
But, um, you know Here's an idea.
How about we sleep on it? And if you still want to go tomorrow, we can apply then.
I don't need to apply.
I already got into NYU.
- [clears throat] What? - Oh, Cary, - like you, almost.
- Yeah, I tweeted at them, - and they said I could come.
- Oh.
Well, uh, what about all the cool stuff you have coming up? - Yeah.
- Streeter.
He got you a movie.
I don't want to do a movie.
I wanna go to college.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, no, no, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Yas, yas.
- Yeah, yas, queen.
- Yeah, it's great.
You know, it's so great.
I'm gonna go thank Michael myself.
[sighs] - [indistinct chatter] - Excuse me, hi.
Che? - Hey.
- Did you just, um, tell my brother, Chase, that he should go to college? Yeah, I thought that'd probably be the best thing - for him to do.
- Yeah, well, as his sister, I just wanted to say I agree because I think education is important.
- Well, that's great.
- But as his manager, I just I wanna say you're a real piece of shit.
Where did that come from? Why? Why? Because I have finally figured out what it is that I wanna do with my life and what I'm good at and you come along and you fucked me.
I mean, not like that.
- I mean, unless - No, definitely not.
It's just, of course I want him to go to college if that's what he wants to do.
But [chuckles sadly] but what about me? Like, what am I supposed to do? I mean, you can go to college too.
Jesus, what do you work for college? - All right.
- Listen.
Michael Che, you seem like a good guy.
I mean, I'm fine.
I don't But you took something from me tonight.
And you took something from my brother Cary.
So, I'm gonna take something from you.
Yeah, I'm gonna - I'm gonna take your drinks.
- [bottles clinking] I'm taking these.
- They're mine now.
- Yeah.
Thinking of killing yourself? What? No.
If it wasn't for the hot new lady in my life [inhales deeply] I'd be dead in the bathroom already.
"Hot lady"? She doesn't want me to tell anybody, yet.
[chuckles] But let's just say she's a very special woman.
- You don't know her.
- I'm sure I don't, Streeter.
She's a beautiful woman, and she raised three beautiful children.
- Again, you don't know her.
- Okay, Streeter.
I hope that someday me and this beautiful woman, - who you do not know - [sighs] can take it to the next level.
Please don't talk about you two having sex.
I'm talking about marriage, man.
- Oh, God.
- I'm talking about marriage.
- [sighs] - We already had sex.
[dreadful choral music] [heart thumping rapidly] - You wanna get out of here? - Fuck yes.
Ew, what? They're sleeping together? Yep.
This bitch's "year of yes" has gone way too far.
Can I ask you a question? Is this the worst night we've ever had? Well, I mean, it was cool that Chase got to perform at the VMAs.
Too bad it ruined both of our goddamn lives.
- [glass shatters] - Oh.
Wait, why'd you throw my beer? Because I'm drinking mine.
[sighs] - Oh, this is empty.
- [glass shatters] - God.
- [sighs] Can you believe I was in a movie for three whole hours? Maybe Chase will change his mind.
I just think I'm done.
I've tried everything, and nothing is working.
Don't talk like that.
I just need to move somewhere and do whatever the male equivalent of having a baby is.
A web series? - Ugh.
- You know what? No.
No, what if what if this is good? Yeah, I think this will be good for us, - Car.
- You do? I mean, I have to or I will literally barf, but, yeah, might be nice to just get back to normal, not have anyone famous in the family.
Maybe you're right.
It's probably healthier for Chase.
Oh, what do you think Mom's career news was? Who knows.
[ominous music] [twinkled chime] Her husband may have froze, but she's just heating up.
This fall, America's favorite mom is moving to daytime, with "Pat!" My son chased his dreams, and now I'm chasing mine.
"Pat!" Weekdays at 4:00.
- Chris is rockin' some cool kicks.
- That is interesting - that I do have cool shoes.
- It's good, that is interesting.
- I think that's probably a really good place - Yeah, that's a good ending.
- to leave the season.
- Yeah.
[funky electronic music] Hey everybody, welcome to The Other Show.
I'm Sarah.
- And I'm Chris.
- We're here talking about the finale of The Other Two with Case, Helene, and Drew.
- Hi, you guys.
- Whoo! - Hello! - [clapping] - CHRIS: The season's over.
- SARAH: We made it.
- The season's over.
- A whole season, I can't believe it.
You said this was gonna be more subtle! I did, and it is! He is wearing a literal birdcage full of birds.
But not real birds! It was actually really fun to come to work and see what you were gonna be - wearing every episode.
- Yeah, you were like, "I'm excited for it.
" 'Cause you had some amazing wardrobe.
Yeah, it was cool.
A couple days before we did all the costumes, they bring all the costumes to my house and I tried 'em all on.
And I'm like, "Okay.
" Yeah, Jill Bream did the costumes.
And is incredible, and does costumes at SNL, too.
And then sometimes she would show us something, and we were like, "I don't know what" And she was like, "Trust me, "when it's on him, it'll be correct.
" And it always was.
- My favorite was the Versace look, - Yeah.
- with all the gold chains.
- Oh, yeah! Episode eight, and like the crazy jacket on the plane.
At the club, yeah, yeah.
The birdcage outfit was funny, too.
I didn't know what to expect for that.
They were like, "You're gonna wear a birdcage.
" And I'm like, "What?!" And now, performing live for the first time ever, give it up for Chase Dreams.
Whoever does that VMA VO is like - The actual - Yeah, the woman who does the - Yeah, it's like "And now" - The actual woman did it? Was so good, it feels very real.
- Yeah, she was great.
- Yeah, we did it with her, and she did a couple, and she was like, "Any notes?" And we were like, "No, that's what it is!" ALL: Yeah! Dancin' 'til we stink Ain't a party 'til you reek So dance until you stink This episode was Chase's big performance.
Yep, yep.
We went to the studio with Case, and recorded that song, and then tweaked it.
Yep, and then we tweaked it a little bit.
- [Sarah and Case laughing] - I know it was very weird to be like, "We need you to sound bad, but not comedy bad.
"Believable bad.
" - So you had to - Yeah, can't be like a goofy bad, it can't be like it's obvious you're missing notes.
It has to be natural, a little bit.
Yeah, so we had to record it, and have you kind of miss notes.
- Yeah, kinda miss notes.
- And then try some - where you'd sing it well.
- CASE: Push it a little bit.
- And then we would mess it up.
- CASE: Yep.
- SARAH: Yeah.
- Was that bizarre to do? It was, when I went in there, I didn't really know what to expect.
But I was like, "Okay, I kinda" 'Cause I've seen people in real life, you know, mess up on awards shows.
And it's like, it's still good, but it's like, "Nah, that wasn't right.
" It wasn't, in my opinion when I was in there, I was like, "Oh, it's not that hard to do.
" But it was weird to do.
It wasn't hard, it was just weird, you know? Yeah, we wanted it to be just, - almost imperceptibly off.
- Subtle.
I feel like if Chris or I performed on a show.
- [Case, Helene laughing] - No way, I'd be way worse! Are you kidding? I don't even have anything to start with.
- [Sarah laughing] - What is Twitter saying? Um, that we're [beep].
Every Tweet is bad.
The Burger King account is, like, ripping him apart.
My son is a good singer, okay? He just doesn't have an ear for music.
So what?! Have either of you guys biffed it so hard - live, or anything? - [Sarah laughing] I have.
I did Wicked on the road, and a couple times went up on my line in front of barn houses - with like 4,000 people.
- Well that's especially crazy because then you've done that show 1,000 times, and you're like, "How can I randomly" Well, if you've done a show 1,000 times, you start to like, while you're doing it, your brain can go so many different places.
- CHRIS: Yeah.
- 'Cause you've said - those words so many times - Yeah.
that you're thinking about something else, and then you're like, "Oh my God, "I forgot about Helene on Earth.
"She needs to remember what's coming out of her face.
" SARAH: Whoa, that's trippy.
And then if you start to be like, "I've done this so many times, "I wonder what would happen if I forgot it.
"What would happen if I forgot it? "What would happen if I forgot it?" And then you're like, gah! I haven't really acted since college, like every gay person.
- [Sarah chuckling] - But I still have dreams to this day of like, going up on a line.
Have you biffed it hard? - Yes, yes.
- [Case, Helene laughing] And that's the end of that answer? - That's it.
- [Chris, Helene laughing] Many times, still happening.
All of my YouTube videos are biffs.
[Case, Helene laughing] Oh, what do you think Mom's career news was? Who knows.
[dramatic instrumental music] [twinkle] We were trying to figure out how to end this season for a while, and we were curious about how to keep the premise of The Other Two, you feeling like the others.
So we came up with the idea that Molly would be famous now, that Pat, the mom would You kind of slowly but surely, you see, like, "Oh, it makes sense, "she has been taking advantage of all these opportunities.
" I loved that teaser at the end.
- I would watch Pat.
- [Sarah, Chris laughing] Especially 'cause it's like - Molly just being Molly.
- I would too, yeah.
- I was like, "Yeah, I'd watch that.
" - I do think this looks real.
- Yeah, that's good.
- Molly Shannon on a talk show? And I was like, "Why isn't this a real thing? - "Let's make this a real thing.
" - SARAH: Yeah, let's do this.
I'm glad you're all here, because I've been thinking, and I have a big announcement.
All this singing stuff has been really cool.
But this fall, I'm gonna go to college.
What? In this episode, you two become even more connected to Chase.
And you hold their future in your hands, and you don't know it.
Yeah, you don't know that she's your manager, and that he's your co-star.
Well, I'm so innocent.
I'm like, "What's goin' on? "Oh, their whole lives are depending on me? What?!" - Yeah.
- We think it's interesting moving forward if he has said he doesn't wanna do this anymore.
And if the family makes him, - or doesn't make him, or - Yeah.
You guys all need him in a way, now.
- Where that is tricky.
- Mm-hmm.
Where it's like, that was never your intention going into it.
I dunno, that kinda stuff would be interesting, of like And then I don't wanna do this stuff, but they're kind like, "No, you have to.
"Please just do this one thing for us.
" That you're the breadwinner.
Like you are the reason that everyone has the things they have accidentally.
Yeah, that's one of the reasons we have you be like, "Brooke and I will always listen to you.
" 'Cause it does set up this premise that he's your little brother, and you guys will listen to him.
- Yeah.
- And then immediately, that's tested.
I wonder if they'll rise to the occas'.
- We'll see! - Or be garbage people.
[funky electronic music]