The Outer Limits (1995) s03e07 Episode Script

The Camp

1 [cheeping] (elder) Tonight we are gathered To remember who we are.
To honor the time Before the new masters.
To remember the people.
(all) We remember.
12 generations ago, The people held dominion Over this earth.
Not masters From another world, But our forefathers.
And we remember them.
(all) We remember.
The new masters Came in great machines From the sky.
They made war Against the people, Built work camps undergrou To feed their war machine.
In defeat, There were men [man coughing] Who betrayed the people.
They were given dominion over us The last survivors of man.
And we remember Their betrayal.
(all) We remember.
We remember So that the children will know That their birthright Lies not within the walls Of this camp, but beyond-- [door slamming] [people whispering] Back hurry! There has been an unauthorized Gathering here.
Who instigated this? I am responsible.
As elder, I asked For this gathering.
Come with us.
I will speak With the commandant.
[people whispering] Let me at least say goodbye To my people! Don't take him! (elder) You can't do this! [people clamoring] Someone help him, Please! The day will come, remember.
You will be free! (woman) No! [people sobbing] (male narrator) There is nothing wrong With your television.
Do not attempt To adjust the picture.
We are now controlling The transmission.
We control the horizontal And the vertical.
We can deluge you With a thousand channels Or expand one single image To crystal clarity And beyond.
We can shape your vision To anything our imagination Can conceive.
For the next hour, We will control All that you see and hear.
You are about to experience The awe and mystery Which reaches from The deepest inner mind To the outer limits.
[whooshing] Line up for inspection, 2 rows! [thunder rumbling] (narrator) Our history is filled With grim reminders Of our inhumanity.
Armies are crushed, Populations ravaged, Enemies imprisoned, Behind walls of stone.
(overseer #1) Step up, step up.
But the human spirit Is not so easily confined.
[rain pattering] (overseer) Let's go, come on.
All prisoners present And accounted for, sir! There are 3 announcements This morning.
First, The nutritional ration Will be cut by a further 3%.
This will be effective Immediately.
(prisoner 98843) The children need their ration.
Who spoke? The children Are still growing, commandant.
They need Their full ration.
I know it is the duty of the elder To speak with you directly, But it seems You have taken him from us.
I cannot create food That does not exist.
If we were allowed To harvest our own crops-- Next! Repairs to the refining center Will continue.
(commandant) Next.
Because prisoner 86432 Was your elder, I will allow one hour For mourning.
I suggest You also use this time To choose a new elder To speak on your behalf.
That is all.
Commandant! Yes? With respect, We already sacrifice too muc Of our daily ration So the children May have enough.
(prisoner 98843) please.
We ask that you bring food i From the outside.
The request for new provisions Has already been made.
It may take time to process.
You are dismissed.
[machines pounding] [woman coughing] [man chattering] (overseer #1) Excuse me.
(overseer #2) Over here.
(prisoner 98843) And i'm telling you The storeroom is almost Completely empty, And i can't be expected To keep this line working If i am doing nothing more Than cannibalizing one machine To build another.
(overseer) There's a surplus of fuel.
Yes! For the moment There is.
But the moment The new masters want more fuel, The commandant will want the line Running again, won't he? And what do you think will happen then? Oh, there you are.
Did you get to everybody? Lesson first, and then We'll have a drink, too, ok? There.
Now, This is a standard isopanel.
Show me Where a red chip goes.
[electronic beep] That's right.
Always between isotrons, Unless there's what? In parallel? Very, very good.
You're learning faster Than i did.
Now, I've almost got this unit up And running again, But i could really Use some help.
All right.
You're hired.
[fire crackling] Our elder was a good man.
He spoke well For the people.
And he believed That one day we would all be free.
And so we will remember him.
(all) We'll remember.
Prisoner 98843? Yes? The commandant Wishes to speak with you.
We were given an hour For mourning.
I will speak with him When we finish.
I said, when we finish! We were given permission! [all muttering] [door slamming] What do you think He wants? She's a beautiful woman.
What do you think? [door slamming] 98843, I need you.
I wish that i did not.
What happens here between us Must remain a secret.
If you divulge any part of it, I will order The immediate execution of your child.
Is that clear? No.
You misunderstand.
I lost my eye In an uprising Several years ago.
The men responsible Were sent to the sharrak.
The new masters Sent me this biomechanical Replacement.
As you can see, It is an imperfect match.
The eye no longer functions.
Repair it.
If you increase The children's ration.
You're bargaining.
The children are weaker Than we are.
They need proper nourishment Or they will starve during the winter.
Very well.
If you're successful.
If not, Their rations will be reduced, To nil.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-- Enough! [rain pattering] A fit worker Is a more efficient worker, But if you fail to exercise With greater enthusiasm, I may be forced to reconside Your time above ground.
There are 2 announcements.
First, Repairs to the refining center Are underway.
There has been Significant progress in the repairs, And fuel production Should resume shortly.
Have you chosen a new elder? Yes, commandant! Prisoner 91777, The people have chosen you? They have.
(commandant) Does anyone contest this? Very well.
In this assembly, You and only you Will be permitted To speak directly with me On behalf of the people Of this camp.
Is that understood? Yes, commandant.
(commandant) Immediately after This assembly, You and prisoner 98843, Will accompany me To my office To receive Supplementary rations.
That is all.
What kind of arrangement did you make With the commandant For that food? I asked for it.
You heard me.
Your daily ration Will be supplemented With sharrak.
Sharrak means "death".
It can mean that.
It's also the food reserved For the new masters When they visit the camp.
Though not born Of this world, It should prove To be digestible.
[door opening] This way.
[door slams] [water dripping] (commandant) Stand there.
Why? [machines roaring] [water bubbling] A machete? [water gurgling] What would you Have me do with this? You'll know When the time comes.
Commandant, please.
Tell me what i [screeches] [prisoner 98843 screams] [gasping] [beast wailing] [gasping] (commandant) If you react More quickly next time, You should be able To cut closer to the body.
You may distribute the flesh Any way you wish.
Cook it well.
There may be parasites.
Won't the new masters Object? (commandant) There'll be no objections.
This sharrak has grown Too fat for its pool.
It's been overfed for years.
Take it.
It will give you strength.
The new masters will be angry.
The commandant assured me There would no objections.
Take it.
It's only right.
It's taken from so many of us.
Has anyone else noticed There are fewer overseers During role call? [people murmuring] We could take The opportunity-- (prisoner 98843) Please don't.
2 generations ago, During the great uprising, Men went over the wall.
And those That stayed behind Were slaughtered.
So that others could be free.
I would do the same.
(prisoner 98843) The new masters Have taken the world And made it their own.
They destroyed The combined armies of mankind in days.
How long do you think a handful of people Would be free? (man) Look at this.
I wore it Under my clothes This morning During role call To see if they would notice.
They didn't.
[people muttering] I know i could climb it.
Without the fuel We produce for their machines, We're useless to them.
Before my father Became elder, I am elder now.
he taught us That the work is the reason They keep us alive.
As slaves.
But it is life.
My father watched His own elders die In the last uprising Because they couldn't see that.
I won't watch The same thing happen to all of you.
I say At least one or 2 men Can get over the wall.
If the others Will provide a distraction.
Now, who is with me? (man) I'm with you.
I'm with you.
(man #2) Come on, lets go! [crowd muttering] [infant wailing] (prisoner 98843) Rockabye baby on the tree top when the wind blows the cradle [sighs] Hey.
Come on, She's sleeping.
No, she's not.
Come on.
No! No! [gasps] You belong To the commandant now, Is that it? Please just go to sleep.
[sighs] You're as bad As the overseers.
You're worse! You bargain With your own body.
You make me sick! [machines whirring] [steam hissing] Come on down And have a drink! Ah! Thank you.
[exclaims] I had a dream That i went over the wall Last night.
(man) I wanna know What's over there.
One of the survivors From the uprising Got a glimpse.
He told my father That all he could see Was scorched earth, Black steel, And new masters everywhere.
He saw what They really looked like? 3 times the size of a man, 4 arms, Razor teeth.
The next time i get a chance I'm gonna take a look.
[alarm blaring] (overseer) Overseers report To the commandant's office.
Emergency! [alarm continues blaring] [electricity surging] Bring her to me.
Where are you taking me? What have i done? Where are you taking her? Tell me! As elder, I demand to know What she has done! Oh no! No, she hasn't done anything! She's innocent! Please! She hasn't done anything No! Leave the daughter.
I demand to speak With the commandant! (prisoner 98843) Please, no! Not her! [gasps] Why have you done this? I didn't do this on purpose! I swear! Take the girl to the sharrak No! No! No! No! Take her, too.
[gasping] I want her to learn from this.
No! Commandant, i did my best! What happened was an accident! Oh! Oh! Please, don't hurt her! (prisoner 98843) It's not my fault! [machines humming] It was a mistake! Please.
This wouldn't have happened If you told me You were a machine.
Close your eyes, love.
If you're all machines, I can repair you.
All of you! I'm the only one who can! You know that.
[creature roaring] If you let this happen, If you let her die, I swear i will never Repair another machine In this camp! Not the line, Not you, Not anything, ever! Do you hear me? [creature screeching] [creature wailing] [creature roaring] Are you skilled enough To repair A sophisticated Human form robot Like myself? Yes.
Yes! If you fail, We will return here And finish What we have begun.
And you will no longer Live among the people.
[creature roaring] [creature screeching] You will begin work Immediately.
[gate opening] [sighing] You know What they did to her? I just hope They didn't hurt The little girl.
I've grown rather Fond of her.
He's gone over! What? He's gone.
His rope is gone.
He went above ground During the commotion, Went over the wall.
It can be done! He's free! [laughing] Other prisoners Must have found out Your secret.
That you're machines [drilling machine whirring] I assume you just killed them.
The new masters Programmed you Because they're too importan To watch over us.
I can match Your eye color now.
Unless you think That might call attention to yourself.
Prisoners rarely look me In the eye.
Why the illusion? Why cover yourselves with Flesh? [buzzing] It was thought You would more readily Accept domination From your own kind.
The dermal layer is organic.
It ages over time, Like real human skin.
It must be replaced.
With each Complete replacement, We assume a new identity.
I don't understand.
Your people pass down stories From generation to generation, Of the commandants Who came before me.
How many have there been? And every incarnation, The same man.
And the overseers, Though their numbers Are a fraction Of what they were.
Why? Old age.
Like the machines You've grown so expert In maintaining, We're starting to break down.
I don't know how to repair The dermal layer Is a simple matter.
The overseer Will take care of that.
[whooshing] This is acceptable Take the child back To the others.
Oh, no, no.
Let her stay with me Please.
You agreed to my terms.
She knows your secret.
She cannot speak.
You agreed to my terms.
Let me at least Say goodbye to her.
Mama has to stay here For a long time and work.
I'll still be able To teach you And work alongside you.
[sniffles] I just won't be Staying with you anymore in the barracks.
[sniffles] We're together.
All right? With each other.
Take her.
We have a lot to discuss.
[machine humming] There are 2 announcements.
First, the ration Will be supplemented By a further 500 calories Per person.
And time above ground In the exercise yard Will be increased By 50 percent.
[man chuckles] (commandant) These changes Will become effective Immediately.
Commandant? Yes? Why have you ordered These changes? Prisoner 98843 Has made it clear That increased Worker efficiency Will maximize The camp's productivity.
Prisoner 98843 No longer exists to us.
I speak for the people.
We will not accept This ration increase Until you speak to me As elder And no one else.
As you wish.
Commandant, Let me speak to them.
You are dismissed.
Elder, Don't deny the children food Because of me.
[sighs] Oh.
Oh, thank you, love.
(commandant) Familiarize yourself with our mechanisms.
Repair them, if possible If not, begin harvesting useful parts.
There are several of us In urgent need of repairs.
I'll show you.
[cracking] Why haven't the new masters Sent replacements for you? (commandant) They're at war with a world Far from here.
That effort stretches Their resources.
You don't ever expect To be relieved.
This camp Refines a low priority fuel For ships which Have become obsolete.
So you're expendable.
And so are the people.
[machines whirring] [electricity surging] [electronic buzzing] [chokes] [gagging] [machinery whirring] [gasping] [panting] Take care not to activate The power source, there.
Next time, I may not be here.
[doors shutting] [electronic buzzing] [sighs] I need to get a tool From the Overseer, Are you listening? [power surging] [door creaking] [man coughing] [infant wailing] What do you want? If i am caught, They will kill me.
You're not welcome here.
Please, I just came to tell you, The overseers aren't men.
They're men.
They're men Who betrayed their people, Just like you betrayed me.
They're machines.
I've seen them Beneath their skin.
[scoffing] Get away from me.
If i ever meant Anything to you-- I said get out! [people murmuring] (man) Go back to sleep.
[buzzing] [sighs] Forgive me.
I forgot you need Somewhere to sleep.
But i did remember That you must eat.
[doors slamming] You may sit.
I can have more brought If you wish.
This is Don't you sleep? I must remain still For some hours While i recharge My main power supply.
During that time, I run self diagnostics, Plan logistics.
Do you dream? I have thoughts.
Have you been successful in repairing Any of the overseers? You and the overseers Have far exceeded Your designed life expectancy, Commandant.
I can only do so much.
How long? Possibly months.
If you exert yourself Only when necessary.
You must be very tired.
I'll arrange a bed for you.
Commandant? What will happen then To my people? When neither i Nor the overseers Can effectively run the camp I will carry out procedure 7.
Discontinue operations.
You mean kill the people.
All of us.
Then why continue? If we have no future, Why not end it now? If you were given the chan To live one more day, Would you? Yes.
And so would i.
[door shutting] Straighten up for inspection.
2 rows.
(commandant) Are all prisoners Accounted for? No, sir.
Prisoner 97543 is missing.
Commandant, The young man is very sick.
All prisoners Are required to attend.
His sickness Is very contagious.
We've isolated him In the barrack.
Do you know the prisoner? Is this true? Yes, commandant.
He was showing signs of feve The last time i saw him.
I believe the elder Is telling the truth.
Confirm it.
Yes, commandant.
An overseer Will accompany you.
Stay here While i check on him.
(prisoner 98843) Oh, you're burning up.
He's very sick.
He should rest.
The prisoner is very sick.
He will probably die.
He should be left in peace.
He's already dead.
[prisoners exclaim] No prisoner Can go over the wall And expect to survive.
Automated defenses Stopped him From ever reaching The other side.
The world outside these walls Is the domain Of the new masters.
There is no escape From here.
Anyone aiding or abetting such an attempt Will be punished.
Feed her child to the sharrak.
No! No! No! (prisoner 98843) Stop them! Stop them! I was trying to help you! Stop them from doing this! Oh, send me in her place.
I'm the one Who betrayed you! Please! I beg you! She's done nothing! Get back to work.
[gasping] I can repair you.
Please, if you spare her, I swear, i can make you Live forever! Forever.
[woman exclaiming] [garbles Now do you see? I told you, he's a machine They're all machines! And they're going to kill us He told me so himself! [garbled] Execute procedure 7.
Execute procedure 7.
Fight them! Fight! (commandant) Procedure 7.
[yelling] Execute procedure 7.
Ahh! [prisoners exclaiming] Procedure 7 [prisoners shouting] (overseer) Stay where you are! [gasping] (woman) Protect the children! This way.
[prisoners screaming] (man) Die! [woman shrieking] [women groaning] [men grunting] Ahh! [exclaiming] [prisoners clamoring] (woman #2) Children! [baby crying] [grunts] (man #1) They're all dead.
(man #2) They're all dead! (woman) We did it! (man #3) Hey, what do we do now? [women wailing] [men groaning] [prisoners chattering] (woman #2) This is the day Our people have waited for.
(man) They should have Slaughtered us.
What's happened to them? They were machines.
Old machines.
They couldn't take the strain.
What do we do? (commandant) repair me.
Return to your barracks.
I order you.
There's nothing for us here.
Repair me! [surging continues] We are the last of the people.
Whatever awaits us On the other side Of that gate, We can say that For at least this moment, We are free.
[thunder rumbling] Do you wanna see What's on the other side? Open the gate.
[grunting] [women exclaiming] [birds chirping] (man) Look at that.
Where are they? Where are they? Where? They've gone.
For how long? Almost a hundred years.
And you kept the camp Running all that time? Why? I was following My programming.
(narrator) Of all the needs Which drive us, Hunger, thirst, desire, Perhaps the most powerful Is the simple need to be free.