The Outer Limits (1995) s03e08 Episode Script

Heart's Desire

1 Can't say as I miss this weather any, -We can set camp up here tonight, -(HORSE NEIGHS) We won't make it into town before dark, I ain't sleeping in no tent when there's a dry room and a wet whiskey waiting for me, Suit yourself, We'll see you in town, (NEIGHS) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Damn it! All right, What if the money's not there, huh? What if it's not where we left it? What are we going to do, then? Then at least we're back home, That's something, (WHIZZING) (HORSE NEIGHS) (THUNDER RUMBLING) I can't remember their faces, Ben, BEN: Jake, go to sleep, I've killed eight men, You'd think I'd remember their faces, That's the least I could do, And what if you could remember their faces? They'd still be dead, baby brother, They'll be dead, Get some sleep, (THUNDER CRACKING) (WOLVES HOWLING) (HOWLING CONTINUES) -(NEIGHING) -Whoa! Whoa! (ROARING) What manner of devil have you sent to test me? (ROARING) (NEIGHING) (GRUNTS) (ROARING) (SCREAMING) CONTROL VOICE: There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt to adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits, CONTROL VOICE: Those who seek to predict the future, might first look to the past, The past is a mirror, and those who ignore its sometimes dark reflection, are doomed to repeat it, (LAUGHING) WOMAN: Can I get some help with this, please? MAN: Come on, come on, Well, here's your dry room, Frank, Right now, I'll settle for a stiff drink, It seems to me the last thing you need is a drink, What's that supposed to mean? It's 8:00 in the morning, So what? So what the hell does that matter, huh? It matters when, by noon, your hand's shaking so bad, you can hardly hold a gun, much less hit anything! I can shoot better drunk than you can stone sober, you son of a, ,, All right, all right, that's enough, We got work to do, We got to get fresh horses, new saddles, Yeah, well, we're not going to get jack if that money's not where we left it, It'll be there, Meet you after dark, about 10:00, Any time you want to slap the leather, boy, you just know where to come, all right? An alky and an idiot, I don't think we need new saddles, We need new partners, How do we know they won't dig up the loot and blow the hell out of town? Because it ain't where they think it is, You still got a mean swing, old man, Hi, Pa, What do you want here? A place to stay, One night, maybe two, What'll you do if I say no, kill me? Pa, please, Let's get down off this mountain, Come on, JAKE: Wait, Pa, We ain't gonna stay long, and we ain't going to do nothing to shame you, It's a little late for that, But your mama, if she was alive, God rest her soul, she wouldn't want me turning you away, Get your things and come on, JOSIAH: It's all there, every red cent, You can count it if you want, You're a crazy old coot! You ain't spent a dime in five years? Pa, that was for you, to live on, I can take care of myself, I don't want no part of your damn blood money, (CHUCKLES) Ha! Stupid old fool! Well, sir, this here is enough to buy us two new Winchesters, and get us through the next six months, And I don't want to hear no talk about no damn grubstake settling down, Take a look around you, Jake, Look at this rat hole, This here is what we're running from, Morning, Preacher, Morning, Preacher, (LAUGHTER) Hello, Frank, Tom, It's been a while, It has at that, That broke arm of yours healed up pretty nice, Better than your nose did, huh, Frank? Adds character, Well, that's all water under the bridge, What brings you boys back to town? Well, we just came by to see some old friends, like you, Tom, Well, I hope that's all, Absolutely, (MURMURING) MAN: There's always trouble, TOM: You know, you're right, That nose is a little crooked, (COCKS GUN) You know what the rule is, Frank, no guns while you're in town, All right, Frank, Yours, too, You know, I heard that you were a lot better than that, Frank, Maybe you were, once, Come on, Will, We're gonna be late, Miriam? Jake? I can't believe it, You live here in the old Turner place? Yes, Well, I married Jim Turner, He's a lucky man, Not that lucky, He died two years ago, Influenza, (FOOTSTEPS) WILL: I'm ready, Ma! Jake, this is my boy Will, Will, this is Jake Miller, Josiah's youngest son, -Hi, -Hi, I don't mean to rush, Will's late for school, and I have to get to work, Where do you work? The general store, I don't mean to be bothering you or anything, but I was just wondering, maybe you'd like to go out tonight? You know, for old time's sake? Go get your books, boy, Jake, Jake, It's not 10 years ago, Please don't be angry, You saw my boy, I'm all he has, I could never hurt you, Miriam, God in heaven, I couldn't even think it, I'm sorry to have bothered you, Jake, I'm sorry, I've heard stories, probably exaggerations, I just wanted to see you again, Miriam, Listen to you talk, Look at you, It's been a long time, Would you like to come for supper tonight? Say, 7:00? I'd like that, That'd be fine, Jake, just one thing, No talking about what you do around Will, No glorifying, all right? If there's any glory in this life, I ain't seen it, (HISSING) Let's just get us some new saddles, PREACHER: I'm heading for the saloon, Buy you boys a drink? Save your money, Preacher, We ain't looking to be converted, No strings attached, Just a friendly drink for thirsty men, Let me guess, You can show us the way out of perdition, right? The glory road? Trust me, Padre, if I ever had a soul, it's long past saving, I ain't interested in your soul, Power, That's the glory road, gentlemen, right here on Earth, That I can show you, (CRACKLING) (BOTH GASP) How'd you do that? You might say I converted it, Mass into energy, What are you talking about, mister? Never mind, You don't need to know how I do it, All you need to know, is that you can do it, too, Wouldn't have to take guff from no snot-nosed sheriff, All the money, all the respect you ever wanted, You wouldn't even need guns to get it, -Then what's the catch? -No catch, I like you boys, Or maybe, like you, I just like to make trouble, Frank, let's go, This is all loco , You're saying we can do that to people? -Frank, anything, ,, -No strings attached? Not a one, What do I do? (GRUNTS) Frank! Frank! Are you all right? Are you all right? (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) Sure, Why wouldn't I be? What if I want to do this, what you done to that horse? You just have to want it, want it more than anything else at that moment, Okay, Goddamn! A little rough, but you've got the idea, As time goes on, you'll learn how to focus it, I'll take me some of that, (HAMMERING) MAN: Sorry, boys, I'm closed for the day, We need some new horses and saddles, Well, you come back tomorrow, I'll be happy to outfit you, Rather not, This will do, Try it out, I'll pick out some bridles, MAN: Hey! You going to pay for that? Wasn't planning to, That's far enough! The man's bent on dying, J, D, I think he is, -(GUNSHOT) -(BIRDS SQUAWKING) The next one is dead center! It sure is, (CRACKLING) (SCREAMING) Yeah! Yeah! Did you see that? There's no hide nor hair, (EXHALES) Didn't like his ugly mug anyway, (CHUCKLES) So as you're scrambling into the saddle, you want to pull the pony's head to your leg like this, so it won't notice you falling onto its back, Then you want to clamp your legs around its belly real tight, and hold on for all you're worth, and every time it bucks, you give it a little whip so it knows who's boss, That's all there is to busting a wild pony, I think that's enough range-riding for one night, It's almost 8:00, -But, Ma! -Move them, cowboy, -Good night, Jake, -Good night, Will, You sure this is the right grave, Frank? Shut up and keep shoveling, J, D, Damn it! It's not here! You're sure this is the one? Yeah, I'm sure, The sons of bitches must have moved it, Well, what do we do now? He's finally asleep, He's a good boy, Thank you, I think so, Did you really ride on cattle drives? Sort of, Down in Texas, we rustled cattle for a while, I ain't gonna lie to you, Miriam, I spilled my share of blood, But I never killed anyone who didn't shoot at me first, They wouldn't have shot at you if you hadn't been robbing a bank or a train, would they? No, ma'am, They wouldn't, Jake, why did you leave me? I remember holding my dad's hand when I was little, His fingernails were this funny color from the iron he mined, No matter how hard he scrubbed at it, it didn't come off, It's a big country, and it's getting bigger all the time, I wanted to be a part of all that, I wanted to make something of myself, -(HORSE NEIGHS) -MAN: Ho, (KNOCKING ON DOOR) -Ben, -Jake, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we got business to take care of, Give my best to your boy, (WOLF HOWLING) Hey there, Frank, J, D, You look a little muddy, What's the matter? Didn't that hotel have a bath? Yeah, well, we was busy, all right? Let's get going, Hold up, This is it, What? You buried it here? In Ma's grave? She's past caring, -You got the key? -No, All right, step back, That won't be necessary, (CRACKLING) (WOLVES HOWLING) How the hell did you do that? Let's split it up here, Oh, we're gonna split it up, all right, I'm dissolving this partnership, I'll take a piece out of you, Frank, (CRACKLING) (LAUGHING) (HORSE NEIGHS) (SCREAMING) Back off, Jake! You stopped them Pinkertons from smoking me back in Abilene, man, It's the only reason you ain't dead yet, (HORSE NEIGHS) That ain't gonna stop it again, Ben, you're gonna be all right, -Branded me! -You're lucky that's all he done, Yeah, well, you ain't the one he marked, Now, listen, we're gonna get new guns, and we're going after them two! Ben, this is crazy! They're some kind of monsters, We can't fight them, The hell we can't, I'll shoot them in the back if I have to! I'm getting back our money! Maybe I can help with that, Who the hell are you? That don't matter, What matters is I can help you get what you want, Yeah, how you gonna do that, give me a sermon? PREACHER: Yeah, that's right, All about the power and the glory, Wait a minute, It was you, You're the one who give Frank that touch, Yours for the asking, -Yeah? Well, we're asking, -Wait! (GROANING) I swear he looks just like your pa, Good morning, Tom, Hi, Get your feet of the desk, We're unarmed, remember? We don't want no trouble, now, Well, what do you want? Well, we're just getting ready to leave town, and, um, I just want to tell you, growing up, I thought you were a stuck-up little brat, but I had you pegged wrong, You got guts, Tom, Maybe we'll never be friends, you and me, but, you got guts, I just wanted to tell you, No hard feelings, right? Well, Godspeed, Frank, (CRACKLING) (SCREAMING) FRANK: You tell them Frank Kelton was here! (GUN FIRING) Whoo! MAN: Someone get the sheriff! (SHOUTING) Good morning, Appreciate it if nobody moves, Thank you, Just come by for some provisions, What are you looking at? Where do I know you from? Wait a minute, I know you, Aren't you Jake's old girl? That's right, You remember me? You're still pretty, JAKE: Get your hands off of her! (GUN COCKS) You two just never learn, do you? Oh, we might have picked up a new trick or two, Here's one maybe you never thought of, Frank, (CRACKLING) (GASPING) Feels good letting them sparks out, don't it, Frank? You want to try branding me again? Come on, This time I'll give as good as I get, How about it, Frank? What are you waiting for? This will square us, BEN: Plenty in town for everybody, You stay out of our way, we'll stay out of yours, Jake, BEN: Come on, boy! We got work to do, MAN: Listen up, people, This has always been a peace-loving town, We want to keep it that way, right? CROWD: Yeah! Yeah! That's right! They cleaned out the bank, Sheriff's not in his office, You know what they must have done, -We can't just let them walk all over us, -That's right! We can't do that! (CLAMORING) That's respect, Looks like fear to me, Same difference, Afternoon, ladies, You! Hey, you double-crossed us! I never said anything about this being an exclusive arrangement, What's the use in having this power if somebody else has got it? We ain't got no reason to stay here, We can go anywhere, We can go back, ,, What do you know about it, halfwit? Huh? What do you know? Here you are, sir, That's our best whiskey, This is crap, -(GLASS SHATTERS) -(WOMEN GASP) Aw, you ain't worth the trouble, MAN: He's in there! (GUNS FIRING) (SCREAMING) (LAUGHING) (CACKLING) Did you see that? You didn't have to kill him, Frank, They couldn't touch us, and you just killed him, Since when do you do any thinking around here? Huh? Since when have you had a thought worth thinking, huh? Come on, Frank, Let go, Just 'cause you got the power, too, huh? You think you're better than me, don't you? Huh? Is that it? Let go! I don't need you! I don't need anybody, (CRACKLING) Damn you! You son of a, ,, (GRUNTS) (GROANING) (STRUGGLING) Stop the Overland Limited right in here, outside Wilcox, That express car got nearly $10,000 cash money in it, Split her open like a can of Arbuckle, Ben, I'm finished, I'm done, What you mean, you done? I'm tired, Ben, tired of being hunted! Jumping every time a dog barks or a gun goes off, Jake, we got power now, For the first time in our lives, we got real power, That only makes it worse, (CHUCKLES) Baby brother, you robbed, you cheated, you killed men, just like me, You can't just stop, WILL: (SHOUTING) Jake! Jake! Jake! They took my mom! They took her! What? What are you talking about? Frank Kelton, He came into the store, He said he'd trade her for something, and he said you'd know what, Oh my God! Where? Where did he take her? He said he'd only give her back over your ma's dead body, Jake! Jake! Jake! What the hell do you think you're doing? He'll kill Miriam! There's $3,000 here, You can get a whore and a bath for five, Jake! FRANK: Get off the horse! I got the money right here, I don't give a damn for no money, There ain't gonna be no one can do this but me! You understand? (GRUNTS) (WHIMPERING) Jake, no! Ahhh! Hey, Are you all right? Miriam, it's over, It's over, It ain't over, No more killing, Ben, That was the last, Self-righteous talk! Just like the old man! -And all for some damn woman! -Ben, don't be crazy! Ben, don't be crazy! I'm your brother! Get up and fight like a man! Ben, no! I won't, you understand? I won't do it! You'll fight back, boy, Fight back, damn it! Come on! Come on! Fight back, damn it, Come on! I won't do it, you understand? (GROANING) You get up, or I'll fry you where you sit! Come on! Take it back! I don't want it! Take it back! As you wish, Brother, you're a dead man, (GUNSHOT) (LAUGHING) Ain't nothing you can do! There ain't nothing anybody can do! Taste my fire, boy! Ben! You satisfied? All these people dead, and for what? You really want to know? (ROARING) That better? You know, we may look different, but your people and mine, we're a lot more in common than you think, Like what? We're both conquerors, boy, We're just a little better at it than you, If a clan looks like it's gonna be trouble down the line, why, we just destroy it then and there, before it poses a problem, That's my job, Scout ahead, Assess the threat, You came to destroy us, to kill us all? Not necessarily, See, the fate of a world isn't determined by its best examples, but by its worst, Only takes a few to destroy the many, especially when even the best of you can be dragged down into the mire, Judging from your example, brother against brother, friend against friend, you people have such a potential for violence, for sheer unvarnished wickedness, I've got every confidence you'll destroy yourself before you build your first interstellar engine, We got nothing to fear from you, (ROARING) (WOLF HOWLING) CONTROL VOICE: Will it be those seeking redemption who shall decide the future? Or will those driven only by greed and envy shape our destiny? Even 100 years later, the outcome is still