The Outer Limits (1995) s04e05 Episode Script

In the Zone

1 (BUZZING) (GRUNTING) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (LASER FIRING) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (GROANING) (SIREN WAILING) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Yeah! Folks! And with the ring, it's the Ageless One! The great one, Tanner Brooks! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) ANNOUNCER: On behalf of the World Octal Federation, thank you all for coming down here, We love you! And remember, the thrills never stop when you go for the, ,, Ring! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) ANNOUNCER: Yeah! Tanner, you were limping out there, Any comment? Yeah, what happened? Are you injured? I won, You sure did that, What about your next match? You gonna be okay? I'll be fine, yeah, MALE REPORTER: That was a hell of a throw, Tanner, where did you come up with that one? It was like I could see the moves, I could see there was a white light from where I was to where I had to be, I saw it and I went for it, and it was there, MARCUS: Thanks, boys, Man was in the zone, That's good stuff, Tanner, Reminds me of that move you made in the Manila Open a couple of years ago, And you were still a top ten then, weren't you? Yeah, (MARCUS CHUCKLES) The tour won't be the same without Tanner Brooks, I just hope I get a chance to go up against him one last time, Of course, the only way that will happen is if we both make it to the finals, See you there, Count on it, MALE REPORTER: How're you gonna prepare for that? FEMALE REPORTER: Will it be a grudge match? Hey, you looked good out there, Are you okay? Yeah, I'm all right, Don't let Marcus psych you out, he's just a lot of noise, Besides, you'd kick his butt, Yeah, not even on my best day, (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Yeah? MICHAEL: Mr, Brooks? Yeah? Uh, hi, I wanted to congratulate you on your match today, Thanks, If you want an autograph, you can talk to the lady out front, she'll send you one, Oh, no, no, thanks, but I didn't come here for your autograph, What can I do for you? Well, um, would you like to win this tournament? Of course I would, You can't, Is that right? Mr, Brooks, I've been a fan of yours for a very long time, I've watched your progress, your entire career, but your performance today clearly indicated to me the limits of your abilities, I see, MICHAEL: Yes, Uh, now if you really, really want to win this tournament, you need something extra, Now, I've developed this treatment, ,, That's real, ,, And if you came down to my office, ,, I'll tell you what, Doc, I don't know what you're selling but I don't want any of your snake oil, okay? I'm not talking about taking drugs, I don't care what you're talking about, Get the hell out of here, Why don't you make me? (SCOFFS) MICHAEL: Come on, what are you afraid of? Mr, Brooks, I'm a hell of a lot faster than I look, CONTROL VOICE: There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt to adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits, Evolution is guided by the principle of survival of the fittest, For the human animal, the urge to compete is ingrained in our spirit, But in some arenas, the rules are not clear, and victory may well be an illusion, Loser, I used to keep my extra bottle under the sofa, Or have you checked there already? Just looking for my sneaker, I didn't want to wake you up, Sorry, It's okay, You're going to the gym? Yeah, Since when do you work out the day of a match? I just thought I'd try something different, you know, Shake things up a bit, Can't hurt to change a little, No, I guess it can't, Tanner, I was thinking that, you know, between your tournaments and my clients, we haven't had a lot of time to spend together lately, (ZIPS BAG) I think we've been doing all right, huh? Yeah, well, I was hoping that afterwards we could get away for a while, Afterwards? You mean like after I lose the match? No, I mean after the tournament, Did you see me yesterday? Yeah, I really think I can win this one, Jess, Used to be a time I didn't have to try to convince you of that, That's not fair, and you know it, You're right, I'm sorry, But win or lose, you are retiring, right? Sure, I said I would, didn't I? Gotta go, (SIGHS) You're late, You're lucky I came at all, What are you doing with military hardware? (BEEPS) Well, you can hardly buy this kind of stuff at Radio Shack, You know, for a sports doctor, you look an awful lot like a rocket scientist, Yeah, Well, the defense technology transfer to the private sector is very commonplace these days, You know, microwave ovens came from the space program, Look, you said you had some kind of a treatment that could guarantee me to win the Octal, Uh-huh, Is it legal? It's not illegal, How does it, how does it, uh, how does it work? I thought you were the one that told me, uh, you weren't into drugs, Look, I've never been on drugs, I've been in the game a lot of years, but I'm in top shape now, I've never felt better in my life, I don't need you or any treatment to win, I just, ,, MICHAEL: You just, maybe would like an edge perhaps? Um, just in case, yeah? Yeah, Tell me, have you ever heard the phrase "transcortical reflex"? No, Well, it has to do with a high-speed response to neural stimulation, You see, when you take a nerve impulse, uh, and allow it to go much faster directly to the cerebral cortex, it will influence, influences voluntary muscle control, You see, Mmm-hmm, I'm not a doctor, What are you saying? Um, would you turn that switch on for me? Sure, (ELECTRICITY BUZZES) Ow! (SNICKERS) Case in point, You see, your hand reacted before you even knew what was happening, Before your brain could process the event, the event was already passed, you see? Now, my treatment accelerates the human neuromuscular system, so that a person can comprehend and take part and react to events in a much shorter time scale than would ordinarily be possible, You mean like how baseball players say they can see the ball slow down before they hit it, That kind of thing? Yes, yes, exactly, exactly, Now, my treatment results in some remarkable improvements in reflex and reaction times, Now, this is temporary of course, However, it lasts long enough to make the difference in the Octal, Hmm, What do you get out of it? Well, um, I get out of it what any couch potato, armchair athlete would in watching his favorite sport, A vicarious thrill, You're going to bet on me, aren't you? Oh, yes, Yes, I am, but not for money, Sometimes, success alone is indeed its own reward, I see, So, Mr, Brooks? Mmm-hmm? Tell me, do you feel like a winner today? (LIQUID BUBBLING) (KEYBOARD CLACKING) (BUBBLING) What the hell is that stuff? Oh, human nerve tissue, (BEEPS) Genetically engineered, This stuff is not easy to grow, But you see, the energy required to accelerate you through this whole process is gotta come from somewhere, so what I do is, I pull the energy out of the tissue, then I amplify it and I put it back into you, The conductive fibers in this special suit serve to equalize that effect throughout your entire body, The hormones that you give off during intense physical effort will kick in then trigger that reflex acceleration, So, all you got to do is concentrate, and let it work for you, (EXHALES) (KEYBOARD CLACKING) (ENERGY PULSATING) (MACHINE BEEPS) (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (BEEPING) (HORN BLOWING) ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) The World Octal Federation is proud to welcome you to the next level in combat sports! A simple arena, A simple goal! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) And the most awesome test of strength, speed, skill and just plain guts that you'll ever want to see! Today, from the fighting city of Philadelphia, Helen, "The Hammer" Draybeck! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Meeting in a battle royale against that old favorite, the Ageless Wonder, Tanner Brooks! (AUDIENCE CHANTING) Tanner! Tanner! Tanner! (CHANTING CONTINUES) ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to take the ring? (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Your health insurance paid up? I feel pretty good today, You won't be, (MACHINE POWERS UP) (SIREN BLARES) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Ha ha! (VICTORY SIREN WAILING) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Helen, it looked like you had it in the bag, what happened? I don't know what happened, he was down for the count, FEMALE REPORTER: How did you manage to, ,, Ladies and gentlemen! The winner once again! Tanner Brooks! (AUDIENCE CHANTING) Tanner! Tanner! Tanner! JESSICA: Tanner, (GASPS) (SIGHS) (MOANS) Tanner, (GASPING) (GROANING SLOWLY) (SLOW MOANING) Jess? What's happening? (SLOW MOANS) Jess? JESSICA: Honey, BOTH: (GASPING) I can't take anymore, (EXHALES) (ENERGY PULSATING) (GRUNTS) (ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) (GROWLS) Tanner Brooks! (GRUNTS) When's your next match? You'll be okay? (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (GRUNTS) (VICTORY SIREN WAILING) ANNOUNCER: Tanner Brooks, ladies and gentlemen! It's okay, What happened? The treatments are wearing off, man, What treatments? Who's this? Jessica, this is Michael Chen, He's a sports medicine specialist, Come on, Mrs, Brooks, your husband is an exceptional athlete, I'm sure you must be very proud of him, I am, Dr, Chen's been helping me with my, uh, training program, How long's this been going on? Not long, Uh, look, why don't you drop by the office later this evening? Perhaps we could discuss the situation further then, That's great, That's what I'll do, Come on, I gotta hit the showers, I'll meet you outside, (SHOWER RUNNING) (WATER SLOSHING) (DISTORTED SPLASHING) (CAR ALARM BEEPING) (CHILDREN CLAMORING) Tanner! I mean, Mr, Brooks? Yeah, Do you think you could sign this? Sure, KID: Thanks, TANNER: What's your name? Douglas, Douglas, (SCRIBBLING) Thanks, man! Hey, guys! Check it! I got Tanner Brooks' autograph! JESSICA: Look out! (BRAKES SCREECHING) (GRUNTS) TANNER: Kid? Kid, you all right? Tanner! Come on, guys! Let's get out of here, JESSICA: Are you okay? Get me to Chen's lab, Hurry, (SHIVERING) JESSICA: If you can't do anything for him, I'm taking him to a hospital, MICHAEL: Now Mrs, Brooks, ,, To see a real doctor, Mrs, Brooks, please, try to understand, Now, the treatments your husband underwent, and quite by choice I might add, were to enhance his reflexes and his coordination, Now on occasion, there are some stresses on the body, certain side effects, ,, Side effects doesn't begin to cover what I saw, (TANNER GROANS) Tanner? (GASPS) Tanner? (GROANS) What happened? Do you remember? (SIGHS) (TANNER GROANS) Not all of it, Man, it was like, my senses were on a rubber band, I was being snapped from one world to the other, It was, ,, One place, everything was moving real slow, and the other place, everything was, was moving really fast, Oh, baby, what have you done to yourself? Mr, Brooks, MICHAEL: Mr, Brooks, it appears that the energy from my treatments is building up in your system, It's affecting you more than just on a cellular level, it's affecting you also on a quantum mechanical level, What does that mean? Well, it means that your body is shifting in and out of an entirely different quantum phase, a phase where time flows much differently than here, Can you do anything about it? Well, I believe the effects should dissipate on their own in due time, It may take a little while, but in the meantime, no more treatments for you, starting immediately, all right? Hey, Chen, You can't do that to me, The finals are tomorrow! There's no other choice! TANNER: Chen said this energy build-up's gonna dissipate, right? I can take another treatment, I'm in great shape, I can take a 100 more treatments, Will you listen to what you're saying? (JESSICA SIGHS) I don't understand any of this, You've never taken drugs before in your life, (WHISPERS) It's not a drug! You used to feel sorry for the players that did, It's not a drug! There's no difference, I can't win without it! Well, then that's something you're just gonna have to accept, That's easy for you to say, I have spent my entire life training to be the best, Not my best, "the best!" And for the first time, in my career, I can actually see it happening, You know what, you don't understand that, And you never will, you know why? Because you don't know what it's like to be a winner, You don't know what it's like to be the best, Well, I'm sorry, honey, but you're not the best, And so what if you're not? This game is not who you are, Winning only lasts for a moment, You can't build your life around a moment, because a moment doesn't last, You know that I love you, right? Of course, Then please, forfeit the match tomorrow, Walk away from this while you still can, I can't do that, I can't, Jess, that'd be pathetic, Everybody would think I was scared, Not the people that matter! I don't wanna go out that way, okay? You know, when I nearly drank my way out of our marriage, you helped me stop, You stopped me from hurting myself, I'm just trying to do the same for you, REPORTER: (ON TV) And with the startling news of Tanner Brooks' injury just before the finals, we spoke to his opponent in the match, Marcus, do you think this is just bad luck? Considering the timing of Tanner's injury, I'd say his luck's holding out just fine, Got to be honest with you, boys, I mean, look at the man's career, It's always been second place, second best, Never really had what it takes, It's no different now, Won't surprise me if he doesn't show, I mean, look at me, Can you blame the guy if he's scared to go up against this? (LAUGHS) (CAMERAS CLICKING) (KEYBOARD CLACKING) (MACHINE POWERS UP) (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (BEEPS) (HORN BLOWING)  REPORTER: Here at ringside, time is running out, and unless Tanner Brooks reports to the arena within five minutes, by rule, the match will be declared a forfeit, (AUDIENCE CHANTING) Tanner! Tanner! Tanner! (CHANTING CONTINUES) Jessica, tell me he's coming, please, I don't know where he is, Neil, I woke up this morning and he was gone, Check his dressing room, Yes, again, (AUDIENCE CHANTING CONTINUES) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) ANNOUNCER: Tanner Brooks! Hey, folks, you didn't think we were gonna disappoint you, did you? Ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready to take the ring? You should have stayed injured, old man, (WHISTLE BLOWS) (SIREN WAILING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (AUDIENCE CHEERS) (CRACKLES) (GASPS) Tanner? (AUDIENCE JEERING) (CAMERAS CLICKING) NEIL: What kind of lab is this? Why did you give my husband another treatment? Mrs, Brooks, I didn't, I got here, the locks were cut, the equipment was all on, Your husband broke into this place last night, Then I want to know exactly what's happened to him, Look, the treatments were developed to improve the reaction times of fighter pilots, There were some side effects and the DOD decided to abandon the project, It doesn't look abandoned to me, Their decision was premature, My principles were sound, and I decided to develop the treatment on my own, All it needed was a few refinements, And a guinea pig! The treatment works best with individuals that have a very high degree of athletic ability, So a professional athlete was the perfect choice, You know, you're just like my husband, Obsessed with victory, no matter what the cost, No matter who it hurts, Is Tanner dead? Uh, no, I don't think so, Mrs, Brooks, your husband subjected himself to power levels even higher than I've ever used before, My read-outs indicate that the effect has probably shifted him into an entirely different quantum phase, uh, another time continuum, if you will, and in that state, uh, everything around him has to be going so slowly, that seconds to us, have to seem like hours to him, How long can he survive like that? I have to guess that he can't last more than 10, maybe 12 hours, I mean, the strain on his body, his cells, his metabolism, has got to be absolutely incredible, Is it supposed to be doing that? (CRACKLING) We've got to catch this, (ENERGY PULSATING) (GASPS) Oh, my God! (ENERGY PULSATING) There! (BEEPS) JESSICA: It is Tanner, I thought you said he couldn't interact with anything, The chamber is energized the same way your husband is, It's been responding to his presence, JESSICA: If you're right about what's happened to him, he may have been in that chamber for hours just to get our attention for a few seconds, He may not even realize we saw him, Can you use the chamber to bring him back? It's possible, Even if it is, how are we going to let him know he has to get back in there? JESSICA: I'll tell him, In person, This treatment will shift you into the same state as your husband, at which point, you will be able to touch and interact with him, Assuming you can find him, I think I know where he might be, Get back as quickly as possible, Every second counts, Okay, Mrs, Brooks, Mmm-hmm? I'll bring you back, I promise, Let's do it, (KEYBOARD CLACKING) (MACHINE POWERS UP) (ENERGY CRACKLING) That's it, She's gone, Not quite, You still have to bring them back, That depends entirely on her, TANNER: And Tanner Brooks comes up from behind, With incredible effort, he snags the ring, and slams it home, (CLANGS) The crowd goes wild, JESSICA: Tanner, How did you get here? Same way you did, Tanner, everything's going to be okay, but, we have to get back to the lab, Why? JESSICA: Chen thinks he can reverse the process, We got the idea from you, We saw you in the chamber when you were calling for help, I wasn't calling for help, I was waving goodbye, Why? (SIGHS) I thought I'd never see you again, TANNER: I was in the chamber it seemed like forever, I just wanted to say goodbye, JESSICA: Are you telling me that you don't want to come back? You know, when I first started Chen's treatments, it was like I was invincible, Nobody could touch me in here, And you know what? Nobody could, It was easy, It wasn't challenging, It wasn't exciting, it wasn't dangerous, It wasn't fun, I managed to take the fun out of the only thing I was ever really any good at, (TANNER SIGHS) I hurt the only woman I ever really loved, Pretty impressive, huh? Tanner, Look, I'm sorry, I blew it, Big time, Hey, Sometimes it's not about winning or losing, It's about accepting what's happened, and finding our way through it, You're the one who taught me that, Come on, Let's get back, (EXHALES) Come on, (ENERGY PULSATING) MICHAEL: It's not working, What's the matter? I should have realized, (ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) There are two of them! What are you doing? The system is designed for only one person, There's not enough nerve tissue left to absorb the energy of two, What are you talking about? If I'm going to bring them back, I have to absorb the excess energy, Please, there's very little time left, (ENERGY INCREASING) I thought I had all the bugs worked out, Here, when they get back, give them that, What for? It's an explanation, (ENERGY CRACKLES) (GROANING) I'm so sorry, He's cold, It's gonna be okay, Here you go, Tanner! What? (BREATHES DEEPLY) Your face, You've aged, Chen said that, the treatments would accelerate the cells, the metabolism, Aging process, Even though you were only there a few hours, ,, It felt like years, Chen, uh, said to give you this, He was only 30 years old? He tested the treatment on himself, It's not his fault, I did this to myself, I can deal with it, Hey, we'll deal with it, I love you, CONTROL VOICE: For the human race, life is a ceaseless competition for power, for fame, even love, But when the desire for victory is reduced to winning at any cost, then we can only