The Outer Limits (1995) s04e06 Episode Script

Relativity Theory

Stand by.
Real space in 20 seconds.
Hey, tali.
Want you to know, If we don't make a safe drop, I only slept With your wife once.
Sounds like we got ourselves A volunteer for point.
You heard the commander, People.
Keep it down.
(sternlicht) Stand by.
5 seconds.
4, 3, 2, 1, insertion.
Orbit is 4 by 4, And star field confirms this is tau gamma prime.
Yes! I'm getting A data stream.
(ivers) What's your assessment? (teresa) No radio spectrum emissions, No hot spots, No geological anomalies.
It is an unspoiled planet With no signs Of intelligent life.
Not for long.
Check out the spectrometers, We've got ferric metals, Transuranic deposits.
We're talking about 2 million new dollars apiece, And that's just In survey bonuses.
(ivers) We'll do The surface survey first, And document the claim.
Give me a candidate location.
Right here.
(tali) We've got a clearing Big enough to land in, And we ought to be able To find good ore samples Less than 5 klicks Up the hill.
Let's get down there and get rich.
(sternlicht) De-orbiting now.
(pendelton) Tali, tali, do you read me? Too loud and too clear.
(pendelton) Hey, man, I was just wondering, Since you're just Watching the ship While we're actually Collecting ore samples, Does that mean you just get Half a commission? Say again, pendelton? You're breaking up $2 million.
What's the first thing You're gonna buy? (mason) A pair of hiking boots That don't pinch.
Tell you what, You sign over $100,000 to me, And i'll carry you to the top.
(sears) Pendelton! The point of being on point Is to keep your mouth shut And your ears open.
You want to set an example For these civilians, Or become one? (ivers) The forest looks Almost identical To the wilderness parks Back on earth.
The life forms here Are based on photosynthesis.
You get the same amount Of sunlight on The same-sized planet, Survival of the fittest Gives you the same Type of trees.
Survival of the fittest? Every time i hear that phrase, It gives me the willies.
I always wonder If the person's talkin' About darwin or nietzsche.
Oh, you're a pretty Complicated guy For someone in the military.
I've been on loan To the company For a long time.
Ever since the government Started selling off Exploration rights To private corporations.
Maybe the corporate influenc Has corrupted me.
God knows it has my troops.
Commander! Pendelton found something.
(ivers) What did you find? It looks like Natural pigment.
It's probably Powdered sulfur.
Yeah, but what powdered it? Lock and load.
Form a perimeter.
Stay calm, people.
This isn't the first time We've encountered Alien life forms.
What the hell? Commander? Help! Fire! No! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! It's not alive! It's not alive! (teresa) Help me get her down.
It's just a spring trap.
(ivers) Yeah.
Probably built to catch Some sort of animal.
Yeah, well, it did the job On her just the same.
Company said The planet was empty And so did you! The probes didn't show Any signs Of intelligent life-- Yeah, well what else Didn't the probes show, huh? Fire pits! (ivers) Pendelton! That's enough.
Oh, man.
What have we Got ourselves into here? (narrator) There is nothing wrong With your television.
do not attempt To adjust the picture.
we are now controlling The transmission.
we control the horizontal, and the vertical.
we can deluge you With 1,000 channels, or expand one single image To crystal clarity and beyond.
we can shape your vision to anything Our imagination can conceive.
for the next hour, we will control All that you see and hear.
you are about to experience The awe and mystery which reaches From the deepest inner mind, to the outer limits.
(narrator) When we have conquered Interstellar space, what will we gain? a new perspective On ourselves? or only a wider scope For our arrogance? All due respect, Commander.
Shouldn't we be falling back To the ship? We can't collect mineral samples Cooped up in a ship.
But mason was killed.
He was killed by accident.
The same thing Could've happened on earth.
For all we know, That trap was set By humans who got here Ahead of us.
They were obviously just Hunting some local animal.
That stake was meant To warn us about the trap.
Or draw us to it.
Is something larger Going on here, sears? You have something On your mind? It's just a long way Back to the ship, sir.
(ivers) And even longer in the dark.
But you tell me, If there is something hostile out there, Where do we stand A better chance? Properly deployed here, Or stumbling through the dark, Trying to make it Back to the ship? You heard the commander.
Let's set up A perimeter here.
Pendelton, you'll Take first watch.
Sternlicht, You'll read scope for him.
And i'll rotate With the commander Me! I'm second in command.
I can stand watch.
All due respect, ma'am, I realize that These expeditions Are supposed To be controlled by civilians So that the environment Gets protected.
But i think this is More of military question, All right? I was cross-trained, Just like sternlicht.
I can fill in.
You heard the lady.
Yes, sir.
Check your weapons And move out.
[guns clicking] You really think that trap Was built by somebody from earth? It's possible.
But the materials Were all native To this planet.
Telling reassuring lies Is one of the requirements Ÿÿof leadership.
Even if they didn't buy it.
Sternlicht, Do you see anything? Just backscatter.
A lot of minerals In these rocks.
It's gonna make us rich.
Yeah, we just gotta live Long enough to cash the check.
I gotta admit, I was never a happy camper As a kid.
Just what every Expedition needs A disgruntled Xenobiologist.
You have no idea How frustrating it is Being a biologist Back on earth.
There isn't a nook or cranny That isn't tainted With pollution.
I could be happy here.
Except We're here to pollute it.
Not like earth.
The colonization authority Won't allow it.
So they tell me.
You don't think they mean it? I think they'd like To mean it.
That's why these expeditions Are officially civilian.
But earth's almost Out of resources.
No one's found A new titanium deposit In 10 years.
Petroleum's just a memory.
Well, all the more reason For the authority To make sure That the company Moves responsibly.
We can't keep strip-mining Earth-type planets.
There just aren't That many of 'em.
I hope you're right.
I do like camping out Under real trees.
Good night.
Good night.
Sternlicht, What's in front of me? [whispering] Is there anything moving? (sternlicht) Nada.
Come on, jake.
Step up the power.
What do you see? I told you, nothing.
Sears, I've got something Moving on my flank.
I can't get a fix on it.
I've got to pull in.
(sears) Pendelton, hold your position.
I swear to god, I saw something.
(sternlicht) Pendelton.
Sternlicht, What's on the scope? [beeping] Just backscatter.
I Sgt.
Sears, I do have movement.
50 meters in front Of pendelton.
Coming my way.
(sears) Commander, commander, We got a problem.
What? I say again, I do have movement.
All across my front.
(pendelton) Where are they, jake? Give me a fix! (sternlicht) Sarge, are you comin'? Pendelton! Jake! They're right in front of us! Can't you see 'em? Can't you see 'em? Oh, lord! No! No.
Stay down, stay down.
Who's firing? Sternlicht, report.
Pendelton! Here He's dead.
Incoming! Let's fall back to the ship.
Let's go, let's go! (ivers) Come on! (pendelton) Which way? Which way is it? (ivers) Tali, light up the ship, Give us a beacon! (ivers) Tali, can you hear me? Show us where you are! I'm turning on The landing lights.
Can you see me? There it is! Get to the cover! (ivers) Sears, pendelton, Down here, this way, Come on, let's go.
Teresa, move it, move it! (ivers) Go, go, go, go, go! (ivers) Keep it up, people.
Keep it up, come on! (ivers) Pendelton, get going! Go with her, I'll cover us.
What? Go with her! Go with her! (teresa) Commander! (sears) No, get back to the ship.
(teresa) No.
You've gotta try.
Sears! (sears) Come on, move, move! (sears) Tali, tali! We're coming in.
Tali! Open up! Come on, come on, come on! (sears) Come on, come on! Now! Go! I'm activating Perimeter weapons.
Lift off! We can't.
They hit the main drive.
Firing! We're clear, we're clear.
No targets.
(teresa) 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3 How's the commander? No.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I'll fix you up.
1, 2, 3, 4.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Teresa, look at The instruments.
1, 2, 3, 4.
He's dead.
(pendelton) What are you doing? Just checking the samples you guys collected Before the attack.
(tali) Here's some irony for you.
You know what the analyzer Says this is? Gold.
And this is pitchblende Full of uranium isotopes.
Sun's coming up.
Somebody got a plan? Is there any movement out there? The ship's guns Must have scared 'em off.
(sears) Or they only come out At night.
Then i say We repair the drive, And blast the hell Out of here.
Do you think That's the best idea? The company spent a lot Of money getting us here, And we've already lost Half the crew.
Now, what do you think They're gonna say When we get home empty-handed, And tell 'em we didn't even Try to solve the problem? The colonization authority Might even bring us up On charges.
Is that really What's bothering you? Or are you thinking With mineral deposits Like that, And half the crew gone, The reward For a successful survey Could come to $4 million apiece? The thought Did cross my mind.
Screw that! Maybe You didn't notice, sears, But the only things Collecting a reward Around here Are 7 feet tall, And can munch us for lunch.
(sears) Ivers dying does not Change the mission.
It takes one man To repair the drive.
Tall can do that Under protection Of the ship's guns.
And in daylight, We're not gonna Have any problems.
Maybe i won't, But what exactly Are you gonna be doing? We're gonna suit up In class-2 weaponry And do a little recon.
Class-2 weaponry? You bet.
(sears) Layered armor, Plasma cannons.
Enough firepower to convert Baghdad to christ.
You're 2nd in command, You didn't know that? Pen.
The company Was only authorized To conduct A civilian expedition.
You were just supposed To provide security services.
You put on 1 of those suits, And you're gonna feel Plenty secure.
Nothing those Walking lizards have Can penetrate that armor.
You hope.
All i saw last night Was small-arms fire, And there's only one way To check it out.
But we can't carry Survey equipment If we're all suited up.
And we can't complete The survey Until we know What we're up against.
You buy this? Oh.
I'm sorry, tali.
You're right.
You're in command, ma'am.
Do we hide in the ship While tali fixes the drive, Or do we get out there And do our job? (sears) Is this what i think it is? (teresa) Yeah.
I think It's their blood We're following Blood trails? Why? Because i want To recover an alien body.
Oh, great.
And what if the friends Of the dearly departed Object? All the better.
No! Sears, i am not Authorizing you To initiate hostilities! Initiate hostilities? Excuse me, ma'am, But maybe you noticed A few of us had to sit out On the hike today.
Guys If this is a blood trail, it's gettin' thicker.
Spread out.
Where's sears? (pendelton) I can't see anything.
My faceplate's fogging up.
(sears) Don't use it till you have to.
What? Keep your faceplate open Until we come under fire.
Over there.
[sears whispering] Pendelton.
[whispering] Cover our 6.
No problem.
You just have All the fun you want.
Now! Hold your fire.
They're dead.
(teresa) See? They're bled out.
You see, pendelton? If you shoot them, they die.
We're not gonna have Any trouble here.
Don't you think? (teresa) No.
I don't agree.
(tali) The drive's fixed here, So we can blast out of here.
There's no need to.
Look at these guys.
Their clothes Are as primitive As the trap that nailed mason.
You see their guns? They're ours.
(sears) Yeah.
They took 'em From sternlicht When they clawed him to death.
These aren't boogiemen With incredible powers.
And they sure as hell Don't have technology.
That doesn't mean They're not intelligent.
No one's saying They'd lose a poker game To the natives On my last gig, But we solved That problem, too.
You want to go to war With the natives here? Why not? We have a right To defend ourselves.
They struck first.
You just said That the only weapons they had were ours.
Maybe sternlicht fired first And they were just Defending themselves Which is their right to do.
It's their planet.
What about Survival of the fittest? Last i heard, You were preaching To ivers about that.
This has nothing to do With evolutionary theory.
It doesn't? No.
Earth has A superior culture.
But we're running out Of everything we need To maintain it.
We're digging up 200-year-old automobile tires To recycle them.
This planet's just Sittin' here going to waste.
Now i ask you, do we starve? Or do we take What we need to survive? No.
We negotiate With the natives here, Or we just find Another planet.
Negotiating with these things Would be like negotiating with neanderthals.
And to what end? You're just setting us up For an endless cycle Of waste, pollution, and war.
My way follows The laws of nature.
But i shouldn't have to tell you that.
You're the biologist, Aren't you, teresa? Is that the way You usually address An expedition's commander? Oh, come on.
You don't really believe you were ever gonna be In command here.
You're just window dressing, So the company can say They're for the environment.
You're talking yourself Into a trial for mutiny.
Unless you're removed for cause.
All right.
That's it.
I'm relieving you of duty.
Too late, teresa.
I said it first.
I am accusing you of incompetence In your command, And cowardice In the face of the enemy.
You were so scared Last night, Ivers practically had to hold your hand Coming down that i mountain.
That's not true! Sears.
You weren't there, tali.
You don't know what happened.
Ivers spent more time covering her Than he did setting up Our defense.
That's enough! You're damn right, it is.
And as senior Security commander, I am voting We remove you for cause.
I still don't see Why we can't just lift off And file a report From hyper-space.
So the next ship can collect The commission? Huh? We'll be out $4 million each.
$5 million, maybe, If she's disqualified.
5 million bucks, tali.
You think that might help Your family out, huh? (teresa) All right.
Why don't you try this? You fire On one more alien native, I will bring you up on charges Before the authority.
They already tried that With me in the amazon, teresa.
The opposition was human, And the charges didn't stick.
Earth needs The resources.
That's the real reason They sent me and that lock Full of weapons.
I'll believe that When i hear it From the authority.
Take him into custody.
What about my rights? What about my right To a fair trial? You're the reason We're in this mess.
You're the one That told us There was no intelligent lif Down there.
You're the one That held ivers up Long enough To get him killed.
Now, the only way We can make this right Is to go pacify the native Who jumped us first.
All in favor Of finishing the mission And collecting the bounty, Raise your hands.
I'm sorry Well, i'm not.
Suit up And charge your guns.
Janovich, You are relieved of command.
(sears) If you want to foster an understanding Between man and alien And maybe salvage your career, I suggest you Scan those things And tell us What we're up against.
We move in 5.
(sears) If i were you, teresa, I'd keep the ship sealed And the weapons on automatic.
You bet i will Oh, don't worry, I got a remote transmitter.
We can disarm the ship's guns Ÿÿif you don't do it for us.
Oh, and the flight controls Are locked out.
Thanks for the offer, But you're not my type.
What the hell good Are these suits for? I can't see anything, or hear.
Just cover our left, Or i'll shoot you myself.
What do you think? Well, it looks like They're lookin' For their friends.
Yeah, that Or leading us into a trap.
Well, nothing they have Can penetrate this armor.
Not unless You're very unlucky.
Yeah, great.
Thanks for the news bulletin.
Just how lucky Are we supposed to be feelin' today, huh? Just shut up And cover our flank.
You Scan 1-1 Is of an unidentified Intelligent species Massing approximately 150 kilos.
Measuring approximately 200 centimeters tall.
Despite its Reptilian appearance, The specimen exhibits Skull and skeletal structure Similar to mammalian Life on earth, Including human life.
Tissue sample 1-1 Is from the left superior limb Of the subject, Representing muscle mass.
I'm sectioning it For molecular analysis.
There they are! Fry 'em! Cut them off! (sears) All right, move in, We've got 'em! (sears) We got 'em, we got 'em.
Move in! All right.
(sears) Gun lights on.
All right? You mean, we're goin' in? No, you're goin' in.
I don't like this.
This cave must be the reason We didn't spot the settlemen From orbit.
If we catch The whole tribe here,we can end it.
You want to take on A whole tribe? You want to feel this way every time you walk Into a forest With a sensor pack? Now, check the right.
Then roll forward To the next branch.
Come on, boys.
By the numbers.
Anything? (pendelton) Sears! (sears) That's more like it.
Now we got 'em.
What you doing with that? Praying? Good.
Now, let's get The survey packs, And complete the mission.
What is that? (sears) Religious totem, i don't know.
Whatever it is, grab it! Is that What i think it is? I don't know.
It would take a sensor pack To be sure, but Yeah, i think it's gold.
Hey, it's kind of warm, Don't you think? Now, while the sampling kit Is open, I will proceed To collect tissue sample 2-1, From the wound area On the second alien subject.
The wound area is located on the ventral Where is the wound? And where is the blood? The wound was ventral.
It was ventral.
(sears) Hey, you'll be happy to hear, teresa, That we've achieved peace in our time.
Teresa? Teresa? Women.
Sears! Pendelton! Tali! Is this mike open? No! (teresa) What.
What are you doing? What are you Water? Oh, oh.
Now, easy.
Yeah, easy.
There you go.
(sears) Hey, teresa.
Are you monitoring us? No! No! Don't worry.
I will not let him hurt you.
Turn on your damn mike.
It's ok.
Teresa? You better not be Trying something.
I've gotta get you Out of here.
Emergency radio, Concentrated food.
Let's see, Planet like this A colony ship Will only show up In maybe 3, 4 months.
I need these.
Let's get out of here.
Let's get you out of here.
Your wounds weren't as sever As the other one, so All right.
Uh, You can regenerate Your soft tissue, But not your bones, Not that fast.
No, no, no.
It's ok.
It's ok.
I'll show you.
Ok? See? See? Understand? Ok.
You figured out How to use a rifle You can figure out How to use this.
(sears) We're inbound, teresa, So you might as well Answer me.
(teresa) Hurry.
Come on.
Turn on your damn radio! We gotta get out of here.
You better not be trying To block the hatch, teresa.
Teresa? Oh! Don't try And stop me, sears.
Where'd you get the gun? You robbing the dead now? Just let us go, And i won't shoot you.
Let us? So you and that thing Can go warn its friends In the next valley? What are you gonna do, Tell them our weaknesses? Tell them how To disable the ship? Is that what You're gonna do, teresa? I wouldn't do that to you.
Oh, but you'd shoot me.
Well, if i had my choice, I'd much rather You sell us out Than shoot me in the head.
Then just let us leave.
Come on, terry.
I know You're under a lot of stress.
But we're still Your own kind, right? My kind doesn't kill Helpless natives! Well, then, You must not be human.
'Cause that's all We've ever done.
Manifest destiny, White man's burden, Call it what you want.
But half the world Would still be hunting buffalo If the other half Hadn't brought It civilization.
Yeah, and killed them In the process.
We don't have to do that here.
It's already done.
It's the only way We could've finished The survey.
You should've waited.
Let the follow-on ships Negotiate a deal.
Now you don't know Where this is gonna end.
But i do.
It ended in the cave.
With half the world Eating synthetic food, Do you think they're Really gonna care What happened To a few natives? People still care.
We moved beyond your kind Of thinking 100 years ago.
Because people like me Solved the problem 100 years ago.
Because people like me Did the dirty work Of civilizing the planet.
Why else do you think They sent me up here, With all this firepower, huh? Stand down, teresa.
Hand me the gun.
Tali, pendelton, Which side of this Are you really on? Come on, terry.
Don't do this.
Give me the gun, damn it! No! Let's just talk this over.
Nothing has to be decided yet.
I will shoot you! Run! Run! (teresa) Run! Run! No! Don't hurt him! Don't! Don't! You didn't have to do this.
Actually, we did.
Survival of the fittest.
It's the law here, Same as everywhere else.
What is that? Religious totem.
Um, The last one was praying In front of it When we found him.
Sears says The only question now Is whether it's worth more As an artifact or melted down.
How could you, tali? They're just animals.
With religion? Puts them a little ahead of chimpanzees, Don't you think? Listen.
I won't let sears hurt you.
You'll get home in one piece.
Just don't ask For anything more.
(sears) Time for a victory party.
What happens if the company Sides with teresa against us? Never happen.
They'd lose The survey rights.
So drink up, boys.
Tal, good job.
So, we'll have the survey completed by thursday, $4 million each.
Not bad for a week's work.
All work and no play Makes teresa a dull girl.
I should have Done this before.
It's as much my fault as it is yours.
We'll get plenty of time On the ride home.
I don't think so.
Look, terry.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Hell, throw me a kiss And i'll tell 'em You stayed in command-- Adam, you have got To listen to me.
Teresa, it's over.
All right? Match stories with us, And you get To keep your commission.
You go home rich and happy.
Look at the scans Of their heads.
Look! Their cranial sutures Aren't closed.
Look at this.
We gotta get this thing Off the ship.
What are you talkin' about? Ok, i Sears? What is that alarm? We're being scanned.
Millimeter range.
(sears) You mean search radar? Except i've never seen A modulation like this before.
Or an energy level this high.
Tali, get a sensor on this.
Scan it at the same frequency.
(teresa) My lab instruments say It's pulsing with energy.
It's responding.
It's not a religious icon.
It's an emergency Locator beacon.
It's a what? Sears, we're getting A gravity spike Just above us in orbit.
Unlock the panel And fire up the drive.
Somebody's opening A jump point.
It's a colony ship It's got to be A colony ship, doesn't it? There's not gonna be any colony ship! Does that look like a human gate to you? Tali, prepare for lift-off! Powering up.
Oh, god.
What the hell is that? (tali) I think it's a probe.
(tali) They were able to launch this From hyper-space.
That's way beyond Our technology Target it.
All ship's guns now! (sears) Tali, get us out of here! I can't get a lock! Lift-off in 60 seconds.
Come on! Here it comes! What's it doing? It's looking for survivors.
(teresa) We've gotta destroy The computer.
No! No! If we do that, We can't get home.
We're not going home.
It's trying to download Where we came from.
It's looking for earth! The victims you killed Didn't come from here! That's why we didn't see signs of settlements.
Tall! Help her pull The main bus! Go! Go! Go! It's over here.
This is impossible.
They they had no technology! Don't you get it? Their cranial sutures Weren't closed.
If they were human, They would've been Between 10 and 15 years old.
You killed a bunch Of boy scouts On a camping trip.
They downloaded us.
They know.
Drives have thrust.
Get us off! (tali) Firing.
Uh If one of them had lived, Maybe we would have made it.
No! (narrator) Cultural relativity.
it doesn't need to be A complicated theory.
indeed, it can be as simple, and as deadly, as a two-edged sword.