The Outer Limits (1995) s07e05 Episode Script

The Vessel

The spacial inspire returns to earth tonight after ten days in orbit bearing a very unlikely passenger.
Jacob worthy.
Known for both his best-selling nonfiction and his audicious personality became the first author in space on this mission.
it would be interesting to see how his outsiders take on this experience meshes with the image-country space program.
The first outer space is a part of we suppose to deal with hell in a humble Look at that purple marble and wax all alone, and I wonder about the secure blessings of liberty for generations to come.
Sorry folks, but the canadas experience is it gonna talk about to track the see space serve Kurd and those slandered god pioneers are exploring the unknown its gonna be idyl of the parnish thruth.
settling linspire this is misssion control once you initiate to burn in the last 2 min.
and 50 seconds entry interface will occur.
28 min.
and thats.
3 minutes before communication black off Landed that, Jim Its ok if you didn't get those handpacks summer I got a mean craven for some red beens on rice Commandant McCarney smelled some cook in this seven figured it is unfortunately I made at the shuttle illusions to get there it's a dirty job but the hear of work is never done Jake can do you prepare for reentry Hang the bungaloft will be and the inspire is now in it's final descent over the counter space central in Florida.
And I wake up wait to much soup so look go away of other aproach and try to collide the navigation alive look your glide slopes, just tusty peach it and plus say to glease data grand weight soon to be appearing on the top of your combiner paring the put line in guere its pit 300 nods afuera 2 a 253 control, I'm reading a Hydrolic system one pressure are available to realease out our cook to plot pirotechnical iniciater repeat, ploid pirotechnical iniciate I won't to ploid Jim is not budging - 2 steep inspire.
- OK, and an unusual moving but your nose is under the horizontal come on! is trapped failure there's marks everywhere There is nothing wrong With your television.
Do not attempt To adjust the picture.
We are now controlling The transmission.
We control the horizontal And the vertical.
We can deluge you With a thousand channels Or expand one single image To crystal clarity And beyond.
We can shape your vision To anything our imagination Can conceive.
For the next hour, We will control All that you see and hear.
You are about to experience The awe and mystery Which reaches from The deepest inner mind to The outer limits.
Please stand by It is said that those who survive a brush with death see the world anew, but what if that second chance became a second life? Welcome back Jake how you feeling? like hell where am i? At debriefing center what happened? the shuttle exploded when it attempted to land exploded? that's right what about the crew? I am afraid we lost them.
everyone? It's so.
how do i get out of live? we still trying to sort it out you walk out of that fire without of mean cuttled suit and with no broken bones, no lacerations or injuries of any kinds, is what I can tell you collapse shortly after walking away from the rests and you've you've must been sleep for the last hours - nothing sort of a miracle, Jake.
- don't talk to me about miracles what the hell happened? Well, I'm afraid we don't have an easy explanation that's why you're here.
so as soon as you are up to, we'd like to begin the debriefing debriefing what? Why am I in isolation? why am I in a quarantine? is just a routine precaution.
I think I showed up in our preliminary test Well, I got to get to New York, OK? My editor is expecting pages.
nobody's going anywhere until Dr.
Vader here certifies that you're save to go home so in the meantime I'd like to see about getting some answers.
It's been days, When do I'll get out of here? Just try to relax Mr Worthy.
- Oh, yeah! Yeah, why I don't relax.
What are you people, crazy? I need a phone.
Even a prisoner gets a phone call, so Jake, let's talk about the mission Do you remember an electrical disturbance that happens in the second Day? what? the blockout the instruments one heat wire for a couple of minutes we lost contact with the shuttle Oh, right, yeah the commander said something about hitting an electromagnetic field but I'm the last when you ask about wherever the hell that was at this point I'm afraid you are the only person that we can ask are you allright Mr Whorthy? yeah It is my brain.
I feel like somebody is lobbing grenades around inside my skull the nurse will give something for as soon as the debriefing is over this electrical disturbance was that, was that have to do with whatever happened to me? we think that there're mayor informer serious damaged to the shuttle systems than we at first anticipated the navigational controls, the landing gere, both malfunction in reentry But That's sure as hell that isn't explained how i survive the blast like that, doesn't? No it doesn't The NSA is expecting me through report in your preliminary findings by 2200 What am I supposed to tell them? a man walks through an infernal hot an after vaporize exotic alloys with nothing but dehydration, in a crushing migraines to show for I cannot offer you a scientific explanation because there is no a scientific explanation could it something that happened in the explosion itself something that shield its improny exteriority What are you not telling me? Jake Worthy was given an exhaustive physical before the mission just like the rest of the crew Doctor Vader will tell you that was nothing abnormal about the man before we sent out there and now? there were second and third degree burns were observed by the emergency workers on the ambulance by the time they got to the area but they were gonne the skin is virtually unblemished I'm relicted to speculate what somehow's body natural healing properties have.
It's gloried gentlemen, I don't need to tell you the potential significance about this.
If you would just allow to complete our tests before making any report to the national security agency I can give them a day, maybe two But eventually, this is going to the president and Mr Worthy has a visitor Is his exwife I don't think we want to talk it to the public just yet We can make it clear to Jake what the parameters are monitoring conversation.
I suggest to release some press speculation if we allow some limited contact with the outside world.
I need approval Hello Jake Hello bit them How are you Alexis? The questions is how are you? Well is like I've been walk on water i guess i'm just It's many of my repertory I wasn't even gonna watch the landing I was afraid you migh say something to the press you forget Whoaaa? You're so terrifying you suck get a part of the seems It's like losing Timothy all over again you at least this time got pick on somebody's some size wasn't always like this Timothy was alive and I could drag you away from your world yeah, it was my work to perform in that table, do you remember? I never said you were a good provider you still call them feeling son of a bitch right? I don't believe that for a minute Do you wanna know what I really think? I think that if you'd had left yourself greed after we lost Timmy I'll tell you what, if I want an advice on how I want you greed I'll give you a call, OK? I guess I'll go now What is it, Jake? A headache, I'll get over.
You said you're gonna teach me how to ride You said, how to ride.
You said you're gonna teach me how to ride You said you're gonna teach me how to ride Daddy, Daddy Daddy, Daddy Good morning, Jake ah? I said good morning Yesterday you were revenous, today you don't touch the breakfast That's no truth I had a banana and an entire shaker of salt no will effects? No What about the headeaches? Are getting worse.
I'll be got some stronger I'll talk to Dr.
Bader okay well that was a quiet of quit expert last night I was delirious my fingers ran away with me, so you have no idea what significance so symbols and those numbers had No, why you? no, it's just that you are very prolific.
It's over hundred pages and what about the drawings? I was dudeling and that's what came out When do I'll get out of this fish bowl Listen Jake, I was wondering if you would be up to seeing someone Is this way you role of the head drinkers? Is commander McCartney's widow.
Right Mr Worthy They don't want me to stay very long I just wondered during the mission if Phill said anything Anything personal about me or Grady? To be honest with you I've I've spent most of my time on my journals, so I was busy writting So I don't think your husband and I exchanged more than half a dozen words I see.
I don't know maybe if I yeah he did say something about your son and the one handsome boy he was.
And he got his look from you You didn't have to make it up Excuse me? Grady was adopted.
Phill never would say that It didn't have to be much, I just want something small something true, something that I could hang on too I didn't ask to be the one who be survive, Well they tell me that it all happened so fast that He didn't feel any pain I grateful for that anyway My son our son He wants to go out there, like Phill Thats what kids do, they dream I don't know what to tell him I could'n handle losing him Could you imagine what hell would be like? Yes I think I can As soon I finish this EAG I'll give you an injection for those migraines I was gonna suggest the guilty.
Are you dressed like this for inoculations The world around you is pretty special I couldn't tell you that What is it? Nothing, is just your brain activity, I don't think I've seen the neddles jumping like these before.
Better than being a brain death, I supposed The lump I'm sorry? The small lump in your left breast it's a fluid field cist It's completely benaid years ago, the french government found the reseach into bo was done as the prior project it applied electromagnetic energy into the terminal tumors of laboratory animals.
Now by altering the electral currents within sales they were able to time reversed them back to an earlier state to a healthy state but that explain was graving some salt and potassium in foods like bananas all over increases the conductivety of its blood something occurred during that brief electromagnetic event in the second day of inspires mission something that that altered Jake with his body.
You're telling us that his body uses electrical currents to heal itself reduce to its essence, yes, And it may alter more than his body.
My nurse tells me that he diagnosed a medical condition in her that she only just confirmed with the doctors Daddy Daddy Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy Hey, let me out of here! Do you hear me? I can't take it, I can't take it anymore! I can't see him You're telling me that he survived the hit of 50.
000 volts But there's one thing we learn general was Jake Worthy appears to be in previous to physical injury What about the sate of mind? I'm afraid we can't be defended, General We know that twice harm himself it won't be successful for the reasons an unalter obvious More of the point is you thrift to others as our security guarding not in concious I warned you about using civilians on this flies Who knows what he would say to the press.
Can you imagine the panic you create? What do we know for certain about this phenomenon you documented? defies all reason the real problem is that without further tests we can never fully understand how it could be altered so profoundly I want where they found and we brought back I authorize whatever man hours required just get the man back I'm sorry about he, Ms McCartney Mr Worthy, my god what happened? May I? No one can't know I'm here, so I apreciatte if you didn't call the USAS What's this about? I'm scarying you I don't need to No they must be looking for you This will just take a minute I feel like our conversation was unfinished To be honest I was a I was completely insensitive, I don't know righ to patronize you you asked an honest question and you deserve an honest answer Your husband told me a story the night before the crash I put it out of my mind because I was jealous.
I was angry.
Really I was angry.
The hear a wife and child come home to All I had was an impatient editor with a bunch of so called friends who loathe me as much as I loathe them.
You don't have to do this he told me about the night that he told you he was picked for the assignment and how happy and pretended to be even thou he knew you were dying inside how brave you were and how giving and that he was one of like his as all be that's all.
Thank you Mr Worthy.
you gonna need some clothes you can go for some things you probably need some cash your husband was a good man, Catherine I'll see for those clothes Arby, dammed you stop worrying about how taght things are to you I spent the night in the street, remember? Arby, listen to me.
You're my editor, listen to me.
If I can get out of this I gonna blow to rouf the publish industry, I'm telling you No I can't I I can't come to New York Arby Get all over the place are after me That's why I'm trying to Arby listens to me Something is happening to me, something that I don't understand I don't know, it's like a Like, is like I'm being watched, is like I'm being observed.
I don't know Is like I'm being judge from the inside, I don't I can't explain it I know its sounds crazy but is happening You got to trust me on this No, No, No, No, No I will call you The rent is payed by the week.
I don't love any loud music, or pets or any kind of carry you on I just need a quiet place to work What was it you said you did? I'm a writer OK sheets and towels, pilly cases and hitching things you got pretty much everything you need Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I been apologize for some one being calls, that's why I am, for god sake So is been that way Jake Worthy, against the unaward, the undeserving, the unwashed What's happening to me? It's a real fever, it's a sickness It's nightmare, that's what it is I'm gonna wake up God help me if I don't is not the technology it makes this thing go, it's no the gizmos, is the humans floating they maybe What the hell is going on? Instruments are going crazy OK, we back on line Give me a ful system status Are you OK back there Jake Yeah, I'm OK Here, let me help you with that I'm telling you over this thing is making me crazy.
I see care at advice the alternative to coperring idiot I'm helping old ladies with their groceries is that sound like the man you know? I can't control my thoughts, I can't control my actions It's turning me inside out Help me, ahhh Hey, stop! Jake, Jake? Just give me your money, old man! Let me Please, help me.
It's all right, we are gonna get you help You gonna make it, Do you hear me? You gonna lead other man It have been several calls to its literacy agent From a phone locked down come Seattle Check in every hotel, cloack house under the city My general we finished running the computer programs on the electromagnetic event on day two of the mission and… well, It didn't show up on the instruments but apparently there was a corruption on the program landing on the onboard computers once the landing routine came them The air is began the compound What was it? Some kind of virus? I don't know.
I will began to characterizes but is just overwhelmed the computers and there's ample evidence is made than affect more than the shuttle systems Doctor Vader beliefs such transformation abroad this body chemistry may have happened at the very same time What are you? Stranger much like you You saved my life I was only returning the favor I don't understand I should collide with the meteor Our bodies were reduce to electrical impulses The others faded into the ether one by one And I was the last survivor I had only hours left when I found your craft So you enter in my body? I had no choice I would die without a suitable host Why me? There were six others above thar craft It could been anyone, you were the near specia I'm going after depend This isn't happening, your fragment of my imagination I didn't know beens like were possible either So you went through my body Emerge with me So you can stay alive - That's right - But you are not in me now No So you don't need me anymore? The only way I could leave your body was trought the machine we buildt We have the machine, so you don't need me anymore I'll die Jake If it weren't for the machine, I could only exist outside of you for sure a while I'm not even sure how long I leave inside of you I find I'm going weaker by the hour Wait a minute You are the reason, the ship crashed that electrical disturbance that we were talking about, that was you I was not intended, you have to believe me because of you six people are dead and… almost at me as well There are ways of talking bodies that you can know but togheter we can make amends You already witness a miracle I hate what you have done, do you understand? I want my life back I wanna be the person I was before you invaded me.
A man who used to care about no one but himself I've seen your thoughts The anger, the loneliness, Should I accept this guilties, this pains incouncious? That was me at all, that's you Is that what you believe? You have no right to take me over! I'm bleeding Your powers of human was disappeared Good, I don't wanna be some freak of nature You lost your child to catch him, don't you? I don't wanna talk about it You think about it all the time How do you know what I think about.
You don't know anything about me.
Perhaps you're right Perhaps I'd giving you the benefits of the doubt Why couldn't I've the power when it matter, when I could save my son's life? We both experience lost Jake My maid…my child Both died when that meteor hit our ship It was a grief, if I wish no one else ever has to know It's overloaded, ahhh God of my dear! How's he doing? He severely sedated Anything turn of the arranged gun? Yes and It's quiet troublely Now You notes the most of the sinaptical reign reach normal, that's the blue shade here, here, here.
And the reddish colour? It's may conditioning Mr Worthy neurological engrams have been hijacked by this creature you described You told me is what? That half his brain has been taking over by this… other….
Being? Is more than that I believe is continuing to encrouched in every huge region from the out of noma to the motoring descensory to higher conginaly function? At the read of this place, Mister Carine, I would suggest 72 hours from now there'd be no more Jake Worthy I can assure you, we're not got allow this thing to get that far What do you propose that then we'll do, General? Find some answers, dammed! Our best experts have been unable to come up with a reason of this machine existent we have no idea what the gen of this creature is What we do know, Is that made the body occupied virtually indestructible that's all the more reason to study its incredible properties curing life-threatening diseases, treating injuries don't forget this early little inspire of yours caused the crash that brought a billion-dollar shuttle and killed most of its crue we have no idea what gonna happen once he gets at the half steem Worthy would have to be sacrifice so that we can eliminate that threat We don't have a hold how of allow the choice do we? We got to find the way, to reduce the creature in him to dust my God we devote billions in resources countless life time of man hour in order of look for intelligence life outside of the planet and what we do in the minute we find it? We order its destruction Look the MAG gives a pretty good map of the affected areas Based on that, I believe that we can selectively targeting the invading brain activity With pinpoint radiation And if my theorie is correct we just may be able to rid him of the invader without a perpetual harm.
Theories? You know is frigthening because of nobody can assure me that we can kill this thing But what I do know is that we got to try Jake I'm trapped inside you And slowly killing both of us It's clear now we can't coexist If you going to survive this I got to die You best for much Just want to meet the teach about that Like biking on training wheels? misdisperse because I… I wouldn't cancel a trip tell me do I have more the right to this body as you do? Listen to me.
We don't have much time If you gonna survive this, you got to do exactly as I tell you Harold, he's awake, and wants to talk to us High density missil bombarment all the… diffected areas Well you should know that kind of radiation could be a risk of serious collateral damage Look at me It is my only chance You have to trust in me, It is the only way Since when did you became a medical authority Jake? Also say I was giving a crash course Why should we believe anything this… this thing communicated to you It's benaid, is more than, is good and is decent and is willing to sacrifice it's life… to save mine Could try moderate dosis miss radiation meshes affect invading ingranful inside from there.
I allow you Jake Dr.
Vader can't find an affected way to port of this creature We were looking in the greatest as possible matters So I guess I don't have too much to lose, do I.
Are you ready Jake? Hell yes He's here How he is doing? Jake is going as well as could be expected considering what is been subjected to but even better, All sides of the missive green activity have been eradicated You're certain? Take a look yourself Even with moderate dose begin the either way so I want to broke the red areas that we determined were the creature are gone completely over the case above the rain is back to the normal Thank god The hell we've done the right thing I still need one more insurance This is gonna hurt Jake God I hope so No healing general.
OK, let them give him a few minutes It's gone I can feel it Oh my god! What's wrong? I just had a scary thought With the electrical activity The red areas be soon protect over brain washed of Jake's What the hell are you saying? If the creature's sinaptics were actually retrieved We would kill off the blond inhabitant of Jake Worthy's body You father loved you very much Timothy And he missed you Until the day he died Tell me what I have to do Buy some time I'm dying Jake In two, three days, the most There won't be a trace of me based on bombarment deceiling think of my bringing me back you'll never survive it Jake, never I understand How do you make up for a lifetime of mistakes? A life of squandered opportunities for once I have to make the right choice to leave behind something that could make a difference that legacy, my otherworldly friend that legacy is you.
Few of us have the opportunity to truly begin again, to redress the flaws that tarnish our souls, but only when we remake ourselves can we remake the world?