The Outer Limits (1995) s07e06 Episode Script

Mona Lisa

1 Mona, ,, what are you doing? Nothing, Go back to sleep, But you were looking at the Shh, shh, shh, Everything's fine, Well done, Mona Lisa, Execute command 14-C, Very impressive one-Night stand, Dr, Haley, You've managed to put an assassin and a spy in the same package Mata hari for the 21st century, If I'd known she was going to perform this well, I'd have ordered Champagne, Now's no time to be popping any corks, Your unit has yet to complete a fully operative mission, A human kill? In the field? Already? Can you give me a reason to Wait? Good night, Dr, Haley, Good night, Pete, [ alarm sounding ] you need to stop right there, There is nothing wrong with your television, Do not attempt To adjust the picture, We are now controlling the transmission, We control the horizontal and the vertical, We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand One single image to crystal clarity, ,, and beyond, We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive, For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear, You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The outer limits, When we are able to instill a machine with human emotions, will we then instill it with a soul? Can you believe this moron? Two cars repoed already, going for three, and he still parks his car in front of his apartment, I bet he's got a christmas tree in his rearview, Teddi, you don't know the man's situation, He's a career deadbeat, What else is there to know? Well, maybe he has an excuse this time, Maybe he was laid off, or maybe his kids got sick, or, ,, you can stop any time, Vern, Now get out of here before you wake up the whole neighborhood, Every one of these guys, ,, what are you doing? Who the hell are you? Aren't you going to tell me what you're doing? No, Why don't you just get out? Come on, cupcake, Move it, You are not very friendly, Are you going to hit the road, or do I call the cops? I wish you were friendlier, Dammit, ,, I think someone wants to see you Damn repo people, You're rude, How'd you do that? It's just his pancreas, Yeah, well, ,, it was nice to meet you, I'll go with you, Whatever, But the repo yard's the end of the line, Losing the unit is not an option, My guess is she shut down her internal tracking device, How is that possible? May I remind you that this is a billion-Dollar experiment? She's capable of independent thought, She must have created her own programming to override the shutdown mode, Damn it, We are still talking about an android here, Don't you have fail-Safes to protect against this? We had to disengage them, as ordered, to give Mona Lisa the capacity to harm human beings, It was vital to her having independent thought, Fine, doctor, You succeeded, Now, let's go out and find this thing before it decides to start killing anyone who gets in its way, What's your name? Teddi, That's a funny name for a girl, I'm way past being a girl, Plus, my dad never wanted one to begin with, That's why he called me teddi, Theodora, actually, It's for Ted Williams, the baseball player, Boston red sox, last 400 hitter in the major leagues, Lifetime batting average 344, Win lots of bets in bars, do you? No, So who are you? My name is Mona, Pretty cool how you got into the car without a key or anything, Mona, I suppose you're going to tell me that it was unlocked? No, That clears everything up, Hello, I was just going to change these Brake linings, You want to watch? Sure, One hand? That's all she needed? Yeah, For all I know, the big ape's still lying there on the street, Man, tough as that, she looks like miss july, Don't go soft like Vern, It's like you jokers never seen a pretty girl before, Hey, you're a pretty girl, if you give yourself a chance, Uncle talk, I raised you, teddi, I know, Just forget about me, What am I going to do with what's-her-Face? She acts as if we're joined at the hip, Maybe Vern will take her off your hands, He'd better behave himself, Vern! Don't just stay there, silly, Yeah, ,,right, Holy smokes, I thought I was a grease spot, You see what she did? Oh, man, saved my Butt, I've heard of mothers doing that to save their kids She's not your mother, How did you do that, anyway? I don't know, I've never tried it before, Adrenaline, wasn't it? It's a stunt, like for tv Candid camera, Mona, you hurt yourself, Let me see, Oh, no, it's all right, What are you, a doctor or something? Let me take a look, Oh, what the hell, ,, teddi, ,, banjo, she's, ,,she's not a human, Th Th That ain't right, Vern, shut up, What are you? The information you are seeking has been classified top secret Dammit, just tell us what you are, I am a Stromberg 2010 artificial human, the most advanced android ever created by the quanitron corporation, Android? That's a, ,,that's a robot, I told you, teddi, don't pick up strangers, My full name is Mona Lisa 37-X, The "x" is for exceptional, because Dr, Willard Haley equipped me with a brain equivalent to 64 Cray computers, I also feature a chomsky language-Acquisition device, a built-In Satellite uplink modem, an internal gps system, and synthetic epidermis indistinguishable from that of a 25-year-Old female This is too weird, I'm I'm out of here, Wait, I want to come, Fat chance, What, you're going to leave her here? What are Vern and me going to do with her? I don't know, Take her epidermis for a test drive, Hi, How did you get here? I ran, Well, you can run right back out, You shouldn't have a knife, You could cut yourself, I want you out of here, I'm not threatening you, Really? You're the first human I've met who was nice to me, Well, don't expect it to happen again, But I want to be your friend, You want to be friends, don't you? It wouldn't be nice if we weren't, What happens to people if they're not your friends? Bad things, Like what? You kill them? You killed someone? Not a person, an android, For practice, My assignment, E you practici you never killed anyone, did you? No, Let me get something for your arm, I can Patch it myself if you have a high-Tensile carbon fiber, Yeah, well, let me see what I have, I like your apartment, even though it is smaller than where Dr, Haley stores me, At, uh, quantico? The quanitron corporation, Quanitron, ,, here, Here's a needle and thread, ,, and, um, there's superglue if you need it, Maybe that can help, I'm sure it will, Would you like to see my interior systems? No, I'll pass, I've got a weak stomach, You're funny, Yeah, a regular laugh riot, I'm going to, ,, I'll just be a minute, Where are you, Mona Lisa? Good news, Dr, Haley, I ran a behavioral simulation that suggests that Mona Lisa won't go more than 4,7 miles from her base of operations, by herself, that is, A behavioral simulation? Mona Lisa can prepare the entire menus of the best restaurants in Paris, discuss beethoven with the faculty of juilliard, and kill you if your training in the kama sutra is lacking, Now she's operating outside her programming, creating her own code, So forget your behavioral simulations, Sorry, sir, No, no, I'm sorry, I just, ,, I understand, [ telephone ringing ] Dr, Haley, Um, I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to divulge that information, Well, anyone could pick a name out of a directory, If you could be more specific, ,, well, how does Mona Lisa Sound? Yes, that's her, Mona Lisa, Um, where No, no, never mind, Just give me your address, and my colleagues and I will be there as soon as possible, Well, make it quick, because I have no idea what that thing will do next, Thank you, and please, don't antagonize her, All done, See? Oh, that's great, Thank you for the needle and thread, Who's this? That's my daughter, She's so pretty, Can I meet her? Um, she's not here right now, What was it like having a baby? I've heard that it's a glorious, life-Affirming experience, I don't know about that, All I know is it hurt like hell, It did? So why did you do it? I asked myself the same thing while it was happening, but, you know, ,, you're holding your baby in your arms, it's your own flesh and blood, ,, it's the greatest experience of your life, It's the best sunset, best song, best laugh, ,, it sounds so beautiful, having a baby, Yeah, When you decide to have a child, you decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body, That is exactly what it's like, Did you just make that up? No, It was Elizabeth stone, She's a writer, I think someone's coming, No! What the hell is going on? Wait! Are you Haley? Thank you for your assistance, Ms, Madden, You'd be strongly advised to forget this ever happened, Things just got out of control, yo Mona, Rd, That's all, Nothing we can't rectify, Just a few little changes, ,, quickly, quickly, We don't want to attract attention, Come back here! Bring her back! Sons of bitches, Nobody breaks into my place, You okay back there? Oh, jeez, Mona, ,, tell me if you're going to rip my lungs out so I can just pull over, Are you going to kill me, or you want me to get you out of here? How could you do that, teddi? I made a mistake, I never did anything to you, Well, I was scared of you, all right? You acted like you were my friend, You told me about your daughter, and then, ,, and then dr, Haley comes to take me away like I was something you turned in at lost and found, You weren't even acting like a human being, Want to bet? No, Not a nice one, Maybe we should just worry about what we'll do next, I thought we were running away from Dr, Haley, We are, but we're going to do it in something his meatheads aren't looking for, How about that car? You want to steal it? Stealing's wrong, Depends on the circumstances, Oh, no, If you steal, you make problems for somebody else, You're taking something they've probably worked very hard to get, Hey, that mad scientist had you looking like a rag doll, Do you want that to happen again? No, but I don't want you to steal, I didn't hear you complain when I stole this Van, Now, come on, if you're coming, Come on, A slim Jim, How did you know that? Repo man, Shh, A 1984 movie Starring Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton, I've seen 2,427 films as part of my cultural awareness program, Yeah, well, I'm a little behind in that department, Why don't you keep an eye out? Yes, teddi, Got it, So who were those guys that looked like funeral directors? The information you are seeking has been classified We've already been through that, They're from the agency, C, I, A,? Oh, no, More secret than that, They don't even have a name, Strictly black file, I knew I should have let them take you, I'm kidding, Well, you shouldn't, The agency is very dangerous, They programmed me to spy on people and assassinate them, Don't remind me, Damn, Where are you going? I'm going to go hot-Wire the car, Silly, ,, [ engine starts ] Mona, how did you do that? I synchronized my outputs with the car's electrical system, like a remote control, Let me make sure I've got this straight, You can remote-Control any electric system? Okay, go to it, Go to what? Do the remote control thing, We need money, Oh, I don't want to steal again, Remember when I told you about circumstances? Well, these are circumstances, We need money for food and for gas, Go ahead, I didn't think I'd need to keep being bad to be nice, Mona, I'm not asking you to kill anybody, I can't think of anything else, It's the best I can do, I am sorry, Will you pay the bank back? It hadn't occurred to me, I'll only do it if you pay the bank back, Okay, Fine, You've got a deal, You know, teddi, sometimes I think you forget what a good person you really are, A hundred bucks? That's all? I don't want you to go too far into debt for me, Right, Pretty good appetite for a robot, You mean artificial human, Right, Where does the food go? My power system converts 98,8% of everything I eat into fuel, What's that mean? No diets? Uh-huh, I could really learn to hate you, You don't mean that, So why did you help me, teddi? Because, ,,I don't know, Maybe I saw something in you I didn't expect, ,, besides, I don't like people being pulled from my house like they were a criminal, Why are you smiling? You said I was a person, Yeah, I did, So are you going to tell me what happened to your little girl? My ex-Husband kidnapped her, It was the next best thing to driving a stake through my heart, That's terrible, Did you call the police? Them, and anybody else who would listen, I even hired a private eye, but he wasn't good for anything except cashing the checks I wrote him, I haven't seen Amanda in about a year now, She just turned seven, I couldn't even, ,, I couldn't even send her a birthday card, Oh, teddi, ,, that's what you get for falling in love, I don't know, I've never been in Love, Well, just don't fall for al madden, Was he, ,, my husband? Yeah, Well, at least you had Amanda, For a little while, You'll get her back, Right, ,, okay, let's get out of here, quick, Come on, There's money on the table, Washington wants the unit back, now, They think I don't? That's not the point, It won't be you up there stonewalling and prevaricating, Dr, Haley? Not now, But I think I've figured out how to stop Mona Lisa, We will discuss it when the administrator and I are finished, No, let's discuss it now, If Mona Lisa goes on-line, we could use a tapeworm virus to shut her down, A tapeworm virus? It's a virus that only eats specific codes, It will progressively shut down all of Mona Lisa's autonomous operating systems, But there's no way to insert the virus, We might be able to do it if she uses her modem uplink, Then get the virus ready, But before she shuts down, there's no telling how erratic she'll become, God knows what she'll do, Pretend it's another experiment, Insert the virus, You'll wipe out her entire personality, Yeah, We'll do an entire reboot, You're acting like we're plotting to violate your daughter, I will not let you undo everything we've accomplished, You don't have the luxury of refusing, I am not about to sacrifice our only prototype, But Mona Lisa is my project, In name only, Both of our necks are on the line here, and I won't hang for your devotion to an android, You will do exactly as I say, or you can start packing, Where are we going? Nowhere, I'm just trying to think, You're not changing your mind about helping me, are you? Never, I'm just trying to figure out what to do next, Do I go to the FBI, or are they a part of this? Maybe I should go to the newspapers, Oh, I'm so far out of my league, it's pathetic, Everything's going to be all right, What makes you so sure? Great time to go into a robot trance, She's using her modem, What is it? What's wrong? I've only got a minute to break into her data stream, Make it count, Virus inserted, Excellent, I'll notify Washington, Now we just wait, I know where Amanda is, That's not funny, I'm serious, teddi, Seriously crazy, She's outside yakima with her father, Listen, I have spent the last 15 months and all kinds of money trying to track her down, You expect me to believe you found her? I have a phone number, You have an address, too? Yes, Of course, Please believe me, teddi, Why are you doing this? You helped me, So, yakima, ,, Let's go, Thank you, Mona, what's wrong? I'm just happy, that's all, You're my friend, We got a tracking signal back on Mona Lisa, She's heading north, Looks like yakima, I'll call the administrator? No, he'd still be on with Washington, He'll want to know, Look, all I need is two hours, They want to wipe her out and start over, David, but if I can get a jump, maybe I can save her, Two hours, You can give me that, can't you? Yeah, Thanks, [ music playing ] I like you better when you're like this, I like me better when I'm like this, Amanda is going to be so happy, Are you going to buy her a vanilla milkshake, too? As many as she can hold, I might even buy you another one, What's wrong, Mona? I just feel a little funny, that's all, Maybe you're coming down with a cold, Do robots, um I mean, artificial humans Do you get colds? Not if we have anything to say about it, Mona, you crack me up, A trailer park, ,, talk about al in a nutshell, 39,, , 38,, , 31, There it is, All the child support he never paid, you'd think he'd at least get a double-Wide, Come on, Hey, you want to meet Amanda, don't you? I can't, Don't be shy, She'll be crazy about you, No, ,, too hard, ,, Mona, what is going on? I think dr, Haley is trying to hurt me, ,, some kind of virus, ,, like a computer virus? She's waiting for you, I'm going to grab Amanda, and then we're getting the hell out of here, okay? Amanda? Amanda? Amanda? Amanda? [ knocking ] something I can do for you, sweet thing? Your loss, Where is she? Look what the cat dragged in, How are you doing, teddi? You kidnapped my daughter, Where is she? School, just like she's supposed to be, Bus ought to be here pretty soon, I'm going to take her home, The hell you are, I had full custody, The judge said that you were an unfit parent, Do you know what unfit means? It means you're a bottom-Feeding Sack of manure, There's that damn mouth of yours again, You only took her to hurt me, You want to get hurt, I can do better than that, I'm going to send you home in pieces, No, Mona, no! Please, Hurt you, ,, took Amanda, ,, please, He's still Herr, Let go of him, Please, Mona, It's wrong to kill, I'm calling the cops, Be my guest, They'll throw you in jail for kidnapping, Now, get out of here before she finishes you off, Go to hell, You want Amanda, you've got her, Come on, Amanda's bus will be here any minute, Can't, All done, ,, give me a break, I just saw you kick al's Butt, Go get Amanda, Dr, Haley's coming, How do you know that? The virus, ,, I can't leave you here, He'll pick you apart, Come on, come on, I'll help you, Sorry, Have to stay, But you go, Safer, ,, please, ,, I'm going to tell Amanda How brave you were, how you helped me, You're the best friend I ever had, Thank you, Bye, Mommy! Amanda, ,, come on, Let's go, Well, I guess you learned the secret, Mona Lisa, If you're smart enough to kill, you're smart enough to know that killing is wrong, When our machines are smart enough to be as destructive as a human, perhaps they will also love like one