The Outpost (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

There Will Be a Reckoning

TALON: My name is Talon.
I'm the last Blackblood, or so I've been told.
I escaped when Everit Dred killed all my people.
I cut off the points of my ears to hide in plain sight.
A tiny creature lives inside me, passed to me by my dying mother.
It gives me the power to open portals to another world and summon powerful demons called Lu-Qiri.
But I can only summon them when I have their names, something that's proving to be a challenge.
The Prime Order wants me dead, but I've found sanctuary at the farthest edge of the Realm in a place known as the Outpost.
MISTRESS: Previously on "The Outpost" (CROWD GASPING) - You're alive.
- We need to leave.
Garret, what is going on? What are you doing? Admit the truth.
You are no queen.
- TALON: Garret's got Gwynn.
- I am coming with you.
She left you on your wedding day, and after all that, you still want to rescue her.
This key unlocks a great power that could solve the problems of our people and your Queen.
I think it belongs to shrine called Vor-Anden.
Let's go get it.
- Captain Spears? - Lock him away.
And double the guards.
I know every guard in the Outpost.
I don't know you.
I'd keep that bow ready if I were you.
Not to mention the place is crawling with Prime Order.
Don't you worry.
From this position, I could put a bolt between a human's eyes before you can blink.
- (GROWLING) - (BABY CRYING) It has a baby.
Don't talk to it.
Whoever you are, thank you.
TALON: I'd forgotten what it was like.
You can save their baby and they still hate you.
They don't hate you.
They're afraid of you.
Must be these terrifying pointy ears.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) I demand you honor the deal.
Whether you marry the fool or not, Tobin's lands are all mine.
You can't expect Tobin to still marry her after she absconded with another man.
Oh, she was kidnapped! Kidnapped? It looked very much to me like she went willingly.
- MISTRESS: No, she - Enough! Now if Lord Milus takes a moment to calm down, maybe something satisfactory could be negotiated.
There now.
Doesn't that feel better? What do you offer? And what do you expect in return? Well, for a start, I expect patience.
Your deal may be fully honored in time.
Meaning you would still marry him.
He must get well before that decision is made.
And if he doesn't survive? Tobin is receiving the finest possible care.
Aye, from your son the barkeep.
Just the sort of medication he's used to.
- You - Elinor.
- Elinor.
- Enough talk.
I want a written deed to Tobin's lands tonight.
Or else you'll what? I was promised all your lands because you'd be king.
Yeah, well, that deal's off the table for now.
Not a problem, cousin.
You stay here with these women and play house.
I'll just take my army and go and take what's mine.
There will be a reckoning.
You know, your, uh your eyes aren't dilating like they should.
There's nothing wrong with me, Janzo.
Listen, if you don't want my help, I've got much more important things to be doing, like curing the Plaguelings, for example.
Well, then maybe you should get on that, because there is nothing wrong with me except that I know the truth and you do not.
Fine! Rot in here.
There goes our last hope of victory.
What, Milus? We're better off without him.
We needed his men.
You still have mine.
Yes, the question is why, after what I did to you? You're the rightful queen, the best and only way to take back the Realm.
It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that you're past the point of no return when it comes to the Prime Order? That, too.
I'd forgotten what they looked like.
I guess I take them for granted.
- What? - How old were you when you cut the points off? I don't know.
Probably ten.
- Did it hurt? - Obviously.
I meant emotionally.
You must have felt like you were cutting off a piece of who you were.
Mostly I just wanted to blend in to survive.
As far as I knew, I was the last one left.
And do you regret it now? Now that you know there are more of us? How can I regret something that kept me alive? I haven't touched one since I was a kid.
They're a lot softer than I remember.
You've never touched a Blackblood man at all, have you? Can't be all that different to a human man.
Well, you see, there's a bond between Blackbloods that you'll never get with a human.
Well? (MUSIC PLAYING) There's the one with devil's ears.
- Ten against two.
- Always liked a good challenge.
(GRUNTING) I'd run if I was you.
That was fun.
What was? Fighting side by side with another Blackblood.
Come on, admit it.
It was fun.
Yeah, I guess it was kind of nice.
(MUSIC PLAYING) One of my affiliates informed me that Milus's army left the city two days ago.
- One of your affiliates? - Yes.
Do you think he's making a move on our your lands? Tobin's been gone from home a long time.
What's to stop Milus taking more than he was promised? He can never breach my city walls.
Each of my men are worth three of his.
What, without someone to lead them? I'm not leaving here, if that's what you're getting at.
What if the Prime Order attacks the Outpost? I think there's no reason why Lord Tobin should leave.
Thank you.
After all, he does have his trusted advisor.
My most esteemed sister Gertie can head home and look after his affairs.
I belong by my Lord's side.
You belong where your Lord needs you, and right now he needs you back home guarding his territory.
Isn't that right, milord? Well, if Gertie thinks she can manage.
MISTRESS: Oh, I think she'll manage splendidly.
Well, that's settled then.
What is your cousin up to? Change over.
Hello again, my friend.
(SCREAMING) No! No! (SCREAMING) No! You think I'm a bloody fool? (SCREAMING) Garret! Garret! No! Garret! Garret! MUNT: Janzo, what the hell's going on? Munt! Munt! Munt! You cowardly little bastard! He tried to kill me! He did? And you, all night you can't bloody shut up, and then you're as quiet as a little mouse are you, when he tries to kill me? For what it's worth, I didn't want him to kill you.
I just wanted him to let me out.
Shut up! You maniacal little little backstabber! You should be made into a Plagueling because of that.
All it would take is one little prick.
Have you forgotten? I don't use colipsum.
Right? And I know you, Janzo.
You would never actually hurt me.
- Not really.
- No? No.
No, you're probably right.
Munt, punch him in the face.
- Huh? - What? Oh, hey, hey, Munt.
Oh, Munt.
What you gonna do with this one? He's still living.
Maybe we take him to Gwynn for questioning.
I've got a place we could put him.
Mum will want to ask him some questions.
- Thanks, Munt.
- (GRUNTING) This fella tried to kill Janzo.
Needs some questioning, I reckon.
- Was he guarding Garret? - He was indeed.
(GRUNTS) Who are you working for? The Three? (GRUNTING) Hail to The Three.
It figures.
All right, how many more of you have we got around here? Turn him Plagueling.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Ain't no more.
I joined up with the false queen's guard last week.
She ain't no false queen.
- Go on.
Off you go.
- No, no, no, no! (GRUNTING) And, uh, Mister Brogan, after those fellas have had their fun with him - (SCREAMING) - can you strap him down until he turns? - Munt, you're with me.
- Yes, I am.
No, no.
No, Munt.
Munt, Munt.
It means follow me.
Follow me.
- Follow me.
- Now? Yeah, this way.
Come on.
- Okay, Munt? - Yeah? I have decided it's time to extend your scope of responsibilities.
I think that's right, yeah.
What does that mean? Lord Tobin is now ally to the kingdom, which means Aegisford is part of the crown lands.
Ooh, I went there when I was a boy to visit Auntie Gertrusha.
And you're going back there again with her tomorrow.
What for? To extend your responsibility.
I want you to collect taxes, and I want you to spy on your Auntie Gertie for me.
- What for? - I don't trust her as far as I could throw her.
Oh, yeah.
That won't be very far, Mum.
Okay, just send me a bird if and when she comes back here, and let me know if she does anything anything that I need to know about.
All right, will do.
I won't let you down, Mum.
Somehow I doubt that.
Don't think you've seen the last of me, Elinor.
Oh, come on, Gertie.
Why so glum? Not long ago, you were just a mere servant.
Now you are first Baroness to the new Realm! You can thank me later! - Bye, Mum.
- Oh, bye, love.
Be good.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Tobin's army is marching away from the Outpost.
Just as I had hoped he'd do.
That makes it even easier to take the Outpost and its so-called queen.
How's the prisoner? Well, luckily for the Outpost, I'm still alive, no thanks to your so-called guards.
- I was talking about Garret.
- Oh.
No change.
Still an idiot.
How many traitors are in the Outpost? I didn't know about that one.
I'm so sorry, Gwynn.
I haven't been myself lately.
Really? I was wrong to doubt you.
The things I said, I just I don't really understand what's going on.
I've been so confused lately.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Whatever you're going through, Janzo is going to set you right.
Ha! I called you false, and a liar.
That was wrong of me.
I know you, Gwynn.
You're a good person.
You're someone I've always loved.
I love you, too, Garret.
Don't worry.
Janzo is going to get you ba - (GRUNTING) - JANZO: Guards! (GRUNTING) (GASPING) Are you all right? Fix him.
Or kill him.
I can't bear to see him like this.
Milus? Could he have decided to join us? He's up to something.
Look how his men are spread.
His Lordship Baron Milus Aegisford bids greetings to the false queen.
False queen? Please correct her.
Want to try that again? His Lordship has two demands.
Turn over Rosmund and all others will be spared, so long as they pledge fealty to my Lord Milus.
A little closer this time.
Tell Milus that if he comes anywhere near my walls, I will put an arrow through each one of his short-sighted eyes.
And if he doesn't turn around and leave, then I will nail his body to my gates alive.
- Now what? - We give him a few minutes to cool off - and then we parlay.
- What? It's customary among our people.
You trade insults, put on a show of force, and then negotiate.
Yes, I know what parlay means, but who's "we"? Well, you and I, of course.
- Parlay? - Parlay.
Ready my horse.
No, no, you can't go out there.
It's not safe.
Besides, a parlay is supposed to be between persons of equal stations.
- So you want to go alone? - I'll saddle up.
- Do you trust him? - I take it you don't.
After what you did to him, no more than a flea on a dog's ass.
- Go with him.
- Me? Well, I can't very well go, can I? The things I do for you.
Thought you'd abandoned your upstart false queen and ran away to protect what's yours.
I'm only going to give you this one chance.
Turn your army around and leave.
Or what? The Queen's guard will be forced to attack.
What, all three of them? With your unit gone, you've got nothing.
Queen Rosmund can march a thousand soldiers out of those gates, and they will cut through your goat-skin hides like hot knives through butter.
I have 3,000 fighting men.
Your untrained army of boys doesn't stand a chance.
We'll parlay.
I thought that's what we were doing.
- In private.
- Just you, cousin? I thought I was meant to go with you.
I'll talk to Tobin or to nobody.
You're going to have to trust me, Elinor.
Yeah, right.
And there they go alone.
Your new man's not going to betray us, is he? Janzo, get back to work.
Why are you doing this, Milus? I've given you everything you ever wanted.
You did, and that's opened my eyes that I could have so much more.
You can't take this Outpost.
You don't have enough men.
That's true.
And yet, good Queen Rosmund can't drive me away because she also doesn't have enough men.
So we have ourselves a stand off.
You plan to starve us out.
Ooh! Ooh, ooh.
This saddle is killing me.
You want to help an old lady off this beast? Thank you.
Oh, goodness! Thank you.
See? We can all be civil.
It's good to see you, Deven.
It's good to see you, too.
So, um, are you are you still selling? - Aye.
- Gods must be smiling on us.
You and I stand to make a fortune here today.
How are you going to get me the colipsum? I'll send a man over after second watch.
You just make sure no one kills him.
Well, I'll be out there myself.
The woman left you at the altar.
That's not worth dying for.
What are you proposing? You come return to Aegisford, sit in your father's seat, a Lord in your own right, but under my governance.
Your price? Bring me the so-called queen so I can deliver her to the Prime Order.
You'll save some lives, and my Outpost won't be burned and torn down in the process.
Do we have a deal, cousin? And? He's planning on starving us out.
- Elinor, any ideas? - I've got some thoughts.
Just give me some time to sketch it out.
- Could your army reach us in time? - Perhaps, if a rider from Aegisford leaves now to turn them around.
Then we must send all our birds to get word to Aegisford.
(MUSIC PLAYING) I don't think any of them got through.
ZED: Much like the Outpost, this place was once a stronghold for our people.
This history as you tell it doesn't make sense to me.
I remember my village.
Our people were peaceful.
We didn't build fortresses, and we didn't even hunt to kill.
The people in your village rejected our ways.
They thought they could choose passivity.
They underestimated the humans' capacity for hate.
Gods, I've missed this world.
Just imagine if our people were here, Talon.
Look at our history.
I mean, look at the things we've built.
We belong here.
We wouldn't even have to live alongside humans.
We could just find a remote place like this and start afresh.
There's room for all of us.
You know, the nearest humans to this place are days away.
We could bring Vikka back.
Worth a try.
Okay, I want you to get out there and scale down that wall.
Scale down? But, Mom, I'm afraid of heights.
Well, have you got another way of getting out of here? Yeah.
The mines.
They stretch out way out there, probably right out to those tents.
And then what? What, are you gonna you gonna dig your way out of there, are you? - But, Mom.
- But nothing! You go and get those cute peaches of yours down that wall.
Get over that wall now! - Yes, Mom.
- Bye-bye.
Gods, give me strength.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Shoo! Shoo! (GROANING) Now what? Ah.
- From the Mistress.
- She sent two? Yes, you got a whole army to feed.
Be sure to thank the Mistress for me.
(SNORING) (CLATTERING) (GROANING) (SNORING) Hey! If muscle boy weren't so stupid, he would be out of here if it were up to you.
GARRET: Oh, please.
That lazy pig could never stop me.
And who are you calling stupid? And who are you calling a lazy pig? That's a pretty clever trick, isn't it? Only one problem.
Linen garments are no match for steel bars.
I will get out of here, Janzo.
And when I do, you will pay for this abuse.
(SCOFFS) Abuse? I'm trying to save your life, Garret.
You stay like this, Gwynn'll Gwynn'll have your head.
Not if I take hers first.
What? Maybe you're not so stupid after all.
Is this the belt you were trying to reach? Or is it this that you were so desperately trying to reach, huh? Give me that.
Give that here.
That's mine.
That's my medicine.
Have you been taking this every day, Garret? I need it, Janzo.
Just give it to me.
Fascinating, isn't it? I know that taste.
Why have you been taking this? When I was ambushed by Dred, I was wounded, nearly dead.
And in the Capital, they gave me that to heal me.
Now I can't live without it, so please, just give it to me, Janzo.
- Nyassa root.
- What? That's what this is.
Nyassa root.
When they were healing you, did they give you large quantities of it? A whole mouthful? Did it make you go to sleep? It took away the pain.
Here it is.
"Nyassa root.
Used for alleviation of pain and as a sleep aid.
In high concentrations, patients become compliant and susceptible to suggestion.
Effects can last weeks.
" No! No! I need that! It's actually the last thing you need right now.
Sana said I have to take that or I will get sick again, - maybe even die! - Beautiful.
I don't know who this Sana is, but I'm assuming it's the same person who told you all of this nonsense about Gwynn.
There was proof, Janzo.
Undeniable proof.
This root, my dear boy, is the same thing that makes your mind pliable, and it allows them to feed all these lies into it.
- It's medicine.
- Oh, it's medicine, all right.
The type of medicine the Prime Order will give you to turn you against your friends, and also make you come here - and do their dirty work for them.
- That's not true! - Take this.
- No.
Once it kicks in, or once the Nyassa root works its way out of your system, maybe you'll start thinking more clearly.
Maybe you'll start remembering who your real friends are.
And I forgive you, by the way.
Can't hold someone responsible who's been drugged.
Drink up.
These were the humans who took me in.
My adopted family.
All they ever did was show me kindness, and a Blackblood murdered them in cold blood.
ZED: I'm sorry, Talon.
Varlek always was a monster, even before we were sent away, him and the rest of the Black Fist.
And if this was you, would you have murdered these humans? I'd hope you know me better than that, Talon.
Most of the Blackbloods don't support the Fist or their methods.
You don't seem to exactly love humans.
I don't.
I hate them for locking us away from this world, and I hate them for imprisoning us in the Plane of Ashes.
But that doesn't mean I want to kill them.
You hate them for something their ancestors did before they were born.
And they hate you because they fear you.
Then you must help both of our sides.
You'll save us.
You're the One.
- Let's just get the gem and go.
- All right.
Which one is Varlek? (MUSIC PLAYING) Give me the necklace.
What's it doing? I have no idea.
(DOOR OPENS) Probably a good day to take up drinking again.
Actually, it's just grape juice.
The merchant said it was very good.
Two cups, please.
So what did Milus offer you to betray me? You think I somehow betrayed you? No.
No, I don't think you would, but I'm certain that he would try to persuade you, so what did he offer? He offered me my lands back and to serve as governor under him.
Well, sounds pretty good.
And, um, well, what's what's stopping you? Well, maybe my plan is to poison you with this extremely sour grape juice.
These bloody merchants.
(SIGHS) Despite everything that's happened, um, the truth is I still care about your well-being.
Despite my stupidity on our wedding day? Wedding day? You'll have to excuse me.
I've sustained some very serious injuries.
I can't recall of any wedding day, much less anything that happened on such a day.
Is that so? That is so.
You may go.
They bought both batches? Sure did, Mom.
Their whole camp will be using colipsum soon.
I'm a damn genius.
(SNORING) Hey, Lomack! Give me a blanket.
It's cold.
Hey, pig face, I'm talking to you.
I heard you.
Shut up.
You lazy sack of dung.
If I was still commander of this Outpost, you'd be flogged for dereliction of duty.
But you're not a base commander, are you? So I don't have to take your crap anymore.
You're not fit to wear that uniform, you lazy bastard.
That's it.
I wanted to do this since the day you took command, and now you're gonna wish you kept your big mouth shut! Nope.
Not yet, Lomack.
Oh, Lomack, always so angry.
If you don't mind, I have a job to finish.