The Outpost (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

The Only Way

My name is Talon.
I'm the last Blackblood, or so I've been told.
I escaped when Everit Dred killed all my people.
I cut off the points of my ears to hide in plain sight.
A tiny creature lives inside me, passed to me by my dying mother.
It gives me the power to open portals to another world and summon powerful demons called Lu-Qiri.
But I can only summon them when I have their names, something that's proving to be a challenge.
The Prime Order wants me dead, but I've found sanctuary at the farthest edge of the Realm in a place known as the Outpost.
Previously on "The Outpost" Do you know what I had seen under her armoire? The real Rosmund had a misshapen face.
Admit the truth.
You are no queen.
I was promised all your lands because you'd be king.
That deal is off the table for now.
There will be a reckoning.
You're not coming with me, are you? You know I can't.
I think it's a key that belongs to a shrine called Vor-Anden.
I have 3,000 fighting men.
Your untrained army of boys doesn't stand a chance.
He's planning on starving us out.
- Are you still selling? - Aye.
How are you going to get me the colipsum? From the Mistress.
Have you been taking this every day, Garret? No! No! I need that! You've never touched a Blackblood man at all, have you? - What's it doing? - I have no idea.
Garret, do come back to me.
- Swear that you are mine.
- I am yours to command.
The last remaining portrait of Rosmund as a child in the secret compartment under her armoire.
The real Rosmund had a misshapen face.
Garret, what are you doing? Garret, put the sword down.
Garret! Garret, put the sword down! What have I done? - We're here.
- What was this place? Vor-Anden was built to honor the Seven Warriors of Old.
And if the legends are to be believed, the key should unlock what we came for.
Unlock what? Hopefully, the power we need to save our people.
And save the Queen.
Of course.
You do the honors.
What is that? A constellation.
What are you looking for? Bellator.
The greatest Blackblood warrior to ever live.
Frozen forever in the stars as a reminder of his strength.
He should be somewhere to the north of this constellation somewhere.
You can read the stars? When I lived in this world, my mother and I would spend hours every night just looking up at the stars.
She died in the war before we were banished under the sky she loved.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
You came here to kill me? Janzo destroyed the medication.
I don't know, I In the Capital, they showed me this painting.
It's me, Alton, and my parents.
It had your parents and your brother, but it had a different little girl in it.
Right, tonight, when I saw this version, it was like a fog just it just poured out.
I cannot stay at the Outpost.
You are not leaving.
- I have to.
- Why? Because of what I've done.
I came here to try and kill you.
I tried to kill Talon and and Wythers.
Oh, gods, Wythers.
What about him? - I killed him.
- What? Gwynn, they made me kill my own father.
I have to go.
It's time that their weapon was turned against them.
If revenge is what you want, then stay here and help us defeat them.
Getting yourself killed accomplishes nothing.
I have been gone from the Capital for too long already.
All right? It is a matter of time before The Three realize I have failed.
They will send an army.
And that's why they haven't already attacked.
Hopefully they still think I'm one of them.
I have to go into the lion's den.
I need you here.
No, after all I've done, there is no way that you still care about me.
You have Baron Aegisford now.
I thought you were dead.
A lot has happened.
Am I still a prisoner? Guards, inform the other soldiers that Garret Spears is no longer a prisoner.
He's free to come and go from the Outpost as he pleases.
Leave us.
I can't.
Your Majesty.
What's this supposed to be? What? Where's the weapon you spoke of? Zed? No.
This can't be all there is.
Is this one supposed to have a hole in it? They're all holes.
Empty holes.
No, this one has another one in the bottom, like it's been chewed through or something.
Maybe it chewed its way out.
What did? Got it.
Is that what I think it was? - It's a Kinj.
- Like mine? Different.
It can't open portals.
There's only one Asterkinj, and it lives in you.
And you knew it would be here? I hoped.
But I don't know what this one is or what it does.
It's not going to do something terrible, is it? What do the legends say? Well, there are supposed to be seven of them.
The Asterkinj and six more.
Each offers its host a different power.
The warriors must have come and taken them over time.
- So what does yours do? - I have no idea.
I don't know what triggers it, either.
How does yours work? Talon.
Look, help me understand.
It's going to be no help to either of us if I can't figure out how to use it.
I don't know how to describe it.
First time I used my Kinj, it was because I was in danger.
It's like it knew I needed it.
And now? Now I just concentrate on what I want and the portal opens.
Right, but in order for me to be able to do that You'll have to figure out what it does.
We must draw up plans to break the siege as soon as tomorrow.
What's the hurry? The Prime Order will be here any day now when they realize Garret failed.
With respect, Your Majesty, we will be outnumbered.
We won't stand a chance, regardless of the siege.
True, which is why we need Milus's army to join us.
We should perform a surgical strike, kill the snake at the head.
With Milus dead, his army becomes my army, and therefore, your army.
It's our only chance.
But to get to Milus, we would have to go through most of his fighters.
Thereby destroying the very army we wish to join us, I know.
But we must think of something.
Guard! Get him! Get him! - The Queen says he's free.
- You cured me, Janzo.
What, so you, the person who tried to kill the Queen, is free? And I'm still a prisoner? Well, that makes sense, doesn't it? - Are you really cured? - Yes.
I'm finally beginning to think clearly.
Promise you won't hurt me.
I promise.
Normal pupillary reaction to light.
Not overly dilated.
And your eyes hm.
They're not bloodshot anymore.
Give me your hands.
Hands seems steady.
Congratulations on your freedom.
Must be nice.
Some of us don't have that luxury.
Listen, Janzo, a bit of a favor to ask.
- Hmm? - I need to find Talon.
Did Gwynn reject you and so now you're going to try and run into the arms of Talon? Come on, Garret.
It's so predictable, even for you.
No, it is nothing like that.
I have to return to the Capital.
- What for? - To kill the people who did this to me.
Oh, so that's why you need Talon.
To help you with your revenge.
- No, no, it's not revenge, Janzo, - In my experience, - it's to save the Queen and the Realm.
- that's never a good idea.
Do you know what? The Garret I knew would never be this rash.
Clearly you're not fully cured, are you? Aah! I'm sorry.
I obviously, you're right.
Perhaps I need to concoct you a new brew.
Look, Janzo, I need to confront the people who did this to me.
They made me kill my own father.
Now please, tell me where Talon is.
- Fine.
- Thank you.
She left for the Shrine of Vor-Anden.
And what is that? It's a shrine.
I just told you.
I'll draw you a map.
When you do eventually see her, she's probably going to kill you because, after all, you did stab her.
Anyways, you're not going to get very far, are you, with Milus's army surrounding us? Yes, thank you, Janzo.
When you do eventually find her - Mm-hmm.
- maybe you can enlist the help of Talon's new Blackblood friend.
I'm sorry, who? Lovely chap.
Hates humans.
I'm sure the two of you will get on swimmingly.
Here's your map.
Thank you.
Hi, Mom.
You look dumber than a donkey.
Did you bring the coin? Of course.
Oh, good.
'Cause if this siege goes down the toilet, then maybe I can use it to buy my way out of it.
You mean our way, right? Yeah, sure, that too.
That too.
- Mother! - As I was saying, how dare you do this? Under the Queen's nose! Do you know what? I should string you up in the middle of the street and poke you full of holes.
And then I should fill those holes with more holes, and fill those go on, get out of my sight.
You're fired! Have you done something new with your hair? You're making colipsum inside the Outpost walls? - With live Plaguelings? - No.
Are you mad? I'm trying to find a cure.
I'm trying to stop people from turning Plagueling, and here you are creating more of them! I'm going to tell Gwynn about this at once.
- Janzo? - Huh? How many Plaguelings sorry, live Plaguelings have you got in your lab right now? - Six.
- Six.
I don't really see why that matters because we're going to go to Gwynn right now, and we're going to tell her about all of this.
You're absolutely right.
We are going to go to Gwynn and we're going to tell her all about this.
This is gonna save the Outpost! Someone better tell me why they had me awakened before I lose my sense of curiosity entirely.
You're never going to guess what your advisor's been up to.
And what is that? Manufacturing colipsum inside your Outpost.
- Is that so? - In my defense, colipsum is how you keep your coffers full.
People are dying, Elinor.
Nothing is worth that.
Yes, yes, yes, I know that now.
But, look, here's the wiggle.
I think there could be a way to take this tiny mishap of mine and use it to destroy the siege.
I'm listening.
Release the Plaguelings from the sewers and from Janzo's lab.
That might scare Milus's army for the moment, but unless you can insure that every soldier is taking colipsum, it won't do much more than that.
What what if I told you that I can be sure that every soldier was taking colipsum? Or most of them.
You mean you've been selling colipsum to the soldiers that are holding us hostage.
You suggest we turn an entire battalion into Plaguelings? That is a death sentence.
Yeah, but they either die fighting our men or this.
And if we infect them all, then we don't lose a single soldier.
If I can just interrupt for a brief moment.
Your Majesty, I'm very close to finding a cure.
- How close? - I don't know.
I've already cured two Plaguelings.
I'm not really sure how.
- Medicine is such an imprecise science.
- Can you find - It's like you can - Can you find Can you find a cure? I hope so.
I must admit, I couldn't believe it when I heard that you were here.
Especially given you were working for Dred, and his status has been diminished as of late.
The new ambassador informed me.
I have an urgent report to deliver about the Gallwood Outpost, but I cannot do so until I speak with Dred.
- This is highly unusual.
- I understand.
Then I must deliver an incomplete report to the new ambassador and tell him who is responsible for the loose ends.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
That won't be necessary.
Right this way, please.
Now this is a surprise.
I thought seeing you in here would give me some sense of relief.
- And it doesn't? - No.
- But it does bring me joy.
- Joy? We made a deal years ago when I began serving you.
I've held up my end, Dred.
I'm here for my family.
I am so sorry.
Tell me where they are.
They mean nothing to you now.
They've meant nothing to me for a long time.
I killed them years ago.
- No.
That can't be true.
- And yet, it is.
And now you're thinking, "Did I do all that for nothing? Grow close to someone whom I betrayed? And now coming here for nothing?" Everyone you care about is dead.
My condolences.
Not everyone.
If you are referring to those traitors you befriended, if they're not dead yet, they will be by the time you return.
The Prime Order is preparing to march upon Gallwood Outpost as we speak.
You can't know that.
Guards talk.
I know, awful news, isn't it? Go, warn them, but you'll never reach them in time.
You've taken so much from me.
My freedom, my home, my family.
But there is one thing you will never be able to take, one thing that will always bring me joy.
And what is that? The look on your face when I do this.
It's Tobin, is it? - Commander Spears.
- Oh, no.
Not anymore, and understandably so.
Although, if whispers are to be believed, it sounds as though you have claimed that title.
Is there something I can do for you? Yes, there is.
I need to get out of here, and I cannot do that while the Outpost is under siege.
So, Commander, what are you doing to break it? Is everything ready? Just waiting for orders from the Queen to proceed.
So, what is the plan? Garret, what are you doing here? - Take this man away, he's drunk.
- I'm not drunk.
Garret, you got no place up here.
- Hello, Mistress.
- Hello.
Congratulations on the promotion.
- This should be good, yeah? - Guard, take him.
Actually, um, Garret can stay.
I'm curious to see what he'll think of our plan.
Elinor, you may proceed.
Let 'em go! They're calling all their friends from the forest.
Wait, did you just use Plaguelings to fight your battle? I've done a horrible thing.
No, you haven't.
You're saving your people.
That's a choice a good queen makes.
I don't think any of this could be called good.
Not good, but effective.
And necessary.
Mistress, this is an ingenious plan.
Knew I liked you.
What's wrong? Thought I heard something.
You all right? We're just near the Greyskin border.
It's unlike you to be scared of a few Greyskins.
I'm more worried about the Prime Order who patrol the border.
Wouldn't be the stupidest thing to worry about the Greyskins, either.
Mm, I guess not.
Well, I'm really sorry to have to leave you in this uh, scared state, but I have to I think I'll survive.
Put your hand in the fire.
Leave it there.
Keep it there.
Good boy.
What if we don't go back? What if we returned to the mountain, to the ruins, and rebuild them with our people? You and I can bring the Blackbloods home.
We will, Zed, but with Gwynn's blessing.
Separate lands, separate people.
Bring her your Kinj, and we'll fight for her.
- She'll give us her blessing.
- Her blessing? Right.
- She's the Queen.
- For the humans.
Not us.
Nonetheless, I still trust her.
Yeah, well, it's hard for me to do the same, especially where humans are concerned.
I've seen too much.
Chances are your queen will never give us her blessing anyway.
Not willingly.
- What are you doing? - Looking for Milus's body.
Maybe he'll be alive.
Be careful.
I'm sorry, cousin.
I am Tobin Aegisford, son of Rovinus.
Milus had no heirs.
I am his closest relative.
His lands and his titles will pass to me.
Lord Tobin is your liege.
You do not serve him.
He serves you.
We both do.
If you pledge allegiance to me in the war to come, then we will make sure you are looked after, starting with shelter from this Plagueling attack.
If you've been bitten, fear not.
I have the very best mind in the Realm developing a cure.
Join us or go.
The choice is yours to make.
Uh, excuse me.
You seem clammy.
Are you clammy? Disgusting.
You are clammy.
Quarantine him in section one, please.
Next! Uh-huh.
Open up.
Relatively healthy.
Into the healthy section.
Thank you very much.
Keep them coming.
Next! I don't even want to look at you, thank you.
- Janzo? - Hello.
What are the chances they're not all infected? - We need new recruits.
- I'm taking all precautions.
I'm separating each one by symptoms.
I'm putting the ones who are most likely infected into here, along with the most who aren't over there.
- How many probably aren't? - About ten percent.
There's a lot in this group who, uh, take colipsum.
Well, if that's true, we're not going to have the numbers we need - to fight the Prime Order.
- Look, I'm trying my best.
As I said, I've almost found a cure.
I think.
Two cured Plaguelings is nothing to sneeze at.
Yes, well, we need to cure hundreds, so work faster.
Next! Oh, no way.
Thank you so much.
Keep them coming! Keep them coming! Come on! There's space! Let's go! - You leaving already? - The siege is broken.
I can finally go.
It's a shame we didn't really get to know one another.
It seems we have a lot in common.
Well, there may be time enough for that - when I return.
- You plan to return? Right.
Well, I look forward to that.
When you're ready, Orlick wanted to speak with us.
Good-bye, Gwynn.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Four droplets of distilled blossom vine and one spoonful of sky vine essence.
- Janzo? - I'm busy, Mother.
I don't giving a stinking cockscomb if you're busy.
- You owe me an apology.
- Apology? Apology for what? Uh, how about overreacting, for a start? Not trusting your dear mother.
How about underestimating my brilliance? I have been raking in the gold.
By poisoning the entire Realm.
By giving people what they want.
I've been managing to make this gold and help the Queen shimmy out of a jam.
Your mother is a bloody genius and ow! - Oh, no.
- It bit me! - Ow! - Mother, please tell me you haven't been taking any colipsum.
Of course I have.
- Hold that.
- Uh, Janzo? - Hmm? - You're really close to finding a cure, aren't you? I mean, that's what you've been doing all - all the time down here.
- It's just I've been a bit distracted lately, Mother.
My attention's been redirected by the Queen several times.
That's not to say that I'm not close.
Janzo! Everything's going to be all right, Mother.
I promise.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Excuse me, I need to ask you both some questions.
Oh, we're having a special evening together.
- Can it wait? - No, it can't.
I need your help to cure more like you.
- What can we do? - Are you sure you don't remember anything that happened to you before you turned, well, into you? Just hacking up that worm.
- Yeah.
- You're scratching.
Is this where you were bitten by the Plagueling before you turned? No.
Well, maybe.
I don't know.
I think so.
- Yeah, same.
- Do you eat any foods that most people don't? No, we are both pretty much meat and potatoes folk.
Well, there's the tong-long root.
Oh, tong-long root, yeah.
- You both eat tong-long root? - Mm-hmm.
- Isn't that painfully bitter? - Of course.
But that's what makes it so good sprinkled over potatoes.
Yeah, it gives them flavor.
Maybe you need tong-long root in your system in order for the Trayly flower and the vine to react.
- Thank you.
- What? Have you worked it out? - Not yet.
- What? But you talked to those people who were cured.
- What did they tell you? - They eat tong-long root.
Oh, is that what I could smell? It smells like a chamber pot.
Ugh! I'm doing an experiment.
It's a reduction of Trayly flower, vine, - and tong-long root.
- Smells disgusting.
- Let's give it a go.
- I suppose it's ready.
Will you, Mum, please open its mouth? You've been stung, Mother.
It's not gonna get any worse.
- You sure about that? - Positive.
You know, at times like this, I really miss Munt.
- You ready? - Oh, I got a really good feeling about this.
Just to be clear, you won't be doing that to me.
No killing of your dear mother.
- Got it.
- Good boy.
Keep working.
Freeze! Stay there.
I really think you should get out from under that thing.
Why isn't he moving? You mind explaining to me what just happened? Well, you were almost crushed to death by that Greyskin while I was relieving myself in the trees.
I'm not talking about him.
I'm talking about you.
You used your Kinj.
I saw it glow.
I guess I did.
I didn't realize.
You knew exactly what you were doing.
I just saved your life! You're welcome.
You knew what it does, and you hid it from me.
I trusted you.
I thought thought maybe I when were you going to tell me? After you used it on humans? Can you just stop for a second and think about what might have happened if I wasn't here? You would be dead, and all hope for all Blackbloods would also die with you.
Yeah, well, it might have been better.
Seems to me I can trust humans more than any Blackblood.
That's not true.
I can show you.
Just open the portal and free our people.
I really didn't want to have to do this.
You leave me no choice.
Open the portal.
Mind control.
So that's what your Kinj does.
And you'd use it on me? You'd force me to do your bidding? - Talon, I can explain.
- No more talking.
- Your Kinj doesn't work on me.
- Why? My Asterkinj won't let it.
I can feel it.
They're protecting their hosts.
Yours doesn't seem to be protecting you.
I don't want to fight you, Talon.
You just want to use me.
It was the only way.
All right.
So this is it? You're just going to kill me? I should.
You betrayed me.