The Owl House (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Escaping Expulsion

fboth laughing.]
Welcome, valued investors, to our annual Blight Industries private sale! If you're interested in reliable home security, we're here to help.
And if you've got an enemy or two, well, who are we to judge? This is my husband, Alador Blight, the greatest abomination creator of the era.
My name is Odalia, and as an oracle, I predict you'll love what we've got in store for you tonight.
We are proud to present the first glimpse of our crowning achievement, the Abomaton soldier! It will pour your tea, help you keep up with the latest trends and, best of all, it will defend you against any unwanted visitors.
Mama to Mittens.
Remember our deal.
Make this look good, and we'll forgive your recent lackluster performance in school.
Yes, Mom.
Wow, it's so fast and strong.
Order now.
Oh, no.
It's undefeatable.
How will I ever escape? Huh? That's awful! Oh, of course, well, that was but a beta test.
We can't wait to see you all next week when we reveal the uh, the finished product in all its glory.
Amity! You just lost us a lot of money! What's with you lately? I see.
Looks like our precious Mittens has been getting distracted.
Light in the darkness, a glittering bridge of ice, the mightiest tree in the forest.
You can make all these and more with glyph magic! Welcome to day three of Luz's Magic Boot Camp.
Ooh! Okay, we've covered every glyph I've learned up until now, so today we'll learn something new.
Are we about to encounter a never-before-seen glyph? Unfortunately, no.
These four either came from nature or another witch's spell.
I don't know where to find more.
In any case, today we're learning how to alter glyphs to do specific things.
Uh, Miss Teacher! Did I do it right? Yeah, that's really good.
Let's see how you're doing, Eda.
I don't think that's such a good Double glyph combo, go! Oh, dang.
I was hoping for more of an ice blast situation.
I know you're impatient to get your powers back, but try to master the basics before you start experimenting.
You're as boring as Lily.
Toot-toot! The Hexside train is a-comin'! - Chugga-chugga.
- Ah, okay.
King's in charge while I'm gone.
Bye! Ha-ha! Power! Yes! Teacher's gone! Ah.
I wonder what other combos I can try.
Teacher said we're supposed to master the basics before Basics are so basic.
If we wanna be powerful again, we're gonna have to start thinkin' outside the box.
If we want to be powerful again, we have to use glyphs perfectly.
And we can only do that through memorization, repetition and following the rules.
Well, I'm more interested in experimentation, innovation and, uh, laughing at tools, like you! Ha! Ugh! Weh? Yeah, yeah.
I'll deal with it.
No one ever said power came with responsibility.
First day back after the Petrification Ceremony.
Just be chill.
Oh, my gosh! Ah, Luz, you're okay! Whoa, guys.
Did I, uh, miss a birthday or something? Witch puberty.
I can't thank you guys enough for helping me and Eda at the Conformatorium.
It's cool.
I just hope it helps Eda learn my name.
She keeps calling me Goops.
Hey, Goops! It's already spreading.
Hey, Luz.
Amity! In celebration of your return, I have brought you a homemade fairy pie.
Oh, wow.
That sounds so good.
The ingredients are very fresh.
Thank you.
You know, after everything that's happened, I'm just happy to return to some sense of normalcy.
- You can't just barge in here! - Yes, we can.
We are the Parent Creature Association.
Luz Noceda, Willow Park and Augustus Porter, report to Principal Bump's office now! And you too, Amity.
Mom? The Abomination situation.
The destruction of detention.
The rampage of Grom.
These are but a few of the incidents that have endangered Hexside's students.
Including our daughter.
So, the PCA has decided Oh, right.
Um These three are bad influences and must be executed.
- I mean, expelled.
- What? What? Take this as a lesson, Mittens.
A Blight always upholds their end of a deal.
Sadly, I have no choice in the matter.
Luz, Willow, Augustus, effective immediately, you are no longer students of Hexside.
No! But us, good! Amity! Tell them! Good.
Now, you'll be taking double the classes to make up for lost time.
Actually, I'm appalled you're not in class right now.
What are you thinking? Right.
No! Please, no! Wait! No, stop, no! Amity? Amity! It finally happened.
Our memorable adventures caught up to us.
Oh, my dad can't find out about this.
I guess I'll have to start surviving off the land.
This is impossible! I guess this is good-bye.
I'll water you one last time.
With my tears! Hey! How dare you mess with my friends' lives? What have we ever done to you? Luz, was it? Please.
This isn't personal.
I actually appreciate your tenacity.
We're just trying to teach our daughter a valuable lesson in business.
But how does this teach anything? We're still gonna be friends with her.
I'm callin' apple sauce on this business bologna.
Your human language is hard to understand, but I think I see your point.
If you're interested in talking things through, I'm sure we can come to some sort of an agreement.
Gus chomp! Come on, Luz.
We can figure this out on our own.
That's right.
We'll get back into Hexside or die tryin'.
No one's dying.
Not with that attitude.
Yes, well, when that doesn't work, you know where to find us.
Almost got it.
Glyph pyramid! And what are you expecting this glyph pyramid to do? It's supposed to prove that I'm the superior witch.
Watch and learn.
Okay, let's think.
Bile sacs have different spell phlegm sloshing around together.
So why can't I mix these up too? But those are disgusting liquids.
These are symbols from the isles.
Maybe there's a different way to combine them.
- Hmm.
- Hootly mootly! Oh! Ooh! Mmm! I bet even Eda couldn't do that! Wow! Maybe if you just learn the basics, like Luz said! I don't have time for basics.
I'm on to something, and I'll prove it.
Operation Change Bump's Mind.
Let's go! Life is just so dull without them! Ah, this is hopeless.
Nothing is working! Don't worry, guys.
As long as we stick together, we'll think of something.
Oh, no.
Willow Park, did you get expelled? This is Perry Porter with breaking news.
In light of recent events, Augustus Porter Help, Luz! Let me go! will be grounded for no less than a year.
Please! No! Just one? Willow's grounded for three at least! No! Help! Help, Luz! Help, Luz! Save me! I'm, uh I'm sorry.
I was a coward in there.
But my mom Hey, I get it.
You're scared of her.
But I'm not.
And I need you to take me to her.
She seemed open to talking things through.
Luz, you don't have to do that.
Yes, I do.
Willow and Gus don't deserve this.
So, will you help me, please? I I can't.
I have to go.
Eda, wh-what the heck is that supposed to be? I call it the super glyph.
More like a stupid glyph.
Just you wait.
This will be a killer combo.
Lesser glyphs will shrink in fear.
Ha! It didn't blow up! Uh, is it supposed to do that? Uh-huh.
Hello, Mrs.
I Ooh.
This place smells a lot better than the Owl House.
And Well, I tried.
Hello? Mr.
and Mrs.
Blight? Oh, don't mind him, dear.
He's getting ready for our big demonstration tonight.
It's looking good, hon! I'm here to appeal to your hearts, Blights.
That's sweet, but let's get to the deal.
We have a rather important presentation tonight, showing off some new products.
Like abominations? Something like that.
Normally, Amity helps us with these things, but she's busy catching up on schoolwork.
I get it.
I'll help you show off your weird abomination gunk if you promise to let me and my friends back into school.
Don't worry, human.
A Blight always upholds their end of the deal.
Now, you might want to go get ready, because we have a long night ahead of us, folks! Welcome back to Blight Industries! So, Alador, what would you say is the specialty of Blight Industries? We make a variety of abomination-based accessories for home security.
Oh, that sounds pretty safe.
But we specialize in weaponry.
You might want to duck.
Huh? Yes, our Sticky Launcher can peacefully subdue any foe.
And if peaceful isn't your thing Mom? I'm ready for the show tonight.
Found a replacement? Did anyone come to the house today? To make sure you're getting a top-notch education, we're quitting our jobs to homeschool you.
And we'll spend all our free time having fun as a family.
See you at first light for a test on the life cycle of a common swamp toad.
Hey, Willow! Hey, Willow, uh Shh.
Luz is in trouble.
Okay, I can use the root system underground to tunnel our way in.
That'll take too long.
We should just rush the guards at the door.
No, no, no.
I'll distract them with illusions of beautiful lady guards.
This isn't a cartoon from the '40s, Gus! We need a better plan.
This could work.
We should just bust our way through.
You're stunting my growth as an artist.
We're running out of time.
Here's an idea.
Why don't you just walk through the front? Ed, Em, you're helping? Of course.
Just don't tell Mom.
Oh-oh! Thank you, thank you.
And they said we couldn't make crossbows more fun.
Next, we're very excited to show you our last product from this line.
Thank goodness.
Only one more to go.
My husband has been toiling away to bring you Oh! the Abomaton 2.
0! Amity, wait! It's bigger, it's better.
The Abomaton 2.
0 is the perfect soldier.
It won't rest until its enemy is completely eliminated.
Ooh! You're a big boy, aren't ya? Okay.
It's super strong.
I think the crowd gets it.
She has a point, Odalia.
Didn't you hear me? It won't rest until its enemy is completely eliminated! Okay.
At least it can't get me up here.
Luz, you fool! Aah! Aah! Hey, I'm alive.
Oh, no.
I'm dead! Huh? Hey! Stay away from my Luz! Amity? Edalyn? Are these distress noises, or normal noises? Totally normal.
Don't come in.
I am your mother.
You will obey me and die! Eda, help me! Help me, Eda! Eda, help me! Oh, fine.
Lilith, emergency! - Whoa.
- Yeah, yeah.
I messed up.
I'm ready to follow the rules.
Actually, I'd like to try an experiment.
Ooh-ooh! Hup! Amity Blight, you are in so much tr Luz, are you okay? Uh-huh.
Look out! Amity, get away from the human! No.
You're gonna listen to me for once.
Luz, Willow and Gus are my friends.
They're nice to each other.
They listen to each other.
They make me think about the kind of person I really want to be! Ugh! What do you want? Let my friends back into Hexside, or else your precious investors will watch me rip this thing apart bit by bit.
Can you actually do that? Shh.
Boo! This is horrible.
It's a deal.
Just stop with the theatrics.
Luz! As if I'd actually let them go back.
I will call every authority I know.
I'll make sure they can't Odalia.
You made a deal with your daughter, and a Blight always upholds their end of the deal.
Besides, she's getting stronger.
Strong enough to become a coven head some day.
Wise words, dear.
We have to focus on what's best for the family.
Alador! Okay, so, uh, how did you beat that thing again? Would you like me to lay out the basics? Yes.
Well, you were right.
These glyphs act like the basic elements, but instead of containing magic like we do, they command the magic around them.
They're like words.
And drawing glyphs on top of each other like you did Was like screaming three different words at the same time.
The spell got confused.
The glyph combo, copyright me, Lilith, helps organize the commands.
So you can combine and specify what you want to do.
A-A-A-b-bout t-t-time! So, with the right combo, you can cast any spell.
Maybe the reason Luz hasn't found any more glyphs is because there aren't any more.
Then we better start learning some new combinations.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Luz.
We actually learned something new.
Can it wait till morning? I need to lie down.
Wait, Miss Teacher.
Do I get extra credit? Oh! My gosh.
I can do it too.
- Hmm? - Wow.
Extra credit for everyone.
Oh! Mmm.
Oh, despite the spectacle, this was quite a successful sale.
Excellent job on the 2.
0, dear.
Yes, your Abomatons are quite extraordinary.
Too bad no one will be receiving them.
The emperor will be buying every one of your Abomatons and will personally fund research into making them stronger.
That's great news.
- We're honored to have - You should be.
Emperor Belos doesn't take kindly to citizens making a private army.

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