The Owl House (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Separate Tides

- [monster laughs.]
- [gasps.]
Foolish child.
Leave this place before you meet your demise.
Do not underestimate me, Garlog.
For I am the good witch, Luz, hunter of monsters.
Now eat this, sucker Uh what? [squeaks.]
- You're Garlog? - [babbles.]
This is pathetic.
[deep voice.]
Small I may be but you will soon know fear when I lay waste to all that you King, drop it now.
Drop it now! - [mumbles.]
- Drop it! No! I'm not gonna play right now! King! [title music.]
[wind howling.]
- [babbles.]
- Boop.
Holá, Mama.
You haven't heard from me in a while.
It's been a week and a half since the petrification ceremony.
A week and and half since I [chuckles.]
destroyed the portal home.
I had to.
Emperor Belos was going to kill Eda if I didn't hand it over.
But I couldn't let him use it, so I blew it up with some magic fire.
She's not gonna understand any of this.
That's okay, Luz.
Just keep moving forward.
This world is filled with inexplicable magical wonders, like this portal key.
I don't know if it contains magic but I'm gonna study all I can, and find a way back to you.
A-And look, I have friends to help me.
I'm never letting you go! You're never returning to the human realm! - He doesn't mean that.
- [laughs.]
Yes, I do! [Luz.]
This is Eda the Owl Lady, the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles.
Or at least she was until her curse overpowered her and weakened her magic.
She's doing her best now.
Eda was cursed by her own sister, Lilith.
And she spent her entire life looking for a way to undo it.
It's still hard for everyone to trust each other, but maybe with time we can all become friends.
- Hello! - [screams.]
Even though Eda gets frustrated, she's found new ways to make up for her lost powers.
Check it, Luz.
A new hunting weapon.
I will call her the Stab-Catcher.
Without the portal, Eda has no human garbage to sell.
So we've resorted to working odd jobs to keep food on the table.
Hey, King, did you know that apple is a hat? Really? [Luz.]
Hey, no! King! [Luz.]
This week we're bounty hunters.
Next week we could be anything.
So, Mom, please don't be scared.
I'm growing more and more every day, and I'm gonna do my best to become a full-fledged witch, and get home to you safe and sound.
Te quiero, Mama.
Te lo prometo, regresar a casa pronto.
Luz time to bring these bad boys to market.
Eda, do you own anything that isn't covered in feathers? I had to deal with a curse for 30 years, so I think you can handle a few feathers.
Wow, the Emperor is really taking over.
I see it too, Luz.
And I'm trying to stay civil.
[both grunt.]
Your payment.
A single snail? Are you kidding me? [laughs.]
Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't done yet.
You can't do this to me.
Do you know who I am? Yeah, you're Eda the Owl Lady.
What are you gonna do? We all know you're powerless now.
- Ah! What the - [all.]
Ah, this is awkward.
I don't need your pity.
I was the most wanted criminal for years.
You should fear me.
- [man 1.]
No magic? - [man 2.]
Not so wanted anymore.
Don't worry, sister.
At least my image still commands respect and fear.
You're a traitor.
What's going on? This is anarchy.
Who told you to do this? The Golden Guard? Did you know him in the Coven, Lilith? Unfortunately, I did.
He always got special treatment because he was the genius teen prodigy.
But he's really just a brat.
If he's in charge vomit.
[mumbling, groans.]
Hey, I know.
What we need is a confidence boost.
Why don't we take on the biggest bounty we can find? It'll be great.
Lost Cerberus, no.
Witch cackling lessons [chuckles.]
Uh, but maybe not today.
Aha! There's something called a "Selkidomus" ravaging boats up and down the coast.
We'll be on a high-seas adventure.
Hmm no.
We gotta keep a low profile while my powers are weakened.
And we need fast cash.
How about this guy? [Luz.]
"The Abominable Cutie Pie"? No, no, no.
I hear it's very dangerous.
And look, there he is.
[pants, grunts.]
You'll never catch me.
You did it.
You caught me.
- [groans.]
- [Eda sighs.]
Things aren't looking great, Lily.
This bounty hunting stuff isn't putting food on the table.
Oh, I'm sure Luz could handle bigger bounties, but if we wanna eat we don't have the luxury to mess up even once.
No apple blood.
I spent the money on griffin eggs for Luz.
There's not a lot she can digest here so I make sure to have her favorites around.
[inhales sharply.]
That's rough, buddy.
This is awful.
Eda wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for me.
Maybe it would be better if I never came here.
I can't change the past, but I can still change the future.
I'm gonna help Eda and prove that I'm more than just a burden.
The Selkidomus hunt.
I want in.
[ship horn blowing.]
You think you can handle this, squirt? I can handle anything.
- Hey, Lily! - [screams.]
How do I look? Uh Getting scammed at the market was such a bummer, but it gave me an idea on how to earn a little more cash.
You wanna come? I may not be at full power, but I can still make potions.
- I am quite fine.
Thank you.
- Aight.
Have fun wallowing in self-pity and feeling bad for cursing me.
Bye! [grunts, sighs.]
I guess I deserve this.
There's got to be a way to make it up to her.
Edalyn isn't the only Clawthorne with a talent for potions.
I bet she would love a peek inside the castle.
New roomie check-in.
How's my bestie doing? A scrying potion? [gasps.]
Lulu, you're trying to spy on your old buddies? I can help.
We can find out their crushes.
We can give them cute couple names.
No! I can do this alone.
Don't follow me! And don't call me Lulu! A good friend would respect her wishes, but a better friend would help no matter what.
When we defeat the Selkidomus and get a boatload of snails, Eda won't have to worry about money for a long time.
- King want a cracker.
- [Salty.]
All hands! All right, crew.
The Selkidomus has been ravaging the coastline.
It was last seen in the Simmering Shoals.
You know the drill, "Snag the quarry, get the money galore-y.
" We all do the work, we all get a cut.
[all cheering.]
I have many debts.
Till then, keep everything shipshape.
This ain't no pleasure cruise.
Don't be a burden, sea squirt.
Oh, you don't have to worry about me.
[ship horn blowing.]
- [shivers, grunts.]
- [Salty.]
Well, ye had me confront my own biases and I got nothing but respect for ya now, squirt.
I mean, sailor.
Thanks, Salty.
You make me feel like a real part of the crew.
Well, that's because you are.
- [laughs.]
- [all cheering.]
Boo! Hey, that's mine, you feather duster! [all scream.]
Hey, King want a cracker.
Ooh! [pants.]
[munches, gulps.]
Huh? Is that the Emperor's sigil? This ship belongs to the Emperor? Oh, boy.
I gotta tell Luz.
Unfortunately, you won't have the chance.
Okay, next is firebee honey.
[screams, whimpers.]
How can I get firebee honey without ice magic, or porcuspine quills without a sleeping spell? Who am I without magic, without a Coven? - [Hooty.]
Without friends? - Hmm? I said You don't know how to get those firebees, but I can help.
No! I don't want your help.
I told you not to follow me! - If I were you, I would - You would what? Because it doesn't matter.
You aren't me.
You're just some kind of weird bird-worm.
You have no idea what I'm going through.
I have to do this alone, because if I can't what kind of witch am I? Sorry, Lulu.
I mean, sorry, Lilith.
Now, let's try this one more time.
We're here.
The Simmering Shoals.
Eyes peeled, mates.
She's close.
- [all grunt.]
- She's here.
Help her, boys! - Put your backs into it.
- [all straining.]
I did it! [grunts.]
[groans, whines.]
Is that a a ghost pirate? The money! We're being robbed! [grunts.]
Show that specter what for, Luz.
[screams, grunts.]
[both gasp.]
The money! Eda! [chuckles.]
Why are you robbing our ship? And what happened to your legs? It's called disguising your tracks.
Now why were you on that ship to begin with? You could've gotten killed.
That can still be arranged.
Hello, criminals.
What's about to happen should be relatively painless, if you just do what I say.
And why would we do that? Because none of you can use real magic.
- You don't know that.
- Maybe not, but I do know that you're standing on a plant that eats flesh.
[both scream, grunt.]
Ow, ow.
The human will remain a sailor to repay all the money she lost, while the Owl Lady will be arrested again for attacking one of the Emperor's ships.
Emperor's ship? They're the only ones worth robbing.
Why are you guys hunting the Selkidomus? It's a peaceful creature and you're provoking it.
The Emperor ordered me to slay one.
I'm just following orders.
Well, I'm just gonna smack you around a bit.
Whoa! Leave Eda alone! [grunts.]
Whoa! How about I leave you dangling above the Boiling Sea? Around these parts justthe steam is enough to cause third-degree burns.
But I don't have to be that mean.
No one will have to be a sailor or get arrested if one of you follows those Selkidomus tracks and slays the beast.
Here, I'll help.
You're making this difficult.
Go or I drown the bird.
Ah, it's dark now.
I'll do it.
Luz, wait! - [Selkidomus growls.]
- [Eda.]
Luz! [buzzing.]
I am not one to be trifled with, bees.
I am a witch unhinged! [screams.]
What? No, no, no, no, no! I can't do this alone.
I need help! [hoots.]
I'm here for you, Lulu.
No witch is an island.
Now face my wrath! [thudding noises.]
Luz, don't hurt the Selkidomus.
We can find another way out of this.
You heard what he said, Eda.
If you and King want to be free [grunts.]
then I have to do this alone.
What's this "alone" business? Don't you remember? Us weirdos have to What? Stick together? Because you stuck with me you lost your magic.
You almost got turned to stone, and now you can't even afford your apple blood because you're worried about what I need to eat.
[Selkidomus growls.]
It's my fault all this happened.
That's why I've got to do this alone.
I'll make it all up to you, Eda the Owl Lady.
I promise.
Luz! [grunts.]
Whoa! [growls.]
All right, let's do this.
[Luz grunts.]
You think throwing your life away is gonna help me? Well, it won't.
You helped me find King's crown when you barely knew me.
You saved me from turning to stone and you even got me talking to my sister again.
So, unfortunately for you my life is pretty great, because I'm friends with Luz, the human.
- [whimpers.]
- Now, your guilt-ridden brain is clouding your judgment.
There's gotta be a way out of this where no one has to get hurt.
Eda, do you want to learn your first glyph? Weh? [grunts.]
Weh? [grunts.]
Weh? [sighs.]
You're actually weirdly endearing.
No, I'm not.
[Eda, Luz screaming, grunting.]
[Selkidomus roars.]
Oh, that thing smells awful.
Why are you touching it with your hands? Gross.
You're gross.
Now give me King.
Actually, he smells pretty bad too.
Take him.
Thank you for your service.
You can find your own way home.
And try to stay out of trouble.
The Emperor is not a merciful man.
Bye! [blows raspberry.]
My first glyph.
Did I do good? Yeah, you did great.
Baby aw! Wait, what is that? Don't worry, King.
Once the mother saw we weren't a threat to her baby, she calmed down.
This area is dangerous.
You need to move further out into the sea.
Hot dang! It gave you the treasure of the sea.
Gold? Tuna? It's selkigris.
Ah, people pay big money for it at the Night Market.
Ah, feel that money, Luz.
No, Eda! [grunting.]
Stop! Luxuriate in it.
What? You don't like to luxuriate? There's a whole pile of luxury right here.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Move over.
- [Luz grunts.]
Eda! [laughs.]
I'm sorry for sending you away before.
It's hard for me to ask for help.
It's okay.
I'm sorry for being all nosy-nosy.
But hey, Lulu, every friendship comes with its ups and downs.
Right, best friend? I'm not commenting on that, Hootsifer.
- [gasps.]
A nickname? - [laughs.]
The scrying potion, it's ready.
We're home.
Eda, come here.
I have a gift for you.
To prove that I'm trustworthy, I'm giving you a peek inside the Emperor's castle.
'Sup? 'Sup? What are we supposed to do with this? Whatever you want.
Don't you see? These troops don't know what to do with themselves.
So go crazy.
Pull whatever pranks your heart desires.
They're clueless without me.
Oh, Lily, you couldn't have been more right.
And that Golden Guard what a chump.
Oh, I'm in a good mood.
Who wants to get takeout and draw faces on Hooty? - Yay! [pants.]
Me, me, me! - I do! Yeah! I'm in.
I'll protect you, Hootsifer.
All right, what do we wanna eat? - [Luz.]
Anything but seafood.
- [King.]
We're not ordering crackers.
- [Hooty.]
Bees! - [Lilith.]
I'm fine with whatever.
Things are starting to feel right again.
Knock, knock, human.

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