The Owl House (2020) s01e19 Episode Script

Young Blood, Old Souls

The Boiling Isles, born from the flesh and bones of a fallen titan.
This original magic was so potent, all life on the Isles evolved to wield magic too.
For years we explored those powers freely, until a mysterious witch appeared who declared that he, and he alone, could speak to the island.
He said that we were using magic all wrong.
His teachings took hold, his strength grew, and he became Emperor Belos.
Belos said that mixing magic was wrong, that only he had that right, so he created the Coven system, and there our knowledge was restricted and our potential sealed away.
Those who resist are called Wild Witches, and they face harsh punishment.
Emperor Belos has since retreated into his castle.
There are whispers that say he's planning something big.
I wonder if catching Eda was part of his big plan.
What do you think, Luz? Luz? I don't care what Belos is up to because today I'm saving Eda! Luz, what are you doing? This is serious, King.
Eda used her powers to save me and got caught by Lilith.
Now she's the Owl Beast and is being taken before the Emperor.
I don't know what he's planning to do with Eda, but I'm going to rescue her.
Haven't you been listening to me? He's the Emperor.
He's the most powerful witch alive.
King, please try to understand.
Eda is in this situation because of me, because of my stupid choice.
I have to make up for it.
But she's in her Owl Beast form.
How will she even recognize you? I don't know, but I have to try anyway.
Well, then I'm going too.
King Me and Eda don't always see eye to eye, but I do consider her family.
I want her back as much as you do.
- All right.
Then we've got no time to lose.
Eda, stop that this instant! Don't look at me like that.
This is for your own good.
Emperor Belos will heal you, and we'll be in his Coven together.
Isn't that wonderful? I will not fall prey to your childish games.
All kneel before Emperor Belos.
Eda, no! Uh, my lord, I apologize for my sister's rash behavior.
She is still in her cursed form.
Once you've healed her as promised, I'm sure she will become a useful asset to the Coven.
Ah! Where am I? What is this? Ah, farts! I got caught.
Edalyn Clawthorn, the infamous Owl Lady.
The Wild Witch of Bonesborough.
The mentor of Luz the human.
You stay away from her, or so help me, Titan You've got it all wrong.
The human is safe for now.
I just want the portal she came through.
Tough, 'cause I ain't telling you nothing! Ugh, pity.
Although, I suppose I could ask the human herself.
Wait, don't touch her.
Lilith, don't let him hurt her.
Lilith! Ah, taking her to the healing ceremony? - I will not be healing her.
- But you promised me.
Don't be so naive, Lilith.
This is the Titan's will.
All Wild Witches must be dealt with before the Day of Unity.
You understand, don't you? Of course.
Oh, one more thing.
Destroy the Owl Lady's staff.
She won't be needing it anymore.
Perry Porter coming to you live from outside the Emperor's castle.
Edalyn Clawthorn, known commonly as Eda the Owl Lady, has been captured and has been brought before the Emperor.
For the crime of attacking a Coven leader and refusing to join a Coven, Edalyn Clawthorn's body shall be petrified in stone.
Today, sundown, at the Conformatorium.
Willow, are you watching? Yes.
We have to do something.
Today is a grave day for Bonesborough.
Please tell me that's not as bad as it sounds.
Petrification is only done to the worst criminals.
And once the spell is complete, it can't be reversed.
She cursed Eda.
She captured her own sister.
She is the worst.
If I ever see her again Luz, calm down.
We have to think about saving Eda first.
You're right, but how are we gonna get to the Conformatorium in time? We'll have to do something so diabolical, so criminally insane, that they'll have to send us to the Conformatorium.
Hey! Hmm? Wha Yup.
Perfect plan.
There's not gonna be a new statue going up today.
Right, Luz? Luz? Hmm! Sir, the Owl Lady's human student has been apprehended.
Very good.
Ah, Luz the human.
How I've waited to see you again.
Now I'll have my revenge, and you'll have front row seats to Eda's demise.
Huh? Huh? - Where's Eda? - She's in the holding cell in the dungeon.
Draw me a map! Do you really think Eda deserves a petrification? I don't know.
This is all happening so fast.
If we know anything about Luz, she's going to be here trying to save Eda.
And we'll be here to save her when she needs us.
Let's split up and find her.
Fools! You let the human escape, and you drew her a map? Worry not, Kikimora.
I shall capture the human.
King, watch the door.
Eda? Eda! Eda, wait! It's me.
It's me.
Luz! Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no.
What What are you doing here? It's okay, Eda.
I'm here to save you.
Your magic isn't strong enough for this.
You need to leave now! But But I can't! It's my fault you needed to save me.
It's my fault you got captured.
No! Listen to me.
I'm here because of my own actions.
I went against Belos's law, and for a while I was able to get away with it, but, you know, without magic, I can't do much.
I don't regret anything.
I lived freely, and I got to meet you.
But if you stay here, I won't be able to protect you.
You need to leave now! But we're a family.
Us weirdos have to stick together, remember? You have a family already.
Go back to them.
And when you're home, use your fire magic to destroy the portal door.
I don't know why Belos wants it, but we can't take any chances.
I love you, Eda.
I love you too, kiddo.
Luz, get away.
No! Not yet! I'm sorry.
Goodbye, Luz.
Eda! Drat! Let me go! I'm too late.
At least I found you, human.
You hurt Eda.
You put her in chains, and now I will take you down.
I just wanna talk.
Talk to the glyph, witch.
Ah, stop! What is wrong with you? Luz! Luz, watch out! Fire! What? Please just listen to me.
No way.
You deserve to be petrified.
Not Eda.
You're right.
I deserve to be in Edalyn's place.
Why did you do all this? When Edalyn and I were younger, we were the best of friends.
With this spell declared, let the pain be shared.
Being in the Emperor's Coven was my dream.
I wanted to work alongside the most powerful witch on the Isles and make the word a better place.
Eda wanted to be with me, but there was a problem.
One spot is available.
You duel tomorrow.
The winner will join our ranks.
I knew Edalyn would beat me.
She was younger but worked twice as hard.
She met me at my level.
Emperor Belos always said, "To be great, you have to make sacrifices.
" What would he do in my situation? I found a spell that would take away her powers.
I thought it would just be for a day.
I refuse to battle my sister.
I've decided that covens aren't really my style.
Hey, don't forget me when you're a big shot, sis.
And as Edalyn walked away That girl's a monster.
Get out! Go! Edalyn! Lilith Clawthorn, we welcome you to the Emperor's Coven! I made my sacrifice for the Emperor, and it was time to receive my reward.
I've been pursuing Edalyn because if she joined the Emperor's Coven, Emperor Belos told me he would heal her curse.
But he lied to me.
I know how to rescue Edalyn, but I can't do it alone.
How do I know I can trust you? Owlbert, you're okay.
All right, Lilith.
I don't like your whole deal, but we need your help to save Eda.
Thank you.
Now let's head back.
Hey, Luz.
You need a minute? No.
I'm coming.
I don't see Luz anywhere.
Do you think she got caught? Well, folks, Eda the Owl Lady has appeared onstage, which means the petrification process is about to begin.
You can take this up to the stage where they're holding Edalyn.
Thank you, Lilith.
What will you do now? I will stay in the Emperor's Coven, but I will make sure nothing like this ever happens again.
That's good to hear.
Wait, why are there no guards around? Lilith! King! Ah, Lilith.
You chose the wrong side.
- No! - Ah, puh-puh.
I'd actually like to have a word with you, human.
Hello, Edalyn.
You hurt Luz, you cursed me.
Before anything turns me to stone, I'll tear you apart.
No, don't! She was trying to help.
She even betrayed the Emperor for you.
What? If I knew something like this would happen, Edalyn, I We gotta do something.
In a shocking turn of events, head Coven leader Lilith is now in the holding cage.
Escorted by what appears to be a deranged cat.
Augustus, I'm live! Dad, you have to stop! Yeah.
What's happening to Eda isn't right.
She might not always follow the rules, but she hasn't done anything worthy of a petrification.
She helped me escape jail.
She helps me stay in business.
She helped me love teaching again after she left.
The Emperor should let Eda go.
Let Eda go! Let Eda go! Let Eda go! Let Eda go! Let Eda go! Let my friends go, or else Okay.
I'll play.
What's wrong, human? I thought you wanted to fight.
Huh? Had enough? Not even close.
I like your spirit, but try that again, and things won't end well for you.
Now I'm just a humble messenger for the Titan.
In the grand scheme of things, the Owl Lady's life is inconsequential.
But then you showed up.
If you want to save your mentor, give me the portal to the human realm.
But my home Edalyn! You probably think we want to invade the human realm, but the Titan's will is not so boarish.
You'll understand soon.
Ticktock, human.
The Owl Lady doesn't have much time left.
No! Fine! Lo siento, Mama.
Here, it's yours.
The Titan will be pleased.
Go on then.
Go be a hero.
I may have lost, but so have you.
Wh What do we do? The spell wasn't completed.
Maybe I can help her fight it.
What is happening? Free them now! Eda, are you okay? As good as I'll ever be.
Let's fly.
My liege.
Children of the Isles.
The Titan has told me to spare the Owl Lady's life, but in return, her curse will strip away all her powers.
Let her monstrous form be a lesson about the dangers of wild magic.
Don't worry, Eda.
I'll run and get you some elixir and No, human.
No amount of elixir can heal her now.
Oh, sister I should've done this a long time ago.
With this spell declared, let the pain be shared.
Eda! Can you still do magic? That's a no.
It'll take some time to get used to this.
I feel that I've been weakened as well.
It's okay.
I can teach you what I know, and what we don't know, we can learn together.
Thanks, kid.
I look forward to that.
And that's how we escaped from the Emperor.
Everyone told me he was the most powerful witch alive.
But look at this, Mom.
I chipped off a piece of his mask.
I know he's not invincible now.
It's a strange feeling, having gone through so much, and not having you here to share it with.
And I don't know when or how I'm gonna see you again.
But I will find my way home to you.
I promise.
Sire, those miscreants are still at large.
- Please allow me to capture them - Worry not, Kiki.
We'll be keeping an eye on the inhabitants of the Owl House.
In the meantime, the Day of Unity is almost upon us, and we have much work to do.

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