The Owl House (2020) s01e18 Episode Script

Agony of a Witch

I haven't forgotten what you've promised me.
I will bring you my sister, Emperor Belos.
Then why the delay? - Kikimora.
- The day of unity is fast approaching and other teams have bound many rogue witches to covens.
And yet the Owl Lady still roams free.
Are you protecting her? Rest assured, Kiki, I have everything under control.
Today we capture Eda, once and for all.
Hoot-hoot-hoot hoot-hoot-hoot.
Hoot-hoot-hoot hoot-hoot-hoot.
That infernal house demon is asleep.
Surround the house.
Sleep hooting! Hi, Lilith.
Eda doesn't like trespassers.
But I'm always here to make new friends.
Hoot! Oh, look at me.
I'm a person now.
Wobbly, wobbly.
Ooh, blackout.
Hoot, hoot.
Hoot, hoot.
Bye, friend.
Ooh! I feel like dancing.
Hoot! I did it! Oh, hey look! It's a bug.
- Aw, just an old leaf.
- Well, that's good too.
No, no, no! No! Hooty.
Ah, you're a thorn in my side.
But you always dig your way into my heart.
Ooh, magic 'sghetti.
Hey! That 'sghetti is witch's wool.
It repels powerful spells.
Every witch worth their salt has a cloak made from this stuff.
I'm worth salt.
I want cloak! Easy, kid.
With the emperor's goons at my doorstep, I need this for protection.
They have really stepped up their attacks lately.
I think I finally understand why the emperor wants you so badly.
He's got the hots for you, doesn't he? Uh, but no.
Emperor Belos wants to control all wild magic through his coven system.
He ordered my capture years ago because I refused to fall in line.
And he won't stop until he's got you.
Aw, don't sound so worried.
I'm a master escape artist.
The only thing that can slow me down is my curse, and that hasn't bothered me for weeks.
- King! - Eh? Get the elixir.
Now! You know, I'm getting a little tired of this game.
So why don't you just show me your face? Oh.
Whew! Oh, thanks for this.
And those.
Hey, your gem.
It's still dark.
Uh, no, it's not.
You're nuts.
The curse has been getting worse and you've been hiding it.
You're right.
It's taking more elixir to turn me back, and more magic to keep the curse from rearing its feathery head.
What happens if you use your magic up? Do you Do you die? No! Jeez, you're morbid.
I just kinda sort of turn into the Owl Beast forever.
Ah, it's a fate much worse than death if you think about it.
No, I can't let that happen.
I'll do something about it.
- I'll find a cure and then - Hey, don't worry.
I just have to limit my magic use a little.
Ah! There's the Luz I know.
Go on.
Do the parallel arm thing.
King demands huggies too.
It's time for school.
Have a good day.
Get rest.
Drink lots of water.
Stay out of the sun.
Lift with your knees, not Ah.
What a good kid.
So considerate.
She deserves something nice, and I think I know what.
Poor Eda.
Enemies everywhere, even her own body.
I wish I could help her.
The roughhousing was fun, but I like this part of our playdates even better.
The emperor demands your presence in the throne room.
And there's a bird on your head.
Ooh, you in trouble! Luz, you ready for the field trip of a lifetime to the one, the only, Emperor's Castle? Right.
I was actually gonna stay behind.
I don't like the way they treat Eda.
But you're gonna miss out on all the cool stuff! Like what? Like ancient relics.
Look! It's the Plant Coven's Green Thumb Gauntlet.
It can grow whatever you imagine.
And the Oracle Sphere.
It shows you which path will help you become your best self.
"The Healing Hat.
Made from the magic of the Savage Ages.
" It is said to cure the deadliest diseases and heal any curse? Yeah, you can't miss this.
All aboard, students.
You've done so much for me, Eda.
Now I'm gonna do something for you.
No roughhousing.
Do not make me turn this carriage around.
Hey, Luz.
Um, what was that, Willow? I was just saying we're getting close to the castle.
Emperor Belos built it as a symbol of unity.
Before he came into power, folks were doing magic all wrong.
He taught us that the only way to respect what the titan gave us, is through joining covens.
It's a shame Amity couldn't make it.
She would love this trip.
Shut up.
So, Willow, would you say this Belos guy is, like, powerful? No offense to Eda, but the emperor's the most skilled witch that's ever lived.
He can even talk to the titan.
Now, the emperor's assistant will be your tour guide.
Please don't make me regret taking you here.
Whoa! Look at that! It's massive! Children of Hexside Emperor Belos welcomes you to his castle.
We're honored by visits from students.
You'll soon be a part of a coven.
Some lucky few may even find their home here, in the mighty Emperor's Coven.
She looked at me! Wow.
You are the future of the Isles.
My job is to teach you its past.
- Ooh.
- Whoa! Today the Isles are a place of peace and prosperity.
But that wasn't always the case.
Up until 50 years ago, witches and demons practiced wild magic during what we called the Savage Ages.
Witches had access to corrupt knowledge and that dishonored the titan.
That was until our great emperor ascended to the throne and taught witches how to use magic properly.
Our next stop is the emperor's personal collection of relics.
Oh, Luz, you'll like this.
It's where Huh? Love me a properly ventilated castle.
The Relic Room.
These items are reminders of our great emperor's overwhelming power.
From the curious and mighty.
To the very handy.
Oh, I could grow such beautiful things with that.
And even the most valuable.
Come along, children.
Let's go, Luz.
Here at the Emperor's Coven, we require members with sophistication, elegance and grace.
Ah! Make way for Ms.
Lilith Clawthorne, students.
Oh, my gosh.
The head of the coven.
Oh, wow.
Yes, and if I'm not mistaken, she's on her way to see the emperor himself.
Let's all wish her luck.
Good luck, Ms.
Thank you, students.
Good luck with puberty.
This way, children.
I'm at your service, Emperor Belos.
Just a moment, Lilith.
Ah, that's better.
How's the hunt for the Owl Lady? I heard you attempted a raid this morning.
Yes, but we were Unsuccessful? That was obvious enough.
It's been a little over a month since you promised to bring me the Owl Lady.
Well, where is she? If I just had more time, I I'm getting bored of your excuses, Lilith.
Don't worry.
I'll give you the time you need.
Bring the Owl Lady to me by twilight.
She'll join the Emperor's Coven, and in return I'll heal her little curse.
But if you fail you will be stripped of your rank and banished from my coven.
You do know what happens to coven-less witches, don't you? I I understand.
I will not fail.
Something tells me Luz is gonna like having a cape.
Cape? I thought you were making cake.
You thought I was knitting a cake? I, uh Anyway, if there's no cake, then I have to get to work.
Would you look at us two being all generous to that kid.
You know, when she first got here, I thought we were gonna eat her.
But now I only think of that, like, sometimes.
Yeah, she's changed the feel of this house.
Well, she always had a good heart but was impatient, and always bit off more than she could chew.
But despite all that, I think she's finally growing up.
Please don't notice I'm gone.
Please don't notice I'm boarding the bus? Huh? Oh, guys.
I, uh You were planning on taking the Healing Hat, weren't you? You got me.
But you don't understand.
Eda has this curse and it's zapping away her magic, and Luz, no matter what, you can't steal this hat.
But you can borrow it.
Hey! I wanted to say that.
We learned about Eda's curse from your notes.
We're totally gonna help you.
Thanks, guys.
I know exactly what we gotta do.
It's time for a heist.
Healing Hat.
Mmm! You're Eda's last hope.
I-I can feel it.
I can feel the magic flowing.
Me too.
I'll know how to become my best self.
You're always your best self.
I just wanted to try it out.
Now we can cure Eda and get this hat back before anyone knows it's gone.
I will know.
We need to go.
Stand back.
Lilith, think.
You've given your entire life to this coven.
You can't lose it.
What's Eda's weakness? She has no attachments, no friends.
Think! Come on.
Let's go! Why, if it isn't Eda's human pet.
How perfect.
Aren't I lucky to find you here.
Stay away.
If you touch us, Eda will come after you so fast That's the plan.
Run, Luz! Wrong move, Lilith.
It's two against one, and you don't stand a chance against Now, that doesn't belong to you.
No! No! I needed that to heal your sister.
These decrepit relics are useless.
If you wanna see your friend again, deliver this to Edalyn.
Luz! I spy with my little eye something coming this way.
- Luz.
- Wait! Wait for me! You're not the only one who knows dark magic.
Now stop gawking and load me in.
Ow! Ow! Gentle.
Eda, we have some bad news.
Come on, Edalyn.
You would be late when I need you most.
Sister, I see that you got my invitation to a Witch's Duel.
Where is she? Easy now.
The human is safe.
Eda! You can have her back, provided you do as I say.
Renounce your wild ways and join the Emperor's Coven.
He can help heal your curse.
Don't believe everything that bonehead tells you.
He doesn't wanna heal me.
He wants to control me.
Then I will take you in by force.
You've always looked down on me because I'm wild, but fortunately that just made me work harder than you.
Luz! Stop hiding behind Luz, you coward.
It's sad to see you slowing down, sister.
Tell me, is it the curse? Eda! Your gem! Maybe it is the curse.
But then how pathetic are you that you can't best me at my worst? Maybe you are stronger than me but that made me work smarter.
I became sharp, crafty.
A lapdog for a tyrant.
You always thought you were better than me, that I could never beat you in anything.
I am better than you.
Then why were you so easy to curse? A-And I have the power to remove it, if you would just let me explain.
Eda, stop! Your magic! Human, that orb was for your protection.
Luz! Eda, stop! You'll run out of magic.
It's my power, kid.
And before you showed up, I spent my whole life wasting it.
Eda, no, no, no! All right, kid.
Listen to me.
I'm going away and I don't know if I can bounce back this time.
Watch over King.
Remember to feed Hooty.
No! And Luz, thank you for being in my life.
Eda! Come along, sister.
Now we can let the healing begin.
You monster! Leave, human! Edalyn is finally with her family.
Her real family.
Go back to your world.
This one is ours.
Oh, Luz! There you are.
Hi, Hooty.
The cake is me! Hey, um, where's Eda?
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