The Owl House (2020) s01e17 Episode Script

Wing It Like Witches

You are talented.
You are a star.
You may be hated, so long as you are feared.
Most important of all, you are a winner.
There she goes, captain of the Banshees.
Off to win another championship for Hexside.
Why can't you be more like her? [sighs.]
All right, girls.
You know the drill.
Captain goes first.
Hello, Hexside! Your star has arrived.
Groveling line starts here.
Something's not right.
Nobody's here! - [banner rips.]
- [laughter.]
No way! Do me next.
Do me! Welcome to the world, little buddy.
You're the coolest, Willow.
Aw, shucks! Yeah, Willow rules! Wow, she has to make friends out of plants.
How sad.
Oh, please! You know, I used to be like you, Boscha, obsessed with status, challenging my competition.
But I grew up.
When will you? [laughter.]
Oh, this is not gonna fly.
[title music.]
My first Grudgby season! I'm so excited, I have more school spirit than the school spirits! Why do I even bother? [ghost groans.]
Ah, Grudgby season is the best.
You know, I used to play, back in my gory days.
You mean "glory days"? Well, that too.
I was unstoppable on the field.
I had the best moves and the best cheats.
Cheating isn't anything to brag about.
How do you know you were any good if all you did was cheat? Ugh.
What do humans know, with your goody-goody attitude? If "cheaters never prosper," why was I the star player? Well, can't reason with crazy.
Bye, King, you little snoozers.
- [kisses.]
- [King snores.]
Ugh, Eda.
When was the last time you cleaned up in here? Get your own scalp, buddy.
This one's taken.
All this talk of Grudgby has me feeling nostalgic.
Whaddya say you and me take a little trip down memory lane? Hard pass.
That's the spirit.
You mean me? Ugh.
Come on! Oh! Over 50 years ago, Emperor Belos appointed a head witch to each coven.
I can't wait for Grudgby season to start! I've studied up on all sorts of magical sports.
Like this.
Good Witch Azura 2: The Field of Deadly Fates! A classic underdog tale.
Azura challenges Hecate in the Smibbitch Championship.
But will she risk it all by taking a chance on the deadly Thorn Vault? - Ooh, a shiny cookie.
- Not food.
The council headquarters was built and paid for by? Anyone? Willow? Uh, the Pixie Dust taxes? Whoo, yeah! Go, Willow! - Impressive, Miss Park.
- [students murmuring.]
What's going on? It's like all of Hexside's caught Willow fever! Ever since I patched things up with Amity, I've been feeling more confident.
I guess it shows.
Aw, Willow thinks she's popular now.
How cute.
Hey, I agree, my friend is very cute.
But give that back! It's weird that Amity hangs out with you now.
Ever since Grom, she's gone soft.
But don't worry, I'm still here to show you who's boss.
Here, Willow.
Oh-ho-ho! The friends wanna get in on this too, huh? - [Gus exclaims.]
- [Boscha laughs.]
Is that laughter? Hey, hey! Learning's not supposed to be fun! We are having zero fun, I swear.
Boscha's picking on us.
My apologies, sir.
I was practicing my aim for Grudgby.
Boscha, how could you throw things at them when you could throw things at me? Am I over here? Or am I over here? Anything for the captain of the Banshees! Oh, thanks, but I already have the perfect targets.
Oh! [groans.]
Don't worry, it's not like she can follow us around all day, right? She followed us around all day.
She literally followed us around all day.
I'm really sorry I pulled you guys into this.
We should have just kept a low profile.
Boscha could get away with murder if she wanted to.
What's this? Boscha got away with murder? I can't say I approve, but at least she's trying new things.
We will find a way out of this.
Amity! Oh, Luz! You're here.
I mean, obviously you're here, this is school.
And you go here now, with, uh, me.
- I've been talking for too long.
- Amity, we need your help.
Yes, I can help! With what, exactly? Boscha won't stop picking on Willow and no one will do anything about it because she's the "Star Captain of the Grudgby team.
" Yeah, this time of year, she's extra unbearable.
You're friends with her, can you help us? Ugh.
The hard part is there's no reasoning with Boscha.
She only speaks in Grudgby terms.
Okay, okay.
I'm picking up what you're putting down.
I'm not putting anything down.
- [Willow screams.]
- [clattering.]
Willow! What happened? Boscha happened.
Hey, Willow! I just thought all trash should stay in one spot.
That's it! Boscha! Willow challenges you to a Grudgby match.
She what? I what? [Gus.]
She what? Seriously, what's going on here? And here's when we took down Epiderm High in the semi-finals.
Oh, I was the youngest on the team, but I had what some call "star power.
" AKA, this.
This is my cheat box.
I have all my best weapons in here.
Smoke bombs, sock-worms Mwah.
You name it.
Oh, I never lost a game with this bad boy.
Hoot-hoot! Guess who found a special friend in the forest.
- It was me.
Hoot! - [grunts, sighs.]
- Edalyn.
- Hooty! Ugh.
Scram, Hooty.
Okay! Why are you in your old uniform? No reason.
It's laundry day.
What are you doing here? [clears throat.]
Edalyn Clawthorne, you are hereby under arrest by the order of the Emperor of the Boiling Isles Ah! You were saying? Come on! I have to bring you in.
It's time for you to join the coven.
The Emperor has big plans for the Isles, - and he wants you to be a part of it all.
- Ooh.
What an incredible opportunity for me.
What are you even looking at? Grudgby pictures? Feeling sentimental? Ha! Me? Never.
I was just telling King here how good I was.
Oh, Edalyn.
Not only is the curse affecting your hair, but your memory as well.
Ah, tell you what.
I'll go with you peacefully to the Emperor - Really? - Sure.
If you beat me at a game of Grudgby.
Luz is always challenging people to things, why not me? Hmm Game on.
Luz, what are you doing? I'm just following Amity's advice.
Boscha only speaks in Grudgby terms.
Trust me, I have a plan.
Okay, maybe it's the altitude of the second floor, but I thought I heard you say that Leaf Girl wanted to challenge me to a Grudgby match.
That's right! We'll settle this once and for all on the field.
Or we could just talk about our issues? - Let's do this.
- Oh, no.
If Willow's team wins, you don't get to pick on her anymore.
Fine, and when we win, Willow and your team will be our water gofers.
Ha! That's not even a punishment.
I love water.
And we get to use you as target practice.
See you after school, losers.
Whoo-hoo! Willow versus Boscha! Luz, this isn't a good idea.
Yeah, I've never even played Grudgby before! How am I supposed to beat Boscha? But you're the better witch.
I don't know much about sports, but I do know about sports movies.
We, too, are a ragtag team of lovable misfits joined together to defeat a powerful enemy.
With a little team spirit and a training montage, we can win.
Well, if you think this'll work, then I'm in.
How about you, Gus? In seasons past, these flags have waved in support of Grudgby greats.
Now they will wave for the greatest.
Me! What about you, Amity? Me? On a team with you? Running around in cute uniforms? Sweating? I gotta go.
Huh? Well, I guess she's out.
In any case, let's get training! So, how exactly do we play Grudgby? Well, there's a ball, and you score by getting the ball through the other team's goal.
That sounds easy.
It is, except [blows.]
Oh, right.
Boiling Isles.
Should have predicted this.
[motivational music.]
All right, every great sports story includes a training montage.
What's a "mon-tage"? Well Oh, I get it now.
Wait, were we just having a tea party in animal jammies? What happens in the montage stays in the montage.
Now let's hit the field.
[blows whistle.]
Whoo! Go, Willow! You'll get 'em next time! [groans.]
I need a cup of water.
Now for our big finale.
Let's try the Thorn Vault.
Luz, wait [screaming.]
- [Gus grunting.]
- Gus! Talk to me, Gus! I I think something's broken.
My flags! I never should have tried to play.
You were always enough for me.
Come on, Gus.
I have some floral tape in the greenhouse.
We'll fix them.
- [sniffs.]
- Guys, let's try the Thorn Vault one more time.
Not now, Luz.
We're tired.
But we are the underdogs, we have to stay upbeat and keep trying Luz.
Not everything can be solved with a good attitude and a dope music soundtrack.
We're going to lose.
And no movie can help us against that.
The game is off.
Willow, wait! You gals ready to hoot? We want a clean game here, so no magic allowed.
Yes! Now I'll strike fear into my enemies with this armor of intimidation.
[laughs, snorts.]
Yeah, intimidation armor.
Pushing paper all day might make you a little rusty.
I'll try to go easy on you.
Remember, dear sister, you may have been star player, but I was team captain for a reason.
[blows whistle.]
Tough practice? I pushed Willow and Gus too hard.
It's just I hate seeing Willow get picked on.
She's one of the best friends I've ever had.
Winning this game is the only way I know how to help.
Did you know before Boscha, I was the Grudgby team captain? - Really? - Well, once I left the team, I decided that was a part of my life I wanted to forget.
We were playing Glandus High for the Island Championship.
We had a move planned, and it was a good one.
But, at the last minute, I decided I wanted to do something a bit flashier.
I changed our game plan to the Thorn Vault.
Good Witch Azura 2: Field of Deadly Fates? You watched it too? Uh, yeah.
It went disastrously wrong.
My teammates got hurt.
All because I had an idea of how things should be.
I pushed them too far.
I never played again after that day.
- [shrieks.]
- Ah! Sorry.
I just really love backstories.
I know what I need to do to make this up to Willow.
It's after school.
Where's the leader of your loser brigade? I'm here on her behalf.
- We forfeit.
- [gasps.]
And I'm here to tell you I'll take Willow's place as your water gofer, target practice, whatever you need.
Wow, you're a really good friend.
And a perfect target.
- [gasps.]
- Think fast.
Think fast.
Whoa! There, that ought to do it.
- These are flags of surrender now.
- [door slams open.]
Luz needs our help.
I know she pushed you guys, and she always gets in over her head.
She can be so stupid, which I love I mean hate! In any case, she needs you right now.
Which is sweet.
I mean, I hate it and it's dumb! You lost me.
Just, here.
Can we resist the call to action? No! May the flags be raised once more.
[pants, grunts.]
Hoot! Hooty! Whose side are you on? I'm an unbiased participant.
[gasps, grunts.]
Point goes to Lilith.
We're at a tie here, folks.
- [panting.]
- Time for one more play.
Just one little trick and the game will be mine.
Dang it, Luz.
Your nonsense has gotten into my head.
Well, time to do this the old-fashioned way.
Taking your time.
Nervous? Not today, sister.
[blows whistle.]
[both grunting.]
It's me again! - Ow! Oh, geez, hey! - No.
Yes! [laughs.]
Game over! Team Owl House rules supreme! Yes! Still got it! Still got the skills that pay the bills No! No.
I can't go back to the Emperor empty-handed.
Tell them I put up a heck of a struggle.
I will be back for you.
And next time, I won't be alone.
I'll be waiting.
I'll be waiting too! Hoot-hooty-hoot! [panting.]
Having fun yet? 'Cause I'm just getting warmed up.
- Huh? - [Willow.]
Your issue is with me, not Luz.
Leave her be.
Willow! Willow, I'm sorry I got you into this mess.
You're right, I got my head too stuck in that movie biz.
It's okay.
I know you were just trying to help in your Luz way.
But now let's finish this my way.
The game is back on.
You need three players on your team.
Where's your third? Uh, well [Amity.]
Right here.
You just destroyed your social life.
No, I think I've made it better.
Game on! Go, Willow! There's something on your shoe.
Like I'd fall for that.
Huh? Oh! [horn blowing.]
Whoa! [grunts.]
[horn blowing.]
[pants, grunts.]
[horn blowing.]
Nice work.
Fire magic! Amity! [gasps, shrieks.]
- [horn blowing.]
- [laughing.]
Yeah! There's time for one more play.
And this play could determine whether us underdogs win or lose.
Here's what I have to offer.
I think we should try this one.
The Thorn Vault? Are you sure? I'm ready this time.
- Ha! - [Gus.]
Watch out! - Amity! - Luz! - [grunting.]
- [Banshees panting.]
[Willows pants, grunts.]
- [grunts.]
- [horns blowing.]
[squeaks, grunts.]
Whoo! You did it, Willow! We did it! We won! Wait, what? Oh, thorns! Wh-What happened? She caught the Rusty Smidge.
The what? Yeah, while you were celebrating your "victory," I caught this guy.
It means we automatically win.
All magic sports are like this.
That just invalidates all our efforts! If catching that thing is so important, why do anything else? There's no reason to watch any of the other players! That's such a stupid rule! Well, we beat them and proved our social dominance.
All is right in the hierarchy.
Hey! Good game, Willow! I had so much fun playing you guys.
Oh, really? Willow, you're really good.
Would you wanna be on our team? Mm, thanks for the offer, but I think I'm done with Grudgby for a while.
Hey, where's - [grunts.]
- [both.]
Amity! I think I think I hurt my leg.
But I'll be okay.
Are you sure? I could help carry you if it really hurts.
[nervous chuckling.]
I'm fine.
- Who's Amity? - And scoop.
Oh, wow.
- Sports.
- Can we have another montage? Yeah! Montage, activate! [chuckles.]
You're You're not gonna show this to anyone, right? - Of course not.
Keep cheering.
- [Luz chuckling.]

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