The Owl House (2020) s01e16 Episode Script

Enchanting Grom Fright

1 Come on.
Work this time.
Yes! Check it out, King.
My glyph skills are blossoming.
You think that's impressive? Check this out! Two warriors battling to the death! Ah, I see we're getting enough Wi-Fi through the portal for cat videos.
Senseless violence.
Yes, attack! Death is your god! I regret teaching you about the Internet.
Ha! What possible regrets could come from the Internet? Oh, did you know the Earth is actually flat? Yep, that's not right.
Good enough.
Ah, a severed hand.
Perfect response.
What am I supposed to say? "Hey, Mom, not at camp actually.
I'm in a demon realm learning to be a witch.
Also, did you know demons and magic are real?" She will end me.
Nah, she'd be freaked out by our world anyway.
So actually, by keeping the truth from her, you're doing her a favor.
Hmm, the demon at my shoulder makes a good point.
Always trust a shoulder-demon.
Hoot, hoot, Luz! Time to fill up that darling little head of yours with Mm-hmm.
Delicious knowledge.
Please hurry.
The more I look at him, the more uncomfortable I get.
Hoot, hoot! Don't spend all day watching Mew-Tube, okay? I forge my own path! What a dum-dum.
Who has the energy? Coming through! Watch your heads! Something's different today.
Did everyone get a haircut? Oh, yeah, I forgot you've never been here for the social event of the season.
Welcome to your first Out of the way! Come with us immediately.
Your disease, it's advancing.
Is there a cure, Doc? Only one.
Finding the perfect date to Grom.
If that's the cure, then, Skara, will you go to Grom with me? Of course I will or whatever.
All right! You guys have a weird version of prom in the Boiling Isles? I was kicked out of my last school dance for dressing like an otter, but maybe here, I could be your Grom Queen.
That's, uh, not something people usually sign up for.
Watch it, nitwit.
Hi, Luz and co.
Sorry about that.
No problem.
Let me help you.
Here, your note.
Man, you got some quick grabbers.
It's just it's private.
I'm so nervous.
Attention, Hexside students, this is your principal speaking.
Oh, man, this is it.
He's announcing who will be this year's Grom royalty.
This year, I have the privilege to bestow our highest Grom honor to Amity Blight.
Our Grom Queen.
- It's Amity.
- Amity.
Whoo! Amity, get it, Queen.
Don't leave me hanging.
You might wanna give her some space.
Being Grom Queen is a tough job, even for Amity.
Very good.
Lower the streamers, fill the punch bowl, and how's my disco ball? Nauseous.
Just keep it up for 36 more hours.
My first school dance experience on the Boiling Isles.
I can't wait to get overdressed, take awkward photos, push all the buttons.
Wait, what? Well, hello.
Don't mind if I do.
Medieval torture seems like a strange theme for Grom.
But hey They're not for decoration.
This arena's where I'll make my debut as Grom Queen.
So why don't you seem excited? Because this isn't just some dance party.
That's Grom.
Short for Grometheus, the fear bringer.
It's a monster that lives under the school.
Every year it tries to break out, and a student has to defeat it before it invades the town.
Ever the optimist, Bump holds a party and calls it tradition.
The worst thing is that Grom can read minds and shape-shift into your worst fear.
And mine is very embarrassing.
If it worries you so much, why don't you tell Principal Bump you want out of this death match biz? Unless talking to Bump is your greatest fear.
No, but that's a good idea.
Thanks, Luz.
- Hmm.
- Put down a tarp! I'm gonna puke! I'm home.
Ow! Guys? Careful with those pins.
Why am I doing this? I don't even wear clothes.
Hey, sweet duds, Owl Lady.
What's the haps? I'm chaperoning Grom tonight, so I have to look sharp.
And Gus asked me to co-emcee the fight.
We're gonna turn this bloodbath into a fun bath.
Ooh, have they announced the victim yet? Yeah, it's Amity.
She's kinda freaking out though.
I wish I could, like, take her place or something.
A great joke, Luz.
Ah, listen, kid.
That's a noble sentiment, but Grom is a little above your pay grade.
You're a human.
You're fragile.
Hey, I've been learning lots of new spells.
I could totally handle it.
There's a horrifying spider in your hair.
I'm not as fragile as you think, Eda.
And I can't be so easily fooled either.
Uh, maybe you were too hard on her.
She's saved you from multiple monsters, remember? Facing Grom means facing your worst fear, King.
And I don't think Luz knows what that means yet.
Do you think I can pull off red eye shadow? Girl, you can pull off anything.
Up top! We're style geniuses.
" Eda doesn't know me.
I'm brave.
I'm a bad boy.
Ominous footsteps, creepy woods.
This is no problem.
Luz chop! Ow! Oh, my gosh.
Amity, I'm so sorry.
Ugh, and here I thought this day couldn't get any worse.
Did you talk to Bump? Was it as terrifying as you imagined? He said no.
I'm Grom Queen, unless I can find a replacement.
And who'd wanna switch with me? I would.
What? Amity Blight, I'll do it.
I'll take your place and face Grom in the arena.
I'll be your fearless champion.
Fearless champion.
Hmm! Hey, Luz.
You have a guest.
Hooty, no touching.
If that bird tube ever talks to me again, I'm going to destroy it.
You ready to train? Which should I wear to Grom? This one says, "Witch with a dark side.
" But this one says, "I'm an otter with a dark side.
" Luz, you need to take this seriously.
If you can't defeat Grom, everyone on the island will have to live out their worst nightmare.
Wanna hear my worst nightmare? - Hooty-hoot! Hoot, hoot! - Stop, stop.
Amity, stop! Grom will transform into your darkest fears.
What are you afraid of, Luz? Wanna say our greatest fears? On three.
One, two - Being alone forever.
- Being stuck with you forever.
In preparation, I've made a list.
Jerks online who wanna debate.
Luz, help me, help.
- Human souls trapped in cat bodies.
- No! I don't want to be this.
No! - I'm lactose intolerant.
- Luz, help me.
Not enough.
The reason I can't face Grom, it goes deeper than things that just gross me out.
What's your real fear, Luz? My real fear is that Eda thinks I'm too fragile to do this.
And if she's right, I'll never be a real witch.
You're inadequate.
Still got it.
- No! - I get it.
Ditch the yellow.
Is that supposed to be me? Dang, I look great.
Wait a sec.
You're training to be Grom Queen.
So what if I am? You think training will help against Grom? Luz, you always go overboard, and I end up bailing you out.
Now, what's the fun in watching a kid get eaten by a monster if it's my kid? Well, maybe you'll have fun watching me defeat Grom.
Luz, I don't think you're ready, but we're literally out of time.
I'll take it.
Arms so tired.
Why so twitchy, witchy? Trying to remember if I've ever seen you this worried before.
Well, of course I'm worried.
I'm gonna have to save Luz from a nightmare monster.
So much for mama's fun night out.
Ladies, gentlemen and assorted demons, it's almost time for our main Grom event.
Please, please, take a seat.
And beware that the first three rows are designated splash zones.
Wow, Gus is really good at this.
They're hanging on his every word.
I see we've got Principal Bump in the house.
Now, sir, I hope you won't throw us in detention because, uh, we're gonna raise the roof.
Whoo, I, uh, hope my material's up to snuff.
Whoa! What do you think will go better with the youth? Close-up magic or impressions? Oh, King.
Teenagers are brutal.
They'll boo anyone, and that kind of public humiliation can stick with you for life.
I'm not sure if it's nerves or if I accidentally drank some milk, but something's making my stomach squirm.
Uh, you look nice.
Strange but nice.
And thank you, Luz.
Honestly, I'm kind of amazed with how fearless you are.
You've done things I could never do.
Yeah, right.
You're going soft on me, Blight? In your dreams.
Now introducing our Grom Queen.
You know her, you love her.
You've at least heard of her Luz, the human.
Wish me luck.
- Grom! - Yes, Grom! There you are, Gromarama.
Not too scary.
Luz, help me.
I'm a man again.
Ugh, so weird.
And there she goes, folks, using that characteristic human magic to keep Grom at bay.
And now to hand things over to my co-emcee King.
- Hello, Hexside.
- Boo! So Oh, oh, gosh.
Um Whoo.
Wow, these lights are warm.
Observe! Luz is, um, she's down there all right.
And, uh, yes, she is.
There she goes.
- Folks, she's, uh, she's battling the thing.
And, uh - Boo! Boo! Bring back the funny kid! You will clap for me! Please? King! You're not coming from a place of intellectual honesty, so debating you would be pointless.
Oh, yes! Luz has lasted surprisingly long.
But what form will Grom take next? Let's finish this, human style.
Huh? Mija? Ma, what are you doing here? Luz, what is this terrible place? This isn't camp.
Have you been here all these weeks? - And is that a weapon? - I can explain.
Mija, have you been lying to me? - What's going on, little dude? - Nothing.
Leave me be.
Thing is, you're sitting in my personal chitchat zone, which means you gotta talk.
Well, if that's the rule Oh, how can this be? I get stage fright.
Me! The King of Demons.
Well, sometimes you just have to I know.
I know.
Imagine everyone in their underwear.
Gross! Why would you do that? I don't know.
I always do that.
I am a little weirdo.
No, King, sometimes you just have to face your fear like Luz is doing right now.
I can't do it.
I can't face my fear! Why are you running, Luz? Grom has escaped.
- He escaped.
- Oh, no.
Grom escaped.
King, now's your chance.
Gimme! King of Demons, you got this.
Well, folks, looks like our show literally just took off.
- Eh? - You gotta pander.
Uh, took off just like your local sports team would take off when they're about to make a goal.
- Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! Sports team.
- Sports team! I love our team! - Oh, yeah! That's right! So, uh So let's follow them and see what happens next.
Yeah! I don't wanna be Grom Queen anymore.
I give up the throne! Why can't you face me, Luz? Why can't you face your own mother? You're not really my mom.
How could you say that, cariño.
You're breaking my heart! Spicy toss! Hands off my human, you misshapen excuse for a monster.
Eda, you were right.
I'm not ready.
That's okay.
I got this one.
What? Stay away from her.
I'm sorry, Luz.
I should've fought my own battle.
I Amity! No! Your fear! Who is that? You were afraid of getting rejected.
Amity, it's okay.
What if I went to Grom with you instead? - Really? - That's what friends do.
Well then, if that's settled, may I have this dance? So, who did you wanna ask out? Oh, it's it's not important.
And there you have it, folks.
A happy ending for this year's Grom.
Let's give a big hand to our Grom Queens Luz and Amity.
You did it! You're amazing! Yes! - You did it, buddy.
- Of course I did it.
I'm the King of Demons, and I've never had stage fright in my life.
You did it! They love me! Whoo! Watch out for this human.
Oh, you did good, kid.
Thanks, but I'm gonna go to bed.
Now I am king and queen.
Best of both things.
In the end, I couldn't actually face my mom.
Maybe I am fragile.
I won't lie.
Today was kinda hard.
And I don't always feel like I'm supposed to be here.
But when things got tough, my friends helped me out.
I think you'd like them.
Te extraño también, mami.
One day I'll tell you all about this.
That's a cute way of saying "text.
" Wow! What a night.
Now can someone let me down? Anyone?
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