The Owl House (2020) s01e15 Episode Script

Understanding Willow

1 [Boscha.]
Too wiggly.
Too obvious.
Now we're talking.
I think today is a talons day.
Hey, girls.
Time to bug out at my birthday party.
Invite only.
But you witches are my VIPs.
Are these made of real insect wings? My dad spared no expense.
You only turn 15 once.
You only turn every age once, Skara.
Prepare thyself to do battle like a human.
Thumb war! [giggles.]
It's fun because it's stupid.
It's so weird that a human goes here now.
Too bad she's already burned her social life at the stake.
Any friend of Willow's is an automatic dork.
Ugh, Skara, why did you give me an invite that was molting? Gross.
Give me another one.
An invitation to Skara's party.
- I want it.
It's mine! - I want it.
No! - It's mine.
- [groans.]
- Kid fight! - Kid fight? Kid fight! Oh, my gosh, Willow, I am so excited for photo class.
I can't believe you can make pictures of your actual memories.
I'ma see me some baby Willow.
I'll admit, I was adorable.
Don't eat that.
Whoa! - [hisses.]
- Hiss! I can't believe she'd hang out with her.
It's just embarrassing.
"Look at me.
I'm going on a date with my ferns.
" [laughing.]
That could be anyone.
Solid Willow impression, Boscha.
Amity, weren't you friends with Willow? I'm a Blight.
We only associate with a select few.
Keep annoying me though, I'm happy to select fewer.
Oh, I could've sworn that you guys hung out.
All right, memory melon, let's pick another juicy one.
Be careful with my brain.
Who says brain surgery's hard? How's your work? Note that some prints have greater clarity than others.
These are moments that evoke a strong emotional response.
All the colors of the brainbow.
But if you damage the prints, you'll damage the memories themselves.
Be extremely careful.
Photo class is intense.
Oh, my gosh, Willow, you had an awkward hair phase too? I knew we were meant to be friends.
Ooh, there's more.
I know you and Amity have a history.
Wouldn't you feel better talking about it? No, I'd rather do this.
That's my motto after all.
"Out of sight, out of mind.
" [bell screams.]
If you won't tell me what she did, I'll never be able to cook up a scheme to make you friends again.
Luz, I get it.
But I don't want you to do that.
No schemes, no plots, no ruses.
Okay? Now, let's get to lunch.
She never did mention anything about shenanigans.
Wait up! I can't believe I made him cry.
Like, he's the teacher.
Hmm? - Oh, no.
- Why do you look like you've seen a ghost? Is there a ghost in photo class? Are they cute? Yup.
Just a super cute ghost.
But they're all mine.
Ask if they any friends.
Willow, I'm sorry.
But I have to do this.
- [fire crackles.]
- Huh? Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
Um, uh Oh, come on! Hey there, detective.
Are you solving a crime or about to commit one? Sadly, this is one problem crime can't solve.
My interview for journalism class is due tomorrow.
I'm supposed to choose someone interesting, accomplished, and noteworthy.
People aren't meant to be all those things.
Curse your need for perfection, Gus.
- Okay, buddy, okay.
- [sips.]
So, Willow Whoa, are you okay? When did it get so hot? [gulps.]
Uh, hi.
I'm Willow.
Remind me of your names.
This is serious journalism, Willow.
Clowning around will get you nowhere.
I'm serious.
Who are you? I'll admit, this amnesia spin has piqued my interest.
Gus, it really seems like she's forgotten us like her memory is [gasps.]
Like her memory is gone.
Hexside free press.
What's going on here? [gasps.]
- Hi.
- You destroyed Willow's memories? I saved as many as I could.
Why would they make memories so flammable? [Willow chuckles.]
Have I always had this crazy thing? Blap.
I can tell we're gonna be good friends.
So, this is the Owl House? - Yup.
- And you sleep here? When the night critters allow me to.
So, you set Willow's memories on fire and erased everything.
Even minor damage can have huge effects.
Ah, chair for sitting.
Huh? Oh.
Her brain's burned up real good.
Damage like that can change everything about a person.
Willow may never be the same.
I got it! Ooh, a furry fruit.
I'm gonna peel it.
What? What is happening? Nap time.
- Sleep spell.
- [Willow.]
I didn't cast it on you.
Yeah, who cares? Is there anything we can do? There is one way.
But it's terribly dangerous and partially illegal.
So, you're in the right place.
I'll send you into her mind to fix the damage.
Be still, my fantasy-loving heart.
I have always wanted to do this.
Thank you, Boiling Isles.
It won't be easy.
You have a lot to fix in there 'cause it's a mess.
Whoever did this to Willow showed unbelievable disregard for her safety, downright despicable.
Oh, right, it was you.
Anyway, Luz, who's going inside with you? Maybe I could help.
I'm pretty good at getting stuck inside people's heads.
This is somebody's brain, not a night club.
Two, max.
I'm running out of time.
I'm in total free fall.
Must I turn to forbidden sources? [growls.]
Gus has a lot on his plate.
Amity, you have to go with me.
Willow might not want me in there.
You set everything in there on fire.
You have to help.
Okay, I'll do what I can.
All right.
Bold choice, taking the girl who caused the mess.
- [bell chimes.]
- Wow.
When you're done, ring that and I'll cast you back.
Oh, and keep an eye out for her inner Willow.
She's the gatekeeper of emotions and memory.
She might help you.
Now, here we go! [screams.]
Where's her inner Willow? Do you really think it'll help? I don't know.
We'll just have to start fixing stuff on our own.
Now let's see.
Hey, I found something magical.
I'm gonna put my face in it.
Luz! I think I found the memories.
Let's go.
- [whoops.]
- [screams.]
And welcome to Willow's beautiful memory.
Lake Lacuna.
This is where Willow and I took swimming lessons.
The ash must be from the fires.
Our fort in the dunes.
One time Willow wanted to play hooky from our swim lessons, so we built this.
Forts, hooky, Willow.
Can words get any cuter? [Amity.]
We knew the swim teacher would be on the prowl, but Willow said she'd protect us with an illusion spell.
What? It's like a little doghouse for angels.
But something is missing.
We're back.
I think fixing the fort fixed the memory.
[Young Amity and Willow laugh.]
The seagulls are back again.
Don't worry.
I'll get rid of them.
[Willow screams.]
- Willow.
- I'm sorry.
I thought I was getting better.
Willow was a late bloomer.
I know.
But now she's more like a great bloomer.
This place is like a theater showing her most important moments.
Now, let's fix some more.
The photo that started it all.
Let's do it next.
Wait, uh You want important moments? This one might be about a crush.
Hmm, don't mind if I do.
No one can give me the interview I need except myself.
I'd rather die than expose my secrets.
Then die you shall.
- [grunts.]
- [Eda clears throat.]
If you need an interview, look no further.
Interesting? I'm a bad girl living in a secret fortress.
I'm the secret.
Noteworthy? I'm public enemy number one.
Accomplished? I'm the greatest witch who ever lived.
What do you think? I think not.
If you're handing out attention, I deserve it.
Nyeh! I will choose one of you.
But which one? If you wanna get picked, you'll have to impress me.
[Young Willow giggles.]
[man screams.]
[Young Willow screams.]
I don't feel so good! We don't need to see how this one ends.
Yeah, Willow threw up a lot that day.
That's when you knew she was having fun.
I mean, aw.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, I just I can't believe I almost erased all this.
I really messed things up.
Don't worry.
We've gotten really good at fixing memories.
I won't rest until we've got this all sorted out.
Repeat after me, "We can fix this together.
" Come on.
We can fix this together.
Heck, yeah, we can.
I know some of these memories must be painful for you, but what happened to you guys? And why are you trying to hide it? I just [gasps.]
What's that? Look, if you don't wanna talk about it, just say so.
No, I actually saw something.
At least I think I did.
If you need me, I shall be fixing this memory of a ball pit.
Wait, that's not It's eggs.
It's full of eggs.
Why is this memory full of eggs? Yeah, that one's hard to explain.
Just give up, King, 'cause I got this.
You got nothing.
No one turns down an interview with someone this pretty.
What? If you want this interview, you're gonna have to start answering some tough questions.
Where were you born? Huh? What'd you eat for breakfast this morning? What? What's your greatest strength? My decisiveness.
Wait, I changed my mind.
This will be the single greatest interview of all time.
So, if you want it, you'll have to dazzle me.
The kid scares me.
We're getting pretty good at fixing these.
Phew! Yeah.
And there's only one last memory to fix, the one you're suspiciously avoiding.
Me? Avoid? No.
But let's skip it.
Where's Eda's bell? Amity, you gotta stop being weird.
We have to fix all of them.
Unless there's something in there you don't want me to see.
Look, I'm not here to judge.
I'm just here to help Willow.
Help? All you're doing is prying into your friends' lives.
Well, did you ever think maybe it's none of your business? [sniffs.]
Is something burning? [both gasp.]
Look! [roars.]
[both scream.]
Hide, hide, hide! [both gasp.]
Oh, no.
That thing is burning up all the memories.
Please call Eda.
I don't wanna be here when it comes out.
How's that for interesting? There's levels to me, kid, levels I say! Yes, that was nice.
No, it wasn't.
If you want noise, I'll give you noise.
Why won't she answer? Yeah, she's not super reliable.
Run! [Amity.]
Why is it destroying all the photos? I don't know.
That one hasn't been burnt, or that one.
Amity, that thing isn't after any photo, it's after you.
What? [roars.]
Run! I have an idea.
We can't go in there, I'm in there.
Just trust me.
[both grunt.]
Time for a swimming lesson.
Whoo! Teamwork, baby! Luz.
Are you the inner Willow? I was.
Love, sadness, fear.
I used to be a being made of all emotions.
But ever since you set Willow's mind on fire, all I can feel is anger.
Please, stop! But Amity wanted this.
Every moment she touched, I'm going to burn.
You're just hurting Willow.
Why are you doing this? Still haven't figured it out yet? Then I'll show you.
You wanted to know everything, right? Then come take a trip down memory lane.
You're saying it all creepy, but I like the sound of [yells.]
Where are we? You said I was hurting Willow.
I was just finishing what you started.
You have to get out, Willow.
- Wait, why? - Because, because Is it because I still can't do magic? Amity, I'm I'm sorry I got us in trouble at the beach.
I just I can't get the spells right.
Well, yes that, that is why.
Because you're a weakling.
You can't do magic, so I don't wanna be your friend.
Now, go! Then you let your new friends pick on her for years.
All because you thought she was weak.
Well, now I can erase all that pain.
After all, out of sight, out of mind.
Amity! Wait, please.
Before all this started, there there was something else.
[male voice.]
What is Willow doing here? She wasn't on the guest list for a reason.
But she's she's my best friend.
Blights only associate with the strongest of witchlings.
You may choose a new friend from one of the suitable companions we invited.
But they're mean.
Just because you work with their parents doesn't mean I have to like them.
Good children don't squabble, dear.
Sever your ties with Willow, and if you don't - Then we will.
- [gasps.]
We'll make sure the girl is never admitted into Hexside.
Now, go.
And try not to make a scene.
Willow, you were never too weak to be my friend.
I was too weak to be yours.
I can't take back what I've done, but I can promise you this.
I won't let Boscha and her gang pick on you ever again.
I'm not actually gonna rip it because it's a real butterfly, but you get the gesture, right? I do.
I think Willow should keep her memories of you, the good and the bad.
Me too.
Then, if it's okay, Amity and I still have some work to do.
Oof! [giggles.]
So, does this mean you and Willow are buddies again? I'm not sure.
Well, why don't we go see? [pants.]
So, who got the gig, kid? Well, this has been the hardest choice of my entire life.
But with the public interest in mind, the interview goes to Hooty! - Hooty? - Hooty? Hoots! Well, your performances got me thinking.
What could create such interesting people? Only the Owl House itself.
Tell me everything, Mr.
I've been waiting to hear those words all my life.
Where to begin? It all started I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna bake that bird in a pie.
I'm gonna bake that kid into a pie.
- [bell rings.]
- Huh? Oh, right, I put people in there.
Whoa, what went down here? And where's Gus? What did you do with Gus? The kid's fine, he's just dead to us.
Those are very mixed messages.
Willow, do you know who I am? A friendly scarecrow? Just messing.
I remember everything.
She's back, folks.
My girl's back.
I'm gonna hug you so hard you'll never forget me again.
I remember what you did too.
What you did in there.
I can't say we're friends, but it's a start.
Luz, question: How did Amity happen to see the photo I hid in class? [Luz.]
You said nothing about shenanigans.
My first word was hoot.
My second word was hoot-hoot.
My third word [Gus.]
Hooty, you gotta stay on track here, buddy.
Here's a song I wrote.
Bored, bored, bored - Bored, bored, bored - Ah! I can't take this anymore.
Here a hoot, there a hoot Somewhere else a hoot-hoot Hooty-hoot hoot
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