The Owl House (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Keeping Up A-fear-ances

It always starts the same way.
I wake up someplace dark.
And then it appears.
And eventually I wake up and I know I turned into that thing.
I see.
Here, take this.
It will tell you when the beast's energy is bubbling to the surface.
Also, I hear gems are quite fashionable for young witches.
Oh, what a beautiful little stone.
May I speak with you outside? Just a minute, hon.
What the heck was that? I thought you were in the Healing Coven, not the Bauble Brigade.
Clawthorne, we have never seen a curse quite like this.
I'm not sure it can be healed.
Perhaps if we consult the Potions Coven, they may know a way to keep it at bay.
Keep it at bay? Oh, no.
My daughter is suffering and I want that thing out! Cut it out if you have to.
Edalyn, I'm taking you to someone else.
Huh? I never knew this was back here.
Huh? - What? - Edalyn! Edalyn, is that you? Edalyn! Edalyn! I will find a way to cure you, Edalyn.
No matter what it takes.
Weh! Ugh! Ah, there we go.
Mama like.
Mean! We ran out of apple blood.
Still no luck? None.
And I was up all night.
I read every tome, book, notepad, and tea leaf.
But nothing explains how to make a portal to the Human Realm.
I wish I could help ya, kid.
My door was already pretty old when I found it.
How long did you have it? Well Help me.
Calm down, just calm down.
The curse acts stronger when you're stressed.
That was horrible.
How have you managed all these years? Well, it's been hard.
But since we split the curse, at least the elixirs are working again.
That's a relief.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
Side effect of the curse.
It's actually fun once in a while.
Now don't worry.
I've stashed elixirs all over the house.
Whenever you start feeling feathery, just help yourself to one of these bad boys.
Ooh! I had no idea this is what I did to you.
I am so, so sorry.
Eh, at least I got company now.
And you got me if you need anything.
As I was saying, I've had the portal door for years.
But I originally just found it in the dirt.
Never figured out who made it or where it came from.
I just kept it to myself.
Why wouldn't you tell anyone? Why? Suddenly curious about my past? Always.
Always curious.
Well, I may have been using it to hide from someone.
- Hide from who? - Probably me! Magic bird tornado? Hello, little witchlet.
Come here.
Are we still on that? I'm your mother.
Call me "Mom.
" Mom? It is so good to see you again.
How are you feeling? Are you eating well? I heard all about the Petrification Ceremony.
Trust me, I have a lot of strong words for that Belos.
Mother! Mother, you know, I was there too.
Oh, hello to you too, sweet flea.
Still dyeing your hair, I see.
Well, it's very sleek.
Now give me a moment with Edalyn, dear.
It's important.
That's right! Today, I am about to complete a 30-year mission.
- Oh, no.
- Your mother has finally succeeded.
Here it comes.
Today, I shall be curing your curse.
- No, thanks.
- What? I said, "No, thanks.
" I got my elixir system.
I'm good.
But But who knows what they put in those nasty concoctions? Actually, I do.
And would you look at the time? I got a lot to do today.
So sad to see you go.
Okay, bye! Moms? Am I right? I haven't seen Mother in forever! And she was handing you a cure on a silver platter.
I'd kill to see my mom right now, and you just launch yours into the sky? Oh, listen, she comes around every year, toting a new cure for my curse, but they never work.
So I am done getting my hopes up.
Mother visits Edalyn regularly? Mrs.
Clawthorne, wait! I'm Luz.
Eda's apprentice.
I think what you're doing is so sweet.
Eda can just be so Eda sometimes.
Call me Gwen, dear.
But please don't blame Edalyn.
It was the curse that created the rift between us.
I understand.
Right now, there's an actual rift between me and my mom in the Human Realm.
Human Realm? Hmm.
- My dear, I may know how to fix both our rifts.
- Really? I've heard some information that may assist you on your quest.
Help me cure Eda's curse and that information is yours.
Yes, yes, yes! Where do we start? We'll be consulting someone very special.
So we're gonna meet a curse expert? This is so rad.
Yes, after years of dealing with the Healing Coven, I finally found someone who promised me a cure.
Ah, here we are.
Please, they're so itchy.
Boils, they're they're gone! Thank you, Wortlop.
Thank you.
That's Master Wortlop.
He's a traveling curse expert who's perfected next-level healing magic.
Gwendolyn, my pupil.
Your aura is shining bright.
It took many months, but I was able to gather the sacred items you requested.
The copper egg from the Snowy Rib Cage, the silver dagger from the Swampy Toes, and the golden chalice from the desert of Palm Stings.
You're a dedicated mother, aren't you? Inside this tome is the healing ability you seek.
But keep it away from the eyes of nonbelievers, for many will be blinded by the power it holds.
I understand.
I am in your debt, Master Wortlop.
Isn't it amazing, Francois? If Eda's mom can just pop up, who says my dad can't? Better get my hugging arms ready.
Ha! Yeah, good luck with all that dad stuff.
Sometimes it doesn't matter how dutiful you are or successful you are, parents just won't give you the time of day.
Don't listen to her, Francois.
My dad won't be like that.
Your mysterious father, who didn't even stick around to watch you hatch.
Looks like you and I are in the same boat, King.
Nice work, Luz.
With Wortlop's tome and your ability to lure Eda out of the house, we'll be curing that curse in no time.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's always down for more apple blood.
So, that Wortlop guy was really something.
- You're his pupil? - Oh, yes.
But first, I had to prove that I was worthy of his secrets.
So I spent the last year on a bunch of dangerous quests.
And I didn't even get that many scars.
Also, dang, girl, your bicep game is ridiculous.
Our signs must've worked.
Oh, baby, time to stock up on Mama's night juice.
According to Wortlop's tome, we start by lowering the beast's defenses with special crystals.
And they're supposed to be quite calming.
Whoa! Knife season came early this year.
She's stressed.
Oh, no, no, no.
The texts say those feathers mean we're driving the beast out.
Don't worry.
After today, Eda will never have to drink those nasty little things again.
All right.
What do we do next? Next, we're gonna put that beast on ice.
How do you get a parent's attention? Heck if I know.
Mother wasn't even at my Coven Initiation.
At least you know what she looks like.
All I have is an old wall carving.
What if that's just graffiti? Heh, that's, uh, that's an awful lot of ice cream you guys are eating.
You know Eda gets that stuff from the Night Market, right? Are you my mother? Because that is an awful lot of judgment.
This stinks.
If my dad doesn't care about me, why should I care about him? Hmm? Well, I'm not going to him.
He's gonna have to come to me.
And I am sick of being overlooked.
From now on I I have no mother.
And I I'd say that to her face.
Isn't that taking it a bit too far? It's not taking it far enough.
Go tell her.
Go on.
She's right outside.
- She is? - Yeah, I saw her go off with Luz.
I think they're gonna heal Eda's curse or whatever.
Uh, oh.
Is that so? Mother paying attention to Edalyn, again.
I mean, it's not like I care.
You got, uh You got a little, uh Hmm.
Where are the elixirs? Lilith? Weh? This better be the oldest, strongest, stinkiest apple blood ever.
I just stole these.
It seems like the curse isn't my daughter's only problem.
Help Mama up.
Gwen, we tried freezing the curse out, we tried sweating the curse out, we even tried flying snakes for some reason.
I don't think this stuff is working.
Did Wortlop ever say where he learned this stuff? Yes, I'm sending it right away.
What did you just do? It turns out the ancient tome is only the first of a series.
So I'm trading in a few paltry family heirlooms to get the rest.
Let me see that book.
Only people who have scaled Wortlop's "Pyramid of Study" can touch the tome.
Hey! What is this? Jar of bees for existential dread? Aromatherapy for broken legs? Bird songs for sufferers of stuffy noses? Gwen, you're being scammed.
Wortlop is a fake.
You really think I'd spend my life savings on a fake? I know you want what's best for Eda, and so do I.
But I'm calling this off.
Luz, I really thought we were on the same side.
According to Wortlop, poison like this is made by healers and potion makers who simply want money.
Are you kidding me? You just Whatever.
I'll just get more at the house.
I'm afraid that will be a waste of your time.
Hawksley cleared out every bottle hours ago.
Why would you do that? Because I am a mother who will do anything for her daughter.
Woo, this ain't good.
Hey, what is going on here? Witchlet, it's okay.
Luz and I are working to heal you.
What? This was all you? You weren't healing me.
You nearly killed me.
Eda, please try to stay calm.
Why? Why should I be calm? I have a right to be upset! Oh, let's get this over with.
Don't worry.
According to this we just have to Uh Have to what? Buy the next volume.
King? So Lilith was feeling stressed and, uh, the light glyph didn't really work.
So, uh uh uh She turned into that thing! Sweet flea? That was my little sweet flea.
That means she's also Cursed, yes.
Were you not paying any attention to her? We have to help them.
Will you come with me? This This must be part of the process, right? I can see you still need a little time.
All right, Owlbert, let's fly.
Wortlop he's not a fake, is he? After everything I did for him.
Hey, what do you wanna call this one? Eh, I don't know.
Cleansing mud? Yeah, from the Healing Bogs of the Hips or whatever.
What do you think? I think we're gonna be rich.
Clawthorne? What a fortuitous surprise.
You know, right after Eda was cursed I joined the Beast Keeper Coven.
I thought they surely would know what to do.
But the beast keepers told me the curse couldn't be tamed.
And the Healers told me it couldn't be healed.
Eda told me she found something that made it manageable at least.
But I didn't listen.
I could give you the next volume.
5% off? 10% off? Leave.
And if I ever see you in Bonesborough again, every beast in the forest will be after your head.
Still got it.
Gotta think fast.
Whoo! No one's bought anything in a while.
I should close up shop.
- Morton! - Hmm? I need every last elixir you have.
Also, do you accept payment in hyperrealistic pencil portraits? Shoot! I thought I was improving.
Don't worry.
Mama's here.
You sure this is gonna work? Yeah, are you like secretly sending us to our deaths? No, I'm making things right.
My beautiful daughters, I failed you.
Edalyn you're in there, aren't you? I should've listened to you.
I know now why you pushed me away.
Uh, Mom? I made you think your curse was something to be ashamed of.
Whether we want it or not, it's a part of you.
And I love every part of you.
Mom, I can hear you.
And you My turn to drive.
I'm so sorry.
Mom? Witchlet! And Lilith you were always so self-sufficient.
But I didn't give you the attention you deserved.
Now! Man, that is good elixir.
About time, Mom.
Mom, I heard you but I couldn't stop myself.
I I couldn't do anything.
It's okay.
Everything is okay now.
I'm here for you both.
She was trying to do her best, huh? I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused, but I-I just wanted to help.
I should've trusted you more.
Yeah, you should've.
But, hey, don't be a stranger.
Okay, Mom? Mom, I'm ready! Huh? Well, we were talking and I've decided to go home with Mother and make up for lost time.
What? Lily? You lived here? What? Edalyn, Lilith told me how she gave you the curse.
I am so, so sorry to you both to have this secret weighing you down.
I wish I knew sooner.
There's still a lot to be learned about this curse.
But it'll be nice to spend some time home and reconnect with Dad.
We'll be away for a while, but we have plenty of elixir stocked up.
Someday my hair is gonna be big enough to do that too.
You actually want that? No, Lulu! You can't! Hootsifer, I have to.
But don't worry, we can be pen pals.
But I can't hold a pen.
Luz, if it weren't for you I might still be wrapped up in Wortlop's lies.
So here's what I should've told you from the start.
You're not the only human to have lived in Bonesborough.
There's a rare substance called Titan's blood.
It is extremely powerful and sometimes causes leaks between our realms.
Plants, animals And you guys have a lot of garbage, by the way.
But humans are rare.
My great grandmother told me about a human who once lived here.
But one day he just vanished.
Rumor has it he left something in the library, and if you can find out more about him Maybe I could find out how he got here.
Well, I'll be on the couch for the next 24 hours.
- Good night.
- No, wait! I call couch.
I'll be home soon, Mom.
Camp's probably ended by now.
She must be so worried.
I'm sorry.
These animal documentaries make me such a mess.
- Here, Mama.
- Thank you, Luz.
You always know what to do.

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