The Owl House (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Through the Looking Glass Ruins

1 Hey, Gus.
You okay? I-I messed up bad, Luz.
Willow just needed help with this pixie problem, right.
So I thought, oh, that I'll just lure them away with illusion.
But then That angered the pixies, and they attacked Willow.
I heard.
I moved up two grades.
What's the point of being good at this if I can't do anything good with it? It was an honest mistake.
Besides, Willow's tough as nails.
I'm sure you'll both be feeling better tomorrow.
[title music.]
[crow caws, beeping.]
I'm not reading this.
Come on, King.
Please? [grunts.]
[clears throat.]
Is that a six-footed pig or a floating appendage? Why, no.
It's Gus the Illusion Master.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Gus.
Thanks for sending me all those "Get well soon" illusions But, uh Willow! How are you feeling? Do you have a fever? Willow, you want me to sing for you? [vocal warm-ups.]
Willow, is this helping? Can you please take them back? [groans.]
Where's Willow? Why are we here? Did we do bad? [all groaning.]
Gustopher! Gusteban.
Augustabeth! Any of those working for you? You need my library card to visit Amity, don't you? [laughs.]
I haven't been doing a good job of hiding that, huh? Well, I was also hoping to do a little bit of research.
Come on.
So, Eda's mom told me I'm not the first human to have lived in Bonesborough.
If that's true, there might be some info on how they got here in the library.
Yeah, okay.
Looking through old newspapers is about all I'm good for anyway.
Spill it, Gustonimo.
Are you okay? I-I just been thinking.
What if it's time for me to explore different kinds of magic? I'm all for trying new things, but what's wrong with illusions? Illusions are just so you know [growling.]
[low voice.]
Yay! Huh? [growling.]
Good work, guys.
All right.
[all cheering.]
Yeah! [gasping.]
Son, are you okay? Yes, Daddy.
Thank you, mysterious heroes.
Stay safe out there.
Wow! Just wow! Plants.
You guys took down that Slitherbeast like it was nothing.
Nah, it wasn't that easy.
Yeah, looked like you had a real hard time out there.
You're Glandus students, right? I go to Hexside.
Name's Gus.
Nice to meet ya.
This is Angmar.
Hey! - And I'm - [shouting.]
Bria! [panting.]
I would've helped, but, like, there was this other baby in danger.
You probably couldn't see.
Mattholomule? Augustus? Back off, twerp.
This operation is Glandus kids only.
Hey, Matty, it's all cool.
Did you get the map? Yes! And I only had to endure 35 noogies from my older brother.
Nice work.
Well, uh, I can see you guys are busy, so Wait! Have you ever heard of the Galderstones? They're powerful relics.
Many witches and demons have sought them.
But they've all returned empty-handed, haunted by its guardian.
Until us.
We heard some coven scouts talking about them, but it'll be rough going.
You said you are a Hexside student, right? We could use the extra strength.
That sounds awesome, but I-I can't.
I promised a friend I'd help her with something today.
Whoa! [pants.]
Gus, you ran away so fast, but I didn't want to interrupt, so I think you should go.
Well, he can't.
Gus is just an illusionist.
He'll only hold us back.
Shows what you know.
Gus here is a regular super witch.
Luz! I see what you're doing and it's really sweet, but I don't actually know any spells besides illusions.
No problem.
Come on, man.
You know I'm all about proving jerks wrong.
All right.
I'm in.
Where do we find these Galderstones? We're journeying to the Looking Glass Ruins in Forearm Forest.
What's wrong, Augustus? Scared? We all are.
Who knows what awaits us out there? But we all got each other's backs, right? [voice breaking.]
Yeah, um Yeah.
Yeah, all right.
Let's go.
Whoo-hoo! Whoo.
[cheering, laughing.]
Did you check out the other volume? [chimes.]
"Mystery vendor floods market with dangerous human goods.
" Oh, Eda.
"Human resident donates personal diary to library.
" [gasps.]
Yes! This must be it.
Come on.
Give it back.
No! [sighs.]
If you give me back my hairband, I'll read you whatever book you want tomorrow.
Finally! I can learn how to summon the dark lord.
Hey, Luz.
Hey, Luz.
Oh! [chuckles.]
Hey, Ed.
Hey, Em.
Picking up Amity? Nah, looks like you got that covered.
I'm looking for skincare tips.
I have a date tonight.
Yeah, he needs all the help he can get, after he accidentally texted a poem to their mom.
Please don't tell people that.
Are they bothering you again? Oh.
No, I just came here to see you, and, uh, here you are.
[both gasp.]
Edric, your face, it's exploding with horrific pustules.
Oh, no! W-Wait.
Is it really? We have to fix it before your date, or you'll get dumped.
What? I will? [grunts.]
Come on, Ed.
I was actually wondering if you could help me find this book? Hundreds of years ago, there was a human named Philip Wittebane living in Bonesborough.
And he donated his diary to this library.
And this might tell you how to travel between realms, right? Yes! My mom probably thinks I'm missing right now.
I have to get back to her as soon as possible.
Well, something this old would be kept in the Forbidden Stacks.
Only Malphas, the master librarian, is allowed in here.
No te preocupes.
Todo va a salir bien.
Like my mom always said.
I'm sure I can find another way.
Hey, wait.
I never said I wasn't gonna help.
My staff card should be able to open those doors.
But once we're inside, you have to listen to everything I say.
If we're caught, I could lose my job.
You won't lose your job.
I promise.
Well, let's not waste any time.
This will be a breeze once we get the Galderstones.
What can the Galderstones actually do? If you're holding one, any spell you cast gets a big power boost.
I can grow an entire forest and make my own butterfly sanctuary.
I could create the biggest abomination ever.
I bet Dad will pay attention to that.
Doesn't do squat for illusions.
Can't enhance what's not actually there.
I know that.
[both grunting.]
Hold up, guys.
We've come to our first challenge.
Show us what you got, Augustus.
What did the human call you? "A super witch"? [chuckles.]
That's a great idea.
Go on, Gus.
I know you can do it.
Which one is this? Fireball.
[all gasp.]
[all laugh, cheer.]
Wow, Gus! [both.]
Whoo-hoo! I knew it was a good idea to bring you.
I don't know what's going on, but I've got my eyes on you.
How much further do we have to go? Actually, we're here.
Whoa! Let's get lookin'.
[growling softly.]
So, we'll be super sneaky and quiet.
Got it.
Malphas is actually the one who gave me my job and my own study room.
He's usually nice, but if we're caught, he'd feed us to the book worms.
I know here, that probably means unholy, blood-sucking snake monster, but in the Human Realm, that's just a kid name for nerds.
Huh, the human world sounds odd.
Maybe it would be less odd if I showed you around someday.
But, uh, let's turn back.
I don't wanna push you.
We're getting that diary.
Ooh! According to the map, we should be getting close.
Don't worry, Matty.
I got ya.
Hey, only Bria can call me [screams.]
Come on, dude.
I'm not surprised he couldn't handle Glandus.
What did they mean by "couldn't handle Glandus"? Things work differently at Glandus.
Weak students are pushed around by the strong.
But if I had a Galderstone, I might be able to change things for the better.
Hey! Over here.
Okay, Angmar, you're on lookout duty.
Hmm? I said you're on lookout duty.
And if I catch you playing with any more bugs, I'll make you eat them, okay? [whimpers.]
I believe in you.
I can't believe we found it.
This is nuts.
Oh, whoops.
Well, we did it, everyone.
The power of the Galderstones is ours.
[bird squawks.]
[Bria gasps.]
I can't believe it.
The legends were true.
[all cheer.]
[Gavin laughs.]
Yeah! [Gus.]
"The Phantom Bringer.
" "Aleth the Vision Creator.
" "Khari the Mirage Maker.
" But these titles are for [gasps.]
Oh, no.
Stop! These aren't ruins.
This is an illusionist graveyard.
Aw, Gus, you're saying that as if it's a bad thing.
What? Of course it is.
These stones were theirs.
We shouldn't take them.
Even if these witches were alive, what would illusionists use Galderstones for? High-def party tricks? [chuckles.]
Come on, Gus.
Don't you wanna power up those cool spells of yours? No, this isn't right.
I won't let you steal these.
I don't think you know what you're saying, Gus.
It's real! The guardian is real.
And it's coming this way! [growling.]
[all screaming.]
[growling continues.]
I heard it has the power to control weather.
And summon ghosts.
Well, I wonder if it can handle a little fire.
I'm all out of glyphs.
Hmm? [Luz gasps.]
[squeals, laughs.]
Shh, shh, shh.
You little rat! - [echoes.]
Rat, rat, rat - [bell tolls.]
Oh, no.
[in deep voice.]
[normal voice.]
I'm just, like, super disappointed in you.
Like, I can't even process these feelings right now.
Gosh, it's so hard for me to say this, but, like, you're fired.
Amity, I am so Not right now, Luz.
Everything's changed since you came here.
Being around you, it makes me do stupid things and I wish it didn't.
It's okay.
I, uh [sniffles.]
I-I do stupid things around you too, Amity.
I think I need to go home.
Nada funcionará a menos que lo haga funcionar.
Whoa! [grunting.]
Uh, it will just be an illusion, but maybe I can scare him away.
I am the keeper of the Looking Glass Graveyard.
And it has been a very long time since I've had a visitor.
And to think it'd be another illusionist.
Though I don't remember them being so small.
Don't give me that face.
An illusionist has always kept watch over the Galderstones.
We gain no powers from them, so we're the least likely to use them for evil.
We got to get out of here.
So, the big bad guardian is just another useless illusionist.
Today just keeps getting better.
[both scream.]
[Gus grunts.]
Got it.
Hey! We're playing by Glandus rules, Matty.
You can have anything you want if you're strong enough to take it.
[Bria, Angmar, Gavin laugh.]
I-I didn't know she was gonna do this.
Matty, we need you to hold our stuff.
This is exactly how it was at Glandus.
Always Bria's stooge.
Better a stooge than a clown.
Bria was right.
Illusions are nothing but high-def party tricks.
Yeah, I used to think that too.
But then I met some dork who used his powers to save me from a man-eating detention pit.
All I'm saying is, if a dumb illusion can save a jerk like me, maybe it's not as useless as you think.
Thanks, Mattholomule.
It's time to teach those jerks a lesson.
I agree.
I'll call the hounds.
With all due respect, sir, I'd like to try something a little more creative.
[both grunting.]
Intercepted! [grunts, groans.]
[all laughing.]
Huh? Maybe we can sell the small ones to the Emperor's Coven and keep the rest for ourselves.
Angmar, start collecting.
Angmar? Hey! Get back here! [giggles.]
Wait! Come back.
What species are you? Ugh, whatever.
I never really liked him anyway.
Looks like you're my second in command, Gav.
D-Dad? Gavin, I just want you to know that I'm proud of you.
Now, how about we grab some ice cream, Son? [gasps.]
That sounds great, Pops.
Wait, when did you grow a mustache? Hey, don't blow this chance.
Come out, illusionist.
I'm not dumb enough to fall for these tricks.
That's right.
Who's strong now? I never needed those losers anyway.
More for me.
Huh? [grunts.]
Why isn't my magic working? [gasps, screams.]
What's going on? No, no.
This is all just an illusion.
It can't actually hurt me.
It can't even touch me.
- [groans.]
- [gasps.]
Cursed! This place is cursed! [screams.]
Man, that took a lot of concentration.
Laying an illusion over the whole graveyard to make it seem like the stones weren't working very clever.
Keep honing your powers of observation, child, and there's no limit to what you'll be ableto do.
There are some limits.
I wish I could repair all the damage they did.
Um maybe I can help.
Thank you for defending the Looking Glass Graveyard, witchlings.
Perhaps it's time I hid this place for good.
But there's so much history here.
What if we came back on the weekend to help build your defenses? I would like that very much.
You're both welcome to come back whenever you please.
[clicks tongue.]
He is definitely a ghost.
So does this mean we're, like, friends now? I don't know.
[both laughing.]
Hmm? Hmm.
Ever since Luz came here, things have just gotten confusing.
I'm thinking things I've never thought before.
I'm feeling things I never used to feel.
Is that so bad? You weren't happy before.
Ed, don't pick.
You'll make it worse.
Too late.
Hey, your roots are growing out.
Do you wanna dye your hair again? [Amity.]
So, how's it look? It looks like you're about to get in big trouble with Mom.
I think it looks great.
But, yeah, maybe don't tell her I helped.
I'm sorry about everything.
I'd understand if you never want to see me again.
Uh It's different.
Oh, yeah.
Mom always liked it green.
I thought I could use a change.
Uh, how'd you get this back? And what happened? Well, to convince Malphas to hire you again, I had to go through some trials.
And categorize some man-eating bugs.
And tame something called a paper dragon.
That guy was not fun.
Oh, hey, guys.
Hmm? Ooh.
Well, looks like you made a new friend.
You're the one that ate the diary.
[screams, grunts.]
I hate you.
This is an Echo Mouse.
It consumes knowledge through writing and can play back anything it eats.
We dealt with them a lot at work.
My journey through the Demon Realm is far from over.
But today I humbly donate my journal to the ages.
Entry one: May 21st I think.
My name is Philip Wittebane.
And I found myself in a world so horrid and so fantastic, few minds could have dreamt it.
If only those at home could see what I have, and perhaps they shall.
For the more I learn about this realm, the more I am certain I can harness its strange powers to return home.
Today I begin recording my journey to create a portal back to the Human Realm.
Thank you, little mouse.
I hope you and I can become good friends.
Don't worry.
You always have a way of sneaking into people's hearts.
Bold move, sister.
Uh, okay.
Good to see you.
Farewell forever.
Why did I do that? Why'd I do that? Why did I do that?
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