The Owl House (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Hunting Palismen

[dramatic music.]
The Day of Unity approaches where we'll celebrate the purification of magic under the coven system, just as the Titan intended.
As heads of the nine covens, we celebrate your efforts to complete this plan.
For this, you have earned a glimpse of the reward that awaits.
Step forward.
The larger your covens grow, the more power we have to unite our realms, where the worthy shall inherit a utopia free of wild magic.
[grunts, groans.]
Stay here.
I can handle this alone.
[heartbeat thumping.]
I need more.
That was the last from our reserves.
The Palistrom wood has been overharvested.
Uncle, let me help! We can make more Palismen! Actually, I read about this technique harnessing wild magic to, uh Sorry.
Please, be careful.
Our family is gone because of wild magic.
I can't let the same happen to you.
Find me more Palismen.
I can depend on you, right? [title music.]
Oh, little echo mouse.
You ate the diary that can get me home.
Can't you cough up a teeny bit? Just squeeze it out! [grunts.]
Maybe I just need to be patient? Please tell me your secrets.
Hey, knucklehead.
You're gonna be late for school.
All right.
I guess you won't be getting a magic staff with your classmates.
Come on, Eda.
We gotta fly! There we go.
Hey, Willow.
Shouldn't Amity be here? Oh, sorry, Luz.
I heard she stayed home today.
That actually makes sense.
Good tidings on this momentous day.
You're all about to receive your witches' staffs and, more importantly, meet your Palismen.
This is a crucial step in your magical development.
Palismen are lifelong partners.
They can become both your good friends and a powerful tool.
In my case Holy Titan! [students gasp.]
Frewin here helps me see.
Now, traditionally, young witches carve their staffs from the branch of an old Palistrom tree.
But, sadly, Palistrom trees are becoming more rare.
And those that remain are guarded covetously.
That's why I've teamed up with Bumpipoo Never call me that.
to bring you Palisman adoption day! [chittering.]
They're so cute.
[gasping, chuckling.]
Thanks for the favor, BQ.
Here's your whistle back.
Save it for another time.
This was my pleasure.
What a wonderful idea.
Nope! You're staying right here.
Little rascal! These little ones have not had homes in many years.
They want to feel a connection.
Kneel and state your deepest wish, and your like-minded partner will find you.
I want my own Palisman, not some trashy hand-me-down.
Your loss.
I want to be strong and wise to protect everyone I love.
And if anyone gets in my way, they'll feel the sting of defeat.
Tender yet tenacious.
Clover gives her support.
Oh! [chitters.]
Oh, my gosh! I'm gonna take such good care of you.
Just beautiful.
[students gasping.]
Outta my way! I wanna play professional Grudgby! [chuckles.]
A competitive spirit.
Maya will be thrilled.
This is pretty cool.
I want to open my own veterinary clinic for mythical pets.
[gasps, chuckles.]
All right! Dad wants me to become a master illusionist, but that's easy.
So instead, I'll become an ambassador to the human realm and re-establish contact with the giraffes! I just wanna make it to graduation.
[gasps, chuckles.]
Yes! [chattering.]
Oh, wow! I want to be a witch! [squeaks.]
Uh probably just takes a little longer 'cause I'm human, right? Palismen bond through emotion.
I do not sense any conviction from you.
That's impossible.
I'm Luz.
I'm chock-full of conviction! Perhaps specificity would help.
There are many kinds of witches.
What do you hope to accomplish with your magic? Oh, uh Get home to my mom? Would you still train to be a witch in the human realm? Can you even do magic there? Huh, I guess I never thought that far ahead.
You okay, Luz? [groans.]
I stayed here because I wanted to learn magic, right? I want to be a witch like Eda and Azura! But what does that even mean? And I've read stories like this.
The main character always has to return home.
And, what, did I expect to be a witch back in Connecticut? [purring.]
I wouldn't wanna be my Palisman either.
It's you! Did you come here for me? [chirping.]
Of course not.
Come on, little dude.
I'll take you back to your nest.
How are we supposed to get through this? [chirps.]
Ooh, Palisman powers! Neat.
All right.
I'm not leaving here until I figure out what my future is and one of you becomes my Palisman! What if I use my powers to become a popular magician back in the human realm! No, I'm horrible at card tricks.
What if I stay on the Boiling Isles and become a rugged bounty hunter! Nah, I'm too lovable.
Oh! If I go back What if I open a magic pet shop, but it's password protected.
The password is, "You're a little angel.
" [chirps.]
Hey! We're a little busy in here? [gasps.]
I think we're being kidnapped! [whimpering.]
Don't worry.
I'll figure this out.
Ugh, him again.
Hi-yah! Huh? [screaming.]
He'll be fine.
Okay, how do I land this thing? Huh.
[Golden Guard.]
Oh, you just pull that cord above your head.
Oh, thank y Hi.
Hey! Good to see you too, human.
Why are you stealing Palismen, Golden Guard? Frankly you should be more concerned about yourself.
For the crime of rocketing me off my own ship, you'll be locked in the dingiest cell of the Conformatorium for the rest of your sad little life.
I already broke out there, like, twice.
Then we'll just zap you to dust and throw you into the sea.
That better? [grumbles.]
Hmm? Say, how did you get back on the ship so fast? Staff.
No! [chuckling.]
Human, it'll take more than that to thwart my mission.
What is that? [growls, roars.]
[both scream.]
Huh? Little rascal? Oh, thank you.
My head! [Golden Guard groaning.]
[coven captain.]
Kikimora, ma'am.
We've found the Palisman.
They seem rattled but unharmed.
Very good, Captain.
Return to the city and prepare them for travel.
Is it true, ma'am? Is the Golden Guard really This is all that remains.
Such a horrible accident.
Probably caused by the incompetent pilot.
I'll alert the castle.
Scouts! To Latissa! [whistle blows.]
Excellent work, my pet.
- [gasps.]
- Now, find the rest of him and have yourself a nice little snack.
I'll call for you soon.
Don't worry.
I won't leave him.
This is the Golden Guard? It looks like he could be a student at Hexside.
Wake up! [grunts.]
What? You! Shh! Listen.
You are a bad person, and I do not like you.
But Kikimora is trying to kill you, and unfortunately, I'm too nice to let that happen! [grunts.]
Are you licking my hand? I'm trying to help you! Why should I believe you? Because [grunts.]
Whew, man, Kikimora must hate you.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! [all cheering.]
Whoa! I haven't been outside Bonesborough that much.
Latissa is so cool! Wait! Where are you going? Hey, man, I just saved your life.
The least you could do is tell me your name.
Scouts! Direct me to your communications room.
I need to contact the castle immediately.
I didn't know kids your age were still into temporary tattoos.
Yeah, show us your badge number.
I am your superior, and I can prove it! Staff.
Hmm? Isn't it a little late for you kids to be outside? Yeah, go home before we call your parents.
[huffs, grunts.]
Uh, excuse me.
[yowls, hisses.]
[grunts, panting.]
Ice glyph! Come on, Golden Guard.
Don't you know any, like, levitation spells? Are you powerless without this? [grunting.]
Back up, or or else! Or else what? You gonna blast me to bits? [chuckles.]
Nah, you're too nice for that.
Fly away? Uh-uh.
You know you can't do that either.
'Cause then you'll be leaving behind your precious Palisman.
You don't tend to think things through, do you, human? [whimpers.]
So Kikimora was after my catch.
Seems like neither of us want her to win right now.
So, let's work together to take back those Palismen.
Then what? You think I'll just let you walk away with them? Maybe you won't have a choice! I'm more formidable than you think.
[grunts, chuckles.]
I doubt that, but fine.
A truce till then.
Truce! - [sighs.]
- Too slow.
Let's get this over with.
I've never seen magic like this.
What will it do? Well, we don't want to spook Kikimora's steed 'cause it might drop the nest and hurt the Palismen! So, using these fire and ice spells, I can command the glyphs to produce a thick mist! And the Sleeping Nettles? They're essential! Combined with the magic mist, it'll create A sleep-inducing smoke, forcing Kikimora to land.
Oh, um, I I-I read a similar spell in the book From Bones to Earth A Study of Wild Magic! Eda once pickpocketed the guy who wrote it.
I've never seen glyphs before, but it seems very similar to the elemental magic practiced in the Savage Ages.
Really? Actually, not many people know this, but No.
No, no, no, no.
This stuff is restricted for a reason.
Should forget about it before you're hurt.
Uh-huh Other than Lilith, I've never spoken to someone inside the Emperor's Coven.
What made you wanna join? [sighs.]
You were right before.
I'm a powerless witch.
A lot of my ancestors were.
I never thought I'd have a future in a world like this.
But then Belos found me and gave me a staff with artificial magic.
Said the Titan had big plans for me.
At least you have your future figured out now.
At least you can figure out your own.
Hey! [twittering.]
Stop! Get away from me.
He's just being friendly.
I don't care.
These things are made from wild magic.
It's dangerous.
And does he seem dangerous to you? [chirps.]
[monster growls.]
Masks on! Once they're surrounded by the smoke, - we'll need to stay close to see where they land.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you sure? - Just take it! [growls.]
I think it's working.
Stop! [grunts.]
The Palismen! [chittering.]
Hello, babies.
Aw, you guys look so cold and scared.
Here, make sure you share.
Now, stay in here, okay? We'll get you home safe and [nervous chuckle.]
I didn't think this through.
So you're really gonna do this? You're just gonna hand all these innocent little guys over to Belos? I know what he does with them.
I thought you might've been a good guy.
But I guess that was just wishful thinking.
You're not my friend.
You're just the Golden Guard.
My name is Hunter.
[groans, grunts.]
I can't tell who's there, but I know I got you! [groans.]
[both grunting.]
This is treason against a Coven official! I will have your head! [grunts.]
Hey [chuckles.]
good thingy.
The Boiling Isles will never stop surprising me.
[whistle blows.]
Good morning, Bat Queen.
The Palismen are all accounted for.
Although, I don't know where that thing came from [snoring.]
You found someone after all this time.
Go then.
Everyone got one except me, Mom.
Maybe I wasn't meant to be here.
[window opens.]
Eda! I thought I'd find you here! We could've used the door! What'd you get into? Whew.
Uh, how thoughtful? It's Palistrom wood, ya ding-dong! Now you can make your own Palisman! But But how? Isn't this super rare? Let's just say that the Bonesborough Garden Club Was robbed! By us! I don't know what to say [Eda.]
No pressure, but whenever you know what you want, we'll start carving.
If it's okay, I'd like some time to think.
It's hard to picture my future without seeing my mom.
Eh, there's no rush.
Just know that whatever you need from us, we gotcha.
So, you return with nothing.
Is this the thanks I get for taking you in? Of course not.
I want to help.
A-A-And if you told me how wild magic did this to you, I might be able to find a My apologies.
I spoke out of turn.
It won't happen again.
These outbursts are painful and so is watching you fail.
I know you can do better, Hunter.
Golden Guard? Y-You're alive! I mean, I heard about the crash in Latissa.
Luckily, some travelers picked me up out of the wreckage.
So I'm actually doing great.
Looks like you had a rough night though.
I can help.
If I just knew a little more [twittering.]
Huh? Palisman! [chirps.]
Oh! Sorry.
You shouldn't be here.
It'd be bad if Belos saw you.
Oh! I was not expecting that.

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