The Owl House (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Eda's Requiem

Luz needs a new coat.
King needs to be checked for fleas.
Am I missing anything? Oh, you've changed, Owl Lady.
It's worth it.
- And three and four and five and six - And weh and weh and weh - and weh and weh.
- and seven and eight and nine and ten.
All right, King.
What's the first thing you're gonna do when you meet your dad? And 10,000! Well, once we're done training, I'm gonna move out of that closet, that's for sure.
Then I'm gonna ugly cry.
Hard! Have you told Eda about your decision to le Shh! I I'm not ready yet.
I'm not sure how she'll react.
Everyone's leaving, huh? Even King.
I guess I'm no substitute for the real thing.
Welp, nothing like a good distraction.
Has my magic returned? Oh.
Guess not.
Stupid curse.
- And we're back live at the emperor's castle.
- Hmm? In light of Scooter Crane's retirement, today's ceremony will confirm Raine Whispers as the next head of the Bard Coven.
Do I have to be on camera? For Titan's sake, just say something.
Uh I am honored to work with Emperor Belos in preparation for the Day of Uni-bee.
I mean, Uni-ly! I mean Uh Oh, no.
This is going all wrong.
Get me outta here! Just cut the feed.
How are you supposed to be Head Bard with stage fright? I'm sorry, Luz.
It's okay, buddy.
Hey, Eda.
Got another backpack I can borrow? This one got a little thrown-up in.
So, why are you suddenly so interested in flying? Did you give up on returning to the human realm? I mean, I suppose you can stay here a little longer.
Oh, no.
I'm still going home, but I keep running into some setbacks.
Come on, little buddy.
You got portal info that I need.
You want a carrot? Does baby like carrots? There we go.
It's okay.
See? You're safe here.
Fear not, maiden.
Hooty, the guardian owl of Ga'Hoot, has protected you once more! Ga'Hoot! I was able to get the mouse back safely, but he needs to recover.
In the meantime, this weekend is the Gland Prix! Hexside, Glandus and St.
Epiderm students race to win glory and honor and Fame! Winners also get an interview with the Boiling Isles News! Do you realize what this means? We're gonna enter the competition and get King on camera to send a message to his dad! Oh.
That's great.
But, uh there's something I'd like to talk to you about first.
You see, I think it's time for me to le Leave the talkin' for later.
If you wanna win, there's no time for talk.
You gotta go practice.
Wanna head back out while your tummy's empty? Okay! Let's go! I just don't wanna hear him say it, you know? I was finally getting used to having people in the house, then whoosh! Rug's ripped out from underneath me.
I get it.
It's like every time you come in here, I think, "Maybe she'll pay her tab this time.
" Hey! Back off! Don't fret, citizens! We are helping this wild witch find her place in society.
No! I don't want to join a coven! Let me go! Throw it on my tab, Kevin! Let her go! Back off, Owl Lady.
Yeah, no coven wants a powerless witch.
How's that for powerless? Ooh! Huh? Whoa! Look at the emperor's lackeys! Trying to, uh Do I really have to say this? We all agreed on the script! Trying to mute the music of our hearts? And weaken magic, by forcing witches into covens against their will.
Blasphemy! Blasphem-you! See? You're a natural.
That's right, Bonesborough.
- They take your magic.
- Whoa! They restrict your knowledge.
Oh! Oh! Stop, stop! They say they do it in the name of "unity," but what they really want is control! You know what we say to that, folks? Shove off! Stop! No, not the trash! Oh, not the trash! Who are you "hewoes"? We are the Bards Against the Throne, aka Surrounded! Psst! End of the line, folks.
Word of advice Next time you put on a performance like that, make sure you have an exit strategy.
Thank you.
How can we ever repay you? Well, you could let me join your little team.
Hey, I may not have magic, but I am an agent of chaos.
We're not accepting new members.
Is that any way to treat an old friend, Raine Whispers? So, the Head Witch of the Bard Coven likes pretending to be a rebel.
Too bad they're not very good at it.
Eda! You're embarrassing me in front of my crew.
Huh? Hey, it's all right, everyone.
The Owl Lady is an old friend.
Nice to see you again.
Is she gonna join our group? She doesn't seem like a good fit to me.
Actually, she's the one that inspired me to make the group.
Huh? It was a while ago.
Raine I know why you're really here.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Who cares about a stupid performance? This is more fun.
Whatever you say.
See? You'd be a mess without me.
All right.
"Raine's Rhapsody.
" You know, you can't run from your fears forever, which is why you've gotta get the jump on them.
Give 'em a whack right in the face.
I thought you were just joking around.
I only learned what it meant when I started teaching for the Bard Coven.
The emperor prioritized recruitment through force.
And anyone who refused to fall in line disappeared.
Well, I wasn't going to stand for that! So I took matters into my own hands.
I carefully moved up the ranks, and I found people who wanted to change things, like me.
And that's when we formed the Bards Against the Throne, aka The BATTs! Hey.
If you've got nothing to lose, we could use the help.
Whew! All right, King.
The Gland Prix is the day after tomorrow.
Are you ready? I, uh, got the jitters.
And I still haven't been able to talk to Eda.
Don't worry.
She's just been busy this week.
You've always got Uncle Hooty's shoulder to lean on.
You don't have any shoulders! Lean on me! Eda, King's still waiting to talk to you.
Uh, maybe later.
Well, maybe at the Gland Prix.
I'll be there.
I promise.
Stay away from me! Let me be your emotional support.
Well, there you have it.
Homemade maps of every nook and cranny in the city.
Here's the situation.
Emperor Belos wants every wild witch in a coven before the Day of Unity.
He's trying to steal as much magic as possible.
We don't know why.
Right now we're just focused on helping those he's captured.
And the next raids take place here, here and here.
At the same time? What do we do? Don't worry, kids.
Mama's got a plan.
You're not our mom.
As the first team is rounding up witches on Hackson Road, Amber will sneak in and take him out.
Before anyone calls for help, Derwin and Katya will distract the second team by Skinford Avenue.
That we can do.
And the captain? That's where Raine comes in.
As long as I don't have to make any more speeches.
And if everything goes well, I'll be guiding the escapees outside Bonesborough.
Belos has less reach outside the cities.
I can't believe it's already morning.
I'm not tired yet.
Amber, you've gotta calm down.
We did it! Eda, you're amazing.
We actually helped people this time.
Haven't heard that in a minute.
Oh, you've gotten so strong.
It's incredible.
But how'd you become Head Bard with your stage fright? I'm just that good.
What about you? Do you still know any Bard spells? Well, you remember the curse.
It messes with my magic.
How'd you become the Owl Lady with your stage fright? All right.
You asked for this.
"Raine's Rhapsody.
" More like "Eda's Requiem," am I right? I-I'll leave the playing to the professionals.
Call if you need me.
Bye, Mama Eda! Eda, I'm so glad you made it.
I, uh, would really like to tell you something before the race starts.
Well, if it's so important, we can talk about it after the race when you win, okay? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Welcome, everyone, to the Gland Prix.
Contestants will fly down the right arm to the Cubital Valley.
They use speed, cunning and magic to race to the checkpoint and back to the finish line.
Winners get their names etched on the Cup of Ephemeral Glory.
All victory is fleeting.
And an on-camera interview seen by everyone watching across the Isles! On your marks.
Get set.
Go, baby! Go! Which one is yours? This is so exhilarating.
Raine? We got a tip about another raid.
I know you're busy, but No, it's fine.
I'm on my way.
This should be the spot.
Something isn't right.
That feels better.
Looks like we missed a few.
It's Head Witches Eberwolf and Darius.
So, that means We fell for their trap.
Ha-ha! St.
Epiderm? More like Stank Epiderm! Might wanna slow down for that turn, Luz.
We're gonna crash! This place is disgusting.
Figure out which one's the turncloak, so we can leave.
Just my luck.
Not again! I was scheduled for some me-time today, so hand yourself over before things get nasty.
I know they can hear me.
I know you can hear me! Eber, help me out here.
I'm not going in there.
Aah! What do you think you're You'll regret that, mutt.
I am glad I remembered how to do that.
Eda, Belos's plans are a lot more dangerous than I let on.
He's preparing some big spell for the Day of Unity.
But he can't do it without every head witch.
If we can take out Darius and Eberwolf Say no more, Rainstorm.
What's the plan? You say your curse messes with magic.
I think I can make that work in our favor.
Looks like our traitor is a clever little songbird.
All right! No more playing around! There you are.
Huh? It's working.
Keep playing.
We may not make it out ourselves.
But it'll stop the emperor, right? Then we play on.
Eda? Do you have kids? Uh, well, they're not "mine" mine.
It doesn't matter.
They both have real families to return to.
I don't know what you're running from, but a great witch once told me something about punching fears in the face.
What I'm trying to say is, don't give up so easily.
They probably need you more than you realize.
We can find another way to stop Belos, together.
Found you, songbird.
Raine, don't.
You know I can't stand an audience.
Hello, Darius, Eber.
Raine Whispers.
You'll regret what you did to my cloak! And your treachery.
Luz of Hexside and Ukla of Glandus are barreling towards the finish line.
And there you have it! Luz over Ukla! - For fifth place.
- Huh? And now let's give a hearty applause to our actual winners.
Hey, Eda.
You were flying like the dang wind.
What happened? We were winning for a while, but Luz King, try to hold it in.
I can't.
King! And then we crashed.
It's okay.
I'll just throw my message into the garbage where it belongs.
This isn't over.
Eda, who's even gonna watch this? No one watches crystal balls anymore.
It's all about streaming.
All right.
Hi, Dad.
If you're out there watching this, I, uh, wanna introduce myself.
I like cheesy foods and conquering kingdoms.
Though I haven't conquered any of my own yet.
But maybe you have, and we can compare notes.
I'd love to meet ya.
We could do parent-kid stuff.
Toss a ball, burn some cookies, catch me going on weird websites or something.
Also, I found this symbol in the tower I hatched in.
Maybe you can teach me to read it.
I live with my favorite human and a cranky old witch.
Hey! But cranky or not, she's the one who raised me.
Which is why I am legally changing my name to King Clawthorne! Surprise, Eda! Now we're connected for life, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Is that what you wanted to tell me this whole time? And if you sign here, it'll be official.
Eda, are you okay? Eda, if you keep doing that, I'm gonna cry too.
Would you shut that off? We're supposed to be tormenting Raine, not me.
Why are you like this? Leaving so soon? I told you we didn't need help, so get that ugly thing out of my face.
And tell Alador he's a hack while you're at it.
Emperor Belos was rather upset to learn that you had a hand in the recent raid incidents.
Guess I can look forward to my own petrification, huh? No.
It'd be too much of a hassle to find a replacement.
The emperor needs you alive and well for the Day of Unity.
But until then, night-night.

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