The Owl House (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door

1 [Hooty.]
Dearest Lulu, I hope this letter finds you well and that you're enjoying your time with your parents.
I'm writing to let you know that I am a genius! "Whenst" I wrote you last, I was in the throes of a malaise.
That's when I got your letter! [Lilith's voice.]
Hello, Hootsifer.
Your letter concerned me.
You write of feeling unimportant while Luz, Eda and King are off on adventures.
But, Hooty, you are the Owl House.
You take care of everyone inside you.
If that isn't a worthy purpose, then what is? [coos.]
How we doin', hoot house? Can ya keep it down? Down.
Down! Why does this keep happening? Sounds like our little demon is becoming a "de-man.
" Ugh! Why does that sound so wrong coming from you? You! [shrieks.]
I am done with this! [laughs.]
Those teens, eh? Their moods change like the wind.
Whoa! I'm freakin' out, Hooty.
Belos is planning something big, and I'm weaker than a newborn witchling.
If I want to protect you guys, I have to train as hard as I can to get strong.
No rest! But every time you overwork yourself, you turn into the Owl Beast.
I said no rest! [horn blares.]
Can you please be quiet? You're scaring the echo mouse.
And if he's not happy, I'll never make my way into Amity's heart.
I mean, make a portal back home.
Uh, we have to go.
[Hooty thinking.]
You were right, Lulu.
These three needed my help.
So I devised the plan of plans.
[title music.]
[Hooty thinking.]
Your words inspired me to help everyone, Lulu.
So I'll start with King.
Maybe if I figure out what kind of demon I am, I'll know what's going on.
But nothing in here looks like me.
Our little bundle of joy was growing up, and he had questions.
As the only other demon in the house, I had answers! But would he accept help from me? Never.
Unless [grunting.]
Did you owl pellet me? [Hooty.]
Are you angry, sweaty? Is there hair in places? Does your voice crack in a super embarrassing way? I have the answers you seek You're going through demon puberty! Ugh! The last thing I want from you is a health class.
This isn't a health class, it's an unholy test, to determine what kind of demon you are.
- Really? - Yup! Besides, I'm pretty sure I'm the only other demon here.
So [chuckles.]
what other choice do you have? Uh All right.
What the heck.
Yay! Our ancestors arose from the muck of a decomposing Titan.
And there are so many of us! But all demons can be placed in three categories: Bug, Biped and Beast.
Yeah, okay.
Everyone knows about the three B's Do not interrupt! Now, I'm pretty sure you're not a Bug, but we can't rule anything out.
As a type of worm myself [shuddering.]
I'm an expert on this subject! Let's begin.
Bug types naturally communicate through dance.
Like so! [music plays.]
Don't you talk about my mother! [hisses.]
Well, your dance was offensive and your attempt to spin a cocoon was just sad.
Can we just not talk about the cocoon? Okay.
Let's see if you're a Biped demon.
They walk on two legs and even have bile sacks just like witches! So for this test, you're gonna have a duel with a little friend of mine.
[device beeping.]
A scuffle, eh? All right, all right.
Let's do it! Just, uh, don't get mad if you can't - [bell rings.]
- Hmm.
Wow! [chuckles.]
Not a single spell.
Even Bug demons have some magic.
It's fine, it's fine.
Let's just keep going.
Okay, okay.
There's only one way to test for Beast types.
I'm gonna need a blood sample.
I "gwaduated" from medical school! - [needle pokes King.]
- [King screams.]
After reviewing the results, we've come to a conclusion.
Lay it on me! Beast, Bug, Biped, I don't care.
I just wanna know what I am.
- You - [gasps.]
are you! "Hooway"! Weh! The blood tests were inconclusive.
We don't really know what you are.
But that's okay 'cause we don't need to know that to be your friends.
I thought you had real answers.
The only real answer is inside your heart.
I don't need you to tell me to love myself, Hooty.
I want to know where I came from, what my dad looked like, what I'll look like when I grow up.
I don't have any responses to my video yet.
Or my wanted posters.
Maybe my dad is gone.
Maybe there's no one else like me.
And I'll live my whole life without any answers.
No! I didn't wanna make you mad! Well, I am mad.
At him, for not being here! [sniffling.]
He left me alone! [panting.]
Huh? Oh, no.
Now I'm sad too.
At least the cake is good! It was supposed to be a crumble! Hooty? Hooty! Things got a little, uh, messy with King.
But I wasn't about to give up! What Eda said confused me.
How could she get stronger if she's bone-tired? And maybe I was being a nervous Nellie, but I couldn't shake my fear of the Owl Beast coming out.
Me? Sleep? Ha! Not until I can call myself the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles once again! Hmm "A reward for all your hard work! Love, Hooty"? Hmm.
Not a bad idea.
I could use the fuel.
Dang, owl boy can bake.
Sleeping nettles? Yup! One bite will put you to sleep for hours! Sleeping nettles don't just put you to sleep, they heighten your dreams! Do you realize who you just stuck me with? [Owl Beast growling.]
Hooty, don't let me fall asleep.
Yup! One bite will put you to sleep for hours! [echoing.]
For hours.
For hours.
[Owl Beast growling.]
You know, maybe this is an opportunity.
The Owl Beast is why I ran away from home.
The Owl Beast is why I never got close to anyone.
And the Owl Beast is why I don't have magic.
You've haunted me long enough, birdbrain.
I think it's time for me to haunt you.
Huh? Huh! Well, this is a development.
Edalyn! Come downstairs, please! Mother, do you like my napkin folding? [groans.]
That's nice, sweet-flea.
Edalyn! Help us set up, won't you? Sorry, dream-mom.
I don't have time for whatever this is.
I'm on a mission.
You're going to say that the night your dad leaves for the Mandible.
Dad? Hey, pumpkin! Here to see me off? Dad! It's so good to see you again.
I was only gone for an hour.
Hey, I know I won't be home for a while, so that's why tonight Wait, I remember this now.
I'll be leaving in style! [screams.]
No! I won't let you ruin this again! [panting.]
Dell! Lilith, call the healing coven, now! It wasn't your fault.
It was yours! Eda, I Whoa! What are you doing? Uh Raine! [laughs.]
Uh, nothing.
I'm fine.
You're lying again.
It's like I don't really know you.
So, I've made a decision.
Okay, okay.
I know how this plays out.
But I'll be ready this time.
You hear me, birdbrain? I'm joining the Bard Coven and No, no, no, I hate this part.
I think we should see other people.
I'm sorry, Eda.
It's over.
Are you okay? Is this the curse? [panting.]
Just tell them.
Let them help.
It's fine.
Everything's normal.
You can leave now.
I can't do this anymore.
Stop pushing him away.
You! It was always you.
It was all your fault.
Stop ruining my life! [captor laughing.]
Don't bother, beast.
You can't run away anymore.
It's over.
[laughing evilly.]
[gasping, screaming.]
It's okay.
I thought these were a way to fight you, but I think they're the reason we can stand here, face to face.
Listen, neither of us want to be here, but we are, and there's no changing that.
If we can't accept each other, this nightmare will never end.
So, what do you say? Truce? For now? [chuckling.]
It's like sandpaper.
[wind howling.]
Wow I've never had a dream this pretty.
Ugh! My head.
Huh? Oh, geez, did I turn again? [gasps.]
I made it worse.
I made it worse! Hooty, wait.
It's okay.
Hooty! [wolf whistle.]
Oh, girl.
This is a hot look.
You're scaring the echo mouse.
If he's not happy, I'll never make my way into Amity's heart.
I mean, make a portal back home.
Uh we have to go! [sighs.]
Okay, little mouse.
If you don't want to tell me about Philip or how he made his portal, maybe you can tell me how to ask out a cotton-candy-haired goddess? [squeaks.]
Luz's heart was torn between finding a way home and the pursuit of love.
How'd I know all that? I suppose I'm just attuned to other peoples' emotions.
She wasn't gonna make any progress if her attention was split! Amity's smart, cool and classy.
Asking her out should be breathtaking, emotional and real! Everyone back home said I was cheesy.
Can't let Amity think the same.
"As we stumble through life, gloom knows no bounds.
You'll only find love when you're in the ground"? Ugh! "P.
I mean the basement!" Hooty, I don't have time for this! Also, we have a basement? Amity? Oh, yeah, that's silly.
Why would Amity be in our [groaning.]
Amity! Luz? Where are we? I think Hooty brought me here? Ah, well, this is our basement.
I am so sorry about this.
Hooty's been acting weird all day.
House demons get like that after a couple thousand years.
It's fine.
Listen, about what happened at my place.
I kinda If we could just forget about the whole thing maybe? I Hey! All I care about is getting you out of our dirty, weird basement.
[both groaning.]
Oh, no.
"To return to the world above, make your way through the tunne of" [gasps.]
[music starts.]
If Amity sees this, she'll think I'm such a loser.
What is this? Oh! Hoot! Whoa! I'll conjure up some flowers Hooty! We could hold wholesome hands For hours You'll be my sweetheart My sweetheart My wholesome Magic sweetheart Oh, no.
I'm gonna be made fun of again.
Did you, uh Did you just say something? Uh no! That was, uh an invasive species.
And will you be my steady? I hope we never part [squeals.]
I'm so sorry, Amity! This is not supposed to happen.
Be my wholesome Magic sweetheart - [gasps.]
- [screams.]
[music slows.]
[gasps, panting.]
This was a nightmare.
Yeah, it kinda was.
I'll get out of your hair.
Amity, wait.
This wasn't me.
This was all Hooty's stupid idea.
This was stupid.
I mean, us, dating? Heh.
That's stupid, right? [gasps.]
No! I did it again! I can't help anyone! [sobbing.]
Out! Out, vile owl! Rid this house of thyself! [sobbing.]
Hooty! Calm down, you dingdong! Never shall I curse this home with my odious presence again! [gasps.]
Looks like I have to do this the hard way.
[whines, screams.]
Eda? Don't worry.
I think it's a good thing.
But where's Luz? What's going on? I don't know.
But things always get weird when Hooty's upset.
Whoa! [rumbling.]
Luz, Luz, run! [straining.]
No! [both gasp.]
Did you do that? I-I think I did.
I think I've got a power.
Are you two okay? Whoa! Not as okay as you.
Dang, girl.
I have a few questions for later.
I failed you all! I failed you all! No, Hooty.
You actually weirdly helped me.
I'm like a Harpy Woman now.
And I can explode things with my voice powers! But I still failed Luz! Luz, what was Hooty trying to do? Quick! Pretend he helped you before he destroys everything.
He was trying to help me ask Amity out.
Oh, whoa.
Do you wanna? - Mm-hmm.
- Then do it.
- Like this? - [sobbing, screaming.]
I hear ya.
I might be able to help.
It won't be perfect, but does it really need to be? Good luck, kid.
Amity [gasps.]
Oh, my gosh.
Amity, are you okay? I'm all right.
I was just I've been wanting to ask you something for a while.
But I wanted to do it in the best way.
And in the Tunnel of Love, I thought, Amity's too cool for this.
I'm not as cool as you think.
Everything is so crazy right now, and I have no idea what my future holds, but it would be so cool if you were in it, so, uh [inhales.]
Do you want to go out with me? [exhales.]
No! I was so ready.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You can say it.
Amity Blight, do you wanna go out with me? Yes! Okay! Why is this still so scary? I don't know.
Dang, Hooty, you really are something.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
King may not know where he came from, but he's learning more and more about himself every day.
Whaa! [strains.]
Eda can become Harpy Eda now.
She still drinks her elixir.
But she's accepted the Owl Beast as part of her.
It's progress! And Luz's new GF showed her tips and tricks to get more information from that old human's diary.
They're adorable and deserve all the happiness! I had to promise never to help anyone ever again, but nevertheless, I'm a genius! Everything's solved! No more mysteries! I beg your pardon? Would you see this finds its way to King Clawthorne? [gasps.]
Oh, my gosh, a bug! [crunching.]
Ah! Whoopsie! Hope that was junk mail!
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