The Owl House (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

Eclipse Lake

Would you like to see how it works, Hunter? I didn't mean to hide, Emperor Belos.
We found every piece of the door, but without the power of the real key, it refuses to open.
Is it true that rain doesn't boil in the Human Realm? It is.
You know, I've been there before.
Did I ever tell you that? The trees there are green.
Nights are quiet.
I look forward to seeing it again.
We're you spying on me just to hear these boring stories? The operation at the Knee, why did you switch me out with Kikimora? Everyone has a use, Hunter.
Kikimora has her intricate little plans.
The scouts carry out orders.
And you, well, the Titan has big plans for you, and it will be such a hassle to find a replacement.
So, right now, you can be useful by staying safe in the castle.
If this is punishment for failing my last mission, I swear I can do better.
Good night, Hunter.
- Hooty, what's your status? - The parameter's secure.
- Nothing's getting past me.
- Good.
- Clean up that mess.
- Ma'am.
- Willow, have you gathered the supplies? - Yes.
- We're ready to attack this on all fronts.
- Excellent.
Aw, Ghost.
Did you help too? Who's a good Palisman? Great, now all we need is Rain? Beach waves? Something called "lo-fi beats to study and relax to"? We've got it all.
Eda was rummaging through her basement and gave us some soothing human noises.
That's great.
Eda's still here? Eda, you're supposed to be helping Hooty build our defenses.
Huh? Whoo! Ah, don't mind me.
I'm just learning how to turn into Harpy Eda on command.
According to these human workouts, you just gotta scream a lot until you force your inner beast out.
And this looks ancient.
What? No.
It's only 30 years old? I remember seeing this in theaters.
Yes, you're old.
Who cares? We have a crisis on our hands.
Chill, bossy boots.
Everything's fine.
Does this seem fine to you? Whoa.
It's like I have snakes for arms.
She just has the common mold.
It's harmless.
But she's a human.
We have no idea how it'll affect her.
If I ate the portal key, would I return to the Human Realm? Ahh! Huh? I am not giving this back until you're better, okay? Oh, uh you got it.
Gotta admit, Amity, seeing you around more often is different.
I know.
But I was taught to see every situation as an opportunity.
And today, I'll show Luz that I am an awesome girlfriend.
Feels like just a few months ago you almost got her dissected by your crazy principal.
That was a few months ago.
Luz! M-Mouse.
Philip diary entry.
After five years, I had finally found it.
A power source so potent it can pierce through realms.
Titan's Blood.
There are old tales of lakes reflecting green trees and blue skies.
The Titan's veins run through the land.
And many believe that these wild portals are created when a little of its blood leaks into the water.
That is how I came here.
So that is the first place I shall look.
I will journey back to Eclipse Lake.
I have to go to Eclipse Lake! Luz, no.
You are not well.
She is shockingly strong.
All right, Luz.
Me and King will get your Titan Blood if you just calm down.
Yes! Perfect chance to take our new powers for a test drive.
You guys are the best.
I volunteer as well.
As Luz's girlfriend, I must I get it, boots.
Just grab a coat.
Willow, Goops, watch over Luz.
She thinks she has snakes for arms.
Dig faster, scouts.
Kikimora, these tunnels are unstable.
Maybe we should slow down.
Not now, Captain.
This could be my last chance to show Belos what I can do.
And I just know that brat, Golden Guard, will try to spoil it.
Hey, Steve.
Jump over that chasm before I throw you with it.
She's getting so paranoid.
Why do you keep following me? I don't speak Palisman.
Here's the plan.
I slip in with this disguise.
I find the Titan Blood before Kiki.
I give it to Belos.
Boom! I'm useful again.
Ma'am, is everything all right? I just thought I heard an annoying voice.
Another way in.
We'll go find another way in.
The Owl Lady and her dog.
And is that the youngest Blight? This place is crawling with tools.
What gives? Titan Blood is the most powerful source of magic on the Isles.
I'm not surprised Belos wants it too.
Well, we can't afford to mess this up.
Luz is counting on me.
I mean us.
All right.
New plan.
- They can lead us to - Hey! Hey! A coven scout.
Uh, yes.
I am but a humble scout, and I surrender.
Well, that was easy.
Not so fast, King.
Don't you recognize that annoying voice? Why does everyone say that? Don't let him get away! This is none other than Belos's right-hand man.
The Golden Guard? He is a lot scrawnier than I imagined.
Did I do it? Did I go into harpy mode? No.
You just screamed "hoot" and ran headfirst into a wall of ice.
Pretty funny actually.
You can put down your staff.
I won't run.
Too bad because I don't trust you.
This stuff is old.
Ancient witches used to mine the veins for Titan Blood.
They're not paying attention.
Go on, fire it.
Maybe the adrenaline will kick in, and bam, Harpy Eda.
Sounds perfectly safe.
This isn't a normal cave.
These walls are made from the veins of the Titan.
Any magic you shoot will bounce right back at you.
Oh, you must be fun at parties.
Hey, King.
How about you use your new powers to echolocate the lake.
Those two are definitely gonna get us caught.
"Us"? There is no us.
Now keep walking.
Hooty, we're not gonna make Luz listen to 24 hours of whale noises.
What even is a whale? It looks terrifying.
Well, I've never heard of underground Korean hip-hop before.
It's human music, and it's soothing.
Will you guys please be quiet? What if we played them at the same time? Ooh! You know, Luz told me about a trip to Latissa where she met someone very interesting.
A beat-up blonde with no magical powers.
She called him, and these are her words, "a bad but sad boy.
" If I ever see that human again Watch it! At least I'm not delusional enough to think I can turn into a harpy.
Come on.
Give it a rest, you two.
Yeah, listen to your rat.
Whee! Shh.
Why are we stopping? Is it the Golden Guard? No, ma'am.
This is a dangerous area.
We need to move carefully.
Careful takes too long.
My butt is on the line, and so help me, Titan, if you ruin this, I will throw you off the tallest peak of the Knee with a smile.
Oh, that poor girl is going through something.
She's also blocking the path to Eclipse Lake.
I can smell it.
I can see it.
I can see We should create a distraction.
We should create a distraction! You kids wait for my signal.
That was easy.
When they're caught, you and I can take the Titan Blood for ourselves.
Stop talking like we're a team.
We might as well be.
The Owl Lady and her pet have nothing at stake, unlike us.
You have no idea what you're talk I was gonna say you have no Oof.
That doesn't look good.
Stay back! But what doesn't look good? Seems clear to me.
Come back with results or else You can figure out the rest.
Luz wouldn't make that kind of threat.
I'm an awesome girlfriend.
Has she told you that? Hmm.
We have a lot in common, Blight.
We're both trying to show what we can bring to the table.
And we can't fail because there's nothing worse than disappointing someone who thinks you're special.
Okay, watch this.
I'll be the ghost of miners past and spook 'em out.
You look like one of my hair balls.
Let's just do the trench coat thing.
Why didn't you wait for our signal? We don't have time to play around.
We are getting that Titan Blood.
Little mouse, Owl House, frilly blouse.
My journey to Eclipse Lake has been a success, and yet, a tragic failure.
The tunnels were filled with a substance known as Fool's Blood.
It signifies a decaying rain.
I was lucky to get out alive.
My companions were not.
Oh, no.
I gotta warn them.
G-Gotta call.
Ooh! Dang it! These two are train whistles and a thunderstorm and soothing opera screaming.
Hello? Gus? Hooty? Guys! I gotta reach Amity.
There's someone else in the tunnels.
I bet it's him! Find him! Hmm.
Hey! Find a different perch, bird.
Is this Titan's Blood? But Eclipse Lake is farther ahead.
Who cares? We did it! Stop! That's Fool's Blood.
Don't touch it.
Oh, so you can keep it all for yourself? Hard pass.
Huh? No! Wait.
Take me with you! Yoo-hoo! Golden Guard! At least untie me, so I can escape.
I don't wanna be replaced.
So, where will you go now? Now I get to Eclipse Lake before anyone.
That jerk.
Would you look at this, Captain? We found our little fire starter.
So the Golden Guard is also looking for Titan's Blood, and he took off to Eclipse Lake.
I knew it.
That little snake is always making me look bad.
Well, now I can get my revenge! Ma'am, what about the Titan Blood? Oh, yes.
I'll get that too.
This is going to be a good day.
What should we do with the girl? Oh, I don't care.
Whee! Whee! Whee! So, uh, did you come with anyone else, or Ugh! This is boring.
Guys, you're okay.
Just barely.
Owlbert's knocked out, so we can't fly.
I'm just, like, throwing it out there, but this would be a great time to bring out Harpy Eda.
I don't know how! I've tried yelling at it, scaring it.
Did you ever think about talking to it? Ha! I No, I guess I didn't, but hey, it's a wild animal.
You thought I was a wild animal once.
Okay, I'll try.
Just gimme a second.
What? You wanna make a deal? Wait.
I don't know if I can.
I'll do it.
Just change now! Yes! What did you promise to do? I don't wanna talk about it.
I can't wait to see a real-life mine cart chase.
Huh? Ooh.
Guess mine cart chases are a lot more dangerous than video games make 'em seem.
There it is.
I don't know who you freaks are, but that blood belongs to Kikimora! Get to the lake! I'll take care of Eda! All right, Owl Beast.
Let's see what we can do! Don't worry.
I won't pick a fight.
There's no Titan Blood.
Then why are you digging? Oh, it's simple really.
Belos needs Titan Blood to make a new portal key.
Can't get to the Human Realm without it.
There's blood in the key? Since I failed my last mission, I thought, "Hey, a chance to make up for it.
" But I can't go back empty-handed.
Not again.
Long story short, this is my grave.
Want me to make you one too? This is really bumming me out.
That's just life, rat.
- Everyone has a use, and if you don't - bye-bye.
Your friend gets it.
What's he talking about? Luz has been sending me these strange human codes.
I don't understand all of them, but this one seems pretty clear.
Come back with results or we're done.
"U R rad.
Fool's Blood bad.
U okay? Come home.
" Of course.
This is Luz we're talking about.
Hey! Go find a better witch to be with.
You know, you were right.
We do have a lot in common.
I grew up thinking that everything was an opportunity to justify existing, but there are people out there who won't make you feel worthless.
You just have to let yourself meet them.
W-What are you Oh, come on.
Being nice usually works for Luz.
The staffs are weird.
You really wanna help, then gimme that key! Listen, you're strong, and I'm tired.
If this continues, you'll probably escape, but here's the thing: We know where to find you and your human.
So just hand over the key.
Just stay away from Luz.
Appreciate it.
I, uh, mean that too.
Yes! I heard fighting.
I'm ready to go.
Where's the nerd? Weh! Oh.
Dang it.
Huh? I feel great.
I wonder if this is permanent.
I gotta find everyone.
Have the others returned? Ow, ow, ow.
Just get an elixir.
I got into harpy mode and now I can't get out.
She also ate, like, nine voles on the way home.
Hey, I had to keep up my end of the bargain.
Oof! Amity! I'm so glad my awesome girlfriend is okay.
Me too.
No King hug? What is this? You are a swindler and a thief! - Come here, buddy.
- I regret this! Do you wanna break the news or should I? News? The empty lake, the Golden Guard, losing the portal key.
Today was a disaster.
Actually, we might be okay.
Oh, hey.
You stuck with me the whole time, huh, bird? I think I understood that.
I-Is that your name? Can you say it again? Weird.
Uh, can you say other things?
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