The Owl House (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

Yesterday's Lie

1 [music.]
Ah! Much better.
- Hmm.
- What's the box for, mija? - Just cleaning up a little.
- Even this? You used to love making me tinfoil swans.
Oh, I'm, uh, just looking for a fresh start.
Camp taught me a lot, you know? Yes, it sure did.
[squealing continues.]
[Camila gasps.]
Luz, grab the pliers.
Okay, okay, little bunny.
You're gonna be all right.
There we go.
That's the fifth trap this week.
If I ever catch who's responsible, I'll Pow-pow! [chuckles.]
Let's go back inside.
I'll make maduros.
A new life.
- You! - [screams.]
[title music.]
So, according to Philip's instructions, the hardest part to making a portal was finding someone who knew how to build it.
But a lot of the ingredients are pretty easy to find.
Your crazy apocalypse supplies finally came in handy, Eda.
[clicks tongue.]
Don't forget this.
Titan blood.
I can't believe something this powerful was in the old key this whole time.
It's okay.
If Belos is still trying to get to the Human Realm, he'll have to beat me to it.
Are you sure this isn't gonna, like, blow our faces off? Nope.
Welp, here goes something.
- It worked.
- [King.]
Did it? That looks real different from the old door.
But this is my one chance to see my mom.
If it looks like it's closing, pull.
Luz, as impressive as this is, I don't want you getting hurt.
Once I make sure my mom is okay, I'll be right back.
Just be careful.
The Human Realm's filled with some real weirdos.
Mmm! Don't forget to mention me.
[gasps, coughs.]
Did I do something wrong? Eda, King, Hooty? Can anyone hear me? Am I back at the Owl House? [wind whistling.]
Whoa! Whoa! I think I'm in the reflection.
Do you think she's safe? She's made it this far.
We just have to trust her.
I wonder if I could see Amity.
No! No, no, no! Come on, Luz.
You're on a mission.
Camila! Camila Noceda of the Human Realm? Got you! Ice platform! Fine, then! I'll do this the hard way.
Mom! ["I Need to Know" playing.]
It's my house.
[humming, vocalizing.]
Mom! [humming continues.]
Oh, yeah.
Mo Mom? - Do you need any help? - [gasps.]
Oh, are you done cleaning your room? Almost.
With all that old stuff gone, I feel like a whole new person.
Evil doppelganger! Mom! Mom! - Mom! Mom! - I can finish up here, mija.
Thanks, Mom.
Follow her! Luz Noceda 2.
Doppelganger! Why won't you work? [sighs.]
Okay, Luz.
Calm down.
Just breathe and count to five.
A new life.
You! [doppelganger screams.]
So you can hear me.
You're from the Demon Realm.
- Listen, I just wanna - I'm not going back! I I won't go back! [Camila.]
Luz, ¿está todo bien? Sí, mamá.
I just saw a spoiler for Monster Slayer Academia.
I will never understand anime.
[footsteps departing.]
Huh? [gasps.]
Wait! [grunting, panting.]
[door squeaks.]
So this is it.
I'm gonna have to run again.
Why couldn't this just work out? [gasps, groaning.]
Stop moving.
You'll make it tighter.
Huh? I didn't mean to freak you out.
I just want to figure out what's going on, okay? You're a demon from the Boiling Isles, aren't you? Mm-hmm.
What's your name? I'm Number Fi I-I mean, I'm Vee.
Okay, Vee.
I'm gonna help free you.
You're gonna be all right.
Now, back up a bit.
Give the wire some slack.
Now look for a little metal thingamabob.
Uh Sorry, I don't know what it's called.
There you go.
Nice and easy.
[panting, sighs.]
Thank you.
You must be Camila's real daughter? I am.
But right now I'm trapped in the Boiling Isles.
Who are you and why are you pretending to be me? I'm just looking for a place to belong.
You were missing, and Mom I mean [sighs.]
Camila seemed so kind, so I stayed with her.
But, uh, I'll go if you want Wait, wait, wait! Maybe we can help each other.
Today I was gonna tell my mom where I've been, but because of you she hasn't realized I've been missing.
So, keep living in my place.
For now.
When I get back, I can introduce her to the Demon Realm and help you find a place to live.
There's one problem.
I need magic to transform and I, uh, just used the rest of it.
Oh! That's where we can get some magic.
"Secrets of Gravesfield"? No, no.
That's junk.
Turn it over.
"Strange Woman Banned from Café.
" That's Eda.
The Owl Lady.
She's been coming here for years.
She might've left some magic stuff behind.
We can try.
[crows caw.]
Is this it? [sighs.]
I-I just go in and ask about that witch from the paper? Yes.
Maybe they still have one of her enchanted pastries.
Ears, ears! [whimpers.]
[door bell jingles.]
What can I get ya? Uh, have any, um, magical old ladies left enchanted items here? Ugh.
You're not friends with that witch-obsessed guy, right? I told him to stop leaving pamphlets here.
Actually, I'm asking about her.
Marylin? Yeah, she tried to pay for a latte with a live raccoon a couple of months ago.
But when I called the cops, she did something weird to the croissants.
We threw 'em in the trash, but, well, hmm, now we have a whole new problem.
I don't smell any magic.
Bread of wisdom grants us speech.
We desire more! Cool! Talking rats.
Maybe they know something.
Vee, is everything all right? Oh! [chuckles.]
I, uh, just Oh, don't like confrontation.
Oh, well, that's okay.
I'm sure there's someone else who's seen Eda.
There! [all laughing.]
Hexes Hold'em cards.
Eda got rid of all her decks.
I was wondering where they went.
Well, they must've run out of magic.
I don't smell anything.
But maybe they know where to get more.
Okay, we got to be careful approaching high schoolers.
Mark all your exit routes [laughs.]
Actually, these guys are cool.
Wait! Hey! A past connection that left its mark on your soul has shown up again and is asking you to shed your old ways and enter a metamorphosis, becoming the spiritual leader you're meant to be.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
She's gonna embarrass herself.
I can't watch.
Oh, hey, Luz! Good to see you outside of prison.
[Vee chuckles.]
Come on.
Camp wasn't that bad.
Camp? We did have the best cabin.
Cabin seven.
Hoo-ha-ha! [all laugh.]
Cool cards.
Where'd you get 'em? Uh-uh.
Let me give you a reading first.
I wanna practice.
Whoa! You're running from your past.
From a previous life that was not kind to you.
However, the guilt and fear you carry will eventually catch you in a self-fulfilling prophecy that you won't be able to escape from.
You're gonna need some bath bombs, girl.
Anyway, I got the cards over at the Gravesfield Historical Society.
I'll see you around.
Did you see the look in her eyes? I got to find out where she bought those contacts.
Achoo! [man.]
Is it that dusty in here? Welcome to the Gravesfield Historical Society.
Let me guess.
You're here to buy those weird cards, right? How did you know? Well, they've been really popular with high schoolers.
I saw an old lady try to dump 'em in a river a while back, but I bought 'em off her instead.
It was really odd though.
She kept asking for snails.
This is it.
You want a set? Yes, please.
Well, I'll be just a minute, so feel free to look around.
Are you okay? Hey, forget what that girl said.
I know what it's like to want to run away from home.
I did the same thing.
You and I are not the same.
You had a mom that loved you, a home, a life.
You had it good.
And you still wanted to run away.
I I didn't have a choice.
[sobbing, sighs.]
My real name is Number Five.
I'm a basilisk, and technically I I shouldn't exist.
My kind went extinct a long time ago.
But we were brought back.
They wanted to know how we drained magic.
I met a basilisk once.
She hurt a lot of people.
For many of us, all we knew how to do was feed.
Some of us escaped, but I knew it was only a matter of time before he caught us again.
That's when I saw you and and realized there might be a way out of this.
Luz, where are you? [gasps.]
Luz! There you are.
Hello, fellow human.
Um, skin's sure weird.
Very funny.
But I was thinking, instead of taking the bus to camp, why don't we drive? I got the day off from work.
And you'll have full control of the playlist.
I didn't mean to keep playing this role, but Camila was nice to me.
I resent you for running away.
But I'm also thankful that you did.
I don't know.
It's confusing.
Do you smell something? [door squeaks.]
Where's the light? [sniffing, gasps.]
[electricity buzzing.]
What is all this? [beeping.]
Have we been followed this whole time? [screams, pants.]
Vee? Vee! Vee! [thunder rumbling.]
[whimpering continues.]
Let me out! Whoa.
It worked? - [gasps.]
- I can't believe it.
Are Are you real? [whimpers, grunts.]
After all this time, after setting up all those traps, I-I finally caught a living, breathing demon.
Oh, don't be surprised.
A few years back, I had a chance encounter with another one of your kind.
A-At first I couldn't believe what I saw, but after watching a few Mew-Tube videos I learned the truth.
Witches and demons are real.
And they're all sent from Mars to harvest human teeth to power their time machine.
[inhales sharply.]
You don't actually know anything about us, do you? Oh, I know enough.
I'll expose your vile plans on Mew-Tube and finally get my account verified.
Get comfortable, demon, 'cause you'll be in cages for the rest of your life.
[door closes.]
Don't worry, Vee.
We can get out of this.
Go back to the Demon Realm, Luz.
Huh? Even if I get out, he knows what my disguise looks like.
He'd out me to Camila, and it would cause her more trouble than if you just disappeared.
Vee, you're giving up too quick.
I'm being realistic.
It's okay.
I'm used to living like this.
Goodbye, Luz.
No! [gasps.]
Vee! Uh, Five! N-Number Five! [grunts.]
[voice whispering.]
Camila Noceda.
Mom, are you there? Huh? Luz? I didn't even hear you call.
Mom, it's so great to hear your voice.
Oh, it's great to hear you too.
What's wrong? I found out who's been setting up those traps, and he's hurting a friend of mine.
But first I have to tell you the truth about the last few months.
Let me tell you about a place called Boiling Isles.
You know, if you wanted me to pick you and your friend up, you didn't have to make up this elaborate story about the Demon Realm.
I'm not making it up, Mom.
Don't worry.
I'll play along.
I know this stuff made school difficult, but I'm glad you're still being creative.
Are you the curator here? Who's asking? A little birdie told me you caught a demon.
I would love to see it.
Wait! How did you know? Do you work for the government? Oh, I'm a veterinarian, actually.
So, the president sent a vet to study the demon's anatomy, huh? Sure, I'll show you.
But first, I'll need verbal confirmation that I get to publish my findings first.
Uh 'kay.
Now you're bound by law.
Follow me.
You even made me a part of your game.
This is so fun.
Ooh! Is this one of those escape rooms? Or, um, what do you call them? A LARP? Oh, sorry.
Don't wanna break the illusion.
Let me start by telling you the secret history of Gravesfield.
In the 1600s, this was a peaceful colony until tragedy struck.
Two brothers were lured into a realm of evil by a real witch, never to be seen again.
People have stopped believing in the horrors of witchcraft, but I know the truth.
Whoa! Luz, this is quite a detailed story.
But now I've got proof that other worldly beings exist.
Behold! Oh, wow! [chuckles.]
That is a very, uh, convincing costume? - [gasps.]
- A costume? This is a real live demon.
Come here.
Watch this.
[Vee screaming.]
More vile beings will probably come to it's rescue.
But I can protect humanity.
I-I even had some custom gear made at the renaissance fair.
Usually I don't take it out for just anyone, but what the heck! If I'm gonna be working with the government, I might as well show off a little.
All right.
Let me just Uh [grunts.]
[Jacob straining.]
Luz, come on.
I don't like this game anymore.
It's not a game, Mama.
Everything I told you was true.
So that thing has been living with me the entire time? I-It's just a lot to believe.
Her name is Vee, and she may look different, but she's not bad.
Please, you got to help her.
This is all so confusing, but who knew I had such a strong girl living under my roof this whole time? Hmm? [Jacob.]
So, how do I look? Maybe we can collaborate on a version that can survive the battles on Mars.
Wait! What is that? Are you recording this? Uh Wonderful.
I was gonna wait until after the press tour, but let's begin our live dissection of this demon right now.
Stop! Uh, the the president just called.
And, uh Hmm? Hmm? Uh You know what? I don't have the imagination for this.
I will be taking this innocent child with me, and you will never bother us again.
What? No, absolutely not.
We made a verbal agreement.
Mister, you better back the heck down, or I will tell the police you have been illegally setting up traps and cameras on private property.
I won't let you take away my discovery.
I'm the good guy here.
A lot of bad guys say that.
- [grunts.]
- [thunder rumbling.]
Is it okay to leave him in there? He'll be fine.
He can use the time for some self-reflection.
Look what I can do with the rain.
Vee, I'm so happy you're okay.
Thank you, Camila, for everything.
Vee, you have a place here for as long as you need.
And take these.
Luz said they might be helpful for you.
Magic! [chomping.]
Mom, you were awesome back there! Thanks for being cool about everything.
I'm trying to hold it together.
I really am, but I have never been this scared before.
The Demon Realm? Magic? How are you gonna get back here? Is this the only way I can touch you? I I need a little more time, but if I keep working my hardest, I-I will make a working portal, I promise.
As scary as this is, it really does seem like you've matured.
Yes! I've learned so much.
Staying here was the best decision I ever made.
You chose to stay there? Oh, uh Were you trying to live out some witch fantasy? Did you Did you hate living with me that much? Mama, no! [cracking.]
No! Not yet! Not yet! Mom! I'm being pulled back.
Baby, no, no, no.
No, no.
When you come home, promise you'll stay here? I didn't mean to push you away.
I swear things will be different.
Mom, it's not you.
It never was.
Promise me, Luz.
Okay, Mom.
I promise.
Mom! - And pull, and pull! - [straining.]
And pull! [Luz screams.]
[all scream.]
[King grunts.]
Whoa! [all.]
Luz! I'm sorry.
I had to pull you out.
The portal was closing.
Did you talk to your mom? Did you mention me? Yeah.
Mama Mom can't wait to meet you guys.
Well, just rest up now, okay? And don't you worry, kiddo.
With everything we've learned, we'll have a real working portal in no time.
I'm gonna eat human snacks.
I can't wait to share parenting tips.
Who dubbed you a parent? [King, Eda laugh.]

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