The Owl House (2020) s02e11 Episode Script

Follies at the Coven Day Parade

Hola, mama! I know you don't want me staying in the Demon Realm, but I'm recording this because I think we can find a middle ground.
This is a world of magic and beauty.
Just look! [bones cracking.]
[Luz screams.]
Well, you should know, I'm even learning magic.
And as a human, it impresses pretty much everyone.
[scoffs, screams.]
Human! If you ever do that again I will set your eyes on fire! [chuckling.]
Sure, the Demon Realm can be a little [winces.]
But, there's no safer place than Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, right, Principal Bump? Hmm? [clears throat.]
Why, yes.
The well-being of our students is our top priority.
Which is why we send all our troublemakers to our new and improved detention pit.
[cries for help.]
Please no! Help me.
That's enough of that.
[title music.]
You know, I think he does it 'cause he's shy.
He's just evil and shy.
It happens.
I heard there's just a mirror underneath.
The real emperor was society all along.
Maybe he's so handsome people have a hard time focusing on what he says.
I get it I can relate.
- [breathing.]
- [bones cracking.]
Luz! You've seen Belos up close.
What's he like under all that? Oh.
I never got a good look.
I heard he's scarred from wild magic.
[screams, sighs.]
Hola, batata.
Did you just call me a sweet potato? Yes! Is that not a term of endearment? I'm still figuring out this human language book from Gus.
Aw! Amity, you're the sweet potato! Uh, so Did that Titan Blood ever come in handy? Did you finish building the door? Did you visit your mom? Does she know about high-fives too? Oh, uh Promise me.
When you come home, you'll stay with me, and you'll never go back to that place! Mom, it's not you.
It never was! Please! Okay, Mom.
I promise.
Uh [chuckles.]
Haven't used the door yet.
Waiting for a good moment, you know? [owl hoots.]
Later taters! [gasps.]
Hmm? Come on, Luz.
There's no way your mom will make you leave the Demon Realm! Yeah! When she meets us, I'll make sure to put on the charm that turns people into obedient zombies.
Whoa, what's going on? They're probably prepping for the annual Coven Day Parade.
Floats, streamers, fireworks Ah, it's just a fancy way to kiss the Emperor's whatever.
I'm just here to pick something up.
Mother, please! No, I'm not seeing anyone.
Yes, I'm standing up straight.
Listen, I can't come home.
If I don't lead this parade, Belos will end my No! No, of course I miss everyone.
I What? I can't choose! Hello? Mother? Mother? Hey, Luz.
I know what'll cheer you up.
Aw, no bread puns today, buddy.
What? No.
I'm talkin' about hot goss, girl! Hot goss buns.
Bread pun.
Guess why we're here! King? Eda hired someone to spy on her ex! [gasps.]
Did you read my diary? And they're Head Witch of the Bard Coven! Stop it! And they also Stop it, stop it, stop it! Yes! They secretly led a rebel group against the Emperor and got captured! I was there! Ooh.
[sucks teeth.]
- I didn't read that far.
- [Luz gasps.]
Well, good job.
You broke Luz.
It was the yeast I could do.
And then Raine battled their fellow coven heads? [classical music plays.]
And sacrificed everything to save Eda? It's just like Hecate and Azura in book 5! [music stops.]
According to this, Raine is still working with the Emperor's Coven which doesn't make sense.
They were seen as a traitor! Maybe you can ask them about it.
Look! If they're here for the parade, they'll probably be surrounded by scouts.
Oh, we'd need someone on the inside to lend us a hand.
[grunts, struggles.]
Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
Hmm? [snorts.]
Yeah, right.
As if she'd give us the time of day.
And And then she said if I don't make it back for the family reunion, I'd be banished from Palm Stings and the family home! But I've failed too many missions, and if I leave my job now, I'll be banished from my life! There you go.
It's gonna be okay.
Maybe there's a way we can help each other out Whoa! Are you out of your mind? Kikimora nearly turned me to stone.
She attacked you back in Latissa, and she didn't blink when your girlfriend was thrown down a pit! Oh, she is bad, and not the hot kinda bad.
But this could be your way to talk to Raine! Isn't it worth the risk? Maybe.
But what are you getting out of this? On the one hand, I miss my family.
On the other, Belos is not a forgiving man.
But I'm just a party planner at this point I'm just a sucker for romantic reunions? This is true Ugh, fine! Fine? What's fine? What are you cretins planning? Worry not, Kikimora.
We're gonna help you.
- By kidnapping you and Raine! - [all.]
What? [sniffs, groans.]
Thanks, Morton! [retches.]
Keep the change! I call it the "Ed Ricochet 11.
" That's how many times I was sent to the Healing Coven.
Ooh! Wait, are these legal? Would that make you more or less interested in buying them? Hmm.
Nice work, everyone! [grunts.]
Let's go over the plan one more time.
King and Hooty will pilot the float during the parade.
Once it gets to the halfway point, you two will set off all the glyphs, potions, and fireworks to distract people.
With my love of mayhem and Hooty's desperate need for attention, this'll be a cake walk! When Kikimora sends off the guards to investigate, that's when Eda and I will obscure the stage and whisk her and Raine away.
The Coven can't banish Kiki if she's missing! She'll get the best of both worlds! She'll set an example for us all! [chuckles.]
Um, I mean Eda gets to talk to Raine.
It's romantic! Oh, it's not that romantic.
Witch, this is peak of Mount Romance! [King.]
Hooty, what would you know? [Hooty.]
I've been around! Huh.
Must've left my phone at the Owl House.
Amity! Uh, hey, Willow.
It's, uh, been a while since I came here on my own.
I guess it has Are you okay? So, Luz has been acting super weird, and I think she's lying about her trip to the human realm and she left her phoon, uh, phun? Ugh, her thingy at school and [muffled scream.]
You need to slow down for me.
Luz says she hasn't been to the human realm, but I just get the feeling that she's lying.
And I can find out the truth by watching this! But I'm not gonna invade her privacy like that.
Would you? Mmm Mm-mmm.
Listen, Blight, if you want my advice, there's something you have to do for me first.
Do you still know how to braid hair? [chuckles.]
But I am a little rusty.
I'm glad we can be like this again.
This isn't going to work.
I can't believe I let them talk me into this.
Who talked you into what? R-Raine? H-How long have you been there? [stammers.]
Shouldn't you be practicing your, um, parade wave? [groans.]
You know I hate these things.
Talking to people.
Waving to people.
But I'm just happy to do my part.
You seem so much more calm than before.
Oh, why wouldn't they be? They were sick for a while, but thanks to me, they're good as new! T-Terra! And what brings you out of your greenhouse, Head Witch? Terra's been helping me recover.
I can't remember anything with these [winces.]
Here, sprout.
Drink your tea.
There you go.
You're gonna get on top of that float and wave to thousands of chumps all night.
- Remember to lead with your elbow.
- I'm on it.
Terra could ruin everything! [beeping.]
You're not trying to leave, are you? Come.
The parade is about to begin.
[crowd cheering.]
[marching band music playing.]
[marching band music continues.]
It's almost time.
Is that our float? [Luz.]
Not bad, right? [ratcheting.]
It's a work of art! That was the signal! Let's move.
Uh I can't get down.
[cheering, whistling.]
Four! Three! Two [explosions.]
[crowd gasping.]
Should we, uh, do something about that? Yes, of course, you hangnails! I command all of you to investigate! [gasps.]
And scoop! Ooh! I cannot believe we are being taken against our will.
What sayeth you, fiend? Uh! That's right! I, Hecate, will whisk you away to my kingdom of mirrors and snakes! [sighs.]
Hey, come on.
I didn't know I had to prepare lines.
Knock it off you, two.
Let's get crackin'.
Mission success, Hooty! Now, how do we get outta here? We're gonna have to be sneaky.
Hi! It's me! Your good buddy Belos! Worship me! Kill that monstrosity! [laughs.]
Not the first time I've heard that! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoot! Run! Get him! [panting.]
Raine, I'm so glad you're okay! Eda? What're you doing here? I had to make sure you were okay after that fight with Darius and Eber.
What fight? It was just a few weeks ago.
I was with you.
Eda, I spent the last month sick in bed.
And we we haven't spoken in years.
Listen, I don't know what you want with me.
But I'm the Head of a Coven now.
And I can't associate with wild witches anymore.
So move aside.
I'm not leaving till I get through to you.
We can do this the hard way.
Oh, my gosh, it's working! It's actually working! We're visible? We need to disappear again! If we're caught, she will end us! Who will end us? [rumbling.]
Head Witch of the Plant Coven, Terra Snapdragon.
Law is meaningless! Stealing is legal now! I am your god! Oh, my word.
Where could Kiki have gone? Such a valued member of the coven must be found post haste! Have you seen her, little fly? Guess not.
What a shame that Kikimora would disappear and right before her promotion.
All the missions she would have led.
The shiny new badge, the respect.
Ah, well.
Guess we'll have to find someone else.
- [panting.]
- Hmm.
Another pest [panting.]
Sweet potato! How did you know Book 5, chapter 8, Azura pretends to kidnap Hecate During the ice festival to save her from the wizard clan! You remembered my favorite part.
Yes, but right now, I just want to keep my girlfriend from being sent to the conformatorium again! Ooh.
Rainstorm stop it.
Ah! I don't want to hurt you, Eda.
But you're not giving me much of a choice.
Come on, Raine! I know when you're going easy on me.
I [groans.]
Did you forget this too? [music plays.]
Why won't you just leave me alone? [grunts.]
For old time's sake, I'll give you one last chance.
So be it.
[scout 1.]
I think I heard something over here! - [scout 2.]
Head Witch! Are you there? - [scout 1.]
Surround the area! [gasps.]
Go home.
Maybe travel for a bit.
Just don't contact me again.
I work for the Emperor, after all.
[scout 1.]
Head Witch! [gasps.]
Head Witch! Are you hurt? No, not badly.
Let's return to the parade.
Okay, Kikimora.
Princess here will get you back to your family in Palm Stings by morning.
She's a good girl, and I'm sad to say goodbye, but Bump couldn't keep her at his place anymore.
Isn't it great? You'll see everyone at the reunion, and when you return, you can brag about your daring escape! You're walking proof that you don't have to choose between worlds! [sighs.]
You've been such a help to me, human.
You really are a kind person.
And an utter fool! [laughs.]
Wha? Palm Stings can burn for all I care! You heard Terra.
They want to promote me! Me! She could have been lying.
That's a risk I'm willing to take.
Maybe as a thank you I could give Belos a few gifts.
A troublemaking human and Ah.
You're the little fire starter from Eclipse Lake.
Amity! Now! [panting.]
You got em.
Thank you Luz, for all the help.
You're welcome! I mean Ah, dang it! [growling.]
What is this? Oh, Kiki, try not to get ahead of yourself.
The Emperor has a great many plans, but causing a riot by hurting a couple of children is not one of them.
Terra! Shouldn't you be babysitting the bard? I wasn't sent here to watch over Raine.
I was sent here to watch over you.
The promotion is real.
You just had to prove your dedication.
Did I pass? Unfortunately, yes.
So? What's the promotion? Who's under my command? What do I get? You get to live.
[fireworks explode.]
Come, Kiki, time to head back.
[muffled scream.]
The Emperor says he's looking forward to meeting you, human.
Until then, happy Coven Day.
[both sigh.]
Amity, Amity! Amity, you saved me! How can I make it up to you? Maybe you can tell me about this.
Don't worry.
I haven't watched it.
But you did finish the portal door.
You did see your mom.
And it looks like it didn't go well.
I'm sorry.
I know this situation is crazy, and I'm okay taking things one day at a time.
But I can't help if I don't know what's going on.
You just looked so hopeful.
You were even learning Spanish.
And I thought if I helped out Kikimora, maybe there'd be hope for me.
Tell me what happened.
So, I had finished the door.
But it didn't look like the normal portal.
I must have missed something.
We opened it and [giggling.]
[crowd cheering.]
Um, thank you, Bonesborough, for joining us during this year's Coven Day Parade.
This year is extra special because the Emperor himself has an announcement to make.
[cheers, whistles.]
Thank you, everyone.
Together we are perfecting the Coven System as the Titan intended.
The Day of Unity will be in exactly one month, when the tide is at its lowest and the moon obscures the sun.
At that time, we will journey to the head of the isles, and there, the worthy shall inherit a utopia free of wild magic.
[everybody gasps.]
Free of wild magic? How's he supposed to do that? There is one more thing I'd like to share with you.
I've always hidden my face, out of fear.
But because of your support, I can finally take off this mask.
So phony.
He's trying to distract us from his crazy utopia talk! Too bad it won't work.
[crowd gasps.]
Thank you, Boiling Isles.
- [cheering.]
- We love you! [gasping.]
Happy Coven Day, everyone.
Belos! Belos! Is Belos planning something? And why did he say he's going to meet you again? Didn't you already meet? What else don't I know? What's gonna happen? I I'm not sure.
But for now we'll take things one day at a time.
Belos! Belos!
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