The Owl House (2020) s02e12 Episode Script

Elsewhere and Elsewhen

You and me both, buddy.
I can't figure out what I messed up when I made that ding-danged door.
It is so nice to be surrounded by all of Lulu's dearest friends.
Yeah! All hail Lulu.
We're here to celebrate the new assistant curator of the Supernatural Museum of History.
Here's to you, Lulu! Cheers! Hooty, did I miss the toast? Yes, but not "the app-pellet-tizers.
" You want a There's an extra one.
I'm working on it.
No, no, no.
That's okay.
Uh, where's Lilith? We want to congratulate her! Oh, I wish I could stay longer, but I must be off on my next adventure.
It's such a delight to see my little bookworm back in the historical world after all these years.
Uh, thank you, Flora.
But it's just a small job.
Only an assistant.
I'm surprised you even heard about this.
The emperor wanted to make sure you weren't getting into any trouble.
And to clear out your office.
I left a box of your nicknacks inside.
Wish you took more from my tutelage, dear.
History's supposed to be exciting after all.
Who was that? Flora D'esplora, bad-girl historian, celebrity, and my former mentor in the Emperor's Coven.
I have questions about that name.
And I have questions about my life! All I ever got to do was desk work while she goofed off riding wild snake horses and - "Snorses.
" - and eating mummy jerky! Well, I can be just as exciting as Flora.
I'll come up with an exhibit that'll knock the Titan's socks off! Congratulations on your new job! After careful analysis during this Deadwardian Era, I believe the current human year is 1660.
Or is it '70? The years are flashing by, but it will all be worth it.
I've gathered all the portal ingredients including Titan's Blood.
All that's left is to seek out The Collector.
And he will tell me what I need to complete my mission.
But first, my companions and I must face The Collector.
I've never heard that name.
Me neither.
What kind of jerk puts "The" in front of their name anyway? But The Collector may know how to make a real portal door.
He may know why mine is so unstable.
I just I messed up so bad last time.
I need to do better.
Luz, I've got leg hair older than you.
This Philip guy worked on his door for years.
Try not to beat yourself up too much.
I just wish I could go back in time and talk to him.
- Eda.
Is time magic a thing? - Not really, but Back in the day, I was a bit of an urban-legend junkie.
Twig Foot, Lender Man, possums Those are real.
Sure, kid.
Anyway, there are stories about these things called time pools.
Mythical puddles that act as windows into the past.
But they're never in the same spot twice.
Me and Lily used to search for them.
She'd say I forced her into it, but I think she had more fun than me.
Lilith! Of course.
Thanks, Eda.
Lilith! I see you're dealing with all this.
I'm plotting out my first exhibit for the museum.
It's almost as if the emperor wanted Flora to tick me off.
Well, I'll show her that she's not the only bad-girl historian in town.
I'm thinking the architectural history behind Deadwardian balusters.
This won't work, will it? Don't let Flora get you down.
I even started calling you "Cool Aunt Lilith" in my journal.
Uh, oh, really? You can be a bad-girl historian.
- And I know how.
- Oh, I remember these.
"In the Premysteric Era, it's theorized that coagulated Titan Blood mixed with the magical algae of the Boiling Sea created temporary holes in time.
" Time magic, baby.
You can make an exciting exhibit on time pools, and maybe I can get information on how Philip made the portal door.
I did cobble together a device to find these with Eda.
It should be in the box Flora returned to me.
But it was faulty.
It needed more power than I could ever give it.
Stay right there.
Would Titan Blood do the trick? Let's do it.
Don't worry, Luz.
We're getting closer.
I can feel it.
Ha! Exactly what I thought.
These are wrinkling oaks.
They don't look very wrinkly.
That's because something's keeping them locked in time.
So, accounting for local plague patterns, the quake in the '30s, and the switch from boiling units to the empirical system, the time pool should be here! But I triple-checked all my calculations.
My equipment is first-rate.
Stupid rock.
Maybe the Titan Blood was too dry.
Is it not algae-blooming season? Was it my tools? Are they broken? Am I broken? Lilith! You did it.
You found the time pools.
In your face! A stone sleeper from the Hecktaceous period.
Did you know that they have a ticklish spot behind their ears? Luz, are you listening? Come on, time pools.
Mama needs to commune with the dead.
Tonight I shall revel so hard, I shan't stand any longer! I shall revel mineself to death! No wonder no one's found these before.
They're completely hidden from sight.
Stupid rock! Wow.
It's a little Babysborough.
Yo! What era is it? 'Tis the Deadwardian Era.
What ye be doing in the sand? Be ye a crab maiden? Philip's time! And, yes! I am a crab maiden.
Lilith! Luz, look.
These are the oldest barnacles I've ever had on my head.
I found it.
I found Philip's time.
Ooh, incredible.
This will be a truly unprecedented exploration.
Now, before we dive in, we must remember if the tide comes in we could be trapped, paradoxes will be a danger, and don't get me started on the bloody fly effect.
But a bad-girl historian like myself is all about taking risks, so let's boogie down to History Town.
She really is Cool Aunt Lilith.
Hello, witchlet.
Hey, Ma.
Why are you still in town? Forget something from yesterday? Your father wanted to swing by.
Well, tell him I'm busy.
Maybe you could tell him yourself.
Uh, he's just outside.
I get to meet my grandpa? Yes.
You know the Clawthorne clan was once known for their Palisman-making skills? And Dell? Whoo, he was the best of them all.
Cool! Now, Luz, we are technically in the Savage Ages, way before Belos banished Wild Magic.
These denizens may be dangerous! Good tidings, kind witches.
This doesn't look dangerous.
This looks awesome.
Why did Belos want to banish Wild Magic again? Well, the Titan supposedly doesn't like it.
Oh, my gosh.
Look at this thatch work.
Each segment looped by hand.
But I bet Flora would scoff at it.
Excuse me.
Have you seen a human around? Round ears.
Super smart.
Honestly, he's probably a celebrity around here.
I don't know.
Dance, human! Dance! Give that back! I can't believe this, after the bonds of fellowship we forged.
Bonds? Ha! You still owe us.
When I accomplish my mission, I promise you, you'll have your snails.
Listen to this.
"With my new and bravest companion, Blue Fang, I set forth.
" "His strength should make fast work of any task.
" His pretty little words should make pretty good kindling.
That doesn't belong to you.
Witchlet? Aren't you going to say hello to your father? It's been Years! Yep, been years.
I know.
I'm, uh, just sharpening my tooth.
Don't want Pops to see me looking all blech, you feel? What's with you? Why are you so terrified of seeing your dad? It's not like I'm scared of him.
I just haven't seen him since I ruined his I mean since the Owl Beast ruined his I'm just not ready, okay? Now move it.
I gotta scram.
Hiya, Eda.
Your pops is such a nice guy.
Say, how'd he get that scar on his Hey, Eda.
Dear sister, join the Emperor's Coven and together we could become gods! Hmm.
Don't waste your time on the kid.
We should keep looking.
Ask your friend there what happened to our brother, Blue Fang, and his Palisman.
So he's already gotten to the Titan Blood.
- Who's that? - Hmph! That's private.
You're Philip Wittebane, aren't you? The human? Here to gawk? I may not have a bile sac, but I do have dignity.
Wait! I've heard of your exploits and I know what it's like to be far from home.
Could we talk? No.
Wait! I can give you snails.
I can make you crutches.
Um, uh I can help you find The Collector! So, Luzura, you and your aunt, Dirtrude, started traveling together after the Toe-gres attacked your castle and covered it with an impenetrable mist? Yes, and that's why we, too, seek The Collector.
We need him to tell us how to clear the mists so we can return home.
Snap, snap, snap.
Now Anyone bring a torch? Astounding! I thought I was the only one who used picto-glyphs.
You use glyphs too? How else could I have survived here? Plant growth, ice, fire Took years to find them.
Almost as if the world wanted to hide them from me.
I even found one in a snowflake.
My dude, me too.
A warrior and a scholar.
Truly impressive.
Ah! I can't believe I taught Philip something new! Line there, curve there Fascinating.
Absolutely fascinating.
Your niece is very talented.
I'm sure she takes after her aunt.
Maybe I had a little something to do with it.
Now, I know a few tricks as well.
What is this? A shortcut to The Collector.
Really, Eda? You won't be able to run away this time.
Apologies, dearest Mother.
Dearest sister has flown the dearest coop.
But worry not, for I, the perfect, prissy little Lily, shall find her for you.
Does she seriously think I'm buying that? Just let her have this.
Not today, suckers! Am I too late again? Well, fly safe, witchlet.
Perhaps I'll catch you next time.
Hi, Dad.
Where are we? We're in the head of the Titan! W-We're what? But this is sacred ground.
I suppose that's why no one wanted to accompany me.
But every legend told me that The Collector lies there.
Behind that door.
I just can't figure out the mechanism to open it.
If I weren't so frail.
It's okay.
We can help.
Puzzles are in my blood.
My mom had to stop me from eating puzzles when I was a kid.
You stay here and rest up.
Thank you for your kindness, crab maiden.
Perhaps we were destined to meet.
This mechanism is unlike any I've seen before.
It'll make a remarkable addition to my exhibit.
It's just Come on.
We can't stop now.
We're getting everything we could have hoped for.
That's just it.
Most of this puzzle has been solved already.
And Philip The confidence, the compliments He says everything you want to hear.
It feels uncomfortably familiar.
Some of this is pretty weird.
But it's the Boiling Isles.
Everything's a little weird, right? Hey, why don't you keep working on this and I'll go talk to Philip? "I single-handedly defeated the beast behind the door.
Tragically, I could not save my companions.
" Philip, why did you bring us here? Ah! I did it! I solved the puzzle! - I needed a sacrifice.
- What'd he say? Lilith! Well, with the beast distracted, I can finally get through those doors.
- You tricked us! - It was Destiny? Balderdash.
I was going to say, "Inevitable.
" You two were easier to trick than Blue Fang.
Hopefully you and Aunt Dirtrude can last longer.
Lilith! Hey! That better be your own grave you're digging! Found you.
I know you want to get home, but nothing is worth hurting people.
Oh, I disagree.
It was nice making a cat's-paw out of you.
Good luck with your crab castle or whatever.
You witches come up with the worst lies.
Is this how it all ends for Lilith Clawthorne? Her body lost to time? You were right about that jerkweed.
I'm so sorry, Lilith.
Oh, your humility before death truly heartens me.
Yeah, I should have listened to you.
I did listen to you.
Uh Luz! Eda's gonna kill me.
Eda's gonna kill me.
Eda's gonna kill me! It's one of those Stone Sleepers from the Hecktaceous period! It must have been hibernating in here for ages.
Do you like that, boy? Aw, you're good boy.
You were listening.
And so I doggedly limped home, but I had my prize.
How to describe you? Oval? Oblong? A round boy? Tell me how that thing's gonna help you build a portal to the human realm.
No, I need this for something else.
No? What do you mean "no"? I mean, if it's information you want, perhaps we can make an exchange.
I'll probably require another sacrifice sooner or later.
If you or your aunt want to You hateable sorcerers! Stay mad.
Come, Luzura, we're finished here.
Cool aunt.
You know, Luz, if some jerk like Philip can build a portal, - then I'm sure you can too.
- Thanks.
Hey, we have a little time before the tide comes in.
You want to do something exciting? Balusters, Luz! Deadwardian balusters! Sorry, I, uh, haven't been in touch.
There's been a lot going on.
You disappear from Bonesborough, you're fixing up my old tower, and then suddenly I see you on a wanted poster.
And your mother tells me about the petrification.
I wish you'd let us help.
But I do hear I have a grandson now.
Yep, King's a Clawthorne.
He can be a handful, but It's been over 20 years, witchlet.
I can't chase you anymore.
Then stop! I've ruined your life.
Have you even been able to carve a new Palisman since I attacked you? Stop trying to forgive me.
I don't deserve it.
Don't worry, I'm not here to try that again.
What is that? It's a palistrom seed.
My Palisman-making days are over, but I've been helping the Bat Queen replenish her forests so someone new can learn the trade.
Did you come all the way here just to brag? Yes.
But also to say, let the past stay in the past, witchlet.
It's okay to move on.
And give Owlbert my regards.
Carving him with you is one of my dearest memories.
We got lucky today, Luz.
Next time those time pools show up, they could be on the other side of the world.
Hey nerds! How was your nerd quest? You find that dead nerd? Layin' it on a little thick, there, Eda.
But yeah, we found Philip.
Whoa, seriously? - Yeah, he stunk.
- I punched him in the face.
Groovy, auntie.
Uh, you guys You guys need to stop that.
Those barbarians.
Those Those witches! It doesn't matter.
I just need to live long enough to see this through.
And you're going to help me, Collector.

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