The Owl House (2020) s02e21 Episode Script

King's Tide

But But you said.
You said you'd let me out.
- I hate it here! - Just a little longer.
We have to wait till after the Draining Spell.
You better not be fibbin'.
You pinky-swore me.
Patience, Collector.
You can trust me.
Hmm? Who's there? What? It's okay, King.
It's okay.
I know how to fly a ship.
Then fly faster.
We're barely halfway there.
Luz could be in trouble.
Maybe if I took the wheel Very eager to return to Belos, eh, Golden Guard? At least I never built him an army! Watch your tone with me, young man.
Whoa! Hey, here's a bright idea: Don't distract the pilot.
He started it! Everything that happened How is it that I'm the youngest here Can't believe I can't believe she's going to face Belos alone again.
And I'm powerless to help her.
We can't even manage to help each other.
Look, we're all exhausted and terrified.
Let's focus our energy on helping Luz instead of fighting each other.
Hmm? Aw, this is just like when I was a kid.
Is this why you call me "Mittens"? That was amazing! There's always a way to help.
You just have to look for the right opportunity.
Thanks, Willow.
I'll remember that.
Children of the Isles, for too long our world has been home to an insidious pox.
A corruption that defiles the Titan's blessings.
But today that changes.
United with the Titan and the power of the eclipse, we shall wipe out wild magic forever.
Paradise awaits.
Whoo! That last stretch was a long one.
Hey, pay attention.
The other Coven Heads think they're gonna be royalty after today.
And they'll do anything to make that happen.
The cloaking stone won't cover your voice, so make sure not to speak.
Also The curse will do its thing.
I got this, Rainstorm.
Don't worry.
Don't tell me not to worry.
Edalyn, please be careful! If you need help, just, uh, flap your arms.
Or scream real loud! Or Or Don't worry, Lily.
With this spell declared, promise I'll be back.
That's not a spell.
Doesn't even rhyme.
Oh! I forgot to mention I decided to switch up the arrangement.
Don't say a word about my appearance.
I will not be taking notes at this time.
Hello, sprout.
Goodbye, Boiling Isles.
We did it! It's done! It's done! Now you can set me free and we can play new games! I'm afraid that's impossible.
Uh, excuse a what now? B-But you said you'd use the Titan blood to help free me.
And I'm sorry, but I just realized I only have enough Titan's blood to open the portal.
But you said we were friends! W-We pinky-swore! You lied! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Emperor, congratulations on this momentous day.
I come bearing a gift.
You had been looking for the Golden Guard, and here he is! Perhaps this act is worthy of returning me to my old post.
Or if you're looking for a new right hand Have you as my right hand? I'd sooner cut off my whole arm.
But, uh, I just want to help.
You want to help? Go find a hole to wither away in.
And you I gave you the Draining Spell.
I taught you magic stronger than anybody's.
And that's why I won't release you.
Can't have you giving that to anyone else.
You're a liar, liar, pants on fire! Of course she'd mess up such a simple task.
But I am glad to see you, my fellow human.
What? No fight left? Or did you learn your lesson from last time? You wish.
Spicy toss! Of course not.
Your ship has been reported stolen.
Land immediately! Mom.
Don't be fooled.
Take 'em down! Uh Whoa! Why did I make those things so powerful? Stupid Alador.
Stupid! Fire! What? It's getting weaker.
Looks like my suspicions were correct.
Graye, if you'd please.
I love a good twist.
Hey! Oh, for Titan's sake.
Huh? You too, Darius? Did you really think you'd get away with this? No.
No, no, no.
No, no, no! Raine! Oh, you are making a big mistake! My only mistake was letting you two live all those years ago.
Raine! Eda! Hello, paradise! I didn't realize you're already combining glyphs.
You do have a strange intuition with these.
It took me years to figure that out.
Almost like the Titan himself didn't want me to have that knowledge.
Though you're still decades away from beating me.
Eat dirt, Belos! It's Philip.
And despite our differences, I want to help you, Luz.
I can send you home.
I have just enough Titan blood for one more trip.
I don't want to see another human life destroyed by this place.
You're such a hypocrite.
You talk big about protecting humanity, but after everything you've done, you're barely human yourself.
I do pity you.
These monsters have warped your sense of reality.
Perhaps it'd be merciful to put you out of your misery.
Wait, wait, wait! You You can't! You Y-You do realize you've been gone from the human realm for centuries.
Times have changed.
You wanna be known as the Emperor of the Witch Hunters, right? Witch Hunter General.
Sure, sure.
Uh, Witch Hunter General.
But those aren't really a thing anymore.
No one's gonna take you seriously if you start ranting about the demon realm.
Not to mention a fashion sense like that.
Yikes, my dude.
So, what? You're offering to be my modern-day guide? I'm not offering anything.
But I do wanna make a deal.
I can't beat you.
I know that.
So I will return to the human realm and I will be your guide.
If you spare my friends.
Come on.
You'll need living proof that this realm exists.
You'd do anything to save humanity.
Well, I'd do anything to save the people I love.
Then shake on it.
Human style.
Huh? No.
We're too late.
What is happening? Raine, Belos is giving us paradise, right? You'll never make it out of here unless you stop the Draining Spell right now.
I said stop it! Oh, my head.
Willow, you okay? Come on.
I'll help you up.
Dad! Dad, are you Take this.
Dad, no.
We're not gonna leave you.
Amity, come on.
We can't stay.
We have to go.
King, are you okay? Darius? Darius? Darius, wake up! Wake up! Eda! I got her! She's not waking up! We have to get to the head.
Luz could be in trouble.
I-I know you're mad, but you can still fix things.
Just stop the spell.
The door! Watch the door.
Over here! We don't belong here.
I'm not like you! We're here to help.
Did you really think we wouldn't follow you? Yeah, girl.
Get with it.
You guys are literally the coolest.
We have to get him to stop the Draining Spell, but he's all berserk mad! Luz! Buddy, it's about to get real scary.
You stay here.
But I can help.
- Gus! - On my way! Huh? It's pointless.
Belos can't stop the spell any more than they can.
Only the Collector has that power.
Who is the Collector? Neither witch nor demon.
A child from the stars.
Belos only talked to him when he thought no one was around, but I was always listening.
Belos was afraid of him.
An opportunity.
Take me to him! If that means kicking the Emperor's butt, gladly.
All right, Belos.
Time to calm down a little.
Hunter, why are you hurting me? I only wanted to help you.
You're You're lying! Kill him! What is this place? Where the failures end up.
Leave me alone! I don't associate with fibbers.
I know someone's there.
I can feel it.
But why can't I see you? You look like that bully who put me in here.
No way.
Are you his little Titan baby? I've always wanted to play with you! But your dumb pops hid you.
Hey, do you like hide-and-seek? I'll hide first! Wait, wait! Mr.
We need you to stop this Draining Spell.
Mister? You are so boring.
Well, you know what's better than hide-and-seek? A game called "The," uh, "The Owl House.
" Ooh, how do you play? Oh, it's so fun.
Like, the most fun.
And I could show you if you want.
We're gonna need a lot of players.
Like, a whole island's worth of players, but, uh Aw, shucks.
What's wrong? Well, gee, everyone's gonna perish from this ding-dang Draining Spell.
Guess we can't play that awesome game after all.
Man, it was fun though.
Wait, if you're a Titan, you can let me out.
I can stop the spell.
And we could play together! Golly! You'd do that? Wait.
You're not tricking me into doing your chores like Philip, are you? I would never! Pinky-swear.
I'll even let you out right now.
What do I need to do? Do-Do-Do you need my blood? No, silly.
Just follow my lead.
Amity! Raine? I promised a special kid I'd protect you.
Raine! Whatcha playing? Collector? You're free.
Just as promised.
As promised? I remember someone throwing me off a bridge.
I'm not angry though.
Say, you wanna play tag? I'm it.
Too slow.
You guys look slow too.
Do you need a head start? Whoa, whoa, Collector! Buddy, pal.
King! Remember what we talked about? You gotta help all my friends outside, or, uh, we won't get to play Owl House.
Uh, Owl House.
Uh, gosh.
I love that game.
The memories last a lifetime.
I play it every day.
I play it every hour.
I'll explain the rules later, but remember, we need lots of players.
Huh? Hmm.
If we're gonna play Owl House, we're gonna need an Owl House! Boop! We're gonna have a blast, everyone! I think there's a way out.
Luz, come on! Everyone.
I-I can't just leave them.
Luz, please.
Hunter! It's human rain.
It's okay.
Luz? Luz, what are you doing? I-I have to get Eda.
We'll find a way back to you.
Go! Go, go, go! I-I can't hold the portal much longer.
King! King, you promised you'd play with me! You pinky-swore! Luz! We gotta stick together.
I'm sorry.
Not this time.
But I can keep you safe.
No! Luz, I'm so happy I had you as a big sister.
No! King! Hey, Mom.
I'm back.

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