The Owl House (2020) s02e20 Episode Script

Clouds on the Horizon

You nervous? You haven't been home in, like, how many hundreds of years? What if it's all changed? What if you changed? You got so used to eating Palismen, you can barely keep your human shape anymore.
I can't wait to get outta this prison! There are so many games I wanna play.
If we need a third player, we can make another Grimwalker.
No, not until I've dealt with this one.
Just free me already.
You promised! The Draining Spell must work first like you promised.
You need to have more faith in pinkie swears.
Don't worry, Collector.
Your patience will be rewarded.
The Day of Unity is about to begin.
I was devastated to hear of your demotion, Kikimora.
Please stop talking to me.
Personally, I liked you better than that turncloak Golden Guard.
If only there was a way to show Belos your true worth.
"If only there was a way to show Belos your " [groans.]
[snaps fingers.]
Let's get out of here.
She won't believe you.
Even if she did, she won't care.
Well, someone has to tell Mom about the Draining Spell.
Or else she and Dad are helping Belos hurt people.
I've got that little gremlin on the hook.
She'll be a perfect test subject for our new product.
Don't you think it's odd that they need this much security for the Day of Unity? Perhaps we should reconsider this deal.
Blights always uphold their end of the deal, dear.
Or should I reconsider ours? It might be time for the kids to play a more active role in Blight Industries.
I could start the paperwork right now.
Hey, guys.
Dad might listen.
Guys? Hiding behind trash, Amity? To think my children are so painfully predictable in their deceit.
You're grounded.
What kinda language is that? The language of love, Eda.
But it's unfinished.
It just says, "Grounded.
Come quick," and then nothing.
Special delivery.
Ta-da! Ooh.
Disguises! Yes! A milestone of malfeasance in my new life of crime.
This is just a trick to get me to wear clothes.
Well, it won't work! Anything else I can do? Grab some tea? Defeat some baddies? Create sentient life? I am a Titan Totally frightened? [laughs, snorts.]
Yeah, me too, pal.
I know you wanna help, but we gotta keep this stuff a secret between us five for now.
You may be a Titan, but you're still a little guy.
All right, let's get this briefing over with.
Okay, we have 24 hours until the Day of Unity begins and Belos activates the Draining Spell.
And everyone on the Boiling Isles is taken out in one fell swoop.
Well, not everyone.
The spell targets those with Coven Sigils, using the nine types of magic as ingredients for the spell itself.
It's channeled through each of the Coven Heads during the duration of the eclipse.
So, what's the plan? Do we hide one of you? We can't count on that after my stunt with the bats.
Belos made sure we all have replacements.
We can't stop the Draining Spell, but we can corrupt it.
That's where the Owl Lady comes in.
Huh? [groans.]
The curse, Eda.
That's right.
My curse warps magic.
Huh? Did quite a number on you two, if I remember correctly.
You remember incorrectly.
I was completely unfazed.
Eda would have to sneak into the tower, and here's how.
I'll control a pair of abominations to release Eberwolf's flesh-eating beetles into the crowd.
It will create a distraction so big, we can get Eda up with the Coven Heads.
The spell will halt when it comes in contact with the curse, and the day will be saved.
No problem.
What? Only a few people would get eaten.
Even then, just the small ones.
If we must do this, the safest bet is to have Eda tap into the spell by taking someone's place as Coven Head.
My place.
Sigil and all.
As Head Bard, you'd also be flanked by me and Eber, where we can keep an eye on the others.
Why are we acting like Edalyn's the only one with a curse here? - Please, let me do this as a - No.
You haven't had your curse that long.
You don't know how it would react.
But I do.
And how can I say no to sticking it to Belos one final time? Not only that, but I got the Raine Whispers watching out for me.
Heck yes, Owl Lady! [all cheering, applauding.]
There you are.
Look what I got.
The coat's finally dry.
I thought you'd carve something cute like a tarantula.
Why an egg? I got to decide what my future looked like when I chose to be a witch, and I want them to have that option too.
Until then, I'm willing to wait.
Try to play them music sometime.
They can hear you.
I love you already.
Can you believe I gotta pretend to be a Coven Head? Eda, are you sure you want to do this? [scoffs.]
Well, of course I don't.
You know, even before the curse, I couldn't stand covens.
Only a select few can learn about different types of magic.
It made no sense.
But, if it's the only way to stop this, then I'm gonna do it.
But as exciting as saving the world sounds, it's not nearly as romantic as going on a rescue mission to save your girlfriend.
I never said I was gonna Ooh, but you wanna.
It's written all over your face.
Of course I want to, but I also wanna be there for you.
Hey, us adults can handle ourselves.
Tell bossy boots I said, "Yo.
" Stop talking like that.
This isn't goodbye.
I command it! We'll see each other after the Day of Unity.
If we succeed.
When we succeed.
We have the advantage, after all.
We've got King the Titan and Luz the Human on our side.
Legends in the making! Don't forget Eda the Owl Lady.
Already a legend, and the most horrifying one of them all.
[all laughing.]
So, you two protect each other, and we'll be back together before you know it.
Eda, let's get moving.
Promise you'll protect her.
Well, the next 24 hours are going to be rough.
But everyone knows their part, and I'm confident we'll succeed.
Because we are the Covens Against the Throne.
Can we please not make this our battle cry? AKA the CATS! [all hissing.]
[Darius groaning.]
Oh, Titan, help us.
I'll do my best.
Why are we stopping? To meet your security escort.
Darius insisted.
See ya! [laughs.]
What? I don't need a security escort! [Willow.]
Did you hear that, Gus? Yeah, no, I guess we'll have to go home.
Well, it's been fun.
See you around, Luz the Human.
Wait, wait, wait! Of course I want you around.
I'm so happy.
And confused.
I thought you were all hiding after what happened at Hexside.
They were, but then they heard Darius ordered me to protect you.
More like he begged us to come because he's terrified of getting recognized.
Hunter, are you really up for this? You must be dealing with a lot after learning That Belos is evil? [laughs.]
Don't worry.
I'm A-OK.
[mimicking explosion.]
What the This is what happens when you go missing for a week.
Don't you dare mention that thing around them.
What thing? That you're a Grimwalker? Shh! Listen, I don't know if I'm a witch or human.
All I know is that I'm a copy of someone Belos made disappear.
I don't know what you three went through, but they seem to like you.
So I shouldn't worry how they'd react, right? If that's the case, have you told them about helping Philip? Yeah, I overheard everything.
Don't tell them.
Sorry, man.
Luz! [sighs.]
Can't believe Mom broke it.
I'm gonna fix it, and I'm gonna get a message out to Luz.
I'm gonna do something! We already tried burning down the factory.
That's what got us grounded too.
If Mom would just hear us out We can shout as loud as we want, but money always shouts louder.
Dad would listen.
I know he would.
The world is ending, no one'll listen to us, and I just [sighs.]
I just want to know that Luz is safe.
What do you think Luz would say to you right now? Probably something dorky.
But also sweet.
Like how I shouldn't give up, and that anything is possible.
Or she'd say that I might be scared now, but to not let that stop me, because because every problem has a solution.
And everything's been so crazy, we've barely been able to spend time together.
And I am not letting the world end before we go on a real date.
Whoa, you're right! I would say all that.
Sweet potato! [chuckles.]
I'm gonna take you out when this is all over, Amity.
I promise.
No monsters, no mysteries, no deadly duels.
It's going to be the most mundane, slice-of-life date ever.
And it'll be awesome.
I know.
I can't believe I just did that.
I can't believe I just said that.
Oh, crikey.
How did I even think that? [sighs.]
Come on, Luz.
Be cool next time.
Luz, I don't think my parents know what they're helping Belos accomplish.
Uh, will you help me tell them about the Draining Spell? Of course.
That's why we're here.
We? Hey, I know that face.
I've got it all under control, Rainstorm.
Jealous I may be a better Coven Head than you? [chuckles.]
I'll try not to impress everyone too much.
Are you really willing to get a sigil? Even if your curse heals, you'll never be able to practice wild magic again.
Eh, my curse isn't going anywhere.
I can tell it's always gonna be a pain in my feathers.
But if I can do this to help, why would I refuse? [Katya.]
We're almost there! Here's your cloaking stone, Eda.
It'll keep you hidden under an illusion.
But it won't change your voice, so try not to say much.
This works a little too well.
I wonder [laughs.]
It works.
Oh, weird.
It's time.
You ready? Oh.
Isn't it cool we get one last adventure together? Mrs.
I hope this last shipment will be swift.
Stay here, King.
It's safer.
If anyone asks, you're guarding the perimeter.
But [sighs.]
He's my friend, right? - Wha - [Collector.]
But he wouldn't lie? - He wouldn't? He wouldn't.
- [King.]
Who is that? Hello? [Collector.]
We spent hundreds of years playing his game.
I want to play a new game.
Heh? [gasps.]
For the last time, I'm not interested in your dumb gadgets.
You might want to reconsider.
Introducing the Abomatron.
It's 700 "snorsepower," has two fairy-powered jet packs and comes in several shades of lilac.
I outfitted this one specially for you.
[giggles, cackles.]
I'm taller than everyone! [giggling continues.]
[Amity whispers.]
That's my dad's workroom.
It looks empty.
And really sad.
These rooms are off-limits.
Follow my lead.
Kikimora told us of your products.
Such inventions would be invaluable assets to the Emperor's Coven.
Yeah, and we are all about invaluable assets.
Can't get enough of 'em.
I'm an asset gal myself.
I apologize for the trouble.
We'll return to our duties.
[all gasp.]
I thought I recognized that annoying voice.
[all gasp.]
Sorry, man.
[all gasp.]
[mechanical footsteps approach.]
Over here! We found another wild witch.
No! [panting.]
Send 'em to the Conformatorium.
[Alador groans.]
And was that the last of it? Of course not.
While I was recovering from the fire flu, she fired half my team and expected us to continue working at the same time.
Did I mention I haven't had a weekend off in five years? [sneezes.]
Oh, sorry.
Fire flu side effects.
I [sighs.]
I don't mean to vent.
I I should let you return to your duties.
The Emperor's Coven, uh, requires I take a meal break, so, uh No worries? Sounds like I joined the wrong coven.
This is a big night.
I I should feel accomplished, but none of this feels right.
Do you have kids, Mr.
Scout? Oh, uh, no.
I'm probably not the right person to give dad advice.
You know, never really met mine.
I'm gonna spend more time with my kids, get to know them.
Things are gonna change after the Day of Unity.
Oh, boy.
Yeah, let's just say there's not gonna be an "after" to the Day of Unity.
Odalia, is my airship ready? Just about.
And I found two adorable little scoundrels trying to steal it.
But they'll be dealt with.
Edric! Emira! Don't worry.
They'll just be grounded with maximum security.
Don't you get it? You're helping a witch hunter destroy everything.
Really, Mittens, I am tired of all this drama.
Sneaking around in little disguises, convincing the twins to act out, are you trying to make me look bad? She's trying to help people.
Hush, brat.
Don't you talk to my girlfriend like that! Girlfriend? Oh, no, no.
That won't do.
We'll find you a new girlfriend.
Someone who's not on wanted posters everywhere.
Really, you're embarrassing yourself.
I always knew you were rotten to the core.
Belos will probably snap you in two after I hand you over.
Maybe he'll make me the new Golden Guard.
Leave him alone! I'm surprised you're even here, human.
Aren't all your friends at the Day of Unity? [gasps.]
Oh, that's right.
The Emperor has eyes everywhere, and they're all pointed at the Owl Lady.
Okay, here's the plan [gasps.]
What? How did I do that? Was it the power of believing in myself? No, it was the power of science.
But you almost had it, sweetie.
Odalia, the Emperor is planning to wipe out everyone with a Draining Spell, and our Abomatons are helping him do it.
You already knew? What he does with our products is none of our business.
What is my business, is keeping our family ahead of the rest.
You're welcome, everyone.
There you go making that face.
This is why I don't tell you things.
With the Emperor's favor, we'll live like royalty in the new world.
Crowns and everything.
This is too much, even for you.
I don't have time for this.
[blows raspberry.]
I don't need all you cretins, but this one is mine.
Ha! The jet pack actually works! [chuckles.]
The jet pack actually works.
Well, since we finished with that little mess, let's get back to business, shall we? You! I am never speaking to you again.
You'll thank me when you're a literal princess, princess.
It's what's best for the family.
What's best for the family is putting an end to all this.
No, wait! Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
You're destroying our life's work! But I won't let you destroy it any further.
This work is finished.
Also, I quit.
I've been meaning to find a more competent business partner anyway.
And you won't be getting your severance package.
Oh, Titan.
That was terrifying.
Willow, wait! Come on, stupid thing.
We have to follow them.
Dad, can you use that thing to shut down the Abomatons at the head? You're going to go rescue your friend.
You'll need a pilot.
And, Luz, I apologize for Odalia.
You are always welcome at our home.
I'm confused.
What's going on? I'm sorry.
It happened so fast.
I didn't even realize what was going on until she was gone.
She She wanted to protect you.
And Eda.
Then that means she's being taken to Belos.
[wind whistling.]

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