The Owl House (2020) s02e19 Episode Script

O Titan, Where Art Thou

Almost free.
Almost free! Luz? Hooty? Whoa.
Whoa! Is someone there? I won't be alone.
I won't be alone anymore! Hello? Hello? Who said that? Who's there? - What? - Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Don't leave! Come back! Hey, sleepyhead.
We're back in Bonesborough.
"Mom took Pensta but we're safe, will contact.
" Aw, she sent so many hearts.
Hope she's doing okay.
Is that Amity? It's okay if you wanna check on her.
I can get to the Owl House on my own.
I think they might be my family! And maybe they're an answer to all our problems.
If you think Belos is evil, you've never seen a live Titan.
King, you're not one of them.
Then what am I? You're a Titan, King.
You're the son of the Boiling Isles.
Hey, look! Everyone missed us so much, they put up pretty signs! Let's take the long way home.
Without that bird tube, this place was wide open.
I still haven't recovered from that tea party.
Do you think they were arrested? No.
They're hiding out on The Knee.
Using my old keys, we'll travel through the service tunnels.
From there we initiate the security system and everyone, including Belos, will be trapped inside the castle.
Day of Unity stopped.
You don't think they changed the locks after you got booted from the coven? Well, at least I'm coming up with ideas.
Hey! I came up with some great ideas.
Putting snorse glue in the Emperor's shampoo bottle isn't going to save anyone's life! This is just like you.
You never take things seriously.
At least Luz and King are far away from here.
Someone's tripped the booby trap.
Hey, Lulu! Hi.
It took a while to figure out which town you were in from your map.
We had to keep off the streets with all those wanted posters, but that's when we saw your Hex Mix trail, and, well, you know the rest.
- What map are you talking about? - The one you left us, obviously.
Oh! The one we left them.
Well, someone had to bury our bones.
Lulu! I got you a shirt! "I was sacrificed to the Grand Huntsman"? What the So, turns out King's letter was sent by a group of Titan Trappers.
And they may have tried to sacrifice King to The Collector, who they worship.
Oh, so you found a commune of bloodthirsty fanatics in a place that was supposed to be empty.
Well, they couldn't have been that scary, not without any Titans to trap.
Actually Mm-hmm.
King is a Titan.
Looks like I'm due for a growth spurt soon.
I can't believe that little guy is gonna turn into that big guy.
It certainly explains his strange new powers.
He's just dealing with so much.
I wish there was a way we could give him some comfort.
I can't believe this.
All this time, you've had a Titan under your roof! I've eaten ice cream with a god! Just cause he's got tall genes doesn't mean he's a god.
And he falls into the toilet, like, once a day.
Perhaps he's still too young.
His powers haven't awakened yet.
But who knows how he can help us against Belos.
Don't worry, Luz.
We're not putting him in danger.
He's a Clawthorne and technically your nephew.
Remember, dear sister? Right.
Of course.
I'm a god's aunt! But is he a gentle god or an angry god? So, fill me in.
How are we gonna defeat Belos and his Draining Spell? Uh, right.
Well, it's a secret.
Just for now.
I'll fill you in closer to go time.
So if I'm captured, I can't give anything away.
Smart thinkin', Owl Lady.
All done.
Nice to meet ya, Fran-snow-ois.
Aw, King, let me help with that.
What're you doing? Tell her.
Tell her what? That we have no plan? That Belos is gonna win? That the Boiling Isles are doomed? The kids deserve one nice day before they realize how dire things are.
And King deserves our praise! All right, kids.
The, uh, plan isn't gonna be ready till tomorrow.
But if you could do anything in the world today, what would it be? Thanks, Eda, but I just want things to feel normal right now.
Well, I wanna go on a heist.
Of course you do.
King of, um, Titans, would you like some tea? Uh, no thanks.
I'm I'm good.
Of course, Titans don't care for such lowly pleasures.
Perhaps I could offer you dark deeds carried out in your name? No! L-Listen, it's okay.
I just, uh, need some alone time.
Your Titan commands it? I saw Scouts taking boxes from the house.
They're probably holding everything at the Bonesborough Precinct.
Francois included.
Are you sure you wanna do this for a stuffed toy? I mean, wouldn't you rather, I don't know, have a beach day? Maybe if we had time for 20 more adventures, but we don't.
Besides, this is for King.
He needs his buddy.
I hate double shifts.
Can't wait till the day after the Day of Unity, know what I mean? Sure, but, man, I am racking up OT like crazy.
There! Look! Francois! Let's pounce! Hold up.
If we're gonna do this, we gotta do it right.
Belos isn't taking any more chances with us, not after your little trip into his mind.
If we wanna stay alive, we gotta be inconspicuous.
Take me to my I mean, the Owl Lady's confiscated junk! Nice save.
Lose your way, little guy? Huh? Actually, I got to where I was going, but now I, uh Huh? Hey, I know you.
You're Steve from Lilith's party! Shouldn't you be, like, kissing the Emperor's butt right now? Probably.
Heck, growing up, all I wanted was to be an Emperor's Coven Scout.
To be considered one of the best.
I got what I wanted, but it's not what I thought it was.
I hear that.
Belos is supposed to know everything, but why should he know what the Titan wants? Maybe the Titan doesn't even know what he wants.
Maybe he's just some normal guy, you know? Anyway, you going somewhere? 'Cause I got a sidecar and nothin' but time.
I point.
You drive.
Did I insult him by groveling too much? Did I not grovel enough? Maybe he just wants to be treated like, I don't know, normal.
He's a Titan for Titan's sake.
Oh, Titan.
I just took his name in vain.
Ah! I did it again! Uh, Lulu? I think we have a bigger problem.
I would've appreciated some kinda reaction.
These were hard to get! Hey, you, fellow guard.
We just found a load of illegal Hexes Hold'em cards.
Can we get the key to the, uh, warehouse? Why is everything going our way now? Maybe our luck's finally turning.
Hoo, boy.
We're gonna need to split up, if we wanna find Francois.
If things get hairy, you fly outta here as fast as you can.
Hey, don't give me that face.
Just say "okay," okay? Okay.
Oh, and if you find a box labeled "Eda's longest toenails," grab that too! Ew.
We secured the Owl Lady's house.
That's correct, Head Witch.
Hmm? No, there was no sign of her.
Just keep looking until you find her.
And only come to me when you do.
Oh! Head Witch, I'll do all I can to find the Owl Lady.
You have my word.
Your word doesn't count for much without results.
Just go.
Captain, I thought I told you to Eda? Please, just give me a minute.
I'm I'm not trying to start trouble.
You're wearing a stolen uniform.
And I am working it.
I don't know what you're hiding, but I do know that somewhere deep inside you still care about me.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have let me walk free back at the Coven Parade.
Raine, I know about the Day of Unity and the Draining Spell.
Nope! I I saw that expression.
It is that bad, isn't it? And that's why I need your help.
There's no time for your schemes, Eda.
This is for my kids.
They can't be around during the Day of Unity.
Put them in a castle bunker, get them on an airship I don't care, just just keep them safe.
If you do I'll I'll give myself up right now.
I Come along, sprout.
Places to be, hedges to trim.
Awaiting further instructions, Head Witch.
Stay put.
I'll send someone to receive the package.
Your uniform looks outdated, Captain.
Looking like a pile of compost.
Eda? Are you sending me away? You You're sending me away? But I can help! Wh-Why don't you get that yet? Call Raine back! Huh? Tell them there's no "package to receive.
" I'm not going anywhere until Belos is defeated! No.
After everything we've been through, I can't believe you're still underestimating me.
Let's just get back to King.
You're going with Raine.
They'll keep you safe.
You can't make me.
I can.
Owlbert! Ah! Luz, please.
Raine will be here soon.
I'll have King join you afterwards.
But I can help with your plan! It's time to go.
Hands up, Owl Lady! Eda! Lock 'em up! And use the heavy-duty stuff this time.
Hey, uh, your drink's getting warm.
You know, Steve, I always wanted to have power, and to command respect and fear.
So now that I kind of have all that, why does my stomach feel all ugh.
Wants can change.
So can people.
I don't want people to see me as a big scary monster anymore.
Me neither.
Unhand him, you coven shill Wait.
Steve? It's okay, it's okay.
He's not a scout anymore.
Did I read that right? Mm-hmm.
Nevertheless, let me shield you with my pitiful life, oh powerful Stop! I'm still king! King! Isn't this how you acted with the Emperor? I'm sensing a, uh, little bit of a pattern with you.
Hey girl, I've been there.
I can recommend a good therapist.
He's tricking you! Attack plan activated! An envoy from the castle is coming to collect the human.
The Owl Lady is to be taken to the Conformatorium for Petrification.
A real one this time.
Why don't you just save yourself the trouble and put me down now? You happy now? This way, neither of us can stop Belos.
Why couldn't you just let me help with your stupid plan? Is it 'cause I'm a kid? Do you think I'm still that weak? Well? It's because there is no plan! Okay? Me and Lilith don't have magic and we don't have allies.
We're useless.
We have you and King, so I was gonna do anything to make sure that were safe.
But now it's all over.
Let go! Belos is a witch hunter.
You You have to listen.
Eda, can you hear me? I'll listen to you now, I'll do whatever you say! Just fight back! Please! Eda! Where is she? Take me to Eda.
If you touch a single feather on her head I'll I'll Luz Luz, it's okay.
I'm going to set you down.
Please, try not to bite anyone.
What's going on? Who are these people? - Luz! - King! So, you must be the famous human witch.
Eda's been bragging about you for hours.
I'm Raine.
Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe I'm actually meeting you in person! I heard all about your adventures with Eda and how you became Head Witch of the bard coven, but were secretly a spy.
And then you and Eda played that duet and and then you got captured.
And your memories got all scram-jambled.
Actually when Darius captured me, he was really protecting me.
I thought I was the only one who found this Day of Unity junk suspicious.
When I heard Raine was causing trouble, I had a feeling they'd know more.
You would've been locked away if it weren't for me.
And a little less bruised.
You could've let me in on things before attacking me.
You're a horrible actor.
I had to make it look real.
Ugh, this is just like Hexside.
Did you know any of this stuff when you were in charge? I'm starting to think I wasn't very good at my job.
Raine, why didn't you tell me anything? I could've helped.
Is it so unbelievable that I wanted to keep you safe? But, in typical Eda fashion, you're not gonna stop until you make things right.
I guess not.
Things aren't hopeless.
They have a plan to stop Belos and the Draining Spell.
Really? Wait, wait.
Before you get into that, please tell me you have a cool rebel name.
Actually, we do.
Allow me to introduce Wait.
Hold on.
the Covens Against the Throne.
We talked about this.
You promised.
AKA I did not agree to this name! the CATS! Everything's come full circle, baby! Francois! Look what else is in here.
It's The Palistrom Wood.
I thought you'd want to carve your Palisman.
What do you say? I shouldn't.
The Day of Unity is in two days.
I have to focus on stopping Belos and You goob.
Hey this isn't all on you.
Yeah, we have teammates now.
Meow, meow! What if the Palisman doesn't like me? By my count you've befriended more enemies than I have claws on my paw.
Plenty of witches and demons would have ditched this rock already.
But you keep learning, and you keep fighting.
What's not to like huh? Thanks, Eda.
I think I'm ready to carve.
Um, you're gonna show me how to do this, right? Oh, duh.
My dad taught me the ropes.
Here, let's make sure we have some space.
- Lay the wood here.
- Are you gonna carve me? Calm down, King.
Now, let's take it slow.
We've got all the time in the world.

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