The Owl House (2020) s02e17 Episode Script

Edge of the World

Wow, King.
This looks great! Thanks.
I-I hope they like it too.
Hooty hoot! We have visitors.
They're here! Welcome to the Owl House, folks.
Hope this place wasn't too hard to find.
Not at all.
Thank you for having us.
King of Dads! You made it! Wouldn't have missed it for the world, son.
I'm so happy we saw that video of yours.
Now, maybe after dinner we can have a nice game of catch.
Really? Prince of Brothers, Prince of Sisters, do you have something to say to your big bro? Big brother! Please have a seat, Your Honorable Mr.
King of Dads.
King prepared a special feast for you all.
Hungry! Patience, children.
It would be rude not to give thanks first.
Oh! Oh! I can start! I'm thankful that my demon family finally got to meet my owl family.
Seriously, thi this is amazing! I-It's almost like a dream King.
King, come on.
It's time to wake up.
What's going on? Is there trouble? We're about to find out.
Luz is ready to talk.
Let's slash and rend and crush and bruise.
Let's curse the land with nine bright hues! I'm gonna tell everyone about the Day of Unity, that you've been lying about the Titan for years! I'll do anything to save humanity from evil.
This is just a lot to take in.
We don't have time to take anything in.
We have to stop Belos! I-I was a part of his plan.
I-I fell for everything! King, Hooty, you know what to do.
Well, one thing's for sure.
People can tell when you've been inside their head.
It's only a matter of time before Belos sends his scouts over here.
You need to hide.
I am not hiding.
I'm gonna stop Belos from completing the Draining Spell.
I just need to figure out how.
Lulu! I came as fast as I could.
Owlbert filled me in on the Draining Spell.
Oh, Titan, I can't believe this is what the Day of Unity was about this whole time.
I was such a fool, a dolt, a chump, a Hey, no pity parties in this house.
Besides, Luz is upset enough as it is.
You're right.
I'll do anything to help.
Lulu! I am so happy to see you, I could I could Oh, here it comes! - Ugh! Gross.
- Oh, my word.
Hooty you gotta stop eating garbage from the ground.
Huh? He's also been eating our mail.
Look! "Dear King Clawthorne, if you wish to know who you truly are, come to this location and meet our warrior clan.
" I think they might be my family! And maybe they're an answer to all our problems.
That's incredible, but how is it supposed to help us stop Belos? They're a clan of warriors! How else do you defeat a tyrant with their own army? By making an army of your own! Well, it's not like we have many allies.
Not to mention it's a chance for King to find out where he came from.
I say let's go for it! Well, I say you two need a safe place to hide while the adults take care of things.
I'm actually in favor of this plan.
You are? It wouldn't hurt to check.
Plus, judging by King's map, you two would be taken far, far away from the Boiling Isles and Emperor Belos.
What if something goes wrong? Hooty could accompany them.
Their safety would be your responsibility, my dear, brave Hootsifer.
I would protect these silly children with my life! Yeah, well, how how would they even get there? I know a ship that might take us.
Yeah! The ole Selkidomus crew.
Think about it.
Belos won't be able to withstand a whole army of mes.
Such allies would be quite valuable.
I wonder if I still have my sailor's hat.
Does anyone else feel that marching around the edge of the forest? Fine.
You can go.
We'll find out all we can on our end to create a plan for, uh, when you get back.
Thank you, Eda! We won't let you down.
Let's pack for the trip.
Wait for me! You know you made the right choice, don't you? Plus, I've explored that area, there is nothing of note.
Whoever wrote that letter was sending them on a wild "Luz" chase.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, no.
Don't cry.
Oh, the joke wasn't that bad, was it? This is so much bigger than I imagined, Lily.
I thought Luz was just some lost kid, but because of me she's wrapped up in this thing with Belos and it's it's just not fair.
She and King are children.
They shouldn't have to deal with this.
We have a whole week until the Day of Unity.
We'll figure out how to keep them safe.
All right, let's get to work.
Doin' a lot of work there, Salty.
Where's the crew? Well, I'm no longer working for the Golden Guard.
So, me mates abandoned ship for greener, snailier pastures.
They were like family to me too.
Land ho! Land ho! Is that a finger? It's a long way from our Titan.
That's 'cause it's not from our Titan.
This be part of a different beastie.
Come back with a good story, sea squirts! If ye come back at all! Aw, he's so supportive.
Is anyone here? Maybe we're a bunch of early birds.
Or maybe they got sick of waiting.
That letter was over a month old.
Hang on.
There's something here.
Ah! Here we go! Luz, are you okay? Where's your other arm? I only ever had two, Hooty.
Did you think I had more? Luz, look! That doesn't look like the Boiling Isles to me.
That's because it isn't.
Welcome to the other side of the world.
You dare trespass on this sacred By the Huntsman, 'tis King! My name is Tarak.
Hail and well-met.
Uh, y-yeah.
'Tis King! Psst! King, introduce us.
Uh, this is Luz the human/friend/sister.
And this is Hooty the, uh, door? Your warrior-ship.
Did you send me that letter? Are A-Are you my Father? Alas, no.
Nor is he here.
But I did send the letter, and, by the sight of you, I know he was one of us.
He passed down that handsome skull of yours, didn't he? Now we celebrate! Everyone will be so happy to meet you.
Who's everyone? Welcome to Titan Trapper Island.
I've never seen so many demons that look like me.
Look at them go! We are Titan Trappers, under oath to protect the world from giant monsters of death and destruction But uh, not many of us have seen a live one, of course.
Come! Aren't Titans extinct? Not all of them.
The Grand Huntsman says one remains, so we sharpen our spears until the vile creature rears its head and a new hunt can begin! And now, dear King, you can join us and become a Titan Trapper yourself.
Weh? Oh, my gosh.
King, that's amazing! Well, we don't know any Titans but the world could definitely use your help.
That's right! It's a lot to explain right now, but could you I mean, we, help the people of the Boiling Isles? Any enemy of yours is an enemy of ours! But we can make no vows.
For that you must beseech our elder, the wisest hunter of them all Bill! Is that short for something? Nope, just Bill.
He's so cool, he actually met our god, the Grand Huntsman! He's my best friend.
It's no big deal.
Luz! Luz! Look what they gave me! Oh! That looks awfully pointy, buddy.
Don't worry.
It's mostly paper-mache.
And bone.
They're gonna show me their Titan Trapper ways, Luz! I guess they're my ways too.
How about Hooty and I go see the elder, and in the meantime, you learn all you can about being a Titan Trapper? This is a dream come true! Just be careful! I will! Are we really leaving him alone? He should have time to get to know his family.
Besides, we have a job to do.
All right, King.
Ready to become a Titan Trapper? I shall take my leave.
Tell Bill I said hi.
Hello? Whoa.
Look at all this stuff, Hooty! This will help us defeat Belos for sure.
Yeah! - Hmm.
- Tarak? Is that you? I told you to stop rummaging through my stuff! Tarak's not here.
It's just us.
Uh, greetings.
My name is What's that? Speak up! You barge in like an angry Titan only to whisper like the wind? Greetings! Uh, this lowly traveler begs an audience with the great Bill.
Mayhaps we might perchance to venture to Oh, for the love of Tarak sent you here, didn't he? He said you were the wisest of all the Trappers.
And also his friend.
He says hi.
Of course he does.
What do you want? I'm here to ask if you would lend me your mighty warriors.
You see, Emperor Belos has threatened to That upstart on the carcass kingdom? He's no big deal.
I've got battle scars older than his reign as Emperor! Wanna see? We're good.
But please understand, Mr.
Bill, a lot of people are in danger and they don't even realize it.
Yeah, that dude is straight up evil.
Don't worry.
We'll help.
But if you think Belos is evil, you've never seen a live Titan.
The children out there haven't either.
Don't know a thing about their ravenous appetites, or their terrible cries! Even their babies act like little monarchs.
The last living Titan, I saw it once before it disappeared.
Its hateful roar blew out my eardrums.
How did it go? "Weh!" So, Titans are always hungry, act like monarchs and say, "Weh"? The Huntsman wants us to find the last one.
Only a Titan's power can free him from his prison.
But we've had no luck.
Nice poster, right? I took a printmaking class once.
Not sure about the font though.
I feel like the serifs Luz, follow me! Oh, hey! Thought I'd get Lulu some souvenirs.
Their god is that collector kid? Ah! You've found the shrine to the Huntsman.
It's been my little DIY project for years.
You like our disguises? You gotta look like a Titan to trap one.
But if I ever find that missing Titan, I'd hunt it down, tear it limb from limb, and mount its head in pride as we released the Huntsman! Then we can finally go from being Titan Trappers to Titan Slayers! Say, who's your buddy's tailor? His costume looks so real! Uh, this has all been super cool, but I gotta go check on, um, things.
But what about the What were you talking about? Your quest with Belos.
Oh, ha, I'm sure it'll work itself out.
Okay, bye! We gotta get King outta here now! Then run faster! I'm trying! - Hmm.
- Weh! Weh! Weh! Now, behold! Our armory.
Whoa! There's all sorts of things I shouldn't touch.
Aye, for now.
But when you grow older, I will be delighted to show you how to dismember your enemies.
You would do that? Can you also tell me what this means? I'm not sure what that is.
But maybe we can find out together.
I assume your father was lost in a hunt of yore.
But a Titan Trapper is never alone.
I'm just happy to see he passed down this.
Can I ask a favor? It's a little silly, but, uh, can we play catch? I believe you may find some equipment thither.
Thither? Ah, Bill! Tis Tarak, what sayeth you friend? Shut it.
That kid you're with Tarak, I found them! Is something wrong? Uh, our little game must wait.
The time has come to celebrate your, uh Induction into the Titan Trappers! Come! You don't have to go all out like this.
I'm fine doing a small thing.
Family and friends kinda thing.
Your presence is very special to us, King.
Now, we can release the Grand Huntsmen from his prison and be granted power and glory.
In the ashes of your old life, your destiny awaits.
Carry this torch to the tablet and set it aflame.
D-did you hear that? The connection has been made.
And now we can summon him.
Ah, you're taking too long! Don't worry, child.
We're almost done.
Then we get to play catch, right? Uh, did you pull something, Bill? I can't move! W-whoa! Weh? Wha-what's happening? Is this the power of a Titan? No, you bonehead! It's that girl and her ungodly sock monster! King, I'm so glad you're okay! What're you talking about? We were just about to play catch.
Hey, Luz just saved your life! These guys wouldn't hurt me.
They get me! They know what it's like to be left behind.
King, if this is about your dad No! I mean, yeah, but it's you too, Luz! You'll eventually go back to the human realm.
I know how it works.
I've read your Azura books.
You even promised your mom.
I just thought I had to prepare for a world without you in it.
But they won't help.
King, you're not one of them.
Then what am I? You're You're a Titan, King.
Hark! Tis the wretched spawn of Shut up and get that Titan! Come on, King! Go! King! King! I got it! Hooty! Tell Lulu how brave I was! Stop fighting! I'm one of you guys! You were never one of us.
My brothers and sisters, a new hunt begins today! With this gift, the grand Huntsman will return, and I shall ride cloaked in glory above all others.
You mean, "we," right? You promised the Huntsman would grant all of us glory.
Uh Are Titans even evil? How much have you been making up? Uh, don't let the girl fool you! I'm totally not lying.
Hand me my spear.
Just gimme that thing! Not today! Get off me.
And get that Titan! Time to go home.
Hoot! We can't let them get through.
We have to destroy this thing.
Then step back.
Weh! Hoot! I wanna go home.
Um, hi.
King! You want breakfast? Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup! Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup! Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup! Hup, hup, hup! We have them surrounded.
Arrest anyone inside.
For the Emperor.
For the emperor!
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