The Owl House (2020) s02e15 Episode Script

Them's the Breaks, Kid

All right.
Maybe it's this one.
Safe! Thanks, Eda.
That was definitely not the one.
What are you doing out here? I started going through Philip Wittebane's diary again.
Since my trip with Lilith, I found that a lot of his margin doodles are actually unfinished glyph combos.
I thought maybe they could help with the portal door, but no luck.
Maybe it's for the best.
I don't like that you're still thinking about that creep.
I know.
I just miss my mom.
Let's take a break, huh? Maybe I could tell you a story? Like a backstory kind of story? Yes.
This is the story of how I met the coolest, baddest, kick-buttiest, witch of all time.
Raine Whispers.
Titan's five humors.
Earth, Bone, Blood, Bile and, uh Ugh.
I always forget the last one.
- It's on the tip of my tongue.
It's - It's - Snakes? - Breath! Eda, you have smilk breath.
Give me one more question.
All right, all right.
On Scaburary 40th, the day Belos declared the Isles an Empire Think fast! Eda.
We don't have time to play around.
Tryouts for the Emperor's Coven are just around the corner.
Seven months isn't "just around the corner.
" Your turn.
It's a half-moon, and you're mixing a Leadfoot potion.
What ratio of Blackroot Quills to Iron Ash do you use? Is it a waning or waxing moon? Oh, uh, I-I don't think that matters.
Yeah, sure it does! I-If it's a waxing moon, it's a 2-to-1 mix, but if it's a waning, the Blackroot Quills lose their umph, and you gotta double down to a 4-to-1.
You're correct.
On both accounts.
Imagine us both getting in.
We'll train together.
We'll prank together.
We'll study ancient history together.
We'll kick butt together! Help demons and witches together! Take over the world together! Nothing can stop the Clawthorne sisters! Our rivals shall be crushed beneath our feet! Even the Titan shall gasp in fear! Yeah, like that.
No! Look! We're gonna be late! See, we're gonna be fine.
Principal Faust.
Don't you think you're judging these students a touch harshly? Not at all.
These students are already late to being early, and that's a slippery slope.
But if you keep expelling students, we won't have a graduating class.
I'm just enforcing school policy.
That you added to.
Y-You expelled the captain of our Grudgby team because his shoes didn't meet your "appropriately squeaky" regulation.
Too squeaky? A distraction.
Too quiet? Can't hear them.
Can't trust them.
Some students are irredeemable.
None of them are beyond redemption.
I would stake my career on it.
What is that thing? Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Hey, Fausty.
Vice Princey B.
Miss Clawthorne? Do you know why I keep you around? My innate talents? My unbeatable charm? No.
Because to fight evil, you must understand evil.
All your misdeeds, pranks, schemes, they have given me insight into the depravity that lurks within the minds of children.
Wow, this is really shocking.
I thought there'd be more.
You're close with your sister, Lilith, I see.
Plan on trying out for the Emperor's Coven together? Commendable.
Yeah, I do kinda rule.
Too bad you'll be ineligible when I expel you.
What? You can't do that! I'll be separated from Lily! Maybe you should have thought of that before you filled the detention pit with green gelatin.
It was his birthday! He liked it! Please, Principal Faust, I'll do anything.
Uh, yes, sir? No child is beyond redemption.
Didn't you stake your career on it? Every year Hexside participates in a special training program called Instructing Future Witches of Tomorrow.
I attend with our most gifted students and we return with blue ribbons as testament to my I mean our excellence.
Unfortunately You expelled our most gifted student for chewing too loudly in the cafeteria.
Disgusting monster.
This year, you can represent Hexside.
Bring back a blue ribbon, and you can remain a student here.
Come back empty-handed, and I will savor the expulsion.
And you'll go with her! If anything goes wrong, I might have to find a new vice principal.
I can't believe I agreed to this.
This will be fine, perfectly fine.
You can go five minutes without setting anything on fire, right? I know you have a reputation around school, but I just see a talented young witch.
And I'll wager those stories about you turning the school inside out are just urban legends.
That was a fun day.
Let's try this.
This is a stress toy.
Anytime you feel the urge to cause chaos, just squeeze.
Prepare yourself, Edalyn.
The IFWOT is a battleground of magic and skill.
Witches who successfully complete these courses have gone on to do incredible things.
You will face some of your greatest competition here.
I grossly misjudged the tone here.
Oh, my gosh.
Greetings, students, educators.
My name is Terra Snapdragon, Head Witch of the Plant Coven.
But today I'm head proctor for the IFWOT? Seriously? I'm here to "Help Enhance Coven Know-how!" Welcome to HECK! Oh, this is my first year hosting, and I am thrilled.
Today, you little sweet peas will go through your rigorous exercises that will test your intelligence, strength and creativity.
Are you excited? Yeah! I love tests! Lovely.
Remember, this won't be a bed of roses.
Only the best of the best will be rewarded.
The failures will be ground into mulch for my garden.
Illegal? Oh, we'll see about that, won't we children? Let the activities begin! Huh? Tell me, what makes the covens strong? Strength in numbers? A dark pact? Well, it is all of those things, but it's also trust.
Trust in our fellow covenmates.
So, we'll begin doing trust falls.
Any volunteers? Sounds easy enough.
Very good, very good.
And this will be your partner.
Now, you close your eyes and trust that your covenmate will catch you.
Woo! Ugh.
Huh? Not again! Ta-da! I'm here all night, folks.
I never should have come here.
Blech! Even the free junk is junk.
I don't know who you are, but you are a riot.
Uh, no.
I excel at functions such as these.
Didn't you see how impressed everyone was when I faked my death? I even love the horrid liquids they serve.
Yeah, they always give us the off-brand junk.
Let me try something.
Don't worry.
I didn't spit in it.
Whoa! Hey, that's actually good.
How'd you change the flavor? Little trick I taught myself: changing the chemistry of a liquid with sound waves.
See? Bard magic can be cool! People just don't give it a shot! All right, I get it.
If you whistle loud enough, can you make all this less of a drag? I wish.
This is my third time.
Always the same boring activities, same boring faces.
Till wittle ole me? Yeah.
How'd you get those? Oh, these are from last year.
Maybe if you stick with me, I'll show you how to get one of your own.
All right.
I'm Eda Clawthorne.
Raine Whispers.
I wonder what I'll get a ribbon for.
Strength? Wit? Radiance? You'll get one for being a dingus.
Well you're gonna get one for Think fast! Why do you come here? You're not like the other kids.
You're I don't know.
You're cool.
Epiderm isn't cheap.
But if I make the school look good, I get a scholarship.
What about you? Made a deal with a devil.
Our principal's gonna expel me unless I come back with a ribbon.
Chance at redemption? Nah.
I think I'm being used to embarrass our vice principal.
As if he doesn't do that to himself already.
It stinks, but I've got a sister at Hexside.
She's kind of my only friend.
It'd be a bummer if that got taken away.
Well, you won't have to worry about that.
After the closing ceremony, we're home free.
Congratulations, students.
It seems nearly everyone earned a ribbon.
You must be so proud of yourselves.
Well, you shouldn't be.
This training camp is a joke.
There was nothing challenging about those challenges.
And this was the last straw.
Uh Before we hand out any ribbons I think we need one more activity.
We'll play my personal favorite game: Covens vs Wilds.
Look at your badges, and you'll see if you're a Coven Witch or a Wild Witch.
Coven Witches, you have 20 minutes to capture every Wild Witch.
If you succeed, everyone on your team gets a ribbon! Wild Witches, you may earn a ribbon if you put on a good show.
And to encourage you shrinking violets, I'll allow any use of magic! We're in HECK people! Let's have some fun! Ugh.
I would've been such a good mom.
Whoa! I don't know.
Don't move! Wait.
She's one of us.
Come with us.
We've got a plan to catch all the Wild Witches.
I'm not goin' anywhere.
This is crazy! That plant lady is off her gourd! Don't you want a ribbon? My parents say if I don't come home with a ribbon, I better not come home at all.
They're just watching out for my best interests.
So, I heard there's this one kid who's been coming here for years.
Yeah! That's Raine, my classmate.
Somehow they always have the best juice! And they don't share it with anyone! I heard they're one of the strongest witches here.
And they're a bard! Crazy, right? Not really.
Bard magic can be cool.
If we take them out, the rest should be a breeze.
You with us? Uh We'll take that as a yes! Welcome! Welcome! Oh, don't look so wilted.
You've got great seats now.
Uh, Miss Terra? Head Witch Snapdragon, if you please.
Enjoying the show? Yes.
Well, your show is actually in violation of several school rules, convention hall safety guidelines, and child safety acts.
I'm sure it's an honest mistake, so why don't we just stop this activity and I make the rules, sweet pea.
Oh, looks like there's only one crafty little Wild Witch left! Will the Covens win? Or the sprout? That must be the bard.
We'll surprise them.
Huh? We got ya now.
For the Covens! Huh? What are you doing? An interesting development.
A showdown perhaps? Let's give them plenty of room to fight.
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Never a rose without a few thorns, I see.
Yeah, well, we got tired of your stupid little challenge.
And your plant puns.
Ah! Uh - Delightful! - Huh? Feisty witches do make the best leaders! I especially like you, sprout.
But I can't reward disobedience.
So, everyone is poisoned.
That's illegal too? Ugh.
Instead, no one gets a ribbon this year! Everyone loses! I hope this was worth it.
- Actually - Eda.
I am so proud of you! But also, I think we're toast.
My career is over, and you'll be expelled and probably end up selling garbage at the Night Market, but what a way to go.
Pardon me.
Expelled? Is Fausty still playing more of his little games? No.
Budding prodigies like Miss Clawthorne need to be nourished.
I'll let him know I was quite impressed with both of you.
Lily! I finally caught you.
I never got to tell you about that weird training thing over the weekend.
I was horrified.
If I lost, I was gonna get expelled, and then we wouldn't be able to Ah, shoot.
Sorry, Edalyn.
Gotta go.
study group is meeting.
We can talk later? Go.
Go, go, go.
Don't be late.
Blech! Ugh.
Trade? Huh? Raine? What are you doing here? Oh Oh, no.
Your scholarship! Don't worry.
I wanted to transfer out of Epiderm anyway.
And apparently my parents always hated the cold on the Knee.
So? Okay, Eda.
Give me the rundown on this place.
Blech! Oh, you'll love it.
It's got all the secrets.
And since Terra spoke to Principal Faust, I can get away with pretty much anything.
Mmm! I've never had apple blood before.
This stuff is good! And after that, we were inseparable.
Raine, you better be okay.
Ah! There you are, sprout.
You know, I was just heartbroken when I found out it was you, of all people, causing trouble for the Covens.
But look how well you're doing now.
I just wish these headaches would go away.
Keep drinking your tea, and you'll forget all about the pain.
Have a good night, Raine.
A Draining Spell? This is worse than we thought.
Any way to counter? I told you, I'm not putting her in danger again.
We'll figure something else out.
I'll keep you safe, Eda.
I promise.

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