The Owl House (2020) s02e14 Episode Script

Reaching Out

Uh, feelin' okay, Luz? I feel great! Today's gonna be a productive day of problem solving.
Look! Successfully build a portal to the Human Realm? Learn every glyph combination? Figure out what Belos is planning and show him what for? Look.
I've already learned a new combo.
Excuse me, Francois.
I call it the safety hover! Ooh! That'll work great when birds try to fly away with me.
And I'm already on my way to building a second door.
Ow! Uh, it's a work in progress.
But look at this! Did you steal my Penstagram? I borrowed it because I've got a castle insider getting info on Belos.
Willow gave me Hunter's contact.
You're avoiding something.
Spill it.
I am not! Maybe I am.
Okay, I definitely am.
Every year, me and Mom have this little ritual we do.
It's nothing big.
I just miss her.
That's all.
What you need is a healthy distraction from your problems.
Like breakfast! Yeah.
I could go for a griffin egg! Well, let us know if you need anything, okay? I'll meet you guys in the kitchen.
Luz! I have a problem, and it could distract us all day! Tell me all about it and don't spare a single detail! Dad, look! It's the Bonesborough Brawl tonight.
And since I'm finally old enough to participate, I-I was thinking Ugh.
Dad! Ah, Mittens! Didn't see you there.
So, do you think you'll be able to take me to the Brawl tonight? No.
Uh, tonight they're holding the Emperor's Coven tryouts in town.
Your mother already signed you up, and I've prepared a chaperone to make sure you get there safely.
You mean to make sure I get there.
Dad I don't want to go to coven tryouts.
I wanna enter the Brawl, and maybe win the champion belt.
Like you did.
I goofed off a lot back then.
But you have a bright future and shouldn't waste it on that nonsense.
Uh, but You're welcome.
I don't even want to join a coven anymore.
And this thing is so embarrassing, I even tried disguising it.
I actually think Eda has the same outfit.
The Bonesborough Brawl is the one cool thing my dad did before joining the Abomination coven.
It would've been nice to share something with him.
Well, hey, I'm here to help.
You ditch the tryouts and enter the Brawl! What? Come on.
You should know I always go for the chaotic route.
And if you win, maybe you can use it as a chance to tell your dad that you don't want to join a coven anymore.
Did somebody say Bonesborough Brawl? I used to love going to those.
Your pops was great in duels.
Plus, if you go, you can get that ugly thing out of my house.
You know what? I'll give it a shot.
Abomination, fetch me a, uh, rare and and difficult to find emerald dagger from the Night Market! That'll keep him busy.
But my dad can't find out that I ditched tryouts.
Not until I win that belt.
Don't worry.
I gotcha, boo.
Hey, Mittens! We're proud of you, sis.
Yeah, you're becoming more of a delinquent every day.
All right, Ed.
Hand over your concealment stone.
Like I need one of those.
- Hey! - Don't play games, Ed.
I saw you take one this morning.
Well, you saw wrong! This won't take long.
What's that supposed to mean? Found it! Here's mine too for a little extra flair.
Not bad.
Ooh, so pretty! Hey, Eda! Maybe we can find out what Belos is planning.
And why Raine was acting weird at the parade.
Boo! Oh, it's you.
And me! Been training since my student humiliated you in battle? Mmm.
Twice? All right.
Chill out, button eyes.
Just answer me this: Heard any good castle gossip lately? Maybe something about the Day of Unity? I see.
So you finally need something from me, don't you, Owl Lady? But why should I help you? Oh! After chopping off my head Stealing my crown and imprisoning my student/child, I think you owe me.
Sorry, Owl Lady.
No fighting outside the ring.
Okay, okay.
Watch the goods.
Whoa, you gave up pretty easy.
Don't worry, King.
I have a plan.
Witches and demons, welcome to the Bonesborough Brawl! You know the rules.
Contestants will fight one-on-one.
Not for honor, not for glory, but for the ultimate bragging rights as the toughest dueler on the Isles! Last one standing will get a chance to snag the coveted Brawler's Belt from our reigning champion, Warden Wrath! For our first round, we have Scab the All Knowing versus the Mighty Mittens! Now let the brawl begin! Wow! Amity's got this in the bag.
Guess I, uh, don't need to do much.
I can just sit back and think about things.
Hey, Luz.
Ooh, what's that? You okay? Yeah! Uh, yeah, I'm fine.
'Cause I just remembered the other part of the plan.
Amity's gonna kick butt, like, for sure, but if I was fighting, too, she could get the belt faster.
So I'm also gonna sign up for the Bonesborough Brawl! Wait, how is this supposed to help me? Think of it like tag teaming a tournament! If I'm taking out contestants too, you have less people to worry about.
More chances to win that belt! Is everything okay? Eda told me it's a special day for you.
She did? I mean, i-it's nothing for you to worry about.
Not even worth talking about! Really, I-I just wanna help you.
Besides, can't let you have all the fun, Blight.
Just don't get hurt.
Okay? Emira, do you know any healing spells? I'm on it.
Ooh, I can help too.
I can make Batric sing for moral support.
Ah, sorry.
New Spell.
Let me try again.
It's okay, Ed.
Maybe you can just cheer from the sidelines? Yeah, okay.
Go get 'em, Mittens! Man, I can't get anything right.
Mmm? Hey, sweatpants! Scram! You'll scare away the Skin Badgers! We need their dandruff.
Oh! I thought Skin Badgers ate shushrooms, not goreberries.
Also, they're strong, so you'll need a fortified rope.
I'm probably messing stuff up.
Just forget I said anything.
Wait! You know beastkeeping magic? A little.
It's just a hobby though.
Probably not any good.
Hey! Blight Brother! Edric.
Too close to Eda.
Here's the deal.
I'm trying to make a Blabber Serum.
I need to get certain information out of a certain demon.
But without magic, I'm having trouble getting some of these more lively ingredients.
Your beastkeeping know-how could really help.
You think I could help? Okay! I'll do it.
Dang! I didn't even have to offer to pay.
Wait, what? Let's get started! Let's keep the brawl going! In one corner we have the Flexicutioner! And in the other a last minute entry the Spellraiser! Woo-hoo! Let the brawl begin! So the Blabber Serum should get your ex to tell you about your other ex? Man, being an adult gets complicated.
Warden Wrath is not my King, can you stop telling people that? Wrath may know why my friend can't seem to remember me.
And it has something to do with the Day of Unity.
But with this he'll tell me everything I need to know.
The fire needs to be hotter.
Keep stirring while I find more fuel.
Ma'am! You're enjoying this, aren't you, Blight Brother? It's just nice to be taken seriously for once.
I know what you mean.
Woo! This is a workout! You doin' okay, Amity? Yeah.
This is just a nasty one.
Reminds me of the Grudgby match.
Oh! Remember when Hey, Luz, maybe you can talk after? I need to focus.
Oh, of course, of course.
I'll just sit quietly with my thoughts.
I just need a healthy distraction.
Healthy distraction I'm gonna take a walk.
Next time, I am throwing you into the ocean.
It's you! Geez.
Did you actually find an emerald dagger? Hey! Wait.
Amity is so close to winning.
Just stay back! Fine! If that's the way you want it.
Hi-yah! Ugh! Get out of my head! Ah! Luz! Is everything okay? Hey, guys.
Look who I found! Ugh.
It's back already.
You didn't touch it, right? Dad filled this thing with alarms.
Uh, of course not.
Come on, Amity.
It's showtime.
Now, we're getting close to the end, folks! Will the Warden lose the Champion's Belt? The Mighty Mittens versus the Warden! Now, let the brawl Stop! This child forfeits the match.
Dad? How did you find us? Not only did you ditch the coven tryouts, but someone set off your Abomaton's alarm.
I just followed its signal.
Did you lie to me earlier? I didn't wanna worry you.
Well, I am worried.
You've been acting weird all day and now I'm in trouble! What is going on with you? It's nothing, really.
Seriously, it-it's nothing.
Hey! I'm tired of standing around.
I came here to fight! Ah! No.
No! Oh.
Well, it looks like the Champion's Belt goes to I already have one.
Mittens, go round up Edric and Emira.
We're leaving.
But And if we beg, maybe we can sign you up for the next tryout.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Either of you.
Amity? Aw, weak.
Your dad's here.
But look! Wrath's tied up.
This is the perfect chance to give him the serum! But it isn't ready! Hey! No, not this one.
Oh! What are you doing? If the Blabber Serum needs more heat to finish, then this should do just the trick.
You find Ms.
I'll head over to Wrath.
Can I, uh, sit here? I've always wanted to enter this Brawl.
I thought it would be fun to bring home the belt.
And I thought I could understand my dad better.
But then you joined the competition.
And then you tried to mess with that Abomaton on your own.
And then you lied about it.
You've been acting strange all day.
Does it have something to do with the Human Realm? Oh.
Okay, okay.
I don't talk about this 'cause it happened, like, a long time ago, and it's, like, totally not an issue anymore, but, uh Today's the anniversary of my dad passing away.
That's not an excuse for what I did.
Like I said it happened a while ago, so I didn't want to bring it up.
He always brought us flowers on our birthdays, so after he passed away we started picking flowers for each other.
And then we'd visit his grave, and me and my mom would spend the day together.
It's nice.
But this year I-I'm not with her, and I don't have any flowers.
And when you told me about the problem with your dad I don't know.
Maybe I was jealous or just needed a distraction.
I was dumb.
I'm sorry.
Got a case of the ole jelly legs.
I'll catch up.
I don't know what rituals you have in the Human Realm, but I'll help you pick some flowers, and we can do something here! What the heck happened? I-I added firebee honey to the Blabber Serum! You changed the recipe? Hey, Wrath! You still in there, buddy? Edric! Dad! I got your back! What? What the heck, Dad? Boo! Oh, he just doesn't get it! Are you guys doing okay? For now, but nothing phases this guy, and we have to turn him back to normal.
Well, if the heat from the firebee honey caused the potion to mutate, then maybe something cold would reverse it? We don't have time for a new potion.
You don't need one.
I can handle this.
Eda, can you give me a lift? You got it, kiddo.
Thank you for listening.
I can't wait to pick flowers with you.
I'm making my own choices from now on.
But You're welcome.
Hold him down! Edalyn.
Were you always able to do that? Don't you have family stuff to clear up? Also, I heard about the factory incident with Luz.
I've got my eyes on you, Blight.
What's going on at the castle? What's really gonna happen on the Day of Unity? Have Raine's memories been altered? I don't know! I don't know.
I actually got demoted for stealing my coworker's lunches.
I just wanted to feel in control again, you know? Okay, okay, okay.
I don't know about Raine, but I have heard some things.
The Day of Unity is supposedly going to unite us with the Titan, but some of us don't think this "new world" will be very inviting to magickind.
Wild or not.
Eda! I am so, so sorry.
I messed everything up.
Are you kidding? Instead of making a Blabber Serum, you made a horrifying transformation serum! I think I'm gonna puke! Well the side effects aren't pretty, but I can sell this.
Illusions, beastkeeping, and potion magic? Keep it up, kid.
You got a future in wild magic.
Thanks, Ms.
I want a T-shirt too! What? You don't want to join the Emperor's Coven anymore? But that's that's always been your dream.
No, that's always been Mom's dream.
And you just went along with it.
I bet you didn't even know I was dating Luz.
Edalyn's kid? See? You don't talk to us anymore! You're too busy making these monsters for the Emperor, and Mom's too busy trying to dye my hair green! I I like your new hair color.
It's abomination-colored.
Finally someone gets it.
Can you tell Mom that? I'll talk to her.
It's a start.
Find any good ones? No.
Not really.
Let me try.
How do you get it to do what you want? You gotta know what you need.
I can't believe I didn't try this first.
My head's really on backwards today.
Now what? Do you think they'll reach the Human Realm? Probably doesn't work that way, but it's a nice thought, right?
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