The Panthers (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Do you have the support of your husband? Oh, yes.
My husband's fully supportive.
One day soon, we will be able to call this place God's Own! Gonna shut that racist little Oompa Loompa up.
- Power to the people! - Power to the people! - Why would you do that, huh? - It doesn't mean Why don't you just fuck off, then, if you're gonna be a grumpy bitch, eh? - I-I'll look after you both.
- That's not happening.
- What the hell are you doing here? - Uh, sorry.
I thought you were coming to the party.
I'll put the jug on.
Ice! Ice! Ice! Look, I'll get you your money.
I swear to God.
O malu'i, o malu'i 'a Tupou.
O malu'i, o malu'i, - o malu'i 'a Tupou.
- Hey, Uncle.
♪ Oh.
You're the bo's, eh? Fah.
That's cool, Uncle Willo.
My mate, Stretch, said you're the leader of that new gang the Black Panthers.
- Are you gonna take out the Huns? - We're the Polynesian Panthers, Rome.
And we're not a gang.
Gangs aren't cool anyway.
Do you get girls? How many have you pashed? Heaps, eh? I can tell.
When can I join? - I want to be like you, Uncle! - You want to be like me? All right, help me suss out your Dad's passports this week so he can get that job he's keen on.
In the meantime, go get Uncle a drink.
Yeah? Vave! Masi'i.
Tsh! Hey! Think Roman's your slave? Congratulations.
What's with the beret? You want to be a soldier too? Nah, Kenny.
Yeah, I heard you and, uh, your little kiddie crim mates started a political club.
Are you gonna change the world, are ya? You can't even keep your undies clean, boy.
Bro, can you clarify something for me? So, in 'Nam you were a brown man killing the yellow man, on behalf of the white man.
Right? Do you know what I had to do to earn this? You don't, do you? Because you've never had to work hard for anything in your life.
Mum has made you pathetic.
And you have the cheek to question my service to this country.
Hmm? You're an embarrassment to our parents.
You come in here late, smelling like dak, wearing that stupid costume, embarrassing Mum and Dad in front of our guests.
Did you apologise to them? - Not yet.
- Mm.
Cos your dumb arse is too busy running around playing toy soldier to realise the sacrifices they've made for you, eh? How do you think Dad felt, having to beg his boss to get your arse out of jail, you spoilt little shit? - So keep your head down.
Do some fucking work.
- I am fucking working.
I'm fighting against the coloniser, while you're fighting for them.
- What exactly did those Vietcong do to you anyway, Kenny? - Shut your mouth, boy.
You don't know shit.
What exactly did they do to you to your Tongan arse? Enough to deserve the bullets that you and your Yankee mates sprayed them with.
Huh? To earn that fucking worthless medal of yours? Kota, don't be so selfish for once in your life.
Hmm? Drop the toy-soldier act and be that fancy doctor Mum has always wanted you to be.
Mahino? Hey, Kenny, go fuck yourself! Hey! I'm gonna be on TV tonight.
- Really? - Yeah.
Melani teed it up.
I'll be, uh, live to the nation.
- Wow.
Famous guy, eh? - That's amazing.
One day, you know, we could just pack up and leave just you, me and Jerome.
We could be together, properly.
What are you talking about? We're just friends, remember? And anyway, the Panthers need you, Mr Chairman.
Just Yeah, just friends.
I was I was just playing around.
I should get out of here.
I've got to get back to J.
Sub Miss Lulu out.
You should get some sleep.
It's a huge opportunity for you tonight.
Do us all proud, Mr Panther.
I mean, I'll come and see you at the docks, anyway, later, so No.
Don't come down there.
If people see us together, it will be really bad.
But we're just friends, remember? - OK.
I really have to go.
- What? - I do.
I do.
- Why? Just stay.
See ya.
Well, well.
Santa Claus.
What the hell are you doing here at the crack of dawn? - Cops move in over the fence? - Yeah.
Cos you keep coming over.
- OK.
Um These are for you.
And I thought you might want to go for a ride today? - Ride where? - To see Shug.
- You boost a car or something? - No.
I've got a bus.
Panther Bus.
Yeah? Express to Parry.
Well, aren't you the big man? Nah, I'm I'm feeling too tired to go out there.
And, I mean, I look like shit.
So I I know he'd really love to see you.
Don't come at me like that, Will.
I've got shit I'm dealing with here.
- I don't need you coming at me like that.
OK? - I was just saying - It's just Yeah.
Know your place.
- Uncle, can I come? Your interview will close out tonight's broadcast.
It's rather a big deal the first time a Pacific Island youth has been in that slot.
What's that supposed to mean, brother? - You're doing us a favour by putting my young black arse on TV? - No, no, no, no.
- That's not what I meant at all.
Uh, I was merely saying - Timothy is just saying it is rather a big deal and not an opportunity we're going to waste, is it? OK.
I'll see you at the studio at 6pm, for a 6.
45pm go live.
Hey, Will! You didn't give me enough money for the driver.
Look, kei te pai.
All right? I'll talk to him.
Then you guys better get going.
- What do you mean, 'you guys'? - I've got to prep for the big TV appearance tonight.
I don't want to be the first Pacific Island Youth to screw it up for old Tea-Bag Johnson over there.
Hey, um, I'll catch you later.
OK? Look, I get it, sis.
OK? You've done an amazing job setting all this up.
It's our best chance yet at taking some decent shots at Piggy.
Yeah? Hence I've got to swat and write.
Racist, ageist prick.
- Hey, Nige! - Hey! - My man.
They just said on the radio that Muldoon's popularity is at an all-time high, off the back of Kirk's passing and his punch-up at the Town Hall.
Man, Palagis sure do love a scrapper, don't they, bo's? Hey, Siana.
For the families, brother? - Malo.
- Vakai na oku elo eni.
- Almost time to go, you lot! - Hey.
Give my love to Shuggie and the other brothers.
OK, bo's? - You remember Uncle Kong, eh, Tina? - Hey, bubba.
- OK.
Say, 'Bye, Uncle Will.
' - Bye, Uncle Will.
- Bye.
What time are you going to work today? Sio mai, I only want what's best for you.
I know.
But the work I'm doing right now; that's what's best for me.
He? I know you think you are a man now.
Fighting last night in front of everyone? That tells me you're still a boy.
I wasn't even the one who started that.
What have the Palangi ever done to you? I'm trying to make a difference, Mum.
- It's more nuanced than that, though, Mum.
- Nuanced? Yeah.
I-It's not a level playing field.
So your palangi classmates look down on you, do they? Son? - We're not here to serve them.
We are here to serve our people.
- I'm serving my people.
OK? They're just not the people you want them to be.
Who got you out of prison last month? Your people or your family? Look, um, I think we should just wrap this up.
It's not quite the birthday I had in mind.
Your father and I have given up a lot so that you could have these opportunities, Will.
I had everything back in Tonga.
We turned our backs on our families, and we came here so that you could have a chance at being successful.
You didn't make those sacrifices for me, though.
All right? You made them for you.
You fell in love and sacrificed everything to be with Dad.
He was the bloody village guitar player.
Not quite the noble your family had lined up for you, was he? No.
But you gave up everything to be with him, all right? To follow your heart.
And what, now that you're old and sensible, I have to play by the exact kind of rules that you and Dad didn't? This is How dare you.
- Caro? - You're off today, aren't you? Yes.
I, uh I just left my purse in my locker.
End of a shift, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.
I'll see you tomorrow, eh? It's specifically an Islander issue.
As you know, they don't hold their liquor.
Well, what this adds up to, more often than not, is public disturbance a lack of safety on the streets for your ordinary New Zealander.
That's where this new task force comes in.
OK? This group will deliver a message, in no uncertain terms, that this behaviour will not be tolerated.
We live in a civilised society.
If you don't assimilate, then you shouldn't be walking the streets.
You act like a monkey, we'll put you in the zoo.
Now, Davis, you be the lead on this Task force, all right? Havili, you be 2IC.
Any questions? Go well out there.
- Well done, mate.
Good job.
- Yeah, good on you, Jimmy.
Good effort, mate.
Hey, Mike.
We've got a Mrs, uh Ilolahia here for you? Yeah.
What the fuck does she want? Lusitania.
To what do I deserve this honour? You've done really well for yourself, haven't you, Michael? Especially after all that you've been through.
You know, I was one of the ones that believed you deserved a second chance.
Our people can be so cruel, can't they? But look at you now.
You've grown into a strong, respectable man, a great example for our young ones.
Humbled to be asked.
What is it? - You know my son Will? - Of course.
He's destined for greatness, that one.
Reminds me of my father.
But he's determined to throw it all away.
I don't even know if he's telling me the truth.
I see.
I was hoping that you could find out for me.
You know, I could do that for you.
Of course, Lusitania.
And I would never say no to someone of your standing.
But you need to understand If I do, I might find some things you don't like.
And if those things are criminal, I would be obligated to take the appropriate action.
Do you understand? Now, I'm sure things won't get to that, but let's just say, if they do, I'll come see you first, before I do anything.
Malo, Michael.
We'll get that young prince back on track, one way or another.
What do you want? Don't be like that, Tess.
What do you want? Nice to see you too.
I've paid my rent to Ice already.
Bloody vultures, you two.
Worse than palagi landlords.
- How many weeks? - The whole three months, or whatever was due.
Hey, I heard the 'Ilolahia kid has been hanging around here.
What's that about? I get weed off him sometimes.
Bad enough having my ex as my landlord, let alone my dealer as well.
So you're not fucking him, then? Give me a break.
He's barely shaving.
Well, you never know.
Different folks, different strokes, eh? - You would know, eh, Mikey? - What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Mm, I'm just saying, each to their own.
You're a sensitive soul under that tough exterior and uniform, aren't you, babe? Find a new dealer.
That fuckin' kid's going down in a big way.
It's been a long minute since we last kicked it.
We was in the yard sipping rum liquor from your mum's kitchen.
Couldn't envision, you'll be a slave to the system.
The vacay you've been given got you staying in prison.
Even when they kicked you out your fale, hella vave, I ran amok.
Had to muscle up in in Aukilani, ah, cos we was out to get the cream and green like palusami.
Bunch of young polys, leoleos saying we hearty.
They came into our neighbourhood harassing everybody.
They caught you with the bag, in return you caught the lag.
Whether it's water or blood, nonetheless, it's all love.
Tell them ulu up.
Whenever times get tough, tell them ulu up.
When you ain't got no one to trust, ulu up.
Leoleos lock you in cuffs, ulu up.
Just keep your ulu up.
Ulu up.
Whenever times get tough, tell them ulu up.
When you ain't got no one to trust, ulu up.
Leoleos lock you in cuffs.
Tell them ulu up.
Just keep your ulu up.
♪ Here.
Come on.
- Shuggie! - There he is.
My man! Hey, little sis.
So, where's Mum? She couldn't make it.
Bloody useless, man.
Senior Constable Michael Taumalolo Havili.
Your bail report.
- You can do better than that, boy.
- Not this time.
What's different? The offences inciting a riot, GBH, assault on a police officer.
I can't just make that stuff go away.
- You're lucky you didn't get a lag.
- Fuck, yeah.
I'm lucky.
Fuck, I wonder how I'm gonnapay it.
This is your cut.
- I'm not paying your fucking bail.
- Easy come, easy go, brother.
Does my share include 13 Brians Road? When were you gonna tell me about that? So much for fucking partners, eh? - This is the last time I'm doing this.
I've paid my debt.
- They on to you? - Not yet.
But if they - Then how dare you fucking question me? If I want another property on my portfolio, I'll fucking take one.
Uailoa? - You don't work for them; you work for me.
- Yeah.
Our deal is 50/50, though.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
You scratch my back; I scratch yours.
I've got a position to protect.
I can't keep covering your arse.
- I thought you fucking liked that shit, Mikey.
- Fuck you.
Who was there for you when your fucking family banished you from the village, huh? Did they come for you, or did I? Where's your fucking loyalty? I appreciate that.
You know I do.
But this works both ways.
Honestly, fuck you.
I'm sick of this shit.
That's why I came here.
I'm out.
I'm finished.
- You're out? - I'm out! - You're out? What do you think your white honky copper mates would think of our little arrangement we got here when they find out? Another lag won't kill me, brother.
I fucking love it in there.
It's honest.
But something tells me it just might kill you.
You'd get eaten alive in there.
Do you know where faggots go when they die, Mikey? Same place dead cops go.
You can do better than this, cunt.
decent housing fit for shelter of human beings.
Number four we want all Black men to be exempt from military service.
Number five we want decent education for our Black people in our communities that teaches us the true nature of this decadent racist society.
'You're woven into me, like the lashings that bind the fale.
' - How come Will's not here? - He was going to come.
He's just busy preparing for his interview tonight.
True? That's the brother Willo, eh? Talk the talk.
If we know that he's got weed and propaganda in there, we should go in and book him.
We could do that, Davis.
Book him for possession; slap on the wrist, fine.
Land the small fish, fry it up, have a little snack.
Or we could just be patient.
Wait until the small fish takes us to the much bigger operation and harpoon ourselves a whale.
What do you reckon? Oh, fuck.
Does Caro iron your hanky for you? You know what I'd do to have a beautiful woman iron my uniform, make my lunch every day? Lucky bastard.
I hope you know how lucky you are.
She's a keeper, that one.
Yeah, she sure is.
You make the call.
You're the boss, right? If you want to head in, we'll head in.
Nah, nah.
We'll harpoon the whale.
Help! Help! Somebody Hey.
Oh Jesus.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Oi, oi, Come on.
Come up.
Come on, girl.
Get up.
I got you.
I got you.
Come on.
Have you heard of the Black Panthers? In America.
- Are they a gang? - Sort of.
Um, like a gang, but fighting for justice and for change.
And that's what we're here for Polynesian Panthers.
Um Oh.
If you just have a look at this.
Think about it.
Talk about it with the guys in here, and maybe when you get out, you'll join us.
- When I come out? - We'll be there.
Lady, I got life.
And this thing Huh.
I can't read.
'The Polynesian Panther Party, Auckland, New Zealand.
Manifesto, 1975' Kind of like a prince, I guess in Tongan culture, at least.
They're related to the royals through his mum's side, which means they're nobility.
She knows it too.
Her and her son think they're better than the rest of us.
Yeah, but it's only in Tonga, though, right? I mean, here, they're just What? Regular coconuts, like the rest of us? Islanders.
- And what? You think we're all the same? - No.
I just I, uh I didn't have any idea, you know? Like, a real Tongan monarchy.
You and most white guys, mate.
There's only one crown as far as you lot are concerned, eh? Tip the place over.
Bring the dope in.
Find anything illegal; bring it in.
- Have we got a warrant? - Write one up when we get back.
- Yeah, yeah.
- OK.
- Just breathe.
Did you, um, do this to yourself? Mm.
- Oh.
- My little sister did the same thing.
She died while she was doing it.
What did you use? A vacuum pump.
- A? - I got it from work.
Did it come with instructions, or? I thought you were supposed to be a nurse.
Remind me never to come and get a check-up from you, would you? - Oh.
- Yeah.
Sorry, breathe.
Looks like the bleeding's slowing down a bit, so I'm so sorry about this.
Oh Pfft.
That's it, ladies and gentlemen.
Visiting time's over.
Everyone out.
I love you.
See you soon.
- All goods.
- Hey, we'll be back.
- It's all good, man.
See you later, brothers.
So, have you been with an officer? - Hey.
Oi, oi.
I've got a booking.
Sorry, mate.
- Hey! First in, first served, mate.
All right? The playground's around the corner.
- Hey.
Get the fuck off, geezer.
- Uh, excuse me! I'm sorry, darling.
This is my little brother.
He's clearly having a bad day.
If you could come back in 15, we can try again, OK, sweetheart? - OK.
- OK.
What the hell was that about, Will? I'm working here.
- Do you charge by the hour? - What are you talking about? - I've got money.
- I can pay you for the whole night so you don't have to do this.
- This is what I do, Will.
If you had a problem with that, you should have never gotten involved with me.
But you shouldn't have to, all right? I don't wanna share you.
Look, we're more than just friends.
You know that.
I will do whatever it takes for us to be together.
Just tell me what I need to do.
I thought shippies' rules were 'no kissing'? Cute shot of you two lovebirds.
Would've thought hookers were a bit beneath your noble rank, Prince? It's not what it looks like.
OK, Mike? We're just friends.
Will just got a bit excited for a second there.
Well, the picture's looking a whole lot clearer now.
I mean, hooker and the prince.
And I'm presuming Ice doesn't know about this little party? - Seriously, Mike.
Fuck off.
You're barking up the wrong tree.
- Fuck up, Tess.
It's me.
Will, you should watch your back for a while.
A few people might be looking for ya.
Fuckin' hell.
No, no, no.
I fucked this up.
I fucked this up.
Hey, hey, don't worry about it, OK? I don't care who knows about us.
Ice is gonna slit both of our throats when he finds out, OK? And he's gonna take my babyfrom me.
- Ice is not gonna find out.
- Why did you do this? I warned you.
I warned you not to feel anything.
I need to go and get Jerome.
- I need to go and get my son.
- Hey, Tess.
Look, it is going to be OK.
All right? I'll take care of you both.
I'll make sure that you're safe.
- How the fuck are you gonna do that? - Don't worry about that.
I won't let anything Look at me.
I won't let anything happen to you or Jerome.
I promise you.
OK? We'll leave now.
- We'll go.
- No, no, you've got your interview, OK? You've gotta go.
- Go.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Pack your stuff and bring it to the HQ at 8 o'clock.
We'll be OK.
We better be.
What? What'd you find? Uh, just a bunch of weed.
Uh, and I found some propaganda stuff.
It was, um, just like we expected.
Nothing to write home about.
Did you spear the, um the shark? The whale? - Whale.
- Yeah, I did.
Nice work.
Hey, this kid's a real romantic.
Check this out.
You'll like this.
You are the sunshine that hits the shadows of my soul.
Yeah, it's pretty bloody cheesy.
All right.
I wanna drop you home, Davis.
I need to borrow the car.
You stoned prick.
Many are now predicting that Robert Muldoon will be the next Prime Minister of NewZealand.
His hard-line anti-immigration position has now been coupled with a pro-life stance in the hot-topic abortion debate.
I am deeply concerned about the left's campaign to liberalise the abortion issue.
When When will this stop? I mean, essentially, it's murder.
What are your thoughts on abortion? Women in New Zealand have had abortions since the first settlers arrived.
- He's weak, that guy.
- Just cos he's got a high voice, doesn't make him weak.
I'm just saying that I much prefer Piggy, myself.
Hey, are you all right? Look, Caro, I've I've I've had a pretty long day, so Sometimes I don't know what the fuck we have in common, Jim.
You're quite the welcoming committee, aren't you Yeah, well, you're not the only one that works hard here and at the fucking hospital.
What What do you mean? I've been working at the hospital for weeks, - and you haven't even noticed! - What? What are you talking about? You promised me.
You promised me that when we moved here, I would be able to start workagain, - and you just kept blocking - Wait.
Caro, have you been You've been lying to me this whole time? If you had noticed the 10 times that I've tried to tell you, - you would've would've known it by now! - Hey, Caro! Caro, calm down! You don't You don't need to work! I'm making enough money - for the both of us.
- Jesus! You're not fucking listening to me! - I'm listening! - You're not listening.
- Hey.
I'm listening.
- It's not about the money! - Look, everything everything I'm doing I'm working so fucking hard every single day for you, for the fucking kids! OK? And you're Are you still not happy? No, I'm not! I'm not happy.
I haven't been happy foryears.
I'm lonely, and I'm unfulfilled.
- Mummy? - Come on, Wendy.
Stay out of it.
Daddy will be in in a minute, sweetheart.
Caro Caro, don't walk away in the middle of this.
It's not the middle.
This evening, I'm here with Will 'Ilolahia, Auckland University student, co-founder and leader of the Polynesian Panthers, a youth activist movement inspired by the Black Panthers in the USA.
Will, welcome.
It's, uh, rather a different environment here in New Zealand than that of your brothers in the USA, responding, as they are, to segregation.
Will? I'm sorry? I said it's, uh, rather a different environment here in New Zealand to that of the USA, where this movement originated.
Well, it is and it isn't, Timothy.
Elaborate for us, please.
Sure, there may not be any laws of segregation to overcome, but there's definitely insidious racism and divisiveness, and certain corners of the media and the political arena seem committed to widening that divide.
Will, can I presume you're speaking here of Robert Muldoon? Amongst others, yes.
He claims that many of the increasing social problems in New Zealand are the result of this open gate of illegal immigration.
It's not quite the full story, though, is it, Timothy? See, the majority of Polynesian immigrants here now came to New Zealand when the country needed them welcomed them during the boom post-War.
New Zealanders were quite happy for us to come then, to fill the jobs that they didn't wanna do.
And now that the economy has tightened up, we're no longer wanted.
And we're made scapegoats for other issues.
Welcomed when we're wanted, shunned when we're not.
Pretty difficult set of rules to play by, wouldn't you say, Timothy? I'd like to report an illegal immigrant.
What concerns you the most about Muldoon's rise in popularity? That some people's opinions will be worth more than others, purely based on the colour of their skin or where their ancestors are from.
See, he's kicking a wedge of division between you and I.
They're making us think that we're so different that we could never work together or live together classic divide-and-conquer tactics.
See, what him and his cronies are essentially saying is that, hey, when push comes to shove, you're right and I'm wrong because you're more of a New Zealander than I am? Even though I was born here, just like you.
Yet you're a Kiwi.
I'm just another bloody coconut.
Police! For someone so opposed to divisiveness, some might say that yours and the Panthers' aggressive presence in the community is just serving to make these matters worse.
Aggressive? That is not our intent at all, Timothy.
See, despite our differences, you know, I fully understand that you and I have a lot more in common than we do in difference.
You may have your meat with potatoes; so do I.
Sometimes I'll have taro with it as well.
But let's just say that we're both cutting up our meat, and we accidentally cut our finger on the carving knife.
We both bleed red, brother.
We both bleed red.
We both hurt when we're told that we're not welcome.
See, sure, we may go to different churches or places of worship, but we're still praying to, more or less, the same God for mercy in this crazy world.
When all is said and done, brother, we all just wanna belong.
We all wanna belong.
Thank you very much for your time this evening, Will, and thank you for watching, New Zealand.
I'll see you all next week on Spotlight.
Well, done, Will.
Beyond your years.
Bo's, that was amazing work.
Let's go grab a crate, yeah? My shout, birthday boy.
- I'll get the kid, and I'll bring him back.
- Sure.
And then I'll knock off his boys one by one, and then his family.
You better hope I find him before Ice does.
I don't have to go to Aussie, guys.
Welcome to Brizzy, my brother! You're seeing somebody else, aren't you? - What? - Just admit it.
They're still bringing in unskilled immigrants from the islands by the planeload.
- Bad politicians are elected by good citizens who don't vote! - Excuse me.
Have you guys ever thought about what would happen if National-Muldoon win?
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