The Panthers (2021) s01e04 Episode Script


1 I will clean up the streets of this scum! Those illegal Pacific Islanders have taken New Zealanders' jobs.
Prime Minister Kirk's dead.
I haven't been happy for years! Caro, don't walk away in the middle of this.
It's not the middle.
I consider your life worth something to me, Mama.
I only reworded your work slightly.
I added some stuffy legalese to make it as binding as possible.
Make sure you're happy with it before we go to print.
This is awesome, David.
- Thank you.
- You've been tracking the polls.
It's part of the reason I'm pushing these through with such urgency.
Our people will need to know their rights if he gets in.
Tell me he ain't going to get in.
Muldoon vs Wallace! There should be an asterisk after your name.
Fight! What was Norman thinking going and dying on us, only to leave a wimp like you as hisheir? They call you The Mouse, because you squeak like one! When are your balls gonna drop, Wallace? Knock-out! Wallace is really an unfortunate name.
I mean, I wouldn't even call my dog Wallace.
You're a shiver looking for a spine to run down, Wallace.
Throw in the towel now and do your party a favour! Muldoon wins! New high score ROB! New high score.
New high score.
New high score.
If Piggy wins, we're going to need more than legal aid booklets, aren't we? He's made it very clear who he's going to blame the country's problems on.
There was a time when New Zealand cities were quiet and clean.
People said they were nice places to bring up children.
But the cities grew alarmingly.
People poured in not just from the country, but from other countries as well 62,000 in just two years.
Soon, there were not enough schools or hospitals.
Then, one day, there weren't enough jobs either.
The people became angry and violence broke out, especially among those who had come from other places expecting great things.
Which is why New Zealand cities are not such nice places to bring up children any more.
What we do now will decide what kind of places those cities are going to be.
Under National, immigration will be cut from 32,000 to around 5000 people each year.
- New Zealand - the wayyouwant it.
Well done, Jonesy.
Terry from Timaru is going to be pushing coconuts on to the next jumbo jets to Apia.
It's hitting that threat to the Kiwi dream - that we talked about, Rob.
- I said well done.
You want me to blow you off as well? Well, if you like that, you'll love this.
Allow me to present to you The Mouse, formerly known as Wallace 'Bill' Rowling! Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky! Me, me, me, me, me, me, me! Dirty bloody bugger.
i le atua lena tatou tupu ai ina ua na alofa fua ia te'i tatou uma nei.
- Ia pepese, - Ia pe, ia pepese, - ia pepese - ia pe, ia pepese - aleluia - aleluia - fa'afetai - fa'afetai ia pepese, ia pepese aleluia fa'afetai.
Fa'afetai i lona alo lena afio mai luga le ua fai ma faapaolo ai le puapuaga.
- Ia pepese - Ia pe, ia pepese, ia ia pepese ale aleluia fa - fa'afetai - Ia pe - ia pepese, ia pepese aleluia - Fa'afetai.
♪ - fa'afetai.
♪ You can't catch me! Boys.
Boys, can you please keep it down? Have there been any men around when Daddy's not home? Only Mike.
Mike who? Officer Havili? But only when Daddy's home, though, right? Sometimes when Daddy's not home too.
When's Mummy coming home? Soon.
You can stay as long as you need.
I've set it up so it's ready in case the kids come.
You know they're welcome.
Just give us a yell if you need anything, OK? Thank you.
I'm not a racist, but these bloody Islanders they breed like rabbits.
They come over here in twos, and soon enough, there's hundreds of them.
I'm telling you racial harmony is a matter of arithmetic, and with them in the equation, the maths simply does not make sense.
Piggy, please turn off the tap to immigration.
You know, the New Zealand that we know and love is being eroded by this government, - isn't it, Rob? - Thanks for your call, Phil.
The Labour Government doesn't know how to run the country.
They say they can't employ the average Kiwi bloke, and yet they're still bringing in unskilled immigrants from the islands by the plane-load, and that leads to a myriad of problems.
Thanks for raising that topic of immigration there, Phil from Takapuna.
Looks like you've inspired a heck of a lot of people to come back on the line, and we'll take your calls relatively shortly after I've gotta say, the next leader of our great country, the Right Honourable Rob Muldoon.
Radio Windy.
Phil from Takapuna was great - Back to you in 60, gents.
- Thanks.
Yeah, Phil is going to give the rest of them complete licence to bloody cut loose.
Watch this.
Melanie from Auckland, what's your, uh, what's your take? Hi, Mike.
It's pronounced Meh-lah-nee.
Yes, I'm a med student at Auckland Uni and I'm a New Zealand-born Samoan.
- Yeah, my mum - Boys, boys, boys! - Yeah? - Isn't that Melani? of the racist lies you've been spreading this morning.
Racist? Wow.
That's a That's a big call.
But, you know, please go ahead, because we're all big fans here of freedom of speech on RadioWindy.
Um, well, let's take the crime stats you point to.
You're referring to stats which currently lump a whole bunch of Pacific people in together, misleadingly.
For example, a half-Samoan, half-Palagi offender is reported as Samoan if they offend rather than half a point to each.
- Baa-aa-langi, you say? - - Or Pakeha, European.
How does that work? Oh, I think you're stretching it just a little bit there, girlie.
I mean, if that's all you got, then it's almost an admission of the issue at hand.
That is not an admission.
Points to you, though, because you're breaking the mould.
You're out there.
You're getting an education, and you're a great role model for all of those Islanders out there.
OK, next SCREAMS, MUFFLED: You fucking stupid arsehole! Hi, Mike.
A 1971 survey of Auckland police showed that, whilst crime by Pacific Islanders constituted 4.
5% of total crime that year, when surveyed, police officers estimated Pacific Island crime was between three and seven times greater than this.
What does this show? It shows an undeniable racist bias towards my people from people in positions of authority in this country.
These biases come from all kinds of places, but are almost undeniably perpetuated by themedia.
Therefore, you arseholes you have a responsibility to tell the truth.
Was probably those skinheads from Avondale you guys had a run-in with on the weekend.
Well, we should find those dulas and make them clean this shit up now.
Who broke the door down stairs? - Nice work on the radio.
- Yeah.
Good job, sis.
I say let's take this meeting back to my fale, yeah? - Will! Kakou o! - Leave him.
I don't think they're ready to move.
It'll be a big upheaval.
You're the boss.
Hey, there's, um, one more thing that I wanted to talk to you about.
I saw you in the supplycupboard.
I did a stocktake after you left.
Look, relax.
I get it.
I just wanted to reach out to whoever it was for to let them know that we have a support group going for women going through such things.
I also wanted you to know that we have a clinic set up in Remuera, fulfilling such procedures safely, in lieu of the inaction of our archaic patriarchal government who still believe such things are a boarding pass to Lucifer's dungeon for all eternity.
I just wanted to let you know what we're up to, in case you might want to get involved.
Once you're back on your feet, that is, of course.
You've probably got enough on your plate at the moment Oh, I would love to help.
We need to stop that pig.
How are we going to get more support for Rowling? Why should we get behind them? We're anti-government, aren't we? Left, right, National, Labour they're all crooks; colonisers perpetuating a system that serves them that's stacked against us.
When they promise to give back our stolen land, they'll get my vote.
That Rowling fella seems like a pussy to me.
Do you not read the papers, Fred? This is going to be a nightmare for our people if Muldoon gets in.
Sis, I hear you, but honestly, they're the lesser evil.
With Muldoon comes mass deportations, more racially-targeted police squads going after our families.
Yeah, I'm all for revolution.
But while we're building it, let's do all that we can, and that includes using the democratic system that currently exists.
Rowling's not perfect, but a vote for him is a vote towards stopping that arsehole from taking the office, and I'm all for that.
- Um, Labour have a rally on today.
- It's a pro-choice rally and a march from Aotea Square with the women's lib crowd.
I think it's important that a group of us go down there and show our support.
Any volunteers? - Well, I'd like to go to that.
- Great.
Anyone else? Then maybe I should check if the Huns and the Apaches are keen to back up Labour.
What? Do gang members' votes not count in the democratic system? What do you think, Will? Um, yeah, I'll go with these guys to the Rowling thing.
Uh, OK, ainga.
That's us today.
Captain Fred, you and I are on food parcels this week.
Our squad for the Rowling gig is confirmed.
Youse know who you are.
Tigi and Vince, youse are on homework centres this week too.
That's us.
Meeting adjourned.
Thanks for coming through, guys.
Hey, I'll see you guys later, yeah? Bye, Hinah.
- Thank you.
- Kia ora.
Take care, bo's.
Awesome, man.
Hey, um, can you guys stay back? - Yeah, for sure.
- Yeah, I'll catch you guys up.
- Sis, give me a hand? - Oh, yeah.
Sidebar meeting, is it? Wonder what this could be about.
What's up with you, bo's? You've been acting weird this whole morning.
I'm all good, eh? Tell me you didn't have anything to do with what happened at Will! Will! Say, Nige, why you coming in like the bloody pigs? Sorry, bo's.
Bro, what happened at yours? Gave us a heart attack, bo's.
I was walking past and someone's thrown a brick into your parents' car.
Who have you pissed off this time? A problem share is a problem halved, Professor.
Um It's Ice.
Why? We already gave him the TV, though.
It was a flash model too, I might add.
I heard some of our Panther funds went towards that debt with Ice.
I paid that money back to the Panther kitty already.
Ask the treasurer.
- He did.
He did.
- Well, why is he after you this time? Well, it's, um, - It's what? - Spit it out.
- It's just - It's just? Come on, man.
Kope! It's because of Hm? Because of Tessa.
Tessa? As in Ice Tessa? - Oh, dear Lord.
Don't worry about it.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
I doubt it.
Why are you asking? Hey, remember you came to me and asked for help.
You should worry about your own family.
And judging by this, you've got a lot more to worry about than just your little prince.
Can't feel my feet.
Sweet, thank you.
- I don't have to go to Aussie, guys.
- The travel agent said we can get Will on a 7.
05 flight to Brisbane today.
Sounds good.
Jonathon will pick him up on the other end and connect him with the Aussie chapter.
Kong you, Nigel, Miriama, and I; we can share his portfolios in his absence.
- Good call, sis.
- Hello.
I'm still here in the room.
Gets him out of the gang's reach, and then makes him useful to our Aussie brothers who've been asking for our help for ages.
Well, how long are you planning on me being home for? Just give me a few days to see what I can sort out with Ice and them.
Look, I appreciate all of this, guys, but seriously, I've got important shit to do here.
What, like the classes you don't go to? Or is it your sparkling love life which puts us all in danger? It's decided, bo's.
That should be able to cover his ticket Hey, nah, nah, nah, bo's.
OK? I'm not taking your money.
Yeah, and I'm not having my number one get killed.
It's all good.
I got you.
Look, I can go and talk to Ice myself.
- Sure.
- What? How's the ear? Do you want to get another one cut off, eh? Yeah, nah.
Just go, eh? Kafao.
Have fun.
Help out our Aussie brothers and sisters.
I can chip in too.
- I mean, it's not enough, but - Hey, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Whatever you do, don't get in any more trouble over there.
This shit is dumb, even for the losers you got working for you.
Oh, wait.
Don't tell me you did this yourself.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Just popole fua, huh? Haven't even left the house.
Do you know how many brick walls there are like this in the neighbourhood? Do you? You may as well have left one of your stupid bandanas on the aerial.
Big Mike.
Big Mike.
Take a deep breath.
Take a seat.
Look, I got a lot on my plate at the moment.
- I know, Maikolo.
- Do you? Do you want the 'Ilolahia boy? You just got to better communicate with me, OK? And we can coordinate That's fucking it right there.
That's fucking it! As you say, it's just communication, huh, sole? You just want to talk, eh, my boy? I go to church with the old lady too.
How'd you know about that boy and Tessa? I'm a cop.
I find out all sorts of shit like that.
That piece of shit is the reason why I can't hold my fucking son.
You're on a last chance saloon, mate.
All right? Just give me a minute.
I'll get the kid and I'll bring him back.
I'll only give you a minute.
And then, I'll knock off these boys one by one, and then his family.
All right.
It's time for you to let Daddy do his thing, Mikey.
Unless you want a hit.
Come on.
Promise you.
I got clean shit this time.
Love you, boy.
Ah! Fuck! Havili, this is base.
Do you copy? Havili, we're waiting on that car, mate.
Yeah, I'll be there soon.
The aim of today's rally is to show our support of Bill Rowling and the Labour Party in particular, their pro-choice policy.
Bill and Labour are supporting women's rights, as opposed to Muldoon and his cronies, who'd seemingly still rather see women have to sneak off to Australia at their own hefty expense to have such procedures completed or force them into having them done illegally and potentially unsafely on the back streets.
Makes me wonder if we're living in 1975 or 1875.
Thank you for hearing us, Bill.
Ladies, the rally starts in five minutes.
We'll meet everyone else out around the front, all right? Good.
Let's go.
Hey, you.
Come here.
- You look great.
- Oh, thank you.
You look amazing.
Kind of bizarre, us being here, though, eh? Mm.
Girl, you were as brave as all hell that day.
Oh, thank you for being there.
How have you been? Yeah.
Just trying to help these guys start a revolution.
Yeah, the stuff they're doing now is way better than the things they used to get up to getting drunk, causing riots, almost killing cops.
You're not talking about the Point Chev riots, are you? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
My stupid son went inside for GBH on a police officer that night.
- What? - Oh my God.
What? I think that was Jimmy.
Oh, shit.
Um Of course, he's a cop, but, um - I am so sorry.
- And I'm so sorry.
No, no, no.
How's your boy? Well, I haven't been to see him yet because I don't have wheels at the moment.
How's your ex? You two ready to chant your hearts out? - Yeah.
- Yeah, sure.
Mm-hmm? There you go.
Come on.
Did Nana's papers come through yet? Not yet.
We just need a couple more of Dad's pays to show we've got enough money to support her.
Well, here.
You take this.
Read it with me.
'When the police come to your door, 'always ask them what or who they want and why.
'Always ask them to identify themselves and take their numbers.
'Always remember what they said.
Write it down what happened straight afterwards.
' Is Nana going to get taken away? No.
Everything's going to be OK becauseyouwon't let that happen.
Keep this book safe justin case.
Remember, Uaina you're smart, you're beautiful, and you're a Teine Samoa, like me.
And that means we're strong.
So no one's going to mess with you, me, or your Nana.
You cold? Suga.
Hey, what's wrong? Nothing.
You know, you shouldn't be out here campaigning with us.
You should be at home with yourfamily.
When are you going to tell the others about your mum? You know we're all here for you, right? I just feel like crap.
I mean, I promised that little girl that her Nana won't get deported, but how can I be sure? If Muldoon gets in, that's exactly what's going to happen, so we need to try harder.
Bad politicians are elected by good citizens Excuse me.
Are you happy to have an open conversation about Make yours count.
Hi, Miss.
Just one minute of your time, please.
the upcoming election.
The election? Have you guys ever thought about what would happen - if National and Muldoon win? - Bad politicians are elected by good citizens who don't vote.
- Sis, I don't think they care.
- I don't think they do either.
Make yours count.
Kia ora.
Is Mum or Dad around? We're here to talk to them about the upcoming election.
Uh, I live with my dad.
You're Uncle Willo's friends, eh? Yes.
Uh, my dad can't vote.
Uncle Will's been trying to suss out his passport.
Um, yeah, I'm sure Will will come through for you, but maybe take this and have a read just in case anything happens before he does.
Thank you.
Have you thought about voting for Labour? Muldoon came to speak at my church, and I know that he believes in God.
I think he's a nice man.
Which is why we're trying to spread awareness in the community about what Muldoon and National have planned.
We will be obedient to whoever the Lord put in power.
We vote for God.
And what if God leads the police to your house and deports your entire congregation? Hey, sorry, guys.
I've got to head back, go help out the whanau.
- Hei apopo.
- See ya.
Bye Their faith is so blind.
I mean, never mind the election.
Where will that get them when shit really goes down, like if someone gets sick or dies? What then? Foolish! I think you just need to rest, suga.
No, if we can just help keep Muldoon out, I feel like everything else will be OK.
And I know that doesn't make any sense, but it's just what I feel.
You know? Like, that's our contribution what we need to do.
Well, do you want to come grab a feed? I'll see you for the big day tomorrow.
Here's hoping we made a dint in those polls.
Hey, take it easy on yourself tonight.
All right? Ah, Willy! Welcome to Brissy, my brother! How you been? How was your flight? Yeah, good, mate.
Ooh, shit! This is my boy, Artie.
He's my half-brother, man.
Amazing! Ooh! Yeah! Great to have you here, Willy to have someone of your calibre in our squad, Professor.
That's what they call you, eh? Professor Chosen One Willy.
These white fellas trying to fuck us black fellas in the arse, eh, Willy? That's why they keep fighting.
All the power to all the people, Willy.
Yeah, totally.
Um So what's our plan? Put a fucking full stop to them bloody white fellas stealing our land.
I'm going to go down to the senator's tomorrow and fuck some shit up, Willy.
- Be great to get your input on that.
- Um Yeah.
Do you guys know anyone in the media around these ways? Yeah, I've got a buddy Preston, works at the ABC.
We'll go see Preston first.
No point fucking shit up if no one's there to see it, right? Yeah.
But, you know, you can tell me exactly what you've got in mind on the way.
- No worries.
- No worries.
So if you see or hear anything about Will 'Ilolahia, help me out.
Take care of your charges.
Hey, Havili.
You've got a call.
What the hell are you doing ringing me here? The boy.
Where is he? You told me you're going to sort him out.
Yeah, I'm on it, but his friends are hiding him.
Yeah, fuck his friends, all right? That big Samoan kefe that he rolls with what's hisname? Leave it to me, all right? Just leave it to me.
You just The fuck are you looking at, cunt? What are you doing here? You're seeing somebody else, aren't you? What? Just admit it.
Why else would you leave and abandon us? Abandon? Jimmy, this is not the time or the place for this conversation What are you doing here, Caro? What's wrong with you? You should be at home, looking after your kids.
I will look after them.
I didn't walk out on them.
I walked out on you! You're walking out on your family so you can behave like a fucking slut! Officer, I don't know what's going on.
Save your breath, tough guy.
I'm leaving.
Some excellent policing done in this, so well done, all of you.
You should be very proud of yourselves.
Sorry, Sir.
Nice of you to join us, Davis.
In the last four weeks, we have made 197 arrests for disorderly conduct in this inner city area and surrounding suburbs, which is good.
But as you know, Commissioner, we strive for more than good in this district.
We want to double that.
We want to make this inner-city area of Auckland safe again.
It would be great if we could book some more people on some serious charges, though.
What are you lot up to? Just hanging out, Officer.
Well, you can just hang out in the cells.
Hey? What do we do? - You're idle and disorderly.
- Idle, you reckon? Come on.
Come here.
You're making it a lot harder for yourself! Let go! - Please help! - OK.
- How's things at the hub? - Yeah, they're going real good.
- All good? Same old, same old? - Yeah.
- How's that fucking cousin of mine? - You're coming with me.
What's this bullshit, Officer? - Offensive language.
- Go lock up some real crims.
- Come on.
- What the What's this for?! Disturbing the peace.
You watch your mouth or you're coming too.
- What are we booking 'em for again? - Ah, they can barely speak English.
Write something up at the station.
- That's 37 for today.
- Why are we being arrested? It's preventative justice, Davis.
Getting them, catching them before they rape and murder, rather than park the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.
You know this.
Anyway, congratulations on hitting your targets, Davis, and congratulations, all of you.
You've done a great job.
Thank you.
That'll be all.
Go well tonight.
Thank you, Commissioner.
Sir, I'm I've got to leave early this afternoon to pick up my bloody kids.
Pick up kids? I didn't know you had a mick, Davis.
What, you gonna breastfeed them as well What the fuck is going on? Hmm? All the crap in this meeting.
You're supposed to lead this task force.
Start acting like it, or you're done.
Tell me when.
Tell me when! Keep coming! Left hand down.
Left hand down.
- Left hand what? - Keep going! Keep going! What do you mean left hand? Keep going.
Stop! Stop! Go, go, go! That's us.
That's us.
All right.
Jump in the vaka, boys! Give it some gas, Professor! - Hey.
- Hey, wait! You're on stolen land! Hey, buddy, you getting all this? Whoo! Look at him roll, boys! Whoo! Oh, Melani's gonna kill me.
We're going to jail, Willy.
- So what happens now, Caro? - Wendy, jump in the middle.
You're just going to walk out? It's an embarrassment.
- Keep it together! - It's fucked, Caro! What are you gonna tell the kids? Huh? They're gonna think you're a fucking dyke.
You're a real piece of shit.
You know that, Jimmy? - Caro.
- Hey! - You watch yourself.
- You fuck off.
Seatbelts! Come on! Oh, fuck.
You're brave growing this shit at home, bo's.
- I thought you said your mum was Hindu.
- Bo's, she's the one helping me grow it.
I told her they were tomato plants and she's really gotten on their horticulture vibe Luafutu.
- Oi.
Uh - Where's Will? Seems to have gone missing.
Where is he? I, uh, wouldn't have a clue, Officer.
Yeah, nah.
I don't know, eh? - Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Think you're so smart, eh? Hey! - I'll beat the shit out of you.
- OK.
He didn't do anything wrong, eh? Hey, if you like your mate, you better hope I find him before Ice does.
Bo's, what the fuck was that? - Hey, Mum.
- Mm? How many did you get? - 20.
- 20.
Hey, you said that would be plenty.
That's heaps.
Thanks, Mum.
Bo's! You ready to deliver these food parcels? - O ai le ga? - Uh, it's just Fred, Mum.
Hi, Fred! Oh, Mum says hi.
Sole, Dad needs the van for work tonight now.
Oh, oh, it's all good.
I'll just I'll just walk it you know, work off Mum's sapasui somehow.
- Fa! - Fa.
Yeah, OK.
Careful, son.
These are very - Sorry, Mum.
- Yeah, all right.
- Yep.
- Kiss.
- OK.
- OK.
- Love you.
- OK.
Love you.
- Fa! - Fa! Fuck.
Just give it to him.
Just give it to him.
Let's go.
Tell your mate the Huns came to visit, bitch.
See you guys back at the pad! Ooh.
That's 2800 for Tamaki.
And that's with special votes to come? Fantastic! Electorate 12 Eden.
Majority to National's Malcolm 1344.
From electorate 68 Franklin.
That's a majority to National's Birch.
There are now 21 Labour seats have fallen.
Hello? Hey, is Nigel there? Nigel, one of your Pink Panther friends is on the phone.
- Hello? - Nige, it's me Will.
- Hey, man.
How's Aussie? - Long story.
You think NZ is racist, bo's? Hey, um, can you come pick me up? Unfortunately, I don't have my pilot's licence yet, Professor.
No, no, no.
I'm back at the airport.
- You're back because of Kong? - What do you mean, 'because of Kong?' - I got deported.
- I'll fill you in when I see you.
The state of the parties now 83.
Labour on 30, National on 53.
4%, the swing against the government.
Tonight has gone very definitely blue in a big way.
Mr Rowling, you yourself must be a pretty shattered and disillusioned man.
I wouldn't say disillusioned.
I'm disappointed.
Ah, yo, my toko.
I think we need to nofo get lalo.
I just been speaking to malo.
He said you said you think I'm thinking with my dick again, thinking that I'm slick again, acting like a prick again and how I'm never listening.
I hope you know that I would never do you dirty.
I'm like my Richmond jersey in the winter.
I'm up early playing.
You think I'm playing up cos I'm starry-eyed for this bad fa'fine I'm waiting for.
Now tell me have you ever been so love drunk you were tipsy off her bed, whiskey just the one cup? I swear it was the hood, but it's the girls that took me under sharing the night together till the virgin sun comes up.
Oh, I can't help it.
I'm selfish and I'm reminded love is blinded like some ultraviolet light and I swore it struck my heart like some ultra-violent lighting.
I hope you understand cos you're my brother, man.
It's like that, uso.
Where you at, uso? Hit me up and holler back when you can, uso.
It's like that, uso, cos you're my mans, uso.
So hit me up and holler back when you can, uso.
♪ We work for the great people of New Zealand, either in government or in opposition.
Hope we can do a much more effective job than government, and that's why we want to be the government again in 1978.
He's going to be OK, bo's.
Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! Rob! Thank you, New Zealand.
We will repay your confidence.
We will clean up the streets.
And we will give New Zealanders back their jobs! We will fix this broken economy, and we will make New Zealand great again! The new Prime Minister of New Zealand! Whoo! We bloody won! - Avaku le kama - You don't understand.
This isn't America.
There's no segregation.
It's not fucking apartheid in South Africa, all right? This is New Zealand.
- Someone dobbed me in, Will.
- Yeah, it was fucking Havili.
- That was your mother.
- Bullshit.
- I'm looking for a headline here.
- So far, numbers have been a bit soft.
What do we do then, Teddy? We raid them in the middle of the night.
We're on tomorrow 0300 hours.

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