The Panthers (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Have there been any men around when Daddy's not home? Only Mike.
Officer Havili? You're walking out on your family so you can behave like a fucking slut.
OK, I'm not taking your money.
And I'm not having my number one get killed.
Whatever you do, don't get in any more trouble over there.
(LAUGHTER, SIREN WAILS) (SIGHS) (POP! CHEERING) We will give New Zealanders back their jobs, and we will make New Zealand great again! (CHEERING) I am the king, I am the king of the dance floor.
- Cheers! - I am the king, I am the king of the dance floor.
BOTH: Cheers! Oh! Robbie! (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) The king, the king coming down from his castle.
The king, the king coming down from his castle.
Oh, Rob.
(LAUGHS) Oh, we are just so delighted that our great party is back in power.
Our contribution feels all the more worthwhile.
(LAUGHS) It did help, didn't it, Rob our sponsorship? - Huh? Yeah.
- Yes? (LAUGHS) Great great call.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, let's celebrate! Oh! Yes! Oh.
- We won, guys! - (CHEERING) We bloody won! (LAUGHTER, POP) - (SQUEALING) - Yes! (SQUEALING, LAUGHTER) - Oh God! - (LAUGHS) (JAZZ VERSION OF 'GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND') (SQUEALING, LAUGHTER) This gig's become as dry as a pommy's towel.
It must be time for a dip.
Well, who's a starter? Come on.
We just won a bloody election! (LAUGHTER) - (SQUEALS) - (LAUGHTER) (LAUGHTER) - Whoo! - (LAUGHTER) How are you feeling tonight, Robbie? I've just got another 20 cases dropped off.
Well done, Rob.
Lorraine! - Cheers, mate.
- Lorraine! Cheers for Robbie! Come on, Lorraine.
Come swimming with me! - It's a beautiful evening.
Why not? - No! No! Put me down! In you go, Lorraine! Oh yeah.
(LAUGHS) I'm putting her down.
- (SCREAMS) - (LAUGHS) (CHEERING) In you go! (CHEERING) Robbie! (LAUGHS) How dare you?! (LAUGHS) - Oh! - (LAUGHTER) Well, what are you looking at? It's a celebration! Ladies and gentlemen, let's raise our glasses to our friend, Rob, the new Prime Minister of New Zealand! (CHEERING) Whoo! - Whoa! - (SHRIEKS) - (LAUGHTER) - Whoa! (LAUGHS) (BIRDS CHIRP) (PAPER RUSTLES) (SIGHS) Havili! Siana! Havili! Look, Kong didn't have anything to do with this Ice shit.
OK? He needs to go down for this or else I'm gonna Or else what? I don't have to do anything for you.
I am fucking serious.
Look, that arsehole causes a lot of harm to our people.
He's a piece-of-shit criminal! Well, if you're so bloody serious, then what are you doing at my doorstep? Go down to the police station and lay charges if you suspect him.
Oh, you think I haven't been down there already? Look, those useless pricks didn't want a bar of it.
- What do you want me to do, Will? - Arrest him, throw away the key.
I don't know do cop shit; that's your job.
Is this about Ice? Or your big friend, King Kong? Or is this about Tessa? She broke your little heart, didn't she? (SIGHS) Don't act like this is some loyal, noble act.
You don't know what you're talking out.
Don't I? Havili, I know we haven't always seen eye to eye.
Yeah, but we're Tongan, you and I.
Yeah, we're basically family.
I need you on this.
Look, you help me take care of that guy, and I will owe you big time.
OK? Whatever you need.
Don't write cheques you can't cash.
You'll be doing the hood a favour.
Mate, I don't give two shits about the hood.
- What has the hood done for me? - (SIGHS) Don't come here wasting my time.
You wanna lay charges, then fuck off to the police station.
Go! Ha oku pe he ai? I'm stronger than you.
- Ha.
No, you're not! (GRUNTS) - Yeah, I am.
Get off me! - Way stronger than you.
- Stop! Help me! Stop it! Have you got your bags ready? - Get off me! - Boys! Have you got your bags? Where is my bag? - I don't know.
- Mum, why does Jack get his own bed and we have to sleep with you? I'm not sure, sweetheart.
I don't know why.
Where's my T-shirt? Go find it.
What? You're already wearing a T-shirt.
Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! - Oh.
- What?! It's over there.
Oh, sorry, sweetheart.
Come on.
We'll clean you up, darling.
- Oh! I stood in Wendy's wees.
- Well, where did you put your lunchbox? Don't touch it.
- Um, I think it was over there.
- (SIGHS) Look, stay away from me.
Oh! Sorry.
(SIGHS) That's not yours.
It's Wendy's.
Yours is in the sink.
Mum! I'm gonna have something different.
Mum! (BREATHES HEAVILY) Shut up and put it in your lunchbox.
We're gonna be late.
- No! Give it! Give it here! - OK.
We have to take you Mum, we're running late.
Where's our bus money? Yeah.
I don't know, sweetheart.
- Where's our breakfast? - It's on the table.
I'm hungry! Here you can have mine.
Just shut up, and let's go.
- I want my own! - Sorry, babe.
I'm late for work too.
- Sorry.
- (SIGHS) (SIGHS) - I wanna go home, Mummy.
- I've got all the money.
I want my bus money.
I can take care of my own bus money.
You're too much of a little baby to have it.
You cry too much.
- (FUNK MUSIC) - Let's go.
- What up? - Ooh! Yeah.
- Girl! - Ua oki lou ulu? - E a, e manaia? - Oh, very manaia.
- (LAUGHS) Tulou.
Malo le soifua.
Alec, Tigi, you're gonna lead us off with the new programme.
OK, team, this is a major.
As you know, we've got some reports here showing that since Muldoon got in, there has already been a spike in unlawful arrests of our Pacific people on misdemeanours, so-called random checks, AKA extremely targeted, racist checks on the streets and at people's homes.
We thought it was bad before? It just got a whole lot worse.
And nobody's keeping the cops accountable, which has motivated us to launch this programme.
I present to you, the Pig Patrol.
- PIG Police Investigation Group.
- (LAUGHS) While they're patrolling the streets and arresting our friends and family on lame-arse charges, we'll patrol them and report any discrimination we see.
Our standard position is laid out in our legal-aid books.
Lange's also on board to back us up further with any legal advice or court cases, if we need him.
And remember our response is always strong, smart and, no matter what, non-violent.
We must not make things worse by perpetuating the violent perception of our people.
We've got to pick up our game.
As much as I hate to say it, in Muldoon, we're facing a political genius.
(RECORD NEEDLE SCRATCHES) (SIGHS) (SIGHS) (SIGHS) Good morning, Prime Minister.
Thanks for your help, Lorrie.
You're a darl.
Thank Mike for having me.
- Good morning, Prime Minister.
- Good morning, Prime Minister.
Who are you lot here for? No, I can bloody well drive myself.
God Almighty.
I don't need bloody limos and chauffeurs.
- Hi! Can I come in? Of course.
Never too early for a man in uniform.
(LAUGHS) Come in.
Thank you so much.
- Are you a baker? - (CHUCKLES) I'm not just a baker.
I'm a master.
No, I just thought it'd be nice for you and the kids.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
We need to call Nigel.
You guys help Williamson, and we'll get the others to meet you at Prime.
I'll go and call Nigel, unless you want to.
I'll take the others to the rally.
Hey, sis.
Oh, I just wanna say you guys are doing an amazing job.
This whole thing We can work together, Will.
But we don't have to be friends, OK? And you have to go underground until this Ice stuff is resolved.
You're a danger to the rest of the group while they're after you.
If you want to make yourself useful, we need more of our legal aid books made up.
You can start by stapling those together.
But sis, I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
OK? Just (SIGHS) It just did.
(FOOTSTEPS RETREAT) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) - Where the hell have you been? - Eh? We said meet here at 9.
Island cop, island time, mate.
Sometimes to catch a criminal No.
Where have you been? Mate, I'm seven minutes late.
It doesn't Just fucking answer my question.
Yeah, it's none of your fucking business where I've been.
You got something to say to me, mate? I do, yeah.
WHISPERS: Ha, I know exactly what you've been up to, mate.
Oh, do you just? And what have I been up to? Eh? Go on, spit it out.
Where have I been? Suit yourself, Jimbo, you fucking weirdo.
I've got work to do.
Prove that you're here legally or your gonna be in the shit, aren't you? You know, I'm sick of seeing Are we here to buy taro or do some fucking work? Well, you lead the way, boss.
Which ones do you like? Right.
This is a random immigration check.
Can I see your passport, please? We're not flying today, mate we don't need passports.
Well, how about we take you home, and we go get your passports now, then? What's going on here? - Aue.
- What's that? We're on PIG patrol, sir.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Yeah? Pig, you reckon? Police Investigation Group.
Monitoring unlawful harassment from police just like this on behalf of our community.
Yeah? Under whose authority? The Polynesian Panthers.
We'll citizen's arrest you if we have to.
Let him go! Now! (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) You take care of this.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) - But I don't I don't know anything.
- Get down.
- Hey.
Hey, officer.
(GRUNTS) - I said, 'Get down.
' Hey, hey, hey, hey! We are Niuean! We don't need immigration papers.
Mate, you could be full-blown bloody Maori, for all I care.
When a police officer tells you to get down, you bloody well get down.
- OK, OK.
- Scott! - Yes, boss.
- Get these three in, all right? Do the checks.
No special passes.
- All right.
Up you get.
- Davis.
Why are you so wound up? You're busting their nuts.
It's like you haven't been laid in a while or something.
(CHUCKLES) Shut the fuck up, cunt.
You're a fucking idiot.
Don't fuck (BREATHES HEAVILY) Jim.
Jim! - Don't fucking touch me, boy.
- It's just banter.
You're usually good for it, mate.
- Oh, it's banter, is it? - Uh-huh.
Yeah, it is.
You better fucking watch it.
You've crossed a line with me.
When people fucking cross that line - RT: Ireland to Davis.
- (STATIC HISSES) Go ahead, Ireland.
We could do with some help down on Williamson, sir.
One of these immigration checks is becoming a handful.
Copy that.
I'm on my way.
(FOOTSTEPS RETREAT) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) (INTENSE MUSIC) (SIGHS) So, my auntie told me to come here and help out with The Panthers and stuff.
Oh, nice.
So, any idea advice for us Panther Youths on how to be like you, Chairman Willo? Stay in school, be good to your mother.
- Mm.
- That's good advice.
So, what were you saying about your auntie? Oh, my auntie from church told me to come through.
You've reached the news desk at New Zealand Herald.
Hello there.
Yes, this is Will 'Ilolahia, and I have the scoop on I'm just gonna hold you there, sorry.
Just one second.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll hold.
- Did you say Will 'Ilolahia? - 'Ilolahia.
And I'm calling for reporter Dave Lunam.
Tell him it's me, Chairman well, former Chairman of the Polynesian Panthers.
Mr Lunam is going to have to call you back.
Sorry, sir.
He's just tied up at the moment.
You know what? You've just lost yourself the story.
I'm going to The Star.
Key to dealing with the media? Always have one foot out the door.
If not, they will walk all over you.
- Amy Lesson, Auckland Star.
- Good morning, Amy.
It's Will 'Ilolahia here, and I have some great news for an article.
Can I get your number for one of our reporters to call you back, please, sir? We're a little tied up at the moment.
Oh, yeah, it's great to reconnect with you again too, Amy.
Thank you so much.
See, what I'm doing, it's it's for the people.
But I appreciate you saying so.
Thank you.
She saw my interview on the TV, thought it was amazing.
- A feature? - Ooh, a feature.
All right.
Sounds grand.
All right, I'll see you then, Amy.
See? One foot out the door, they can't help but invite you in.
I'm buzzing.
- Get the paper.
- OK.
I think I'll just finish this.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Hey, you guys are all good here, eh? Something important's come up that needs my attention.
Oh yeah.
Avaku le avaku le kama lea I o.
- I don't think you understand.
- Koekiki ou kikiga loama one.
- You need to present identification.
- Sole! Translate.
Mate, I'm Tongan.
They're speaking Samoan.
You don't have to answer their questions.
What they're doing is illegal.
Look, back off, you two.
This is official business.
- Hey.
- Don't lay your hands on me, mate.
This is my house, and you're trespassing.
E Leai se mea kou ke kaliaiga ai fua o lakou fesili.
O le soli kulafono le lakou mea lea e fai ia.
Fai iai, o lea ua iai kou pepa sikisegi.
- All right.
Let's wrap this up.
- No.
He's explaining.
A fai se lakou su'esu'ega, e ke kalosaga ia maua se fesoasoagi mai le loia.
Mm? Fai iai, makou ke le'o solia gi gi kula foho, fa'amolemole, o ese loa ma le fagua.
Niko, sau.
Koe fai le kala le ga fai e le kamaa lea.
Fai le kala.
We're legal New Zealand citizens.
We have our papers.
There are no crimes being committedhere.
So can you please leave our property? Yeah.
Or else we'll have to call our lawyers.
If this is your place, is this your son too? He's my little brother.
(FOOTSTEPS SCUFF) Hey, hey, hey.
Touching my ass! That's mine! That's my property.
You think you're clever, mate.
Do you? This isn't America; there's no segregation.
It's not fucking apartheid in South Africa, all right? This is New Zealand.
Then why are you targeting only Polynesian-looking people on the streets? Huh? (DOG BARKS) All right.
Let's go.
(SNIFFS) (PAPER RUSTLES) Many island folk are simply not cut out for city living, and there's no shame in all of us admitting that, and unwanted Islanders should be deported back to the islands they came from.
A politician who doesn't deliver on his promises quickly becomes a liar, and no one likes a liar.
- (CHUCKLES) - Well, go on.
Well, we've been taking control of the central districts in Auckland, introducing stricter curfew rules.
Loitering charges are laid if the curfews are broken.
Arrests are well up as a result most of them Islanders.
- Has violent crime dropped? - No, but it will.
Give it time.
Look, I'm looking for a headline here something that shows we're delivering on our promises.
What about deportations? The new task force specifically targeting overstayers has been introduced.
But so far, numbers have been a bit soft.
Maybe only 50 deportations to date, but they'll go up.
Well, that's hardly gonna make the front page, is it, Commissioner? A bloody rain shower in in a teacup.
Are you sure you're the right man for this job? Hey, look, we're just following orders.
OK, we need you to show us your paperwork in order to prove you're a legal New Zealand citizen.
And I'm telling you, there it is.
Now, what more do you need before you get the fuck off myproperty? This has expired.
Well, since I had my leg blown off, serving this country in the Vietnam War, I've found it a bit tricky changing gears, eh, pal? I'm so sorry, mate.
But like I say, we're just trying to do our jobs.
Back off you, two.
You don't have a warrant.
He's Tangata Whenua, you idiots.
Do you even know what that means? - (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - Either present a search warrant, or I'm gonna take this photographic evidence to our lawyer and press charges.
Look, we're just trying to do our job.
These are random immigration checks commissioned by the government.
So, if these are random checks, why'd you happen to skip over the one white family that lives on this street? Hmm? As per Section 2, Clause 13A of the Policing Act, unless there is reasonable evidence pointing to a citizen being suspected of a serious crime, all officers are required to present a search warrant before entering a residential property.
I have good reason to believe that none of you have any warrants, nor any such evidence pointing to suspicion of criminal activity.
Therefore I am here to put a stop to this racist, targeted harassment.
Join me if you agree, ladies and gentlemen.
Join me! This has to stop.
Walking the streets with a megaphone, like the bloody town crier? You idiot! You're pretty much heralding an invitation to Ice and the Huns to come down here and fasi you and the rest of us, Will.
Well done (!) What did I say about keeping a low profile? Just give me a break.
Go! Prime Minister.
The problem is, the overstayers see us coming from a mile off.
They go and run and hide and tell each other that we're coming.
If we continue with this tactic, then, well, the numbers will remain low.
What do we do then, Teddy? Well, we raid them.
in the middle of the night.
They'll be sitting ducks.
We know where they live.
I could have planes to the islands filled within days.
Now we're talking.
Anyone would think he was after yourjob, Marmite.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) (BOTH CHUCKLE) (SLOW PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) What's the point of a police force if you guys don't even do anything? Look, I've already given your team the name and the address of the damn suspect.
(SCOFFS) What else do you guys need? Do you want me to bring him to you in cuffs? I wanna see your supervisor! Yeah (!) Sure thing (!) As soon as he's available.
Look, my brother's life is at risk in hospital right now, because of a violent assault by a dangerous perpetrator who's still walking freely in our community! Oh, your brother? I thought you said he was your friend.
(SIGHS) (BASSY MUSIC) (BUZZ!) Auntie, Will's here.
O mai.
Fai ai, aua ge'i sau I kokogu.
Auntie? You can't come in, brother Will.
What do you mean? I'm family.
Auntie doesn't want you in there, sole.
She's heard that you're the reason for all of this.
I went down to the cop station again today.
Did they come back to do any more interviews? Here you guys have these.
Make sure Kong gets the garlic ones, though.
They're his favourite.
This is HQ.
This is Will.
Fuck you, boongas! Fuck off back to your own country! (SIGHS) (SIGHS) (TELEPHONE RINGS) (SIGHS) (TELEPHONE RINGS) (TELEPHONE RINGS) (THUD!) Say boonga one more time, and see what fucking happens.
- Will? - Tess? Is that you? I can't talk long, OK? Village phone and all that.
Are you OK? Man, I missed you.
You're sweet.
I'm all good.
(SIGHS) Someone dobbed me in, Will.
It's been on my mind.
Yeah, it was fucking Havili.
No, I really doubt that, eh? - Why? - Because him and Ice are a team.
Well, what do you mean, a team? I told you that the night that we got snapped, remember? Yeah, about the only thing I remember from that day was kissing you and that weasel ruining it.
Look, he'll be the one that dobbed you in.
No, Ice has him under this thumb.
He's got too much at stake with their businesses.
Sorry what businesses? Boarding houses, undeclared revenue.
He probably told Ice about us, though, so you better watch your back.
Look, if it wasn't Havili or Ice, then who could it be? I can't think of anyone who hates me that much.
How about you? Tess, o le a fia fa'aagoa le kelefoni.
- I've gotta go.
- Tess, what? - I'll call you back another time.
- No, no, no.
Wait, Tess.
Please wait.
Sole, uso.
Fai aku lou le fiu.
Welcome to the aiga, us.
BOTH: Manuia.
Ave lea I le akua.
- Malo sole.
- (LAUGHS) This is the life we've chosen.
- Say it again, uso.
- Mm.
There's no turning back.
We grow, we are aiga we are family.
- Ooh.
- I hear that that little bitch, Will 'Ilolahia, - is back.
- Fuck him.
Enjoying the life in the land of milk and honey.
- Yoo.
- You make sure you sort him out, huh? (SCOFFS) Say no more.
His big uso looks lonely in the hospital, boys.
- Ioe.
(LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) So let's give him some company, eh? Or we just put him in the ground.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - That's the one, uso.
- Ha! - Yeah! Yoo! Yoo! You dobbed Tess in, eh? Don't try to lie to me.
Look, what you're gonna do is get justice for my mate and lock that motherfucker Ice up! I know you've been working with him too, by the way.
What are you talking about? Don't play dumb.
You're exploiting our people, you piece ofshit overcharging them to stay in illegal houses, like that dump you had Tess was in? (SCOFFS) Crooked bastard.
Cleaning that filthy crim's money for him too, weren't you? Just so you can get a cut.
I didn't report Tessa, mate.
That was your mother.
Think about it.
Why else would I be following you? She couldn't handle her little prince going down the wrong path, so asked me to do her a favour.
I follow the breadcrumbs, and what do I find? You fucking Tessa.
So I told her the truth about it, but I didn't tell Immigration.
So that must have been her.
You can fuck as many whores as you want different folks, different strokes.
- (SIGHS) - But that shit I'm doing with Ice? I'm undercover, dickhead.
Now fuck off, before I arrest you for perverting the course of justice.
I'm gonna find a way to take you down, arsehole.
Start the fucking clock.
Now, what part of 'colours and whites separately' did you not get? Because it's clearly written on the ticket.
I guess you can't read.
Jesus Christ.
If you can't even speak English, then you shouldn't be doing this job.
You shouldn't even be in this country! Willy, oua! Willy! Oh, Willy! Willy! Never speak to my mother like that! (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) Oh shit! Argh! - (GRUNTS) - Argh! Help! Help! Argh! Oh! (SIGHS) (SIGHS) (SOBS) Kou osi ilo'i e mea na ke fai.
All right.
I'm not the enemy.
Down, boy.
Yes, yes.
And if any of the suspects run, release 'em.
And what happens if they catch one? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Provided we give them the command to stop in time, they won't kill anyone.
(LAUGHS) Well, get a good sleep tonight, gentlemen.
We're on tomorrow 0300 hours.
(DOGS PANT) (ALL LAUGH) Well, I'm not surprised, with you on her case! - What are you talking about? - Yeah, I'd be terrified.
What are you talking about? I'm as timid as a mouse.
(ALL LAUGH) Oh my goodness.
One drink, and I'm cackling like a hyena.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What's going on with us, Caro? I mean, what's happened? We're a team.
Haven't I taken care ofus? I've provided for us, haven't I? - Yeah, you did.
- (SIGHS) Excuse me.
How can you not be happy with what we have, right? It's amazing.
It's worth fighting for.
Amazing for you maybe, Jim.
I want my own happiness.
And where do you think you're gonna find that? The grass isn't always fucking greener, Caro.
OK It's late.
Hey, no.
Why do you always get to decide when we do and we don't talk? Huh? Look, I have been so fucking patient with this shit.
Patient? You don't fucking know the meaning of the word, 'patient'! You try being married to you for 10 years! No, you are bloody well coming home with me tonight, if I have to fucking drag you out of here myself, I fucking will, Caro! No, I'm not! - Are you all right, mate? - (DOG BARKS) Why don't you mind your own business, mate? She's my bloody wife.
You better leave before we call the police.
The police? Oh, the irony.
- Hello, sweetheart.
- Hey.
Hi, darling.
Hey, come and give Daddy a hug.
Come on.
It's OK, darling.
You can give Daddy a hug.
You've turned them against me.
No, I haven't.
You've turned them against you, turning up here and doing this kind of crap.
You can't just show up here whenever you want! I'll come and see my kids whenever I fucking please! OK.
You know what I'mall about.
When the Sun go down and the Moon come out, doubt.
You know what I'm all about.
When the Sun go down and the Moon come out, doubt.
You know what I'm all about.
When the Sun go down and the Moon come out, doubt.
You know what I'm all about.
Ain't no turning back now.
Can't back down.
Got the law in your hands.
You the man now.
Gotta watch how it pans out, follow plans out.
Even if ya get slapped by the cap, would you stand down? No.
Consequences of ya kinship, eff ya friendship.
Left for dead, eff redemption.
Eff regrets and best intentions no exceptions.
Best you go your own direction, uh.
Bridges burned, you live and learn.
You're at the point of no return, with no concern.
Trust your gut and trust ya choices, lo.
Shun the love and flush the voices out.
Harness things ya been annoyed about, when you're dealing with a thing like heartache.
Paranoia might destroy ya.
In between a rock and a hard place, no doubt.
When the Sun go down and the Moon come out, doubt.
You know what I'm all about.
When the Sun go down and the Moon come out, doubt.
You know what I'm all about.
When the Sun go down and the Moon come out, doubt.
You know what I'm all about.
When the Sun go down and the Moon come out, doubt.
You know what I'm on about.
♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) (MUSIC FADES) (ICE CUBES CLINK) (SIGHS) Since you've been so upset lately, I have decided to cut you into this place.
What do you think? Hmm? I mean, it's 18 units, annual turnaround of 10 K a year.
We're fucking rich, baby.
I'm not into this.
No kickback.
You like? It's that Will boy you're worried about, eh? See, I told you don't you worry about him.
OK? My boys are finally gonna shut him up for good.
They're doing what you should have done.
So what's your problem? What's my problem? - Mm.
- It's my life.
It'smyfucking life.
(LAUGHS) Oh man.
Oh, man.
I mean, I know it's been tough, the last couple of months, but I promise you I promise you it's gonna get easier.
Eh? WHISPERS: I mean, look at what we've built here.
Our dreams are finally coming to fruition.
- We move together, Mikey.
- Nah.
You're not listening.
It's over.
- It's over? - Yeah.
So Huh? Over? It's never fucking over! You're just having a pussy moment right now.
The only time it's fucking over is when we're fucking 6ft in the ground! OK? So stop being a little bitch.
Yes? Hmm? Hmm? Need a drink? I'll get you a drink.
I will get you (SNIFFS) a drink, my guy.
Ice? OK.
You're just having a pussy moment.
(SNIFFS) OK? (SNIFFS) All right? (GRUNTS) Oh! (COUGHS) (GRUNTS) - (COUGHS) - (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (THUDDING) (PANTS) What's going on, Michael? Jimmy.
(PANTS) What are you doing here? He attacked me, I retaliated.
All right? - Is that right? - Yeah.
Call it in.
(PANTS) - What have you been doing with my wife? - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck are you talking? - (GUNSHOT) - (THUD!) (BREATHES HEAVILY) (FLOORBOARD CREAKS) (BASSY MUSIC) This is Sgt Davis to Ponsonby and Central.
We've a 1480 at Leadley Lodge.
Havili is down, shot by Isaac Leafa.
Repeating officer down at Leadley Lodge, Johnson Rd, over.
(FUNK MUSIC) Jimmy, I'm sorry.
He was your partner.
- Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Hey! You can't do this! - Stop your fucking van! - (SHOUTING) We bloody well do to them what they're doing to us! (KNOCK AT DOOR) - (GASPS) - This is the New Zealand police! I'm willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make this better, and that starts tonight.
Get the sharpest machete for me.
If anyone wants out, now's your time.
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