The Panthers (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


1 What do we do then, Teddy? We raid them in the middle of the night.
- Is Nana going to get taken away? - No.
You dobbed Tessa in, eh? I didn't report Tessa, mate that was your mother.
Kou osi ilo'i e mea na ke fai.
- What have you been doing with my wife? - What the fuck are you talking? All right.
Here we go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on! Come on! Move! Let's move! Let's move.
Nana! Nofo I luga.
Sau! Sau! O le a le mea.
Oh, Uaina.
- Come on, Nana.
Come on.
- O le a le mea ua kupu Uaina? O le a? O fea lou kama? Mum! Dad! Siaosi! - Leoleo! Leoleo! - Olivia! E a? This is the New Zealand Police! Open the door! Olivia, su'e mai passports.
- OK.
- This is the New Zealand Police.
- Open the door! - Su'e mai o, su'e I lalo.
Police! Open the door now or we'll kick it in! Come on! Wake up! - Kick the door open now! - Sau, sau.
O fea a le a ka o I ai? - Shh.
- You better open the door now! Open it or we'll kick it in! New Zealand Police! Open up! Unless you open the door right now, we're kicking it in! Open up or we'll kick the door in! Open the door now! Come on.
Hey, out the way.
What took you so long to open the door? Are you hiding someone here? Leai, leai! In there! They're in the bathroom.
The door is stuck! Where are they? Where are they? - Auoi Siaosi.
Leai malulu, malulu! - Shh.
- No! Malulu.
- Shh.
Fa'amolemole, mama.
Nofo I lalo.
- Ah.
- Oi! This is an immigration check! Siaosi.
Jump round the other side! There's nothing round the other side there.
So, what were you doing, hanging out the back here, then, mate? You hiding the rest of the village in the garage or something? You speak English, mate? Yes.
I was working in the garage, late.
I fell sleep in there.
When I heard you, I came.
Yeah, right Through here, Sarge.
Who are you looking for, huh? What do you want? We are legal New Zealand citizens.
You must have a permit to enter our property! Give me those.
Hey, Sarge, looks like they're all Kiwis.
On to the next one.
Now, don't faff about, you lot! Mm-hm.
On to the next house, gents! We're all clear here! Uaina, sau! Sau! Nana! Nana! Nana! Oh! Siaosi! Siaosi! Oh! Oh! Si o'u fanau, fa'afetai.
Last night, across five suburbs in Auckland, New Zealand Police raided over 55 houses looking for overstayers, mostly of Polynesian descent.
They're controlling the narrative.
Classic, populist, divide-and-conquer-propaganda.
They've created this fear of us and got everyone believing that we're all violent criminals bludgers, not to be trusted.
Because if he gets everyone scared of us, that just makes space for the bastard to ride up on his white horse and save the day, a fucking pig in shining armour! So how do we respond? Huh? Look, we need to change tack.
We've got about 6000 signatures on our anti-raid petition.
Freer said he'll take it to the Select Committee once we hit 9000.
You really think a bunch of autographs on some pieces of paper's gonna stop them? Huh? Nah.
I say we head down to the Pons' cop shop at dawn, and we'll kneecap those motherfuckers before they head - out on raids - Are you kidding me, Fred? You're perpetuating the exact negative stereotype they're boxing you into.
Use your brain, sole! That's your problem, suga you keep overthinking things.
Actions speak louder than words.
See, we can't teach Hey, Bo's.
Tell me you didn't have anything to do with that cop hit on Ice last night.
We need to do something now! - I didn't.
- I am just as angry as you are.
Flying off the handle isn't gonna do anyone any favours.
- You guys looking for me? - Indeed.
We're here to book you for grievous bodily harm on a Mr Larry Henderson.
How do you know it was me? The victim's description of the offender matches big hair, black clothing and glasses.
You've got a criminal record, to boot.
The real clincher, though the assault took place at your mother's workplace, right after she and the victim had an altercation.
You guys haven't been so on to it, looking for the offender who beat my mate Kong to a fucking pulp for no reason, have you, mate? But, hey, if we go against ourselves, it's all good, right? But as soon as we touch a racist little weasel like your mate, Larry, ha you're here in aheartbeat.
Fucking unbelievable.
Hey, it was actually me who smashed that Larry fulla.
Round these ways, we don't speak to our mothers like that.
So I gave him a tune-up on behalf of Will.
Well deserved, too.
The offender wore glasses.
And what? Well, if this is a guilty plea, it works for me.
John Luafutu, from memory? Hey, can we just have a second, officer? Please.
- Bo's, what the fuck are you doing? - You're our leader, Willo.
Yeah? The Tongan Che Guevara, The Professor.
Our clean-skin.
If you go down, we're in trouble.
Me, I'm just a foot solider.
OK? The show can go on without me.
- Mm-mm.
No way, Bo's.
- Ah.
Yeah, it's no biggie for me doing another lag, ma man.
All right, Hurry it up.
Hey, how about we stop at the bakery on the way, get us a couple of cream buns, huh? For my last supper, eh? For now, just shut up.
Hey, do me one favour, please, eh, Bo's.
- Anything, Bo's.
- Just don't tell the others about this.
I'd rather they didn't know.
- Ooh-hoo.
- Time's up.
Hey, he's a university student, this guy.
Did you know that? Yeah.
- One day, he'll rep us in court! - A li'i uso uso! Yeah! Oh! That's us, Willo! Look, you need to be united on this if we are going to make any impact! I've got it! We bloody well do to them what they're doing to us! Jimmy.
I'm sorry.
He was your partner.
I wasn't expecting you at the morning raids.
I'd rather be working than just sitting around at home.
Ice Leafa has been a thorn in our side for a long time.
But we found substantial evidence of a full array of crimes in his house last night racketeering, laundering, as well as the dope and the violent crime.
Mike clearly thought that he could get him on all of that and thrown away the key.
Wereyouin on that? No.
Silly bugger shouldn't have done that on his own.
It was a good job that you were there to keep an eye on him, though.
Even if you couldn't keep a tight grip on the rifle.
I just wish that I had got there sooner.
You know, I could have stopped it.
Come on.
Sit down.
You were off-shift, and yet, there you were, protecting the back of your partner.
What more could you ask for from a fellow police officer? I bet you had to take a breath or two when he wrangled that gun from you, though.
I'm sorry that's just me, you know? Always insensitive.
I don't mean to be.
A similar thing happened to me and my partner a few years ago.
I get it except this one has a happy ending.
Mike's surgery was successful.
He's gonna make a full recovery.
Have you heard anything about Ice? He's on life support.
Someone should switch it off.
You shoot a cop, and you go to hell.
That's my opinion.
You know, I always maintained Havili was a good one.
Almost lost his life for the cause.
He's an anomaly, don't you think? Mm.
Not like the rest of his breed.
Anyway, here they come.
- Hello? - Nigel Bhana.
Treasurer for the Polynesian Panthers.
Will 'Ilolahia wanted me to drop this off for you.
Tell Uncle Will I said, 'Thank you, ' Bo's.
Sure thing.
- The Internal Affairs declined me.
- Our chairman works in mysterious ways.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oli, your stats show that 94% of all deportations in the last month have been Polynesian.
Yet out of all suspected overstayers, only 32% are Polynesian.
Correct? Correct.
As we expected, the vast majority of overstayers appear to be English, as well as South African and Dutch.
Well, what do you know? They're not being gone after.
It's not like that's a news flash to us, but those statsarepretty startling.
How much can we stand behind them at this point? They're pretty solid.
To really stronghold them, though, I've asked a mate in Internal Affairs for their stats to back ours up.
That'll make them pretty much inarguable.
All right.
Great work, Bo's.
As soon as they come through, get them to me.
Yeah? I've got a plan I need them for.
Aroha mai, Whaea Titewhai I've gotta leave early today.
You go do your thing, boy.
Agnes, what's next on our agenda? OK, every - Hey.
- Hey.
How are you feeling? - I've seen better days.
- 'Splenic rupture and severe 'abdominal tissue damage around entry and exit wounds.
' I'm not surprised you're lucky to be alive.
On the upside, though, the morphine is really good.
What happened? I got shot.
I've known the man who did it for a long time.
He looked out for me when no one else did, even my family.
You know, growing up in Tonga, it's always family first, family first 'Maikolo, you're the oldest you need to protect everyone.
' But when shit hit the fan and I became the leper of the village, who was there to protectme? Then my family came with the 'you're going to hell' stuff, so I moved here, and he found me.
Sounds fucked-up, but apart from my job, for a long time, it's all I knew.
They put truth serum in the morphine.
It's OK.
- Don't tell Jimmy about this stuff.
- Of course not.
Has he been in to visit you? But he was there at the shooting with you, right? You should keep Jimmy away from the kids, until he gets better, Caro.
Why? He needs professional help.
What do you mean? Mike, you're talking about the father of my kids, who has joint custody, so you can't just drop bombs and not explain.
He's delusional.
For a start, he thought something was going on between you and I.
What? He knows how well you and I get on, and then he saw me at the house when I dropped the housewarming present off and jumped straight to we're sleeping together, I guess.
- Wow.
- He's unhinged.
It's OK.
Hey, Jay, can we get a few more legal aid booklets made up, please? - Mm-hm.
- Cool.
Thank you.
Sure thing, brother.
But we don't want them to sniff it out early, you know? Don't worry about that we've got that all covered.
I want you to call Birch at 1.
39 sharp.
Yeah, we'll be out of there by then, but you make sure you record the whole damn thing.
Yeah? Well, it'll definitely make for some good radio.
Sure will.
I promise you that.
- That's us.
All right.
- Talk soon, brother.
Yeah? The Minister of Immigration, Bill Birch.
B and S Birch, 83 Lillington Rd.
Sure this is the right plan, Bo's? It's good to be meeting with you guys.
Yeah, we wanna stand with you fullas, just like you stood with us.
Just direct us where you need us.
How hot do youse wanna go? As hot as it gets.
All right.
Well, we've just heard that there's a raid happening down at the Tip Top factory right now.
We were about to roll out when you arrived.
- What? - Hey! - Hey! - What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, you can't do this! Do you bring your passports to work? This is unjust! Let him go! We're booking for undeclared income that's fraud! But I'm pretty bloody certain they're overstayers too.
Why else would they be working under the table? You don't even have a warrant.
Oi! Get them out! Hey! Hey! Hey! - Get in there now! - Oi! Oi! Hurry up! Hurry up! - Get off, you pig! - Hey! - Piss off! Piss off! - Get out of the way! Get off! Get out of the fucking way! Stop your fucking van! I've got you, cuz! - Oi! Get out of the way! - Get up! Get up! Argh! Don't you talk back to me! Take your hands off that van! No! I'll never fucking let go! Pick him up.
Go on.
Get off me! Get up! Get up now! Hey! Let him go! Bloody pigs! Put them up there! Put them up there! Lock them in! They're not getting out! They're not getting out! Tikina he kaho ano.
Over here! Over here! Both sides! On both sides! Hey! Hey, what about the poms and the japies that work here? Get off! Get off! Argh! Oi! You've got nothing to book him on! He's underage! - Argh! - Vince! Link arms! Link arms! Link arms! Link arms! Link arms! Link arms! Link arms! Ka tu tonu matou! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ka tu tonu matou! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ka tu tonu matou! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ake! Ake! - Ka tu tonu matou! - Ake! Ake! Ake! Get out of the way! - Out of the way! Go! Get out of the way! Keep going.
Come on.
Get out of the way! Let's go.
Let's go.
Oi! Timber wooden frames, won't have any locks on them.
We can pop the hinges off from the outside.
We'll need nylon and two knives.
We'll need a ladder as well.
Spotlights, some tape, batons.
Oh, and a machete.
Ooh, shit.
Get down.
Get down.
They want us to play bytheir rules? We'll fucking show them.
Malo e tau lava.
Heni a Will? What? Ha'u mai.
- Ia son, ua a? - Yeah.
O le mea ga e kupu pe a e ka'a po.
E kigaiga ai kagaka.
- Sorry.
- Melani, ipu ki? - Leai fa'afetai.
- Yeah.
I honestly feel shit for not coming to help you deliver those parcels that night, Bo's.
If you came, we would have both been smashed.
What's the deal with you and Will, Bo's? It's not right that you copped this for his shit.
I made you some oka, Kong.
Not as good as your mum's, but it's still good.
Looks pretty seki.
We just want to offer legal counsel to the immigrants you have detained.
You know full well they have a right to legal representation.
Just let us give them these.
Look, they're half-naked, because you pricks keep breaking in in the middle of the night.
Can you hear me? Hey! Pig! This isn't the Salvation Army.
If you carry on, you can join them.
Oh, uh, officer, we're leaving.
This is bullshit! How many South Africans are in there? Any Brits? Dutch? Fa popolo! Bloody pig! 4 in the morning, officers swarming, kicking my door in.
They caught me in the toilet, they calling me a tourist.
Throw me in the cell, where hopelessness is the smell.
Black mould's living well, but black souls live in hell.
Black souls live in hell.
Still I live to tell the story of how we overcame pain from overseas from slaves andoverseers, to being stars in your sports games and overachievers.
The ones who didn't join us are still hoping to beat us, where being brown and beautiful is unusual, I ain't changing my name to English just cos it's suitable.
My title holds power, - Holds power.
- like the highest elder.
A bright hibiscus flower growing out of public shelter.
Only taught to be a helper.
Not an alpha, seen as lesser as my gender, but I'll make them all remember women brought you to this world.
You should know a mother's worth.
Cos women run the world that's why we call her Mother Earth.
♪ - Hey.
- Hey.
Where are the kids? - Gerri's watching them at the flat.
- Of course she is.
OK, well, I'm lucky to have her.
- Would you like a drink, sir? - No, no.
I'm good.
Thank you.
Will I get to see them this week? Well, that depends on how you're coping.
What's that supposed to mean? Just that every time you come to the flat, you make a scene, you insult my friends or you scare the kids.
No, that's not fair.
- It's true.
- No, it's not.
They're my kids too, Caro.
Don't I get a say? I'm fine.
You're not.
I talked to Mike.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Why are you still talking to him? Cos he's a patient at my work.
And he's always been kind to us.
- He told me, Jimmy.
- What did he tell you? He's a fucking liar.
That guy's a fucking lying piece of shit.
He told me what you thought about him and I.
Nothing ever happened, Jim.
Listen to me.
This you and me separating, it's not about another person; it's about us.
I will always care about you.
Our kids need their dad back I need you to be there for them, and I need you to get some help.
If I do that, will you take me back? Jimmy.
I can't do that, Jimmy.
We bloody told those pigs that exact shit about the white overstayers today, down at the factory, yeah? And what did they do? They shut the door in my fucking face! Same.
They're not listening.
Piggy's got the whole country believing in the story that he's telling.
That we're all savages to be feared.
And as long as they're scared, they're not gonna be able to hear the truth.
And as long as they're believing in his story, they're gonna be scared.
- What are you going on about, Will? - English, sole.
They're not gonna listen until we make them listen.
And I've been wanting to make them listen for weeks.
But you, makefefe, keep holding me back! You will get your chance tonight, OK? The time has come.
You've just gotta wait a few hours, my bulldog brother.
I'm getting really worried about this little covert mission of yours, Will.
- It's gonna backfire; I'm sure of it.
- Just trust me, sis.
You mean trust you like Kong did? Well, now that that's been brought up, I guess this is as good a time as any.
I've been wanting to apologise for the danger I've put you all in.
For the harm I caused to our brother Kong.
But I plan to make it up to everyone, as best as I can.
Yeah, I'm willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make this better, and that starts tonight.
If If you don't trust me any more, I get that.
But I ain't backing out.
OK, the old way isn't working.
I'm willing to pay the price.
Professor, in terms of wheels for tonight, we're a car short.
We've got Shadbolt's waka.
I mean, you can hardly call it my waka, can you Nige? You fellas use it more than me.
And Fred's dad's van.
But with the three different locales, we're a car short.
Will, it's your dad.
- Hello? - Will.
Ko Lotu eni na'e ha'u o fakamalo ho tokoni ke ai he ne pepa.
Sai pe ia.
Oku I ai ha me'a oku mou fie ma'u? Can't believe your dad let us have his car.
We need to synchronise our watches, OK? Timing will be everything tonight.
Sole, talk about timing you're 10 minutes late.
What's happening? Tigi, you get those tools we talked about earlier? Yep.
Well, start handing them out.
Keep the sharpest machete for me.
- You all good with your part tonight? - Ioe, Kapitani Kapisi.
Look, that diversion decoy is everything.
Yeah? What time you guys got on your watches? - 12.
- 12.
No! It's 12.
Hey, no Island time tonight, famili.
Fred hits at 1.
25 we hit at 1.
30 sharp.
Yeah, that gives us enough time for the rest of the operation.
If anyone wants out, now's your time.
All right, then.
Whatever happens, it'll be worth it.
Good luck.
We're trusting you.
This one.
Police Headquarters.
What's your emergency? Please, send all the policemen you have.
There are robbers here, and they're smashing my office windows! - Argh! Argh! - Sir? - Sir.
- Send somebody now! Sir, are you all right? Minister Birch! Show us your passports! And prove to us you're a legitimate citizen of New Zealand! What are you doing here?! Who are you?! Passports! Let's go! - Hurry up! - Or you'll be coming with us! Hurry up! Yeah.
It's time.
Open up! This is a random immigration check, Minister! Where's your passport, Minister? - What the hell do you guys want? - Are you Minister Len Brixton? Minister? - Is this the right place? - Is this is 13 Stevens Rd, mate? Nah, it's 113.
1 fell off.
I am so, so, so sorry, guys.
Get back to sleep.
- Look, big misunderstanding, fellas.
- You have a good night.
- Hey! The police are on their way! - Bugger.
Come on, Bruce.
- Get out your passports! Hurry it up! - All right.
All right! - Hurry it up, man! - OK.
- Get a photo! Get a photo! - What do you want them for? Put the passports down and shut up! Can you for God's sake, let my wife get some clothes on? Give us the passports andshut up! Oh! Please! No photos! OK.
Got it! Got it! Got it! Can you confirm that you are both legal New Zealand citizens, sir?! Oh, give us a break.
We're about as Kiwi as you get.
- Do you know who I am? - Don't touch me.
seem to be intact here, and there's no one round the property.
Is this the right address? Yeah, this is the address.
Bill Birch.
Minister Birch, it's Geoffrey Peters here from AKFM.
Can you tell me what's happening, please? It was so blooming disrespectful.
They came in in the middle of the night, unannounced, demanding to see our passports.
My wife was half-naked and absolutely startled.
Yes, bursting into someone's home in the middle of the night without a search warrant is rather disrespectful, Minister.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is AKFM, and you've been listening to the Minister of Immigration, Mr Bill Birch here live.
- Ooh.
- Get up! Get up! Come on.
Let's go! Let's go! Quick! Let's go! You guys go left, OK? Go left! - OK! - Hey, grab my dad's car as well! - Stay there! - Others heading north.
- Stay there! - OK.
- Face down! Prime Minister! Prime Minister! Prime Minister! Reports are coming in that these raids are racially targeted, inhumane and cruel, Prime Minister.
Well, I'm appalled by what I'm hearing.
I'm going to be looking into it, urgently.
Are you saying? Whoo-hoo! Reverse raid draws attention to inhumane racial targeting.
Oh, holy shit! We did it! Bro, my paper is in the my photo is in the paper, Bo's.
Yeah! The Polynesian Panther Coalition is Whoo! Wait.
We should take a photo.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
Jump in.
Jump in.
Jump in.
- Turn it around, so you do all of us.
- Oh yeah.
- OK, ready? - Yeah, yeah.
Whoo-hoo! OK.
Next caller Melanie from Auckland.
Melani Anae.
Mike, I just wanted to check in, in lieu of this morning's press break, to see whether you and Prime Minister Muldoon are still standing by the racist and inaccurate views on Polynesian immigration that you've been polluting the airways with for years.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You see, the lefties have completely overblown this, Melanie.
If you wanna blame someone, then you blame the police not the Prime Minister you blame the police, because they have complete independent authority.
Next caller.
Elle from Hamilton? Yeah, just call it what it is, Mike racist, - like you and your mate, Muldoon.
- Thanks, Ellie.
Next caller.
Bill here from Timaru.
Look, I really agree with what Elle and Melanie had to say.
Guys! Guys! Guys! No! Shh.
But this new information that's come forth, it's really making me question you guys and what you've been trying to say this whole time.
Yes, great.
Thanks for that.
- Mm! - We did it, Bo's! We did it, Bo's! Whoo! We did it! Whoo-hoo! So, uh, no charges, bro? You need to sign that bloody paperwork.
Ofu atu, eh.
Oh! Fah, bro.
Just sign the bloody papers.
hat guy was out the gate.
Good to see you, Professor.
I guess that's the difference our parents weren't born here.
So to them, speaking out comes across as ungrateful for the opportunities that this country has given us.
Whereas for us, this is our home.
You know, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn born and raised.
So we feel a call to help our community be a better, equitable place for all of its people and for future generations as well.
Thank you, Melani.
That was very articulate.
You must be Will 'Ilolahia.
Could I have a word with you too, if that's OK? Yeah.
Actually, you should speak to Nigel Bhana, here.
You know, he's our Treasurer, Minister of Media Affairs, Horticulture.
You know, and a number of our other portfolios.
He's actually the one that took the photo in the newspaper you're holding.
Nigel, please.
Here he is.
Here he is! Let's go, Nigel! What would you say is the secret to your movement's success? - The secret? - Mm.
We're the Polynesian Panthers.
I'm Indian, obviously, but these guys treat me like I'm family.
Nah, wearefamily.
And I'd die for my family.
So maybe that's the secret.
Some real great stuff you said up there.
So, tell me a bit about your portfolios, Nigel.
What do they? On point.
- Thanks, Will.
- Oh, you know Is everything all good? I thought you'd be on the mic trying to show the world that you have flasher five-syllable words than me.
Here we go.
Hey, look at all of this.
You were right they listened when we made them listen.
We're all good.
I mean, you and I we're all good.
You've been a shit.
And don't think I think you're the man or anything, Chosen One don't get ahead of yourself but we're all good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Kong was the one that named me that.
Chosen One.
Hey, Melani, is it OK if I ask you one more question? - Yeah.
- Great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Pretty tough act to follow, Lani.
Oh, shut up.
So, what would you say the best part of this? Our little old world isn't a perfect utopia yet there's still heaps to do.
But as they say how do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.
We must be doing something right, eh? We're on the front page of the papers, after all.
I'm keen to keep fighting, keep building, you know, if you are.
Arsehole cops and arsehole politicians, they'll keep being arseholes it's in their DNA.
The press will probably only be on our side for this honeymoon period.
But at least we've had a taste of the kinds of shit that we can impact.
I see it all different now.
I went on some weird tangents for a while there, had my head up my own arse, brother.
But now, I get it.
As much as anything, it's about service making a contribution.
And it's about who's working beside you.
I miss having you beside me, my brother.
And I wanted you to know that I'm so sorry for letting you down.
I can't change what happened, but I can change what happens from here on.
If you can't forgive me, Bo's, I get it, and I'll respect that.
Either way, nothing but love.
Your brother.
Got your feet up, eh, Willo? Meanwhile, my leg's still so fucked-up, I'm limping up the stairs.
You think some words on a piece of paper's gonna fix shit between us?! No, no, no.
Look, I didn't mean to make you any more upset, Bo's.
OK? I was just trying to apologise.
Apologise for what? Almost getting me killed cos of you and your keige? Or for hustling me to pay for your flight to Aussie so you didn't get the beatdown? - OK, I'm getting you your money.
- Unbelievable.
Absolutely unbelievable that after all these years, after all these years, I can still have you on to this extent, Chosen One.
Oi! Fuck.
Oh, you should have seen your face, man.
I have always been funny.
You should have seen, 'I'll get your money back.
' Oh, man, you're so easy.
But, Mum, she might take a bit more winning over.
She loves you, though.
You've just gotta get over the line with some or your smooth-talking charming guy stuff.
I missed you, Bo's.
I missed you too, Bo's.
Come here, man.
- It's good to see you, Bo's.
- It's good to see you, Bo's.

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